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#I’m getting to all my asks later
sun-to-my-luna · a month ago
i think im in love with camila again 🥺
As you should
Tumblr media
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cheesehair · 2 months ago
i’ve worked for a big corporation and hated it all but now that i’m working for a small business it’s actually so long like the corner cutting and being overworked and when you question things it’s like oh well we’re a small social enterprise! why would our retail staff get a 6 hour shift so they’re legally entitled to a break ha no they’re gonna work 5hrs 45mins and bank holidays come out of your holiday allowance babe isn’t that cool and yeah you’re not gonna have a line manager you’re gonna report directly to me! the ceo! and i’m gonna set unrealistic deadlines and stay on zoom with you all day to breathe down your neck and ask you and your team to send me a daily email of all the tasks you’ve done today but this is a small business! we’re doing good! social enterprise!
fuck me
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sluttyten · 2 months ago
Hi it’s time for another of Bea’s random personal complaint posts, you don’t have to read I just want to talk in the tags
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skeletal-kitt · a month ago
#I am so fed up with my mom right now I’ve been telling her for what two years that I need new clothes because#I’ve been wearing the same two outfits for 6 and they’re way past too small and falling apart#I would pay for the clothes with my own money but she keeps telling me not to why does she care it’s not her money#all I asked for was a ride to the mall tomorrow and she says ‘I can’t do this today we’ll talk about it later’#that’s what she always says and we never talk about I’ve been trying to talk to her about getting new clothes for 2-3 years#I mentioned I would call an Uber to get to the store and pay it all with my own money but no#she won’t let me because god forbid I go outside of the house by myself#I’m 19 she’s been doing this since I was almost 14#and I don’t even know why. it’s like she just needed to have full control over me all of a sudden#‘hey mom you’re going to town to get your nails done right across the street from the mall tomorrow right?#‘awesome can you drop me off at the mall so I can get some clothes that are actually my size and not falling apart?#‘I’ve been saving up my own money for a long time I can afford to buy my own clothes now. you can pick me up when your nails are done’#and she says ‘I just can’t do this today we’ll talk about it later’#and tomorrow morning I’m gonna say ‘are you ready to leave now?’ and#and she is going to say ‘I’m just going to get my nails done you don’t have to go with me’#and then I’ll say ‘yeah but could you drop me off at the mall please so I can get some clothes-‘#and she’ll cut me off and say ‘I don’t have the money to buy clothes for you right now wait a bit longer’#and ill say ‘oh I can pay for it I’ve been saving up cash for years for emergencies’#and she’ll say ‘yeah but you should actually use that for emergencies and not just clothes’#and ill say ‘I only have two outfits and they’ve been too small for years and theyre about to literally fall apart at the seams’#and she’ll say ‘I’ll take you to the mall in a couple weeks and go in with you just stay home today’#because GOD FORBID I leave the house by myself#people say they’re going crazy with hay fever because of the 2 year pandemic I’ve been forced in quarantine for almost 6 years#if she tries to avoid this much longer I’m just gonna call an Uber and go without her permission I’m 19 I’m an adult#she can’t tell me what to do forever and I can’t wait until I have access to my own bank account and get a job to save up money#I can’t wait to finally get out of here and away from her#I love her but I can’t live with her she makes me feel trapped in this house#the most freedom I ever get is when I got to visit my dads side of the family#and god knows I need a breath of fresh air every once in a while#she has money to get her nails done every two weeks while I’m wearing rags I might buy clothes online with her credit card and not tell her
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wanderingpages · 6 months ago
The first time i was pregnant i lost my shit... and kept losing my shit every day for a week... i packed a bowl and smoked till i was numb... i wasn't in a good place, i wasn't ready and i just knew i couldnt be pregnant. I terminated my pregnancy the day after i told my husband (bf at the time). Its been 7 year and i wonder what could have been, but i have never regreted my choice and my husband never once made me feel any anguish... i was 9 weeks pregnant when i found out
The second time i was pregnant was very soon after that and the birth control failed, we were so careful and still... i was 5 weeks pregnant when i terminated and I've never told anyone because i was so frustrated...
The third time i was pregnant i found out like 2 weeks after hurricane María destroyed all semblance of normalcy my life had. There was no power, no food, no water, no gas in Puerto Rico... people were so desperate and sad and it was so utterly bizarre, like suddenly we woke up in the middle of a fucking really bad disaster movie.
I owned a little café at the time and we were able to keep operating during the worst of it. I found out when after a really bad day i went to have a cigarette and it made me so nauseous ( I'd smoked for like 10 yrs, so that was not normal), the next day i woke up and lit up with my coffee and almost fainted. 3 tests later and yep...
I gave myself a week to think about it, even with the work load, the bad things happening, (after maria i didnt have power in my house for 6 months!!!) I was looking forward to being a mom... i told my husband and my friends and my family and never regreted it. I have an( almost) 3yr old...
Sorry to make this so long, i dont know you, i read your work but usually dont interact much on Tumblr... but i wanted you to know that in my opinion, its ok to freak out but if you cant stop freaking out... its ok to say you're not ready and don't want it. Kids are fucking hard core and they should be had willingly and happily. Its OK to not be ready.
I have no idea if where you're from abortions are legal or not, but you have complete control over your body and it should be your CHOICE to have a baby.
I wish you much clarity and all the best.
Xoxo N
Oh my god thank you for sharing your story with me, I’m fucking in tears, this meant the world to me right now. I’m sorry you had to go through that but I’m so happy you’re in a better place now. I don’t know what my plans are, I don’t know if I’m ready or if I can or ever will be able to handle this, half the time I don’t even know what to feel or if what I do feel is alright to feel.
I know I have support with whatever my decision is but it’s the inner turmoil that’s really messing me up. Lmfao my self is my worst critic these days.
#asks#my therapist says I’m scared to lose it if it’s real and that’s why I have attachment issues#and just thinking about every possible outcome... I just don’t even think I’d be prepared for any of them#maybe she’s right#the first time I had a pregnancy scare#the test was positive but a few days later I got my period so I didn’t think anything of it#a few weeks later I’m suddenly bleeding out and I don’t know just whatever happened happened but that nurse who took care of me#god she made me feel so fucking guilty#and I was just a kid wtf was I supposed to know??#she told me it had a heartbeat and it made me feel so sick#maybe she didn’t know the extent of what happened just knew I was a teenager who ‘lost a baby’ but boy did she run her mouth#logically I KNEW none of it was my fault#like it would not have gone anywhere at all#and I just was so so fucking depressed for a really long time#hell every winter I get all fucking sad and angry at myself again and I KNOW ITS NOT MY FAULT#but it’s so hard I don’t know#I wanted to break up with my boyfriend at the time#hell I blamed him too#really said he had demon sperm for a while#lol I was just like ya know the first time I have sex and give myself completely over to somebody#this shit happens#and I was just an angry person for a while#it just freaks me out and scares me and horrifies me and fills me with guilt#I don’t know I guess I’ll figure it out soon#it’s emotionally exhausting#and I can’t tell if the nausea is from my anxiety or it’s a symptom lmao fuck#but I feel sick#sorry for all my word vomit#ya know in general too#tw pregnancy
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8-bitparagon · 13 days ago
Just reblogged a post about math and it got me thinking about how math is probably a subject that I should be good at, but my brain cannot handle it in the slightest. Like it’s entirely logic, I’m usually great at logic.
Idk if it’s bc of the way it was taught in my math classes or what, but at this point I genuinely cannot wrap my mind around the existence of numbers and how they work. Makes me wonder how things might’ve been different if it was something I could do.
Back in elementary school in the third grade, I was placed in an advanced math class, and at a certain point the teacher was moving too fast which made me start crying in the middle of class.
Instead of helping me catch up or slowing down or anything like that, their solution was to just move me to a less advanced class. This in fact did not help me in the slightest and while it was a slower class, I still didn’t understand any of the material.
I genuinely have no idea what I would change about how math is taught (outside of getting rid of the various teachers who are horrible at teaching), but it really does seem like there should be a better way to teach the subject
#the awful teachers are a whole other story and I hate all of them#one time in middle school I tried asking the teacher for clarification on how to work through the problem bc I didn’t understand#and you know what his response was? ‘idk how do you do it’#LIKE WHAT?!?!?!#Several years later and I’m still extremely upset about it#no wonder I developed such an avoidance towards learning the subject when every other math teacher I had was just garbage#now that I’m thinking about it I kinda feel like I’ve been left behind and never really caught up#the public school system is such a mess and I hate it#^that middle school math teacher was the worst I have so many stories about that dude#made a girl cry once by talking about her weight#also every single girl that went to that school that I’ve talked to about him has said he was an absolute creep#like they’d go and ask him a question and he’d invite them to sit on his lap and then he would work through it with them#I barely even remember the good math teachers bc so many of them were grumpy old people who seemed like they really didn’t want to teach#I had one during my senior year of high school that tried to make math interesting but at that point it was too little too late for me#she had us do a presentation that was meant to help us see how math was in everything and we could pick any topic with math in it#and honestly that’s a really cool thing to do but being a senior who had the grades to pass that class without doing the presentation#I did not care in the slightest and it was one of the worst presentations I’ve done that I can remember#I’m sorry high school math teacher! I genuinely hope you don’t become bitter and stop caring!#the school system needs all the good teachers it can get
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a-second-chance-su-au · a year ago
I JUST realized that Rose saying "I'm saying that Pink Diamond is in the past. She isn't me anymore, and I am pretending every time I become her. I am Rose Quartz." It's like someone who's trans talking to their friend who knows they're trans. That's FANTASTIC, since the Steven Homeworld arc was compared to a family refusing to accept their child is trans (and it's clear why). If that was intentional, THAT IS AMAZING.
AAAA thank you so much!!! I’m glad someone picked up on that! :D
I wasn’t going for a Trans metaphor, but I was trying to draw parallels to Steven’s adventure on Homeworld with everyone constantly misgender in him thinking he’s still Pink (which was a trans metaphor, so I guess that IS what I was going for?? idk lol). I’m glad you picked up on that, it means a lot ;w;
#people like my work enough to think about it critically like this woah#it’s midnight I’m too tired to deal with the sheer joy I get from knowing that#seriously thank you so much#<3#OKAY TIME TO EXPLAIN MY REASONING:#Rose was willing to give up her diamond form forever if it meant staying Rose Quartz right?#at the end of A Single Pale Rose she makes it blatantly clear that she doesn’t think the other Diamonds care about her/the planet enough#to make her reconsider. She rolls her eyes when she says- probably quoting someone- that ‘this is Pink Diamond’s colony’.#If you get rid of Pink then there’s no one to rule and Earth is free (or that is what the plan appeared to be anyway).#and she WANTED to do that.#Plus as I’ve pointed out before she appears to become really uncomfortable when people call her ‘my Diamond’#She’s ecstatic to know that while being Rose no one will ever think to say that to her. They’re all equals (or at least more so than before#For those of you who have seen Gravity Falls she pulls a Grunkle Stan and crashes to bump her old self off so she can start fresh#In this AU she’s just doing that earlier than in canon by separating the two personas from each other#(which definitely won’t have consequences later)#not saying she faked her shattering earlier just that she decided to do away with Pink forever earlier.#But she can still use Pink to her advantage so bumping her off never once crossed her mind here.#That’s for later lol#dimond speaks#asks#answered asks#anon#pink diamond#rose quartz#trans rep#steven universe#a second chance#spinel#crystal gem spinel#su au
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skittikyu · 6 months ago
I just realized why your buff sticks look so off to me (/lh)(/nm) its because they still got the got damn tiny circle "=D" face head and its just completely disproportionate
Not hating on your style i love the buff sticks with all my heart I just thought that was funny
it’s probably because i’m still learning how to draw muscles and different body types too fyuwfgwuy
but yeah the mfs don’t have a jawline or anything after you get to the neck it’s just ⚪ so that probably doesn’t help contrast wise
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troybarnesbucky · 4 months ago
#i’ve been friends with my ex’s best friend since before we broke up more than two years ago.#so i’ve known him 4 years now and we really get along and get each other more than anyone else in our lives#we don’t talk often — facetime every few weeks and that’s it — because the breakup was bad and then we didn’t talk for awhile after it#but when we started talking again it was exclusively on facetime. i’ve seen him in person twice and only one time was intentional#but the dude is Fucked Up. like mentally all over the place and very emotionally stunted and socially closed off#i know more about him than anyone else does and even i can’t get through to him about certain things#and one particular thing is my ex — he’s still ‘friends’ with him but he’s realized over the last year or so that they’ve sorta grown out of#their friendship. and i’m neutral idc if they’re friends or not and we otherwise don’t talk about him unless we talk about how he impacted#our own lives — like how our relationship was or how their friendship is faring.#that all changed when last year my ex drunk texted me and accosted me in public and since then things have been different#so he feels really guilty about still being friends with me and MIND YOU were literally friends over facetime and that’s it#and he told my ex that we still talk and my ex barely even cared bc it’s not his type to care really#but he ALWAYS tells me that he feels guilty about being my friend and that he should just cut me out of his life#again.. we facetime every once in awhile but we’re very open with each other so ig that’s friendship#and i bring it up every once in awhile but i’m always like ‘let me talk to my ex and just tell him that we’re friends so you won’t feel#guilty’ but he always shuts me down. and tonight i asked if i could do anything to just… get rid of the guilt? because it’s not fair that#i know how guilty i make him feel and can’t change it. it’s not in my control. which is his reasoning.#but in fucking retrospect everything he said to me was genuinely fucked up. because he would tell me straight to my face that he wanted to#cut me off — and he’s done it before! but i would reach out awhile later and he’d be ‘drawn back in’ (his words)#and we’re going back and forth (on facetime ofc) about this and I’m kind of joking about it but i’m like listen I know i can’t do anything#about it but it sucks because u never answer my texts and that’s fine but in my head i assume it’s because u finally decided to cut me off#and i changed the subject for a minute and then out of the blue he’s like ‘ok i think i’m ready to wrap this up’ and i’m like ‘uh… the call?#or our friendship…?’ and i’m kinda joking but he literally says ‘no us.’ to my fucking face. and im like ‘uh…. ok. goodbye i guess?’#and he just fucking waves. that’s it. no ‘i’m sorry for letting my guilt get in the way of our friendship’#and i just hang up.#and like ok in retrospect i shouldn’t have pushed him to hang out in person (i’m leaving soon and i’m like ‘ur not gonna see my for awhile!’#but in actuality i really don’t care about hanging out irl i just hate that he feels guilty and TELLS me. like I know we’re open but why#do u think telling me that i’m the problem is necessary???)#and i kept saying ‘don’t worry i don’t really care that doesn’t matter to me i just don’t want our friendship to make you feel shitty’
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