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#I’m not sleeping these days like... at all
sukunasbabymama · 2 days ago
Online meetings.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
└ Pairing. Kokonoi Hajime, Akashi Takeomi, Kakucho Hitto, Manjiro Sano, Sanzu Haruchiyo, Ran Haitani, Rindou Haitani.
└ Summary. Online meetings with Bonten where they caught you sleeping during the meet because you forgot to turn it off.
└ Warnings. Fem pet names?¿, mention of killing even though this is fluff, yes, high Sanzu and idk what else.
└ Note. I was going to do as I said in the rules, just five characters, but end up doing them all in exchange of taking more time writing. Also, I mixed the concept of the meetings, some with them and some without them.
Tumblr media
Kokonoi Hajime.
He was entering your home at a decent time, just to find you with your head on top of your folded arms, he smirks.
It’s just when he gets closer that he sees that you’re sleeping and your college meeting is still ongoing, your camera and micro off. Without making too much fuss about it, he kneels in front of you and starts softly taking your shoes off, then he starts taking all the pins off your hair and softly takes you in his arms.
When he tucks you in bed you open your eyes a little.
“Koko?” You murmur, throwing your arms around his neck, he chuckles softly.
“I can’t baby, I have to stay till your meeting is over.” He softly says, and kisses your neck since that's the only place he can reach with how tight your grip around him is. You nod and let him go.
He ended up hearing the meeting for you, and like the smart ass he is, he took notes for you so you could check them when you wake up.
Akashi Takeomi.
You were talking to him on a video call since he was on a busing trip but still would call you every night to check on you.
However, you had spent the whole day helping his brother in a lot of gang related things, so you were more than tired by the time you took the call.
“I’ll be back tomorrow, and remember next week we have this meeting with the gang from… Oh,” He stops talking when he looks at the phone and sees you dozing off. “Princess? Hey, hey! Doll!”
You get startled and look around his apartment, because yes, he makes you stay at his apartment when he’s not around. You look at him and smile embarrassed.
“I’m so sorry Takeomi,” You murmur, taking the laptop with you and putting it on your bed while you start to undress to get ready for bed. He watches you with a small smile.
“My brother made you help him today?” You hum and he tsk. “He always does that when I’m not around.”
“Because you don’t let him be around me when you’re here.” You say getting under his blankets, you get comfy, he chuckles.
“Yeah. Have a nice sleep, love, I’ll be there by the time you wake up.” He murmurs.
“To give me kisses?” You whisper, your eyes already closed, he chuckles again.
“To give you the world, baby…”
Kakucho Hitto.
It’s normal for you to attend your online meetings in his office, since you spend almost all your time at the Bonten’s building.
What’s not normal is for you to be this tired, to the point of leaning back on his chair and falling asleep while the conference about what to do for the new season in your company was being held.
“Doll, Kokonoi says that this new product they’re proposing to you it’s not wor— Oh.” He smirks as soon as he sees your sleeping face.
Softly, he takes you in his arms and lays you on the comfy couch he has in the office, he puts a small blanket that was for decoration on top of your body and kisses your cheek.
“I need to be at the meeting.” You mumble half asleep.
“Kokonoi says it is not worth it.” He whispers, tracing your lips and eyebrows with his finger softly.
“Oh, then I’m not gonna take…” You move around, already sleeping again. He chuckles.
He sits on the chair and starts taking notes on the most important points they made through the rest of the meeting.
“We’ll give you our response tomorrow.” He ends the meeting after they were looking for you.
Manjiro Sano “Mikey”.
You were talking to him through the phone when he decided he wanted to see you. After turning on the camera a genuine smile spread through his face immediately. You were under all the blankets already, your face showing signs of being one step away from falling asleep.
“Go to sleep, bubs.” He whispers, and although it looks like he’s relaxed watching you, in reality he’s in a room full of gang members and some rats that he was about to interrogate. You didn’t know that by his genuine smile and he wasn’t about to tell you either.
“No, no… tell me about the guys that work with you, what did Kaku-chan do today?” You mumble, eager to hear him talk, he smirks and in time, Kakucho shows his face on the camera. “Oh, you’re Kaku-chan? Hi!”
“Hello there.” He says and goes on with his business.
“So, we were at this art gallery and some rich man thought that because the guys were wearing suits they couldn’t fight and started to pick fights with them.” Mikey starts to tell you with a smile while watching how in the distance Sanzu was beating the snitch ass. “Apparently they didn’t know he was the best brawler of our time and—,”
Your snoring stops him. He looks at you and chuckles, you are too deep already and he swears he can see you drooling already.
“At least take off the glasses, angel...” He whispers to himself, ending the call and looking at Sanzu who was waiting for his orders. “Kill them.”
Ran Haitani.
Ran loves to show you how indecent he can be, and that he does by entering your apartment at ungodly hours of the night. Of course, you never get paranoid or anything since you know about the men he has in front of your apartment taking care of you at all times, if it’s not Ran getting in, it’s nobody.
“Doll~” Ran chants while taking off his shoes. He is expecting you to jump on his ass for scaring you, but he is met with you in the kitchen, your laptop open with a meeting already over on display, and you with your cheek on the counter, drooling.
“This is new.” He chuckles.
His indecency ends at the moment you’re not in a mood to punch him or to yell at him, so he would never wake you up or something. But, instead of taking you in his arms bridal style, he moves you softly and gets between your legs, putting his hands on the back of your thighs and makes you hug his waist with your legs.
“Baby?” You mumble, waking up.
“Yes pretty, I’ll just take you to bed, yeah?” He whispers in your ear, starting to walk to your bedroom.
“You gonna get in bed with me?” You mumble again, tightening your arms and legs around him. He hums pleasantly.
“Yes my love, like every night.” He tells you and you hum.
Doesn’t matter the amount of time you yell at him, he’s always gonna make sure you have him to hug through the night.
Rindou Haitani.
Nobody understands how he could convince you to get into a relationship with him. You’re not a sweet innocent person or something like that, no, but still you’re not a psycho like him.
But, the way he treats you, his acts of service tell you everything you need to know about his persona with you.
You were at an online meeting in your studio so when he got home he tried to be as quiet as he could. After getting dressed in some spare clothes he left in your apartment he goes to see if you need anything.
“Darling, are you okay there…” He frowns when he sees that the screen says the meeting is over.
When he gets closer he sees you with your head hanging and snoring softly. He smiles.
He goes to the room and throws the unnecessary pillows on the floor, turns on the A/C and brings a cup of water for the night. He then goes and looks for you and turns off the laptop, takes you in his arms and puts you on your bed. That’s when you wake up.
“Want to hug you…” You mumble, he kisses your cheeks a couple of times.
“You’ll do gorgeous, I’m just making sure you’re comfortable for the night.” You nod, eyes closed.
He gets in the bed with you and lets you tangle all your limbs around him. He falls asleep with a smile on his face.
Sanzu Haruchiyo.
He was high as hell when he entered your shared apartment, so at first he couldn’t understand why you were sitting on the floor with your head on top of your folded arms on the small table.
“Puppy?” He whispers as if there were more people around.
He gets closer and sits by your side, that's when he sees that apparently you were at an online meeting earlier and fell asleep. The screen says “This meeting is over” or something.
Sanzu being Sanzu, and a high Sanzu at that, just moves you around till you are resting your head comfortably on his lap. Then, he leans back on the couch to wait till the trip passes so he could take you both to the bedroom.
Spoiler: y’all ended up sleeping on the floor the whole night.
Mochizuki Kanji “Mocchi”.
One thing about this man is that if he can be loud, he’s gonna go all out.
You were talking to him by video call since y’all haven’t seen each other in a couple of days because of your work and his gang. The thing is, the only time he could take a call was at an ungodly hour, and you being tired from work, was falling asleep on the call.
“So, yeah baby, today I couldn’t beat some ass because the Haitani got in the wa— BREAK HIS NOSE GODDAMN IT!” You couldn’t help but to scream startled. Even though it was through a phone, his screaming scared you.
“For the love of God, Kanji!” You shout, hand on your chest, breathing fast.
He looks at you confused and frowning, then he looks surprised.
“Oh, you were asleep I-I’m sorry darling, we are at an underground ring watching some low ranks beat each other.” He explains but you’re still shaken. “Wait a second.”
He walks out of the place and into the parking lot.
“You okay there?” He murmurs. “I’m sorry.”
“I-It’s okay.” You nod, but that’s not enough for him.
“So, my gorgeous baby, let me tell you what I did today…” He says in a low tone, knowing that would put you back to sleep.
He starts repeating the same story he was telling you when you were asleep, but in a lower toner. When he sees you are out again he smiles.
“I’ll make sure to see ya’ tomorrow, love you.”
He ends the call and goes back inside.
Tumblr media
🏷: @saturnmitsuya @milliumizoomi @dai-tsukki-desu @haitanigigi @yunho-leeknow @melaninnntae @keimisan @welkinmoongrab @plutosexc @ccxiia @manjiroarchiviste @aasouthteranoswife @crushsoli @gwynsapphire
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neoheros · a day ago
Tumblr media
by the time you wake up, kuroo isn’t in bed anymore.
and that’s fine — you’re usually used to this anyways — but today, today is a sunday, and that means it’s actually one of the few times a week the two of you can waste the day away by staying in bed.
so when you roll over this morning, trying to embrace your husband and waking up to the fact that he isn’t there … now that makes you annoyed.
it's barely ten am, but the whirring of the washing machine is what gets you out of bed, your footsteps trudging as you keep a pillow closely tight against your chest.
"you’re doing laundry?" your voice comes out as a groan as you enter the kitchen, the washing machine a few steps beside the sink clearly having a reason to be so loud.
kuroo looks up to see you, his glow filling the room as he gives you a smile, “yes, i am.”
and you grumble, plopping down on the kitchen counter, “why?”
kuroo's sorting through the next pile of clothes he's readying to put in the machine, but for a minute, before he does so, he walks over to where you sat, giving you a quick kiss on the head as he tells you "good morning."
and he walks back to the laundry basket.
“we have no clean clothes.” he tells you, his voice cheery.
and you reply, your voice groggy, “why?”
“why don’t we have clean clothes?” kuroo teases, asking your question back to you, and you love him, but you hate that he's this energetic when it comes to waking up.
it is too early - it's a sunday - and ten am is way too early.
“it’s not laundry day.” you rub at your eyes, waving the rest of your sleep away, and you mutter, “not yet, at least.”
“i wanted to keep myself busy,” kuroo shrugs, looking at you with a lazy grin, “i had nothing left to do after i got back from my run.”
and to this, you blink.
you look at him, “you went running?”
“after i went to the store to pick up some groceries.” he nods, taking a seat on the counter next to you.
so, all morning, whilst you were in bed, he went running, went to the store, and is now doing laundry.
you throw your pillow at him.
(it misses, and he grins, "you’ve got terrible aim." you throw at him again what’s nearest to you — a spoon — and it hits him in the shoulder, and he yells, "i was joking!")
“i can’t believe you,” you scoff, folding your hands over your chest, “you had an entire day while i was asleep.”
kuroo rubs at his shoulder.
and you look at him, “why didn’t you wake me?”
“uhm, excuse me.” he scoffs — loud — “i did try to wake you… repeatedly.”
and you scoff too, huffing lightly as your shoulders rise, “i don’t remember.”
kuroo shakes his head, his mouth falling into a surprised smile as his voice raises, “you bit my hand and threatened to sign divorce papers if i tried to wake you again!"
“that does not sound like me.” you refuse to look at him in disbelief, stubbornly shaking your head as he continues to scoff.
kuroo gives you a look, holding out his left hand as he grins "here," and shows you a bite mark - allegedly, from you - marking his wrist.
“oh my god,” your mouth falls, “i did bite you.”
and honestly, kuroo's more surprised you didn't remember that you bit him more than you actually biting him, because honestly, him trying to wake you up before noon on a sunday? that's on him, that's his fault.
your mouth purses into a teasing smile, “you should’ve tried harder.”
and kuroo rolls his eyes, but the way he grins at you is only full of love, “i was pretty sure i was gonna lose a finger if i tried to wake you again.”
“that’s because it’s a sunday,” you laugh, shoulders rising as you make your point, “and who would wake up before noon on a sunday?”
you tilt your head to look at him, and he does the same. the smile on his face easily matching yours, but there's a specific glint in his eyes that easily tell he's teasing.
“don’t look at me like i’m the crazy person here, i am doing your laundry for you.” he laughs, propping his head up on his right hand as he doesn't feel a single urge to look away now.
and you tease, "at 10 in the morning?"
and kuroo tells you, “you forget that i actually like the mornings.”
“yes,” you agree, humming slightly, “like a freak.”
kuroo laughs again, his shoulders rising with his chest, and it's definitely moments like these that he thanks his past self for doing whatever it was that he did to get him here - with you - now.
you have always been his favorite part of the morning.
he kisses your head, “don’t you sweet talk me.”
and you smile, but he doesn't let you say anything back, because kuroo kisses you again, his smile easily bleeding through your mouth as he does so, and he does it in intervals in which he kisses you once just to pull away just to kiss you all over again.
the last kiss he gives you is longer, his eyes closed, leaning slightly closer to your face, and when he pulls away, the first thing he looks at is you.
“good morning.” kuroo smiles.
and you tell him, grinning, “if you hadn’t gotten up so early, you could’ve kissed me good morning in bed.”
kuroo's smile falls, his eyebrows furrowing, and a loud scoff falling from his mouth as he realizes that - oh my god, he could've done that in bed.
he shakes his head repeatedly, looking over his shoulder to watch the spinning washing machine do it's job, and casually, he looks back to you with an innocent smile on his face.
"i mean -" and he shrugs, "there’s no reason for us to be watching the laundry right now."
you quirk a brow, your smile teasing.
kuroo looks at you, a lazy smile on his face, "we can still go back to bed."
and you laugh, “but coming back to bed isn’t so morning-person of you.”
kuroo shakes his head again, laughing with you as he raises both his hands in denial, “me? a morning person? i hate the mornings.”
and when he stands up from the counter, taking your hand to ask you to stand up with him, you don't resist at all. his eyes crinkling from laughter.
for a second, he just stands there with you, in the middle of the kitchen, his hand in yours, a smile on his face and stars in his eyes, and he absolutely cannot wait to kiss you good morning again.
so he does.
kuroo pulls you in, and it's another kiss just because he wants to, and it's sweet and long, and he's smiling, but he doesn't let that stop him from keeping you close.
he lets you pull away - only with the promise that he's going to kiss you again soon.
“thank you for doing the laundry.” your hands are linked behind his neck, and his arms fall on your waist.
kuroo smiles, so deeply in love with you, “thank you for the hand injury.”
Tumblr media
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mythsofkairos · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
So I saw this video on YouTube:
And I thought it was absolutely adorable! Then I thought, how would Obey Me characters react to this? Because this is so heartwarming to imagine!
Tumblr media
His heart felt like it would burst out of his chest, and even he couldn’t hold back the joy and pride he was radiating
He scooped his daughter up in his arms and fixed her frizzled hair with his gloved hands
He felt a tiny bit guilty for smiling when he kissed her tears away, but the situation simply was too heart-warming
“Daddy’s heart only belongs to you, my princess. No one else, I promise.”
Tumblr media
He forgot how to react for a moment as he stared wide-eyed at his daughter
But the plethora of emotions that exploded in his gut next knocked the breath out of him
He had to hold back his own tears of affection as he whisked the baby away, rubbing soothing circles on their back and peppering her tear-stained cheeks with kisses
“Don’t cry, my treasure! Papa Mammon loves only and only ya!”
Tumblr media
Had to be resurrected by a hard nudge on his shoulder
The overwhelming fluffiness of the situation really shot an arrow straight through his heart
He was fumbling over his own words as he tried to pacify the baby, but his voice kept getting caught in his throat
“Y-You don’t have to worry about it! I-I’m never going to leave you!”
Tumblr media
It’s a miracle that he didn’t cry with her
You and the bundle of joy had given him a chance to experience so much happiness in life, and this was another one of the moments when he feels completely freed from the shackles of his wrath
His daughter is not leaving his arms any time soon; he’s going to take them wherever he goes and kiss them every hour with tears stinging in the corner of his eyes
“I love you, my sunshine. Always and forever.”
Tumblr media
Squealed in delight and immediately picked his daughter up
Comforting her is obviously his first priority, but his saddened eyes hint that he himself might need comfort someday
Hundred percent demanded to cuddle with his daughter at night and sobbed ugly when he thought about how she would leave him someday
“You are your Daddy’s entire world, sweetie.”
Tumblr media
Food and hunger were long forgotten as he immediately rushed to engulf his daughter in a gentle but firm embrace
He’s soft nobody touch him-
Kisses and hugs in abundance in the moment, but in the dead of the night when the emotion hits him as he looks at his daughter snuggled next to him he can’t help the tears
“If you’re listening dumpling, then know that Daddy loves you more than anything else in all the three realms.”
Tumblr media
He’s so happy he feels like he’s ascended
The baby gets tackled into a bear hug which soon turns into cuddling
After she falls asleep snuggled against him, he keeps stroking her hair and kissing her forehead until he himself retreats into a peaceful slumber
“If Daddy could keep you forever with him my star, then you best believe he would.”
Tumblr media
He was stumped, no cap
The emotions he felt were really intense even by demon standards; on one hand, he’s delighted that he turned out a better parent than his own father, and on the other he’s really conflicted because he doesn’t want her to grow up anymore
Any and all appointments for the day are off; he is only his daughter’s father for as long as she needs him
“My beloved, you are the only one in your Papa’s heart.”
Tumblr media
She’s out of the camera frame before you could blink and scooped into his arms
Despite the composed chuckles, you can see the way his hands tremble and the kisses linger a little longer
He can’t bring himself to stay away from his daughter for more than five minutes now; Diavolo had to excuse him for the day
“Daddy loves you so so much, sweetheart. What did I ever do to deserve you?”
Tumblr media
He deadass cried with her
Children are so innocent, he mused to himself as he fondly cradled her now sleeping figure in her arms
Pressing a kiss on her forehead, he silently prayed for her happiness and long life to his Father
“Papa will always love you, my angel. Never forget that.”
Tumblr media
He may have put on his signature smirk, but you best believe he was brimming with pent-up emotion on the inside
So many eons of wandering alone, he had forgotten what pure selfless love felt like
He’ll try to distract his daughter with magic to calm her down, but he can’t help stare at her lovingly as she giggles and rushes to hug him
“Daddy will always be with you, sweetie. Don’t worry your pretty little head about it.”
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quaranmine · 2 days ago
take (his) life
Grian told Mumbo they could still be friends even though he was on red. Mumbo knows how he can save him.
at long last! here, have another angsty Last Life oneshot I wrote featuring the Southlands instead of doing my very overwhelming amount of college work. It's based off of a post I wrote a few days ago with a few modifications. I'll link it in a reblog. Spoilers for Last Life session four.
Words: 2068
Mumbo couldn’t get it out of his head. It looped around and around in his brain, breaking through at random moments and throwing him violently back up there, on the cobblestone platform in the nether. For the past several hours, he had felt like he was walking around only half-present, with one foot in cold reality and the other stuck in the past.
Why had he thought a ghast farm was a good idea anyway?
When he returned to the Southlands afterwards, he’d had to tell them the story. They’d seen it in their communicators already, but they wanted to know what had happened to their friend. They wanted to know how it happened. Mumbo told them, but it didn’t lessen the weight on his shoulders any.
He told them, but he didn’t tell them about what had happened after. He didn’t tell them about when Grian came back and collected his things--minus the TNT Mumbo had declined to give back--that he’d also climbed the ladder again and tried to kill Mumbo.
What hurt Mumbo the most was how half-hearted it had been. Grian had just stood in front of him, close to tears, and saying they could still be friends. Mumbo just watched him mine the blocks and took a step back when he needed to. Grian didn’t hit him with a sword or axe, or try to shoot him off the platform, or set off TNT, or even mine particularly haphazardly. He seemed desperate and heartbroken and . . . lonely. So very lonely. It was like he didn’t even really want to hurt Mumbo, but was just hoping Mumbo would stand there and let it happen. He said he didn’t expect Mumbo to volunteer for death, but he’d given Mumbo several opportunities to. When he left, he’d told Mumbo enough blood had been shed that day.
Mumbo knew the next time he saw Grian it was unlikely he’d be so restrained. So long as he was on red, their friendship didn’t exist. He just wasn’t himself. He wasn’t Grian. Mumbo couldn’t be around him anymore. Grian wanted to still be friends, but Mumbo couldn’t, not at the cost of his own life. This was a game of survival, and Grian hadn’t.
When Grian left, Mumbo just sat on the cobblestone and cried and cried and cried, letting the heat of the nether dry his tears into sticky streaks on his cheeks.
Mumbo didn’t sleep well last night. He didn’t think anyone in the Southlands had, honestly. When the sun set they had all hastily made excuses and gone to their towers, skipping the usual friendly banter they normally filled the evenings with. It just didn’t seem right; the loss of Grian was like a hole torn into the Southlands. Mumbo stayed in his bunker and pretended to sleep until dawn, when he could pretend that the crowing of roosters in the distance had been what really woke him and not his nightmares.
When Mumbo left his bunker, he found the dawn was cold and hazy, with a low fog around the forest. Mumbo drew his jacket closer to himself, torn as it was. Martyn had apparently woken up early too, and was standing on top of the wall looking out into the forest with his spyglass. Mumbo climbed up after him.
“Good morning,” he said quietly, and Martyn startled at the sound. Mumbo got the idea that he’d interrupted some sort of personal reflection.
“Hey Mumbo,” he said. “I didn’t hear you coming.”
“What are you looking at?” Mumbo asked.
“I’m just keeping an eye out,” Martyn replied slowly. “Just in case anybody tries to come in.”
The fog was too heavy to see anything, and the dense canopy of the mushroom forest obscured any other sightlines. Martyn may have been watching the forest, but he certainly wasn’t seeing anything. Mumbo decided not to bring that up.
“I’ll keep you company until Jimmy and Impulse wake up.” We don’t need to talk. I can just stand right here.
Together they stayed in heavy silence, watching as the sky lighted from dusty pink into a fiery orange. The fog was a little more patchy by the time they heard bustling from within the base, and descended the wall to say good morning. Impulse was fortifying a section of the wall, while Jimmy stood behind him rambling about something Mumbo wasn’t paying attention to. It seemed, well, normal, which stabbed him through the heart a little bit. He had a vision of the future: of he and the other Southerners farming sugarcane, mining, passing around spy glasses, troubleshooting potion brewing, pulling off heists, spying, moving on as normal--all without Grian. It wasn’t right. Grian deserved to be there with them.
It’s my fault he isn’t. Maybe if I’d seen Joel faster, or insisted Grian not work so close to the edge, or listened when he said it was all a bad idea, maybe this would be different--
“So.” Martyn began as they stood in a circle, now four and not five. “Do we still pass the lives around? Now that Grian’s. . .”
“I think we should,” Jimmy said solemnly. “We . . . should keep the tradition alive. It’ll help us.”
“Maybe we need something to strengthen us a little, keep us close,” Impulse said sadly. “It’s been rough.” Impulse hadn’t even been there to see Grian’s death message, and the Southerners had been the ones to break the news to him when he came back from traveling around the far edge of the map. It wasn't fun and Mumbo dreaded the possibility of breaking any more bad news like that in the future.
“What about you, Mumbo?” Martyn asked.
Mumbo thought about the life passing. Their ultimate little trust exercise in a world where you couldn’t even trust your own friends half the time due to the Boogeyman. He was on yellow now, so he couldn’t initiate it anymore like he had the first time around. He was only one life away from being red, and therefore out of the group if he gave it away.
He was one life away from being red, but vice-versa a red was only one life away from being yellow.
A plan was starting to form in his mind. “I think we should do it!” Mumbo blurted, suddenly nervous. “I uh, I agree with Impulse. We should still pass the lives around.”
Mumbo could save Grian.
He could bring him back, and they’d still be friends. All he had to do was accept the life when someone passed it to him, and give it to Grian instead of the next person in line. Surely receiving a life would put Grian back into his right mind. Grian would know that he was allowed back, and they’d just be a little more careful next time. Mumbo would be breaking the point of the trust exercise by stealing someone else’s life but . . . he thought maybe this was a forgivable offense. It was for the greater good of the group. Better to ask forgiveness than permission, isn’t that what they always say?
And if it wasn’t a forgivable offense, well, at least he would have Grian back, right?
“It’s your turn to initiate, Martyn,” Impulse said. “I did it last time.”
“Alright, alright,” Martyn said. “Jimmy, you’re up first.” He passed his life to Jimmy in a shower of dark green sparks. The force of it ruffled his hair a bit.
Impulse was next, but Mumbo was deep in thought. He would receive the life, and then with enough focus, pass it to Grian instead. It was harder, because he could tell Grian was farther away, but he was confident he could do it. It would be instantly noticeable when Mumbo turned yellow again but, but--he’d just say it was a mistake. That he did it instinctually, because he was so used to Grian being a part of their little circle that he just sent the life to him next without thinking. The truth was, Mumbo was doing quite a lot of thinking, and it was obvious. He was surprised nobody had mentioned his nervousness yet. He put his hands in his pockets to hide their shaking.
Receiving a life always felt euphoric. It was warm and intoxicating, filling you up from the inside and showering you with light. It made you feel like you could run a little farther, breathe a little easier, or sleep a little deeper. Mumbo basked in it for a moment as Impulse passed it to him.
Giving a life away stung. You were giving part of your soul to someone else, afterall. It was a cold and hollow feeling and it always left Mumbo a little disoriented. It was time now. Mumbo concentrated, finding Grian in the distance.
And . . . he offered up the newest piece of his soul.
Instantly noticeable.
Martyn stared at him. “Mumbo, what did you just do?” he asked slowly.
“He’s on yellow again,” Jimmy observed. “But I didn’t see any sparks?”
“That’s because I didn’t receive the life,” Martyn said, confused and a little desperate. “Mumbo, who did you give it to?!”
“Guys . . .” Mumbo stammered. He felt lightheaded. “I-I just gave it to Grian. It was an accident, I just did it out of habit, you know he’s supposed to be here with us-”
“An accident?” Impulse asked, and Mumbo’s heart pounded harder. He wasn’t a very good liar. They were going to catch him. How could he honestly pretend to have forgotten Grian wasn’t a part of the circle anymore when his absence was the loudest thing in the base?
“That was my life, you know!” Martyn cried.
“I’m sorry! I’m sorry.” Mumbo winced. He hadn’t wanted to damage any relationships. “But . . . Grian can come back now, can’t he? Can’t he? He’s not red anymore. We can take him back, and we can get him out of there and he doesn’t have to be around those other red lives anymore. We can bring him home.”
Martyn sighed. “You could’ve asked me, you know. That wasn’t your life to give.”
Mumbo’s ears felt hot. He looked at his feet.
“But Grian can come back,” Martyn continued softly. “I think . . . I think we all want him back. I’m still mad though.”
Grian could come back. It was going to be okay.
“I can go get him--” Mumbo started, but he was interrupted by a shower of green light washing over Martyn. “I can . . . wait, what happened?”
Martyn was dark green again.
“He gave it back,” Jimmy said. “Grian passed Martyn’s life back to him.”
“Why would he give it back?” Mumbo wondered. “Why would he--why would he give up his chance?”
“He completed the circle,” Impulse said softly.
“I would have let him keep it,” Martyn said. “I can’t lie, I didn’t want to lose my life. I don’t like that you took it from me either, Mumbo but--I would have let him keep it.”
“Why would he give up his chance?” Mumbo repeated.
“No, no wait--” Jimmy interrupted. “How did he know that Martyn was next in line? Is he watching us?”
“I don’t understand why he gave it back. It just doesn’t make sense. He could’ve come back to the Southlands, right? He told- he told me that he wanted to still be friends, he wanted me to join the reds, but I got him back, I saved him, why would he throw it away--”
“Mumbo,” Impulse said, setting a hand on his shoulder. “Try to calm down. I don’t know what he was thinking. But I know he appreciated the offer. He had the clarity as a yellow life to give it back. Maybe . . . maybe think of it this way: he wanted to protect us, so he gave us back the life as another chance for us. It makes the Southlands stronger.”
“We aren’t stronger without him!”
“He told me we weren’t on his list,” Jimmy said. “Maybe it was meant to be a protection.”
Or maybe it was meant to be a betrayal. A hundred things ran through Mumbo’s head.
Maybe Grian didn’t care about the Southlands, or maybe he liked the Red Team better.
Maybe Grian was throwing away their friendship.
Maybe Grian wanted to murder; maybe he found it fun.
Maybe Grian . . . maybe Grian just wanted to be one step closer to death.
The piece of soul Mumbo had given away ached a little harder.
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kumzume · 18 hours ago
want you ft. eren yeager
Tumblr media
AAAAAAA !!1!1!!1!2!2!2!2!//?;:: the way i’m creaming rn ong (ᗒᗣᗕ)՞
ఌ cw;; kinda stalky/yandere-ish eren?? he’s obsessed lmfao, femdom (obv), brat eren, humiliation, degradation, sadistic!reader, light impact play, dubcon photography (it wasn’t discussed beforehand!!), rimming
ఌ an;; this was just supposed to be me answering an ask but this is like,, a full ass fic LMFAO idk how many words tho but enjoy <33
Tumblr media
eren is used to being the one leading girls on - makes them feel like they’re everything to him after he carves his name into their pussy with his cock, only to completely ghost them immediately after.
he loves being wanted, loves being sought after, chased but he’s not looking for a relationship. he’s too “damaged” and “jealous” and “clingy” for love - he wouldn’t be able to treat you right. or at least, that’s the speech he gives the real desperate girls, the ones who chase him across campus with tears in their eyes, begging him to give them a chance.
with you, he assumes it’s going to be the same. you take a class with him - american lit; it’s an awful class, one he generally tries to sleep through when he actually attends the class (until you show up, but that’s neither here or there) - but you’re quiet, studious. sits all the way in the back of the class, listens to the lecture, then puts your headphones on and gets to work.
you’re exactly his type.
he notices you in class on monday, furiously taking notes with different colored pens, highlighters, your notes meticulously written and organized with the precision of a previous gifted kid. he grins and turns back to face the front, making note of your position and seat.
on wednesday, he’s in class early, earlier than you (which is a feat in and of itself) and plants himself in the chair beside yours, spreading out the neat looking notes he stole from armin (they’re for an entirely different class but he doesn’t think you’ll notice. you do.) to make him look like.. well, you.
you only give him a brief glance before settling down and setting up your own things, pen poised at the ready for any and all information your professor will give.
eren copies your position and takes down notes just like you. pen, highlighter, sticky notes, pen, highlighter, sticky notes, pen, highlighter, sticky notes, until the class is over, you’re packing up your things and he still hasn’t spoken a word to you.
connie and jean laugh at him when he tells them about the situation. “you actually took notes dude? for a girl?” and so on and so forth. he turns bright red in embarrassment and buries his head in his arms, briefly wondering if this whole thing is even worth it. then you walk past the coffee shop window and you’re laughing and smiling and eren almost feels like shitting his pants.
so, he continues. every class, without fail, he finds himself sitting next to you, taking notes and listening to the lecture until the end of class when you leave without a word or a glance.
it’s frustrating. can’t you tell he’s trying? so hard? some days he purposefully forgets his pen so that he can ask you for one, to which you reply, “take better care of your things yeager.” you said his last name. you know who he is. he feels his cock throb in his jeans.
absently, he notes he’s never been this invested in a conquest before. usually, he doesn’t even have to try. he just bats his pretty, long lashes, flashes them a crooked smirk, shakes his hair from his bun, and they’re putty in his hands.
you, though. you’re different.
he’s not sure what it is about you that has him so.. obsessed. he thinks about you constantly, he follows you through the quad in a hoodie so you can’t recognize who he is, he even memorizes your room number and notes where you put your spare dorm key. it’s insane, eren knows, but he just can’t. he can’t let you go.
in class, he’s barely making any progress but that’s okay. he’s willing to wait it out for you.
luckily for him, he doesn’t have to wait too long.
your american lit class is assigned a project, one that should last over the span of four weeks and your professor assigns you and eren together.
it’s like a dream come true.
you exchange phone numbers and social media accounts but you’re just as closed off in text as you are in person. he doesn’t doubt he can break your steely resolve with cute messages and charming selfies but he just wishes you’d show him a bit of the energy he gives you back.
if only just a drop.
it’s a tuesday night and eren is bored.
he debates on messaging armin or connie to hang out but armin is studying for his exam on criminal prosecution and connie is probably fucking his girlfriend in the back of the library. he briefly entertains the idea of hanging out with jean but the thought makes his stomach turn and a bad taste grow in his mouth. no, not him. then who?
suddenly, his eyes widen and he lunges for his phone, opening up a familiar contact and sending a text, the little gray box joining the rest of unanswered messages covering his phone screen. it isn’t enough to deter him though as he settles down for a response, a satisfied little grin on his face.
it takes much shorter than he anticipated for a text to come through, the little ping sending him scrambling and unlocking it eagerly, ready to consume whatever you have to offer.
me (8:39p): hey!!!!! what r u doin????? i’m bored :(
literature baddie <3 (9:08p): Homework. Like you should be doing.
me (9:09p): hw is so lammmmeeee ;((((
me (9:12p): come hang out w me!!!!! :D i’m a lot of fun promise :))))))
literature baddie <3 (9:19p): I’m not leaving my bed.
me (9:20p): thennnnnnn
me (9:21p): can i come over?????
eren waits with bated breath for the response - most of him realizes the chances of you actually saying yes are slim to none but.. he feels good about this. maybe, his work is finally paying off and he’ll have you in his grasp, just like he wanted all along.
the phone pings. he jumps.
literature baddie <3 (9:32): Door’s open.
euphoria overtakes him. holy fucking shit, you actually said yes. he leaps out of bed and pulls on his most flattering pair of gray sweats (they frame his dick print just right), pocketing his phone and then darting out the door.
being incredibly eager, he doesn’t realize you never told him your dorm building or room number and he definitely shouldn’t know where it is, but he can’t let this opportunity pass. he practically runs to your building across campus, arriving at your door with a sheen of sweat across his skin and a pretty pink flush over his face.
before he can even knock though, you open the door, clad in only an oversized tee shirt and fuzzy socks, your gaze sharp and searching as you pull him in.
everything is moving so fast, so fast that he doesn’t notice this.. alertness about you, this aura that you’ve never shown him before. you’re always meek in class, quiet, but this is so not that.
you stalk around him, like a predator to its prey, before stopping by the foot of your bed, arms crossed across your chest and a dark look in your eyes.
“you’re a fuckin creep, you know that yeager?”
you - you know? his heart stops in his chest and he debates running for the door but when he sees your face - hungry, feral - suddenly, eren wants to see where this goes.
he gulps before shaking his head in denial despite knowing good and well he’d crossed the threshold of “normal” a long, long time ago. he knows you know it too, judging by the disbelieving scoff you let out, your head tilting to the side as you stare him down.
“and now you’re lying to me. pathetic.” you shake your head in disapproval and the sight makes eren want to drop to his knees and beg for your forgiveness but - but that isn’t what he does. that isn’t who he is. he’s the one who makes girls cry, he’s the one who laughs a little too long and a little too condescendingly at someone confessing to him.
who do you think you are? fucking with the eren yeager? he’ll never bend to your will, not even if his life is on the line. (distantly, he recognizes that this anger welling up inside him was absolutely your intention, if your smirk is anything to go by, but he’s getting too pissed to care.)
it’s his turn to scoff, stepping up closer to you. “i’m pathetic?” he laughs, patronizing, and takes another step. “you’re the bitch who invited me over in the first place. what, were you hoping you’d get a taste of my cock? well newsflash,” — another step — “only good girls get the pleasure of me giving them the best dicking of their lives. and let’s not kid ourselves. we both know,” — he leans in to whisper in your ear — “you’re not fucking good.”
eren pulls away, a satisfied smirk crossing his lips but it falters when he takes in your expression. you look like you’re about to burst into laughter - your eyebrows are raised, you’re biting your lower lip and you look like you took none of that seriously, his ego taking a massive hit.
your grin widens as his falls. “are you done? feel better about yourself now that you’ve put up a fight?” you ask, voice dripping in sugar coated condescension. when he doesn’t respond, you nod a little to yourself, lifting your hand to pat him on the cheek just on the right side of hard, leaving his cheek stinging as you pull away.
“good.” you move from his front to walk around his body, your eyes sharp and appraising as you look him over. eren stays still, body taut and thrumming with unresolved anger but he doesn’t think he’s ever been harder in his life. you finally come back to your first spot directly in front of him and you cock your head in his direction, seemingly coming to a decision.
“here’s what’s going to happen: i am going to give you the best orgasm of your life, you are going to leave and we will never, ever talk again. you’ll stop following me, stop talking to my friends about me,” —how did you even know about that?—“and you will change classes so i won’t see have to see your disgusting ass during my week. am i understood?”
despite your harsh words, eren nods eagerly at your terms. honestly? he believes the whole situation is a net positive - he gets to sleep with a hot girl (who is, yeah, admittedly really fucking mean but he’s leaking pre in his boxers so it’s still a positive) and he doesn’t even have to worry about you trying to date him after it’s over.
it’s the best case scenario, one that already has him pulling down his sweats and boxers, his fat, leaking cock springing free and hitting his abdomen. he hisses at the feeling of the cool air sweeping over the head of his tip, his hand wrapping around it and pumping it gently while his hips jerk in tandem, eyes sliding to half mast.
he knows he looks good naked, knows he looks even better jerking off but you look wholly unimpressed, sitting down at the foot of your bed, still fully dressed and playing on your phone. he’s not expecting the way his cock jumps in his hand at the sight of your obvious inattention but that familiar anger wells up alongside the arousal, his hand reaching out to snatch up your phone and tossing it back on your bed.
you look up at him, pissed, and pride wells up in his chest. he moves forward to taunt you, to rub it in your face that he finally got a reaction out of you but you stand back up to face him, slapping his own hand away from his cock and replacing it with your own. his hips push his length into your loose fist with a sharp moan, his arms wrapping around your shoulders to hold him up at the new sensations zapping down his spine.
in this new position, your lips are positioned right by his ear, giving you the perfect position to whisper things that he never imagined would make his legs shake and whines escape. “you just wanted my attention, is that it? wanted someone to fuck you up like you deserved? like the slut you are? no one else could do this to you like i can, no one.”
he knows you’re right, of course you’re right, and the thought that he might never get this again makes him sob out, his cock frantically chasing your hand that’s rapidly jerking him off. eren feels his hands gripping a little too hard at your arms, fingers digging into your skin, and you stop. you fucking stop. you tighten your grip at the base of his dick to hold him off (yes, he was close already) and he chokes on a cry.
you let go of his now purpling cock, leaving it bobbing, before maneuvering out of his grip. you ignore his babbles and pleas to walk behind him and push him onto your bed stomach first, his erection hitting the cool, soft sheets beneath him with a gasp.
eren doesn’t know what you’re going to do to him, his confusion and arousal only intensifying when you position yourself behind him, dragging his lower body up by his hips so that he’s presenting for you.
it’s humiliating - his cock hangs hard and heavy in between his thighs while his hole clenches like it knows it’s being watched. no one has ever - he’s never even thought of putting anything up.. there and he definitely wasn’t planning on it anytime soon but..
he tries to lift himself up on shaky arms and protest but he’s stopped by your palm at the back of his head, slamming his face down into your pillows. he gasps but can’t breathe, your cotton pillowcase pressed flush against his nose and his eyes squeezed shut.
you laugh at his sputtering before lifting your palm from his head and walking back to where his ass is raised and on display, your hand coming to slap the twitching hole, making his entire body jump and lurch forward. he moans, loud, long and unexpected - why did that feel so good? but as most good things with you, it didn’t last.
he listens to you rummaging around behind him before hearing a very deliberate shuttering sound - a photo, the flash briefly illuminating his tan skin. his eyes widen in fear and he tries to sit up again, a choked, “w-what-?” leaving his lips but you ignore it, ignore him, to slap at one of his asscheeks. hard.
it stings but his cock isn’t going soft - it’s getting impossibly harder - and it’s disorienting. eren is confused, hard, humiliated and most of all, afraid, a cocktail of emotions that he’s never felt before and that make it nearly impossible to move, impossible to escape.
but does he even want to?
eren doesn’t have time to examine that thought process because before he knows it, the wet, warm slide of your tongue makes its way over his furled hole. you lap at it, make it loud, messy, and he can feel your spit slipping down between his cheeks and dripping down his balls.
it’s a little gross but it feels so fuckin good, he doesn’t even care you now have a picture of him like this, exposed for you, to use as you please. all he’s focused on is your tongue pressing past the rim of his ass, the feeling of you stretching him open - even just a little - making his arms buckle beneath him and his mind race.
he knows you said this would be the only interaction like this the two of you would have but eren can’t help but wonder what it would be like to have you inside him, fucking him hard and deep, using him how you want and absolutely destroying him.
that thought - one of your cock pressing inside him, inch by agonizing fucking inch - sends him hurtling towards the edge, a puddle of precum steadily leaking from him pooling on the sheets beneath him as he babbles anything he can get past his lips.
“o-oh god, please - fuckin please, l-let me cum, fuckfuckfuck, wanna c-cum for you - all for y-you-”
you laugh meanly against his hole, the feeling vibrating through him and making his eyes roll back harshly. his whole body is trembling with the weight of his arousal and his need to cum and thankfully, you choose to grant his wish.
you pull away briefly - making him sob out a whine - only to push two fingers into his loosened, sloppy hole. “look at you, dirty fucking slut. cum, cum right fucking now.”
your words, in tandem with your fingers zeroing in on his prostate and pressing against it, has him cumming immediately, his orgasm crashing over him and overwhelming him, his cock releasing spurt after spurt of cum onto your blankets.
it’s electric and consuming, his body taut and shaking with its strength, while you finger him through it (a kindness he knew you didn’t have to, and wouldn’t afford him again), carefully bringing him down to collapse face down on your bed, to fall asleep in a pool of his own jizz.
he’s never passed out from an orgasm before but he can’t bring himself to mind when he wakes up, loose-limbed and pleasantly relaxed. eren cringes a little at the stickiness accompanied with the copious amounts of cum he’d spilled on your sheets only the night before but ultimately ignores it. nothing could bring his mood down, not even the lack of your presence.
eren sighs and moves to clean himself up and get dressed before you return but something on the nightstand catches his eye. it’s the picture you took of him, his back arched and darkened rim on display, asscheeks red and splotchy from your attack on them and his cock heavy and hanging between his thighs.
it’s unexpectedly hot and his length gives a little interested twitch against his thigh, heat curling in his belly. there’s clearly no time for that now though, so he folds it carefully and places it in his phone case, only to recognize another piece of paper, strategically placed by your lamp.
his eyebrows furrow in confusion as he picks it up, unfolding it and reading over it carefully. it’s a class transfer form, already filled out in your clean, clear handwriting, just awaiting his signature at the bottom left.
despite himself, a grin spreads across his lips. now faced with the prospect, with the very idea of never seeing you again, he knows it’s not gonna happen. eren has you, and now that he does, he’s not going to let you go.
the cum dries sticky on his inner thighs. he signs the dotted line. he smiles.
Tumblr media
@kumzume — all rights reserved. do not repost, modify or claim as yours. please refrain from copying my works and themes.
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divineangelbee · a day ago
I have a success story:
I am the most beautiful woman in the world and everyone to me is just as beautiful and I get treated like a princess and a sex idol (like Marilyn Monroe)
The thing is though is I can turn this on quickly like a light switch or turn it off (making it funny enough really hard to sleep at night cuz I’m getting the attention of men swamping my mind)
All I need to do is not rely on the 3D and my desires will come true
Some things that have been proof of my desired effect
1. Where I live (I live in a housing facility) there’s an old man who has been buying me food !!! It’s so sweet of him to do that !!!
2. I recently parted with my ideal type (of what I think my future boyfriend should look like) and I’m glad I did because the universe told me he’s not the best for me so instead I’ve been matching with over 40 cute guys on tinder within 3 days
3. I just got a job!!!
These are little things but little acts of kindness or signs from the universe are enough to prove to you that you are in your desired reality. You don’t need something extravagant to prove your desired reality !!!
The light switch metaphor seriously helps a lot and if you guys have ever read Robert Greenes’ Art of Seduction he goes more in depth about it
Good luck to everyone on your manifestation
It does work. Confidence is key and not relying on the 3D
EXACTLYYYYYYYYY thank u so much for this!!!! congrats my love <333
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thsslut · 2 days ago
Make it up to you
Tumblr media
Summary: You had a fight with Chris and think about how you can make it up to him
Pairing: Chris Evans x fem!reader
Word count: ~500
Warnings: lil bit smutty
*No permission is given to repost or copy my work and claiming it as your own*
A/N: English isn’t my first language so sorry for any mistakes
Please comment and reblog if you enjoyed my work
Tumblr media
It was still present in my head, when I was laying in our shared bed later that night. I had curled myself into a human ball and my hands wrapped around my upper half, covered with Chris‘s T-shirt.
We had a fight, not our first but it was worse than most before. It was big and…about nothing. We’re both just stressed because of work.
He filmed a series called „Defending Jacob“ and I‘m happy for him, really. He loved his job and he loved to work. And another positive thing about that series was, it‘s filmed near Boston, so he could be home every evening and we enjoy them together.
But today was something off…and then it came crashing down on us.
But now, I couldn’t even remember why we fought. I just remember that I was so angry that I stood up from the dinner table and stormed into our shared bedroom, slamming the door shut.
I‘m torn out of my thoughts when Chris crossed the room to get to the bath. A couple of minutes later the mattress dipped under the weight of his muscular body.
He turned to me, opened his mouth and closed it again. He wanted to say something but decided to stay quiet. He then gave me a kiss on my head and whispered:„ I love you“.
Immediately I felt bad that I yelled at him. Every time we fight he keeps calm, like nothings happening, but I…I yell at him like crazy and call him the worst things I can imagine. And every time afterwards he forgave me like it was nothing, luckily. Chris hugs me, like I needed comfort because of a bad day, and whispers sweet nothings into my ear, so I could and would calm down. And while I still thought about him and what an incredible human being he was, I drifted off to sleep.
Tumblr media
I woke up, when fingertips drew light circles on my arm. I realised that I laid on Chris‘s bare chest.
„I’m sor-“ my voice broke. „I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have yelled at you and I shouldn’t have called you all those horrible things and-and…“ I snivelled.
„You don’t have to apologise, it was my fault too.“ he said, his voice hoarse from sleep. It send a spark down my spine and directly to my core. „Then at least let me make it up to you.“ I said in a sultry voice.
Wriggling from between the sheets I shifted downwards and took the blanket from his lower half. At first he‘s confused, but when realisation hit him, his eyes went wide and filled with lust.
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twilight-99-tm · a day ago
Saw you had the sads, so I thought I'd give you this:
You're off work, it's raining, nat wraps you up in a soft fluffy blanket and snuggles you so you have no choice but to relax bc your work too hard. 💗
If you think this is me projecting… look away, I do not wanna talk about it.
You huff as you walk through the door, tired, grumpy, and damp from the rain. Walking into your apartment, you’re greeted by the smell of fresh cookies and smile as you catch sight of your girlfriend washing the dishes in the kitchen. The heavy feeling from the day would usually lift and you would lean on the doorframe, but today it dragged you down onto the stool by the kitchen island.
Natasha perked up at the sound, she might’ve been a spy, but she didn’t need to be on the clock when she was at your apartment.
“Baby,” her eyebrows scrunched and she shook her hands dry before drying them on a hand towel dangling from her apron. “Everything okay?”
She cupped your cheek as she took a few steps closer, your head leaned into her touch as you fluttered your eyes shut. Natasha swiped her thumbs under your eyes which made you realize you’d been crying. “What’s wrong, honey?”
“I’m exhausted,” your breathed out, allowing the tightening feeling to grow on your chest. You scrunched your nose, trying to fight back the sob trying to make it way up your throat.
Natasha pulled you to her chest, letting you cry onto her shirt as she wrapped her arms around you, rubbing her arms up and down your back.
“It’s gonna be alright, baby,” she whispered, pressing her lips against your temple as she felt your breaths coming out more regularly.
She tilted your chin up, nudging your nose with hers. You blinked through your last few tears and looked into her eyes. “You’ll be okay.”
Your eyes watered all over again, your tears flowing out of pure exhaustion. Your head fell agains her shoulder once more, her head resting on top of yours while she hummer and ran her hands up and down you back.
“I just finished washing the fluffy blanket you like,” she said, bringing her hands up your your scalp, her fingernails making your eyes rolls to the back of your head, your chest finally feeling a little lighter. “It’s fresh out the dryer.”
You turned your head, pressing your lips against the skin on her shoulder and bringing her close to you. “I just want to stay here a little longer.”
“Okay, sweetheart,” She kissed the top of your head and held you a while longer, wishing she could absorb the hurt you felt, trying to provide the most comfort she could. She never had to try very hard, you felt at home with Natasha, being near her always made everything a little easier. 
You stayed like that for another few minutes, Natasha getting lost in thought stroking your hair as you held her close to you. Your breaths synced and you got immersed in the sound of her heartbeat, the constant rhythm slowly lulling you to sleep. 
Natasha’s body jumped as her phone went off, her small frame reached over the counter trying to get to the device. You didn’t let go of her waist, and she didn’t let go of you as she turned off the alarm. 
“Okay, now you have to let go,” She reached around her body to your hands, unclasping them from around her waist. She leaned down and gave you a kiss on the cheek, giving your hands a firm squeeze. “Go take a shower, we’ll cuddle on the couch after you’re done, okay?”
“Я люблю́ тебя́.” (I love you)
You smiled, watching as Natasha made her way around the island to the oven. “I love you too.”
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masnmounts · 2 days ago
wren interrupting mason during an interview 🥺❤️
very short fic for clingy wren <33 this gave me major baby fever i’m gna collapse
trouble - mason mount
Mason always tried to lock the door to the room he was in whenever he was doing an interview because the older Wren got the more she latched herself on to her father. She rarely left his side when he was home, following him around the house, her hand clutched in his or just wrapped in the material of his bottoms. It was like she’d taken to being his own little shadow, whatever Mason did, Wren did and it was guaranteed that if you couldn’t find her, you could look for him and she’d be right there.
Not that Mason minded having her with him, he was away a lot and so whenever he was home he wanted Wren to spend time with him. He was always afraid that all his time travelling would put strain on their relationship and would have them slowly grow apart as she got older, something you’d told him hundreds of times would never happen. Wren was completely besotted, there would never be anyone she loved like she did him.
But her constant need to be around him proved incredibly difficult when he’d been asked to do an interview or stream from home. Wren would constantly be trying to get him to play and would end up being incredibly moody for the rest of the day if he had to send her away. At four years old she didn’t yet understand that Mason was still working even though he was home, in her eyes, her father being home meant he was completely free to spend time with her.
Mason was currently sitting in front of his computer, fluffy white hoodie wrapped around his upper body, camera and mic turned on so he could answer questions about his latest call up for the England team. He’d thought he’d locked the door and was almost certain you’d already gotten Wren ready for bed so really wasn’t expecting his little girl to come peaking behind the door.
“I think being called up in general is amazing and something I’m forever grateful for, but to be called up with Dec again is something extra-“ Mason’s cut himself off momentarily when his phone pinged, eyes glancing down at the little device to see a text from you.
In the same second the door behind him slowly creaked open, Wren’s little head popping around it. Despite knowing she shouldn’t be in there, Mason turned and grinned, shaking his head at the fact she couldn’t even make it thirty minutes without seeing him.
“Sorry, just one sec,” He sent an apologetic look towards the interviewer on his screen but he just shook his head, a smile evident on his own face at the appearance of a baby Mount.
“Hi, daddy.”
“Aren’t you supposed to be in bed, trouble?” Wren sent him a sheepish look, stepping into the room and shutting the door behind her, her back pressed tight against the wood. You’d already had her in the bath, her body now wrapped in a pair of princess pyjamas, her hair in loose fly away curls around her head. Wren could clearly see his computer screen and the man on it and she glanced between that and her father for a few seconds, clearly debating something.
She suddenly ran towards Mason and he just had time to open his arms before she launched herself at him, her tiny arms wrapping around his neck while she buried her face in his shoulder. Mason heard the laugh of the interviewer and knew it would only be moments before Wren completely stole everyone’s hearts.
“I wanted to give you a kiss before I go to sleep.” She whispered in his ear, but Wren’s whispering was the same as her regular voice just a little bit deeper so it was obvious the mic caught it.
“Oh isn’t she the cutest.” The interviewer gushed which just made Wren bury her face further into the material of Mason’s hoodie. He let out a soft laugh, his hand rising to pat the back of her head, fingers brushing through her freshly washed and dried hair.
“She’s a pain is what she is.” Mason joked, settling Wren properly in his lap so he could coax her face out from hiding but she was adamant in just clinging to him. “You have to look at me if you want a kiss, baby.”
“But then everyone will see.”
“Everyone can already see.” He told her, his knuckles grazing her cheek when she glanced up, peaking at the computer. Seeing her looking the man interviewing Mason gaze a little wave.
“Hey, mini Mount.”
“Gonna say hello, Wren?” She just shook her head and nuzzled her face back into the crook of Mason’s neck, her fingers clutched in his shirt. “I can’t believe you’re pretending to be shy.” He laughed again, hand lightly patting her thigh before tilting his head down and kissing her hair. “Come on then, kiss and then you can go to bed before mummy comes looking.”
Wren lifted herself out of his neck, shifting to keep her back to the computer and pouted her lips, Mason grinning before giving her a kiss, peppering her cheeks in them afterwards until she was giggling and squirming. She wriggled until she could slide off his lap, her fingers rubbing at her eyes as Mason ruffled her hair.
“I love you lots like jelly tots.” She mumbled, giving his leg a quick squeeze as a hug. Mason leant down and kissed her head again, smile bright and full of adoration.
“I love you lots like jelly tots.” He copied, gently tapping the end of her nose and then Wren was running back out of the room, the door slamming shut behind her. Mason stared at it for a few seconds, the sound of Wren shouting for you floating through the wood and then turned back towards the interviewer.
“Sorry about that, she gets extra clingy when I’m home after an away game.”
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veenxys · 18 hours ago
「What falling in love with BNHA Boys would be like」
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⤷ Bakugou
falling in love with him feels like coming to bed after a long day, finally finding stillness and serenity in a big, bustling city. it’s the feeling you get when there’s a rainstorm outside and you’re just safe and warm in bed. it’s the little twirl your heart does when he’s holding you close through the night, not caring what it all means, just knowing that there will always be a home to come back to.
⤷ Deku
falling in love with him is like looking at the same stars every night, and falling in love all over again; it's looking at him and getting lost in the glare of his eyes and wishing that moment would never pass. it's getting lost in the immensity of stars that is his universe, but finding yourself in the glow of moonlight, where he will always be there to hold you.
⤷ Kirishima
falling in love with him feels like something akin to the comfortable silence between best-friends. there's no sudden moment of realization; the feeling creeps over you instinctively and steadily as you lie next to each other on bed, doing nothing but so blissfully content: just a smile here, a fleeting touch there, accompanied by a bad joke that you can't help but laugh at and he turns to face you, smiling like you gave him the world.
⤷ Todoroki
falling in love with him feels like springtime, not waiting upon the perfect frost-free day and coming forth at the first chance for the warmth of the sun, the smell of flowers, and the butterflies in stomach. falling in love with him feels like the freedom of the first few hours when the last school bell of the day rings, walking home, hand in hand. it feels freeing and easy.
⤷ Denki
falling in love with him feels like baking your favorite dessert. it’s all lively and mayhaps a little messy. there is sweetness in the air and love is in the nurturing way you carefully knead the dough and watching it rise in the oven. falling in love with him is comfort and laughter. it makes your body light and heart sing with joy.
⤷ Tamaki
falling in love with him feels like watching the sunrise over the horizons. it’s the knowing that the sun will inevitably come up but still feeling excited for it. and when it does happen, there’s a rush of calmness that you can’t explain but you relish in it. right beside you, he flickers to life under the morning sun; you share a soft, knowing smile and he edges just a little so that your arms and knees are touching, just barely brushing, really, but somehow it permeates your skin.
⤷ Shinsou
falling in love with him feels like that little plant that he gave you as a gift. it grows so slowly that you don’t pay much attention to it at first, but oh it grows. it grows with every shared smile and laughter, it grows with every silly 3 a.m text that says “maybe i’m batman” and followed by a reply that says “you idiot. go to sleep.” it grows with nights spent together, watching the shadows you make with your hands. and suddenly one day, you’re looking at him and thinking, where were you all this time?
⤷ Hawks
falling in love with him feels like the fireworks on new year’s eve. it’s colorful, bright, and booming, but neither sudden nor surprising. everyone is anticipating it, including you both. it’s like there’s a countdown going on all around you. you look back on the day he came into your life nearly a year ago and your feelings piling up little by little since then: a goofy grin of his this, an electrifying touch of his that. and suddenly, one, your eyes meet. and the world erupts into color and sound, and he leans in.
⤷ Dabi
falling in love with him literally feels like falling off something; the adrenaline of the reckless fall is present but so is the complete reassurance and confidence that he’ll catch you before you hit the ground. it’s throwing all caution to the wind while saying screw it, diving head first, eyes shut tight, you’re in a frenzy of delight, still wild with excitement even when you land right into his arms.
⤷ Shigaraki
falling in love with him is like having an ocean inside you; sometimes calm and peaceful, with a light breeze that makes you feel welcomed and safe, no matter what. other times it is agitated and abrupt, which makes your body shiver and a wave of adrenaline runs through your veins. but, falling in love with him is to know that you are at high waves, but also to know that he is and always will be your safe haven.
Tumblr media
ˏˋ°•*⁀➷ tags! @saturnmich, @tomurastrashpanda, @afairywithacrown, @kaizokuluv, @urdemonboyfie, @uravichii, @yfneccentric, @justheretoaskandread, @owl232, @uxavity , @toodeepintofandoms, @bubble-bootie <3
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Tumblr media
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bucksfucks · a day ago
something about bodyguard!bucky jerking off to one of your sex scenes in your new movie 🤤 and then getting jealous that someone else got to touch you like that even if it was fake
now bestie 👀 this is so wrong….and yet….so seggsy 😩
because like, bucky knows that it’s wrong. but you’ve asked him to supervise you on all of your sets and scenes and this one…this one is a sexy scene and it makes his dick twitch in his pants.
its so bad that he has to excuse himself for a moment, thinking about literally anything else so that he can calm down.
so he decides to take care of himself later that night when he’s in the hotel room that’s right next to yours. he can almost hear your moans, so faint, but he swears that it’s you. then he realizes it is you.
and he knows it’s wrong, but he can’t stop himself.
he’ll see you on set the next day with your coworker being a little too flirty and he knows. but you’ve always been a little brat, so you’re teasing him like “is someone jealous?” before he’s grabbing your upper arm and pulling you into his body.
his face just inches from yours as he snarls “you know goddamn well that i’d fuck you better than anyone else. baby, i would ruin men for you. i’d be worshipping your body every damn day that you’d start chanting my name in your sleep. so cut the stupid act, yeah?”
and by the end of it he’s smirking…..feeling the way your heart is racing and the way you’re swallowing thickly all while trying to clench yourself legs together. “and don’t act like i don’t turn you on. you talk in your sleep, peach. and i’m in that little brain of yours a whole lot.” 🥴
Tumblr media
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Hello, may I request some angst? More like hurt/comfort with Megumi and/or Nanami? Like reader is affectionate and they had a bad day and called the reader annoying or clingy. And then the reader kinda pulls back or stops being as affectionate and then Megumi/Nanami apologized?
Tumblr media
Notes: I did this one for Kenny since I don't have much for him, and I have a similar story for Megumi already :)
I didn't use any pronouns but I do feel it reads more female so it's up to you guys! Not beta'd~
Tumblr media
Kento left for work at nine-thirty that morning, meaning he’ll be home by six, and you wait giddy to see him like every evening. You’re even more impatient to see him today because you took a day off work to go to the shopping district and managed to hit the beginning of a good sale, leaving with clothes that you know he’d like.
You wait longer as seven starts to slowly tick closer, and you start to worry about where Kento could be since he hates working overtime more than anything. Then, you hear the handle to the door starting to shake so you stand up, ready to greet him with a “welcome home”.
When the door opens, you don’t give him a second before reaching up to throw your arms around his shoulders and pressing a kiss to his cheek before sprinting to grab the dozens of bags you had piled in the corner.
Nanami shrugs off his coat and props it on the coat rack, and he drags his tired body to the nearest seat and collapses on top of it. He hangs his head over the back of the chair and snatches his glasses off.
Today had been just awful at work between having to deal with his coworker’s antics and getting the run around by a particularly annoying curse then Shoko was tipsy earlier than usual, so he had to wait for her to sober up to heal his broken rib. All that culminates into staying at the school longer and having to drive through late-night traffic.
On the other hand, you are absolutely on cloud nine to have Kento home, always wanting to be with him as much as possible in this chaotic world, and you want to show him your affection by showing off the presents you bought for him.
“Honey, guess what I did,” you say, dragging the designer bags behind you as you squeeze in next to him. Nanami moves one of his legs over to offer you the room but does little else to acknowledge your excitement as he hears your voice grating in his ear. “I went shopping today and that place you like had a huge sale on all their business wear. Apparently, they’re switching to their spring collections, so I got you a bunch of new clothes.”
You shuffle the paper lining of the bag, pull out a grey jacket, and force it into his hand. “Feel this,” you chirp proudly, “The clerk said it’s made with wool from Italy. I mean, I can’t really tell myself but it does feel nice! And I got the perfect shirt to go with it.”
“Here, try this on,” you tell him, receiving nothing but crickets in return. It’s quick for you to notice that he’s not paying the slightest bit of attention to you. “I’m talking to you. Kenny,” you say, fighting for his attention with a continuous poking to his shoulder. “Neee, Kenny.”
“Will you please stop doing that,” he finally says. It’s not the type of acknowledgment you want as he waves your hand off of him. “I don’t have the energy to play around with you right now.”
“The ener—Kento Nanami!”
He groans softly to himself. “(y/n), I’ll try it on later, but I had a very long day and need you to stop annoying me for thirty minutes," he says, showing clear lack of care of the new issue you had concerning his choice of words.
You’ve never heard him talk like this to you before not since you were dumb kids in high schools. You never got the feeling he actually meant it back then but this time you can’t stop your mind from yelling that he was serious about finding you irritating. “Forget it,” you tell him, mumbling a soft “jerk” under your breath.
When you go to sleep that night, it’s with your back to him instead of your arm slung around his waist. You wake up early that morning, make breakfast as usual, and start ironing your clothes for work. Nanami is already dressed in his signature wardrobe and grabs his house keys.
“I’m leaving.”
He waits at the door, not really sure what he’s waiting for as he jostles his keys in his hand. He catches a glimpse at his watch. He’s ten minutes early today despite sticking to his strict schedule.
Ah. He remembers now. He was waiting for you to come to the door and fuss over him before he leaves. You’d clumsily pull on his tie, trying to fix what’s not broken, even though you’re terrible at tying them and can never seem to learn to do it right no matter how many times he shows you. Then, he’d have to spend extra time fixing what you messed up.
As if expecting you to come do that, he repeats, “(y/n), I’m leaving.”
“Mhm, have a good day.”
Nanami waits a few more seconds before marking off in his head that you must’ve been too busy with your routine to come fuss over him for today.
After a much better day than the last, he returns home expecting to hear your voice ringing out across the house to welcome him back, but you don’t budge from your spot on the couch nor do you move to cozy up with him when he sits down next to you after settling in for the night.
In fact, you scoot away.
“What are you doing?”
“Mm…just getting comfortable,” you explain softly, and he doesn’t make any complaint to stop you as you wiggle a little uncomfortably.
Nanami could tell something was wrong. Normally, you’d be all over him the second you’d see him after a long day. Normally, you’d be begging him to give you kisses. Normally, you’d at least ask how his day has been.
“I think I’m going to head to bed early. Goodnight, Kenn—Kento,” you correct, remembering he doesn’t like it when you use that name even though you love it. Otherwise, he might say you’re aggravating him again.
And perhaps you had been annoying. The two of you weren’t always on the same rhythm personality-wise, and you had been told plenty before that you could be exhausting to deal with, clingy, annoying to be around. You don’t know why you’d always trust Nanami to never be the person to tell you that.
You sniffle to yourself, wiping the wetness from your nostrils. You head into your room and climb into bed with a sigh as you cuddled up alone with your sheets and close your eyes for a blissful few minutes of quiet with your thoughts. You don’t hear when Nanami comes in, watching you curl up to yourself.
You hesitate to answer, needing the time to calm yourself first to stop your voice from trembling, to stop yourself from shaking. “Yeah?”
“You’re behaving strangely. Do you mind telling me what’s the matter?”
“Nothing is the matter. I’m just tired,” you answer.
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah, don’t worry about me. Enjoy your alone time.”
“If this is about before. I’m sorry about what I said. It was uncalled for to take my frustration out on you.”
“It’s fine,” you fake a yawn, as if not to care, “I forgive you.”
Nanami doesn’t pry any further even as he can feel the negative aura still hanging around your form like cursed energy. He leans over to kiss your forehead but as you pull away, he decides to let you have your rest and to stop pressuring you into allowing him close.
He decides to allow your rest, returning to the family room, still full of bags you bought yesterday. You could be so messy sometimes, but instead of scolding you, Kento decides to put everything away for you.
He starts to sort the bags in piles based on where they needed to go. Kitchen, bathroom, your clothes and his. He starts to put everything away, quietly shuffling through the house as not wake you.
It’s when he takes the time to start putting away your gifts that he finally runs his fingers over sterling grey. Full canvas, nice even lining, and you were right on it being wool as he runs his thumb over the sleeve. Slowly, he goes to the bathroom to try it on, but he has no doubt you managed to buy the perfect fit. Somehow you always do, and it always looks better than what he can find. No matter what it was.
“You’ll look handsome in it, Kenny.”
“I haven’t even tried it on.”
“My instincts are always right about this sort of thing.”
Looking at himself in the mirror, he bows his head forward against his palm, a growing irritation rising in him as he looks at the coat, but it’s at himself this time for hurting your feelings when you were trying to be nice to him.
When you got home from work, you immediately start to work on cleaning the living room so you can properly relax in a clean environment. You’re ready to collapse against the couch when you hear the front door cracking open, and you’re a little on edge, not expecting to see Nanami return in the middle of the afternoon.
“Kento, what’re you doing back so early. Did something happen at work? Are you okay?” you ask before railing yourself back to avoid crowding him, and he notices how uncomfortable you look as you hold your hands in front of yourself to create imaginary distance between him and yourself.
“I took the day off so I could spend time with you today,” he tells you, confusing you as he holds up a bright purple paper bag to your eye height. “I got this for you.”
Curiously, you open the bag and reach inside to pull out your own designer wear and unfold it. You squeeze into the luxurious material in your hand. “This is nice,” you comment absentmindedly, smiling as you hold the outfit to your skin, “What is this for?”
“The suit. I like it,” he says, pushing his glasses further up the bridge of his nose. “And considering how much you unconditionally spoil me, it’s only fair that I do the same to you once and a while.”
He clears his throat.
“(y/n), I’m sorry for hurting your feelings when I called you annoying. I didn’t mean it. I love you more than anything, and I wish I could show you as much as you show me; but hopefully, this will make it up to you even a little.”
Slowly, you soften and close the distance to drape one arm around his neck to hug him. Your lips softly brush against his cheek, making him crack a small smile. “I love you too, Kenny.”
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goirlkkii · 2 days ago
🐰 Puppy [Na Jaemin]
You and your now ex-boyfriend were in an awkward situation, where all the things you got when you were together were distributed between the both of you.
“You can keep the hoodies.” Jaemin spoke, with a knot on his throat making difficult for him to speak.
“I don’t need them, the only thing I’m keeping is Nala.” When Jaemin listened the name of the puppy you both adopted three months ago, his eyes meet yours while he was shaking his head, denying.
“No.” He simply said, it was like his daughter, and he couldn't be away from her.
“Yes, I’m the one who cares about her the most. I’m keeping her.” You tried to go for the puppy, but Jaemin blocked your way, tears already in his eyes.
“No, y/n. She’s mine.” Both of you started to fight, screaming at each other mean things and finally, after lots of shouting you decided to calm down and stop fighting.
“Let’s do this, one week you and one me, Nala can't live without any of us.” You tried to keep calm, and Jaemin only nodded. “The first week is mine, I’ll come back on Wednesday to give her to you.” You said grabbing Nala and driving to a small apartment that you rented last minute.
Now it’s been almost five months since you broke up, only seen each other for Nala. Honestly, both of you couldn't wait for Wednesday to come and see each other, but the only words you two exchange was hello and goodbye.
Jaemin had Nala this time, and his phone was on your contact, trying to make an excuse to see you. He called you and after two tones you picked up.
“Hello?” You said and Jaemin didn’t know what to do. “Hello? How’s Nala?” You said after not hearing a response.
“She’s sad, she needs to see you... can you come over?” He finally responded, but honestly Nala was perfectly fine, the sad one was him and the one who needed you was him.
“Jae, it’s almost midni-.” 
“Please.” He interrupted, and then it was quiet. 
“Okay.” You said and hanged up, not waiting for an answer.
You knocked on the door, and it quickly was opened by the boy you loved the most, carrying your doggy daughter who was wearing a pink dog dress. You laughed at what you were seeing.
“What?” He said laughing as well.
“You two are cute.” You said and entered the house.
You played with Nala most of the time, while Jaemin was watching the both of you, planning in his head how to tell you that he misses you, that he wants to go back with you.
“She doesn’t seem sad at all.” You spoke getting up from the ground and sitting next to Jaemin in the sofa, while Nala was already sleeping in her bed.
“Y/n, I miss you.” He suddenly expressed without looking you in the eyes. You didn’t say anything, your heart pounding and your cheeks turning red, just like when he confessed his feelings for you for the first time.
“I... Jaemin, we broke up.” You said, but deep down you missed him too.
“Y/n, please... I miss you so much, I never stopped loving you like I said when we broke up, I swear I didn’t mean anything I said that day... I want to be with you like before.”
Both of you were looking at each other, you smiled. Remembering all of the silly moments you both lived together in this house.
“I miss you too...” He was the one smiling again and both started to close the gap that was between you. Finally kissing again after five months.
“Want to be my girlfriend, honey?” He said between kisses, you giggled and nodded your head, still kissing.
Out of the blue, both of you felt licks on your cheeks finding out that Nala was awake and was trying to get both of her parents’ attention.
You ended up staying the night there while Jaemin was looking for moving trucks to rent the next day and bring all of your stuff to your home again.
[Haven’t proofread (but i’ll do it soon) :c sorry for any mistake]
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seoulbinz · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
enhypen’s reaction to their s/o saying i love you for the first time
Tumblr media
☽ heeseung
You sit on Heeseung’s bed, watching him play the piano and edit the song he was writing with a soft smile on your face. You lean your head on your hand, resting your elbow on your knee as you get more comfortable, blinking slowly and sleepily at the soothing piano chords as he plays through everything he has so far.
“What do you think?” He asks, spinning to look at you, a smile on his face as he takes in your sleepy form. “If you didn’t sleep through it, I’d like feedback,”
“I’m awake, you meanie,” you pout, squinting at him. “It’s really pretty. I love it a lot, and I think the company will too.”
“Oh, it’s not for Enhypen. It’s a solo song, and it’s about you. While being as inconspicuous as possible so fans don’t realize I’m in a relationship.”
You light up, grinning so hard your cheeks hurt. “You wrote me a whole song? Or, you are? God, you’re crazy, I love you so much,” you squeal excitedly, getting up and throwing yourself into his lap, wrapping your arms around his shoulders as you pepper his face in excited, loving kisses.
“You love me?” He asks softly, and you can feel him smile under your kisses. You pause and sit back on his thighs, nodding eagerly. “I love you too,” he whispers, trailing his fingers on your arm. “I thought the fact I’m writing a song for you made that pretty obvious.”
“It does,” you giggle, looking up at him sweetly before pecking his lips. “I wanted to say it back.”
☽ jay
“Does this look good?” You ask, posing and spinning for Jay to see the full outfit, only to be met with heart eyes.
“Everything looks good on you, baby,” he responds, smiling as he rubs his chin, resting his head on his hand as he just watches you put on accessories and try out different variations of the outfit. “I’m not gonna be helpful, I just wanted to see you get all pretty for me.”
You huff and roll your eyes. “So annoying, so annoying,” you mumble under your breath, shooting a glance at him to see if your outfit matches his. “Ok, I think I’m ready, thanks for your help.”
“You’re welcome,” he smiles proudly, knowing all too well he wasn’t useful. You reach over and straighten his tie, patting his chest as he stares at you, a soft smile tugging on his lips. “Thanks, babe, love you,” he says, pecking your lips before heading to the door.
“Hey!” You pout, wrapping your arms around him. “You can’t just say that, give me a warning.”
“Ok… consider yourself warned. I love you.” Jay says in a deadpan, forcing his smile down.
“I love you too,” you smile at him, heart fluttering in your chest as you look at his wide smile, his sparkling eyes, and as his arms wrap around you.
☽ jake
“Jake,” you say excitedly as he walks into your room, visibly exhausted. Your smile falters and you frown. “What’s wrong, baby?”
“Just tired,” he sighs as he collapses on your bed. “Kept fucking up at practice, couldn’t get the move right, and I felt like I ruined today for everyone.”
“No, honey,” you sigh and shuffle through your things to find a soothing massage oil you’d bought a couple years back. “It’s okay to make mistakes.” You sit down gently, knees on either side of his hips, and your weight barely braced on his thighs. You slide his shirt up and press a kiss to the dip in his back before opening the oil, pouring some on him. “Gonna give you a massage and help you relax, ok?”
Jake hums, jumping a little at the cold. “Okay, thank you, baby,” You gently roll your thumbs over the expanse of his smooth, tanned skin, working knots and kinks out easily with soft sighs.
“And even if the boys were frustrated, they’re already normal again. They love you. I love you. It’s okay to have bad days,” you scold as you reach his shoulders, pressing in harder at a spot of tension.
He groans, but you can hear him smile when he talks.  “You love me? No wonder you’re putting so much effort into my massage. I love you too, baby, thank you for reminding me it’s okay to mess up. But I still need cuddles to be comforted fully…”
☽ sunghoon
“‘M cold,” you sulk, reaching for his hands, the shocking warmth of then making you pout even more as he spins you around him easily. “Show off,” you mumble, leaning into his arms as he spins you into his body.
“Cute,” he coos, smiling as you bury your head in his neck, shivering against him. “I told you to bring another sweater, didn’t I? I’m used to the cold already. And why’d you want to skate so bad, I thought you didn’t know how.”
“I don’t,” you pout. “I wanted you to teach me but you’re just showing off.” Sunghoon laughs, and steps away from you to spin a quick circle before bowing and extending his hand to you. 
“Then come on. Let’s skate. Moving keeps you warm,” you frown, and try to skate forward, but the toe pick gets caught from how you were standing, and you fall into his arms with a yelp as he quickly moves to catch you. “Silly,” he shakes his head, brushing your hair aside. “You also need to be standing to skate.”
“You’re lucky I love you,” you huff as he helps you to your feet.
“What? What’d you say?” As it clicks, you stare at him with wide eyes, and shrug bashfully. “Say it again,” he encourages, grinning bigger than you’ve ever seen, eyes creased happily as he looks at you.
“You’re lucky I love you,” you repeat quietly, rolling your eyes and pouting at him.
“Oh, the words every man wants to hear,” Sunghoon cries dramatically. “Finally!” He smiles, pressing a sweet kiss to your cheek. “I love you too, honey. Now… let’s skate.”
☽ sunoo
“You’re so cute,” you mumble, pressing a kiss to his forehead as you continue to card your fingers through his hair. “So sweet,”
Sunoo remains asleep, head in your lap and lips parted as he breathes out gently, his lashes brushing his cheeks as he shifts, turning a little further into your side, hands still placed under his head to act as a pillow.
“I love you,” you mumble softly, toying with his fingers from where they peek out under his head. When you glance at him again, his eyes are open and he’s grinning. “Were you faking being asleep? You need to rest!” You scold, eyebrows furrowed as he just grins up at you.
“And miss you saying I love you for the first time? I think not. Say it again, please,” he begs. “I like when you compliment me. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.”
You roll your eyes and gently flick his forehead. “I love you, you idiot. Now, please, actually rest.”
“Fine, fine,” he pouts at you. “I love you too…” he mumbles shyly, a blush coloring his face as he curls back into your lap. “But please keep playing with my hair, it felt nice.”
☽ jungwon
“Wonie,” you call out, poking your head through his doorway curiously, smiling when you spot him lounging on his bed, Maeumi cuddled up next to him. “Hi,” you smile sweetly, holding out a bag of snacks towards him.
“Hi baby,” he says softly, beckoning you towards him with open arms. “Are those for me?” He points at the bag you set at the base of his bed as you climb on and curl into his arms, smiling as his arms wrap around you and he presses a soft kiss to your forehead.
“They are, I got you ice cream,” you smile, and he perks up immediately, dragging the bag towards him. He sifts through and lights up when he sees that you got his favorite flavor.
“You got my favorite?” He asks, grinning brightly at you, doe eyes sparkling with joy.
Smiling, you nod and laugh at his antics softly. “Of course I did, I love you, how could I not know your favorite?” Gasping as you realize what you said, you look at him shyly, smiling anxiously as he processes what you said.
Jungwon stops moving and tilts his head, a grin splitting his face. “Love me? You love me?” Giggling, he hides his face behind his hands and peeks out behind his fingers at you, hiding the blush you know is forming on his face. “You—I…” he pauses again, moving his hands to hold yours, biting his lip. “I love you too,”
You sigh and smile at him, lacing your fingers with his. “Thank god.” He laughs and opens his ice cream, wrapping his legs around yours, turning on his TV.
“Well… anyways… time to watch Aladdin and eat ice cream with the person I love! Who loves me!” Jungwon says excitedly, kicking his feet, and you can feel his smile against your shoulder from where his head is resting. Maeumi climbs on top of the two of you, licking your cheeks before settling on Jungwon’s chest, tail wagging.
☽ riki
“Baby!” Riki says excitedly, dropping his bag he was rummaging through to run towards you, and you let out a grunt as he slams into you full force, enveloping you in lanky limbs as he wraps himself around you, letting out a happy sigh as he rests his head in your neck.
“Hi, Riki,” you mumble back, rubbing his back with your free hand as you shift the bag of food you have in the other, face burning as you feel the member’s eyes on you two. “Can you release me please? I want to breathe and your food is gonna get cold.”
“You brought food for me?” He perks up, stepping back and releasing you, his eyes lasering in on the bag. He makes grabby hands at the plastic, and you shake your head, smiling when he pouts. 
“For all your members. You’ve been working too hard recently.” He sighs, but beckons them over as you set the bag on the ground and start pulling all the food you made out of the bag, smiling as they thank you and take it to go sit together and eat, giving you and Niki space to sit together and catch up.
“Hey, baby, did you know I l—”
You cut him off, “I love you, by the way. If that wasn’t obvious.”
He pouts and hits your arm gently. “I was gonna say it first,” he sulks, but he can’t help the smile that tugs at his lips. “I love you too… I guess.” He rolls his eyes playfully, but you can hear the sincerity in his words.
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mandocrasis · 15 hours ago
Low Tier Monsterf*ck
Tumblr media
Pairing: Max Phillips x F!Reader
Word Count/Rating: 5.7k / EXPLICIT (18+ only, minors leave)
Warnings: Monsterfucking, dirty talk, oral (f!receiving), unprotected sex (wrap it up pls), dash of size kink and praise kink
Summary: You're not sure what to think when someone overhears your conversation at the bar. You'll find out soon enough.
A/N: This is my first ever monsterfucking fic so pls be nice 😅. I have no true explanation for this fic or how fast I wrote it (2 days oops). It's funny (I think so) and fluffy honestly, and I hope those of you who are interested enjoy. Very much unbeta'd.
Also if you're tagged and this isn't your thing, no hard feelings in the slightest.
Tumblr media
The bar is loud. It seems as though everyone needs to decompress from a long week, resulting in the current overflow at your regular place. Luckily, being regulars secured you and your friends a table in the corner, much to the ire of other groups in the bar.
Everyone, save for your D.D. Sami, is a few drinks in at this point and most inhibitions are well past lowered. The conversation got here after Linsey made a comment about tentacle porn and you try to not think about what it meant that all heads at the table immediately pointed towards you for confirmation.
You're not really ashamed of it, but it's odd to be unanimously known as the one who watches it. From there the conversation had broadened into a general discussion of monsterfucking and what actually qualifies.
"Of course the lady from The Shape of Water is a monsterfucker dude," Sami says, throwing a peanut at Curtis. "He's a fish man with an alien dick. That's like monsterfucking 101."
"What about Belle then?" Linsey throws in.
"Eh, arguable," you shrug. "She falls in love with him as the Beast but they never fuck so it's borderline I guess?"
Linsey looks almost relieved at your verdict. You might have sent her into a spiral by saying yes.
"Okay, okay, what about Eddie Brock?" Curtis asks. All of his suggestions have been either completely off base or so dead on you can't believe he's asking either way. It's obvious this one falls in the latter.
"You're insane if you think Venom isn't one tentacle up in his asshole at all times," you answer, taking a drink and making Sami splutter on his. He recovers quickly, pushing your shoulder good-naturedly for your brash comment.
“Fuck yeah man, get it!” Curtis cheers, his volume control leaving him as his blood alcohol level rises.
"Oh! Buffy!” Linsey says, “Doesn't she sleep with two vampires? That has to count right?"
"I mean I guess? On the list of monsterfucking vampires are like, low tier. They look like normal humans most of the time."
“Vampires are still monsters though, it counts,” Sami protests.
You get up from your seat, draining your glass and grabbing the empty pitcher in the middle of the table. “It does, it’s just not very exciting. If I’m gonna fuck a monster, I’d like for it to actually scare me a little.”
You spin on your heel and head towards the bar, listening to Curtis’ howling laughter behind you. If they already think of you as the resident monsterfucker of the group might as well lean into it right?
It’s easy to catch the bartender’s eye, pointing to the empty pitcher to signal for another round. He holds up a finger to let you know that he saw you, but it’ll be a moment. You don’t mind waiting. You’re not in a rush and with the buzz you have now it would probably do you well to slow down a bit. A repeat of last weekend’s hangover is something you would like to avoid, not actively encourage.
You’re not at the bar long before someone approaches you.
"Hey babe."
You're more than ready to rebuff this random guy, wait for your fresh pitcher, and return to your friends, but upon turning to see him you think twice about it. He's cute. No, fuck that, he's hot.
Clearly some sort of businessman, tie and jacket lost with his dress shirt sleeves rolled up and looking wonderfully tight on his thick forearms. If his smirk is anything to go off of he’s probably in sales. He’s clean shaved, a standard business professional haircut but for some reason it really works for him.
Your sharp reply dies on your tongue the moment your eyes meet his. A deep, rich brown that immediately pulls you in. If you didn’t know any better you might even say that it was something supernatural, how quickly and how large of an effect he was having on you.
You only manage a single word in response. “Hi.”
He leans against the bar next to you, crowding you with his broad form, and somehow you don’t mind. He’s close enough that you can smell him – some intoxicating cologne you imagine costs as much as your monthly rent.
“I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation over there.” You should be wondering how. The bar is loud and conversation barely travels across the table, much less across the room. Instead, you can’t help but focus on the patch of skin exposed by the undone buttons towards his collar. It looks like the perfect place to press a kiss against, his chest looking warm and soft.
He doesn’t seem to mind that you don’t reply. “Thought I’d give you my number if you ever want to experience the real thing, little lamb.”
He slips you a napkin, walking off and disappearing into the crowd just as the bartender sets a new pitcher down in front of you. It takes a few seconds to return to yourself, distracted by your swirling thoughts. What the fuck was that?
You shake your head loose, pitcher and napkin firmly in hand, and return to the table. Conversation has changed in the time you’ve been gone and you're eager to jump back in, but you still feel a bit unbalanced as you take your seat.
“You good?” Sami asks, noticing your slight daze.
You nod. “Yeah, I’m- I’m fine. I think I just need to slow down a bit.”
Linsey leans across the table. “Who was that guy? He was gorgeous,” she asks.
You look down at the napkin reading the name Max P and his phone number, written in red ink. Your eyes scan the bar, looking for any sign of him, but just as suddenly as he appeared, he’s gone. “I have no clue."
Tumblr media
“Are you going to call him?” Sami asks at work on Monday. You still have the napkin. It’s in the bottom of your purse and Sami is attentive enough to notice the way your eyes keep flickering to it.
“Call who?” you ask, feigning ignorance.
Sami rolls his eyes. “You know who I’m talking about, don’t pretend.”
Linsey rolls away from her cubicle to join the conversation. “I don’t think you should. He was hot, but you never know. He could be a creep.”
Curtis’ head pops over the cubicle wall a moment later, chiming in with, “I think you should. Dude was hot and you can always call me if you need someone to beat his ass.” Curtis flexes his arm at that, showing off his large and well-earned muscles.
“Thanks for the input guys, I’ll be sure to consider it.”
“What?” Curtis says, “Everyone can use a good lay.” You kindly ignore his very obvious wink and Linsey’s blooming tomato face. How either of them think you and Sami have no idea that they’ve been “secretly” banging for the last month you have no idea.
The click of heels warns you off your boss’s approach, Curtis ducking back down and Linsey rolling back towards her desk. “A call can’t hurt,” Sami whispers before turning back to his computer. And damn it, he’s right.
Tumblr media
You ignore Sami’s pointed stare when you get up at lunch and head towards the bathroom. You’ve been working together long enough that he knows your bathroom schedule (it’s not your fault you’re so regular) and this is well out of the norm. It’s a small miracle that Curtis and Linsey take no notice.
The napkin is rumpled from it’s weekend ride in your purse. Thankfully it’s gone relatively unsmudged and all the numbers are still legible. You type them in carefully and do another sweep of the bathroom to make sure it’s empty before pressing the call button.
It rings twice before he answers.
“Max Phillips, what’s the buzz?” What’s the- who is this guy?
“Um, hi. I, uh-” For the love of god, pull it together! “You gave me your number at the bar on Friday?”
You swear you can hear his grin on the other end of the line. “Hi, lamb. I was wondering when you’d call.”
“Yeah well, my friend said a call couldn’t hurt and I guess they’re right so…” you trail off, unsure of where to take this conversation next. What kind of a phone call is this anyway? Hey, you overheard my conversation about monsterfucking, said some cryptic shit, gave me your number, and left? Where does this go?
“Want to meet up? You can come over to my place around seven thirty if you’re up for it.”
Okay, he’s not going to beat around the bush then. You run through a quick mental checklist of your plans for tonight. Dinner with Linsey, starting some laundry, and likely a glass of wine with a Netflix show. Yeah, you could pencil him in. If he was terrible you could still get home in time for that wine and show. Laundry could wait.
“Send me your address,” you tell him.
Your phone pings almost right away, alerting you to a new text. “I love a girl who knows what she wants. See you later, babe.”
The phone goes dead and you’re left staring at yourself in the mirror, wondering what exactly you just agreed to. You know the obvious answer to that, but somehow you get the feeling a casual hook-up is not the only thing you've signed up for.
Tumblr media
“Oooh, that’s a super nice area,” Linsey coos over your shoulder. You turn off your phone quickly, as though she just caught you looking at porn or an embarrassing WebMD page.
You don’t answer her, simply glare, knowing that your message is coming across loud and clear. She sits down and shrugs. “That’s a little comforting at least. Maybe Max isn’t a psycho killer after all if he lives there.”
"Who said that's Max's place?" you question.
"That glare you just gave me for one," she laughs, "But also why else would you be going that far up town on a Monday night? I know you don't use tinder so don't pretend you have some other booty call."
You relent, stabbing a piece of lettuce with more force than necessary. "Okay, yeah. I'm meeting up with him tonight."
You’re not entirely sure why you’re embarrassed to tell her. Sure, you haven’t slept with anyone since you and your ex broke up a couple months ago, but you’ve never been shy talking about your sex life – hence the knowledge about your more eclectic porn habits. For some reason this is different though, and you can’t seem to put your finger on why.
“Well I’m happy for you,” Linsey says. You can tell she means it too, which is almost more embarrassing somehow. “You should send Curtis the address, he lives closest to there.”
Her obviousness pulls you back from total self-consciousness. They aren’t even trying to keep it hidden at this point.
Tumblr media
You fidget before pressing the buzzer. Your dinner with Linsey had been right after work, giving you enough time to go home, freshen up, and change before seven thirty rolled around. Now, it’s a few minutes past – you didn’t want to seem overeager – and you’re debating turning right back around and heading home.
Max’s words from the bar keep playing over and over in your mind. If you ever want to experience the real thing. What the fuck does that mean? You hope it doesn’t mean him wanting to wear some goofy glorified Halloween costume throughout. You won’t be able to keep a straight face if that’s the case. Alternatively, you hope it doesn’t mean he wants to gut you like a fish and do freaky shit to your corpse. You watch enough Dateline to know it’s a possibility.
Your phone dings, a text from Sami reading ‘Get him, tiger’ that makes you finally press the button. Moments later a voice crackles through the speaker.
You stand straighter, trying to give yourself a last minute confidence boost before replying. “Hi, it’s me.”
It’s me? Nice. Now you sound like a loon. Why didn’t you just say your name like a normal person?
“I was wondering where you were at, come on up babe.” He must not think you’re too crazy then.
The door lock buzzes, releasing and you quickly make your way inside. There’s no elevator in the older building, so you mount the stairs, trying to calm your quickening pulse. You feel ridiculous. There’s no reason you’re this nervous. Yeah, Max is hot but so are you and you put on a matching set of lingerie. You’re untouchable.
You knock, quick and firm against the white painted plane of the door. No going back now.
The door opens, revealing Max in a similar outfit to what he’d been wearing in the bar on Friday night. It makes you wonder if he only recently got home or if he noticed the effect his business-made-casual look had on you.
He’s wearing the same self-sure smirk on his face, like he always knew you’d call and end up here tonight. “Come in,” he greets, stepping out of the way for you to walk into his home.
Max's apartment is beautiful. It looks straight out of a pinterest photo, a perfect mix of vintage and modern items filling the space. There’s a good chance he hired an interior decorator, as no man you know has this good of an eye, but you suppose he could surprise you. Crazier things have happened.
“Do you want a drink?” Max asks, walking towards the kitchen.
You place your purse down on a table that runs along the back of the couch. “What do you have?” you ask.
“A variety, what do you want?” He answers, hands hovering over his cabinets.
“Some red wine, if you have it.” Wine will be perfect. Enough to take the edge off, get you relaxed without the risk of easily getting trashed.
Max makes a big show of removing the wrapping from the top of the wine bottle and pulling out the cork. You’re not sure if he did it for your benefit, effectively showing you the wine hadn’t been tampered with, but you appreciate it all the same.
Max pours two glasses, passing you over one. A single sip and you can tell this wine is more expensive than any other you’ve had in your life. No need to look at the label for that.
“Take a seat, babe." Max gestures to the living room, offering you to lead the way.
You’ll admit you’re surprised. Based on his cryptic behavior and short phone conversation you didn’t expect for things to move slow once you got here. Part of you almost anticipated him to be stripping you down the moment you stepped inside the door. This was welcome though.
Everything in the apartment looks well used but also well cared for. As though each item had been passed down and cherished for generations before landing in Max’s place. It’s astounding that he has so many items in such good condition from so many time periods. You shudder to think of the cost it must have required and wonder if Max knows the history of some of the items or if it's all for show.
You take a seat on the more modern couch, Max choosing to sit only half a cushion away. His proximity isn’t uncomfortable and you take it as a good sign given where this night is headed.
"Your apartment is gorgeous," you compliment, still looking around the space.
"Thank you, I'm quite proud of my collection from over the years." Max preens a little bit, clearly pleased that you noticed and appreciated his design choices.
"So you designed this yourself then?" you ask, eyes finally returning to Max himself.
"Yes. I had help here and there, but this," he says, gesturing around the room with a lazy hand, "is all my own."
You're genuinely impressed. Max gives off strong ex-frat boy vibes, not the kind of man you imagine antique hunting to complete the look of his apartment.
Relaxing a little more, you pull your legs up onto the couch and slip off your shoes. "Do you mind?" you ask, hesitating before letting them fall.
"Not at all. Make yourself comfortable, little lamb."
Your shoes make a soft thunk as they hit the floor, muffled by the plush Persian rug. Max doesn't force conversation and you're pleased to find that the small silences that stretch between you aren't awkward in the slightest.
A few more moments pass by before Max starts to delicately trace his fingers along the back of your hand. You had been resting it next to you on the cushion, granting him easy access. The expensive wine is already doing the trick, your skin already buzzing under his touch. You're surprised that his hands run cold, chalking it up to the result of his own better-hidden nerves.
His fingers start to trail up your arm and you finish your glass of wine, setting it on the side table. Emboldened, you ask the question that's picked at you since Friday.
"When you said if I wanted to experience the real thing that I should call... What did that mean?"
Max smiles and it strikes you as something predatory, not the flirtatious smiles he's been offering you otherwise. "I was hoping you would ask."
His mouth opens to reveal two sharp canine teeth and you can’t help but laugh. You know it’s in poor taste, but it's reactionary and you can't stop yourself. Of course you would find yourself one of those weirdos who thinks they are literally a vampire. Maybe a cheap costume would be better than this delusion he's trying to pull you into.
You expect Max to be upset by your laughter and it catches you off guard to find him looking amused instead. Your amusement subsides and you ask, “You expect me to believe those are real?”
Max cocks his head at you. "I don't know…"
There's no preparing for what comes next. You anticipated a cheesy line, maybe Max trying to convince you that they're real only for the glue on the fake tooth to come loose, but not this.
Max transforms in front of you. His face shifts – bottom canines elongating to match the top, brow bone becoming more pronounced while his ears become pointed at the tips. His skin turns mottled, the even tawny color interrupted by the deep blue, purple, and green of veins running beneath.
What makes you gasp though are the horns that sprout from his thick hairline, curving back along his head. They gradate in color, jet black at the base moving to deep burgundy, carmine to crimson, the very tips a bright cherry red.
"Do you believe me now, lamb?" Max asks, a fire in his eyes turning the warm brown to a simmering dark gold.
You backed away in surprise, pressed against the couch’s armrest. Hearing his voice again, that smooth honeyed timbre, now laced with something more ethereal, you relax. You barely know Max and yet hearing his voice again reminds you that he’s the same man who approached you in a crowded bar and invited you to his home. He sought you out.
Slowly, you sit up on your knees, carefully approaching him. Max’s eyes widen, clearly not expecting this response. He probably had expected a scream or maybe even for you to faint – not for you to see him and move closer.
Somewhere in your mind you register that Max has also grown in size. It’s not enough for him to be bursting out of his clothes, but the seams are certainly tighter and he’s certainly sitting higher on the couch. Alarm bells should be ringing in your mind as you reach out to touch him, but they’re suspiciously absent. Later you’ll wonder if that’s an effect Max is able to have or just something going on in your own strangely-wired mind.
His skin is still cold to the touch, his cheek chilling your sweaty palm. Your body is nearly flush with his, your hand slowly moving as you marvel at him. Max silently watches you observe him, his own hands staying fixed at his sides. When you ghost your finger along one of his horns he shudders, the information that they’re sensitive to touch being filed away in your mind.
There’s a hesitancy in Max’s eyes when you meet them. As though he’s afraid you’ll suddenly push him away and run out the door.
“You’re beautiful,” you breathe. With that, Max descends.
His lips are plush consuming yours, and you can feel the hard press of his fangs just behind them. You part your mouth first, inviting him in.
Max doesn't hesitate to deepen the kiss, pushing you back against the cushions. You slide your tongue into his mouth, feeling the sharp ends of his teeth. One wrong or careless move and one could easily puncture you.
He's keeping most of his weight off of you, but he's still heavy – as though he has more mass than you can even see. You tug on Max's shirt, demanding that he take it off without having to say anything. Max pulls away from you, leaving your lungs heaving and desperate for air. The realization that you're the only one in the room who needs to breathe crashes over you as you take in Max's unmoving chest.
Unwilling to wait, you pull your shirt off as well and let it join Max's on the floor. Max chuckles, leaning back down over you. "Eager?"
"Shut up and kiss me."
You dig your fingers into Max's hair, pulling him back down. He moans into your mouth, rolling his hips against you. He works his way down to your neck, sucking bruises into the skin and soothing them with his tongue. In what must be an incredible feat of self-control he makes no move to bite you.
He palms your breast through the thin lace of your bra. Your nipples pebbling from arousal and his low body temperature.
"I hope you're not attached to this," Max says, tearing away the lace before you can protest. You were attached to it, but you'll worry about demanding repayment for it later. Right now you're far more preoccupied with him trailing down your body with his mouth.
From this position, you have a perfect of his horns. They have a slight shine that you missed before. It barely catches the light, emphasizing the gentle ridges that circle around the length of each. You can't help but be entranced by them and run a finger along them again.
The curve is pleasant, the ends pointing back towards his ear. The gentle touch makes Max moan against your breast, his hips rolling against you again.
Max catches your wrist and looks up at you. "You have to stop that."
You're immediately worried, scared that you might have done something wrong. "Did I hurt you?" you ask.
He has the audacity to laugh. "No, babe. They're sensitive. I won't be able to last if you keep that up."
He should not have given me that information. You smile and give a small, "Oh," in reply.
Without warning, Max picks you up with ease and tosses you over his shoulder. "Max!" you shout, unsure of where he's taking you.
He swats at your ass, arm staying firmly in place around your legs. "I'm not eating you out on the couch when I have a bed."
You can feel the arousal pooling in your panties from his shameless statement.
Max's bed is large, and you quickly discover, memory foam. You sink into it, the silk sheets feeling like heaven on your exposed skin. Max wastes no time in letting you settle into the bed.
You've barely landed before he's tearing off your pants, taking your panties with them. Thankfully, those still seem to be wearable for later. Max hooks your legs with his arms, pulling you to the mattress’s edge.
He’s kneeling before you and with all of his enthusiasm up to this point, you expect him to dive right in but he prolongs it instead. Slowly, he spreads you open with his fingers, just looking at you. Trying to close your legs in embarrassment is fruitless. Max’s far superior strength keeps your thighs wide open, exactly where he wants them.
Just as you’re about to yell at him, he pushes one thick finger inside of you. You moan at the feeling, the single appendage feeling larger than two of yours. You’re powerless to do anything other than watch as he pulls it back out, shining in your slick, and cleans it off, wrapping his clearly longer than natural tongue around his finger.
“You taste divine, lamb,” Max compliments before finally lowering his mouth to your cunt as promised.
His tongue feels unlike anything else you’ve ever felt before. No man, woman, or toy comes close to comparing. You’re full but you can feel him moving, licking inside of you. It’s nearly too much for you to handle, writhing underneath him. Max loops his arms around the tops of your thighs, pinning you to the mattress and keeping you spread while he fucks you on his tongue.
You grab onto Max’s hair, hand framed by his horns. He moans into your pussy in response, speeding up his movements. You try to grind down onto Max’s face, chasing your looming orgasm. “M-more,” you whine.
Dutifully, Max’s finger finds your clit, rubbing in tight little circles until your legs are shaking. Your eyes slam closed as your orgasm crashes over you, fisting your hand tightly in Max’s hair. He doesn’t relent, continuing to eat you out and quickly pushing you from overstimulation to a second earth-shaking release.
You can feel Max’s tongue slide out from your cunt, giving a small kitten lick to your clit that makes you shudder before joining you on the bed. Nearly every thought in your head has been chased away except for, how am I supposed to enjoy regular oral after that?
Max is lying on his side, watching with rapt attention as you come down from your high. He's warmed from the physical activity and your own radiating body heat, making his hands running along your body less of a shock.
Once you're able to think again, you prop yourself up on your elbows and look down at Max's pants. With the size of the tent he's making, you're not sure how he hasn't torn through the zipper. "Why the fuck do you still have those on?"
Max grins and makes quick work of joining you in the nude. Looking at him now is the most nervous you've been all night. He's big. Bigger than anyone else you've ever seen. Thick and long and you're unsure if it's all natural or a direct result of his transformation.
You're not sure if Max sees your fear or if he just senses it. You’d imagine that’s something a supernatural creature could do.
“Don’t worry, babe. I won’t hurt you.” He sounds cocky about it. In the post-dual orgasm clarity you’ve regained enough presence of mind to be annoyed by it. You can play dirty too.
You reach over and gently stroke his horns, saying, “I know, pretty boy.”
You’re pretty sure he almost comes then and there. His eyes flash at you, a sliver of dangerous red, before he has both of your hands pinned above your head. Max’s other hand is at your waist and it feels like he’s engulfing it in his large palm.
His cock is heavy and leaking where it’s resting on your hip. He grinds against you, allowing himself friction and leaving you without. You whine, and try to shift your hips into him but it’s helpless. If he wanted to, he could get himself off here and leave you desperate and wanting.
Thankfully, he wants to feel you wrapped around him more than he wants to make you beg for it. Max leans down next to your ear as he lines himself up, the fat head of him teasing at your entrance. “I’m going to fuck you and I’m not going to stop until you can’t take anymore.”
He’s a stretch. Even with two orgasms under your belt and being opened up by his tongue, Max has to move slowly in order to avoid literally splitting you open. You’re thankful he’s holding you down because you’re not sure you’d be able to remain still enough for him otherwise.
“Fuck, Max!” you wail, another inch pushing into you.
Max isn’t faring much better above you. His eyes are squeezed shut, trying to focus on not immediately blowing his load. “F-fuck, so-so tight, little lamb.”
He rocks his hips slowly and eventually, he’s fully sheathed inside of you. You both have to pause, Max taking breaths he doesn’t even need to calm himself. He’s buried deep within you, deeper than you ever thought possible.
“Max,” you moan, “Move.”
Planting his knees, Max begins to fuck you slowly. He sets a pace so that you can feel every perfect inch of him dragging along your slick walls until you’re crying out for more. He doesn’t disappoint.
He gradually picks up speed, fucking you harder, deeper, to the point where you’re pretty sure there will be an indent in the memory foam. His hands remain tight around your wrists, pinning you in place for him to rut into. Max drags his fangs along your neck, and without warning you’re thrown headlong into another orgasm – the small threat of what he could easily do enough to push you over.
Feeling your walls fluttering around his cock, Max doesn’t stop, extending your pleasure and starting to lose himself to his. Your hands slip out from underneath his, moving to grab at his back for something to hold onto. You can feel his muscles shifting, more than a back should while you're railed into next week.
“Do- do you have wi-wings?” you stutter. Max is too far gone to reply and you can tell he’s close, so you do the one thing you know will send him over the edge. His face is tucked into the crook of your neck, making it easy to run your hand down the length of his horn.
Max comes with a roar, filling you with his spend while two large appendages sprout from his back. You were right. Wings.
He all but collapses on you. You’re too distracted to care or even notice the slight pinch as he pulls out. The wings are large, spanning just past either end of the king sized bed. You can only think to call them batlike in their structure, the low lighting of the room making the skin? glow, like when you hold a flashlight up to a hand. The memory foam mattress makes more sense if he has these to accommodate.
His wings ruffle slightly when you touch them, but Max stays put over you and allows you to run your hands along the top ridge. There’s a small, muffled moan against your skin and you imagine this must feel like an arm or leg massage would to you. You’re not sure how long it is before Max folds them against his back, not putting them away yet, and rolls off onto his side.
Some of Max’s features have returned to normal. Or maybe not technically normal for him, but rather returned to looking human. He’s left his horns out though and you can’t help but ask, “Is that more comfortable for you?”
Max seems surprised that you would ask. He sits up and you’re almost certain it’s just to avoid your eyes when he answers. “Yes, but you also seem to like them, so…”
It’s the most vulnerable you’ve seen him all night and his dick was just inside you. “I do,” you tell him honestly. You can still see enough of his face to see his smile.
Max cleans you up with a washcloth and gets you a glass of water before returning to bed. You let him get comfortable, situating his wings behind him before laying on his chest. You’ve never really stuck around with hook-ups to cuddle before, but even you can admit that this was something different. He seems content to let you stay too.
“You were wonderful, lamb,” Max says, running a hand over your hair.
You sit up slightly, meeting his eye. It’s been bothering you all night but you haven’t really had a chance to ask until now. "Why are you calling me lamb? I have a name."
Max doesn’t even have the decency to look remorseful as he explains. "You're like my little lamb to the slaughter, you know?"
You roll your eyes at him. That has to be one of the worst things you’ve ever heard and your ex liked to call you tootsie. "You have got to be kidding me."
"What? I thought it was funny,” Max says.
You settle back against him, shaking your head. Out of all the monsters you could meet and fuck, of course you find the one that makes horrendous puns. "Terrible. Just terrible."
You’re nearly asleep when Max speaks again. “Still think vampires are a low tier monsterfuck, babe?"
Of course he heard that in the bar. You can imagine that was the whole reason he even approached you, wanting to prove you wrong on your thoughts of vampires. Buffy still doesn’t have shit on you – her vamps weren’t nearly as beautifully monstrous as yours.
"Maybe,” you yawn, knowing it’ll get him riled up. “You didn’t exactly scare me.”
You’re not sure why that is. He should have scared you. The moment he transformed you should have been running out the front door and not looking back. Maybe it’s all the porn you’ve watched and read influencing your thoughts on monsters and their sex appeal or maybe it’s that soft look you caught in his eye, but he never truly scared you.
Max scoffs at your answer. Here you are, nearly catatonic after what he did to you and you’re still calling him low tier. You snuggle into him more, enjoying the cool feel of his skin against yours. You can’t hide your smile.
“You could always try to convince me otherwise.”
Tumblr media
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boomerangguy · a day ago
You’ve proposed a headcanon that Korra is the granddaughter of Sokka and Suki. It’s an attractive idea, but it falls apart under scrutiny. If she was really **that** closely related to Sokka and Katara, the White Lotus would have investigated her sooner, considering her birthday coincides with Aang’s death. Katara of all people would have said something. She’d know the day, at least, and if necessary they would have thoroughly investigated to narrow down the time of day, just to focus their search parameters and make the new Avatar easier to find. Hell, she would’ve called Katara “aunt” at least once.
Korra must have been between two and four when they finally met her in the pilot, and it never would have taken that long if she were Sokka’s granddaughter. Being unrelated, she could easily be lost in obscurity among all the children born that day. You can blame bad writing or poor pacing if you want, it’s a fair claim, but even with that the available information just doesn’t support your theory. It’s not a headcanon, it’s an AU, and there’s nothing wrong with that.
On the other hand, if Korra has any familial connection to a character from the first series, then considering her father Tonraq and his brother Unalaq are essentially Northern Water Tribe royalty, it’s much more likely that she is distantly related to Princess Yue. This theory has more credence in the context of the series, and could feasibly be called a headcanon.
First off, I’d like to preface this response by saying: a) headcanons are headcanons—Senna being Sukka’s daughter is canon in my head, not in real life—and anyone else is free to accept this headcanon (as many have done long before I even joined the fandom), but obviously no one is obligated to do so, including yourself; b) a lot of things in popular media don’t hold up under scrutiny, including rather large plot points in ATLA (*cough* Aang’s chakra arc *cough*). Regardless, this is something that actually does hold up, and thus does not require an AU.
To be clear, this conversation is a continuation from the reply section of this post, but I’m going to rehash things I said there anyway. So here we go!
Korra as Sokka and Suki’s Granddaughter: A Legitimate Possibility in Canon
It seems to me that your issue with Senna being Sukka’s daughter can be divided into two points: (1) the near-instantaneous reincarnation of the Avatar Spirit would provide nigh-irrefutable evidence that Korra is the next Avatar, and (2) Aang’s death and Korra’s birth on the same day are too significant of an occurrence within one family to not be investigated further. So I’ll be refuting these points in order to reject your overall claim—that it’s impossible in the canon Avatar universe for Senna to be Sokka and Suki’s daughter and Korra their granddaughter.
(1) In order for the simultaneous death/birth of Aang/Korra (respectively) to be used to identify Korra as the new Avatar, it has to be knowable to the characters—it’s not enough that it just happened. So what would be required for the characters to determine this earlier? They (the White Lotus, Katara, Sokka, Suki, Senna, whoever else) would need the capacity and prior intent to measure the time of death/birth. Firstly, in terms of capacity, this means that there had to be someone present to record Korra’s exact time of birth. Considering Korra was likely born at home in the rural SWT (delivered by a local midwife or healer), it cannot be assumed that an exact time of birth was recorded as it might have been in a Republic City hospital. Can we be absolutely certain that Tonraq was checking the clock while his wife was in labor? Can we be certain that there was even a clock present at all? No, we cannot—simply because canon doesn’t show us any reason to believe so and it requires a great bit of imagination to say otherwise. Things become even less convincing with Aang’s death. Was his death sudden? In his sleep? In a place where no clocks or watches were at the ready? Again, we know nothing to indicate that the time of Aang’s death was properly recorded by (or passed on to) the White Lotus. But more importantly—to address prior intent—it’s clear that the White Lotus never aimed at using time of death/birth to pinpoint the new Avatar in the first place. If they had, why wouldn’t we have heard of it in TLOK? Korra’s heritage is completely unconnected to the WL’s plans and actions, and to assume that this strategy would have been used if she was Sukka’s granddaughter is to assume that it would have been used if she was not Sukka’s granddaughter. Yet, there is absolutely no evidence that the WL was concerned with this Avatar-identification method in TLOK. Therefore, we can safely say that Korra’s time of birth would not (and likely could not) have been used to identify her as the new Avatar.
(2) In your ask, you used the word ‘investigated’ more than once but provided no means by which an infant could be verified as the Avatar, even if the time of death/birth was known. If Sokka, Katara, or Senna were to inform the White Lotus that Aang/Korra’s death/birth occurred on the same day, what exactly can any of them do to ‘investigate’ this? The only methods of Avatar-verification shown in ATLA and TLOK are observing a young Avatar’s toy preference (Aang) and multiple-element bending (Korra). The former would not work since an infant cannot play with toys, nor would the latter since an infant can’t bend. Even if they waited a few months until Korra could play with past Avatars’ toys, what toys would they use? The ones at the Southern Air Temple that were no doubt destroyed when Sozin’s armies attacked 153 years earlier? There simply isn’t a way for the White Lotus to verify a wild coincidence that Aang’s grand-niece is the new Avatar (which is actually just as probable as it being any other baby). Korra seems to exhibit that she is the Avatar at a very young age already, and it is entirely unreasonable to assume that the WL or anyone else could determine this any earlier. And although I have not read the Kyoshi novels myself, I’ve heard that Avatar misidentification is something that happened when Kyoshi was young—someone other than the true Avatar was believed to be in possession of the Avatar Spirit and capable of bending all four elements. If that’s possible, then there really is no hard science behind verifying an individual as the Avatar before they show the ability to bend more than one element. No knowledge of death/birth-related coincidences can change that, either.
I was tempted to continue this response by considering the thoughts/feelings/motivations of Sokka, Katara, and Senna upon learning that Korra was born the same day Aang died, but this has already been long-winded enough—and it’s ultimately pointless since they’d have no way of determining that baby Korra is the Avatar. Maybe I’ll save that for another post, because it opens up some interesting side-discussions.
Any further asks about this headcanon—or any other Sukka-related topics—are always welcome!
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juletheghoul · 2 days ago
Burning Hour (Part 5)
Of everything I've written this is the story that's gotten the most love and I'm so happy that you are all enjoying it so much. 🥺
Surprisingly enough - I had to cut this chapter down because if I'd added everything I had originally planned to it would have been about 16k. With that said - I'm thinking it might end up being either six or seven chapters total. Anyway - enjoy!
Tumblr media
Din Djarin x F!Reader (Virgin reader)
Pairing: Din x F!Reader
Word Count: 8.6K 😅
Warnings: (18+ NO MINORS) Angst, pining, slow-burn, language, mentions of hunting (hawking) age-gap (about 10-11 years, legal, reader is of age), implied homophobia (as a result of the times) Yearning, jealousy, oral-f receiving / dirty talk / p i v sex (wrap it up) vaginal fingering, breast worship / nipple play
Let me know if I missed anything!
reblogs are appreciated
Masterlist Series Masterlist
It was difficult to sleep.
The events of the day replayed over and over in your mind, enough to make your body vibrate with the excitement of it all. Din’s touch, his mouth - it had lit a fire within you and it made you giddy that your dreams of finding someone that truly loved and desired you seemed to have been answered; or so you desperately hoped. It was a double edged sword however. Poisoned fruit.
You were the future Queen, you had a duty to your family and the kingdom and as thus, knew that you’d never be truly free to marry him. This shoved Poe to the forefront of your mind.
Why are you wooing me so persistently sir? If you so obviously love another?
The thought crossed your mind briefly, that maybe Poe's intentions were less than chivalrous but you shooed them away. This was good news. Maybe they could come to an understanding.
Your thoughts drifted back to Din, much like they always did and you smiled to yourself. You thought about what he’d done, how good it felt - how much he seemed to enjoy it and now you understood what the serving girl had meant. It was selfish of you, but it didn’t stop you from hoping he wasn’t calling on her still.
I want you all to myself my love, only me.
Poe was quiet as he broke his fast, his squire even more so; barely meeting your eye.
“Mr. Dameron, I’m curious to know if you enjoyed yourself at the tournament. I noticed the two of you quite happy in each other’s company before I retired to my chambers.” Your mother was speaking with a sly smile, trying - in what she must have thought was a cunning way - to push you both together and you raised your eyebrows at him.
“I had a lovely time, the Princess was enchanting as always and I know we have much to discuss. Princess - would you like to go hawking with me today?” If he was worried about what you could say, he didn’t show it.
“I’d love to Poe, I imagine you’re right.” You smiled at him and ignored the way his squire worried at the hem of his doublet.
“Wonderful! Din - I have some matters to attend to in the city and I will need you with me but make sure you send some of your best with Poe and the Princess.” Your fathers voice boomed through the small room and Dins response was a tiny nod, but it was more than that; you could feel his annoyance at not being able to accompany you.
Patience my love, you have nothing to fear.
“Lovely.” You smiled to yourself, letting him catch the smile on your face.
The air was bracing, nipping at your skin slightly as you rode out into the open grounds outside the palace. The Mandalorians sent for protection were respectful, keeping their distance as you reached the little hillside perfect for hawking.
“I think this will do nicely.” His usual smile plastered on his face as he helped you off your horse.
It was easy to spend time with Poe. Easy to laugh and chat and enjoy the time with him. You’d assumed he’d get right into the conversation you knew had to be had but he didn’t. Instead you hawked, you enjoyed the fresh air and you thought about everything that had led to this moment.
“Poe, we have something to discuss” Your words were soft, spoken to him quietly so as to keep it between the two of you.
“Yes I imagine we do.” His smile shifted then, to something softer, something honest and hopeful.
With the hawks safely back in their cages you were free to wander a bit and he offered his arm like always.
“I expect you have questions for me.” His voice was low and for the first time, you detected a slight nervousness.
“I do and I mean to cut right to the heart of it, what are your intentions with me Poe? I will hear no lies from you, speak plainly.” It wasn’t something you wanted to think about but it simply could not be helped. He seemed taken aback.
“Nothing nefarious if that is your fear Princess. I have great respect and love for you, maybe not the love a man usually has for a woman but I do consider you very important. As for truth I will give it to you freely, but I also ask for discretion, as your friend and I hope you consider me so. I am indeed in love with another, but unfortunately people are not as tolerant to the kind of love I share with this person and thus we cannot be together openly.” He had such a sadness in his voice at this admission that it struck you, he had more in common with you than he could possibly know. “I meant what I said before. We would make a good match, not in the romantic sense but in terms of bettering this land. Helping people and giving to the less fortunate. We could have a happy life, while privately - loving other people.”
He let the words linger as you came to a small stream within the woods, the sun making the bubbling water sparkle despite the chill in the air and you thought about his words. Could this truly work?
Din my love, is this how it must be for us? Marry Poe publicly, but love you privately? Will you accept this secret life?
“Your squire?” The question popped out and you had to know, he was a lovely man and it hurt to think that others would not accept them because they were men. Why should men not love each other? Surely love is better than hate and scorn.
“Yes. His name is Finn, and I love him dearly.” The words were reverent, a prayer, his name sacred.
“And is Finn content to live this secret life with you? For us to play the happy couple at court for all the world to see while he waits for you in the shadows?” Your tone was soft, your hand rested on his shoulder, the questions genuine and he nodded with a sad smile.
“It is the only way for people such as us.” He kissed the fingers on your hand and it was a friendly gesture, reassuring.
“You would be free to love in private as well Princess. Your knight need not feel threatened by me.” He smiled at the shock on your face. “It is obvious. The way you look at him, the way he tracks you. How people don’t notice is beyond me.” He wrapped his arm around your shoulders and for the first time it was such a comfort.
You weren’t attracted to Poe - sure he was handsome and chivalrous, well liked and influential; all the things a suitor should be on the surface. More important than all that however, Poe was a friend.
“I do love him, desperately so. I imagine I’ve loved him all my life.” You couldn’t lie to him.
“I cannot blame you, he is quite handsome and I trust he will be happy to hear that even though the situation is not ideal, he can still have you all to himself.” There was no animosity, no hint of anger or jealousy - just a quiet support and it was as though a huge weight had been lifted from your shoulders.
“I pray he is content, it is all I can offer him.” You both walked arm in arm, back towards the horses.
“Have we come to an agreement then Princess? Will you marry me?” He said it with a playful bump of his shoulder and you laughed, giddy with the excitement of it all.
“Yes Poe, I believe I will.”
The King’s business took much longer than he thought, keeping them out of the palace for most of the day and he let out a satisfied sigh when it was time to make their way back. He hoped the Princess would find time to meet with him although with Poe around it was difficult. The man was constantly underfoot.
She will marry him soon, what will I do then? Foolish Knight that I am.
It was getting harder to put those thoughts to bed and he wondered, not for the first time, what would happen when the day finally came.
I will have to watch you ready yourself for him, stand outside your door as he -
He couldn’t even finish the thought.
I’ll do my duty and protect. Or die.
He accompanied the King to his apartments, entrusting him to other guards. He had to bathe, to eat and ready himself to take his place at the royal dinner table.
Maybe I can meet with her in the gardens tonight, maybe I could take her somewhere private -
“Greetings Sir, I’m sorry to bother you in your private time but I had to see you.” She caught him as he entered his chambers, pulling him out of his thoughts of the princess.
“Gisella, what are you doing here?” His tone was low, a little curt at having been cornered and she worried at her shift. He saw the trepidation on her face and he felt bad, it wasn’t her fault. “My apologies my lady, you caught me unawares.” He softened his tone, but he did not invite her inside.
“I did not mean to Sir, I just - I miss-” She sighed, defeated. “You have not called for me in ages, have I offended you somehow?” Her big eyes were wide with sadness and he felt unchivalrous. Just because he did not love her, didn’t excuse the way he’d ignored her.
“No sweetling. You have done no such thing. It is I who have offended you.” He bowed his head in apology and she perked up, stepping closer. “I thoroughly enjoyed our time together but I am afraid it has run its course.” Her face fell at his words, unhappy with their meaning.
“Have you grown tired of me?” Her eyes filled with unshed tears and he felt awful. When they had started their little tryst it had been fun. She was funny and pretty, willing and she knew how to handle him but when the Princess returned, he had no taste for her. He took off his helmet, letting her meet his eyes.
“I will be honest with you Gisella. I have no feelings for you, not the feelings you hoped I would. It is no reflection of you but I cannot pretend to feel what I do not. It would be unfair to both of us to keep going.” He took her hands in his, placing a gentle kiss on each to soften the blow of his words.
“Din, I don’t understand - we worked so well together. We laughed, we made love, we talked about all manner of things and I thought - hoped - that it would grow into something more. I could be a good wife Din, I could give you children and we could be happy.” She pressed herself against him, letting him feel her warmth. “You said you liked the things we did-” She ran her fingers through his hair as she spoke, her tone suggestive. “-you made me feel so good, teach me more Din. I can be better for you.” She pressed small kisses to his face, trying vainly to reach his mouth.
She was not wrong. He did enjoy her company, he enjoyed her body and her eagerness to please him but he didn’t feel about her the way he felt about the Princess, and he never would.
“Gisella, please don’t misunderstand. It is nothing you’ve done wrong-” He firmly separated her from his body. “-perhaps in another life, we would have had everything we spoke of and more, but not in this one. I am sorry. Truly.” He kissed her forehead softly, before entering his room - and closing the door.
Poe had agreed to postpone the announcement until you could explain what was happening to Din and for that you were grateful. It was hard to control the urge to blurt it out however, especially when you could feel his eyes on you at the dinner table.
Mila poured wine for you as your mother dropped hint after hint about what a future wedding would look like for you and you indulged her with a smile. It was genuine, but not for the reason she imagined.
You pictured getting married, the lovely gown you’d wear but the man standing in front of you wore a suit made of beskar and it was enough to steal the breath from you.
I pray you accept this secret life with me my love, it’s all I can offer you.
The smile was plastered all over your face as you made your way to the gardens. Your feet bringing you closer and closer to him and it takes everything in you not to lift your skirts and run like a child. Especially when you finally reach your meeting place to find him smiling, hair ruffled, dimple on display.
Your body betrayed you and you practically flung yourself into his arms. You can hear him chuckle deep in his chest at your urgency and the heady feeling at being in his arms again makes you laugh.
“Hello my love.” He breathes the words into your ear, his big hands crushing you to him and you can’t even answer, your mouth pressing against his in response.
“Hello Din.” You finally answer. “I have news to tell you, I know you will not like it but there is a silver lining.” You smile up at him but his expression falters. His brow furrows slightly at your words and you know this will be tough for him to hear.
“Tell me, what is it?” He brings his hand up to your face, the warmth of his palm is indescribably comforting on your cheek.
“Well - I have discussed my future with Poe.” You see the flash of annoyance at the mere mention of the other man and you cannot help but smile slightly. “He has asked for my hand and I have accepted.” You brought your hand up to mirror his actions but he moves away slightly.
“You have asked me here to tell me that you will marry another man, and you laugh?” His tone wasn’t angry, it was hurt and you smile again despite yourself.
You will laugh with me, my love.
“You don’t understand, we have come to an agreement.” Your smile broadened but you saw the clench in his jaw and the hurt look on his face.
“You and Poe have made an agreement about me? Am I supposed to be thankful, Princess?” His voice had turned cold and you could see that he was offended. This was not going the way you’d envisioned.
“Peace my love, allow me to explain and you will understand my meaning.” You tried to get close to him again, hoping to calm him with soft words and light touches.
“What I understand Princess, is that I have no chance with you, I never have. I am a fool and I have been dreading this since I realized how I feel towards you.” He kissed your hands despite his visible anger, quickly separating himself after. “I understand that this must be the end, unless I were to challenge Poe for your hand but even that would be in vain.”
“Din Please I-“
“My apologies Princess. I am sorry to have ever entertained this.” He gestured at the two of you. “We must stop living in this fantasy. I beg of you to forgive me but I must be alone.” He pressed a chaste kiss to your mouth, silencing any words you had for him before he promptly left you in the garden.
You walked back to your rooms in a tearful daze. How could he misinterpret this so quickly?
“Your highness, is everything alright? Are you hurt?” Mila ran to kneel in front of your place on the bed and listened intently as you explained what had transpired. “Write him a note, your highness - I will see that he gets it.” She patted your hand before helping you undress.
“Thank you sweetling, perhaps tomorrow.”
You cried yourself to sleep.
It all felt like some horrid dream, strange and far away but once the fog of sleep had cleared it all came rushing back. All of the lovely parts - his kisses, his tousled hair, his smile. And all of the awful parts; his anger, his hurt, his words.
Mila could be heard moving things around in your room, picking out your clothes for the day if you had to hazard a guess and the thought of breaking your fast with Din in the room was enough to make you sick.
Her face fell when she found you still in bed a little later, staring at the sky through the gap in your curtains.
“Your highness, are you unwell? Shall I bring your meal up here to eat privately?” She sat tentatively at the edge of your bed, she knew you too well.
“Yes sweetling, that would be wonderful - I don’t think I could stand to be in that room this morning.” You couldn’t keep the sadness out of your voice, could barely keep the tears out of your eyes and everything he said just came rushing back once again.
“He will come around your highness, you must make him listen.” She patted your hand and you pulled her into bed, hugging her tight. “Everything will be okay.” She spoke low as she ran her nimble fingers through the tangle of your hair.
She would never know the comfort she gave you in that moment.
“Perhaps I could write him a note - explain that it’s not what he imagines it to be - that he has no equal in my eyes.” You looked up at her with hopeful eyes and she nodded with a smile.
“I will deliver it, but I beg of you, get out of bed and eat something.” She gave you one last squeeze before leaving to get you something to eat. In the time she was gone, you managed to write him a note - nothing too in depth but a plea to listen. To let you explain, that you loved him above all others and your spirits lifted as you read it over.
“I have brought you fresh baked bread and butter, some soft eggs and tea - nothing too heavy your highness.” She set down the tray on your little table and looked at you expectantly.
“Sit and eat with me - and then we can speak about you delivering this for me.” She nodded and sat with a smile.
“Where is my daughter?” They had all been waiting on her but she hadn’t come down. He was worried about her, but his pride stopped him from knocking on her door himself.
“Is she okay? It surprises me that she hasn’t joined us.” Poe’s face was the very picture of worry and it was lucky he wore the helmet, or his expression would have given him away.
“I assure you my lord, your highness, she is well. She is indisposed at the moment and begs your forgiveness. I am to fetch her something to eat.” Her handmaiden was apologetic.
“Please make sure she eats more than a few bites, it will help. Some tea as well.” The Queen spoke to the girl and she nodded as she made her way to the kitchens, she caught Dins eye before leaving however and his mood darkened further still.
Din had the nagging suspicion that this had everything to do with what had happened the night before.
You are a fool Djarin, you hurt her.
He felt terrible, like some sort of monster - a predator that had stolen a tiny part of her heart and then ripped it up in front of her face.
What am I to do? Am I to watch happily as you marry this man? Am I to hope you’ll have time for me? Maybe one night when he’s called away I can slither into your room like a thief and steal a few more kisses before he comes back? Shall I kill him for you Princess? Start a war for your love?
He sighed silently, his hands gripping his sword tight enough to turn his knuckles bone white, lost in his own thoughts.
The light at this time of the day was absolutely gorgeous. Autumn was well and truly here and everything had taken a golden hue. For once, you were glad Din was not present.
“I imagine your conversation with him did not go as planned.” It wasn’t a question, he had seen the look on your face and it made no sense to lie.
“It most certainly did not.” You smiled sadly, the two of you sitting in the courtyard. Poe was reading a book borrowed from your library as you tried to occupy your thoughts with needlework but it wasn’t going as planned. Your stitches were not up to your usual standard and despite your annoyance you weren’t going to put it down until you finished. “He barely let me get the words out. I suspect I offended him.”
“How so?” He tilted his head in confusion, his attention moving from the words on the pages in front of him to look you in the eye.
“I could see that he was upset that I have accepted your proposal-” You made sure to lower your voice. “-and it made me laugh because I know he has nothing to fear - you and I have come to an agreement but he thought I was mocking him.” You could see the genuine concern on his face.
“Should I speak to him? Do you think that would help?” He placed his hand onto yours and you knew that would be a bad idea.
“No - as much as I appreciate it I don’t think that would go over well without him knowing about us.” You placed your hand onto his in thanks. “How does Finn feel about this whole situation? I meant to speak to him myself but I have been preoccupied.” You had noted that Finn wasn’t in attendance.
“We have both accepted that we cannot live life as open as we’d like - he is content to learn that you are accepting of us.” He smiled fondly at you. “We must adapt.”
“Isn’t this lovely? You two look right at home together.” There was genuine happiness in your mothers voice and you fought the urge to roll your eyes at her. She wasn’t wrong per say - but not for the reasons she imagined. Poe was a dear friend, that and nothing more.
“Your highness.” Poe made to stand but she waved him away.
“I am happy to see you getting along this way and I am hopeful that you will have good news for us soon.” For a moment you saw your mother, not as the Queen she always portrayed but the secret side to her she only ever showed you. The one who held you close when you were ill, the one who told you stories as a child. The vulnerable woman who worried about your well-being.
“Yes, I expect you will have good news soon Mother.” You smiled up at her and her face lit up, that private smile gracing you both before it was put away.
“I am very happy to hear that my darling.” She composed herself again, and then she was gone.
It was hard not to pace around the room, Mila had left with the note and your heart in her hands what felt like ages ago and your nerves were frayed. It felt as though your heart was in your throat, constricting your airway, pulsing in your ears and it didn’t let up. It wouldn’t let up, not until everything was as it was. It was your fate to wait until she came back.
You tried to focus on your breathing, on calming your body but it was no use.
I am practically vibrating, and it seems as though the hem on my dress is paying the price.
You watched almost outside your own body as your hands worried at the fabric, pulling and straightening, smoothing away invisible wrinkles until finally she entered the room and lifted your heart; only to smash it again. You could tell something was wrong by the worried little frown on her pretty face and you were upset to see the note still in her hands.
“He didn’t care?” The voice wasn’t your own, it was a sad creature in the grip of despair.
“Not just that your highness, he would not listen. He would not read it and would hear nothing of your reasons. Would hear nothing of your wishes to meet him tonight. I promise you I tried but he told me that he knew all he needed to know and wished to suffer no more hurt. I could hear the sadness in his voice but I couldn’t see his eyes.” She was apologetic, but there was an anger there.
“Speak truthfully, say what you will not.” You locked eyes with her and gave her a small nod, signalling that you wanted her honest opinion.
“Well, truthfully speaking your highness, I am angry. How can he be so hurt and claim to love you so but then refuse to listen? If he would stop being so proud and foolish he would know that he is the only one you want. He would know that Poe is no threat and this nonsense could end. This is unnecessary heartache and it-” Her speech faltered at the small smile on your face, her ardour touched your heart - that she could care so much about your happiness. “It’s useless your highness.” The bite had gone and she smiled back.
“You are right, sweetling. He is being dreadfully obtuse, I appreciate your sentiments and you have my love.” You kissed her cheek. “I must make him listen.”
“How will you do that, your highness?”
“With your help.” You had a plan, and it had to work.
That was the only way he could describe his state of mind.
Her handmaiden had come with a note and just the sight of her flowing script sent him into a frenzy. He wanted no part of it, wanted to know nothing more of her accepting Poe.
He had tried to end it quickly but he had to give it to the girl, she was determined but he had made up his mind. After her various attempts of showing him the princesses words, he finally managed to send her on her way.
How had this all gone so wrong? He had been the dependable protector; The Mandalore. He was trusted to keep this family absolutely safe. How had he gone from that to this jealous, love-sick creature? Lusting and yearning after this woman, forgetting himself. He had to be better, try to get himself back to how he was.
But how can I forget about you my love? How can anyone compare? Maybe I should bury my love for you in someone else as you will undoubtedly do yourself with Poe. Although Gisella doesn’t come close, she would make a good wife - she might help me get my head out of the clouds.
He stared at his helmet, contemplating on whether or not he should go and find the girl.
“How do I look?” Her smile wasn’t encouraging you.
“You look completely ordinary, your highness, it’s a little strange.” She was circling you, adjusting the woollen shift, making sure the simple corset was laced right.
“That’s rather the point.” You said it goodnaturedly and she laughed, fixing your skirts before she dressed you in her simple cloak.
“No one will recognize you, you should let your hair down.” She helped you and when you looked in the mirror you understood what she meant.
“He will not know me. It’s perfect.”
You won’t get out of this so easily Din, you will listen.
“You know where to go, your highness?” She was nervous, now that it came down to it she feared you’d get caught.
“I know every inch of this place sweetling, if anyone comes I am not to be disturbed.” You kissed her cheek quickly before quickly making your way out the door.
I feel invisible.
No one looked too closely at you, and if when their eyes did find you it was barely a glance before they moved on to other things. You were for all intents and purposes a maiden, a servant girl.
It was utterly thrilling; a lovely reprieve from your everyday life. No one bowing, no one asking what you’d like, no Mandalorian shadow behind you keeping you safe. It was freedom - pure and simple and you cherished it all the way to his room.
He opened the door in a huff and almost didn’t recognize you at first.
“Princess? What are you doing here? Why are you dressed like that?” He was more confused than anything at first. The shock of you standing there in Milas clothing and if you hadn’t been so angry at him, you would have laughed.
“So you do remember me.” It wasn’t a question, and you let him take it in before you pushed your way through to his humble apartments. For once in all the time you’d known him, he didn’t know what to do. He was at a loss but his mind quickly recovered and you saw the panic, the reality of the situation set in and you waited for him to ask you to leave. He didn’t disappoint.
“Princess, you cannot be here. If you are discovered - it would be bad.” He left it there as he stood by the door. You made no move to obey him.
“No. I have had enough of this. You will listen to me Din Djarin - I am tired of you not listening to me.” You crossed your arms over your chest and his frown deepened.
“We cannot do this -”
“Oh yes we can, and we will, now I command you to listen to me. As your Princess, as your future Queen -” You softened slightly. “As your love, I need you to listen to me.” You stood your ground and he wilted slightly, yielding with a defeated sigh.
You took the moment to look around. The soft light of the moon was shining through a modest window, aided by a few candles. It was sparse, filled with only the essentials. His bed, large and soft, no doubt filled with down and you noticed that there was no canopy.
He rises with the sun.
He had a small table, chairs and more books than you ever would have thought. It made you smile to think of him here, reading the histories of other Mandalorians that had served. Learning from the Mandalores which came before him.
“What would you have of me Princess. I am listening.” He seemed chastened, docile. He walked over to the small table and sat, ready to finally hear your words and you took in his appearance. A loose-fitting white tunic and simple dark brown woollen breeches - not in all of the time you’ve known him have you ever seen him looking so comfortable, so soft and unguarded.
“It is unchivalrous of you to treat me this way Sir. I am not someone to be ignored, least of all by you. If you had bothered to wait until I explained you would have known that I am yours. Now and always. Maybe not the way I would have wanted, but you have nothing to fear, from any man.” You approached him where he sat and kept the smile to yourself at the shame on his face. “If you would have bothered to listen to me my love, you would have learned that Poe does not desire me. Not in the same way you do.”
“I don’t understand.” He asked softly, that crease reappearing between his brows, the confusion evident. “If he doesn’t desire you, why is he courting you so aggressively?”
“Poe is in love. He is in love with someone that, much like you and I - he cannot be with openly.” You gave in to the temptation and ran your fingers through his hair softly as you spoke. Despite the annoyance you felt, you had to touch him. “He is committed to this person, and our marriage would be a means to use his power and influence to help the kingdom. It would also be an end to questions about his lack of a wife. A chance to be happy, without judgement.” He leaned in to your touch, his eyes closed and you knew that his time brushing you aside was as painful for him as it was for you.
“Who is this person? Why can he not be with her openly?” He took your hand in his, kissing your palm.
“Him. He cannot be with him openly. Not everyone is accepting of their love and although it makes no difference to me I understand his need to keep it a secret.” He seemed slightly shocked.
“I see, and he has no problem with your marriage to him being a farce? He knows about us?” He held your hand in his, unable - or perhaps unwilling to let you go.
“It wouldn’t just be a farce Din, he is my friend. We would have a lovely friendship, companionship - nothing more. He does know about us and he wanted me to assure you that he is just a friend and that anything that happens between us that vaguely even resembles romance - it is just an act. Do you see now why I couldn’t help but laugh?” Your anger had evaporated, dust blowing in the wind while being able to be so close to him.
“I have behaved shamefully my love, I pray you’ll forgive me.” His voice was pained, embarrassed. “There isn’t anything I can say other than I am sorry.” He pulled you close, his arms wrapping around your waist - his face pressed into your belly.
“You must make it up to me.” You smoothed the lines in his face with your thumbs as you spoke, as if you could take them away. “I want to be with you, I want to lay with you.” He pressed kisses to your sternum.
His head shot up and you saw the realization hit him.
“Now? Here?” His eyes flashed over to his bed. “This space is not worthy of you.”
You could see him evaluating his rooms, the size of his bed - the sparseness. None of it mattered to you. He was all you cared about.
“I don’t care, I just want you.” You pulled him up off the chair, guiding him slowly over to where you wanted him. “Take me to your bed.” You pressed your mouth to the tawny skin of his neck and you couldn’t help but taste his skin. “Do you not desire me?” You spoke softly, noting with delight how his breath hitched when you bit his shoulder through the fabric of his tunic.
“Of course I do Princess, let me show you just how much.” He lifted you onto his bed. “I want you to see what I think about.” You could see his manhood rising - a slight tenting in his breeches, it made you ache.
Finally - I will know you as a woman knows her husband.
You felt the heat crawling up your chest, felt it in your ears and you thought about what he’d done to you in the alcove.
“Din?” A tiny bit of hesitation coloured your voice and he looked up. “The thing you did in the alcove - with your mouth.” He smiled slightly as he undid the laces of your corset slowly - unwrapping you like a present.
“Yes my love? Ask me.” He knew. He knew and he wanted you to ask him. His hands slowed, molasses slow as he pulled your hose and undergarments off - leaving you in just your woollen shift.
“Yes. Could you do that again?” The urge to cover your face was immense but you fought against it to keep your eyes on him.
“You want me to eat your pretty little cunt again my love?” He smiled slyly, his big warm hands rubbing at the sensitive skin of your thighs as he watched you. He laughed low at the gasp and it all made your arousal flow - made it drip out of your womanhood and onto his linens. You nodded, leaning back on your forearms, biting your lip in nervous excitement. “Do you have even the vaguest notion of how good you taste? Of how much I relished the smell of you? The feel of you flooding my mouth with your pleasure?” You watched him speak in awe, your nipples pebbling at his words and the fervour in his voice.
He pulled his tunic off and you noticed the scars on his torso, proof of the battles he’d won, of the hard work he’d put in to be who he was today and it was lovely. The sacred map of your heart made flesh in another person. He let you drink your fill of him as he stood, undressing fully and your eyes widened. There was a light dusting of hair on his belly leading down to a patch of dark curls at the base of his sex; it was at full-mast.
Dark red and thick and your thighs trembled at the knowledge that he’d be inside you.
“Are you afraid of me Princess?” He tilted his head to bring your attention back up to his eyes and you knew he could see the nerves on your face.
“I am nervous, not afraid - but I know you will be gentle with me.” You leaned up and took off the last article of clothing standing in the way between you and you swore you saw his manhood twitch.
“I will be whatever you desire, forever.” He crawled towards you and you took a deep breath, feeling the weight of his manhood on your hip as he lay on top of you and you half expected him to get right into it but he smiled, fully in control of himself despite the state of him. “I am going to take my time with you Princess, you will cry out in pleasure many times before my cock goes anywhere near you.” He kissed you then, hard enough to bruise and you felt yourself clench.
“What will you do to me Din?” You ran your hands down his back as he kissed your neck, feeling more raised spots, more scars and you traced them idly.
“First-” He moved down to your breasts. “-I want you to be so wet you can hardly stand it. I want to find what you like - see what feels good.” His tongue poked out then, laving softly at one pert nipple and then the other. A little moan escaped your mouth then and you were enraptured - it was almost magic, how he could pull it out of you. He continued, smiling into your skin as he worshipped your body. His mouth a steady suck at your nipple and you couldn’t help but stare at him in open-mouthed silence. “Good?” He watched you nod as he showed the other the same attention.
“Really good Din.” You ran your fingers through his hair but it turned into clutching him to your breast when he bit you softly. “Oh- that was, that felt really good.” It had made you gasp slightly, the little shock of pain ramping up the pleasure and he did it again.
Again and again, he switched between the two and then you felt his fingers at the apex of your thighs. He moaned at the slick pooled at your entrance, pulling away threads of you to taste.
“I want you like this first, with my fingers and my mouth at your nipples.” He rubbed at the pearl of you and it was almost shocking how fast you seized up, your opening fluttering around nothing. Your lip raw in your mouth from trying not to scream and he smiled when he pulled away. “I think you’re ready for one.” He slid one thick finger inside and it was strange but not unpleasant. “Too much?” He watched your face for any signs of pain.
“No, it doesn’t hurt, just feels strange.” He rubbed at the bundle of nerves and it shifted. “Th-that helps.” You moaned out the words, the little circles from his thumb lifting you up again and he smiled. Kissing you as he continued his onslaught.
“Let's try one more finger.” He kissed you softly and you felt the stretch then, there was a little burn but it didn’t last, and when he curled them inside you there was a delicious pressure that made you moan into his mouth. “Yes - there it is.” He kissed you again, moving down to bite at your nipple again and it only took a few seconds before you were soaring; falling.
“Good girl.” He kissed you again before pulling his fingers out and shoving them in his mouth greedily.
You felt wetness, his sex leaking fat pearly drops of arousal onto your skin and you wanted for all the world to explore him as he was exploring you. You moved to touch him but he stopped you.
“Wait Princess - believe me there is nothing I want more, but I want this to be about you.” He kissed your palm before bringing it back to his neck. “Now, I want you to flood my mouth once more.” He smiled as he moved down your body, taking the time to lick at your nipples again. He seemed to want to kiss every inch of you. Your ribs, the soft skin of your belly, your hips - the soaked curls on your mound.
He spread your thighs, making space for the breadth of him between your legs and it looked to you as though he was drunk on the smell of you. The intensity of his gaze was enough to make you want to close them but he dove in, parting you with his tongue. Ripping away all thoughts of stopping him.
“God Din - that feels - that feels so good.” You leaned onto your forearms again, needing to watch him and the flutter of his lashes, the sight of the flesh of your thighs spilling through his fingers - it all made the arousal flow right where he wanted it; into his mouth.
His big hands moved underneath you - to the meat of your ass, pulling you closer to his mouth. He ate you like a man starved, stoking the fire burning in your veins. His tongue was probing into you, gliding up to circle around the pert little button of your pleasure and it almost maddening how fast he could make you fall apart.
“Is this what you wanted my love?” He kissed your sex the same way he kissed your mouth as he spoke and you nodded quickly, wanting him to get back to what he was doing. “Tell me - tell me how good it feels.” He watched you, making a show of spearing into you with those long fingers.
“Oh- yes, yes Din it feels so good, please give me your tongue again. I’m so close.” His mouth was sucking your little bundle of nerves, making the last few words a breathy moan. He worked in tandem, fingers curled inside you as his tongue glided and glided and glided until the coil snapped and the wave of pleasure radiated out from your core. Down to the tips of your fingers and toes, your breasts.
“Din please - stop, I can’t.” You tried to push him away as you lay there, boneless.
Your ears were pounding and it called to mind that feeling when you were a child, when you’d run as fast as you could. The wind in your face, your blood pumping in your ears - your feet carrying you as fast as you could until someone stopped you or until you simply couldn’t run another step.
How do you do this? How do you make me feel this way?
He couldn’t help but kiss his way back up and you felt the dampness on your skin wherever he touched you, a little trail of your arousal like a map leading to some great treasure.
“It fills my heart with joy to see you like this. Naked and satiated on my bed, happy - mine.” He kissed you softly now, his tender heart in your hands and you vowed to yourself then silently to keep it safe. To protect this part of him, lock it away.
“I am ready now my love.” You pulled him into the space between your legs. “I want to see you fall apart now.” He hissed when you touched him softly, the skin of his cock surprisingly velvety.
“I will go slow, open wider for me.” He lifted your legs high onto his hips and you watched as he fed himself into you, worked his cock into you slowly.
You were wet, as wet as you’ve ever been in your life and yet - it was a stretch. There was a burn, a pinch of pain but it was nothing compared to what you’d been led to believe and he took his time. Your comfort was his only concern despite the look of pain on his face. You looked up to see his eyes, watching where you were joined. There was sweat on his brow, a tremor in his arms where he held himself up, his thighs pressed up against the backs of your legs. He was holding himself back.
“You’re doing so good, taking me so well, just a little more.” When he was fully sheathed inside you he groaned; a low rumble deep in his chest. It was an intense feeling of fullness, a burn that wasn’t completely unpleasant, but not pleasurable. “Gods above, you’re squeezing me so tight - feel so good. Am I hurting you?” His hair was matted to his face and he looked to you then for all intents and purposes like an angel.
“No - it’s a lot, I feel full.” You brought your hands up to his shoulders, grounding yourself with his body and he couldn’t help but moan at your words.
“Once you become accustomed it will feel better. Reach down, feel yourself spread around my cock.” He took your hand and brought it down to feel and you gasped. Never had you ever felt this wanton, this beautiful. He took your hand and urged you to touch yourself while he was inside you. “Show me how you do it to yourself.”
He lowered his head, his tongue obscene in your mouth and you obeyed, half believing you wouldn’t be able to do it again but you did. He added another layer of pleasure and when he slowly started moving, in and out you felt yourself bearing down again.
Another wave of slick leaked out of you, making his thrusts loud, it felt good - it felt right.
“A little more Din, a little faster, a little harder - please.” You tightened your legs around his waist, your fingers sped up and when he obliged you heard the wet suck of your cunt - no part of you wanted to let him go.
“You hear that? Hear how wet I make you? You hear me fucking you Princess?” He was letting go, his movements frantic and rough but so so good. You could feel the sweat on his lower back, the strength and stamina translating into the bedroom perfectly and when he lowered his head to capture your nipple in his mouth you clenched around him, screaming louder than you meant to as you drenched him in you.
“Oh god - I’m close - where? Where?” He was in a frenzy now and a madness took over you, you locked your ankles on his lower back and kept him inside. You felt him twitch, felt him empty himself inside you and once he was done he collapsed onto you. His full weight was overwhelming as well as completely addictive.
you rubbed at his back, soothing the tense muscles there while he caught his breath.
“Princess, I should not have finished inside, what if you- what if my seed takes?” He pulled out with a hiss and lay beside you. His body was completely relaxed but his face was a mask of worry.
“Then I will have a child with the love of my life. What could be wrong with that?” You kissed him softly and despite his fear, he smiled.
Your eyes were heavy.
You had settled on your stomach, naked and unselfconscious while he lay next to you on his side. He was running his hand down your back, content to stroke your skin, from the top of your shoulder down to the swell of your ass.
His warmth practically lulling you to sleep and it was hard to recall a time where you’d ever felt this comfortable. He watched himself touching you, soft and slow, thorough. His lips pressed against your shoulder every few minutes; almost as though he kept remembering he could.
“I hate to trouble you right now, when you are so lovely and replete but what happens now?” He pressed himself closer still.
“Hm? What do you mean?” Your eyelids were so heavy and his touch was so soothing, it was hard to keep up.
“My love, as much as it pains me to say it, you cannot stay here.” Another soft kiss to your shoulder. Another caress of his hand. “I must get you back to your rooms, and we must discuss what happens next. You, Poe and I. How are we to make this work? Will I sneak into your bed every night?” His voice wasn’t helping. It was so low and it reverberated through your bones, a lullaby in itself.
“Whatever works, I don’t care where we sleep, so long as you are with me. Once Poe and I are married we will find a way to be together privately. I suppose I must announce it now-“ A big yawn escaped you and he sighed. The end of your night together had come. “-Gods above Din I don’t want to leave.”
“I know, I don’t want you to either - but I imagine your handmaiden is sick with worry and things must appear normal.” He placed a kiss onto your temple before getting up.
He gathered your things and you studied his body once more, so many scars, so many marks and freckles.
I will memorize every single one.
He pulled his breeches on before helping you dress.
“Helping you dress is not nearly as enjoyable as helping you undress.” A little smile played on his lips and you slapped his shoulder playfully. Much too soon though, the moment was gone, and reality set in. “Be safe my love.” He couldn’t help but lick into your mouth before sending you off into the dark hallway.
“I love you.” You spoke the words into his mouth.
“And I love you, desperately.” With that - you were gone.
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morganofthewildfire · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
A Too Early Morning
a rowaelin oneshot
-1.5k words
Rowan just wanted a cup of coffee. For the life of him, he couldn’t remember why he thought it would be a good idea to sign up for a 7 am biology lab, but he usually could manage with the caffeine he downed every morning. Except for when his coffee maker was broken.
Which meant, here he was at 5:45 am, trudging into the dorm hall’s kitchen to make himself a damn cup of pure caffeine. No sugar, no cream, no milk, just straight coffee. The way he liked it.
He’d managed to snag the only single room on the floor, so there was no one to hear him cursing out the machine as he almost blindly stumbled around before finding his glasses, something he usually did after he started the coffee. That was always his first priority. But due to the nature of his situation, he’d had to reverse the order, so he could see as he made his way out of his dorm and down the hallway to the common space.
As a freshman in his fall semester, Rowan didn’t know too many people yet, but he did know that there wouldn’t be anyone else bustling around at this time of the day, considering 75% of them had probably been out until three the night before, ignoring the fact that it was a Tuesday. That was their own prerogative, Rowan just wanted to graduate.
And get into med school, but that was a whole other issue to tackle.
So he was expecting no one to be in the common room as he pushed open the door, probably louder than he should’ve. Yet, there, sprawled across the couch opposite from the kitchen, was a girl.
His eyes widened in surprise as he looked at her. There wasn’t supposed to be anyone in here, let alone someone who didn’t even live in the building.
But he still needed his coffee, so he walked over to the coffee machine, sliding his mug under it quietly as he pressed a few buttons. Whoever she was, she looked like she’d had a rough night, so he didn’t want to wake her up. Her golden hair was in disarray, likely from sleeping on a couch, a crappy one too. Her mascara was running in streaks down her face, the clothes that looked like she’d been out with everyone else all wrinkled around her, her heels scattered across the floor.
If she was awake, he’d ask her if she was okay, but she wasn’t, so he just let her be.
Yet it seemed like the grinding of the coffee machine was louder than he remembered, and he winced at the noise, especially as the girl mumbled a groan in her sleep, her eyes squeezing shut as she fought to get rid of the noise. And then those bleary eyes cracked open, swollen from what was likely tears the night before.
“I’m sorry,” he said, feeling like he needed to. She just furrowed her brows, obviously confused as she looked around, slowly pushing herself to a seated position.
“What for?” She croaked, her voice husky. “Where even am I?,” she added, and he froze, his own brows furrowing as an oily feeling swept through his gut. Did someone…? “Oh right,” she said sullenly, flopping back down. “Mistward,” she said, her voice grumpy as she named his dorm building. “Home to my now ex-boyfriend.”
“Rough night?” Rowan asked as he grabbed his mug of coffee, taking a large sip of the scalding beverage. She gave him the side eye.
“You could say that,” she said neutrally, her tone light despite her wrecked appearance. “Your coffee maker is loud.” He winced.
“Yeah I wasn’t expecting anyone to be in here,” he lifted his mug, “7 am bio lab,” he explained and she nodded in understanding.
“8 am chem lecture,” she glanced up at the clock, “which I’m decidedly missing today.” She let out a heavy sigh.
“Why aren’t you home?” Rowan tried to ask gently. He should be going back to his room to get ready, as he was already running late, but something about this girl made him want to stay. Which of course had nothing to do with the fact that despite the ruined makeup, she was the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen.
His cheeks flushed red. The girl just scowled.
“My boyfriend took me out last night,” she spat, “and conveniently decided to break up with me after I was already back at his place.” She rubbed her eyes, smearing the mascara even more, but making her blue eyes stand out starkly against the black. “I didn’t want to walk back alone but I refused to stay there any longer.”
He opened his mouth to respond, but she shrugged and kept going, so he took another sip of his coffee. “I was going to break up with him anyway, so good riddance.” She sighed again. “I just wished I’d been able to, I would’ve loved to see the look on his face.” Her mouth twisted into a bitter yet almost dreamy grin, and he would’ve laughed at the odd combination if she didn’t level her gaze on him and talk yet again.
“Do you know Chaol?” She asked, “He lives on this floor.”
Rowan wracked his brain, searching for recognition. “Brunette, kinda short, roommate’s with Havilliard’s kid?” He asked and she nodded, a faint flicker of a smile on her beautiful face as she sat up again, kicking her feet back and forth like a kid. “Yeah I know him,” he confirmed before smiling himself. “He got the whole floor fined last week because he kept pissing on the floor when he was drunk.”
She burst out laughing and he thought it was the most beautiful sound he’d ever heard.
“Wow,” she giggled, and he smiled into his next sip, her voice waking him better than the coffee. “If I was still dating him I’d totally make fun of him for that.” Her grin turned mischievous. “Instead, I’ll just spread it around and see how long it takes him to get his next date.”
He took another sip from his mug, and saw her eyes drift to it almost longingly. It wasn’t even six am after all.
“Do you want a cup?” He asked kinda hesitantly, but her eyes lit up and she was nodding. “Hang on, I’ll go grab another mug.”
Rowan headed back toward his dorm with a speed that surprised him for the early morning, pointedly ignoring his clock as he grabbed another mug from his shelf, bringing it back toward the kitchen as quickly as he could.
The girl had moved from the couch to the high top table in the middle of the room, kicking her feet yet again, but with her phone out this time, staring at herself in the camera as she tried to touch up her makeup. When she caught his eye though, she quickly shut it off, smiling at him with closed lips as he turned on the coffee maker again, the familiar rumbling starting as he slid the coffee cup underneath.
“Sorry for asking,” he said, not looking at her, ‘but if you were going to break up with him anyway, why do you seem so…”
“Upset?” She finished, a small smile on the corners of her lips at his hesitation. Rowan nodded, his cheeks flushing. “Well, no one likes being dumped,” she explained, her smile faltering, “he also said some quite unkind things as he was doing it. He didn’t like me yelling at him, I guess, though it was well deserved, thank you very much.” And there it was, her bravado was back, but Rowan didn’t buy it anymore, his eyes narrowing in contemplation as she cleared her throat, getting up to walk over by him and grab the filled coffee cup.
“What about you,...” she trailed off, waiting for a name.
“What about you, Rowan,” she amended, and a shiver went through him at the sound of his name on her tongue. “Any bad breakups recently?”
He blinked. “It’s only the second month of college.” Her lip quirked up.
“So no?” She took a sip of her own steaming coffee, making a face of disgust at it. “Gods, what is this shit? Where’s the sugar?”
He chuckled. “It's a dark roast.”
“It’s gross,” she added, setting the cup down before hopping up to sit on the counter next to him, bumping her shoulder against his.
“Are you the type to drown your coffee in creamer?” He teased, and she looked scandalized.
“Of course I am.” She pressed her hand against her chest. “Anything without sugar is not worth having.” He smiled at her, and she smiled back, a feeling of warmth growing inside him that had nothing to do with the hot drink.
But then her eyes flickered behind him. “Um, don’t you have class in like twenty minutes?”
Rowan’s face paled, his head whipping around to look at the clock on the wall. “Shit.”
It was 6:40. Had they really been talking for that long?
“I’ve gotta go,” he said, dropping his mug in the sink as he rushed toward the door, hesitating and turning around before leaving. “Wait, what’s your name?” He asked her and she smiled, hopping off the counter and heading toward the door too.
“Aelin,” she answered, passing him to head out into the hallway with a smile. The name struck him right in the chest. He didn’t think he’d ever heard anything more perfect. She turned around as she walked backwards down the hallway toward the stairs, her heels in her hand. “I like your glasses by the way.”
And then she was gone.
Rowan’s smile dropped at her words, his hand darting up to his face to find his glasses perched loosely on his nose. He hadn’t put his contacts in yet. Shit.
But he couldn’t bring himself to care too much, not as he rushed back to his room, quickly getting ready for his class. And not as he headed toward the lab building, his thoughts on her the whole time.
Who knew he’d be thankful for a broken coffee maker?
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bethanygrace19 · a day ago
Things the haikyuu boys’ would tell after you’ve slept
ft. Suna Rintarou, Iwaizumi Hajime, Matsukawa Issei
-Suna Rintarou It was a Friday night. A night where everybody clashes on their bed, thinking about all the events occurred that week. Some people go out, some stay in, and then there’s you and Suna. Who’s all wrapped up in tangled sheets, a tv show muffled in the background, the soft color of the LEDs adding a bit more effect to the comfortable atmosphere.
You were tired, worn out even. This week hasn’t really been the best for you and Suna could tell. You may not notice it but Suna has always kept an eye on you. He knows you better than you know yourself. And he knew that right now, you needed to rest. So all he had to do, was pull you into his chest by your waist and you were out cold. Small snores adding to the already comfortable silence.
He started running his fingers through your hair, eyes still fixated on the tv.
“You know y/n, I’ve always been so envious of you ? You may not see it but the world does. I do. The amount of hard work and effort you put in everything you do, is something I wish I did. You will tell me to shut up if you were awake right now but it’s the truth baby. You really are the iron man in the relationship. When I fell in love with you, you brought a side of me I didn’t even know existed. A side I thought I will never get to experience, that is until I met you. You taught me how to love, how to find love in the simplest of the things, to appreciate even the littlest of the things. Rain meant nothing but sadness to me but you said that there’s more to it. You taught me how to find happiness even in those darkest of days. If I know what love is, it’s because of you baby. And I’m grateful, for having you, for getting to call you mine. I’m not the best in words but I’m trying. I love you so much, it scares me. I’m scared that you might get bored of me and leave me. If you do, I won’t be able to handle it well baby. I’m way too obsessed with you. Weird right ? But I just want you to know, I love you y/n, very much, and I’ll keep loving you”, he said, kissing your temple,and slowly drifting off to sleep.
-Iwaizumi Hajime Honestly speaking, Iwa didn’t believe in love at first sight. Hell, he didn’t even believe in love. So it was a shock to everyone, because of how head over heels he was for you.
He didn’t know how to love, what to do or where to begin but he tried. For you.
But you taught him, taught him the meaning of love and he’s grateful he got to experience such a beautiful phase of life and that too, with you.
So it was no surprise, finding him talking to your sleeping figure on a normal Friday afternoon. Practice got cancelled due to the heavy rainstorm so you both decided to stay in and take a nap. Well, at least you did.
“You know baby, how I used to the hate rain ? Cause every time it rained, coach called in and cancelled the practice. But now, it’s hard to hate it. I enjoy it now and….it’s beautiful. So thank you for opening my eyes babe. But you know what’s more beautiful ? You. *scoffs* They said love will make you do crazy things and it’s even more crazier that I’d do anything for you. When you said you liked me, for me, I felt like I won in life. This is the first time, I’ve been recognized by my true self. Or even chosen over my best friend. Don’t get me wrong though, Oikawa is amazing, but when you said you liked me and not him, I felt alive, like I was actually important to someone. So thank you y/n, for giving me a chance and for loving me. I know I’m a bit hard headed sometimes, but that doesn’t make me love you any less. I hope you know that. Anyways, sleep well princess, I’ll have lunch ready for you when you’re awake”, he said, placing a small kiss on your cheek and heading towards the kitchen.
-Matsukawa Issei School ended, sky turning shades of orange, indicating that’s it evening of a normal autumn day. You and Issei were walking together hand in hand to the station to catch a train back home. Both of you tired from the days work. Few minutes of standing in the waiting room and your train arrived. You entered in first and took a seat next to the window, leaving Issei to sit on the edge. You leaned on the window, eyes slowing closing and before you know it, you’re fast asleep. He notices this and puts your head on his shoulder.
“You know something Y/N ? I always, and I mean always, wondered why you would choose someone like me ? And I know you’ll disagree to this but it’s the truth you know ? There’s Oikawa and Iwaizumi and yet you chose ME! I don’t get it. Sometimes I feel like you could do better, cause there are so many options available for you. Don’t get me wrong though baby, I love you, god I love you so much but…..there are days where I feel like you’ll get tired of me and…..leave me. And I don’t want to experience such a day in my life. So that’s why I’ll do my best! Do whatever it takes to make you happy. You don’t ask for much, always putting others before yourself and that’s one of the reasons why I’m head over heels for you. *laughs* Everybody on the team says I’m a simp, and they’re not wrong. And this simp is madly in love with you……mate I hope you’re sleeping or else we’re gonna have a problem…..” he finishes, a tint of red dusting his face.
Sighing, he rests his head on yours, just looking out the window when, “AND CUT! That’s was so good bro! I didn’t know you could get all sappy!”, Makki said. Issei’s eyes widens in horror. “WHA- WAIT! MAKKI ? WHAT’RE YOU DOING HERE !?”, he asks, face even more red. “Shhhhh! You’re gonna wake y/n up! And dumbass…..did you forget, we go home in the same bus, EVERYDAY!”, Makki says, rolling his eyes. “Right….listen…did you, uhm, you know-“ “Did I record your sappy speech ? HELL YEAH! YOU BET I DID! I’M SHOWING THIS TO THE WHOLE TEAM!”, Makki says, laughing out. Knowing it’s too late, Issei just slumps back into his seat, glancing your way to make sure you were still asleep and you were, small snores escaping your lips, making him smile.
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fxshigurosbae · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
summary: Eren has a intense idea, which you don’t hesitate to accept.
✚ pairing: eren x fem reader
✚ warnings: NSFW, sex in the water, unprotected sex and detailed smut.
a/n: Thank you so much for 300 followers! I’m so happy to have you all here <3 and sorry for being a little late.
Tumblr media
It was one of the excursions to the sea, since Eren was planning on going to the other side, the so called Marley. You were all sleeping in tents for a few months, having almost no privacy.
Some time before sunset time, when most were still actively working, dinning, building or just taking a break, the weather was pretty nice, a light breeze and an upcoming reddish and orange horizon, able to lightly take a look at the almost full moon.
Some time before sunset time, when most were still actively working, dinning, building or just taking a break, the weather was pretty nice, a light breeze and an upcoming reddish and orange horizon, able to lightly take a look at the almost full moon.
Sat close to a rock with a view to the water, there was no one around but Eren after you escaped from hearing Hange blabber non-stop like always.
You both have been dating for quite a long time, his hair was grown out and his personality changed a lot since you first met, yet he still was head over heels for you, treating you with even greater care privately.
That large muscular arm wrapped around your shoulders, it was a warm day, your clothes being less in amount and thinner than usual.
Your bodies were close to each other, right leg laying over his left one as his other hand gripped on it, caressing and playing with the skin, going upwards intentionally.
“Y/N,” He called, your head turning over to stare at his eyes. “wanna have sex in the water?” Eren shamelessly asked, being deadly serious, feeling your cheeks warm up from such sudden question, unable to formulate a way to reply.
Instead, you attached your lips to his, consenting to such idea, noticing a light smirk as you kissed him, pulling away seconds after.
“Why didn’t you think of that earlier?” You actually answered, both quickly standing up, you took a look around seeing no one for a little less than a mile, it was a secret spot and really silent.
Discarding of your clothes, throwing them on the ground, Eren grabbed your hand and you jumped in the water, around 3 meter fall, diving securely and rising your heads, laughing at each other, you both swam closer to somewhere you could stand, water only under your bellies, letting your breasts free.
Eren pulled you close by the wrist as you easily wrapped your legs around his waist loosely, his hands hold the nape of your neck and lower back. Your hands slicking his hair back, cupping his jaw while kissing.
His tongue fought for dominance and won quickly, thrusting it further in your mouth, making you lowly groan but he pulled away, saliva connecting your tongues, being a little breathless.
He slowly went towards a nearby large rock to support himself with one hand, while you leaned against his body, the water being a great help keeping you still.
Aligning his erect cock, you were horny, slightly arching your back to make it easier, unexpectedly thrusting in, you moaned surprisingly, your head falling down a little.
“Are you that needy for my cock?” Eren lifted your chin, so you could make eye contact again, his dick wasn’t even all the way in yet you felt like it hit the deepest spot.
“Fuck yeah, I am.” You admitted, bouncing your hips up and down leisurely, Eren chuckled at your desperation, making sure he had a firm grip on the ground to begin thrusting inside you.
His pace was slowed down by the water yet he had already started fast, the harsh pounds were the only thing that weren’t really that affected. Your whining getting more frequent and louder.
“Eren, t-this feels so good.” You praised him, digging your nails on his back, he was struggling a bit but did his best to keep going, throwing his head back slightly and keeping his hips forward, still supporting himself against the cold rock behind him.
The water hit your skins repeatedly, hearing it clap and mix with the loud moaning and whining coming from you, Eren groaning as well a little louder than expected, and your boobs jumping at every thrust.
His cock was deeper inside you, he was now focusing on fucking you harshly and slowly, forcing his dick all the way in your pussy, both your legs squishing against his waist, toes curling.
You stared at his eyes, both of you immersing in a passionate make out once more as you failed to go back to kissing his lips because of how pleasurably rough he was going, if it weren’t for the water, he’d be leaving burns on your crotch and ripping you apart from the impact.
“E-Eren, I can’t!” You yelled.
“You can, you can take it, you’ve done it before.” He replied, pulling your body closer, hearing your whines on his ear was turning him on even more, plus having your walls clench around his thick cock was making it harder for Eren to control himself, burying his head on your neck to kiss and suck onto your skin in order to disguise his whining.
“P-please, I need to cum!”
“Wait just a little, baby.” His low raspy voice was driving you insane. His cock hit the best spots, going up and down perfectly. “Come on, come on.” He mumbled to himself, moaning after that.
“Eren! P-Please!” You begged, your legs shaking, the water hitting your skin violently and a salty taste on your lips.
“Fuck, go on.” Eren groaned, thrusting once more before you yelled his name, orgasming desperately, squirming your entire body while he pounded for the last time, cumming inside your burning cunt along with releasing a seductive whine, not pulling out yet, only doing so after you calmed down.
He helped you get out of the water as you breathed heavily and loosely wrapped yourself around him, you both laid on the sand for minutes to finally have the courage to climb the rock wall and dress up for then to act like nothing had happened.
Tumblr media
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