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#I’m feel so tired and alone in all of this
catcze · a day ago
(人 •͈ᴗ•͈)
~Beans anon✨
Gorou⠀❦⠀”I’m in love with you, and I’m scared of screwing what we have up.”
Reblogs are greatly appreciated!! ♥︎
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⠀!! Feat: GN! Reader, fluff obvi, unlabelled sorta friends w/ benefits to lovers, some teeny bit of angst for the plot lmfao but it’s mostly sweet dw <3
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Tumblr media
⠀ It’s something you’ve both been dancing around for ages. A line the two of you had toed but never crossed.
⠀ Your relationship with general Gorou had never been exactly clean-cut. Something more than friends, something less than lovers. That’s always been how you put it, and Gorou had nodded from behind you every time.
⠀ From how you’ve seen things, he’s perfectly fine with what you two have, with the hugs too long to just be friendly, and the forehead kisses on all-nighters, and everything else in between. Gorou had never asked for more or dropped any hints, so you had accepted that this was just how things are. Though you longed to hold his hand as more than just someone who he came to on lonely nights, this was what you had agreed to. Not to mention the struggle against the shogunate and the vision hunt decree... Too many things to think about, too much to consider already. Adding a relationship on top of your duties as members of the resistance was too much. It put too many things at stake.
⠀ Gorou was satisfied with what you two had, and so you would be too.
⠀ But that closeness to the general is why you could confidently say that he was being different tonight. He had gone out of the resistance camp, the soldiers had said. Alone, some time ago, and hadn’t returned yet. It’s so late at night–– what use would a walk around Yashiori be at this hour? It’s weird when they point you in his direction and you realize where he had gone, and it’s even weirder when you realize he hadn’t asked you to come.
⠀ Following the path is all to easy for you, even in the dark and without any sleep. You had been the one to bring him here, after all, and every time after so Gorou had always been by your side. It’s where you had spent hours watching the waves crest and ebb, where your fingers had brushed but never entangled the way you had wanted them to. Which is why him going without telling you is so damn odd.
⠀ “Gorou,” You call around a yawn while you approach the cliff. His silhouette is easy to make out, what with those ears of his, and though his feet dangle freely, there’s a certain tenseness in his shoulders that you don’t often see out of the battlefield. He’s watching Fort Mumei in the distance, still half-sunk into the water. Paired with the glow of the ocean under the moonlight, and you’re sure the whole scene looks like something out of a fairy tale. “What’re you doing? It’s late.”
⠀ He doesn’t really say anything when he turns to you, but it’s easy to see the distress in his eyes. It’s brewing, like a small storm tearing him up inside, and you wonder just how long he had been on the cliff, ruminating in his thoughts. When he pats the ground, you plop down next to him, immediately leaning into his shoulder and resting your weight against him.
⠀ “What’s up?” You mumble, voice rough from sleep. Gorou laughs quietly.
⠀ “I didn’t mean to worry you. I just got caught up in my head.”
⠀ You hum, closing your eyes and leaning your weight against him. One of your arms twines with his, and your forehead finds its place on his shoulder. The position is so comfortable and familiar, and you can feel the beginnings of sleep creeping up on you again. The day had been long, filled with training recruits and holding patrols, on top of losing some rest to come and hunt Gorou down. You yawn again, hiding your face in his shoulder. You’re so tired that you even miss the way Gorou swallows and flushes at how close you are.
⠀ “Y’can talk about it,” you offer, cracking open an eye to look up at him.
⠀ “And you’ll listen to me?” He’s joking, the beginnings of a half-smile on his face, but it melts when you press a soft kiss to his skin, bringing the arm your curled around his close to your chest. You scoff.
⠀ “You say that like I wouldn’t.”
⠀ Gorou’s mouth dries then, his tongue weighed down like lead. He wonders if, this close, you can hear the rabbit-like beat of his heart, or if you can sense how close he is to pouring his whole heart out for you to see.
⠀ All it takes is you weaving your fingers with his, squeezing his hand so damn gently for the words to come bubbling up.
⠀ “I’m in love with you, and I’m scared of screwing what we have up.” For a second, he thinks he’s said it too quietly for you to hear. But he hears your breath hitch, can practically feel your eyes fly open and the way the sleep gets knocked out of you, and he knows you’ve heard.
⠀ Your hand squeezes his tighter, like you’re nervous, but you don’t let go. You don’t move your head either–– don’t deign to pull yourself away from him.
⠀ “Are you just saying that?” you ask quietly, voice on the verge of cracking. the two of you already know the answer though.
⠀ Gorou’s gaze doesn’t tear from the horizon, but he squeezes your hand back, as reassuring as he could be. “You know I’m not.”
⠀ You fall silent. He can tell you’re thinking, though–– with the hand still against your chest, it’s easy to feel how quick your own heart beats. Almost as fast as his.
⠀ “I’m sorry,” he said suddenly, breaking your reverie. That’s what makes you pull away just a bit, enough to regard his face and look him in the eyes. Gorou eagerly meets your gaze and, he notes with some satisfaction, there’s some fluster in your expression. He pulls your hands away from your chest to rest on his lap, where he strokes a thumb across the back of your hand.
⠀ “For falling in love?”
⠀ “No,” he shakes his head, answer quick. “For not telling you sooner.” For being scared of losing you.
⠀ You exhale, looking down to where you two hold hands, then back out towards the open ocean. Slowly enough to have Gorou’s breath catching, you ease your head back against his shoulder, placing your weight on him once more. He’s still regarding you intently, eyes trained on your face.
⠀ Gently, you raise his hand to your lips, pressing a soft kiss to his knuckles, and Gorou can feel his heart flutter in his chest. His thoughts immediately go to how pleasant that felt, how warm his skin feels where you’ve touched him, and how much he wishes that kiss had been on his lips. You let them fall back into your lap as you snuggle more into his side, unaware of his busy thoughts.
⠀ “We can make up for lost time,” you tell him with a sigh, and when Gorou glances over, theres a small, happy smile on your face.
⠀ Behind him, his tail twitches, and you chuckle, which leads to a flurry of thump thump thump’s that are too precious for you to not laugh at.
⠀ And here, with you peaceful beside him, chuckling at how his tail is so eager to respond to your affections (it always is,) Gorou thinks that this is a future worth fighting the whole of Inazuma for. He holds your hand a bit tighter, pulls you in a bit closer.
⠀ Make up for lost time, indeed. ⠀ 
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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masnmounts · 21 hours ago
Hey , can you do one inspired by this
Thank you ☺️
short blurb of mase missing you while he’s away in andorra
pretence - mason mount
It was a little after 2AM when the incessant buzzing of your phone against the nightstand woke you up, your eyes still blurry with sleep as you leant over to grab it. Sleep was still fogging your brain and you cursed softly when you almost dropped the device on the floor. Your eyes were still half closed when you glanced at the screen and saw your boyfriend’s name and photo blinking back at you.
Mason was currently in Andorra a few days prior to the first England game of this leg and they were only an hour ahead so you were more than surprised that it was him calling. You let out a muffled yawn, laying your head back against the pillows, the pillows that still smelt slightly like Mason and swiped to answer the call.
“Mase?” There was rustling on the other end of the line and a few quiet sniffles that had your brows drawing together.
“…Y/N.” The soft sound of his voice, clearly tired but also laced with what sounded like pent up tears made your heart thump painfully into your chest. You knew Mason well enough to know when he was upset and even though you couldn’t see him, you knew from the dull tone of his voice and the sniffles that he was fighting back his emotions.
“Hey, Mase, baby, what’s wrong?” You rubbed the sleep from your eyes with one hand and kept the phone pressed against your ear with the other, Mason’s unsteady breaths sending a phantom wave of air over the side of your face.
“My day’s been shit and I’m nervous about the game and I miss you already and I still don’t know how to deal with being away from you because all I constantly have this feeling of homesickness and just..” He trailed off, a heavy breath falling from his lips. You heard more rustling and you wondered briefly if he was in a room with anyone else or if he was alone. “Can you just stay on the phone for a little while so I can pretend you’re holding me.”
You swore your heart broke a little at that and you had to hug your duvet a little closer to you for comfort. Mason was always the one taking care of others, if things were going bad he was always the one people went to but you knew your boyfriend and it was very rare that he asked for anything from anyone. You knew that he’d probably been bottling his feelings up all day because he didn’t want to bother the boys and you knew exactly what words were about to come out of his mouth and so you got there first.
“Of course I can. Masey, you know I’ll do anything you ask. Why didn’t you call me earlier? I could have helped you sleep.” You could picture him on the other end of the line, tucked up into the bed of a random hotel, head settled beneath the pillow or duvet so no one could see how bothered he was. You wanted to be holding him. You wanted to be there with him right now to run your fingers through his hair and tell him everything was going to be okay.
“I didn’t want to bother you. I knew you had uni and then I forgot if you had a shift at the diner and I didn’t want to burden you with my shit because I know it’s not important.” This made you frown, lips curling downwards and now you wanted to shake him for always downplaying his own needs and feelings.
“Hey, stop it. Of course it’s important if you’re not feeling okay, Mason. I don’t care if you think it’s a silly reason to be upset, if talking will help then I want to know. I’d drop everything in a heartbeat just to make sure you’re okay.” You heard him pull in a shuddering breath and the urge to wrap your arms around him was overwhelming.
You hated when he travelled because you couldn’t be there for him when he needed you. England games were an incredibly big thing for him, he always felt he had to prove himself twice as hard to England fans than to Chelsea fans and it often ended in him burning himself out both physically and emotionally. You hated that when he got into feelings like this and was away you weren’t able to pull him in to bed with you and brush his worries away with soft kisses.
“I know that and I love you for it. I just… I don’t know. I’m exhausted already but I can’t sleep because all I want is to be with you. You make everything feel okay.” His words ended in a gentle whisper and you couldn’t help but smile a little despite the worry you felt for him. It was already early hours of the morning and you knew he’d have to be up early for training sessions so he needed to sleep as soon as possible.
You shifted in the bed, turning your phone on to speaker and placing it on to the pillow beside you as you turned to lay on your side.
“You want me to bore you to sleep with stories about my day?” You offered because you knew Mason wouldn’t want to talk about the details of his own day over the phone. He’d tell you about it when he was home and you’d lay with his head against your chest and let him vent about everything and just like always you’d reassure him that he was one of the most talented people of his age and he was going on to go amazing things so small set backs meant nothing in the long run and he’d learn from them.
You heard his little laugh through the phone, the sound wrapping around your heart and squeezing and in that moment despite the fact that you were home, you understood that feeling of homesickness Mason had. Because you weren’t with him. You were sleeping alone without the warmth of him beside you and it hit you like a truck just how much you missed him in that moment.
“I think that should work.” You could hear the tired smile in his voice and closed your eyes to conjure up the image of him, completely snuggled into the sheets.
“Okay, are you alone?”
“Put your phone on the pillow next to your head, put it on speaker and then close your eyes.” You heard shuffling and waited a few seconds before starting, your voice soft and soothing, the voice you always used when you needed Mason to know just how much you cared for him. You were talking about driving to work when you noticed the way Mason’s breathing had started to even out as he obviously began drifting to sleep.
“Mase?” He managed a soft hum in reply and you took that as your indicator to continue. “Before you sleep, I need you to know I love you. So much and I can’t wait for you to be home, baby. I know your day hasn’t been the best but I promise tomorrow won’t be the same.” You kept your eyes closed as you waited for his reply, unsure whether you’d get one or if he’d be too close to sleep to manage one.
“I love you too. Thank you for not just ignoring my calls.“
“You know I’d never do that.” There was a lull of silence and you thought Mason had finally drifted to sleep but then he spoke again, words a little muffled as though he’d pulled the duvet right up to his mouth.
“Will you keep going? Just for a little longer?”
“Of course, I’m not going anywhere, just try and get some sleep for me, yeah?”
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hysagyne · a day ago
can we see c!techno with 29 :3?? afab but gender neutral pronouns if possible?
CW: Temperature play, breeding, heats/ruts
Techno often overheated during his ruts, his body would burn up so much that water loss through sweat and cum alone would force him to down multiple litres an hour. You hadn’t really found ways around this, but spending your time without bedsheets with the widows opened into the tundra was definitely the first step. Three days into an agonisingly hot rut, Techno got tired of the heat. His whole body, even bare, radiated so much heat he felt as if he’d melt. It throbbed his brain, and he had no doubt it was hard for you too. You refused to complain though, knowing it was hard enough for him.
That day, he dragged you up together, only a few seconds into the morning, slamming open the door and stepping out into the snow. There was a gentle downpour of snow and nobody was around. He lent into a kiss, holding your bare body against his, you too tired to realise why you were suddenly not sweltering hot, well, until your back was plunged into the snow. Techno had stepped out into the settled snow, for him it rose only to his knees, but if he let you down you would barely have your hips above the surface. You heard him huff as you sunk down into the snow, and you yelped at the sudden cold, still feeling the warmth of Techno pressed against the front of your skin. Before you could scramble away, out of the cold he’d repositioned his cock, teasing your entrance.
Your back was numb, and the sheer lack of heat made you shake and shiver, even when he had breached your entrance. Techno huffed, delirious in his rut, holding you down in the melting snow that tricked water over your body, untouched snow on either side of you beginning to melt from his temperature. Your breaths were visible in the air, clouding your view between the two of you, cold piercing your lungs as you clung to the man above you. He’d swooped down, busying himself with marking you up, dragging his warmth across your skin in little amounts. It felt like you were going to die, and he caught the panic in your eyes between spikes of contiousness.
It all computed in his head and he made a great movement back, crashing back so that now he was the one pressed into the snow. You heard the crunch beneath him stop, water running out under your feet only seconds later, and your wet back was exposed to the winter wind, a chill ran across your body, legs so numb you could barely lift yourself to ride him, fingers dripping with freezing water. Technoblade took your tiny hands and dwarfed them, pushing them to his body were the water ran down, and you were met with that same explosive heat. You still shook, but now you didn’t fear frostbite; but maybe a cold. He did his best not to get lost in the piling relief, the way he was nearing his first climax of the day, the constant cooling sensation that came from the snow, but it was so hard. He began mumbling about how he was gonna warm you up, endless spillings of filling you with his warmth. You shivered, teeth chattering as the wind picked up all at once, and suddenly the pull of his knot was present.
He locked your hips, connecting your bodies with one swift thrust, initiating a kiss that quickly devolved into a groan. You laid, waiting, Techno trying to appease you by helping your through your own orgasm as he began to come down from his high, still cumming. You pouted, waiting until the monet you could get up, staggering out into the snow, your bottom half numb and dripping with his cum. You kicked him in the side, and then once more before storming back inside. What an arsehole, you thought, I’m gonna end up sick. Just outside he pants, a mess of cum running off the sides of his torso as he basked in the freezing snow. He was too blissed out to care.
Writing Event
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imaginedreamwrite · 2 days ago
Tu Es Notre Coeur: Part 7
There was a large glass of water beside the bed and two Tylenol waiting for you. When you first managed to open your eyes and stretch your legs, you felt the aftermath of your heat cycle with Steve and Bucky in the form of bruises and aching muscles. Your heat, and the thick of it, lasted three days, and in those three days, you were continuously shared among the alpha’s who’d marked you that first night.
Now, your heat was over, and the remnants were leaving your body, leaving until the next cycle in three months, and all that remained was an ache that would have to be dealt with, but at least you weren’t alone.
You had never really been with an alpha throughout your heat cycle, and you didn’t know what to expect from them. You’d thought that there was a chance they would finish and knot themselves in you, then abandon you, however in the same thought, you knew they wouldn’t do something like that.
Not when they’d spent so much time and effort trying to win you over in the first place.
The blankets, the heating pads, the food and the flowers, the headphones, had all been proof that they wanted you more than just for your heat.
And while you initially didn’t like the idea of being with an alpha because all of your experience until that point had been rooted in alpha’s only finding you valuable when they were in a rut, you had been proven wrong.
“I want you to do something for me,” your voice shook as you began rubbing your thighs together, torn between feeling anxious at the heat that was bubbling in your belly, and heat-driven excitement at having two alpha’s who were going to take care of you.
“What do you need, honey?” Bucky had spoken. First, the irises of blue eyes grower darker the thicker your scent has become.
They were strong alpha’s; they could ignore your scent and its growth up to a certain point. Until you were in the thick of your driving heat, they could resist you.
“I need you two-“ you swallowed and shifted your weight from foot to foot, “-I want you two to mark me when the time comes.”
“Y/N,” Steve drew out the syllables of your name slowly, “are you sure, sweetheart?”
“Yes.” You nod your head. “I’m more sure of this, of you-“
“Baby, there’s no pressure to have us bond with you. We’re not going to-“
“I want this. I trust you and Steve. You have been…you’re the greatest alpha’s I’ve met, and I want…you.” You fiddled with the seam of your shirt, feeling bashful despite exciting yourself up to tell them this truth mere minutes before.
“Doll, you know Bucky, and I care about you-“
“-But we don’t want you to feel like you have to do this.”
“I’ve thought about this, and I want to do this while I still have a clear mind. I want you two to mark me.”
You raised your fingertips to your neck, tracing their marks on your neck. You hadn’t thought about how you would feel with their marks on your neck, and you were a little surprised at how serene you felt.
It felt natural; their marks felt natural. Their marks and their claim had made you feel complete like puzzle pieces that had finally fit together.
You felt whole. They made you feel whole.
The door opened, and the sound of footsteps had furthered your wake from exhaustive sleep, although it was one of the blankets of the nest you created being pulled back that had made you roll onto your side and tucked your hands under your cheeks.
“Morning, beautiful,” Bucky came into the nest and sat on the edge of the bed, angling his body toward you, “how are you feeling?”
“Tired,” your smile was sleepy and weak, your body going through the wringer during this cycle, “little sore.”
“Brought you Tylenol.” Bucky reached out and rested his palm against your forehead, feeling your temperature against his flesh. “Your fever’s gone.”
“My heat’s over,” you groaned when you started to stretch out, every inch of you feeling as though it had been in a collision with a semi-truck, “and I’m sore.”
“You wanna stay in bed today?” He hummed under his breath, smoothing down your hair as he brushed it off your shoulder, exposing his mark on your neck. “You wouldn’t have to move all day. Steve and I could bring you everything you need.”
When you groaned in appreciation at the idea of staying in bed all day, you felt the connection between you and Bucky and Steve buzzing. Your groan had created this peak, this sharp uptake in the emotional state you felt through your bond with them. Whether it was Steve or Bucky, it didn’t matter who it was; it was a simple fact that the bond, only being three days old, was already impeccably strong. That spoke to the connection you had before you became bonded.
It gave you this idea that you were a better fit, a better match than you anticipated.
“I should get out of bed.” You frowned, and despite feeling comfortable and warm, you slowly pushed yourself to sit, your knees hitting Bucky’s thighs and the curve of his ass as he sat on the bed.
“You need me to carry you to the bathroom?” He wondered, his eyes studying every mark and bruise, every love bite they had left on you during the three-day heat cycle fuck session you’d found yourselves in. “Draw you a bath?”
“Food?” You murmured, your stomach growling angrily and vehemently, a reminder that you hadn’t gotten as much sustenance as you should’ve. “Or-“
“Steve’s making something, baby.” Bucky hummed and grabbed your hand, turning it over to expose the inside of your wrist. He lifted your hand to his mouth and kissed the palm softly before trailing his lips down the heel of your hand, to your wrist and back again.
He was placing such tender kisses on your skin; it was as if he was making love to you all over again. It was as if his lips were translating an aged yet timeless confession of love across the expanse of your wrist.
“Bucky,” you whimpered and squirmed, your legs and thighs aching as you felt a spark of warmth in your belly, not from your heat cycle, but from how accurate and opaque Bucky’s physical depiction of love was, “alpha….”
“You’re beautiful.” He mumbled, drawing you closer until you were nearly flush against each other. “And all ours.”
“Yours.” You leaned into him and rested your cheek against his shoulder.
It would help if you were appalled that you asked them to mark you when you didn’t know them well enough to commit yourselves to them.
It would help if you had been appalled that you committed yourself to two alpha’s, yet appellation was the furthest from what you were feeling.
They were everything you’d been looking and waiting for, and despite the issues you had with yourself or the delegations that told you you would never be enough, it felt right.
It felt perfect.
“You wanna get up, love? Or go back to bed?” Bucky turned his head and kissed your forehead, his soft lips lingering against you.
“I should get up.” You sighed and drew away from him, rubbing your hands over your face. You groaned into your palms as your face was covered, then lowered them to your lap when you felt the peak of distress at your distress coming from Bucky.
“I don’t want to go back to work. This week off has been…perfect.” You answered his silent question and hurried to the end of the bed, reaching for Bucky’s extended hand and letting him help you stand.
As you stood, Bucky had fixed the nest and slipped his hand around your waist to steady you as he helped you walk from the bed to the open door and finally into the hallway.
When the two of you exit the bedroom, Bucky closed the door behind you with a soft click and then returned his arm around your waist. He was keeping you against his side, easing you with every step you took with his scent and the gentle rumble of his chest.
Soothing you as any good alpha would have.
Tumblr media
“How are you feeling?” Steve asked; his reflection appeared in the mirror as he walked up behind you, his eyes meeting yours through the reflection. “Are you still sore?”
“A little.” You shrugged and lifted the metal handle attached to the sink, waiting for the water to warm up before you had stuck the cloth under the stream of water.
“Let me help you,” Steve muttered against the back of your neck, stepping closer until his back was flush to his chest.
He had encased you in his arms and grabbed the cloth from you, wringing out the excess before he lifted it to your neck and gently wiped down their healing marks on your neck. With every gentle stroke of the cloth against your neck, you felt Steve’s soft lips trailing from the back of your neck to the shell of your ear.
“Thank you.” You looked at him through the reflection, studying his movements as he gently wiped the cloth against their marks on your neck, helping the healing process by keeping them clean.
His touch was tender, as was the strokes he made against their bites, and for a moment, it was easy to forget that he was a super-soldier. It was easy to forget that he and Bucky had been in World War Two, that Steve was Captain America, and he had killed people.
That was easy to forget when he hummed a sweet melody in your ear while helping clean you and care for you. They both had. They had both taken care of you after each night, allowing you to clean off and providing you with food and water, plenty of downtimes where you rested against them and enjoyed being between them.
It may have been your heart cycle, and you may have had sex more in that cycle than ever before, but it wasn’t just about sex. They didn’t make the entire heat cycle about fucking and screwing.
You were also intimate without being physical.
“Are you nervous about going back?” Steve asked after he set the cloth down and kept his chest pressed to your back. “You seemed anxious.”
Steve tilted his head and brushed your hair off your shoulder before he pulled aside your shirt and kissed your shoulder blade. He showed you immense affection in such a small gesture, yet it almost carried more weight than having sex. These small, tender kisses had felt more electrifying than they should’ve, or you ever imagined they’d be. It seemed so small, the kisses to your shoulder blade, yet it was warming every inch of you.
“Kind of? I don’t know.” You sank into his embrace. “Is it terrible that I don’t want to go back? I’ve spent the last week feeling less stressed and agitated than I have been in a long time.”
“Sweetheart,” Steve’s laugh was muffled in your neck, “you’re not the first person to hate working, and you damn well won’t be the last.”
“I know.” You made a sound in your throat and rubbed your cheek against his arm, feeling that comfort through the bond you’d made with both of them.
“You want a few extra days? You don’t even have to talk to your boss. We’ll do it for you.” Steve kissed the top of your head and then finally stepped away, no longer trapping you in his arms.
“I would love that. Every inch of me hurts, and I don’t feel like hunching over a desk for eight hours.” You turned your back to the mirror and rested the heel of your hands against the edge of the counter.
“Okay.” Steve leaned in and kissed you softly, his lips lingering. “I’ll talk to your boss, get you a few days extra.”
“You’re so amazing.” You leaned into him.
“You’re so amazing.” You leaned into him, your forehead resting against his chest. “You are.”
“So are you.” Steve grabbed your hand and intertwined your fingers before he led you out of the bathroom. “Relax, you need to recuperate.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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shealwaysreads · 19 hours ago
Call Me
Tumblr media
drarry | E | 900 words | kinktober, developing relationship, phone sex
Summary: Distance makes the heart grow fonder.
Read on Ao3
“Harry, how is it?”
“Fucking… completely tedious. The people running this stupid thing couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery, and if one more person in this hotel stops me and asks for an autograph, I might actually explode.”
“Well, you know how I feel about shouting at strangers.”
“You’d bloody well love it, I know.” Harry sighed. “I’m just tired, and annoyed I’m here instead of with you, and a bit embarrassed because I just said that out loud and I’m not sure we’re there yet.”
Draco hummed, and when he spoke it sounded like he was smiling. “Seems like you’re there. Which means you’re just not sure about where I stand on it.”
“Well… I hadn’t really intended on doing this on the phone.”
“What’s ‘this’?”
“You’re not going to make this easy for me, are you?”
“I think if you liked it easy, we never would have got past that first drink. Scratch that, actually, I don’t think we’d have even got to the point of having a drink together. You like complicated. Difficult. Which is a good thing.”
“It is?”
“Well. I think so. Being a difficult thing myself, it’s nice to be appreciated.”
“Well, I do appreciate you, to a ridiculous degree. To an ‘I want to throw over work to spend time with you’ degree. To an ‘I wake up thinking about you’ degree. And not just the sex. You. That’s what I wanted to say. In person.”
“I’d thank you properly, for such awkward but earnest emotional sharing, if we were in person.”
“Is that a note of interest I detect, Professor Potter? Would you like me to tell you what I mean?”
“Mmmm, that’s definitely part of it.”
“Wait, let me—Colloportus, Muffliato—ok, shit, are we doing this?”
“We are. It seems that you being all honest and vulnerable does it for me. Also—”
“Also I love the way your voice sounds. Love it like this, just straight into my ear, just for me.”
“God. I wish I could kiss you right now.”
“Too far to Apparate, you’ll have to make do with talking to me.”
“I’d talk to you all night if you’d let me.”
“You’re ridiculous.”
“Told you I was.”
“And he’s self-aware too, what have I done to deserve such a prize? And how will I show you how grateful I am?”
“I think you were going to tell me all about that, weren’t you?”
“I want you to take off your tie, unbutton your shirt. I’d do it slowly, stroke my fingers over your chest as I went, then I’d undo your trousers.”
“Oh god, you’re really, okay, we’re doing this—fuck—hang on—okay, I’ve got my shirt open and my, my trousers are too. Are you? What are you wearing?”
“Well, as I’m home alone, not much. Just the joggers you loaned me last time I was at yours.”
“Jesus. You’re wearing my clothes? And you expect me to just stay here?”
“I do, because I want to tell you all about how I’m lying on my bed right now. And I’ve got nothing on underneath these trousers, and it’s so easy to just slip my hand down under the waistband. Just like it was easy when you were wearing them. I was thinking about you when I put them on, thinking about that night, thinking about how good you felt in my hand.”
“Fuck… Draco, I—”
“Are you hard? Are you touching yourself yet?”
“I—yes, I am.”
“Let me hear you, so I can close my eyes and imagine it.”
“Draco, I’m—thisissofuckinghot—how can you get me this wound up when you’re not even in the room?”
“Maybe because it’s my favourite thing to do. Slow your hand down, work the head. That always makes your thighs tremble, I love it.”
“I wish we could. Oh, oh. Harry.”
“Did you just—are you—”
“Your fingers are better than mine but—fuck—I’m making do, Harry. You should, you should go faster. I want to hear you moaning.”
“Draco, when I get back I want you. I want you.”
“Say that again, tell me—”
“I want you, Draco, every fucking day, every fucking night I want you.”
“Oh my—fuck, I’m, I’m going to—”
“God, listen to you Draco, it’s too much, you’re so good—”
“Oh—ah—yes, yes.”
“You just—oh my fuck you just came didn’t you? I’m so close. I can’t believe you just came.”
“Come on, Harry, fuck your fist, imagine it’s me. When you get home I’ll bend over for you, I’ll be ready, I just want you inside me.”
“Fuck, fuck, I’m—”
For a moment there were no words; only moans and panting gasps.
“I’m going to… I’m going to need a moment to catch my breath.”
“Catch your breath? Draco you can’t—you can’t say ‘I’ll bend over for you’ and casually blow my mind and then say you need a breather. Christ. I wish I was with you right now.”
“Don’t think you could fuck me again this soon after coming, Harry.”
“No. I want to be there so we could be under the covers together, now. After.”
“You really do ‘appreciate’ me, don’t you?”
“I really fucking do, Draco.”
“You know I feel the same way, don’t you? It’s not just anyone I’d finger myself over the phone to.”
“I’d hoped that was the case.”
“It’s a testament to how gone on you I am that I didn’t laugh at you for that line, Harry. ‘What are you wearing’. Merlin.”
“Gone on me, yeah?”
“Afraid so, Harry.”
Read on Ao3
October 16th from this prompt list
Read the series here on Tumblr or here on Ao3
In which I try and do dialogue only 🙈 thank you to @p1013 for casting an eye over this one!
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mrskenobi19 · 2 days ago
Our Worries Can Wait
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Request by @generousrunawaydonut
W/C: 2.1k
Warnings: angst
- - -
Obi-Wan could tell something was off. This wasn’t the first time either. For the last month you haven’t quite been yourself. You were more tired than usual. When you were sparring you wouldn’t be able to last as long as usual. Even your usual sharp and attentive abilities seemed to be foggy.
When it came to what Obi-Wan saw behind the scenes, you were constantly aching. There were many mornings where you would suddenly bolt over to the ‘fresher. When he asked you what happened you would simply say it was nothing. Sometimes you said that something you had eaten the night before was most likely the reason for your nausea.
It wasn’t until a week prior that he began to grow overly concerned. He was afraid that this could be a serious illness that you were refusing to get checked out.
Obi-Wan had to make sure that his search wasn’t obvious. Both to make sure that you wouldn’t grow suspicious and that the others in the temple wouldn’t. Maker knows Anakin wouldn’t leave him alone about it. Both him and Ahsoka.
Through all of his weeks-long searching, nothing in the archives was helping. He thought of asking Master Che about it but he didn’t think that would help. For more than one reason.
It wasn’t until one morning where he woke up before you that he decided to go somewhere else to find an answer.
Obi-Wan had woken up with you in his arms. Your back was pressed to his chest as his hand rested on your stomach. Something about it seemed different, though. He could’ve sworn that there wasn’t a bump on your stomach before.
For a few long moments, he thought about it. Confusion filled him as he couldn’t believe what he was thinking. To see if he were right or to help quell his worries, he decided that he would pay Padmé a visit.
First, he wanted to spend some quality time with you. So, pressing light kisses to the bare skin of your shoulder, he sought to gently wake you.
His soft pressing of lips to your skin continued to your neck before he felt you stir. Your content hum made him smile as he kissed your cheek.
“Good morning, darling,” he whispered as your eyes fluttered open.
Turning with your own smile, you whispered back, “Good morning, Obi.”
Obi-Wan shifted, allowing you to turn so that you were fully facing him.
“How are you feeling this morning, my love,” he said as he softly brushed a few strands of hair from your forehead. You leaned into his touch as he cupped your cheek.
“I’m fine, Obi-Wan. You don’t need to worry about me. I’m sure it’s just some sort of stomach flu,” you tried to reassure him.
He smiled before pressing his lips to yours. “But I am worried. This has been going on far too long for my liking.”
You brought one of your own hands to rest on top of his cheek and traced gentle circles on the back with your thumb. A reassuring smile spreads to your lips before saying, “What did I do to deserve such a caring man?”
Obi-Wan pretended to ponder for a moment. “I believe it was how caring you were for others,” he whispered as he leaned closer but stopped before his lips touched yours, “because of how you showed how much you cared for me the night I came back from Naboo all of those years ago.”
He watched as your cheeks flushed at his words. Obi-Wan always loved how humble you were.
“So, please, let me do this. After today, if I don’t get the answer, I’ll leave it alone.”
You brought one of your hands to his bearded cheek. He couldn’t help but lean into your touch, loving the way it brought him comfort as he let his eyes close.
“Alright. I’m telling you, though, it’s nothing,” you whispered.
“That’s what we’re hoping,” he replied, turning his head so he could kiss your palm. If what he was thinking was right, he’d be worried for a whole different reason.
“I made some tea for your visit,” Padmé stated as she led Obi-Wan to the sitting room. He thanked her as she poured each of them a cup before the conversation. “So what is this about?”
He took a deep breath before saying, “It’s about Y/N.”
Padmé looked confused. “Has something happened to her? Have you done something stupid?”
The way Padmé immediately got defensive made Obi-Wan smile. The two of you had always been very close. He knew that the two of you constantly spent time together and most likely gossiped. He wouldn’t be surprised if the two of you talked about him and Anakin.
Still, that wasn’t the subject of this meeting.
“No, not entirely…” he trailed off. If what he thought was true it could be a mix.
Padmé gave him a look telling him to continue. If he weren’t so truly concerned about the matter he would’ve laughed.
“She hasn’t been herself lately and I wanted to see what you thought about it,” he told her, pausing for a moment. Should he just outright say what he suspected? In a way, he felt as if it were needed. At the same time, though, if he said that’s what he thought and was wrong, would that say something bad about him?
Once again, the senator from Naboo looked at him almost impatiently. “Well, what is it?”
“I- I think…” Obi-Wan trailed off. He tried so hard to keep the smile he had at bay. If he were right about this, he’d be the happiest man in the world, no matter how much it would complicate things. “I think Y/N is pregnant.”
Padmé froze. Clearly, of all things he could’ve said, she wasn’t expecting this. So, he went into explaining everything that made him realize. Sure, he could’ve also used the force to search if there was a little one, but he didn’t want to resort to that. If you were carrying a child, he wanted to find out in a more… normal way.
Your friend listened to Obi-Wan intently as he explained his reasoning. As he went on, he saw her smile grow. Was he right about all of this?
Once he was done, he took a sip of his tea in hopes that it would calm him as he waited for Padmé’s thoughts on it. He found himself thinking of what would happen if you truly were pregnant. One thing he knew for a fact was that he would leave the Jedi Order in a heartbeat to be with you and this child. That is, if you want to keep it and you are willing to do the same.
As the silence dragged on, he found himself now wanting his hunch to be right. He loved you so much that he wanted to have a little one that was created by the two of you to love just as much. There were so many possibilities and he wanted all of them to happen. With or without the Jedi.
The silence was soon beginning to make him impatient. He wanted to know and Padmé was the only one he could talk to about this without having a risk of it getting back to the temple.
Giving Padmé a pleading look, she finally spoke as her smile grew, “Congratulations, Obi-Wan. I believe you’re going to be a father.”
Obi-Wan couldn’t make it back to the temple any faster than he did. He tapped into his bond with you to find out where you were. You were in your quarters. Whether it was just that you hadn’t left or you had gone back, he didn’t know. Either way, he wasted no time to get to you.
Excitement flooded him. The first thing he was going to do was search for the little life force. Well, if there was one.
He practically burst into your quarters where you were sitting on your bed.
“Obi,” you said, standing immediately as you must’ve thought it was something much more serious. “What is it?”
“There’s no need to stand, darling,” he said as he made his way over to you. Guiding you to sit, he knelt before you.
Confusion filled your expression. “Obi-Wan, what’s going on?”
“You know how I said I was doing one last search?” he asked as he placed his hands on your thighs. You nodded, the confusion slightly slipping away. “Well, I may have actually figured out what it was. All thanks to Padmé.”
“Padmé?” you questioned as his hands drifted to rest on your waist.
Without answering, he searched your life force, focusing on a specific place. He was too eager to find out. All he wanted to know was if this was all actually true and not just a figment of his imagination.
After a few moments, letting his eyelids fall shut, he felt it. Right there. The little presence reacted to his life force brushing up against its own. Almost like it knew exactly who he was.
When Obi-Wan opened his eyes, a smile larger than he thought was ever possible spread his lips.
“Obi-Wan, what is it?” Confusion was all he could see and hear from you. Clearly, you hadn’t picked up on any of it.
So, taking one of your hands in his, he guided it to rest in the middle of your stomach. “Look into the force. You’ll know soon enough.”
He watched as realization crossed your features. As you took a moment to do what he said, your own smile spread to your lips though it fell.
“What are we going to do? Obi, the Order. They don’t know-”
Gently, he hushed you while bringing his free hand to your cheek. “Let’s not worry about that just yet, my love.”
“But, Obi-Wan, if they find out then… well, we don’t even know how bad this can be,” you said with panic.
Obi-Wan pulled you closer to him, you now on your knees on the floor like he was, and held you tight. “I know,” he whispered. “But, if you want to, we can leave the Order. I love you so much and you and our child will be more than worth the sacrifice.”
You pulled back to look at him. Your eyes searched his as they most likely searched for any sign of him lying. But he wasn’t. Obi-Wan didn’t think that he had been more serious about anything else in his life except the day he first said he loved you.
“Before we think about the complexity of the future,” Obi-Wan started as both of your hands slid into his hair, your smile reappearing, “shall we enjoy this? Be happy that we have a future. Most of all think about the fact that in a few months time you and I will be welcoming a little one into the galaxy.”
Happy tears were streaming down your cheeks as you nodded. Before he knew it, the two of you were closing the gap and pressing your lips to the other’s. Relief filled laughter came from the two of you despite refusing to separate.
“This is the best news I’ve ever received,” you whispered against his lips. “How did you notice this before I did?” you continued with a nervous chuckle.
Obi-Wan shrugged. “Lucky guess.”
“Funny coming from the man who doesn’t believe in luck,” you said with a chuckle.
“Some things change when the right things persuade me,” he said teasingly.
You smiled before kissing him again. The two of you stayed like this for a few more blissful moments before moving to lay together in bed when your knees began to ache.
Obi-Wan’s head rested in your lap as he laid a protective hand over your belly. You lightly brushed your fingers through his hair causing him to fight to stay awake. It got to the point where he hardly even realized that his commlink was going off.
When he looked at it, it was a message from Master Yoda saying that the evening council meeting had been rescheduled. Perfect.
As he placed it back on the side table, he smiled at you as he turned his attention to your belly. Lightly, he pressed a kiss to it. “Grow well in there. Mom and dad will protect you, always.”
Your smile was radiating the amount of love and joy you had in the moment. For now, the two of you would just enjoy this moment. The stress and fears of the future would be a problem for tomorrow.
- - -
@stardancerluv @where-fantasy-meets-reality @jaydenwoo @madmax2003 @mackycat11 @generousrunawaydonut @imabeautifulbutterfly @animalgirl05 @blondekel77 @thereluctantherosrose @cosmicsierra @badbatch-simp24
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leoneliterary · 2 days ago
Hello! I wanted to tell you that I absolutely love your writing and I had so much fun playing the demo, I’ve already played it many times!! 🥺💕💕 I can’t wait to see more of the story and officially meet these fantastic characters!! Especially… Sutek 😳🥰 I’m very soft for him!!
And speaking of being soft, I had a scenario question for the ROs during the crushing stage~ How would the ROs react to seeing the MC after they had had a sweet and tender dream about the MC the night before? 💘
Ahhhh thank you so much!! And I love that Sutek is getting some love! I'm really excited for the love interest introductions in the next update!
This scenario is so sweet! It just took me a while to figure out how to do it and I overthought the mess out of it lol. I kept asking myself, what type of dreams would each character have? What is tenderness? More focus on the dream or them seeing you? Why are they all so awkward? Might have missed the tender part, but I hope you enjoy it!
He had been standing in the river, looking at a village in the distance, and hearing the sounds of laughter and revelry coming from it. Maybe the loneliness was always there, but he felt the pangs fiercely in this moment.
And then you were there.
You waded into the water to take his hand and led him closer and closer to the village. The two of you danced and danced, and yet he didn't feel tired. There you stood face illuminated by torchlight and your smile, and he comes closer and closer to you, his lips about to meet yours...
He bolts upright in bed, drenched in sweat. Stumbling he ambles out of the bed to throw open a window, letting in the surprisingly cool night breeze.
The fresh air gently caresses his face, but that only reminds him of the dream he was trying to escape from.
The next morning he's more haggard than usual and trying to avoid his thoughts with tea, when you abruptly enter his study.
"Merikh we need to talk!"
Tea goes everywhere. The desk, himself, out of his nose
“Are you alright?!” you rush over to him, roughly patting his back as he coughs.
She's alone and all of the flowers are dead. She tried to reach out to touch them, but they crumpled and now there was only dust. It swirls around her suffocating her until a hand takes hers.
It's you.
You take her hands, lift her up and wipe her eyes.
"Breathe Laverna, I'm here."
And just like that, dust turns to petals, barren earth blooms and so does her heart. You both lay together on the newly grown plush grass and she rests her head on your chest, the beat of your heart feeling surer than her own.
"We could start over too, you know." You say it idly as she lays on you and Laverna wonders if you're right. Maybe she could trade a barren life for one that is full of both you and herself. The idea grabs hold of her and she can feel it and your grip on her heart.
As rays of sun filter into her room she is too overjoyed by her recollection of her dream to feel heartbroken that it was over. She immediately hurries to get dressed and begins to get to work.
When you visit her later that day she surprises you by dropping a grand and vibrant crown of flowers onto your head.
"And what is this for?" you ask with a laugh, gingerly bringing a hand up to touch the soft petals.
"I'm just happy to see you."
Nightmares plague Sutek. Most nights find him trapped behind gritted teeth and sweat soaked covers and yet tonight he was freed. He wakes up in a daze, boneless in his bed as snippets of the dream come back in flashes. He could still hear the sweet way you called his name, the way you welcomed him into your arms, and how in your eyes he could see a home he had long left behind. Your face, your laugh, a laugh that he was able to draw out of you.
Dragging himself out of his bed he shakes his head and sighs.
That's how he knows it was just a dream. How would he ever be able to make you smile or laugh like that?
He's bit stunned when he sees you later that night and for a brief moment, he's unsure whether he's awake or dreaming. He smiles at you.
Then you begin to run and he of course gives chase.
That definitely gave him some clarity.
In my dreams I make you laugh, but when I'm awake I make you run.
The sting of the truth makes him briefly wonder if maybe nightmares are preferable to the feeling of something he can never have.
She makes her way through a dark torch lined hall and opens a heavy door into a small room. The only thing there is a large chest and she gets ready to pick the lock, only to find it doesn't have one. She opens the chest and what seems like thousands of gold coins come spilling out. They pour and pour out of the chest shimmering and then begin to take shape.
Your shape to be exact.
Glittering and draped in gold you walk across the blanket of coins to take her face in your hands, your smile so wide and bright that she can't help but beam back.
"What's this worth to you Desma?"
Without hesitation she leans in, "Everything." and she seals it with a kiss.
When she wakes up alone in bed she begins to search for you, her frenzy only dulled by her still being half asleep. She looks under her covers, even under her bed until she hears you outside.
"Desma! Wake up, we need to meet Merikh!"
You're banging on her door and at the sound of your voice she leaps up to answer it. You jump back when she does and with some of her hair stuck to the side of her face with drool, she grabs your shoulders and practically shouts in your face, "Do you remember when you were made of gold and you poured out of a chest?!"
The small wooden boat she's sitting in is being violently rocked by waves as she desperately searches it for an oar. Thunder booms overhead and she considers getting out and swimming, but the shore is nowhere in sight.
"Rough weather Nari?"
She nearly jumps out of her skin when she hears your voice, eyes darting around to locate it when you call out again.
"Down here."
She looks down and sees you smiling up at her from the water, your arms casually draped over the side of the boat.
She leans down to you and you open your arms to her. "Care to join me?" You ask and despite the storm overhead and everything else telling her to stay in the boat she nods.
You pull her beneath the depths.
Instead of darkness and water filling her lungs the water is filled with brightness and she finds that she can breathe just fine. She realizes that the two you you are embracing, faces so close together.
"It pays to be bold, Nari."
When she wakes up she tries to go about her day normally, but when she see's you later something stirs in her. She could be bold, right?
I'll ask if you want to visit the port with me.
So she takes a deep breath, but as soon as you make eye contact her tongue turns to rocks and all she can manage is, "Er—um, do you want a boat?!"
He's surrounded by crowns, but none of them fit.
Silver and gold, but all too big or small. The throne room is overflowing with him and he finds himself wading through the jagged headpieces, trying to find something, anything, that could fit.
"Those are nice, but this one," he turns behind him to see you holding one. It's golden and ornate, but with no sharpness to it and he stands motionless as you approach him with it. Looking into his eyes you place it on his head and suddenly you both are no longer in the throne room. Instead you stand on a cliff's edge, overlooking the city. You lightly touch the crown you've place on him before gently sling your hand to caress the side of his face.
"This suits you well, my King."
A years worth of words are at the tip of his tongue but all he can do is look at how compared to you, even the view of the city fades into the background,
Later that day when you enter with Merikh for an audience he finds himself struggling to decide if he should wear his regular circlet or something a bit more...
During the audience he's staring at you more often than not and you're staring back. But so is Merikh, because Aretas is wearing the crown that kings use when passing judgement on criminals.
He wears it well though.
She's walking forward, or at least she's trying to. Layer after layer of draping fabric fall in front of her, always getting in her way just as she moves forward. Finally she reaches forward and grabs one of the falling pieces of fabric and roughly pulls it towards her.
But in her hand is no longer a piece of fabric, but instead the flap to one of the largest tents she's ever seen.
"There you are Sarai!"
Your voice calls out to her from inside the tent and she sees you, sitting on an impossibly large mound of cushions and blankets, eagerly waving her over.
She comes over to you and you pull her into the pillow pile laughing the whole time. Before she knows it she's laughing too. Blankets flying, bouncing on pillows, Sarai's laugh is louder than she's heard it in years. A breeze blows through and takes all of her worries with it. You hold each other under the covers, and when she turns over to look at you, she only sees an empty bed. The huff she let's out is part embarrassment and part disappointment.
Later that day when you enter her chambers, you barely dodge the pillow that whizzes past your head.
"My Queen?" You ask carefully and she smiles behind her fan.
"Oh, my hand slipped."
Heka is no stranger to dreams and visions, but this one leaves him staring up at the ceiling as if it still holds him, even in the waking worlds.
It's more than just remembering the dream, he can still feel you.
He lays still because he's almost sure that your hand are still in his hair. He's still telling you how excited he is to show you the temple he grew up in. You have him trapped and he never wants to be free from you.
Is this a vision of what may come?
The day drags on and he really just wants it to end, that way sleep will visit him. That way you will visit him. Those thoughts leave when he sees you later in the day. He sees you coming towards him and it's as if time has slowed. Every part of you is as it was in his dream.
"Heka, didn't your hear me?"
You've been calling his name for a while now but he's too happy to see you to feel embarrassed.
"My mind was elsewhere, but don't worry," his smile is bright as he looks at you, "I'm with you."
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sugarbooger513 · a day ago
𝓓𝓪𝓭𝓭𝔂'𝓼 𝓖𝓲𝓻𝓵 𝓟𝓽. 1 (Gojo x Virgin!reader)
Tumblr media
Art credit: @kyoshuko20 on Twitter!
This is the next post in my Kinktober Masterlist! Enjoy!
WC: 3.7k
Warnings: Stepcest (stepfather and stepdaughter), reader is a virgin, daddy kink, Gojo bites once, language, shitty mother, toxic relationship, Gojo is pretty soft in this
“You comin’ with to drop your mom off, kiddo?” You glance up from your video game, the pocky stick almost tumbling from your lips. “Ummm, I don’t think so, Satoru. I got a few missions to finish here and then some school work.”
Your stepdad leans over the back of the couch to look at your screen. You feel your heart rate increase from the close proximity. “Hmmmm,” his blue eyes shine teasingly behind his sunglasses, “you know an enemy is wrecking your shit right now, right?”
Even after he tells you, it takes a second to register his words. “Oh! Fucking hell..” He gasps, gently smacking your head with his hand. “Language, young lady! I taught you better than that!” “My bad.. Fuck this fucking game up the a-”
Your mom peeks into the living room, making both you and Satoru shut up. Satoru’s small giggles make you lose your poker face.
“Uhhh, hi mom!” “Don’t copy him.” Her stern tone has you squeaking. “Y-yes ma’am.” “Oh come on, love. Don’t be so harsh on her. She is an adult.” She rolls her eyes, ignoring her husband’s attempt to save you.
When she goes back towards her room, you sigh and drop your forgotten game on the couch. Satoru frowns, watching as your bubbly personality is shut down so easily.
“How about a deal?” “Deal? Is this something else that will get me in trouble?” He chuckles, gently placing his hand on top of your head. “Not if you keep quiet. Come with me to take mom to work and we can get ice cream together, okay? My treat.”
Your bright E/C eyes light up again, making his cheeks warm slightly. You jump up, wrapping your stepdad in a tight hug.
“Thank you, Satoru! You’re the best!” He chuckles, returning the hug and kissing your head. “I know I am. Go get some real clothes on, you look homeless.” “Coming from you?! Whatever!”
As you rush upstairs, he leans against the back of the couch with a frown.
Truth be told, he’s never seen himself as a father figure to you. The two of you are more like best friends, so he could never bring himself to actually parent you.
When he first entered your life, the romantic relationship with your mother was great. He took her on weekly alone dates, then took you both somewhere fun like amusement parks, zoos, aquariums, anything you can bring a kid along to.
Eventually, the weekly things stopped when your mom started prioritizing work over her family. When he brought it up, it would inevitably end in a fight.
The last two years of marriage haven’t been any better. He finds himself sleeping on the couch more often than not due to the constant tension in the bedroom. If it isn’t how tired she is from working all day, it’s nagging at you for taking online classes instead of going to a university like other college students.
When he tries to be a parent and stand up for you, he’s shut down and told he’s “too young” to understand what a girl your age needs.
“Satoru,” his wife’s voice snaps him from his daydream, “wake up. We gotta go.” “Here,” he passes her the keys, “get the car started. I’m waiting on Y/N.” “Why?” “She needs to swing by the bookstore for a few things, so I’m going to just take her after I drop you off so she doesn’t waste the gas in her car.” She, once again, rolls her eyes, but accepts the answer and steps outside.
“Satoru, you didn’t have to lie to protect me.” He looks down at you, his eyes widening at the outfit you chose. “Wow, never thought I’d catch you in a skirt kiddo.” Your cheeks flare red as you slap his arm.
“Shut up! I forgot to do laundry..” “Why didn’t you ask me to do it then? I don’t mind.” “Absolutely not, Satoru.” He snorts a bit of laughter as your cheeks continue to darken in color.
“Come on, Y/N. Your mom will yell at me more if I take too much longer.” You nod, following him closely as you make your way to the car. He opens the backdoor, allowing you time to get in comfortably before shutting it and hopping in the driver’s seat.
“Why did you do that?” Your mom’s question has him raising a confused eyebrow. “Why did I do… what?” “Open the door for her like you’re on some type of date.”
“My love,” he chuckles as he pulls onto the main road, “I’m simply being nice. Is every action of mine up to be judged?” She narrows her eyes. “Shut up, Gojo.”
You see him bite his tongue, keeping his comment to himself. “Mom.. he’s told you that he-” “Did I ask you to speak?” “No, but-”
“Y/N,” his eyes meet yours through the rearview mirror, “I’m okay. Don’t worry.” “But you don’t like being called Gojo..” Your whisper makes him sigh. “I know, kiddo. It’s okay.”
“Shouldn’t you be calling him dad anyways? It’s disrespectful to use his first name.” “I told her to use my first name. I’m not her dad, dear. Don’t bring it up anymore.” She glares at him, but his eyes stay focused on the road.
When he pulls into the parking lot of her work, he gives her a sweet smile. “Have an amazing day. I love you.” She doesn’t bother saying anything back, but she slams his door harshly.
His smile falters as he lets out a sigh. “Okay then.. Bitch.” Your giggles make him jump. “Shit! Make noise next time! I forgot you were back there.” “No you didn’t. You just got caught calling her a bitch.” He chuckles, patting the passenger seat. “You call her worse. Come on and sit up here. We can go get ice cream.”
For some reason, your stomach churns at the thought of it now. “I.. don’t think I want it anymore..” He looks over his shoulder at you worriedly. “Bad mood now?” “Yeah.. I’m sorry.” “No no no, I am. You shouldn’t be in the middle of our fights. How about we go sit at the lake awhile?”
Your smile rubs off onto his face. “I would.. Really enjoy that.” “I knew you would. Now get your butt up here.”
Rather than being a normal person and getting out of the car to go to the front, you decide to climb over the middle console. Satoru blushes darkly when he catches a glimpse of the panties you’re wearing. His eyes stare a bit too long, making you tilt your head in confusion. “Satoru?” “H-huh? Right! Lake! Let’s go.”
You giggle, gently patting his shoulder as he starts to drive. “You’re stupid sometimes, you know?” “Yeah,” his hand reaches over to gently squeeze your leg, “I know, trust me.”
You feel so soft under his hand. He hates how often he thinks of you like this, but you’re so much different than your mother is. His thumb glides over your thigh, enjoying the way just a bit of pressure makes your breathing pattern change.
You can tell he’s looking at you from the corner of his eye. He squeezes again, this time allowing his long fingers to curl to the inside of your thigh.
“You okay, Y/N?” “F-Fine! I umm.. Are you?” He smiles, turning into the parking lot near the lake with one hand easily. “I am now. Sometimes it’s frustrating when she uses her age against me.”
You nod, still trying to form words as he parks the car. “I know.. She really thinks age means wisdom.” He leans back in his chair, still keeping his hand on you. “She has her flaws. We all-” “Satoru, it isn’t like you to give life advice. It scares me a bit.”
“Okay then, you little shit. Your mother can be a real bitch.” “Feel better now?” He chuckles softly, reaching up to pull his sunglasses off. “I felt better as soon as she got out, honestly. Spending the day with you is much more to my liking.”
“That sounds suspicious, Sato.” “Ahhh, come on you know what I meant, weirdo.” He shoves you playfully, finally taking his hand from your thigh. You find yourself wanting him to put it back.
“You could.. Do a lot better than her, you know.” He tilts his head at your statement. “Trust me, I know. I’ve considered it.” His honesty makes you happy, but something about it also hurts.
“Then you should. You don’t deserve this shit.” He runs a hand through his snow white hair, slightly messing it up. “I can’t leave you like that, Y/N.” Your eyes widen at his words. He stays because of you?
He seems to read your mind. “You deserve someone in your life to treat you as an equal, ya know. She’s not going to do it, so I have to.” “You don’t owe me anything, Sato. Plus, we can still be friends. You act like I don’t just consider you my best friend anyways.”
He chuckles, leaning a bit closer to you. “I know you do, but if I’m just your friend who isn’t married to your mom, when will we be able to talk? She monitors everything you do.” He has a point. Outside of school, you don’t do much because of her. Your online classes make it that much more difficult to leave the house.
“Yeah.. I guess you’re right..” “But, there’s nothing stopping you from finding a place with me.” You laugh a bit at that. “You wanna be roommates with your once stepdaughter?” He shrugs, reaching over to move a strand of your hair from your face.
“I mean.. is that a bad idea?” “N-no!” Satoru blinks in shock from the sudden eagerness in your voice. Part of him was cracking a joke, but you seem all too excited by the idea.
“I-I mean it.. we’re both adults. Plus, we’re closer in age than you and mom are anyways.” “Whatever you do, don’t remind her of that. She’ll get mad.” “When isn’t she mad at me, Sato?”
He nods in agreement, drumming his king fingers on the steering wheel. The sudden silence fills you with worry. Did you say something that he didn’t like?
“Y/N, would you.. shit.” His pale cheeks suddenly dust pink, and he glances out the window to avoid your gaze. “Would I.. what? You can ask.”
“Would you date someone my age, or is that too old?” Your cheeks warm slightly from the sudden question. “I-I think it would.. depend on the guy. It’s only eight years, after all. You and mom are twelve apart.” He finally meets your eyes again, his soft smile returning.
“So.. what about me?” “S-Sato! I umm.. well.. I-I don’t.. geez..” He reaches back out, gripping your chin gently between his thumb and forefinger. “Shhhh, baby. Just yes or no. That’s all I-“ His sentence is cut off by you grabbing his shirt and pulling him into a kiss.
The hand on your face slides to hold your cheek as he depends the kiss. Your small whimper makes him purr into your mouth.
“So I take this as a yes, my dear?” You nod instantly, getting on your knees in your seat to push yourself closer to him. He chuckles at the way your hands grab at him, desperate for his touch.
“Touchy touchy, aren’t we baby? How long have you been thinking of this?”
Honestly, since your mom’s brought him home. You always found your stepfather extremely attractive. To top it off, the two of you shared many common interests.
“I guess.. a few years. Have you thought about it long?” “You want me to be honest?” When you nod, he pulls your body further towards him. “So long, baby girl.. I’ve stayed in this marriage so I could stay close to you, but I would be lying if I said it was as a parental figure.”
His free hand reaches to his side, grabbing the bar on his seat and lifting it, making his chair slide back. You blink in confusion as he pats his lap.
“Come on, baby. Come straddle daddy like a good girl.”
Your shyness comes back, making him smile warmly. “I’ll help you out, baby. Come here.” He gently places both hands on your waist, slowly guiding you over the center console until you’re comfortably on his lap.
He groans when you softly grind against his cock. The urge to take you right now has his head spinning.
You notice him eagerly staring your body up and down, and the attention has your nerves on fire. “I-I’ve never done this, Sato.”
“Shhhh, I know baby. Daddy will help you if you want it, okay? You just have to tell him.”
Your whimpers make him buck up instinctively, tearing a moan from your throat. His hands slide from your waist to your hips, pushing your clothes pussy against him as he starts to grind your body against his.
“I-I want it! Please daddy?” “Fuck, you’ll be the death of me, baby.”
Your hands shakily start to unbutton his shirt as he reaches under your skirt, wasting no time pulling your panties down your thighs. “Already so eager for me.. I don’t think I even need lube.” It’s not until you look down that you notice the dark spot already covering the discarded fabric.
Before doing anything else, Satoru pulls the wedding band from his finger, flicking it carelessly into the backseat.
His bright eyes hold your gaze as he finally sides a finger across your exposed slit, groaning at the amount of moisture he’s able to gather. Your thighs clench around his hand, but he parts them gently.
“It’s okay baby girl. Daddy’s gonna make you feel good, I promise. Open up and let him in, okay?” “O-okay, daddy..”
He chuckles softly at how shyly you look away from his face. You really are the cutest thing.
His middle finger gently flicks your clit, making you yelp. His smirk only grows wider when you start to move yourself along it.
“That’s my good girl. Want it inside you baby?” You pant softly against his face, nodding frantically. “Y-yes! P-please put it inside of me.. N-need to feel it..” The tip of it swirls your entrance before pushing inside slowly. The small hiss you let out has him pausing.
“Do I need to stop?” “No! Please k-keep going daddy..” You lift yourself slightly before dropping back down, putting his long digit inside you completely and squeaking. He groans at how tightly your walls are squeezing around just one finger.
“You’ve really never done this?” “I-I had someone else finger me before.. But yours are b-bigger..” When he curls it, you almost collapse on him.
“I’m gonna add another baby. You need to be nice and stretched out for my cock.” You nod, legs starting to tremble as he slips the next finger in beside it. The burn brings tears to your eyes, but he’s gentle as he brings them in and out of you.
When the pain finally subsides, you’re moaning loudly and rocking with his hand. His eyes are fixated on the way your juices drip into his palm.
“F-Fuck.. You’re so fucking wet for me, baby.” Both of his fingers curl expertly into g spot, making you cry out his name. “N-Need your cock.. Please..” His eyes actually roll in the back of his head from your feeble plea. His fingers are out of you and inside his mouth in an instant. The moan he lets out from the taste of you on his tongue is damn near pornagraphic.
“Fuck, I planned on taking this slower, but I might lose my mind if I’m not inside of you soon. Help daddy out here, baby.” Your hands fidget with his belt until it finally comes loose. Your palm bumps the bulge in his jeans, the size of it making drool form in your mouth.
His hands are much faster in freeing himself from his pants. His cock bounces back once it’s free, slapping against his lower abdomen with a soft thud.
You wiggle in anticipation, the drool coming from the corner of your mouth ever so slightly. When you lift yourself on your knees, however, Satoru places a hand on your waist to stop you.
“Woah there, eager beaver. Let me put a condom on.” You nod, suddenly blushing again at just how badly you wanted him. He lets out an amused chuckle, reaching behind him to pull his wallet out.
“You just.. Carry one on you?” “No, not usually.. But a friend of mine slipped this one in my wallet yesterday as a joke. Seems he knows how to predict the future.” His eyes meet yours as he brings the wrapper to his mouth, tearing it open with his teeth.
As he rolls the condom on, he starts to turn a deep shade of pink. “I-I promise I’ll take my time with you when we’re home, okay?” “S-so.. there will be more?”
His hand grips your waist a bit tighter, pulling you so your dripping hole is just over his cock. “Baby, there will be so much more than this. I’ve been waiting so fucking long to have you..”
His free hand pulls your face to your, kissing you so tenderly that you almost start tearing up. You gasp in his mouth when you feel him push into you, the head alone making you squirm uncomfortably.
“I-It burns.. Shit..” “I know it does, baby. It’ll feel good in just a little bit.” You whimper, leaning closer to him as he pushes you farther down. He wipes the tears from your cheeks, kissing you more as you whine. “Shhh. Focus on daddy. Let him take the pain away.”
He groans loudly in your ear when he finally bottoms out. The way you squeeze him should be something only found in fantasy books. It’s like you were built just for him.
“I-fuuuck-I’m not moving yet.. Tell me when it doesn’t hurt.” He leans you up so he can unbutton the shirt you're wearing, purring at the sight in front of him. “You’re so beautiful.. Inside and out..”
His lips press gently against your collarbone, making you squeeze around him. “God damn.. You ready baby? Want daddy to fuck you now?” He licks a small stripe along the base of your neck before gently biting down. The way you gyrate your hips makes him chuckle.
“Good girl. Now you be still and let daddy do his job.”
He lets you lift yourself up, but he pulls you back down onto him slowly, watching carefully for any pain in your face. Your eyes roll back, completely blissed out already. He moans at the sight of you losing yourself because of him.
“That’s it baby.. Show daddy how good you feel..” His pace picks up, now lifting you and slamming you down as if you weigh nothing in his arms.
Your whines turn into loud moans, which only get louder with each thrust. When he takes a hand to start playing with your neglected clit, you start to babble out his name, begging for your release.
“I- oh my fucking- daddy I-I’m gonna.. Wanna c-cum p-please?” His middle and index fingers pinch your clit, rolling it around slowly as you finally start to unravel. “Cum for me then, baby. Be daddy’s good little girl and cum all over his lap.”
His words push you over the edge. Stars twinkle in your vision, making you flop into his strong body. He lets out a low growl as you spasm around him, just begging for him to find his own release.
“Hold on baby, daddy’s gonna get a bit meaner for a minute.” He reaches down to lean his seat back before both of his arms wrap around your body, hugging you tightly against him. Before you can ask what he’s doing, he starts fucking you from underneathe, driving the tip of his cock into your cervix at a brusing pace.
Your nails dig into his chest as you pretty much scream his name, thankful that the car is parked in a pretty secluded spot.
You turn your head to his, capturing him in a hungry kiss that’s almost all teeth and tongues. When he breaks it, he lets out a low moan.
“S-so fucking good for me.. Fuck I love you.. So fucking much, baby girl..” Your eyes widen art his words, but he only smirks, still rutting into you.
“I-I love you too d-daddy..”
“Oh shit.. I’m gonna cum b- fuck!” He lays his head back on the seat, groaning out your name as he releases into the condom. You softly moan at the feeling of his cock pulsing inside of you.
When you flop on his chest again, he chuckles, running a gentle hand over your back to soothe your tired body. “Are you okay, baby girl?” “B-better than okay.. I’m so sleepy..”
“How about we go home, I run you a nice bath, and we snuggle until I have to get your mom?” “Sato.. did you mean what you said?”
He blinks in confusion before blushing profusely. “Yeah.. I did. I truly love you, Y/N. Is it too much?”
When you shake your head no, he feels his heart flutter in his chest.
“I love you too, Sato. I mean it.” “Well, what better way to celebrate than a warm bath and cuddles? “You really just want to cuddle, don’t you?” He winks playfully, gently helping you off his lap.
The two of you straighten your clothes out before he speaks again. “I’ll look into some apartments and start the divorce process. How does that sound?” “A-Are you serious?” he laughs loudly, leaning over to kiss your forehead.
“I am. You still wanna be my baby?” The way you throw yourself into his embrace gives him enough of an answer.
All that’s left to do is break the news to his soon to be ex wife.
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multi-maker · 2 days ago
requests are open, so i hope it's okay to drop by! may i request a uno reverse of kazuha and reader in The scene of inazuma's story quest, so that the reader protects traveler! kazuha from baal's strike? thank you in advance!
those who brave the lightning’s glow.
summary. you’ve already lost a friend once. and you refuse to lose another again.
pairings. traveler! kazuha x wandering ronin! reader
notes. i … i’m in love with this request so i apologize if i went overboard (or am i—) !!!
Tumblr media
when you first heard of the traveler, he was known to have saved mondstadt and liyue. to calm the dragon of the east, defeat the eleventh harbinger in battle and subsequently beat the ancient god, osial, his name was known even for those feats alone.
kaedahara kazuha.
you were curious of him — if he can awaken the masterless vision that you keep safe in your pocket. he’s an enigma, possessing numerous elements and the ability to call forth the stars. though you were disappointed he was not able to awaken the vision, his presence was welcome. he was nice and soft spoken, a certain kind of tenacity hidden underneath sweetened words.
you’ve grown close with the traveler, to the point where it is his presence you seek when the thunderstorms plaguing inazuma is far too much. you miss the sunny days, when the electro archon wasn’t so closed off to her people.
much like you, kazuha was a wanderer. even with the floating pixie, ( paimon, your mind supplied. ) he was always found in different parts of the city. helping others, solving problems, and even partaking in dangerous quests like quelling the tatarasuna problem or fixing the shrines meant to calm the slain god.
kazuha has gone off with yae miko to stop the electro archon but then the resistance heard that a certain harbinger has come to inazuma as well. it was enough to spark worry within you and alongside the general, all of you headed to the palace where the shogun resided.
footsteps echoed in the thundering sky as you swiftly ran to the residence of the raiden shogun. worry clouded both heart and mind as you fervently wished that you weren’t late — that you won’t lose another precious comrade.
you feel him before you see him.
with your anemo vision and someone who grew up in nature, your affinity with the environment and the wind is greater than most. you feel kazuha’s troubled feelings, an ever present storm raging in his heart.
you almost stumble when he comes into view. there are burns and scratches littering his clothes, shoulders slumped and maple eyes dark and tired.
he looks like someone whose been living for thousands of years, instead of his young age.
(but he’s no mortal, is he? the wind whispers.)
kazuha meets your eyes, and a tired yet relieved smile graces his lips. paimon waves at you with her small hands, her galaxy eyes twinkling.
and then lightning strikes.
everything turns to static as the air behind kazuha is ripped open. the raiden shogun’s glowing eyes seems to resemble the thunderstorms caging inazuma. her weapon is crackling with electro, swiping for kazuha’s unguarded neck.
he can’t dodge — the outlander cannot dodge with his fatigue and surprise. the horror in his maple eyes is evident, movements a touch second late to reach for his sword.
you are taken back a year ago when your dear friend fell to the same fate. too slow, too weak to save them. you were regarded as one of inazuma’s strongest yet faced with divinity you are powerless like the people who does not wield a vision. you could only watch as your friend fell with blood seeping into their clothes, electro vision sailing through the air. with nothing left to do, you grabbed their vision and fled.
their last words ring in your ears.
“there will always be those,”
the dormant vision resting besides your own glows.
“who will brave the lightning’s glow.”
they were a symbol of heroism and hope. that you can stand against the raiden shogun — to give hope to the inazuman’s whose lost their will to fight. and now, kazuha was going to be like them.
you refuse to watch another friend die.
there is nothing and everything at the same time. the whistle of the wind, the strike of lightning. you hear your own blood pump loudly as your sword glows with power given to you by the anemo archon and your movements is electrified.
there is a boost of electro that helps you reach kazuha in time. the lightning that accompanies you makes tenshukaku glow, a trail of dust and smoke following your form. the awakened power of electro within you makes the raiden shogun falter in surprise, her electric eyes gleaming in an emotion you couldn’t decipher.
you push against her, summoning every power you held within you. if you focused, you could almost sense your friend’s hand on top of your own, urging you to brave the lightning’s glow and save another.
your force makes the archon stumble — but her expression slides into one of fury and surprise. you barely held your sword in return to her powerful swing, sending you flying on the ground. gorou rushes to you, his ears twitching. but you could only focus on one thing.
the electro vision turns dull again.
you raise your head to meet kazuha’s maple ones. there is surprise and an emotion you cannot name. was he surprised you saved him? was he so used to helping others he didn’t expect you to help him.
your heart warms at the gratefulness in kazuha’s eyes, and you send a small smile back. to lose one to gain another — was this truly the ending of your story?
(when everything is over and the outlander is safe, you will realize that the emotion in kazuha’s maple eyes is love.)
(for you were a wandering ronin — who found home and love in an outlander blessed by the stars.)
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foryeager · 2 days ago
say my name, jean
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
modern!jean x fem reader
cw: mild implications of jean being a fucking whore, don’t let the photo deceive you. [jean is a whore for you in this, alr?], f. masterbation, f. dom/m. sub, use of mistress, some mild degrading. major switch!jean. let me know if i miss anything.
tagging: @kazutoraloml
minors do not interact, you know the drill
Tumblr media
this was a sight that was so rare to you. you had just come home from work, tired and slightly sore from standing and walking all day. your hair was in a loose bun, strands falling everywhere. you set your purse down on the kitchen counter, walk around the counter to the connecting living room and see jean. he’s not doing anything too serious, just kneeling in nothing but a short skirt on the floor. the look in his eyes was one you’d only seen just once. your eyes drop down to his thighs, residue of dried cum all over them, even some on the fabric of the skirt. his hands are resting on his hot thighs, head tilted up. he can feel his cheeks light up at the sight of you peering down at his hard cock that you can see the tip of, peeking out from beneath the skirt.
‘how long have you been sitting here like this baby?’ you ask him, smirking at the way his eyes perk up at the sound of your voice. ‘mm, an hour y/n- i-i’m sorry i couldn’t wait for you to get home.’
he watched intently as you walked closer to him, stopping when you were just a couple inches away. he could smell your sweet perfume that you spritz on yourself before work, he knew it well. you can see him gulp and look up at you through hooded eyelids. not having it, you grab a fistful of his hair, bending down slightly and bringing your face close to his, but not close enough. he felt your gaze on him, and you felt the way his shaky breaths hit your cheeks.
‘say my name properly jean. i know you can be a good boy for me. yeah?’ you smirk as he nods. and almost as an instinct, he moves his hands behind his back, clasping his hands together to let you take complete control of him.
sometimes it shocked you. you’ve been with jean for a few years now, and he rarely only ever got like this. you both had talked about things like this so many times, having told each other and discovering that you both are switches. but coming home and seeing him in a cum covered skirt? that was a treat.
‘m-mistress i’m sorry. y-yeah i can be a good boy for you, please baby please let me be good for you.’ his eyes perk up as he looks over your body, taking it upon himself to lift his hands and trail them up your thighs. you feel the way his hands shake, slightly clammy against your tight pants. ‘that’s your definition of being a good boy? by the way jean, i see that cum all over you. did you get yourself off today?’ you pout your bottom lip, putting on a facade that you feel pity for him.
he nods his head quickly and gives you a soft, open mouth smile. it’s cute you think. cute how he thinks he did good. but again, you weren’t having it. you kicked his hands off you and take a few steps backwards. he watches you and his face falls. but he maintains his posture in the middle of the living room floor, his hands back behind his back again. he watches you slowly take off your pants, pulling them achingly slow down your legs, then kicking them off in his direction. watching your every fucking move as you sit back on the pleather couch, opening your legs and immediately shoving two fingers in your cunt. he deserves this, you thought.
‘oh fuck.. p-please mistress. holy fuck lookatthosefinge-’ you give him a look of warning, a look of don’t speak, just watch. he shuts his mouth and pulls the skirt up his thighs a bit more, letting you get a view of his achingly hard cock, with a deep red/purple tip. you moan as you slip one finger down to toy with your clit, feeling a knot begin to form in the pit of your tummy. the sight alone, jean kneeling there, not touching his cock and wearing that fucking skirt.. your fucking skirt.. was enough to make you cum. you moan out his name, watching his cock bounce against his thigh. ‘y-you weren’t being a very good boy today were you jean? i see all that c-cum. you used that toy didn’t you? pretended it was me?’ you quickened your fingers, feeling your high get deathly close. he groaned at the lewd sound of your fingers sloshing in and out of your wet cunt. ‘i did mistress. i’m sorry. it just felt so good- i- i couldn’t stop. i thought of you when i was jerking myself baby. p-fuck. please can i eat you out baby, f-uck my cock is aching.’
you smiled and nodded your head, giving him the go ahead, he thought. as he was crawling over to you, you watched as precum leaked from the slit, leaving little dots on the hem of the skirt. however, just before he reaches you, you place your foot against his forehead, stopping him in his tracks. he lets out a desperate whine and tries to lift a hand to touch you. ‘hands of mister. sit there, mouth open, a-alright baby?’ you moan, throwing your head back at the final sight of him. he kneeled there, hands in his lap surrounding his painful, aching hard dick. he hasn’t had one lick of attention, it’s kind of giving you an idea of a reward for him. as you throw your head back, you feel yourself clenching around your two small fingers, pushing up against the upper wall and feeling yourself gush. he watches as you squirt all over your hand and the couch. he is quick to move from where he is seated and he uses his tongue to lick you up. you didn’t even care at this point that he didn’t listen to you, but the feeling of his hot tongue against your sensitive clit took you by surprise.
‘that’s it baby, come down for me. come down baby. oh fuck, that was hot as shit princess. but look at this cock? looks like it can slip right in huh?’
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zabiume · a day ago
So, I noticed there aren’t many fics set in the little time period post-TYBW where Ichigo&co stay at the Shiba house, probably because normal fic writers are normal and do not obsess over that one tiny paragraph in CFYOW that talked about Ichigo and Orihime living together, but yeah. Set right after the war, and is canon until ch. 684 (until Yhwach’s ‘defeat’) after which it veers off course and into fluffy fanfic territory!
Written for @chickoochote, as a part of the IchiHime Fandom Exchange, and obviously thank you to @ichihimeisfuckingcanon for organizing! Hope you like it! :D
Read on AO3 | Read on
Death is everywhere.
Orihime feels the dull weight of it press onto her bones, draining the very life out of her. She’s bleeding in more places than one — after all, not even Rukia’s kido can work on wounds as fast-opening as hers— but she holds herself on her better ankle anyway. She feels it spiritually, rather than physically, the way her very energy is drawn in a dozen different directions at once, nowhere near enough to seep life back where it was lost.
And so there’s death. Opposite. Contrary.
The air twists. Suddenly, there’s a flash and Ichigo is there, right behind Renji and utterly battered. Orihime can’t remember what she says, whether the gust of relief she let out was an ‘Oh God’ or ‘you’re okay’ or even something coherent at all.
Thankfully, Rukia beats her to it.
“Ichigo,” she says, forthright and sharp, “Is he—”
“Yeah.” He sounds bone-tired and it hurts so much to see him standing there, tattered and exhausted. Somewhere along the horizon, the sun starts to dip and it turns his eyes to embers as they look past everything to meet hers. “I think we got him.”
Relief tastes bitter in the silence that follows.
Ichigo would say in earnest that they never tried to make a habit of it. It’s just something that happened. They’d been designated to the Shiba house at the time, a modest little place with narrow corridors that snaked up and down the house. The first night, it hadn’t even been intentional. It was just... something that happened. Forty-eight hours after fighting—and winning—a war, he could’ve honestly chalked it all up to a fever dream.
In the wake of the war, all the splintered parts of his life start to slowly piece themselves together. Him and Inoue are accounted for, and the last he heard, Uryu went back home with his dad.
“It’s the smarter thing to do,” Isshin says, when he senses Ichigo’s frustration at not being able to chew the nerd out for putting them through all that shit and then fucking off. “He’s safer in neutral territory, once they start combing out the grounds for survivors.”
Ichigo’s stomach twists enough to give him pause, and when he glances over his shoulder, it’s almost a relief to see Inoue wince too. Uryu’s done a lot of stupid shit, but they can always do the chewing out part of this later, he reckons. Inoue smiles like she agrees.
Rukia and Renji are okay, too, he learns. Chad manages to send a hell butterfly— “Ichigo, I’m okay” — and that’s about as much relief as he can expect from all camps there. Isshin pats both their heads goodnight and leaves, leaving him and Inoue in the hallway alone.
Inoue nudges past him to his own room.
“Inoue,” he calls out, “What—”
She turns, and his words die in his throat when she fixes him with a look that makes his skin warm and his spine shiver. She’s long changed out of her tattered clothes and into the cargo shorts she arrived in, but no amount of clothing can change the way blood dries at her forehead, hair matted with sweat, hands curled into fists at her side. Hands with jagged fingernails that were rough with dirt, rough with bruises from when she’d fallen to the ground and Yhwach had sneered like he knew.
“I’m going to heal you,” she says softly, but firmly.
A protest blooms at the tip of his tongue like a firecracker, almost in an instant. “You don’t have to—”
“Kurosaki-kun,” she interrupts, her eyes full of determination, but soft with understanding just the same. “I’m going to heal you.”
So he nods, rather numbly. Maybe he hadn’t realized it before but he realizes it now, how important it is for her to make sure he’s far behind the brink of death and not on the very edge of it, like he had once been. Like she had once seen him. She made a promise to herself — just as he did— and so it’s okay. He watches her nitpick around the room, fussing with the futon they laid out for him as he slings his zanpakuto over its shelf.
It probably should have occurred to him then that none of this domesticity was normal for them, that he should have done what was proper and seen her to her room at the first given opportunity, but he’d been so tired and she was there, dome full of warmth and security right above him, effectively blurring the rigid lines he’d unconsciously built for this situation in the first place.
“Thanks,” he mutters.
“There’s no need for that,” she replies sweetly, and a warm shudder ripples through her shield like she’s trying to pass on some of that comfort to him. His eyes flicker to where she's sitting, kneeling with her feet tucked under her thighs, and he feels the sudden urge to cry.
“Stop,” he rasps, almost halfway getting up, only to run into the obstruction of the shield. “Inoue—I can’t.”
Can’t breathe. Can’t think. The air is still so thick with Yhwach’s spiritual energy, and to think that there’s a future out there where they didn’t make it—where everything had crumbled to’s enough to make him want to throw up with reflux.
“Can’t what?” Inoue asks, confused. She tilts her head until they are eye to eye through the translucence of her shield. “Kurosaki-kun?”
“I can’t do this,” he says, wiping off the excess sweat from his mouth with his sleeve. He feels sick with dread, and the last thing she needed was to see him like this. “You—you should go. Get some rest.” He makes to get up again, but her shield is still intact. He doesn’t meet her eyes, but he grits out a soft, “Inoue.”
Her hand hesitantly swims through her shield and curls around his wrist, pushing it down gently to his side. It’s a ‘no,’ even though she didn’t say anything.
“It’s okay,” she whispers, but it isn’t and she must know that or she wouldn’t insist on staying. “Please. Just let me heal you, okay?”
He does. He watches from the corner of his eye, how her shoulders curled in on themselves, and the way her threadbare hoodie hugs her a size too small, like all the warmth in the world has composited itself in her. It’s a ridiculous amount for a single person to emit, and sometimes it used to hurt to look at her but it doesn’t anymore and he doesn’t know what that means except for that this is Inoue and, really, there has never been anyone as warm as Inoue. Eventually, she meets his eyes and smiles and he thinks, later, that that’s the last thing he sees before he drifts asleep right there—underneath her dome.
If that means anything at all.
The next time he wakes up, it takes a minute for him to realize where he is— to realize she’s fallen asleep too, her head curled into her body like a question mark beside his shoulder. Her shield has long dissipated back into her pins, leaving the room devoid of the thrumming that sent him to sleep in the first place. And Inoue — he gulps.
They aren’t touching — he realizes with immediate relief — but the whisper of heat from her body is close enough for him to realize this is far too inappropriate, and his heart thunders with a roar at the realization.
“Inoue,” he whispers, tactless, as he prods her shoulder sharply. “Wake up.”
She murmurs, rolling her shoulder away from his fingers. He prods again, his body slowly jolting alert when he realizes the predicament they’re in. The fact that his family is prone to pairing their wake-up calls with theatrics does not help and neither does the fact that his dad now shares a roof with his...Ganju.
The mental image is not satisfying.
“Wahh, Kurosaki-kun, I’m so tired,” she mumbles sleepily, swatting his prodding hand away with an aim that’s quite off its mark. His hand hangs suspended in its mission and his face softens. Well. There’s that, too. His face fills with heat, but it all shrinks into his cheeks when he notices the pale rings beneath her eyes, the tired way her hand loosely curls into the floorboard below. He shifts around and throws the comforter over her body until it covers her more than it does him.
Then, he rolls over and tries not to think about the warmth of her breath on the back of his neck.
(Inoue doesn’t wake up beside him in the morning and the only indication that it even happened at all is the faint blush on her cheeks when he smiles at her during breakfast).
They end up in his room again, somehow. He and Chad had eaten dinner here, and she’d stopped by to see them after a long day of helping the Fourth. This time, she’s wide awake but looks so tired that he doesn’t really say anything when Chad leaves but she stays behind. Doesn’t say anything when Kukaku blows out the lights outside and drowns them in a quiet darkness either. Her silhouette glows faintly against the moonlight that filters in and Ichigo isn’t surprised at all that there is not a single sharp edge in her body.
Still, even so. There are boundaries here and he respects her greatly, so when she begins to stretch and yawn like a cat before flopping right onto the floor beside him, his heart leaps to his throat.
“Inoue—” he begins, sweating nervously. “What are we doing?’
She rolls on her belly, resting her cheek flush against the floor. “We’re sleeping,” she says, matter-of-factly. “Is that okay, Kurosaki-kun?”
His chest heaves because yeah, it’s okay that they’re sleeping but they’re also sleeping together, which is not something he’s ever done with anyone before. Hell, even Rukia, during the old days, was stuffed into the closet and pretty much nonexistent until she decided to read her shoujo out loud at like, three in the morning. This—it’s different.
His eyes cross over to where she is, and to his surprise, her eyes are open. Tired as she is, it’s like she’s waiting for his green signal before deciding whether she wants to sleep here or not. This in itself does things to his stomach, the matter of being given a choice in things often quite foreign to him, but he doesn’t dwell on it too much. Just shifts in his futon until he’s at the very edge, leaving at least four feet of space beside him.
It is a large futon.
“Not gonna leave you on the floor,” he grumbles, because he knows she’s watching his back curiously, brows furrowed like she’s trying to figure him out. She’s probably not going to have a lot of luck; he doesn’t understand himself sometimes, right now being one of them.
She hesitates before she slides in and his heartbeat is a hummingbird’s wing against his chest, faint and fluttery.
“Thank you,” she murmurs, and his breath evens out despite itself.
Inoue makes sure to stick to her end, a vast gulf of space between them. Logically, they probably don’t have to spread this wide apart, but it brings comfort to his mind that he’s not going to do anything accidentally inappropriate if he’s this far away from her. He — there are boundaries here, even if they’re vastly disappearing between the susurrus of his sighs and hers.
“Kurosaki-kun,” she says softly, “I’m glad we’re okay.”
“Yeah.” He swallows. “Me too.”
“Do you think he’ll be back?”
Ichigo doesn’t want to think, so he clenches his fist in the sheets. Somewhere behind him, he can feel her shifting and the movement itself is familiar, a whisper of a reminder that he isn't alone.
“If he does, we’ll be ready,” he says eventually, after a long beat of silence, surprised he means it. The ‘ready’ part, but also the ‘we’ part, if he’s being honest with himself.
“You’re right,” she says, and he can hear the smile in her voice. It’s taken a while for them to get here, to get to a point where he’s willing to swallow back his fear and take her with him where he goes. And he knows it makes her happy, even if he sometimes loses sleep over all the possibilities that would have panned out if either one of them hadn’t made it.
"Kurosaki-kun," she says again.
"What do you think would happen if the world ended right now? At this very moment?"
We'd be sleeping. Together, he thinks.
"We'd die," he says instead.
She huffs. "That's such a boring answer."
He grins. "Inoue."
"Go to sleep."
"Aye Aye, Captain Kurosaki!"
Ichigo snorts, and he can't see her but he hears the pillow ruffle and he knows she's saluting his back. The words leave his mouth before he can think them through. "Please. Call me Ichigo, Captain Kurosaki was my father."
She giggles, and it's the closest they come to admitting that they've been through a war together, but still cannot bring themselves to call the other's given name. He's used to it, is the thing—used to this place he's given himself behind boundaries. He doesn't know who he'd be without it. But here, where the walls come down and Orihime's honey-sweet scent wafts across the room, he wonders if that would really be a bad thing.
Eventually, Ichigo falls asleep, his dreams taking him back to destroyed columns of the Royal Realm. It's cold and there's the weight of everyone's hopes on his shoulders as he wades through the mist. He can feel Renji beside him, the decisive sounds of their footsteps echoing as they march forward. It's perpetual motion, this fight, and it keeps him moving and moving until there's an opening—some kind of loophole he can exploit so they can all go home.
"Ichigo," Renji is saying, but there's a low thrumming sound that starts to fill his ears and he has to strain to listen.
Ichigo, Ichigo, Ichigo.
His heart thunders, trying to claw its way out to whoever's calling his name. He grabs at nothing, tries to decipher who it is.
Ichigo, Ichigo, Ichigo— the staccato grows and it chants his name until the footsteps, their heavy breathing, the whistle of the wind, all turn to the repeated choruses of his name.
saveus, it howls. helphelphelp.
He snaps his eyes open sharply, unsurprised to find his cheeks warm and wet with tears. Inoue's hand is on his face, even though his back is to her, and if he was half-alright, he would have been embarrassed. Right now, however, her sloppy thumb rubbing his ear anchors him to the moment. Her hand drags down from his face to his neck before curling into a fist at his back — a slow chain reaction that blooms warmth under her clumsy touch and has him chanting the time's tables in his head.
This—this isn't something they do, and he's aware of that, but it distracts him enough from his nightmare, so he focuses on his 'eight times three equals twenty-four' and not how nice it feels to be burrowed by Inoue's soft body.
And, by virtue of thinking about something by trying hard not to think about it, he sometimes thinks about that too.
It doesn't happen every night — which is mostly how he justifies it to himself — and they almost never touch. Or at least, he never touches her. Inoue is an unconscious sleeper, and the times they do sleep together, he sometimes wakes up with her hair in his mouth or her hard head jabbing his kidneys. How she manages to get there is beyond him, but she does, and it sometimes wakes him up from whatever nightmare—memory—he's stuck in.
Once, he wakes up before she manages to slip out of his room, and he watches as her hair forms little whorls where they fan out, her pink mouth puffing deep breaths as she snores. He watches how her eyelashes feather the tops of her cheeks and how her small hands always form fists and wonders why his heart feel bruised and healed at the same time. There’s an answer there, somewhere, but he’s too tired and too burnt-out to go looking for it when he could stay right here and look at her instead.
And sneaking out—that has to be the worst part, because no one knows about this, and that alone makes it feel wrong in the morning when it had felt so right only the night before. Chad asks him one day, when they're out picking seeds for Ganju's boars, if anything has changed between him and Inoue.
"What do you mean?" Ichigo asks, ears pink and guilty.
"Just," Chad says vaguely, "if there's anything you want to talk about."
He thinks he wants to talk about how sometimes, he's so afraid that he wants to push her away, but sometimes he's so terrified that he wants to hold her closer, and neither of these feelings are comforting or disconcerting; they're just...there. He doesn't know what they mean or what to make of them.
But he never tells, and so Chad never asks again.
Eventually, he allows himself the acknowledgement that some nights, it brings him comfort. Most nights, if he’s being honest. All nights, if he admits to himself that he likes waking up to her—even if she’s never around when he really wakes up, or that they never really talk about it during the day. There’s something so comfortingly innocent about it, and he knows it’ll never stay that way if anyone else even catches a whisper of it. Inoue both blazes and soothes something inside of him, and he’s afraid of getting used to it — like the acknowledgement alone will snatch her away from him.
For now, he lets himself have this one thing without putting up a fight, and when he meets her at the branch of corridor between his room and hers that night, he braves himself to ask, “Ready for bed?”
She smiles.
Later, when he’s between the liminal brink of a dream and a nightmare, he feels her snake her arms around his abdomen, forehead pressed to the back of his neck, one small hand resting over his heart. He releases a contented sigh and shifts his own hand to keep it there.
It’s safe, he thinks.
He trusts her enough to protect it.
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peaceisadirtyword · 2 days ago
Back To You II (Modern!Ivar/Reader)
A/N: Hello!♥️ As promised, here it is the second chapter of Back To You🥰 thank you so much for all the nice messages and comments on the first part! I will try to post the third next week👀 Thanks for reading!
Also, I’d like to apologize for not being active on here that much :( I’m not going through a good time now and I feel bad whenever I come here to complain😂 I will try to interact a bit more with y’all okay?💞 Thank you!
Warnings: angst (?), heartbreak, fluff (or something similar)... I hope it’s not too boring!
Words: 4737 
Back To You Masterlist
Tumblr media
gif belongs to @therealcalicali
Iceland was cold, even if autumn was just starting. The sky was grey and it had rained a bit as you traveled from the airport to the hotel. John and you were staying in a suite in what was probably the most expensive hotel in the city. Your eyes had widened when you saw it, still not very used to those fancy things. You had tried to convince him to stay in one of those little cottages outside the city, next to the sea, but he wasn't too convinced. He said he preferred a real building with heating and a buffet, and then laughed. 
But you were decided to explore a bit, even if it was by yourself. Fortunately, you remembered many things about Reykjavik and how to get to some of the most important places in the island by bus, so it didn't bother you too much to stay in the city centre. 
Of course, the suite John booked had amazing sights; from the king sized bed you could see the sea, and the bathroom had a bathtub from which you could see the entire city. It was impressive, but you still preferred the cottage. 
"I specifically asked for this" John led you excited through the suite, to a small room with huge windows in which you found a telescope, and you couldn't help but smile. When you were preparing the trip, you said that one of the best things to do in Iceland is to look at the sky at night, which was one of the main reasons you preferred the cottage. But even if you knew it would be hard to see anything with that telescope being surrounded by buildings and city lights, you still thanked him with a small kiss and an excited giggle. 
"It's really nice" you nodded, looking around the huge suite and caressing softly the comfy duvet on the bed "I just hope you won't leave me all alone in here for too long" you pouted, and John's smile faded slowly. 
"About that..." he cleared his throat "Well, the investors still have some doubts, apparently, they put a lot of money in a similar project in Norway and it failed, they had to close it not even two months after opening, and they're pulling back now... So I need to show them that Iceland is a good place to invest in, a place that people want to visit"
"And..." you sighed "You will leave me here"
You tried to hide your disappointment, if you had traveled all the way to Iceland was to work on your relationship, not to stay in an hotel room all alone having long baths and watching Netflix on a big screen. 
"No, hey, listen to me" John cupped your face softly "I will spend as much time with you as I can, starting now... Tomorrow morning I have the first meeting, but in the evening I will take you to an amazing restaurant next to the sea, okay? For tonight, we could relax and have a bath before ordering dinner and then eat it watching a movie, what do you think?"
You couldn't help but smile again. Even if you'd like to go out that same night, wander around the city and eat some food from the street stalls near the harbor, you understood John was tired and needed to relax before the big first meeting, so you nodded and kissed him softly. 
"Sounds nice"
John prepared the bath. When you finally entered the bathroom, you gasped; there was a low light that illuminated the room giving it a warm tone, it smelled really good and he even lighted some candles and put rose petals on the water. A slow music sounded from hidden speakers and there was wine next to the bathtub, with two glasses ready. 
"I must admit, I kind of... Asked for many things" he chuckled nervously "But I wanted you to be comfortable here, and to realize that I will take care of you like this for the rest of my life, if you let me" he muttered, hugging your waist from behind "I love you, Y/N" 
You took a deep breath, feeling like those thoughts you had been avoiding since he proposed to you in Paris came back stronger than ever. Everything was perfect, but not enough. It was tiring and heartbreaking to see John working so hard to make you happy but not enjoying it, knowing that Ivar could make you feel many more things with a small smile than John with such a deep love gesture. 
Ivar, his name resonated in your head again. You had been thinking more and more about him since you started preparing the trip, but tried your best to keep him away since you arrived. It was already overwhelming being there without thinking of him.
Before you could stop yourself, a couple of tears rolled down your cheeks. Ivar would have booked the cottage. He would have changed the room service for a homemade meal, probably following his mother or Helga's recipe, he would have taken you to the sea instead of filling a bathtub, and would have played the playlist the both of you had on Spotify with your favorite songs. 
But Ivar wasn't there, he chose not to be, as you chose to move on and say yes when John kneeled before you. John wasn't Ivar, and he was trying his best to make you happy. 
"Honey, are you okay?" John sounded startled when he noticed the wetness on your cheeks "Do you need anything? Is something wrong?" 
"No, no, I'm fine" you shook your head, sniffing "I'm okay, it's just... This is lovely, John, thank you" you turned to look at him, caressing his face softly. He nodded slowly, his eyes scanned your face looking for any signs of discomfort, but you only wished he wouldn't realize how hopeless and desperate you felt in that moment. 
"I know he hurt you" John said in a whisper as he hugged you tightly. You nearly jumped when he mentioned him. Even if John never knew Ivar's name, he definitely knew about him "I know he made you feel like you weren't good enough and you believed you didn't deserve to be loved, but you do, Y/N, you're the most amazing person I've ever met, and every day I just feel more and more lucky to have you, I will never hurt you" he muttered. 
"I know, I'm..." you bit your lip. You knew John was good, you knew he loved you, it was the guilt which made you tear up again and hide your face on his neck "I love you too" 
You could nearly feel the smile on his face when you said it, but you couldn't smile back this time. It felt wrong, almost like cheating, to be standing there with him, to have a bath and sleep with him in Iceland, a place where you had fallen in love a thousand times with another person. 
It was cloudy, but the light that entered the room was bright enough to wake you up early. John had already left, but you found an 'I love you' note on the bedside table that made you smile. After getting dressed -and standing next to the open window for half an hour trying to decide just how cold it was-, you left the hotel. You politely declined the breakfast they offered and instead went directly to a small cafeteria to buy a coffee and a cinnamon bun. It was one of your favorite things, and something you had missed in London; of course there were places in which you could eat cinnamon buns, but there was something about the way the nordic people made them. You still remembered how good were the ones Helga used to bake when you visited her and Floki. 
The thought made you remember something. As soon as you finished your breakfast, you thanked the waitress with the weak Icelandic you had learnt back when you used to spend way more time in there and left, walking directly to the main street. 
Laugavegur wasn't as fancy and huge as Oxford Street, in fact, there weren't too many places in Reykjavik that could be compared to London, but you enjoyed both of them anyway. It was exciting to wander around the big streets in London, but also relaxing to walk around the quieter Reykjavik. You recognized most of the spots in the city centre, but were looking for one in particular, which made you smile brightly when you spotted it. 
Helga's little shop was in the same spot you remembered, almost going unnoticed next to the restaurants and fancy clothing stores. Jötunheim was her favorite place; in there, she'd sell some of Floki's wood carvings, books about Norse Mythology, jewelry she made herself with gemstones, runes... Everything that screamed Helga and Floki. You were there when she opened it and even if she sold different things, she always was successful with it. 
You had thought a lot about her when you were preparing the trip to Iceland. She always was like a mother to you, always nice and sweet and attentive; she kept the contact with you when you left for London, and called you a couple of times. But with time you stopped talking. It was normal, you supposed, she was only like that because you were with Ivar, whom she had raised like he was her own child. Visiting her and Floki at their house would be too much; besides, that house had too many memories. But casually walking down her shop and entering to say hello didn't sound as uncomfortable. Maybe you could invite her for lunch and catch up. It was also a part of your old life, the one you missed so much sometimes. 
You approached the shop slowly, almost turning around a couple of times, but finally reached the door, and it was almost like there was something pulling you inside. You smiled softly, it was almost as if the Gods were pushing you to enter the local, and had to take a deep breath before opening the door. You just hoped there wasn't anyone inside in case you had a breakdown. 
The smell was so familiar it almost made you tear up. It smelled of wood, salt and herbs, the same things you could smell in Floki's house. You allowed yourself to smile excitedly when you looked around. The shop had changed a bit since you last visited it, but it was still the same shop you knew, with the same products. When you closed the door, the small bell that hang from the ceiling sounded again, and you heard some steps. Steps you would have recognized if you hadn't been so mesmerized looking at the books on the shelf next to the entrance. 
"Hello, can I help...?" the voice, you recognized it immediately. You froze, and felt like your soul left your body as soon as you heard it. It couldn't be true, surely you were just dreaming or... "Y/N?"
When you finally turned around, you finally saw those blue eyes that haunted you for years. It was almost unreal. 
To say his name out loud again was even more shocking. You always knew you would meet him again, it was almost fated, but you never thought it would be like this, in Iceland, when you were on a trip with your fiancé. 
At least he looked as surprised as you. 
"What are you doing here?" 
He sounded almost defensive, almost like you were attacking him by coming by Helga's shop, almost like you were the one he was trying to get over. 
"I could ask you the same" you muttered, still too shocked to even feel anything "I thought you were around Eastern Europe or somewhere..."
"I thought you were in London" he gulped. The main reason Ivar had avoided England when he left Russia was you, and now there you were; in fucking Iceland, all alone, in front of him. 
You didn't reply, instead you shook your head and rubbed your eyes, kind of hoping he would disappear when you opened them again. 
But he didn't, he was still there, leaning on his crutch and looking at you with a shocked expression that probably mimicked yours. His hair was longer, that was the first thing you noticed, and different. He didn't have the intricate braids he used to wear, but instead he just held it on a ponytail, with a couple of small braids at the end but with the same undercut. His face had changed, too, and you nearly frowned when you noticed the deep scar on his face, one that went from his cheek to his lips, next to the other one you knew so well. But his eyes were also different; they still were deep blue, you could still drown in them if you let yourself, but they were different, in some way. 
"I'm sorry" you finally stopped staring, feeling your heart beating so fast that you were afraid he'd hear it "I was nearby and I thought I'd drop by to say hello to Helga, I didn't know you were here"
If I had known, I wouldn't have come, Ivar finished the sentence for you in his head, and it made him equally sad and angry to know it was probably what you were thinking. A part of him wanted nothing more than go and kiss you, hug you and whisper how much he had missed you, the other part was too afraid and would have preferred you left. But you would still be in Iceland, like him. 
Your hair was different, he noticed it too soon, you were different; your clothes were different, your eyes were different... But when he looked into them he saw you. It was still you, his Y/N. 
"Helga is in the back room" he cleared his throat "I can call her, if you want me to" 
"No, it's fine" you hurried to the door again, too eager to leave that place "I will..." you didn't finish when you turned around, but Ivar reached to grab your wrist softly. You nearly jumped. 
"No, please, I..." he sighed "I'm sorry, you're welcome to stay, I just didn't expect you to be here and I..." he stopped touching you as soon as you turned to face him again "How are you?"
You blinked a couple of times, confused, before answering.
"I... Am doing well, I think" you tried to smile, but it ended up more like a grimace "What about you?"
Ivar shrugged, looking everywhere but at you. 
"I've been better but... Can't complain" 
There were some seconds of silence that had the both of you nearly tearing up. 
"You didn't text me back" Ivar finally broke the silence, startling you. At first you didn't know what he was talking about, but as soon as you remembered, you parted your lips in shock. 
"I... Didn't know what to say, Ivar" you muttered.
You could have said the truth, he thought. He still remembered and regretted that text, one night when he came back to his flat, drunk after nearly having sex with a girl Oleg had sent for him. A part of him was convinced you missed him as much as he did. If you said the words, he'd take a plane immediately to go and see you in London, but you never did. Instead, he got silence.
"How was London?" he asked softly. You frowned, this time truly confused. Since when Ivar was so... Like this?
"Good I... I finished my studies and now I work on a bookshop" you shrugged "You know, figuring things out" 
Ivar couldn't help but smile. His first genuine smile. It nearly made you smile back. He could picture you working on a bookshop, and it warmed his heart. 
"Do you live here now?" you asked before you could stop yourself. Ivar's smile faded, and he ran a hand through his hair before nodding slowly. 
"I suppose I do, I arrived a few weeks ago... We're living in Floki and Helga's, I help her with the shop sometimes"
You nodded, too afraid to ask who were we. 
"With we" he seemed to read your thoughts, as always "I mean Hvitserk and me" 
Your eyes lightened up, and Ivar couldn't help but feel a bit hurt when he saw your excitement to listen to his brother's name. 
"Hvitserk is here?" 
"Yes, he stayed with Floki today, they were going out to fish but I couldn't..." his hand patted his braces, and you pouted, looking at them. 
"Whom are you here with?" he asked, tilting his head. He was genuinely curious, but when you raised your hand to run it through your hair, he saw it. The ring on your finger. He almost felt sick when he thought of the possibility, but before you could answer, Helga came back, probably curious to hear him talking to someone. And her face lightened with surprise and excitement when she saw you. 
"Y/N!" she gasped, and then her lips curved in one of the biggest smiles you had ever seen. You couldn't help but smile back, relieved not to be alone with Ivar anymore. 
"Hi Helga" you said, somewhat shyly, as you approached her. The woman hugged you tightly, and you hugged her back. She was always so warm and had like a motherly vibe that no one could resist. 
"What are you doing here? Let me look at you" she cupped your face and caressed your hair "You look so beautiful, child, I'm so happy to see you! Ivar didn't tell me you'd come" she glared at the man that stood near the door, looking at his own feet with his jaw clenched. 
"He... Didn't know" you cleared your throat "I didn't know he'd be here either, we just..."
Helga's smile faltered, but shook her head and shrugged. 
"It's very nice of you to come by to say hello, though, I was afraid you forgot about us already"
"Oh, I wouldn't" you smiled softly. How could you forget that family that was your own for years? "But I happen to be in Reykjavik for a while, and... I thought about coming to say hi" 
Her face lightened up again. 
"You should come home for dinner one day!" she looked at Ivar, smiling excitedly, but didn't react even when he widened his eyes at her, startled "I know Floki and Ivar would love to have you there, and Hvitserk would want to see you too! And Freki will be so happy to have his favorite person back!" 
You smiled sadly thinking about the beautiful dog that had taken a liking to you when you had visited Iceland with Ivar. Back then he was still a pup, but both of you fell in love with each other. You still had some pictures of him on your phone. 
"Maybe I will, yes" you nodded, not very enthusiastic. You couldn't possibly go to their house to have dinner with Ivar there. And Hvitserk... He didn't contact you anymore, right? Why would he want to see you?
"I'm truly happy to see you again, Y/N" she sounded so sincere, it made your heart break "Things have not been the same since you left, and you must know, all of us missed you a lot" 
You nearly pouted, feeling your eyes fill with tears again. It was too overwhelming, and you really wanted to run away from the local and hide under the duvet of the hotel bed. 
"I'm happy to see you too, Helga" you managed to reply, biting your lower lip to prevent it from shaking uncontrollably "I..." you cleared your throat "I should go back, I suppose I'll see you around"
"Of course!" she nodded enthusiastically "Come by whenever you want, and we'll talk a bit more" 
You nodded and said goodbye with a small smile before turning around. A part of you wished Ivar had left, or that he had been just an illusion, the result of so many memories. But he was still there, standing and looking at you with a small pout. You didn't say anything, until he grabbed your arm again when you tried to go out. 
"Do you want me to go with you?" 
He didn't say why he wanted to go with you, nor seemed to care about Helga's presence behind you. You wanted to say no, as you didn't have anything to talk about with him anymore, you didn't want to talk about John or about Freydis, in fact, you wanted to leave that country forever. But at the same time... You had missed Ivar so much, always wondering what would be to see him again, to talk and catch up. He was still one of the most important people in your life. Perhaps he also moved on, maybe he also found someone, wouldn't that make things easier? The thought of Ivar with someone else made your stomach turn, but maybe that was the little push you needed to finally forget him.
"Okay" you muttered "Come with me"
"I was in Russia these years" he said quietly as the both of you walked down the street. There had been some minutes of silence "Had to get away from home when..."
You nodded. You knew that feeling. 
"How was it?" you asked, tilting your head.
"Different" he frowned "I worked there, for a while"
"Where did you work?" you sounded surprised, even if you actually weren't. Ivar was the smartest person you knew, had a university degree and could speak fluently multiple languages, but he always worked with his family, in the family business. A business you knew very little of, but could imagine what was it about. Ivar never said much to you, but you had seen and heard things. 
He raised an eyebrow, looking at you almost like he didn't believe you were asking that question. 
"Ivar" you gasped, narrowing your eyes "Were you involved with the Russian mafia? Are you crazy?" 
"It was nothing, Y/N" he rolled his eyes "I'm here, right? And I have very important friends there now, it was worth it" 
You sighed, shaking your head. Now you regretted asking. 
"You could have died" you glared at him. 
"It's nice to see you still care for me" he raised an eyebrow with a cocky expression. It shocked you to see such an Ivar expression and realize it was as infuriating as it had been two years ago. You rolled your eyes, ignoring the small smile on his face. He was more relaxed, he walked calmly and even if you still could see his eyes watching everyone that got a bit close to him, he didn't look as defensive as he was when you met him. Also... Was that an attempt of a joke? 
"How is Hvitserk?" you changed the topic. It was already too much to see him again, you didn't want to start talking about your possible feelings for him that same day. 
Ivar's smile faltered. Of course you'd ask about his brother. Their relationship was now better than ever, but he still couldn't forget that Hvitserk had slept with you. And that you had found comfort with his brother when he had broken your heart. 
"He's good, he lived with me in Russia, for a while" he shrugged "He went through a rough time though, didn't he tell you?" 
Ivar knew Hvitserk had been in contact with you and had even visited you, even if the two of them weren't talking when he did. Hvitserk tried not to mention your name in his presence, but he would have definitely said something if he knew you were in Iceland. 
You nearly pouted, Ivar frowned softly when you looked down and shrugged, like you always did when you were disappointed or thought you had upset someone. 
"We haven't talked for a while" you muttered. The fact that Hvitserk had distanced himself from you so much broke your heart over and over again.
Ivar didn't say anything. He didn't know what had happened between his brother and you, and he actually preferred not to know. 
"In any case, I'm sure he'd like to know you're here" he said. 
"I don't know" you shrugged, and sighed in relief when you saw the hotel in front of you "Well... This is me, thank you for coming with me" 
Ivar's eyes widened when he saw the hotel, and immediately looked at you almost like he couldn't believe you were actually staying in there. 
"Here?" he shook his head "Wow, they pay well in that bookshop" 
You opened your mouth to correct him, but for some reason you didn't want to brought up John's name just yet. 
"Anyway" you shrugged "It was good to see you, Ivar, take care" you smiled nervously. 
"Wait, Y/N" Ivar sighed "That ring..."
His eyes fixed on your hand, you nearly groaned when you realized you were wearing your engagement ring. And just when you were about to lie to him, knowing perfectly fine that he wouldn't buy it, you felt an arm around your shoulders and a familiar presence next to you. 
"Hello, my love" John's lips kissed your cheek softly, startling you. Turning your head to look at him, you widened your eyes in surprise. 
"Hi" you cleared your throat, trying to give him the most convincing smile you could produce "I thought you were on a meeting?" 
"Yes" he chuckled "But it ended much earlier and I thought I could come by and eat lunch with my favorite girl" 
You bit your lip, flustered, and when you looked up you saw Ivar glaring at John. His eyes were narrowed and his jaw clenched, suddenly he looked much more like the Ivar you used to know. He cleared his throat, and John finally looked at him, surprised.
"Um... John, this is Ivar" you said softly, wanting nothing more than to disappear "He's um... An old friend, Hvitserk's brother" 
Friend. Ivar pretended not to be hurt by that, and shot a very fake smile to John, who seemed completely oblivious. 
"Oh yes! I remember your brother, I met him once" he nodded, shaking Ivar's hand with enthusiasm "It's really nice to meet Y/N's friends from Iceland, she always mentioned you but she's quite reserved... I'm John, Y/N's fiancé" 
The word was out of his mouth before you could even realize, and immediately you searched for Ivar's gaze. For some reason, you didn't want him to find out, you didn't want him to meet John. 
Ivar looked taken aback. A part of him already imagined it, seeing the ring on your finger, but the fact that you didn't say a thing... Fuck, you didn't even mention you had a boyfriend. He felt his heart break again, but fought the tears and tried to hide it. He should be happy for you, even if it was you with that posh, idiot man. Ivar immediately felt an intense hatred for him. What was with English men and you?
"I didn't know you were engaged" he muttered, his electric blue eyes fixed on yours, and you looked away, not able to stand the intensity of his glare. 
"Yeah, well, it's pretty recent" John chuckled, shrugging "And we're taking things slow, this is our engagement trip"
"I didn't know that was a thing" 
Ivar talked to John, coldly and distant, but looked right at you. His hand gripped the crutch so hard you thought he'd break it, but you didn't dare look at him in the eye. 
"Do you want to grab lunch with us?" John offered with a smile. You looked at him with a frown. 
"I have somewhere else to be" said Ivar, finally looking away from you "Anyway, it was nice to see you, Y/N" he muttered, and before you could reply he just turned around. John looked confused, but you didn't try to stop him as he walked down the street. Your heart broke again, and you realized it would be even harder to forget him now that you knew he was so close. 
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sofijaeger · 2 days ago
Hi I’ve been dying for an aot dance Au when you have the time can you write something about y/n and Eren being dancers? They’ve been dance partners since childhood and gained feeling along the way.They dance something like this:
you certainly came to the right person for this. NO ONES EVER ASKED ME FOR A DANCE REQUEST BEFORE and i’m so so happy to write it for you!
eren x reader
• you’ve always had big passions for the things you do, and when it involves anything in the performing arts proving your ability has made your friends and family proud year after year.
• eren on the other hand has kept this passion of his secret, at least he’s done so for this past decade. Coming from an uninspirational family hadn’t really supported him in persuing his dreams.
• you first met at much younger ages though, on a saturday morning to be exact. eren had taken (been forced) to participate in the twinkle toes program at a new studio by carla.
• she mainly wanted to build his coordination, because before eren became eren he was the lankiest little shit. she figured singing and dancing would make him forget the training segments along the way.
• yet he was completely captivated by something else. three year-old eren was absolutely enamoured in the small child shaking their hips beside him. you had been having the time of your life, wiping eren’s pout clean off in the process.
• he tried to coo, yes coo to you, and somehow it gained your attention. turning to a gorgeous green-eyed boy, you let out a big smile and a double wave with two arms over your head.
• for the rest of class carla and your parent had eyed your encounters in awe, whispering “gotta keep ‘em together huh?” in between exercises.
• you stayed very close with every coming season, joining the studios competitive team and inviting each other over for extra practice, which led to weekend movie nights, which then resulted in the two of you passed out on the floor. Your friendship was clearly evident.
• and the two of your believed to think no further, but team members, teachers, even your own parents found a very loving chemistry between the two of you. You and eren had been inseparable and keeping it that way had made you happiest.
• by middle school however, eren had begun to think: maybe you’d be better off if you hadn’t kept this connection? In this time of his life an embarrassment had been growing inside of him from being a male dancer, tired of constant criticism from who he thought were his friends.
“you play a girls sport?”
“that’s the lamest thing i’ve ever heard.”
“so, you’re gay?”
“don’t fall in love with me!”
• the comments were horrible, absolutely immature and uncalled for but young eren gained the greatest influence from his friends. He wanted to belong, it was a necessity.
• little by little eren became a distant figure in your life, texting you less each week, opting out of competitions to the point your entire team had to re-choreograph routines to smaller groups.
• your duet had even been removed from performance schedules, as if eren’s passion for dance had never even existed at all.
• that’s how it stayed for the next few years of your life, you and him appeared to have never shared a bond at all. In your senior year of high school, over five years later had he stepped into the studio once again
• he planned to do a leisure clean up of the studio for the owner, a close friend of his mother’s. coincidentally you were there too, practicing alone in the second studio and desperately trying to add transitions into one of your routines.
• he peered inside, stumbling over the flaked doorframe in the process. It had gotten your attention in a sharp breath and quickly, you ran over to aid him
“it’s been a while hasn’t it, ren.”
“too long, i think.”
• you brought him inside, seating him down in the corner with a small ice pack to discuss everything, from the moment you two left off at.
• you could see the want in his eyes, the need to perform and have the ability to move again. Dance was a freedom that he cherished so deeply, regretting it by the cruel words of his friends was the worst mistake he could’ve ever made.
“why don’t you help me choreograph huh? we could work on this together like old times.” you smiled fondling with his hand, genuinely happy to recruit him again.
• students and old friends were beyond excited once news spread of eren’s grand return, surprising you the most. He seemed so determined to join the studio again, was he truly inspired to dance again? Had you become a pivotal step in his performing career?
• and eren was ecstatic when he accepted, especially for the more time he’d get to spend with you. over the next few weeks eren would add in his input of moves and tricks while stretching and strength training to get back into dancing shape, which wasn’t too difficult considering how athletic he’d become playing school sports. occasionally in his practice he’d sneak a glance, awing in your direction over the delicacy of your technique and emotion.
• atta girl he’d compliment spotting your turns and leaps, enjoying the lingering touches on each other’s bodies more than he should have. His hands have roamed across almost every part of you, the partner you’d soon be working with wouldn’t dare think to do such, for he’d be sworn to follow clear instructions, not the instinct of his creativity.
“You’re performing a duet with Jean?”
“That’s what we’ve been working on right?”
• it’s evident one more word from your pretty little mouth will make him livid, but eren contains himself in the best way he possibly can. He could easily clean the routine, re-choreograph the idiot to the opposite side of the stage as you
• eren wanted to watch you shine, grace the audience with your presence. The lights wouldn’t reflect Jeans being as naturally as it would yours, the solution to this problem?
“let’s make it a trio.”
• from that moment, eren had joined your routine at the literal last minute. A completed duet ready to perform in a matter of weeks now fell two steps back
• Eren was certain he would make this trio work, even past the nagging flickers and suggestive smiles your other partner had been giving you.
• the weekend of the competition, you were frightened over no other performance but one. Eren hadn’t danced in almost a decade, would his minimal time to prepare be enough to place in the overalls? eren however could sense your anxiousness, providing the most genuine words of courage and a gentle palm over your dampened cheek to remove all your insecurities.
• “i re-joined because i missed it, i’ve missed you, so follow your passion and trust in me. no matter the score i’ve never been happier to perform with you again.”
cue my favorite fricking trio EVER
Eren plays the boy in the white shirt, you play the girl in the blue dress, and jean plays the boy in the grey shirt
people in the video do not resemble how you look in these hc’s! i’ve always loved this choreography and thought it perfectly fit with the story.
• exhaling to contain his eagerness, eren presses his lips onto your own. He reaches his fingers to your cheeks, burying his digits into your sweaty updo as you scrunch your eyes. it was only supposed to be a hug, just one simple movement of affection but eren couldn’t hold onto this feeling any longer.
and as you let him go you returned a gentle smile, knowing your exit intertwined in jean’s arms would only go as far as the stage. You’d be waiting for your other partner in the wings.
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azaideen · 2 days ago
My Little Fire
Chapter 8
First < Previous > Next
I got back inside the mansion and went straight to my room, or at least I tried, because Nesta was waiting for me beside the stairs.
“What do you think you are doing?” She asked angrily.
“What are you talking about, Nesta?” I asked, faking innocence.
“You know pretty well what I’m talking about. I’m talking about you inviting that Fae to dine with us. They are dangerous, Aideen. They can act like normal people, but they aren’t.”
“Don’t talk like that about Azriel. He did nothing against you or any of us. Actually he was really polite, soothing you weren’t. So please, Nesta, don’t talk about something you know nothing about. You barely know him, you can’t judge him.”
“And you know?”
My blood was boiling inside my veins and I had to hold back my hand, avoiding slapping her face.
“No, I don’t know him. But Feyre does, and I trust her judgement. Otherwise she wouldn’t have sent him here.”
“Feyre is one of them now. I’m not sure I can trust her anymore, at least not yet.”
“She’s our sister, Nesta. You can’t be serious. She fed us for years, took care of us alone. How can you not trust her when it’s thanks to her that you’re still alive?”
I was almost screaming at her. She evaporated all of my patience, as always. I saw Elain with the corner of my eye when she entered the room.
“Nesta, please. Feyre asked for a restart, you said that you would accept, so at least try.” She begged sweetly.
Nesta, who was looking at Elain, turned to me again. I hadn’t even blinked. My face must have been as red as The blood that flowed underneath my skin, burning me from the inside, pure rage. Even after all this time, after Cassian’s words, after all she did for us, Nesta still didn’t trust Feyre. Fae or human, she was our sister. We should love her, because she would still love us.
Nesta didn’t say a word, as she turned her back to us, as straight as a tree, and climbed up the stairs to her room. I didn’t look away until she had disappeared from my sight. My jaw tense.
I saw Elain on my peripheral, coming closer. She put her hand on my shoulder, trying to calm my tempers.
I sighed loudly, tired. I gave her a look, trying to apologize for the mess I’ve made. She brushed it with a kind smile. I relaxed my tense shoulders and went to my room. All I wanted now was to spend some time alone, only with my own thoughts. That they could calm me down a little.
Azriel :
I have spent the whole flight back home thinking about Aideen. By the way she looked at me when I said that Cassian was the one coming for the next check up, I knew she was upset. And it only cheered me up more for my next visit. I would be going more times than my brother, since I had to do my work finding out what I could about the queens. He would be going only when I needed some time to rest and sleep, before continuing on my search for information.
I know I’m not good enough. She deserves only the best. Being so smart, prettier than anything I’ve ever seen and as sweet as a flower, she deserves someone better than me, someone that was not broken inside, or full of problems and scars, on the inside and outside. But I can’t keep myself away from her.
She must have a bunch of wooers on her door. And only thinking about it makes me sick, her in someone else’s arms.
I threw this thought to the back of my head before I went back there and took her to Velaris with me. I thought about her smile instead. It took my breath away just to remember. Her beautiful, dark brown eyes. I could lose myself in them for hours. Her silky wavy hair. Which smelled just like her. Her soft skin, that I got so close to touching with my lips I could feel her warmth.
She was perfect, in every way.
Her curiosity and intelligence. Everything in her attracted me. Even my shadows wanted to be with her. When away I felt like a part of me would always stay with her, keeping an eye on her, my shadows.
I was so caught up on my thoughts that I didn’t notice when Velaris came into sight. Almost passing the city.
Here above, seeing the shiny lights reflecting on the Sidra, I could only think about how I wanted Aideen in my arms. Flying over all this beauty that didn’t reach hers.
I arrived at Rhys’ state to find Cassian on the couch and Mor on the armchair in front of him. They took a good look at my body, searching for wounds. When they didn’t find any they smiled, relaxing.
“Welcome back, Az” said Mor sweetly.
After finding my mate I asked Rhys and Cass to keep the discovery a secret. They didn’t tell Mor, Amren and even Feyre. I didn’t want them to know, didn’t want their opinion and guesses. Just how I knew Rhys didn’t want them too about his mate. I had found out his bond with Aideen’s sister as soon as he brought her to Velaris. He had made everything to keep the city a secret for almost half a century, it wouldn’t be then that he would corrupt it.
When I stopped to demonstrate any kind of romantic feelings towards Mor, almost two weeks ago, she seemed to relax more when I was around.
“Welcome, brother. Where have you been? You were supposed to have arrived some hours ago. You left us waiting. They didn’t let me eat until they were sure you wouldn't be coming. Don’t tell me you were with the clever Archero.” Said Cassian. And all I wanted now was to punch his face until he bleeded for talking about Aideen in front of Mor.
She looked at him with curiosity and confusion in her eyes. Arching a brow. “Who?”
Cass' eyes became wide understanding his mistake. He looked at me and opened his mouth to answer, but I stopped him.
“Feyre’s sister. As it seems, she enjoys learning about different cultures and asked me about ours. That’s why I was late.” I said between clenched teeth looking straight at Cassian. He shrieked a little. He knew we would talk later. Or maybe use our swords.
“That’s so unfair.” Said Mor. And I looked at her confused. “You got to meet them while I had to stay here with Amren.”
Cass laughed at her complaining.
“Thank the mother you don’t know them, at least one of them I mean.” I knew he was talking about Nesta. It was true. The older sister wasn’t as gentle as the others. Even with Aideen’s temperament being unpredictable as I noticed.
Mor grimaced. “Well, now that Az is back, I’ll go to bed. Good night boys.”
We bid her good night. When her steps faded down the corridor upstairs I turned to Cassian and hit the back of his head.
“Hey! What was that for?” He exclaimed, massaging the back of his head.
“You know pretty well why I did this.” I murmured still afraid that someone would hear, even with my shadows keeping me informed.
“Yeah.” He said with his face scrunched. “Do tell now, you were with her, weren’t you?”
I let the silence reign while I thought if I should tell him.
“I was. She invited me for dinner and I didn’t want to be rude.” I ended saying.
“Okay, rude.” Said him with irony that I decided to ignore, only rolling my eyes at it. “Did you find anything about the queens though?” He asked. Changing the subject for my sake.
“No, nothing. I couldn’t even infiltrate my spies. Not even I could enter.” I sighed massaging my temples.
It irritated me more than anything. Not being able to do my job, be useful. It made me nervous.
Cassian moved closer and landed a hand on my shoulder.
“You will succeed, brother. But now you should sleep a little. Otherwise you will fall while flying.”
I followed his advice and went straight to the House of Wind. I got to my room and freed myself from all the leathers. And entered the tub to try and relax.
But as soon as I got in, and the hot water touched my skin, I couldn’t think of anything that wasn’t Aideen. My mind swirled, passing through every memory, every piece of her.
Until that moment in the kitchen. When I got so close I could smell it when her scent changed. Became sweeter. With desire.
Her scent changed something inside me, so strong that I had to take a step back. And only to remember it now made every muscle in my body become rigid. And when I looked down, I knew I wouldn’t be sleeping too soon if I didn’t calm myself down. So I changed the water to cold and prayed to the gods it would be enough.
At least then I would be able to sleep without making something I would regret later.
Tag list: @mis-lil-red / @minnie-mitzel / @crimsonandwhiteprincess / @fandoms-fandoms-everywhere99 / @notquitehero / @miamoomoo
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swan-of-sunrise · 2 days ago
Ragnarok (Chapter Five)
Tumblr media
Summary: (Y/N) and Loki appease the Grandmaster by attending one of his elaborate parties, where (Y/N) discovers some surprising information and a very familiar face.
Pairing: Steve Rogers X Reader
Word Count: 3.1k
Warnings/Disclaimers: None
A/N: Now that Carina’s here, we’re getting back to the main plot of Ragnarok! Thank you for reading, I hope you all enjoy!
Chapter Five One Month Later… (Previous Chapter)
Being the first-time mother of a newborn baby was difficult, but being the first-time mother of a super-soldier’s newborn baby on a hostile alien planet presented its own set of challenges for (Y/N). Carina was mild-mannered and rarely cried or fussed, but she seemed to inherit her father’s quick metabolism, eating upwards of twelve times a day; newborns typically only ate around seven times a day but Loki and the Grandmaster’s healers assured her that Carina’s healthier-than-normal appetite was nothing to worry about. And just like with Steve, little Carina’s energetic personality meant that it was a great challenge getting her to sleep for long periods of time.
“You, my little lemon drop, are entirely too stubborn.” (Y/N)’s smile reluctantly widened as Carina cooed and the corners of her tiny mouth curled upwards. “You think that’s funny, huh? C’mon, Cari, don’t you want to let Mommy get some rest?” As her daughter continued her happy babbling, she began to pace around the room and gently rock the newborn. “Well, I’ve got a secret weapon that I know you won’t be able to resist.” Carina’s (Y/E/C) eyes twinkled with mischief and (Y/N) held back her tired chuckle before softly singing, “What would you say if I sang out of tune? Would you stand up and walk out on me? Lend me your ear and I’ll sing you a song, and I’ll try not to sing out of key…”
“Mortal, are you in here?” Loki’s voice called out and a moment later, he strode into the bedroom with a troubled frown on his face. “I just came from an audience with-” He cut himself off when he caught the death-glare that (Y/N) was giving him and mouthed a quick apology before leaving her to resume her efforts.
“Oh, I get by with a little help from my friends…Mm, I get high with a little help from my friends…Mm, gonna try with a little help from my friends…” To her delight, Carina’s eyes were starting to grow heavy so she continued singing; while she sang, though, the song started reminding her of a certain super-soldier and the friends he was on the run with. “What do I do when my love is away? Does it worry you to be alone? How do I feel by the end of the day? Are you sad because you’re on your own?” Looking up from the drowsy newborn in her arms, (Y/N) stared out the window at the trash-filled landscape of Sakaar with a melancholy smile. “No, I get by with a little help from my friends…Mm, I get high with a little help from my friends…Mm, I’m gonna try with a little help from my friends…”
Carina’s steady breathing pulled (Y/N) out of her reverie and once she confirmed that her daughter was asleep, she slowly crossed the room and carefully set her down her in her bassinet. “Love you, Cari,” She whispered, kissing her fingertips and placing them on the sleeping newborn’s forehead. While she looked down at her daughter, she smiled as she spotted Steve’s strong chin and the small line that tended to form between his eyebrows; a month after her birth, it was clear that Carina looked more like her but hints of her super-soldier father were still there, much to (Y/N)’s delight. As quietly as she could, she left the bedroom and closed the door behind her, leaning back against the door and letting out a deep sigh. “I finally got her down for a nap.”
Loki, who was preoccupied with polishing one of his daggers, looked up with a small chuckle. “It would seem that she’s inherited the captain’s energetic determination.”
Steve Rogers’ energetic determination is what got me into this situation in the first place, (Y/N) inwardly flushed as vivid memories of that fateful and rather eventful final day in Wakanda filled her mind. Awkwardly clearing her throat, she nodded and moved to take a seat on the opposite end of the sofa. “So, how did your audience with the Grandmaster go?”
“Not very well, unfortunately. He’s, ah, requested your presence at tomorrow’s midday soirée and has generously offered us seats in his private box for tomorrow evening’s Contest of Champions.” Loki set the dagger on the table beside its mate before leaning back and crossing his arms over his chest. “I tried convincing him that you weren’t healthy enough to attend either event but he was rather insistent.”
Since giving birth to Carina nearly a month ago, (Y/N) refused to leave their chambers out of fear for her daughter’s safety and Loki explained her absence from the Grandmaster’s many parties as her recovering from childbirth; she’d hoped that the excuse would buy them enough time to steal the access codes to the madman’s ships and escape Sakaar, but it would seem that the Grandmaster’s patience with his two favorite guests was already beginning to wane.
“I’ll cast protection spells throughout out chamber so that no one but you or I may enter; Carina will be perfectly safe in our absence.”
As kind as they were, Loki’s reassurances did nothing to soothe (Y/N)’s worry. “I don’t know, I don’t like the idea of leaving her all alone…”
“Well, there is something I can do along with the protection spells.” Straightening up, the Asgardian flicked his wrist and another version of him stood before them, identical to the original save for the barely-discernible green shimmer on his edges. “A duplicate created from magic; he’ll stand guard whenever we’re away from our chambers and alert us if anything’s amiss.”
“I guess that’s better,” (Y/N) begrudgingly admitted, fiddling with the sleeve of her lounge shirt as Loki made his clone vanish with another wave of his hand. “Going to that narcissistic madman’s parties and flattering his enormous ego’s one thing, but having to sit there and pretend to enjoy literal fights to the death isn’t something I think I’m prepared to do.” Her eyes drifted over to the closed bedroom door. “I have a damn good reason to try, though.”
Loki’s expression was thoughtful when she glanced back at him, his blue-green eyes filled with mild curiosity. “I understand that it’s a common tactic employed to help children fall sleep, but you sing to Carina quite a lot. Why is that?”
She was quiet for several moments before finally answering his question. “I don’t really talk about it much, but I had a lonely childhood; Dad was emotionally distant and overly-attached to his work, Mom was busy volunteering at my school and dealing with the thanklessness of being a stay-at-home mother, and the five year age gap between my brother and I was difficult to bridge sometimes. Back before high school, I didn’t have very many friends and all the things I really enjoyed doing were solitary activities, like reading and writing. But one weekend when I was around twelve, I went to a neighbor’s yard sale and bought a beat-up Walkman and a box of cassette tapes for five bucks, and that’s when my love of music began. It helped me process emotions and comforted me whenever I felt alone, and it even helped me make friends through a common interest; music’s always been a positive thing in my life, so I guess I wanted to make sure that it was the same for Carina. I’ll do everything I can to make sure that she’ll never grow up feeling the way that I did, though.”
Silence filled the room and after a long moment, Loki hesitantly spoke. “My…My mother taught me magic when I was young. She’d hoped to set me apart from Thor by training me in the ways of sorcery instead of the intricacies of warfare, to give me something entirely my own.” Swirls of green magic enveloped his long fingers and (Y/N) watched its progress as he continued. “Her plan wasn’t without its faults. People grew wary of me once I mastered my craft and were distrustful of my newfound tricks; they kept their distance and the ones that didn’t still cast a wary eye on me. Despite all that, though, magic was something I always turned to for comfort…every time I turned a flower into a frog or cast fireworks into the sky, I’d hear my mother’s voice in my head reminding me that I could do anything.”
(Y/N) looked up from his emerald-green magic and smiled softly. “She sounds like a wonderful mom.”
The Asgardian nodded as the corner of his mouth curving upwards. “She was a lot like you.”
They fell into a comfortable silence, with Loki polishing his daggers while (Y/N) browsed through the dozens of gowns the Grandmaster had gifted her in search of something suitable to wear the next day; while she worked, her eyes would occasionally flick over to her companion and she’d surreptitiously study his focus-filled features. During their month-long stay on Sakaar, she’d slowly gotten to know the man she was pretending to be married to and while she still didn’t know very much about his past, it was becoming apparent that the Loki who helped deliver her baby wasn’t the same Loki who invaded New York with an army of bloodthirsty Chitauri. He’s certainly not like how Steve and Nat described him, she thought to herself, but maybe the guilt of what he did six years ago led to him becoming a better person.
“If I may make a suggestion, mortal?” She looked up to see Loki reaching into the pile of dresses and pulling out a stunning floor-length gown; its material shimmered between teal, pink and lavender, and it came with matching arm sleeves that fastened around the middle finger and extended to the elbow. “The Grandmaster, much like a magpie, tends to favor shiny things, so this one should ensure that you remain in his good graces.”
(Y/N) chuckled in amusement. “That must be why he wears a shiny gold bathrobe all the time, huh?”
“So it would seem,” The Asgardian smirked at her observation before offering her two of the daggers he’d been polishing. “You might feel more at ease if you carried a weapon with you tomorrow. Do you know how to wield a blade?”
With a noncommittal hum, (Y/N) reached for one of the daggers and took careful aim, throwing it across the room where it impaled itself in the dead-center of the green and white colored wall; she turned back to a visibly-impressed Loki with a mischievous smile and innocently shrugged. “What can I say? It pays to be good friends with a former Russian assassin.”
“I’m so happy that you were able to come to today’s little get-together, (Y/N), and let me just add that I think our Sakaarian fashion looks remarkable on you, almost as good as it looks on me!” Once he finished pressing a kiss to (Y/N)’s knuckles, the Grandmaster looked over at Topaz standing beside him and grinned. “Topaz, wasn’t I just saying the other day that I missed seeing our charming new guest around?”
The personal guard gave her an appraising glare before turning back to the ruler. “Scrapper 142 has requested an audience with you at your earliest convenience-”
“Oh, I love it when she visits, she always brings me the best stuff!” He clapped his hands together excitedly and flashed (Y/N) an apologetic smile. “I’ll see you and that handsome husband of yours later, okay? Enjoy the baby-free party time!”
The two Sakaarians left, giving (Y/N) a chance to look around the private party lounge. Loki was seated on one of the couches, preoccupied with telling the guests around him an engrossing tale as he drank; the moment they arrived, the Grandmaster had dragged her over to his collection of instruments and forced her to listen to him play a song he’d written in her honor while Loki began mingling with the people who oversaw maintenance on the ruler’s many ships. After taking a moment to check her hair and makeup in the reflection of the nearby window, she began making her way through the crowd to where her companion was sitting; she heard snippets of conversation as she passed by other guests and while most of it was vapid gossip or excited predictions about the evening’s impending fight, one exchange made her stop dead in her tracks.
“…nearly half of the planet was wiped out, all because of their precious Infinity Stone.”
“If Thanos can decimate half of Xandar without a single one of those stones, then I’d hate to see what he can do if he gets his hands on all six…”
Against her better judgement, (Y/N) turned around and approached the two beings with a polite smile. “I’m sorry for interrupting, but I couldn’t help overhearing you say something about Infinity Stones. What exactly are they?”
The pink-skinned female nearest to her nodded. “They’re six elemental crystals created at the beginning of time and each controls a crucial aspect of existence. Let’s see, there’s Space, Reality, Power, um…Soul…”
“Mind and Time, Grella,” Her masked friend finished her sentence for her with their head tilted to the side. “Don’t they know about Infinity Stones on Ass-Gard?”
“Didn’t you hear, Torli? That charming Loki fellow married this Terran to strengthen the diplomatic relations between both planets!” Grella’s black eyes drifted across the room to where Loki was lounging on a couch and she sighed dreamily. “You’re a very lucky woman, you know.”
(Y/N)’s brow was still furrowed in confusion when the two beings turned their attention back to her. “And why does this Thanos person want to collect all six of them?”
“Well, he’s been traveling across the galaxy and invading planets for years now; he wipes out half the population and leaves the other half to live in peace, then he repeats the process on the next planet he visits. It only makes sense that he’d want the Infinity Stones to help him complete his task: balancing the great scales of the cosmos.” Torli laughed. “That’s why I’ve decided to pay the dear Grandmaster a visit; Thanos has no interest in conquering the galaxy’s trashiest trash planet, so Sakaar’s the perfect place to lay low until the Guardians or even that delightful Kree defector put a stop to all his fun.”
With a forced laugh, (Y/N) excused herself and quickly found a quiet corner where she could process everything she’d just learned. The last she’d heard of the Infinity Stones was when Thor left the Avengers to investigate their suspicious re-appearances nearly three years ago; she knew that Wanda had received her enhanced powers through exposure to the Mind Stone and that it was currently a part of Vision’s body, but she didn’t know anything about the other five stones or where they could possibly be. Maybe Loki knows something about this Thanos guy, she thought as she anxiously bit her lip, a part of her hoping that Grella and Torli were only making things up and that the conquering madman wasn’t real.
“Loki? Loki! Over here!”
(Y/N)’s head shot up at the sound of the familiar voice amongst the noise of the party and her eyes widened in shock when she spotted Thor, who was strapped to a mechanized chair across the lounge and busy whispering to his brother; she hurried through the crowd of guests as fast as her gown would allow, a breathless smile on her face as she skidded to a stop beside a visibly stunned Loki. “Thor! Oh, you’re a sight for sore eyes, you found us!”
The blonde Asgardian’s jaw dropped. “Writer (Y/L/N)?! What the Hel are you doing here? And your child-?”
“I touched one of the artifacts in Doctor Strange’s collection and it transported me here, and Loki fell from the Bifrost around the same time; I had the baby a day later and the three of us have been here for a few weeks now, gaining the Grandmaster’s trust while working on a way off this planet.”
“Weeks ago? I just got here!” Thor frowned in confusion as his eyes flicked between the two of them. “Hela pushed me from the Bifrost only seconds after she forced you off, brother.”
She furrowed her brow at the Asgardian’s words. “Wait, who’s Hela?”
“What are you whispering about?” The Grandmaster’s muttered question startled all three of them, causing them to jump and turn to the ruler as he grinned good-naturedly and played a tune on his keyboard. “Time works real different around these parts. On any other world, I’d be like, millions of years old but here on Sakaar…” The ruler’s eyes flicked over to Loki and he flashed him a suggestive smile that made the three of them exchange awkward glances with one another. “In any case, you know this, um…You call yourself Lord of Thunder?”
“God of Thunder. Tell him.”
(Y/N) opened her mouth to address the ruler but was cut off by Loki’s hurried reply. “I’ve never met this man in my life.”
“He’s my brother!”
The Grandmaster turned to (Y/N), an excited gleam in his pale eyes. “Is he any kind of a fighter?”
She swallowed nervously as she finally realized what his plans were for the God of Thunder. “Surely you can release him-” Loki’s cold hand suddenly latched onto her wrist and out of the corner of her eye, she noticed the flash of warning on his face; their situation had clearly become more complicated, but they still needed to remain in the madman’s good graces and arguing with him wasn’t the wisest option at the moment. “Y-Yes, Grandmaster, he’s definitely a fighter, one of the most powerful ones I’ve ever seen.”
“You take this thing out of my neck and I’ll show you.”
“Now listen to that, he’s threatening me!” The ruler giggled in mild amusement. “Hey, Sparkles, here’s the deal: If you wanna get back to Ass-place, Ass-Berg-”
“Any contender who defeats my champion, their freedom they shall receive.”
Thor’s gaze met hers and she tried her best to silently convey the seriousness of their situation. It must’ve worked, because he turned back to the Grandmaster and spat out, “Fine, then point me in the direction of whoever’s ass I need to kick.”
“That’s what I call a contender!” Grinning excitedly, the Grandmaster raised his remote controller and activated Thor’s motorized chair. “The direction would be this way, Lord.”
The chair followed after the ruler and a panicked Thor called out to Loki before disappearing around a corner with the Grandmaster and Topaz. Without uttering a word to her companion, (Y/N) turned and made her way down the hall to the elevator, stepping into the empty space and waiting for Loki to enter before closing its doors; once the doors slid shut, she crossed her arms over her chest and turned to an uncomfortable-looking Loki as she clenched her jaw in irritation. “So, do you have anything you’d like to tell me?”
“I, er…well, I may or may not have omitted certain key details of how I came to be on Sakaar.”
“…No shit, Sherlock.”
A/N: Yay, the Contest of Champions is coming up next! Thank you all so much for reading and commenting! I’ve created a Spotify playlist inspired by this series, and I’ll be updating it every time I upload a new chapter. Enjoy!
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harryssweatcreature · a day ago
First love, last love.
quick a/n: i’m so excited to finally share my first piece with you all and i can’t wait to see what you guys think about it! don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any feedback! i’m here to hear it all! <3 (part 2 is already up!)
word count: 3.4k
warning: none ( for now(; )
It had been far too long since Harry decided he’d date again, though he was still contemplating it. The man was convinced that love simply wasn’t for him and maybe he should just settle for a life where he could travel the world and spent time with his canine friend, Chuck Norris. His dog is a Cane Corso, so Harry found the name fit him perfectly. Haha. Clever.
Most of Harry’s days were consumed by meetings and appointments with people who swore they were better than their significant other but that wasn’t true if that meant they were coming to see Harry.
Harry was a 33-year-old divorce lawyer, helping rich nasty people trying to juice out their once upon a time so called “lovers” out of every penny they’ve got. Sure, it brought Harry lots of money, but it was tiring. It almost always got ugly and made Harry believe love wasn’t real, at least not for the 137 cases he’s dealt with so far, and certainly not for him.
That was when he decided he needed a well-deserved break. Particularly because today was a hard day in court and even though Harry won the case (nothing new), he quite literally felt drained, and he needed a pick me up.
Harry left the firm in the late evening, finding himself driving straight to his favorite local diner which dubbed as a pub after 10 P.M. and quite honestly, Harry loved it. It was his little weekly escape, and all the workers there knew him, so it was always nice to get there and feel welcomed. The man sat at his usual booth, expecting to see James who always greeted him with an ice-cold beer.
James was the owner of the diner, the man in his mid-fifties, working his ass off though he really didn’t need to, but he loved his diner and found himself there more often than not.
But this time wasn’t like every other time. No.
“Hi. Thank you for coming to Shenanigans. Can I start you with anything to drink? We’ve got a special today – 3 beers and the fourth one’s on the house.” The woman was cute, seemed to be in her early twenties, probably getting herself some extra savings while in school. (Y/N), her nametag read.
“Uh, hey… Thank you but, is James here? He’s the one usually taking my order and I was just wondering… everything okay with him? So strange to not see him here.”
The woman immediately smiled with a soft shake of her head, Harry furrowing her eyebrows at her reaction. “He’s my father. Works himself like a maniac. He had a small accident unloading the truck earlier this week and is at home on bed rest. Only way he’d stay home was if I’d promise I’d come in to help around. So, if it’s okay with you, I’ll be the one serving you for the next couple of weeks.” Harry looked at her with his eyebrows raised, nodding at the information. “Well, I hope he recovers, send him my best wishes please. Um, a BudLight will do. Thank you.”
Just like that, (Y/N) smiled at him with a nod and a quick, “Perfect, be right back.” and scurried off to fetch him his beer. The man was going to miss James. James would always humor him and often sit down and talk for a bit. Harry got to know quite some personal stuff about the man, though he never mentioned he had any kids, let alone a daughter so he was quite surprised to have met (Y/N).
(Y/N) made her way to the bar to ask Sherry for the BudLight the man wanted, Sherry smiling at her as she poured her the beer before she could even finish her request. “I see you’ve met Harry. That’s James favorite costumer. He’s a lawyer, I think. Poor man comes here stressed every Thursday and James will usually sit there, let him talk it out. I think he’s single. Cutie, isn’t he?” (Y/N) glanced back at him with a soft shrug, nodding and sighing. “Guess so. Doesn’t matter though. I’m just here to serve and help you guys. Not here to find a date.”
It had been about a year since (Y/N) saw someone since she broke up with Logan. (Y/N) and him were high school sweethearts who jumped into things way too soon after college started, and they realized that they were with each other for comfort. They didn’t really feel much for each other besides genuine love and not burning passion like everyone else claim they feel when they’re actually in love. It took them a couple of years to realize it and while it wasn’t easy to end a 6-year relationship, they both knew it was over.
“Oh, come on, (Y/N). You must start dating eventually. You’re a beautiful young woman and you’re wasting your twenties working your ass off at that office. Just like your father, you are.” Sherry scoffed and shook her head as she scolded her. (Y/N) loved Sherry as if she were her own sister but she was always annoying her about her love life, and it made her want to drive her head through a wall. “Hey, I love my job! And besides, I’m in no hurry to find a boyfriend. When the time comes, it comes. Anyway, he looks like he’s in his early thirties and probably finds a woman like me young and dumb.” All that got rewarded with was an eye roll from Sherry with a small whisper of “That’s exactly how you’re acting right now.”
It’s been about 3 weeks since Harry met (Y/N) and she’s consuming his mind. He’d began going to the diner more often than he usually did, getting to know her better and all it did was drive him crazy.
Harry learned that she was 25, has 6 siblings, (Y/N) being the oldest. Her mother and her father divorced soon after having their last one, so she felt the need to move closer to her father to be a helping hand since her mother wasn’t all that great and not very involved in her kid’s lives. She was a writer for a female journalism company, recently have gotten a promotion to chief editor despite being there for 2 years and so young. And most importantly, she’s single.
Typically, Harry strived away from younger woman because they were usually so lost in their lives, trying to figure out who they are and what they want to do and that always lead to them wanting to be single and messing around. Or so he thought.
(Y/N) began to sit with him for a bit after his first few visits, both getting to know each other which Harry excused it as her just being nice since he was a regular. He also learned that she was serious, loved her job, spent most of her time helping her father or bouncing around bookstores for new reads, and loved love. She was a sap for it.
Over the past few times he’d come, (Y/N) would tell him about this couple that would come regularly for what she thought was their lunch break and it seemed they were new into their relationship and (Y/N) loved to see how they’ve progressed every time they come.
“You should’ve seen the look on her face when she came in and saw that he had a single rose there waiting for her. God, that was beautiful.” She pretended to wipe fake tears off her face with a pout as Harry chuckled, shaking his head then taking a sip of his beer.
(Y/N) rolled her eyes at him and scoffed, “Humor me! I know all you see is people come at each other’s neck for their lack of love, but I promise whatever they’ve got is real. You can see it in their faces, H.” He loved that nickname she gave him when it seemed she was too lazy to go for his full name. “Hey, I believe you. Just funny to me how wrapped up you are in their love when your own love life is empty.”
Anyone would think that was a rude accusation of Harry but they both picked at each other for being single and lonely.
“I’ve already told you I don’t want to waste my time again so until I know someone is worth it, then I’ll jump into it.” (Y/N) declared confidently and he smiled. “How will you know when someone is worth it?” She shrugged and hummed in thought. “I figure I’ll just know. But how about you? You’re almost 40 and still single.” Harry held a hand to his heart, pretended to be hurt as a gasp left his mouth. “Do not disrespect me that way, petal! I’ve seen how ugly it gets when love runs out and I rather not be at the short end of the stick.”
Harry was insane to believe no one would love him, (Y/N) thought. The man was gorgeous, likeable, sweet, caring, and so much more. She’d only known him for three weeks and she could already feel a crush bubbling up in her chest though for the most part she blamed it on her lack of interaction with men. Sometimes she swore he felt something too, but she didn’t want to work herself up over something intangible.
“Oh, please. Look at you. You’re a grown man, handsome, you’ve got your life all settled out. You’re kind, sweet, and determined. I think you’re just finding excuses at this point.” Harry laughed at her accusation, shaking his head in disbelief. “Excuses? Not at all, love. I’m just taking care of myself to prevent a heartbreak I’m too old to deal with.” And he knew he should’ve worded his sentence differently because he set himself up for this one. “Ha, so you do think you’re old.” (Y/N) giggled, picking up one of the fries from his tray and popping it into her mouth.
Harry knew what he was about to do could ruin whatever little friendship they were building but she made a great point, why waste time?
“Fine, since we’re both being lonely shits and don’t want to waste anymore of our times, let’s go out on a date. We’ll keep going until we decide whatever we feel and if neither of us are getting what we want, then we stop.” Harry licked his lips, one eyebrow raised, now leaning against the back of the booth with his arms crossed.
(Y/N) was shocked, to say the least. She did not expect for Harry to just pop the question, well, the demand as if it were just one of their casual conversations. Thankfully, her face remained stoic before a small smirk formed on her lips. “Fine. Friday after you leave the firm. Text me when I should be ready by, and we’ll see where this goes.”
Harry and (Y/N) exchanged numbers after they agreed to go on a date and (Y/N) felt like a teenager all over again. All giddy and excited when she got home that this was actually going to happen.
(Y/N) decided that Harry was purposely trying to make her squirm and gush for him. Or maybe he just did it to make the wait until Friday more anticipating.
He didn’t come to the diner the whole week, excusing himself for being flooded with difficult cases to which she promised she understood and didn’t get upset for his absence. At least they texted every day and Harry was disgustingly sweet, sure enough to fill her with cavities.
H: Morning, petal. I’ve got court in a few but wanted to check in on you before I’m dragged in there for the next 4 hours. Hope your day is as beautiful as you are.x
How could she avoid those butterflies, no, those elephants summersaulting in her stomach when her whole day was filled with texts from Harry complimenting her and wishing her a great day?
It was already Thursday and (Y/N) was way too excited. She wanted it to be Friday already.
Harry told her they had reservations at Crazy About You in downtown and that made (Y/N) nervous. It was a formal restaurant where the men went in slacks and buttons up and women in nice dresses and heels. She ended up going shopping, finding herself a navy-blue satin dress that stopped right above her knee, open back, with a low hanging neckline that dared to reveal some of her cleavage which she pared with simple nude heels that made her four inches taller.
Though she was sure this could either make or break them, it didn’t tear her excitement down. She was ready for this, and she knew she deserved it after so long.
“Harry? My regular at Shenanigans?” (Y/N) rolled her eyes and sighed. “Yes, dad. We got to know each other, and he asked me out. I said yes.” Her father stared at her with his eyes squinted, reclining back on that chair that had to be binding with his back by now.
James was very protective over (Y/N). She was too kind for her own good and while he trusted Harry, he cared more for his daughter.
(Y/N) was over at her father’s house before her date, running around to make sure her youngest sister, who is 7 years-old, had her math homework done correctly since her father was no good at it. Of course, her father questioned her like a detective gathering an alibi once he saw her all dressed up and especially after telling him she couldn’t stay longer to help around since she had plans.
“Just promise me you’ll take care of yourself. Don’t take shit from no one, darling. Please. I know men can be brutal and your feelings are too pure.” She smiled at him and sighed, reaching over to plant a kiss on her dad’s forehead before she made way to the front door, “Don’t worry, dad. I had a great example to learn from growing up.”
(Y/N) decided she’d meet Harry at the parking lot of the diner since he was rushing out of the firm to make it in time for their reservations and she lived about 20 minutes from the restaurant. She sat in her car, anxiously tapping the steering wheel as Harry assured her he’d be there soon with a quick text.
It’s not that she wasn’t a confident woman. She definitely was. But over the past week, she only grew more nervous at the idea of going out on a date with Harry with a purpose of challenging their dynamic and seeing if it surpasses more than just being friends. (Y/N) didn’t want to disappoint him and make him think she wasn’t mature enough for him. She liked him a lot and hoped those feelings were reciprocated.
Harry didn’t let her dwell too much on her paranoic feelings before he arrived, parking his car right beside her as (Y/N) got out of her, grabbing her clutch before walking around to meet Harry. He greeted her with a kiss on her cheek, a huge smile plastered on his face when he looked away, quickly eyeing her. “God, you look beautiful.” She felt her cheeks flush as she returned her smile while Harry guided her to the passenger seat like the gentleman he was. “You look very handsome yourself.”
The drive from the diner to the restaurant wasn’t terribly long, Harry and (Y/N) making small talk about their day through the duration of the drive. Harry opened the car door for her, offering a hand to help her out once they arrived and she was in utter awe. The outside of the restaurant was beautiful, and she could only imagine the inside.
“Good evening, reservation for two under ‘Styles’. Thank you.” Her hand was tucked between Harry’s forearm and his torso, stuck on this crook of his elbow, both walking behind the hostess that guided them to their table by the left backside of the restaurant, the lights dim, and their table centerpiece was a small candle and a single rose. How beautiful, she thought.
Harry pulled out her chair for her to sit before he wrapped around the table and took his own seat. “You’re quite the gentleman, H. I’m impressed.” He chuckled softly and nodded, “I’m only here to impress you, darling.” (Y/N) playfully rolled her eyes and looked up at their waiter that was now standing by their table and filling their glasses with water, introducing himself and asking the pair what appetized them this evening.
Truth be told, Harry was just as nervous as (Y/N) for this date. One reason being that it’s been a while since he’d test the waters in the dating scene and another one being (Y/N) herself. She was strikingly gorgeous and the way her and Harry got along and comfortably spoke about anything, even harder topics, sort of freaked him out. In the best ways of course.
Dinner was now served in front of them, a bottle of wine open, introducing the two glasses halfway filled for the pair.
(Y/N) was giggling her heart out at a stupid dad joke Harry couldn’t help but muster out, Harry smiling at the melodic tune that filled his ears while finding the way her skin crinkled by her eyes when she smiled the most adorable thing he’d ever seen. He’d say that joke another twenty times if it meant hearing her laugh again.
“God, H! I swear I’ve got a six pack now with all this laughing!” She sighed before gathering herself to pull in a steady breath, taking a sip of the red wine. Harry watched the way her lips rested on the tip of the glass, imagining his own lips cushioning hers for just a second.
It had been so long since Harry had any physical touch with another human. He’d been so busy at work, not even having time for a quick fuck (though that wasn’t his goal with Y/N). The man was lacking genuine human interaction and he hoped it wasn’t obvious. “Earth to Harry? Think I lost you there…” Harry hummed in question at her, his eyes widening quickly, and he knew surely his cheeks were now dressed in the softest hues of red. “So sorry, petal. Got lost in my thoughts.” (Y/N) smiled at the pet name she’s grown to love, softly shrugging her shoulder as if it didn’t matter. “It’s okay, H. No worries.”
The dinner went by so smoothly. Harry subtly complimenting her all night, her returning the same fervor discreetly. They were both falling for each other hard and neither dared to admit it because after all, they were both testing the waters and neither wanted to waste their time which in all honesty, they weren’t, and they both knew it.
The end of their date was finding its finale, neither of them wanting to admit they didn’t want the night to be over. Once they drove back to the diner, Harry insisted he’d follow her home in his car to her apartment to make sure she got home alright and (Y/N) found it cute and sweet that he was so adamant on her safety. Proving furthermore his chivalry was far from dead, Harry walked her up to her front door, staying behind her while she fiddled with the keys until she found the correct one to allow her entry into her home.
(Y/N) sighed happy, turning back around to face him with a smile finding residence on her plump lips. “I had a great time tonight. Thank you.” Despite standing four inches taller thanks to the heels, she still got on her tippy toes to reach up to the man, planting a sweet kiss on his cheek though it was very close to the corner of his lips.
“And they dare to say that chivalry is dead.”
Harry chuckled and smiled, feeling the patch of his skin where she kissed a fury of fire.
“Good night, darling. I’ll see you soon.”
Just like that, Harry watched her go in before walking back to his car like he just won a Grammy. His heart was swollen with emotions, his mind mustered with conflicting thoughts like this wasn’t what he was expecting but it was a thousand times better.
Maybe love was for Harry too.
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hellotvshowtrash · 21 hours ago
Never Planned On You
Sam Wilson x reader
A/N: this is my submission for @imaginearyparties’s writing challenge!!! I had so much fun writing it and I’m so glad I chose Sam to write for. Moodboard made by me!
Summary: you finally admit your feelings to Sam
Warnings: none!
Word count: 1209
Tumblr media
Sam’s laugh reverberated in your bones, echoing through the very marrow of your being. You couldn’t help but smile at the sound. His crooked grin was aimed at Natasha perched beside him, as the group laughed at something she said. Your eyes were glued to him and he seemed to glow in the cheap warm toned light of the 24 hour diner the group had found late in the night.
Beside you, Steve’s elbow nudged you, causing you to look away from Sam. “What?” You murmured, looking over at him.
“You’re staring,” he whispered, a small smile on his lips. You felt your cheeks warm, an embarrassed smile replacing your confusion.
“That obvious?” You shrank in your seat.
Steve chuckled. “I just know you well enough.” He grinned. “Why don’t you ask him out? I’m sure he’d love to.”
You rolled your eyes at him. “Have you seen how he looks at Nat? There’s no way he’s not head over heels for her. Who wouldn’t be?” You looked down at your hands again before risking another glance in Sam’s direction. This time, he caught your gaze before sending you a cheesy grin. You gave him a small smile back, your heart beat increasing slightly. He cocked his head at you in a silent “everything okay?”. Without breaking eye contact with Sam, you continued, “Besides, he’s a great friend and I wouldn’t want to ruin that.”
You nodded, blinking a few times before looking back at Steve, who rolled his eyes. “You just had a silent conversation with him. I don’t see him doing that with Nat.” He said nonchalantly.
You glared at him but sat back in your chair, folding your arms across your chest. You huddled close to Steve as the night went on, continuing to laugh as the group around you bickered and joked. You felt Sam’s gaze on you as the night waned into morning, and you made the conscious effort to not glance in his direction. Tony was the first to stand.
“Alright troops, we’ve taken up enough of this generous establishment’s time. Let’s hit the road.” He gestured for everyone to get up and get going.
“Tony, this is a Denny’s.” Bruce said, “They have all the time in the world.” The group laughed but stood nonetheless. Tony walked up to the front register and paid the bill, including an extremely generous cash tip for everyone working this particular grave shift.
You looped your arm through Steve’s as you walked out into the night, away from the comforting warmth of the diner and into the cold night air of the parking lot. “I’m tired, Stevie.” You said.
He chuckled. “Let’s get you home, then.” He wrapped an arm around your shoulders and went to step toward the car when someone cleared their throat behind you. Both you and Steve turned, expectantly, and your heart fell when you saw him. Sam.
“I was actually hoping to talk to Y/N, Steve. I’ll drive her home.” He offered sheepishly. Steve looked down at you, unspoken question in his eyes. You gave him a small nod, and he pulled his arm away from you.
He leaned down, planting a small kiss on your cheek and whispered, “Let me know if you need me.” He turned and spied Bucky walking toward his car and jogged over to him, leaving you and Sam alone in the - Avengers aside - empty parking lot.
“What’s going on, darlin’?” He walked toward his car, gesturing for you to follow. You did, a few steps behind him. Your heart thundered in your chest. This is it, just tell him.
It happened in the middle of a Denny’s parking lot.
“I love you.” You blurted, much to your horror. He stopped in his tracks and slowly turned to face you. His eyes were kind, confused but warm still. Tears pricked your eyes.
“You what?” He asked. The last car in the parking lot left, brake lights illuminating the side of your face.
“God, Sam, I just - I never planned on falling for you. I never planned on you, actually.” You moved your hand in a gesture toward him, rambling. “You are so smart and kind. Charming. Literally everything I could want, anyone could want, and you’re in love with someone else. And I can’t help but love you. It’s so easy to love you.” A sob escaped your throat, salty tears falling down your cheeks.
His face was confused, incredulous as he took steps toward you. “I- you’re - Me? In love with someone else? What are you talking about?”
You huffed, defeated. “I see the way you look at Nat.” You said quietly, looking away from him.
He had to stifle the laugh that nearly barked out of his throat, covering it up with a cough instead. “Nat would never.” He chuckled. You looked at him again, your heart breaking. “No, no, no,” He hastily holds his hands up to you. “That’s not what I meant, no, Y/N, I don’t have feelings for Nat.” He closes the gap between you, lifting a hand to caress your cheek.
“I have always had feelings for you, Y/N. You know, I didn’t believe in love at first sight until I met you,” he chuckled, the pad of his thumb wiping away the tear trailing your cheek. Your mouth fell open at his confession, your heart racing. “You’re smart, beautiful, independent,” another chuckle at himself, “I never thought someone as badass as you would want to be with me.” His voice is hoarse, and his own tears begin to brim his eyes. The yellow sign of the diner behind you illuminates his face, shines in his eyes. “Honestly, I thought you had a thing for Cap.” He shrugged, his turn to look down, his hand dropped from your cheek.
Your heart pounded as you smiled at him. “Me? Badass? Have you met yourself?” You cupped his cheek in the palm of your hand, now, turning his face to look back at you. “And me and Steve.. No. No, he’s been such a great friend, but that’s all we are. Friends. I mean, have you seen him around Bucky? There’s no way they’re not in love.” You chuckled and the comment made him laugh as well. It was always this way with him. Easy. Light.
“You’re not wrong about that.” He smiled again, and your heart skipped a beat.
“You’ve always had feelings for me?” You questioned.
He turned his head and kissed the palm of your hand. “Ever since you joined the team. I got one look at you and knew it was game over.” He looked at you like you were the stars, you were the moonlight shining on his face. He looked in awe of you, of bearing your soul to him in the middle of the night in an empty parking lot. He shook his head gently as if clearing his head. “I love you.” He stated it as simple as fact and as holy as scripture.
“I love you, Sam.” You said. His grin came easily as he closed the gap between you, he wrapped his arms around your waist, enveloping you in a hug. Natural, easy, warm. As everything was with him.
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barnxsromanxff · 12 hours ago
Raining Love | Bucky Barnes x reader
Request: from @cluelesstaco0
“Hii! Could you maybe write a fic about bucky confessing his love after not see the reader in years. (An angry love confession in the rain, basically) ;D”
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x fem!reader
Warnings: mentions of sadness, sad bucky/ sad reader, cursing, slow burn, angry love, mention of heart break, fluffy kissing, love confession
A/n: i absolutely LOVED this request! it’s such a good idea and gosh it’s just *chefs kiss* also sorry it took so long to write, it was sitting in my drafts for a long time
Tumblr media
° 𐐪𐑂 ♡ 𐐪𐑂 ₒ 𐐪𐑂 ♡ 𐐪𐑂 °
Time seemed to have become irrelevant, Bucky sits alone with only his own thoughts. His eyes were heavy, his sluggish movements slowed him and his stubble was beginning to form into a prickly beard. The bags underneath his eyes were just enough to tell he hadn’t been doing good, not since you left.
He knew if you were to see him now you would scold him lightly, try to get a laugh out of him. Cracking a joke or two before helping him, caring for him, bathing him. Every time he broke down you picked the pieces up, always.
But not now, not this time.
It had been a while since you’d seen him, you couldn’t lie. You missed him, you longed for him. His embrace, the dumb stories he’d tell about the 40’s, the feeling you felt when he looked at you. You had to get away, you couldn’t be around him. You were falling deeper and deeper in love, and you knew you shouldn’t have. Those feelings were not justified, he didn’t love you.
It had been about 6 months since you left the Avengers, you couldn’t do it anymore. You needed a rest, from missions, from the team, and sadly from him. Bucky was heartbroken to hear the news, you were gone. He didn’t even get to say goodbye.
His biggest regret for was not being able to confess his true feelings to you.
To Buck,
Look dork… I gotta go. I just need a break and I know the team would advise against it so i’m going without letting them know first. You should feel special cause I’m only writing you a letter, you know how to contact me. I’m sure you have an idea of where I’m going but don’t tell anyone. Don’t need anyone coming after me.
Love, your favorite
It took a long time for Bucky to get back on track, the team noticed how much it hurt him, but he tried his best to hide it. Kept himself busy so he had no time to think about it, until it was late at night. No one to distract him, just him and his own thoughts which always were about you.
You couldn’t lie when you felt a little hurt that he never called, no letters, absolutely nothing. It was selfish sure, but you still expected something… anything.
After a while you stopped waiting for the mail, stopping jumping to run to the door or smile when the phone rang. Disappoint was running through you every day so you eventually you stopped. Some days you thought about going back, to see the team and him.
Every time you were close to doing it something kept you, and you weren’t sure what it was. Nervousness? You knew you were definitely scared, but it was just Bucky. But it was more, you were scared of rejection, of him laughing in your face. You couldn’t face him, so you didn’t.
His knuckles clutched the steering wheel right, the skin turning white at the grip. His thoughts were running 100 miles a second, his mind thinking of the worst possibilities. The rain splashed against the tires as he sped down the highway, every moment feeling like torture. He knew he was getting closer to you, his skin felt electric. He felt on fire despite the cold weather.
He was going to see you, after all this time he was almost there. He was so miserable without you, he honestly didn’t care if you rejected him cause at least he would finally know. He would finally know you weren’t meant for him, you were just someone out of his reach.
You ran a hand through his hair, the sun shines angelically on him. His jaw seemed to be carved out of marble, and his eyes stared deep into your own soul. He was so close to you, almost close enough to kiss…
“You like what you’re looking at?”
Immediately your eyes glanced away, heat flooding your cheeks in embarrassment. You could feel his eyes on you, watching your reactions like a hawk. He sighed and spread his arms out on the couch, his skin ghosting over your shoulders as he stretched.
“You’re quiet doll.”
You nodded but didn’t say anything, the inside of your cheek bitten raw. You were a complete wreck, you could swear his eyes glanced over your body multiple times. But your mind always was very imaginative, you dismissed your thoughts and looked back up to him.
“Can I ask you a question?”
Your voice was mellow, squeaking like a mouse stuck in a maze. Bucky turned his head towards you and hummed, his eyes scanning your features.
The bright highway lights shined as Bucky drove by them, his head was spinning. He was finally going to see you, after all this time. He felt guilty waiting so long but he couldn’t do it anymore, he had to confess to you no matter what the consequences were.
You laid in your bed and picked at your fingers, something about tonight seemed different. Your eyebrows scrunched and you sat up frustrated at your lack of sleep. You felt your body tense as you looked at your bedside table, him and you together laughing.
You grumbled and grabbed your coat and slipped on your shoes, you have had enough. You’re sick of waiting, sick of everything. You needed him.
Buck parked the car in front of your house and sat for a second, this whole night he had been urgent and fast. Now that he has a second to sit and think he’s starting to regret coming. He was scared. He couldn’t handle you rejecting him, after all these years of loving you.
A knock on his window startled him, he looked up and made eye contact with you.
“Buck? what are you doing here?”
His heart was racing and he opened the door, stepping out into the rain his stature towered yours.
“I came here to…”
He paused trying to find the right words.
“Look Y/n i’ve just, i’ve missed you okay? when I heard you had left I was so hurt.”
You bit the inside of your cheek as guilt washed over you.
“You don’t know how much i’ve thought about you. All i’ve been able to think about since you left was you, your eyes, your smile, how you hated my cooking, your favorite songs and how dumb you looked dancing to them. Your all I think about y/n”
His voice was rough but softened towards the end, he was glad it was raining because he had felt a tear slip past his cheek. His eyes looked to see your head titled down, he cringed and already felt disappointed.
“No it’s okay you don’t have to say anything but Y/n, I love you. I’ve loved you since the day i saw you walk into the training room and you tripped over some dumb bells.”
You laughed at the memory and wiped your face from the rain, for the first time you looked up to him. His eyes seemed darker and a little sunken in but his happiness was still there, just a little deeper.
“Please say something.”
You hadn’t noticed you were just staring but once you did your face reddened. Right as you began to speak Bucky turned and opened the car door, facing away from you.
“I’m sorry for coming.”
You grabbed his wrist and turned him, finally you built up the courage and leaned to him. Your lips crashed into his, lips soft against his as his stubble tickled your skin.
You pushed on his chest lightly and took a deep breath of air, he was looking at you like you were crazy.
“It’s funny you chose tonight to come see me, cause I was going to go see you. Listen buck im sorry I left and i should’ve at least said good bye but i knew as soon as i would see goy i wouldn’t leave because well,”
You squeezed his hand a little and smiled at him with tears mixing with the rain.
“I love you James, I’ve loved you for a long long time.”
His eyes widened as it was his time to blush, you chuckled at his reaction and this time leaned slower up. His lips hovered over yours as he smiled, was this really happening?
“A long time huh?”
You laughed and hit his shoulder, embarrassed at bud teasing.
“Hey you said it was love at first sight so you have no place to talk.”
He genuinely laughed, for the first time in a long time he hasn’t been this happy.
° 𐐪𐑂 ♡ 𐐪𐑂 ₒ 𐐪𐑂 ♡ 𐐪𐑂 °
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sugamintchocochip · a day ago
Stage #2 of grief : pain and guilt (Mikey x reader)
Genre : song fic, angst
warning : death, blood, saddddd, spoilers for episode 20-21, not proofread
A/n : listen to Hold On by Chord Overstreet
Tumblr media
“Loving and fighting, accusing, denying, i can’t imagine a world with you gone”
when you love someone, you’ll never wish for them to disappear and get out of your life. And Mikey loved you. He couldn’t even think of you not being part of it. It was impossible for him. You were his everything, and in his head, there was no space for this thought. He loved you like the stars love the moon ; like the mountains like the skies ; like the clouds like the sun.
“The joy and the chaos, the demons we're made of”
and Mikey wasn’t perfect. He knew that much. But you still loved him for who he was. With his goods and bad’s. You loved them all. He was carefree and rarely showed his weaknesses but with you, he would. He wasn’t scared of being judge. He knew he could trust you with anything. And unlike most members of the Toman Manji Gang, you weren’t afraid of him and his power. You admired, respected and loved him.
“I'd be so lost if you left me alone”
But if you were ever to leave, he wouldn’t know what to do. He would be done. He would have nothing. He would be nothing. Yes, he had Toman and Draken. But you were different from everybody else. If you left him, it would feel like the world was ending. It might be considered dramatic. But, inside, it was what he felt.
“You locked yourself in the bathroom, lying on the floor when I break through”
Everyone was tired. Even Mikey. He was fighting Kazutora, on the pile of abandoned cars, when he suddenly got captured by two of his man. He couldn’t move. He couldnt break free. And you saw all this happening. And you saw the moment Kazutora got hold of the bat. And then, you ran. You ran faster that you ever did. You couldnt think straight. All you knew was that, if Kazutora started hitting Mikey with it, he won’t stop until he died. And you couldn’t let that happened, no. You loved Mikey too much for that. And that’s why, when you finally reached to them, you threw yourself in front of your boyfriend, and took the blow right in the head. You rolled down the pile of cars and everything went silent for a short moment. No one dared to speak. The silence was broken when the realization of what had just happened hit Mikey with the scream of your name. He jumped down and ran towards your body who was lying on the ground. Your head was bleeding. It wouldn’t stop. And you weren’t responding to his shouting pled either.
“I pull you in to feel your heartbeat. Can you hear me screaming?Please don't leave me...”
He knelt down and took you in his arms, putting his head on your chest, hoping that the heart that loved him oh so much was still beating. But the silence was too loud for him to hear. And unknowinlgy, the tears started to built and drown his eyes as he sobbed into your chest, don’t leave me, please...
“hold on i still want you”
please stay awake. Please don’t fall into a sleep so deep you won’t wake up. I’ve never begged before so please, just this once, let me be selfish and do it. Please, i’m begging you, don’t leave me, i still want you....
“come back i still need you”
don’t go to the end of the hallway where i know you’ll escape. So come back. Come back to me. Open your bright shiny eyes and tell me you’re here with me until forever. Dont go. Don’t go through the door, please...
“let me take your hand, ill make it right, i swear to love you all my life”
He grabbed your hand and waited for you to wake up. Draken knew you weren’t which is why he had called the ambulance, causing the fight between Valhalla and Toman coming to an end.
“hold on i still need you”
don’t leave me, i won’t live if you do. I’ll be a mindless soldier prisoner of a body. So don’t leave me. I still need you with me....
“Long endless highway, you're silent beside me, driving a nightmare I can't escape from”
The silence was overbearing. There you were, lying half dead in his arms, blood coming out of your head. He had stopped crying. No more tears were coming out of his eyes. He had cried all of them already.
“Helplessly praying, the light isn't fading”
But he hadn’t given up. Mikey wasn’t one to. Especially giving up on the ones he loved and cared about. He knew you were still alive. He could feel it. Because, when you love someone, you know when they’re truly gone. And right now, you weren’t. And he was praying you would never, at least not now. He wanted to grow old with you. Marry you. Have a long future with you. Until both of you are gray and wrinkled and turn to ghosts.
“Hiding the shock and the chill in my bones”
He tried so hard to look strong, to be strong. For you and for everyone who loved you. He didn’t want to seem weak. He had to be the strongest for you. He had swore this to himself since the beginning of your relationship. So he tried to hide his pain. Tried to contain the fear of losing you inside him. Well hidden from the rest of the world. Only for him to know and see.
“They took you away on a table”
When the ambulance came, it was a new fight. One between Mikey, Draken and the nurses. He didn’t want to let you leave without him. He wanted to be with you for every second, because, every second could be your last. And Draken tried to hold him back while the nurses tried to resonate with him. But it was to no avail. He didn’t want to. Because, he had promise you, that when you’ll die, he would be with you. And Mikey was never one to break his promises. Especially not the promises he did to you. But the ambulance had already left now. Which is why he grabbed his dear bike and started chasing after the poeple who had taken you away from him to the hospital.
“i pace back and forth as you lay still”
It had been a few hours already. And there were no signs of you. No one had told him what had happened when you entered the room full of doctors. He couldnt stand still. At this point, Draken was sure Mikey had walked 5 kilometres just in the waiting room. And he might’ve. But he hadn’t care enough to count. Usually, he wouldve. But right now, all that was on his mind was you.
“They pull you in to feel your heartbeat”
A few more hours later, as he was hiding his face in his knees, on the cold hospital ground, he heard movement and shouts in your room. Doctors speaking so loudly it scared him. Why were they screaming? Were you okay? He stood up so quickly he felt dizzy. But he didn’t care now. It didn’t matter how he was feeling. You were the one with their life on the line. Then, he heard them. He heard the shouts more clearly. Someone shock their heart. Someone reanimate them. And he ran in front of the door where he couldn’t get to you. The only thing that was seperating you and him. It took everything inside of him to not burst that door and go to you.
“Can you hear me screaming? Please don't leave me”
So instead, he screamed. He screamed to you, hoping that, wherever you were, you would hear his shouts. ”Y/N! IF YOU HEAR THIS, IF YOU LOVE ME, DONT LEAVE ME! YOU’RE SO STRONG! I- I KNOW YOU CAN FIGHT THIS! So, please! Don’t leave me...!” They were desperate. He was desperate. He couldn’t bare lose you. He fell on his knees as Draken and Mitsuya, who had been with him since the beginning of that mess, walked towards him.
“I don't wanna let go, I know I'm not that strong”
[November 5th 2004...]
the skies are gray. It seems like the world has end for Mikey, as he sits in front of your grave. And maybe it did as you were after all, his world. He wanted to cry but he didn’t. He hadn’t let himself so. Because he knew that you hated seeing him cry, especially if it would be over you. So he kept the tears. He kept them hidden in his heart and tried to overcome the urge to punch a wall and sob into his pillow.
“I just wanna hear you, ‘saying baby let’s go home’”
He wanted to hear you one more time. Just one more time. You would hold him, gently stroke his hair and tell him everything is okay and how much you love him. How will never leave him. But he know it would all be lies. Because you were gone. You had already left him.
“let’s go home. Yeah i just wanna take you home”
You were his home. You were his safe place to go to whenever he felt like giving up. You were his pillar. But you can never have something forever. Because there are no ‘forever’. And Mikey had been proved this the day you died.
“hold on i still want you”
why did you leave y/n....
“come back i still need you...”
and why didn’t you bring me with you....
Tumblr media
reblogs are appreciated :)
@kodzukoi and @iiiwachan bcuz bby wanted to be tagged hehe
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xu-ren · 2 days ago
The bed is cold without you
Genre: Fluff
Pairing: Tim Drake x reader / Red Robin x reader
Wordcount: 700+
So this is my first time writing for Tim so here goes nothing. By the way, I have a Dick Grayson fic with the same title here. 
Instinctively, you reached out your hand, half awake but looking for a warm body that’s supposed to be in bed with you. Nothing but cold sheets greeted you and you blinked awake blearily. You looked at the other half of the bed and you realised two things, one, you fell asleep waiting for Tim to come to bed, as evident by the contact lenses still in your eyes, and two, Tim still hadn’t come to bed yet.  
You sighed, staring at the still perfectly made bed on his side and the fluffed-up pillow. You understood what you were getting yourself into but sometimes, when you woke up in the middle of the night alone, you wonder if you truly knew what you were getting yourself into.
With another unhappy sigh, you leave the covers that were both warm and cold at the same time. After removing your contact lenses and replacing them with your spectacles, you head off to find Tim. As expected, there was light spilling out from Tim’s office.
You don’t enter his office, instead heading to the kitchen. You sipped a glass of water while waiting for the water to boil, pouring just the right amount of coffee grounds and milk and sugar into the cup. For the finishing touch, you plopped two ice cubes into the cup. Tim practically survived on coffee but even so, he had a habit of gulping down your coffee like a man who had finally found water after being lost in a desert for two days. The one and only time you forgot Tim’s ice cubes, he had scaled his tongue so badly he talked funny for two days.
With a quiet chuckle and a lighter heart, you headed to Tim’s office with your glass of water and Tim’s coffee held in your hands. Tim was so engrossed in his work that he didn’t look up when you enter his office nor when you walk towards him. His head only shot up once you set down the cup of coffee near his hand, a testimony on how tired he was that his vigilante instincts weren’t working.
You take a moment to look at him, taking in his messy raven hair that looked like he ran his fingers through too many times, his eyes that were bloodshot and dulled from the lack of sleep and the dark circles and eyebags heavy enough that Superman would have trouble lifting them up.
“You should be in bed,” Tim croaked out, interrupting your thoughts.
“So should you,” you retorted, pressing a chaste kiss to his temple as you rounded his table so that you were beside him.
“There’s a lot to do,” Tim answered with a sigh, looking like he aged ten years just at the mention of his workload.
“I know, I know, but the bed is cold without you,” you replied.
“Sorry, dearest,” Tim apologised remorsefully. You hummed as you crawled onto his lap, Tim automatically spreading his legs to accommodate you while his hands found themselves around your waist to steady you. You were too tired to fight with him, and no matter how many times Tim apologises, you know that he would do it again.
The both of you shuffled around until you were satisfied, with you between his legs and your back resting against his muscular chest while his arms caged you and his chin rested atop your head. He overtook your senses until all you could feel was him, the hardness of his chest moving as he breathed, the scent of him, something so distinct that you could pick from a sea of people, the sight of his hands in front of you, calloused and safe, that would never allow you to fall into danger, the beat of his heart against your ear, steady as ever, reassuring that he was still alive and the taste of coffee on his lips as he pressed a gentle kiss against your lips.
“Sleep,” Tim whispered, sharing his breath with you even as his voice was pitched low to soothe you to sleep, “I will wake you when I’m done.”
You nodded while yawning, too tired to even form words as you snuggled against his warmth. The last thing you heard and felt before you drifted off was a “Thank you for the coffee, love,” and a kiss on the crown of your head.
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