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#I鈥檓 going to go cry in a corner now馃ズ馃槶馃槶
limp-wrist-max28 days ago
mea my beloved<3
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Akdhsbajsjdjsj AHHHHHH I LOVE YOU馃槶馃槶馃槶
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And you used a Liam react馃ズajsaihshaja you know the way to my heart馃槶
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mimiofmiami10 days ago
Harry really got himself a wife that writes poems about him. I know Harry was super emotional when he got that poem. It鈥檚 probably his favorite book to read to Archie now too especially since Meghan wrote it. In one of the preview pages, it鈥檚 says my love and beautiful boy and Meghan calls Harry my love馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ. I鈥檓 just going to cry in a corner about how sweet and wholesome this all is. I want a cute photo of Harry and archie reading the book now on a bench馃槶馃槶
It鈥檚 truly one of the most beautiful gifts she could have ever given him (besides their two little ones, ofc 馃槉). His bond with Archie must be so special, and how utterly precious to have a forever memento of that made for them with so much love by the girl they both love most 馃ズ
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bowandcurtseya month ago
I鈥檓 so sad black clover is overrrrr馃槶 I don鈥檛 wanna wait till the movie comes out idk what to do every Tuesday now fmlllll, do u think it鈥檒l become seasonal or do u think it鈥檚 OVER over??
Let鈥檚 go to a corner together and hug and cry about this 馃ズ
I still have hopes that the anime will be back! Because it鈥檚 sucha hit isn鈥檛 it?! Anyway they鈥檙e in the middle of an arc, it鈥檚 kinda impossible to just end right?!
They have to! So many nice scenes yet to be animated 馃槶 Please don鈥檛 take too long, please black clover anime team!!
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outrunningthedark8 months ago
'He wanted some shares, but he's not getting any for now!' 馃摚馃摚FOR NOW ONLY 馃摚馃摚!!! Which means 1. He鈥檚 winding him up like they always do to each other. 2. He indeed has plan to share his business with him in the future. 馃摚馃摚FUTURE馃摚馃摚 THIRE FUTURE as in after football, like a lifelong partner馃槶馃槶馃槶 I鈥檓 going to cry in the corner, bye!!!
This message is a blessing, thanks.聽 You and I both *know* Del鈥檚 been arguing for his share of the business once it finally got off the ground. He鈥檚 been there from day one! Listening to Eric and Patrick鈥檚 ideas!聽Supporting them! Encouraging them! And being included isn鈥檛 about the money, oh, no. It鈥檚 being able to say he and Eric are building something TOGETHER. It鈥檚 being able to prove Eric trusts him enough to embark on this project WITH HIM. 馃ズ馃槶 That聽鈥渇or now鈥, brain twin...Something鈥檚 coming. We don鈥檛 know when, but...the door鈥檚 been left open for a purpose. 馃 In closing, I have to yet again shout out Papa Dier for offering his son the most brilliant relationship advice. Five years later and it鈥檚 still his (and Dele鈥檚!) go-to tactic. Why fix what ain鈥檛 broke? ;) Thanks, dad! You did good.聽
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makeusfreefromthisfandom10 months ago
hewwo can you do fluffy ikuya headcannons too 馃ズ馃憠馃憟
The first time I did this I forgot to save it to my drafts and lost everything 馃槶 I literally had to close my laptop to go sit in a corner and cry bc the headcanons I wrote were so good and deep too. I don鈥檛 think anyone understands my pain rn but I just took this opportunity to make my hcs even better and more long and more deep just because I鈥檓 fired up now馃槫- thank you for listening to my little rant.
Tumblr media
Ikuya Kirishima Relationship Headcanons
Our cinnamon roll馃グ
How do I describe this: you two have a very peaceful relationship
Some days he just comes to you and places his head in your lap as you run your fingers through his hair. You two just take a moment to appreciate each other鈥檚 presence. Nothing needs to even be said
But other times he鈥檚 very talkative and you two have the deepest conversations about life
You share conspiracy theories.
He鈥檚 wants his first date with you to be on a blanket under the stars to get to know each other better 馃ズ (romantic at heart)
He is just so 馃ズ馃ズ馃グ馃槚鉂わ笍
He鈥檚 going to name all the stars for you and you just look at him like 鉂わ笍馃憚鉂わ笍
Your dates are always very meaningful and special rather than it just being going out to eat
Also arcade dates 100%
PDA shy. He doesn鈥檛 mind it but is shy when it comes to being the one to initiate it. But will hold your hand, nothing too overboard tho
Secretly likes being the little spoon. He just loves being in your arms, it makes him feel relaxed and loved <3
But he also likes holding you too and having your head in his lap, listening to you talk about your day as he just looks at you with the most precious smile awww
Natsuya鈥檚 like a dad tho. No but really, he appreciates you for always being there for Ikuya and getting him out of his shell
Also you鈥檒l have to grow a bit on Hiyori too
I mean he鈥檚 not the same ass he was before and he鈥檚 come to respect Ikuya鈥檚 OTHER relationships. But despite what people might think, he actually begins to like you, and you two form a mutual friendship EVENTUALLY
Ikuya has his insecurities and if he ever starts comparing himself to anyone or starts making himself feel inferior to anyone else, please make sure to bop him on the head hard enough
But then immediately embrace him afterwards and give him kisses and remind him: There鈥檚 always going to be someone out there who鈥檚 better than you, but that鈥檚 just a reason for you to work even harder and better so that you can surpass them, not for you to make yourself feel inferior- Admin really out here giving y鈥檃ll life lessons folks
But please make sure he doesn鈥檛 push himself too far, he listens to YOU
something else Natsuya appreciates about you
If he鈥檚 feeling down, just hold him. Your actions mean to him a lot more, and he鈥檒l eventually vent it out if he needs to
And if you are ever feeling down he鈥檚 going to do the same for you: through actions. He鈥檒l cook for you/ ask if your up for gaming/ put on your fav movie/ or just hold you there and play with your hair 鉂わ笍
He loves your support and also supports you into following your own dreams as well, and hopes that he鈥檚 apart of it <3
Wishes it on a shooting star
he鈥檚 baby, but don鈥檛 think this man doesn鈥檛 know how to come forward and be protective when needed to
He鈥檚 always going to step up for you.
Gets flustered easily so whenever he says how much he loves you or how beautiful you are, it鈥檚 going to be when ur either stargazing, in a sleeping state, or he says it veryyy quietly under his breath. You鈥檒l just have catch it 馃ズ
Actions really do speak louder than words.
someone assemble a protecc squad for him too
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geniedocroea year ago
Hii! I'm sorry I have no clue how to use this and if it's the right place to write the BoB requests you asked for, so I hope it gets to you 鉂わ笍 I was thinking about one of the boys, probably Joey Lieb getting jealous bcs the girl he likes is flirting/talking/dancing with someone else? Hope it's okay or something you're getting all the time and your requests are still opened... anyway you're such a sweetheart, sending my love 鉂わ笍
(joe liebgott X reader)
aww okay i love you so much. you鈥檙e an angel. i鈥檓 still taking requests and i鈥檓 sorry this took so long. i went back to school today and i was just trying to appreciate the time i had off. i鈥檓 in french class as i鈥檓 writing this 馃憖 also i kind of love george luz so i鈥檓 def using him heavily in this request. sorry for any spelling mistakes. i hope you like it 馃ズ also if anyone can find my little one direction and friends easter egg then please tell me 馃槶
language & angst
wc: 1086
Tumblr media
joe never hid his feelings for you. everyone seemed to know that you had a special place in his heart . . . everyone but you. joe was your best friend and you always said it was nothing more. it hurt him but he had so much respect for you that he couldn鈥檛 push himself onto you. it just wasn鈥檛 right and it wasn鈥檛 fair.
you truly loved joe. some part of you was truly madly deeply in love with him. for some odd reason, you just couldn鈥檛 admit it. you didn鈥檛 even know how you felt. you were too focused on the war. and war was a difficult thing to comprehend when you were the only female paratrooper. war was difficult in general.
as of right now you were dancing with george luz and you were having the time of your life. you were spinning fast. your hands were on his shoulders and his were on your waist. this was the most fun you鈥檇 had in years. austria was going great for you.
joe sat across the room with malarkey, webster, nixon, heffron, and roe. it seemed as if everyone in the room was watching you and george dance. the two of you slowed as the song changed and george hugged you tightly.
鈥渙ne last dance?鈥
鈥渙f course.鈥
you both swayed from side to side. your head rested on george鈥檚 shoulder. it was a pretty intimate moment but you could never have feelings for george and he could never have feelings for you. it was merely a mutual respect. the two of you loved one another dearly but only as best friends. after guarnere and toye each lost a leg you couldn鈥檛 really function. it affected you both greatly. you couldn鈥檛 live with out bill guarnere. george might鈥檝e been your best friend but bill was definitely your soulmate.
from the corner of your eye you could see joe stand, blow cigarette smoke, and exit the bar. the song slowed and you separated from george. you jokingly curtsied before returning to the corner that joe previously sat in.
鈥渨hat happened?鈥 you asked, sitting down quickly.
鈥渘o clue. he just up and left.鈥 webster shrugged and you immediately stood back up.
the men called after you as you left the bar, looking for joe. you found him outside with the same cigarette. he seemed like he had been crying. his eyes were red and there was definitely rivers down his cheeks. it hurt you to seen him like this. i mean, you had only seen him cry a handful of times.
鈥渏oey? what鈥檚 wrong?鈥
he quickly turned away from you, wiping away tears. he didn鈥檛 say anything as he moved away from you. your heart nearly broke in your chest. it had so many cracks in it. you could tell it wasn鈥檛 going to be able to survive much longer. someone would have to help you rebuild it from scratch. your mother didn鈥檛 spend nine months trying to form your heart for it to be broken in a matter of seconds.
鈥渏oe 鈥斺
鈥済et lost, y/l/n.鈥
joe never used your last name. not unless he was angry with you and again that was only a handful of times. joe was giving off negative vibes and you just weren鈥檛 around for that. he was tense and you knew it. however, you knew how to stay calm and collected.
鈥渨ell, could you tell me what i did? i鈥檇 like to make things right.鈥
joe whirled around to face you. 鈥渨hat you did . . . hm? i鈥檝e been chasing after you for years. i鈥檝e been in love with you for so godamn long. and for what? for you to be oblivious? for you to flirt with luz? for you to dance with him like that? i know i have no right being jealous when you aren鈥檛 even mine but seeing you with someone like that . . . i wish it was me. i wish i was the one that you were dancing with because you never take a second look at me. i know it鈥檚 not right to fall in love during a war when so many people are suffering but i just can鈥檛 help myself. you鈥檙e just too fucking lovable. we鈥檙e gonna go home after this war is over and i know some lucky guy is gonna marry you. he鈥檒l get to have an amazing wife forever. he鈥檒l get to share a house with you. he鈥檒l get to have kids with you. he鈥檒l get to share his life with you. i鈥檒l be at home wondering why that couldn鈥檛 have been me. you wanna know what you did wrong and the answer is nothing. it鈥檚 not my place to be jealous but i am. i鈥檓 sorry. i love you, okay?鈥
鈥渏esus joe. you should鈥檝e just said something.鈥 your stomach felt like it had just joined the olympics. you couldn鈥檛 tell if it was butterflies or alcohol. and if you were being honest . . . no one had ever confessed their feelings to you like this. you couldn鈥檛 believe joe was jealous of george.
鈥渨hy should i have said something? it would鈥檝e have changed a godamn thing. just forget this ever happened, alright? let me finish this cigarette and i鈥檒l be back inside.鈥 you opened your mouth to speak but joe interrupted you. 鈥渘o hard feelings. i hope this doesn鈥檛 change anything between us.鈥
鈥渏oseph liebgott, will you listen to me please. for some reason i鈥檝e tried to hide it. i鈥檝e tried to push it away. it鈥檚 always been pushed deep down inside of me. i鈥檓 not in love with george. i could never be. he鈥檚 one of my best friends. when i was dancing with him, i wished it was you. i don鈥檛 wanna go home and get married to some veteran that doesn鈥檛 understand what we鈥檝e been through. i want to go home with you. i want to buy a house with you. i want to marry you. i want to have a bunch of baby liebgotts. i want to wake up everyday and you be by my side. when i cry i want to have your shoulder to lean on. no one could ever comprehend what we鈥檝e been through together. in all my life, i never thought i could be so lucky. it鈥檚 you joey. it鈥檚 always been you. it鈥檒l never stop being you. i鈥檓 in love with you too.鈥
joe stared at you. 鈥渋 can say that i was definitely not expecting that.鈥
you gave a short laugh before smiling at him. 鈥渏ust kiss me already dumbfuck.鈥
and he did.
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