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#I’ll put it just in case
nfxtuated · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I made another one for the tik tok gang yaaaay ✨ I was scrolling through my likes on tik tok and when I saw this I couldn’t help but think it was perfect for Andre bc of the STD part HAHAHAHA help I’m having too much fun w these
Next one will be Gigi 👀 I have something special for her and another meme idea of Gigi with A.T. - while I work on those tho I’ll also work on oc/sona interactions with A.T. I’ve been wanting to work on this week sjdjekrne
Also can I just say I’m way more happy w how this one turned out 💕 it’s the second one I’ve made but I’m more comfy w the tools that I used on this one than in the first one, so the quality of the rest of these series will be the same as this or might improve and I’m excited
Anyway this is the tik tok I used for this post
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batolusa · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
POV: You’re Rosemary Walten and you entered the basement after a voice told you where your missing husband was.
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fluffy-diver7 · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
This is kinda late but I’m making this post in light of the whole Yaffa-Starry Corridor controversy. A while ago back in June 2020, I was just scrolling in the SC when I came across this post. Obviously, I reported it but I don’t know what the current situation is with this player as I can’t really track this specific player and I didn’t want to follow them to see if the post was taken down because that would be supporting them.
Now it’s February 2021 and a popular player by the name of Yaffa is having their posts reported and taken down because the posts are “inappropriate” (according to the devs). Yaffa’s posts are mainly about love in the LGBTQ+ community do they’re being reported by homophobic players and the devs are taking their side.
I remember back in June that we had a redeem code event where they were giving out a hidden suit (the wiki has called it “Rainbow” but it has no official name).
Tumblr media
Even though it doesn’t explicitly say it, it’s pretty clear that this was released to celebrate Pride Month, with the rainbow theme, being released in June and using phrases like “Be proud of who you are”.
Honestly I find it really ironic that the devs will release special, rainbow themed clothing but take down Starry Corridor posts about the LGBTQ+ community and their love.
If you want to support Yaffa, do a group pic with them or make your own SC entry about LGBTQ+ love. Even if you are opposed to that idea for your own reason, please don’t report any posts that show it. Every SC post is great because it show the player’s individual creativity and styling. At the end of the day, Love Nikki is just a dress up game that everyone should be able to enjoy and we shouldn’t spread hateful messages on it.
(Also I’m really sorry if I got any of the facts wrong and offended anyone. That was not my intention and I’m deeply sorry that I offended you.)
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cloudyyangel · 5 months ago
Got that puppy!hinata brainrot right now
[tw: puppy hybrid, breeding, overstimulation for the poor pup]
△ △ △
Puppy!hinata who folds your pillow in half and humps it until it’s soaked with his cum, sweat, and drool- the pillowcase becoming a soggy, heavy mess. He’s sobs into the pillow clenched between his teeth as he abuses his raw and red cock, unable to stop his hips from pounding the poor lump of a (former) pillow into the mattress. You’ve been gone for so long and his cock is so hard- his own hands aren’t the same as he paws at his hard dick, swollen and heavy against his stomach. He needs you; needs your scent, your praises, your tightness and the pillow is no where close to what your pussy feels like, wet and clenching around him as he breeds you. The pillow is quiet- no praises of good boy or moans of pleasure that he brings you. His balls empty one more time and he whimpers at the waste, pressing his dick harder into the sticky pool of cum and going again despite his tears.
Puppy!Hinata who jumps you the second you come home- orange hair sweaty against his forehead, stomach and hips covered in his own cum, tongue slobbering over your face and neck, as he whines and paws at your clothes. He easily manhandles you to the floor, his strength and eagerness overpowering you as he pulls your hips high and presses your face down low in the perfect angle for him. He’s good to you like always, ignoring the ache in his cock for a few moments as he laps at your cunt and sucks at your clit like a good little puppy. He drinks you up as you cum, rough tongue reaching deep inside of you to lick at every part before he coats it with his cum. His cock slides in easily as he whines lowly- wrapping his arms around your waist and drool dripping down your shoulder as he finally bottoms out. Hinata is relentless as his hips meet you- fat balls wetly smacking against your clit, cock driving deep into your pussy at a harsh pace that has both of you jerking across the floor. He doesn’t care how many times you cum underneath him- he’s came more and is nothing but eager to bring you to the same mess that he is. He’s going to make up for all the wasted cum on your pillow as he pumps load after load after load of his pups into you.
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herestoburiedsecrets · 26 days ago
A Brief Analysis of the Captain
So there is this moment in Redding Weddy that I absolutely adore, which is this line:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I love it because i feel like it gives us a lot of insight into the Captain’s character. We have seen time and time again throughout the show that the Captain cannot let go of the war, and a lot of the time it is meant to be lighthearted or played for laughs, but this line is so filled with a sense of anguish and almost desperation. I feel like it really shows that the Captain really can’t accept that the war is over, because for him it isn’t.
I think there are two main aspects to this. The first one is that he can’t let go of the war because of the way it affected and shaped his life. It is shown multiple times throughout the show that the Captain bases a lot of his identity on his role and position in the war. He is literally known by everyone as ‘the Captain’ and he immediately takes the role of the leader of the ghosts whenever he can (especially in the first two seasons). His role in the war is something he clearly holds in great regard, and I don’t think he quite knows who he is without it anymore.
It is also almost certain that the Captain has trauma from the war, possibly even some form of ptsd. Living through a war is an incredibly traumatic thing to go through, regardless of whether or not you are a soldier fighting, and we do know due to his ribbons that the Captain fought in the front lines later in the war. There are several moments where the Captain acts or reacts in ways that are mostly considered odd or silly, and while a lot of the time it is played for laughs (and is very funny), and a lot of those moments could be read as him reacting in that way due to some trauma response. Having trauma from a certain event, especially something as big as a war, can make it almost impossible to let go of or move on from.
After World War 2 ended, everyone struggled to adjust into a peaceful life to some degree. German playwright Wolfgang Borchert compared men serving on the front line to ‘puppets on a string’. Peace was metaphorically cutting those strings, giving rise to the growing feeling of disorientation that many men faced, now having to be in charge of their own lives now after so many years of having a strict order they followed during the war. This level of disorientation was experienced by virtually everyone, with varying degrees of intensity, and the Captain would’ve been no exception. It is very clear that the Captain based a lot of his own identity on his title and position during the war, and the nature of his personality (being a logical leader who likes routine and order) means that he was well suited to the military life he led. We can generally infer that the Captain died quite shortly after the war had ended (given he is still wearing his uniform but has his ribbons). This means that while many people could adjust to a normal peaceful life after the war, the Captain didn’t have much time to adapt to the reality of peace before he became a ghost, adding the disorientation that he would’ve already been feeling. It really is no wonder that the Captain clings so tightly to the war, given it made up such a significant part of his life and during the time when he would’ve started to move on from the war, he died.
The second aspect to this is the fact that the Captain is dealing with a more metaphorical war inside of his mind. The Captain obviously grew up and lived in a very repressed time period, where nothing taboo was ever talked about or acknowledged, and it was normal for parents to be emotionally distant towards their children. Homosexuality was illegal, of course, and if someone was convicted of sodomy (as it was legally referred to as), the punishment was incredibly severe. Although during the war years homosexuality was largely excused (because of the blackouts, men could find each other in complete darkness and not be caught, and sex between men in places such as the navy and the army was largely accepted as a way to relieve sexual needs due to the lack of women present. Also authorities had much more pressing matters to deal with), it was still illegal (due to the Criminal Law Amendment Act in 1885), and after the war there was a rise in persecutions of homosexuals (one of the most famous being Alan Turing).
The illegality of homosexuality, as well as the taboo nature of the topic, all culminates in the Captain’s method of burying anything regarding his sexuality, possibly to the point where he himself is not fully aware of it. Coming to terms with the fact that he is, in fact, gay, would’ve been incredibly hard for the Captain, resulting in the war in his mind between his true self and the deeply ingrained societal norms of his time. Having to deal with internalised homophobia of any kind is incredibly difficult, not to mention having to deal with it knowing that in your time it was illegal. Obviously the Captain has grown a lot, and has evidently accepted himself (given his second attempt at coming out in 3x5, before getting interrupted by the art class), but that doesn’t mean that the journey to get to that point would’ve been easy.
Struggling to dealing with the fact that a literal war is over while also going through a metaphorical mental war all culminates in Cap’s genuine inability to let go of the war, as this line perfectly demonstrates.
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whitefuzzykitty · 2 months ago
❗️Spoilers on the 4th pic if you haven’t gotten to the mansion yet I guess❗️
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I posted these on my Instagram, but I’ll post them here as well. Feels good to draw deltarune fanart again!
🌼Reblogs are appreciated!🌼
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1shroomeverysooften · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
a shroom inspired by the legend of zelda’s zapshrooms!
[ID: a digital drawing of a bright yellow smiling mushroom. the mushroom has a a lighter colored sunburst shape on the cap, and speckles covering the entire mushroom. it has darker colored eyes with a lightning-bolt-shaped eyeshine. around the mushroom is orange-brown grass.  the background is a peachy orange-pink that fades from lighter at the top to darker at the bottom. End ID]
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iris-main · 9 months ago
Tubbo just described Foolish blowing up the mansion as an “anarchist arc” and I think that says a lot about how well taught Phil and Techno’s “lesson” was
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pseudological · 8 months ago
☀️I can’t stand endosystems.
They act like they’re more entitled to DID/OSDD community spaces than traumagenic systems. They get to pick and choose the “pleasant” parts of the disorder to have but none of the difficult-to-manage ones. They get “haha funnee alters” but don’t have to deal with the memory issues and feelings of alienation and dissociation. They get to play pretend when this disorder is a very real thing.
They alienate us in our own spaces and get upset at US for telling them that they don’t belong. I, for one, don’t want to associate with someone who sees my disorder as just a joke or something akin to roleplay. Some of them even call us SYSMEDS because we don’t like people parading around pretending to have alters like us. I wish they would just keep out of our spaces and stay in their own. No, I wish they would just stop pretending to be like us and let us exist and learn to get by with this disorder and our trauma in peace.
[traumagenic systems, feel free to add your thoughts on the topic.]
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silvermun · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
sketched a little something that makes me happy ^w^
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femboysai · 12 months ago
you gift bakugou a rose quartz crystal and tell him to put it in his bra
“what the fuck, i’m a guy, i don’t wear a bra”
“no wonder you’ve got back problems, katsuki, you’ve been letting these huge badonkadonk titties hang loose with no support”
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gin-draws · 4 months ago
Your art is very cute and new to me, do you mind me asking what that Essek wip is of? Have a nice day :)
Oh thank you so much! And welcome haha
Tumblr media
just a little comic because, like Caleb, I have very often been in love with all my friends at once.
((It’s fun trying to keep characters on model when I haven’t fully decided how I draw them tho so it’s taking me a bit 😅))
don’t mind that post boss-fight essek in the corner
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teeth-farie · 10 days ago
So we know how much everyone appreciates fairy characters here but have you ever considered the opposite? Imagine making some sort of giant submit to you omg I would feel so powerful (I won’t go into more detail in case you aren’t into it but I just thought I’d ask)
Ooh 👀👀 I don’t think I’d like them too big, just like I don’t like fairy’s too small. But I do love this idea!! My big bad parter who I peg with the biggest strap I can find ♡
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