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#I’m gonna lose it

I mean the anticipation for season 3 is crazy! These amazing actors have us on the edge of our seat. This post from Richard Cabral talking about his acting and what he and his fellow castmates have done this season…I’m mean it sounds like they are gonna leave us speechless. They all sound so proud of the work they did this season and they are so excited to share it with us. This post got me even more pumped for the new season. I’m ready! Are you?

Photo Credit: Richard Cabral’s official Instagram page.

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How much of De Amacitia do I have to read for my Latin teacher to understand that I know Cicero Loved Scipio. I’ve been translating 10 whole pages front and back of this stuff I think I know that he missed his friend.

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Being a KV student is chilling on the last day of school holidays and then getting a notice for two practical exams, three vivas, five assignments and writing a 1000 words essay in Hindi 15hrs before school opens

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i may be legitimately stupid

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After watching the latest episode of Sk8 the infinity I’ve confirmed that ADAM is just a skateboarding red& blue version of Hisoka.


Originally posted by aksteldesu

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Oh my gkd one of the WandaVision episodes is inspired by MALCOM IN THE MIDDLE

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I made this blog just to say this because this opinion is going to be super unpopular with a lot of She-ra fans but C/tra is super overrated. Every typical she-ra fan is a catra stan, and while there is some variety here and there, you can’t even deny it.

How much C/tra fanart is there? Tons of it.

How much C/tradora fanart is there? Mother lodes

How much A/ora fanart is there that doesn’t include C/tra? Barely any.

Not everything is about fucking C/tra, I love her, I will admit it, I have nothing against her as a character, but Jesus fucking Christ please shut the fuck up about C/tra and stop making every fucking little thing about her I swear to god if I see another birthday post today. With C/tra. On Entrapta’s birthday. I’m gonna fucking leave this fandom.

If you like C/tra! That’s okay! I get why you like her! But please stop making everything about her, it just shows just how fucking overrated she is.

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for context on my last post i have a horrible principle who is a trump supporter and likes to just make me angry

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As of recent I have been completely fed up with people and someone posting this


While I was feeling like the bad bitch I am just totally pissed me off so I drew the drawing above because oh my god I’m going to kill someone

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me, sleeping

little sister comes banging at my door: bub i need to use your laptop

me, groggily getting up to give it to her

little sister, banging on the door more: BUB

me, v annoyed and pissed off: CAN YOU WAIT

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“You want to see cute? How about I set this room on fire? I wonder just how cute you’d think I was then.”

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i anyone else plagued by the moon light post and the troll lighter post or is it just my own unique hell to see them at least five times on my dash per hour

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Ok so, is anybody else EXTREMELY worried about that snippet?? Plus the art??? What was the tincture James was drinking? Why is he tied to the bed? Why is his room ice cold?? Plz don’t tell me my boy is about to be possessed by a demon or something because I will explode

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