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#I’m incredibly sad

I SHAVED MY HEAD AND IM VERY HAPPY ABOUT IT BUT THATS NOT WHAT IM MOST HAPPY ABOUT. My friends are literally so NICE and SWEET and KIND!!!! They were so supportive about it and the guy friend that I asked for the razor from was so kind I’m literally 🥺 I’ve already said it so many times today but I am so great full for my friends,, I’m still very shy around them but after this experience I think I’m really going to open up more and really take some vulnerable risks when I need. It’s been so hard to open up to people since 6th grade. I’m 20 now and I am very happy in this current state. I’ve been feeling really down and maybe I’m still high on adrenaline but I really think I’m going to open up a lot more and just over all not give a fuck what people think about me. I deserve this.

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finished hannibal and like why, out of all the horrible shows 2014 tumblr made me watch, di i skip hannibal? that was so good

#i mean obviously ive watched it now only once through, #but like that was so dynamic and interesting, #and sure the dialogue was way too fancy sometimes but it made a lot of the scenes way more dramatic, #also come on all the queerbaiting in spn and sherlock and shit and they literally made will and hannibal can only in love with each other!?!, #and no one bothered to really emphasize that, #i mean obviously wow it’s between a cannibal and an empathetic murderer, #but like.......that was cool to see his character being corrupted, #will is a comfort character now, #like obviously they’re horrible but his character is so much more interesting for having to realize the capability of a quote unquote, #average person being able to commit atrocities, #of course i believe will was always harboring a deep seated capability for what hannibal pushed him to do, #but i think it makes you reflect inward for relating with him when he’s struggling and you always kind of root for him even when he’s doing, #the wrong thing, #also will always choosing hannibals side despite his best interest and the safety of everyone, #and also hannibal do be super in love with will, #and the aesthetic of mid atlantic gothic was incredibly intoxicating to watch, #also the last season being basically inferno themed??? masterpiece, #i really enjoyed it and i’m sad i watched it like 7 years too late, #and even tho it’d be nice to have a season 4 i think the microcosm of the show as is, #ended up creating a super meaningful, #dare i say, #love story, #it really showed you hannibal manipulating will, #will manipulating hannibal, #and finally them both choosing each other after realizing that they are the only ones that understand and can love each other, #takes a deep breath, #sorry for all that but i have a lot of feelings about that show, #i loved loved loved the aesthetic, #hannibal, #thank you and goodnight
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It was beautiful sneaking out of my house while my baby sleeps, and sitting on the hood of my car. By myself. Getting high, watching the moon rise from the harvest orange to the faintly yellow it is now, speaking my love for my lylli pad and reminiscing out loud to the faeries and other creatures of the night and hopefully lylli’s soul… if she wasn’t, I hope the wind carried it to my precious girl, for she was a girl always living in the wind…

I’m still devastated. I’ll probably rupture blood vessels in my eyes from crying and letting my emotions soak my clothes… The whisky isn’t numbing the pain. I can’t close my eyes because all I see is you and all I hear is your giggles and cackles. The air intake when you’d puff the joint and gently smile when it hits you..

I just want to hold you. Hold you and never ever let you go.

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I feel like so many of the “whether or not to vote” discourse posts kind of boil down to


Like no shit we do know that the political situation completely sucks, we’re definitely aware

But that doesn’t mean that refusing to take part in it whatsoever is practical or even helpful to anyone provided it somehow was?

We know voting third party being a useless vote is a problem, that doesn’t mean “so we will vote third party because our individual moral views do outweigh the results of refusing to work together”. We know that the electoral college is an elaborate con designed to disenfranchise specific voters, that doesn’t mean that refusing to vote on principle helps those voters either??

As for the “well Trump didn’t have the majority vote last time just the electoral college, but people blamed the election on 3rd party voters and people who refused to vote for either instead of the EC”; the EC isn’t a secret, or a surprise— I am very happy to blame both things, I really don’t care if that hurts feelings? If you can vote, you vote. Yes! Also push to shut the EC down, but refusing to vote does fuck all to shut down the EC

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Saw a tweet the other day that asked people to list their most depressing movies … and I’m putting that question to you with a twist today, because I’m bored.

What’s your “favorite movie that you can only watch once” because it’s too sad/depressing/upsetting?

My list includes:

  • Requiem for a Dream
  • The Fountain
  • Kids
  • American Movie
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