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#I don't joke about that

sometimes editing your own podcast is knowing your joke wasn’t funny (cause neither abby or ashla laughed) but not being able to cut it out cause the conversation flow would be weird without it

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From 2002:


About Sho-chan~, he’s in a drama that’s been airing since January, he’s having a big break. The extent of this big break is that there’s a big director from the US who watched Kizarasu Cat’s Eye and said, “Amazing!” promoting Sho-kun specially.

It’s like Sho-kun has debuted in Hollywood (laughs). There’s an intense love scene in that movie, something we haven’t seen before. So, to succeed you have to shed off old skin even in acting (laughs).

And then, having to repeat a year because of doing activities like that… Saying that is bad luck, so because he’s so busy with these activities, Sho-kun’s college life also receives attention. Please do your best, even more than before!


About Matsumoto-san, this time he has something like a special episode as Kindaichi Kosuke! Kindaichi Hajime is of course Kindaichi Kosuke’s grandchild (laughs). It’s not like that, you understand, right? (Laughs) Middle-aged Kindaichi’s Case Files… That-that’s stupid.

{Note: The original series is Kindaichi Shounen Jikenbo, in other words, Young Kindaichi’s Case Files. He changed it to Chuunen}

And I would like to see Matsujun’s short hair. That guy, his forehead’s hairline is becoming like a Saiyan’s. That’s why if his hair is spiked up he will really become a Saiyan.

I will keep praising him, “Short hair looks better, you know~” so that he’ll go with short hair. Somehow, if everyone keeps praising you like that, you’ll sort of think, “Eh, is that right?” and go for it, right? (laughs)

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Remy you evil bastard… /j /lh

You motherfucking piece of moldy toast how fucking dare geography be a thing the piece of shit that it is, shitass motherfucker your compliments are going to make our cunt of a face permanently red how dare you fucking do this to us you bitchass motherfucker, our face is just going to be permanently rotten tomato red to go with the cod-swallowing dickass blanket that the pissbaby decided to wear like it’s a fucking shirt. I am going to unhinge my crackass jaw and swallow the whole fucking earth like the shitty piece of rubix cube that it pretends to be just so I can march on over to the fucking wasteland of a continent you call home from the bloody fucking skunks-ass of a state we live in so I can give you a hug or a fucking smile if you don’t want a shitty hug.

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a.k.a the highlight reel of a Shaddaa heroic run yesterday with @krisicca​! Including, me trying to get an epic screenshot and nearly throwing myself off a platform to my death (I clipped on the railing and bounced back, I thought I’d never say thank god for clipping in this game but it saved me that time LMAO), me going the wrong way and aggro’ing the wrong mobs and almost getting my dumbass killed - thanks, Khem(s)! hahaha

That one guy! Who thinks he’s way cooler than he actually is. (neither of them thought that was cool or funny, bro 🤣🤣)


Fun glitches! Cause apparently according to SWTOR, pistol-whipping someone to death with your deactivated saber hilt is a much less brutal solution than just running them through 🤔


This (stupidly) brave guy, who apparently thought shooting blaster bolts at two Inquisitors and two Dashades was somehow gonna break his way. Points for effort, man, really.


So many bugs! Too many bugs!! Kas (who hates bugs) was not a fan of this mission even tho it’s one of my personal favourite Heroics. Oh well, at least that was the last of them -




✨✨Vandalising Jedi property✨✨ because hey, if they’re gonna destroy ancient Sith artefacts from way before any of them were ever born then they don’t deserve nice things either - also Kas, probably.


And, impromptu dance party to celebrate all the credits/loot/levels/conquest points we got! hahaha [Khem Val was not amused] x2, they refused to join in ☹️ Kas’s dance moves were a little lacking but hey, it’s the spirit that counts right? 😛

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Ebisu sensei is an aburame. Evidence:

  1. Same glasses
  2. Similar hair
  3. Explainy
  4. Secretly has a personality/is very close about themselves
  5. Family business=teaching?

The only problem is he doesn’t wear the matching aburame outfit all the others we see wear

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I started watching Cobra Kai expecting not to like it and the first episode did piss me off a bit but now I’m like … head heavy … many thoughts … and I know I’m going to watch this again and end up writing meta about the dialogue it’s in with The Karate Kid (1984) and I guess that’s just the path I’m on in my life right now.

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Fandom blogs that spend all their time talking about the things they don’t like or do unending discourse are a funny breed. You don’t want to have fun in this life? Don’t you desire a nap after all your angry posts?

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