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#I’m really really proud of how this lighting turned out
stargazing-squid · a year ago
Tumblr media
hello and welcome to my first dtiys!!
this is just for kicks and giggles, celebrating nothing other than my love for all of the ridiculously talented and wonderful people on here 💕
no deadlines :D
everyone who participates gets the prize of my overwhelming adoration
no rules except keeping the basic concept (logan in love and doodling/writing (i wonder who he’s thinking about 👀)) it’s okie dokie if you change little details like the background, or specify a certain ship!
if you participate please tag me and use #squiddtiys so i can see it!
thank you and have fun!! 💛
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theo-oface · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
So about that art meme that I’ve seen going around…
1) Shirt cut meme really just became boob meme didn’t it
2) If I’m doing it wrong I don’t wanna be right 🤣
Tumblr media
What if Haza’s face just- fwump
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laurelier · 20 days ago
#all right ok ok all right#time for a#tag rant#listen#it's mushy emo hours tho so actually maybe don't listen lmao#this rewatch of the stream turned into an itty bitty baby concert just me in my dining room singing my little HEART out#i love love love love to sing but i don’t have a lot of time for it these days and my job is super#vocally taxing so i try to save my voice most of the time for the long term sake of my vocal cords#but. singing is one of my favorite favorite most favorite things to do in the world and it's such a wonderful creative outlet#for me and honestly it makes me sadder than i ever admit irl that i can't hardly ever do it anymore even in my own private time bc#i have to save my voice for my job even tho i love my job anyWAY today i just decided to say fuck it and sing along with lou#and i recorded myself singing a few of the songs just to see how rusty i was right and i’m so tender now because i literally#sound so. happy. there's so much lightness in my voice and a couple of times i even giggled a little and it's been a minute it's been#a solid while. since i've been just. lightly joyful like that????? lskjflksjdfkjskfljs and i sound PRETTY TOO I SOUND GOOD#i sound really really nice if i may say so myself which i can bc none of you know me irl HA#but like. i sound lovely tbh and it felt so amazing to sing again and i'm proud of this little voice box and i'm so just.#GRATEFUL again to louis for this!!!!!! like i spent so much time today doing something that i love so so dearly to do and barely do anymore#because life is difficult and demanding and makes you feel like there is no time to spare for things that bring joy just for joy's sake#BECAUSE he decided to give us this gift of access to this concert#BECAUSE i saw him singing and heard how unbelievablyyyyyyy beautiful he sounded and got really excited and inspired#BECAUSE he has such enthusiasm for so generously sharing his art as well as so much of what charges and motivates and creates it#WITH us#so i sang!!!!!! just because it's fun!!!! just for me!!!!!! for two hours today!!!!! along with lou!!!!!! and i promise you all i felt like#the more vibrant and creative version of myself that i feel i used to be???? a little more like her???? because of louis??????????? GOD#GOD i’m so emo. LOOOOOOUIIIIISISIISISSSSS
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bokubitch · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
+ warnings: fem!reader, professor x student, pussy eating, throat fucking, hair pulling, little bit of cum play, spitting (on the bootyhole), spit/cum swallowing, use of “good girl”
+ notes: this is a bit longer than the fics i usually write but im proud of it!! would rlly love some feedback, lmk how you feel about it! thanks so much <3
+ word count: 2.2k
tagging: @psyches-shop​
Tumblr media
You peep your head through the open doorway, the smell of old books and leather greeting you. He lifts his eyes, peering at you from over the glasses hanging low on the bridge of his nose. At the sight of you, he sits up a bit, shuffling with his black dress shirt, trying to button up the top few buttons again. 
“You’ll have to forgive me, I-” he pauses for a moment, standing to meet you at the door. “I didn’t think anyone else would be in today,” he says, referring to the fact that his office hours end in just a few minutes. You look down, focusing on the contrast of his collarbones against his skin. 
“Oh, I can come back tomorrow if you-” 
“It’s alright,” he interrupts, giving you a small smile, “I’m always willing to help my students. Please, come in.” He gestures a hand out, and you follow, goosebumps rising on your bare thighs from the chill in the room. His eyes follow you, watching the way your skirt flows around your legs as you make your way to the chair on the other side of his desk. 
He closes the door, taking long strides to his chair. The blue light of his computer illuminates his chiseled features. 
“What can I do for you?” he asks, shutting his laptop, thin fingers interlacing with each other as he sits his hands on top of it. 
“Well, I was having some trouble with the homework assignment. The formulas are a little hard to master,” you shuffle nervously under his gaze, his dark eyes staring at you, almost hungrily. 
“Can you show me?” he says, his voice lower than it was before. He stands, walking over to the other side of the desk. He rests one hand on the cool wood, leaning over your shoulder as he watches you dig through your bag. You feel the heat radiating off of his broad chest, smell the warm scent of his cologne, mixed with the spearmint on his breath. You turn around to look up at him, eyes meeting his through the thin glasses adorning his face. 
He looks so much more attractive like this— the tired look in his eye, the disheveled curls flopping onto his forehead, the unbuttoned collar of his shirt.
He notices your staring, raising his brows questioningly. You feel small, tiny, under his gaze, and your stomach grows uneasy with nervousness. Were you here too late? Does he have plans? A girlfriend to get home to? You wrestle with your thoughts, and ultimately decide to head back to your dorm, ignoring the struggle with your math and the throbbing of your cunt.
“Professor Sakusa, I really don’t wanna keep you here long, I can always come back tomorrow.” You begin to stand up, until you feel the warmth of his palm on your shoulder, gently pushing you down. 
“Stay,” he says, voice laced with the depth of the ocean, the smooth saccharine sweetness of honey. You clamp your thighs together, ignoring that incessant throbbing as you look up at him. When your eyes meet, he holds that same hungry stare as before, but this time you consider feeding into his hunger, letting him have his fill of you.  
“Professor,” you try to say, but it comes out a broken whimper. 
“Do you want me?” His question is abrupt and startling, leaving you gasping and blinking absentmindedly. 
“Answer the question,” his hand reaches for your face, fingers tilting your chin up slightly. “Do you want me?” 
You only nod, throat running dry at the close proximity. His lips lay just inches from yours. 
“Use your words.” 
You wet your lips. “Yes, I want you. Need you, Professor. Please.” 
You take initiative, grabbing his free hand and guiding it between your thighs. His fingers dance across your clothed slit, feeling the way your cunt leaks through the fabric. His mouth falls open slightly, before he pulls his glasses off and lays them on the table. He presses his lips to yours, slow and steady and everything you’d imagine them to be. His kiss tastes of spearmint and something else, something you can’t quite name, but can taste in your own mouth, at the back of your throat— it tastes like lust, like need, desire. 
You moan into the kiss, opening your mouth as he licks at your tongue. He cups your jaw, kissing you with vigor. Your thighs spread unintentionally, making room for his nimble fingers. He doesn’t hesitate, dipping a hand down the front of your panties, sighing at the way you soak his fingertips. He kisses down your throat, rubbing experienced circles on your clit as you whimper and buck into his hand. 
“Professor,” you whine, hands gripping his wrists. He pulls away from your neck, eyes gleaming as he utters, 
“Kiyoomi. I want you saying my name when I make this pretty pussy cum for me.” 
You whine at his words, watching him smile for the first time that evening. 
“D’you like that? Like it when I talk about what I’m gonna do to you? Do to this perfect pussy of yours?” 
He leans over, lips ghosting over your ear. “Let me tell you, then.” 
He slips his fingers into your dripping cunt, “I want to feel you, see you, taste you. I want you making a mess all over me, can you do that?” 
You nod eagerly, stomach burning as he curls his fingers. 
“Good girl. If you cum hard enough, if I’m satisfied with it,” he hits that spot within you. making you keen and arch your back, mouth hung open as you tiptoe over the edge. Then it stops— the bliss of his fingers disappear, mouth moving away from your ear as he leans back to look at you, admiring how fucked out you look already. 
“Then, I’ll fuck you. Fuck you how I like, how you like. Fill you up until you can’t take anymore. Do you want that?” 
He grins again at your pleading, watching you fumble over your words, “Please, I want it, want it so bad! I need it, I need you, Kiyoomi.” 
“Show me. Get on the desk.” 
You hop up, feeling the cool mahogany wood against your thighs. He moves his laptop, giving you room as he pushes you down on your back. Your legs fall open for him, giving him a clear view of the wet patch in your panties. He doesn’t waste time, yanking your panties down and kneeling in front of you, his big hands pushing your thighs up and out. You squeal when his velvety tongue meets your cunt, immediately pressing against your clit. He moves his tongue back and forth, keeping it pressed hard against you. He moves to suck as much of you as he can into his mouth, slurping obscenely, groaning out a strained, “fuck,” at the taste of your cunt on his tongue. 
He groans again, pushing his face closer to you. His lips wrap around your clit, sucking gently before he opens his mouth, tongue tracing shapes on the swollen bud as your eyes roll back into your head. 
“Kiyoomi, I’m-” 
He only nods, fingers squeezing into the fat of your thighs as if he was saying, “Do it. Cum for me.” And you do, back arching as your body shudders, your brain turning to much as he works you through it. He moans along with you, groaning and gasping as he drinks every drop your cunt has to offer. 
You’re still trembling as he pulls away in a hurry, scrambling to loosen his belt and free his aching cock. He tangles his hand in your hair, pulling you off of the desk and into the floor. 
“On your knees, pretty girl. Open your mouth, there you go,” he watches you hold your mouth open, eyes focused on his own and not the leaking, daunting cock resting inches from your tongue. He taps it against the muscle, cooing when the corners of your mouth turn up. 
“Keep your mouth open,” he says breathlessly, “I wanna fuck your throat.” 
He keeps his hand on top of your head, tugging you down the length of his cock with a soft groan. He’s heavy against your tongue, filling your mouth all too quick. He seems impatient, with the way he plunges his cock down your throat, in and out and in and out, until you grow lightheaded, eyes fluttering shut while drool dribbles down your chin. 
He speaks over the sickening wet noises your throat makes, “Look at me.” You blink up at him, admiring the flush on his cheeks, the way his hair flops with every rut of his hips, the way his shirt has come undone even further, the expanse of his toned chest on display. 
“Fuck,” he groans, eyes boring into yours, “You look gorgeous like this.” He lets out a whine, hips losing their rhythm as his cock twitches in your throat. He doesn’t grant himself the satisfaction, not yet at least. He pulls out of your mouth, watching you choke and spit and try to catch your breath. 
He’s still hurried with his movements, lifting you underneath your shoulders and bending you over the desk. He flips your skirt up, spreading your ass apart and dripping a glob of spit onto your puckered hole. You jump and squirm, not having time to say anything before he’s sinking— no, plunging his cock into you. 
You grip the desk, crying out as he uses you like a toy, hands gripping your sides, the slap of his hips against your ass wet and lewd. You’re stretched beyond belief, his fat cock filling every part of you, so much that you can feel him everywhere, every inch of your body alight and begging for more. 
“You feel so fucking good,” he groans, throwing his head back.His thrusts grow faster, the wet pat, pat, pat growing louder and louder. You feel that heat in your stomach again, letting out a strained whimper as you throw your hand back, reaching for Kiyoomi’s wrist. He grabs it without hesitation; he’d coo at the sweet gesture if he weren’t so enthralled with the way your cunt sucks him in.
You leak down your thighs and onto his dress pants, knees knocking together embarrassingly as you try to hold out for just a little longer. Your cunt clamps down when he hits that spot again, over and over again until you can’t hold back any longer. 
You’d scream if it weren’t for the hand suddenly clamped around your mouth. You feel Kiyoomi’s lips against your ear again. 
“Shh, shh, sweet thing. Can’t have you making too much noise.” 
His words are ignored as your eyes cross, your whole body jerking and thrashing as your orgasm crashes over you violently. Your nerves tingle and buzz under his touch, that euphoric feeling washing over you as you somehow manage to give a sloppy, cock-drunk smile underneath his hand. 
He lets go of your mouth, both hands reaching over you to grip the table. He hunches over, panting and moaning heavily beside your ear. He’s close, right on the edge, he knows it— he just needs one little push.
“Where do you want me to cum? In that pretty mouth of yours? Right on this cute ass? Or-” he pauses for a moment, chuckling at the idea, “In this pussy? This perfect fuckin’ pussy, feels like it was made for me.” He grins when you moan at his words. “It was, wasn’t it? It’s my pussy, made just for me. So can I cum inside it?” he pleads, “Can I cum inside you, baby?” 
You nearly scream, “Yes! Cum inside me, fill me up. ‘S your pussy, Kiyoomi, all yours.” 
“That’s a good girl,” he utters, kissing the top of your head. “Now make me cum.” 
He fucks you harder, faster than he had before. He grunts and groans uncontrollably, his cries growing louder than your own before they stop entirely. His hips twitch, cock jumping inside you as he fills you up, pumping you full of his cum. He’s dropping on his knees again, pressing his mouth to your cunt, nose nuzzled in your ass as he slurps his cum up, licking you clean while you write and squirm against his face. 
You feel his hand in your hair, yanking you up so that his chest presses against your back. When you kiss him, you taste it, the salty bitterness of his cum, the tangy sweetness of your pussy. You moan gently as he pushes it into your mouth, ignoring how the mess sloppily drips down your face. 
You abide, holding your mouth open as he spits in it. 
“Swallow. Good girl.” He looks at you, admiring the way your eyes glow, the way your skin shines with sweat and cum— Kiyoomi thinks you’ve never looked more beautiful. 
“Same time next week?” He says, wrapping a strong arm around your waist. He trails sloppy kisses up your neck, feeling you reach up to run a hand through his hair. He feels you shake with a small chuckle, your voice light and carefree as you confirm to him, 
“It’s a date.”
Tumblr media
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rulaineyu · 23 days ago
Genshin Boys' Reactions to You Tracing Their Scars
Fandom: Genshin Impact
Characters: Diluc, Kaeya, Childe, Zhongli, Xiao x gn!Reader
Type/Genre: Headcanons, hurt/comfort, fluff
Warnings: Mentions of scars/injuries, some descriptions of violence
He has scars littered across his arms from his past days of training and his time as a Knight of Favonius
They serve as reminders of his weakness, moments of hesitation that allowed an enemy to hit him. Although he no longer cringes at the sight of them, he makes sure to adjust his gloves and sleeves to ensure they’re hidden from view.
He trusts you, however, so he has no problem with you seeing his bare arms. 
The first time you raise a finger to swipe at an old scar, he flinches. Not because it hurt—the wound has healed a long time ago—but because he’s surprised by the softness of your touch. 
He had prepared himself for your disappointment, for you to say that you expected perfection from the esteemed Diluc Ragnivindr, but you don’t.
In fact, you ask him to tell you the story of each one.
These memories he saw as shameful, you see as stories of a hero.
“It’s not a sign that I’m weak, but a sign I was strong enough to survive…? That’s a new way to look at it. Do you really think so?”
On his left bicep is a curious red discolouration, burn marks spread like wings along his upper arm.
Kaeya never told you, but you know it’s a burden he carries from that rainy day when he first received his vision. 
Sometimes, when the two of you are laying in bed, you’ll catch him staring at it.
You’ll be laying with your head against his chest as he reads, but you can tell his eyes aren’t on the page.  
You trail your fingers around the outline of the scar, drawing out its shape. Kaeya will joke about how you can’t keep your hands to yourself around a handsome man like him, but you can tell his jest lacks the easy, light-hearted air they usually have.
Tell him that you’re so lucky to have him, that you’re happy he’s alive, that you’ll thank the archons forever for protecting him.
Before he knows it, tears will start flowing from his eyes and onto the pages.
Throws his book aside and wraps his arms around your head, pressing you even closer to him as his shoulders furl forwards.
“‘Thank you for being alive’…I’m not sure if anyone has ever said that to me before.” 
He has scars, but not as many as one would expect, considering how he tries to fight almost everyone he sees.
Most of his scars are old, usually from his time in the Abyss or training with the Fatui
Although he’s quiet about the ones from that darkness, Childe is always proud to tell you the stories of how he got his other scars
To him, they were like trophies, souvenirs from battles he won, proof of his victories against powerful enemies.
And he expected you to think the same
So when he feels your hand along his bare shoulder, brushing against a scar from when he defeated tens of treasure hoarders at once, he turns around beaming, ready to boast about his strength. 
But you don’t look proud. In fact, you look upset, biting your lip as if trying not to cry. 
You ask him to take care of himself, that you don’t want to see any new scars 
Childe is about to brush off your concern when he sees tears escaping from your eyes. 
He realizes that it’s no longer just living for himself, but for you as well. 
Nods slowly before kissing your tears away
“I guess it was about time for me to stop adding to my collection.” 
He only has one scar: a neat, circular wound on his chest.
He dug his own hands into his body, ripping out his gnosis to fulfil his end of the contract.
Why don’t you think he wears an open shirt anymore?
When the two of you are laying face-to-face with each other in bed, it’s hard to stop your eyes from wandering to his chest. 
It’s odd to see signs of mortal wounds on an immortal body, after all. 
Your fingers dance across the area of the scar, drawing constellations onto his skin.
Zhongli can’t help the warm smile from rising to his face as you marvel at the mark that allowed him to live like a mortal with you
Lifts your hand from his chest. He gently kisses the top of each of your knuckles before wrapping his arm around your waist, pulling you close against him. 
“Think of it as a retirement present, love.”
Xiao will sometimes come home with tiny cuts on his arms, all very recent. But by the time the sun comes up the next day, they will be gone. 
He’s an adeptus, after all. They heal faster than humans do.
But he has one scar that has not healed in seemingly millenia, a frighteningly deep gash on his back. It is one he refuses to talk about but clearly has a painful history.
Who stabbed him in the back? Someone he trusted? Was he protecting someone, only to have them turn on him?
And who could hurt a divine being like him?
Another immortal, perhaps?
You have many questions, but Xiao never wants to talk about that scar.
As he’s changing, you catch a glimpse of it again.
Xiao flinches when your fingers hover above the wound. You ask him if it’s alright if you touch it, and after a moment of hesitation, he nods.
With a feather touch, you trace his scar. He didn’t know it was possible for someone to be this gentle, yet here you were, love practically pouring out from your fingertips.
You press your lips against his back, murmuring I love you’s and thank you for being here’s.
“It’s ugly and unclean. But if you really want can touch it. I trust you.”
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sky-scribbles · 3 months ago
Can you imagine being Verin Thelyss. Your father, in the grip of rage, once went unprepared into Bazzoxan and didn’t return. One day, your older brother - the shut-in researcher with no combat experience - announces out of nowhere that he’s going into the wild magic hellscape of the north. He’s gone within a month.
Maybe he Sends to you a few weeks in. Verin, I’m going into the depths of Aeor on a dangerous mission, and I cannot promise to come back. And now you have to face the prospect that he, too, might head unprepared into the depths of an uncharted ruin and not return.
But he survives, and you breathe out, and you’re kind of proud of him for running his outpost so well. And then you start hearing rumours. Whispers. Suspicions. And the awful thing is that they make sense, because you might be the only person who knows your brother, and you know what your family and society turned him into.
And then your brother absconds from his outpost, vanishes into Aeor with some human and never comes back, and it’s as good as a confirmation of his guilt. And that means he stole the body of your god - and sure, you’re not as married to your religion as your family, but there was a war, and people died, people you knew died. And it hurts and you’re angry but you’re not surprised. And the worst part is that you understand, you really do -
- and maybe you wonder how the hells you didn’t see this. If there was something you could have done. If you could have stopped him. If he would have stopped, for you.
But you didn’t see it, and once again, one of your family does something dumb out of anger and stubborn pride. And it leads to them being gone. And you get left behind.
Then, maybe months down the line, a voice whispers into your head. I have no justification for my deeds, or for leaving like our father. But know I am sorry, safe among friends, and content. Live well.
And maybe you should still be mad. Maybe you should hate him. But you watched him for decades, this brother who floated everywhere and wore a constant false smile and practically barricaded himself in his tower. You knew him, and you knew he wasn’t the terrifying Shadowhand. You saw his quietest moments, his awkwardness, and you saw how your own family stifled and froze him. How he made himself vicious for them. So the first words you say into the Sending aren’t anger, or grief, or blame.
‘You got out,’ you say, and you’re smiling and fighting tears at once. ‘Thank the Light, Essek, you got out.’
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frogtanii · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
℗ me and my husband
atsumu x fem!reader (poker face ending)
series masterlist
wc. 3.2k (holy shit)
warnings. NOT PROOFREAD, v v soft domestic, marriage :00, smut!! (is marked off!!), soft dom!tsumu, hair pulling (giving), unprotected sex, slight praise kink, pretty vanilla ngl
an. can be read as a one shot but u might be confused lmfao also this took SO LONG OMFG also also heavily unedited, take things w a grain of salt lmfao anyways don’t forget to feed me ahaha m rlly proud of this so i hope y’all like it <33
Tumblr media
it was moving day and atsumu was about to lose his mind.
today was the official day of the hyper house disbandment and while most of the members were still figuring out new living arrangements and thus remaining past the deadline, you were one of the few trying to get out as soon as possible.
makki and mattsun were so excited to have you move in, they showed up early that morning to help you pack. now, it was around 1p and it was almost time for you to go. you still had a few more boxes to go but things were speeding right along.
normally, atsumu would be right by your best friends helping you out but he was currently in the middle of a breakdown.
you were leaving. leaving. he had no idea when he’d see you again (even though you promised to meet up weekly to catch up), if he would ever see you again. for all he knew, makki and mattsun would just hide you away forever, never to be seen again.
okay, so he was panicking.
it was just... atsumu was in love with you. he’d known for a while (way longer than he’d like to admit) and he selfishly thought he’d have more time with you so that he could work up the courage to confess. but now? you were like three boxes away from a distance that he didn’t know if he or your relationship could recover from.
it wasn’t that he was bad at long distance but the tragic events that the house brought, brought the two of you closer together and he didn’t want to lose that.
atsumu let out a groan and dropped his head against the wall, his mind running with scenario after scenario, all ending in failure and utter embarrassment.
“hey, you okay?” you called out, a large box cradled delicately in your arms. as atsumu turned from the plaster in front of him, he allowed himself a moment to take you in.
you were wearing short athletic shorts, worn converses, and his t shirt. a thin sheen of sweat covered your skin, the lights above reflecting off of it, giving you a warm glow.
of course you looked hot moving boxes.
you called his name again in concern and he immediately felt his heart clench in guilt. you’d already been through so so much and here he was fantasizing about you instead of being there for you like a good friend would.
atsumu let out a sigh and shot you a wide, albeit empty, smile before walking over to you and taking the box out of your hands. the furrow in your brows told him you saw through his expression but he ignored it and made a show of lifting your box above his head and carrying it to mattsun’s car.
“see, what would ya do without these guns angel?” he joked, placing the cardboard into the trunk. you rolled your eyes and poked him in the side playfully. “die, probably.”
the butterflies in his stomach kicked up at the underlying sincerity in your voice but he tried his best to overlook it. it was much harder than it seemed, especially when you looked at him with such fondness in your gaze that made him want to kiss you senseless.
gulping hard, he quickly turned away from you, busying himself with fitting your things in the truck like a game of tetris.
“atsumu.” your voice was firm but pleading and he didn’t dare look at you for fear of spilling everything right then and there. “wow, ya sure got a lot of stuff, huh? wonder how much of this was bought with ushijima’s money,” he started to ramble but thankfully he was interrupted by makki whooping as he walked out of the house.
“last box bitches!” you shot atsumu one final worried look before running over to makki and mattsun, yelling the whole way there.
atsumu was grateful your back was to him because he couldn’t hide the affectionate look that overtook his face, a soft smile spreading across his lips as he watched you hip bump your friends while cackling wildly.
god, he was so in love with you.
what was he going to do when you moved out and away? what if you found someone, someone how loved you as much as he did (not possible)? he would wish for your happiness even at the expense of his own but... what if you both could be happy?
caught up in his thoughts, atsumu didn’t register you saying your goodbyes to the remaining members until you were finally in front of him.
“i’m gonna miss living with you tsum.” you unceremoniously launched yourself at him, wrapping your arms around his waist and burying your face in his chest. his heart leapt violently at the contact and he prayed to every deity above that you didn’t hear it underneath your head.
he barely managed to hug you back before you pulled away, your eyes slightly teary and red. “um, well, makki and mattsun are waiting for me so uh,” you trailed off looking back at the van and your friends who were so (im)patiently waiting for you to join them.
atsumu’s breath quickened as you scooted a bit away from him, truly getting ready to leave. no, no, it couldn’t end like this, awkward and distant. no, he wasn’t going to let it.
“atsumu?” you asked worriedly, reaching out a hand to touch him when he didn’t respond but he couldn’t hear you. he felt hot all over, like he was going to explode or magically combust if he didn’t get the words out into the air.
“tsum, are you oka-“ “i’m in love with ya.”
you paused, shock written clearly all over your face. the fear of rejection slammed into atsumu like a brick, the feeling settling in the pit of his stomach like a rock but he still didn’t stop.
“i’m in love with ya and i have been for forever. yn, yer beautiful but yer face and body aren’t even the best part of ya, even though they’re pretty damn great. yer just-“
“-yer so kind, especially when ya don’t need ta be. yer badass but ya care fer others so deeply and ya make me wanna be a better person. ya make me a better person. i know ya-“
“tsumu please-“
“-ya probably don’t feel the same and that’s alright but i needed ta tell ya, before ya leave and fall in love with some other scrub, just in case we can be happy together and-“
all of a sudden, your hands were buried in his shirt and you were pulling him close to meet your lips with his, your mouths meshing together in a soft and passionate kiss.
bliss. atsumu was in sheer bliss. your lips were as soft as he thought they would be as they moved with his, his hands coming up to grip your waist and pull you even closer to him.
sooner than he would have liked, his lungs started burning for air so he pulled back but not very far, instead resting his forehead against yours.
“i was trying to tell you i liked you too, idiot,” you muttered, your eyes still closed as you spoke. he chuckled, a wide grin overtaking his entire face as he really took in what you were saying.
you liked him back. you liked him. holy shit.
but instead of saying any of that, he decided to tease you a bit. “just like? if i recall, i just confessed my undying love for ya.”
you pulled back with a faux scoff, hitting him in the arm with a huff. “shut up you ass. of course i love you too.” you couldn’t keep your real smile off your cheeks while you confessed, your soft expression bringing another wave of desire over atsumu’s body.
“can, can i take ya inside angel?” he allowed his true intentions to be heard in his words, your eyes widening when you figured out what he meant. you nodded vigorously before shooting a look to makki and mattsun. mattsun just waved you off and got into his truck while makki yelled, “get that dick!”
you heated up horribly, grabbing atsumu’s hand and pulling him towards the house and to his room. he allowed himself to be dragged along, sending winks to the other boys as he went until the two of you were standing right in front of his door.
“i love ya,” he whispered, lifting your hand to his lips to place a gentle kiss there. you grinned. “love you too tsum.”
that must have been the final straw because the minute the words left your mouth, he was on you.
••• smut begin•••
pressing you up against the door, atsumu ravaged your mouth, his tongue tangling with yours as he walked you backwards into his room, laying you down on the bed so that he was hovering over you, his hips pressing hard against yours.
instinctively, you ground up into him, rewarding you with a loud groan and a gasp of your name. “fuck angel, yer killing me here,” he laughed breathlessly, rolling his hardness against your thigh. you let out a breathy moan and tangled your hands in his hair to bring him back down to your lips.
as you continued to kiss him, his hands scrambled at your waist, pushing his hands under it to grope at your chest. you giggled at the cold of his fingers but he didn’t pay it any mind, moving down from your mouth to your neck, sucking dark marks into the sensitive skin there.
“ah, shit tsumu,” you tilted your head to the side to give him more access, just as he reached under your bra to tease your nipples. a startled gasp left you, your back arching into his careful touch. “that feel good angel?” atsumu asked, voice low and gravelly as he pinched the delicate bud, drawing another noise from your throat.
you nodded, not trusting yourself to speak. you bit your bottom lip while he pulled your shirt and bra off, tossing them somewhere in the room. as he scanned your half naked body, he noticed you quieting yourself and he lightly shook his head. his thumb found its way to your lip, carefully pulling it from between your teeth.
“wanna hear ya angel, let me hear yer pretty noises, yeah?” without letting you respond, atsumu dove back into your chest, suckling one of your nipples into his mouth while toying with the other, a sigh of his name sending a bolt of arousal straight to his loins.
he grinded against you absentmindedly, losing himself in you, eventually switching sides to give the same treatment to your neglected bud.
while atsumu seemed to be having the time of his life attached to your tit, you were getting impatient, your arousal completely soaking through your underwear. you needed more.
tangling your fingers in his blond locks, you attempted to tug him away from your chest but his reaction was unlike anything you could’ve expected. “aahh!” he let out a strangled whine, his hips bucking against your side.
“please, tsumu, need more,” you breathed, his needy reaction not lost on you as pulled his hair a bit harder. you were not disappointed as his eyes rolled back and his mouth opened in a silent moan before dropping his head to your shoulder.
“fuck, fuck, okay angel, i got ya, i got ya.” atsumu swiftly disposed of both yours and his bottoms and underwear before lifting your leg and positioning himself at your entrance.
“tell me if i hurt ya, alright? i love ya,” he smiled down on you, your heart swelling two times at his carefulness. “i love you too,” you replied, watching as his pupils grew and a low groan broke free from his chest.
“oh angel, ‘m gonna ruin ya.” that was the last thing he said before he pushed into you, both of you letting out whimpers as he stretched you open, the blunt head of his cock just a few centimeters shy of your cervix.
your back arched in pleasure, both of your hands scrambling until they found purchase on his back, your nails digging in just when he started to thrust shallowly into you.
“f-fuck, how’re ya s-so fuckin’ tight?” atsumu growled through gritted teeth, every word punctuated with a roll of his hips. you couldn’t respond as you were too overwhelmed with pleasure, his cock rubbing against your g-spot with every slow movement.
speaking of slow, he was moving way too leisurely for your tastes. you needed him to move faster and you knew exactly how to do it.
sliding your hand up from his back, you grabbed a good chunk of hair from the back of his head and pulled. his reaction was immediate and oh-so gratifying.
an honest to god whimper poured from his lips and he instantly thrusted all the way into you, his length driving into your g-spot perfectly. you both let out twin moans as he started rocking into consistently, every movement bringing you closer and closer to your peak.
“i love ya, i love ya so fuckin’ much, angel—shit—yer so amazing, i love ya,” atsumu rambled while pounding into you, deep curses and whines of your name interspersed with his declarations of love. if you could speak, you would reciprocate but you were too busy holding on for dear life as he fucked you into oblivion.
desperate for some kind of anchor to reality, you grasped onto his locks again, gripping tightly as drawn-out cries of his name slipped from your open lips. you were close, so close and he knew it too.
“feel ya clenchin’ around me like a good girl, ya gonna cum fer me? gonna cum fer me angel?” atsumu’s hand snaked down between your bodies to rub fast circles on your clit, a shaky sob finding its way out into the open air.
“oh shit, yeah, ‘m g-gonna cum for you tsum, ‘s all for you,” you moaned, clamping down on him sporadically as you started to cum, your vision whiting out and your thighs trembling while you gushed around him.
your mind was floating off when you felt him cum with a shout, his warmth flooding you and spilling out as he collapsed onto your chest.
••• smut over •••
the two of you lied there for a while, attempting to regain your brain and feeling in your legs. you vaguely made note of the wet rag cleaning between your thighs and the following weight falling down beside you but it was only after a few more minutes that you really came back to yourself, rolling over to lay on atsumu’s bare chest.
“holy shit, tsumu,” you said in awe, your boyfriend (!!) laughing at your reaction. “i’m just that good angel, what can i say?”
you groaned and hit him in the chest but you couldn’t keep the smile off your face if you tried. “you are such a menace!”
“only fittin’ that i picked a gremlin ta be with then,” atsumu teased while playing with a piece of your hair. mock offense filled your chest as you sat up, fixing him with your ‘angriest’ glare.
“is that the kind of language you’ll be using in your vows, mister?” you were only joking but when atsumu’s eyes widened and a blush spread across his cheeks, you realized your mistake.
you opened your mouth to apologize or to make some kind of excuse but he beat you to the punch. “ya wanna marry me angel?” he asked, looking so vulnerable with hope shining in his brown irises. you couldn’t bear to lie.
“of course tsum, you’re it for me,” you reached out a hand to caress his cheek and he leaned into it, his own coming up to cup yours and hold it against his face.
“good.” and that was the end of that, that evening’s... extraneous activities having thoroughly tired to the point that you fell completely asleep with your face against one of his pecs.
if you had stayed awake a little longer, you would’ve seen atsumu pull out his phone and start a new note titled, “my angel.”
if i just said i loved you, it would be an understatement. it would be like saying the sun’s surface is just a bit warm or that the arctic is just a little chilly. it would be an injustice to you and to how i truly feel about you. love—
“-is a word that is much too soft and used far too often ta ever describe the fierce, infinite and blazing passion that i have in my heart for ya angel. ya acknowledge my strengths and ya accept my faults. ya make me wanna be a better person every day. so, today i vow ta laugh with ya and comfort ya during times of joy and times of sorrow. i promise ta always pursue ya, ta fight for ya, and love ya unconditionally and wholeheartedly for the rest of my life. ya are my best friend and i’m the luckiest person on earth ta call ya mine- wait are ya crying?"
the audience burst into laughter as you frantically tried to wipe away your tears, punching atsumu softly on the arm. “of course i am, you ass.”
the officiant cleared his throat, grabbing both of your attentions. “it is the bride’s turn to give her vows. if you may?”
you nodded and atsumu already felt like crying. again. he’d cried that morning while getting dressed and then again when you walked down the aisle in the most beautiful dress he had ever seen. now, as he watched you pull a folded piece of paper out of your bra, he knew he’d made the right decision in confessing to you, all those years ago.
he also knew he was definitely going to cry again.
“atsumu, falling for you wasn’t falling at all—it was walking into a house and knowing that you’re home. today, i want to make you promises that i will always keep. i promise to never stop holding your hand or accepting your kisses. i promise to not hit you too hard when you insult me or call me a gremlin. i promise to share my food with you, to never go to bed angry, and to try and understand your obsession with professional men’s volleyball. i promise to love, respect, protect and trust you, and give you the best of myself, for i know that together we will build a life far better than either of us could imagine alone. i choose you. i’ll choose you over and over and over, without pause, without doubt, i’ll keep choosing you.
i used to never truly enjoy moments because i was always waiting for what's next. the next thing horrible thing to happen. now that i have you, i enjoy the moment. every moment.
today seems like it's the start of a new journey, but i already belong to you. falling for you wasn't falling at all—it was walking into a house and knowing you're home. i love you.”
and at least in this lifetime
we’re sticking together
me and my husband
we’re sticking together
Tumblr media
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itachiyama · 8 months ago
Hey! I hope your requests are still open (if not please ignore this I’m so sorry!)
Could you maybe do the big fight and the s/o faints one that you did for Iwa and Akaashi but with Sakusa and Tsukki? I really loved it (and all the rest of you writing)!! Thank you!!
(Again I’m so sorry to bother you if requests aren’t actually open)
Some warnings: there’s hyperventilating and passing out so keep that in mind!
Read Akaashi’s and Iwaizumi’s part here
Read Bokuto’s and Atsumu’s part here
Read Kita’s and Tendou’s part here
Read Osamu’s and Semi’s part here
Read Kuroo’s and Oikawa’s part here
Tumblr media
“What do you mean you can’t come? I’ve been telling you the date to this for weeks now y/n!” Sakusa could not believe the words that just came out of your mouth.
“I know Omi! And I’ve had it on my calendar for weeks too! I wouldn’t intentionally miss one of your games, especially an important one against your cousin. But what can I do if I have to go into work?” His eyes narrowed at you.
“You could call in sick!”
“Are you even hearing yourself right now? You can’t just call in sick and let that be the end of it. I already tried asking my boss and she said she needs me in. I’ve been dreaming about and working for this job for years and you know it!”
“And you can’t take one day off for me?”
“I’m new! I can’t just prance around and make demands, they’ll just replace me!”
“You’re being incredibly selfish right now,” he said to you, eyes cold and hard. The sentence was like a hard slap to your face and you couldn’t tell if you wanted to scream and rip your hair out or cry. Maybe both.
“You should talk Kiyoomi. You’re gone for days and days on end at places for games doing god knows what on your free time, while I patiently wait here for you making sure everything’s perfect for your return. I can handle you being gone for days, weeks even, for the sake of your dream and you can’t handle one day without me for mine?”
“You’re lucky I’m not out doing ‘god knows what’ when I easily could. At least my dreams are going places! Look how far yours has taken you so far!” The room became filled with an eerie silence. The words that came out of Sakusa’s mouth hit you in two places at once. Not only did he imply he could cheat if he wanted to, but he also invalidated your dreams and achievements. Suddenly your guts twisted and you felt sick. Wrapping your arms around yourself, you turned away from him. Sakusa just stood there, the aftermath of what he said becoming apparent. He tried to reach out for you.
“H-hey y/n, look, I didn’t mean-”
“Go away Kiyoomi!” You screamed at him, tears streaming down your face. “Go on then, do god knows what someone who’s dreams are worth it then!” He tried to pull you into his arms, but you thrashed around and struggled in his hold. “Don’t touch me!” Sakusa was taken aback, he’d never seen you worked up like this.
“I said go away! I don’t wanna see you right now!” You slowly slid to the ground, hands gripping your head. The thoughts spiraling in your head were overwhelming and you couldn’t get a hold of yourself. He knelt down to you and tried to tilt your head to look at him, but you only struggled against him further. Your breathing was becoming heavier as the moments passed, and Sakusa was determined to get passed your shoving. Everything was becoming too much as the room began to spin, and just like that, you closed your eyes and fell limp against him, his eyes practically popping out of his sockets.
Soon enough, you gained consciousness and slowly sat up. The memories of your earlier predicament flooding back as you looked around the room. Sakusa was not in the bedroom with you and you felt a sense of relief, not ready to face him quite yet. But as you were about to get out of bed, the door opened to reveal him walking in with a glass of water in hand. His eyes widened at the sight of you awake.
“Y/n?” He quickly started to make his way over to you, but before he could reach you, you put a hand out for him to stop.
“I don’t wanna be around you right now Kiyoomi.” You had never seen him deflate the way he did, a look of panic starting to set into his features.
“W-what do you mean?” You rubbed your temple.
“I mean exactly what I said. I can’t even look at you right now. I want to be left alone okay? Please just do at least that much for me.” His lips started to tremble.
“Y/n can we please talk about this,” but you cut him off.
“I don’t have anything to say to you right now. I don’t wanna talk.”
“Kiyoomi,” you started off sternly, but he cut you off.
“Please don’t leave me!” His eyes were glassy and he looked like a lost child. Your heart squeezed a bit at the sight, but you wanted to clear your head before discussing anything with him. You sighed deeply before speaking.
“I just need a little space from you. You can wait in the living room, you don’t have to leave the apartment. I’ll be in here and we can talk when I’m ready. Until then can you please leave me to myself for a bit?” He looked down at his feet for a bit before reluctantly nodding and turning to exit the room. You didn’t miss the little sniffles that started to escape him but you couldn’t bring yourself to focus on that right now. Remembering back to the argument you both had, you started to think about the things he said. Although they stung deeply, you could also tell Sakusa hadn’t meant them. He was loyal to a fault, that much you knew, so you didn’t have to worry about whether or not he had actually cheated. He had a habit of being a bit harsher than intended when he was upset, but it still took you by surprise that he would bring up your ambitions in such a negative light. But he was remorseful, and deep down you knew you couldn’t stay mad at him for long, especially if he looked at you with teary eyes like that. So, after a bit more of calming yourself down and telling yourself that your boyfriend just had a slip of judgment, you made your way out of the bedroom to talk it through with him. The second you had entered the living room, your eyes landed on your boyfriend’s large figure, curled up on the couch, looking at you with the expression of a kicked puppy. He looked uncharacteristically small compared to his usual towering appearance.
“You’re gonna leave me aren’t you?” His voice cracked in the middle of his sentence and you felt your stern resolve crumble.
“No, baby. I’m not,” you said softly, and made your way over to the couch. Setting his head on your lap, you looked down at him. “I’m not leaving okay?” He pressed his face into your stomach and cried quietly.
“I’m sorry. I’m really really sorry. I didn’t mean any of it. Please don’t be mad at me, I was being unfair I know, but I don’t wanna lose you!” You smoothed back his curls as he continued apologizing.
“I know sweetie, I know. I’m not mad anymore. You have to understand, I want nothing more than to go to your game. I wouldn’t miss any of them if it were up to me. But it’s not up to me this time. I have responsibilities. I can’t drop them all the time, no matter how badly I would like to, to support you at every game.” He sniffled and gripped your shirt.
“I know,” he started off quietly. “I’m just nervous for this one and I really wanted you there. It makes me feel better. It just got the best of me. But I took it too far, and I hurt you.” His voice was getting wobbly again, so you quickly shushed him and pressed a small kiss to his lips.
“Well it’s all over now. Dwelling on it’s just gonna make things worse. You’re gonna do wonderful Omi, you always do. And I’m proud of you. I’ll watch the whole thing on television once I’m out of work okay? And I’ll come pick you up too. Everything’s gonna be okay. I love you.”
“I Promise.”
“I love you too. So much.” He turned to press himself into your stomach once more and wrapped his arms around you. Settling into the couch, you continued stroking his hair, knowing he was going to want to stay like this for a while.
Tumblr media
“Y/n, you’re being dramatic right now, it’s not that big of a deal.”
“I just told you about how awful my day was Kei! And you said to just get over it! That’s not really what anyone wants to hear from their boyfriend you know.”
“That’s not what I said. I said there’s not much you can do but get over it and move on. Maybe your day’s not as bad as you’re thinking y/n, you always have a tendency to exaggerate everything.” You were sick of Tsukishima always undermining things that bothered you. Just because he wasn’t in tune with his emotions didn’t mean you weren’t too. Coming home after a long day of nothing going the way you planned, you wanted to curl up into his arms so you wouldn’t break into tears. But it seemed you would end up breaking into tears anyway with how Tsukishima was acting.
“I would appreciate if you were a bit more considerate Kei. Just because your robotic personality can’t comprehend what feelings are doesn’t mean everyone’s like that. Some of us actually process through our feelings you know,” that seemed to anger him. Standing up, he looked down at you with furrowed eyebrows.
“Oh so you’re saying I don’t have feelings? What, because I told you you’re days not as awful as your tryna sell it as? I’ve had a long day too y/n, you don’t see me whining about it to you like a baby!”
“You could if you wanted to! I wouldn’t make you feel bad like you’re doing with me. It’s my job to make sure my boyfriend feels better when he’s down, but it seems he can’t do the same!” What was once you both bickering about your day quickly turned into a full blown screaming match between the two of you.
“You know what y/n? I’m tired of you and you’re constant need to be self centered. Everything always has to go your way or you cry about it and I’m done! Good luck finding someone who caters to your ridiculous needs,” he screamed before grabbing his keys and marching out, slamming the door for good measure. The slam vibrated through the whole apartment and you sank back down into the couch, sobs racking your body. He walked out. He actually walked out. You felt helpless. You didn’t want Tsukishima to actually leave. The thought of him leaving you behind and moving on without you started to overtake your thoughts. Doubts about your personality and whether or not you were enough for him began to plague you and slowly you were losing control of your breathing. Hands gripping the couch, your nails dug into the fabric. Your sobs were beginning to escalate to hyperventilating and there was nothing you could do to stop it. Just as you collapsed against the couch, eyes closed shut, Tsukishima had re-entered the room, staring at your figure in pure horror.
You woke up cradled against a sturdy chest, fingers running over your cheek. When you opened your eyes, you were met face to face with Tsukishima.
“Good, you’re up. Are... are you okay? He asked, looking down at you guiltily.
“Yeah, I’m okay.” He nodded slowly at your answer. “Kei?” Your hand went up to curl around the fabric of his shirt.
“I’m here y/n, don’t worry. I wasn’t actually gonna leave.” You pressed your cheek into his chest, trying to figure out what had happened. He sighed before continuing. “I’m sorry okay? I know I’m not exactly the easiest to talk to sometimes and I say things a bit harsher than I should. I’m trying for you though, okay? Be a little patient with me.” You knew that last part was actually him trying to say ‘don’t replace me’ though, so you began to trail your hand up and down his chest. “You’re not over dramatic, and anyone would be lucky to have you. I don’t know how it’s me you ended up with. I should’ve cared more about your feelings.”
“It’s okay Kei. I never want it to be anyone but you. I should’ve realized you weren’t feeling the greatest either. And you’re not a robot. I feel the happiest when I’m around you. I love you, you know.” He buried his head into your neck and exhaled.
“I love you too,” he said, muffled into your neck.
“You owe me a Disney movie marathon for that whole episode though,” you said after some time.
“Shut up y/n, you’re so annoying, you know that?” But he pressed a kiss to your forehead and you giggled.
And that is that! I hope you liked it! I’m so behind on requests so please be patient with me 😭 but anyway I’m about to hit 200 followers pretty soon, which is crazy! Almost 100 of you followed me in one day and I’m astonished. Thank you all for reading my half assed writing it’s truly very sweet.
Update: we hit 200 followers!!
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angrythingstarlight · 6 months ago
Better than Working
Summary: Beefy Biker Bucky shows you all the benefits of working from home. In fact what he has for you is so much better than work. 
Tumblr media
Pairing: Beefy Biker!Bucky x reader
Word Count: 2K
Warnings: Smut, 18+, choking (Bucky), Minors DNI. Language
A/N: Requested.
𝘉𝘦𝘵𝘢’𝘥 by the wonderful @whisperlullaby​, 𝘢𝘭𝘭 𝘮𝘪𝘴𝘵𝘢𝘬𝘦𝘴 𝘢𝘳𝘦 𝘮𝘺 𝘰𝘸𝘯
𝘗𝘭𝘦𝘢𝘴𝘦 𝘤𝘰𝘮𝘮𝘦𝘯𝘵, 𝘳𝘦𝘣𝘭𝘰𝘨 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘭𝘪𝘬𝘦 (𝘐 𝘭𝘰𝘷𝘦 𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘵)
Do not copy, rewrite, translate or post my work anywhere. No permission given to copy, translate, rewrite or post any parts of my stories.  
Check out my Masterlist and Taglist! Requests are closed 
Tumblr media
Bucky is not a patient man. He’s not used to waiting for anything. He knows what he wants and takes it. It’s how he got you, after all. Bucky knew you were meant to be his the second he saw you. One birthday celebration later and he had you in his bed, his life, and his heart.
The only time he ever slows down is when he’s deep inside you. Then he’s absolutely patient. Real slow. Takes his sweet time. Until you’re desperate and begging for him. Your walls hugging him tightly, bringing him right back in before he can fully pull out. He swears there’s no better feeling than being inside your warm, wet pussy. 
But lately, you’ve been working more than ever. And damn it, he’s so proud of you. He brags about you to everyone who will listen, which is everyone who doesn’t want to face his wrath. He loves that you’re doing well even if he thinks you should be paid double what you're making now, and that your bosses need to be more appreciative before he goes down there and makes them. 
He’s really proud of you. 
He is. 
He misses you. 
He needs you. 
He also promised that he wouldn’t interrupt you during work. But he never promised he wouldn’t show up in your home office naked. If he’s simply laying there on the couch minding his own business and you come to him, well that’s your fault, not his.
Tumblr media
Bucky looks at his reflection in the mirror, wiping off the condensation fogging off the glass. Running a hand through his short damp locks, he runs his tongue across his teeth. Tilting his head back and forth, he decides to not touch the three-day stubble on his cheeks; he knows you love the beard burn he’s been giving you lately. 
Wrapping the thick white towel around his waist, he finds the lotion you bought for him; the light woodsy scent drives you wild. Bucky closes his eyes, pretending it’s your soft hands smoothing the lotion over his large body. When he’s done, he drops the towel and heads down the stairs. 
Your home office is a desk and chair in the corner of the living room beneath a large open window. Next to you is a small oak bookshelf filled with a combination of his historical novels and your fantasy books.
The large wide-screen tv sitting on top of the tall tv stand. The colorful pillows pop against the black sofa and the small coffee table with your spare papers and coffee cups. 
Bucky pauses in the entrance, admiring you for a minute. You look so cute when you're working, you look even better riding his cock.
His bare feet move quietly over the hardwood floors until he reaches the couch. Bucky grabs a bright pink pillow and plops down with a loud sigh. Placing it behind his head, he lets his arm hang over the side. He bends one knee up, his other foot planted on the ground. 
You’re in the middle of typing up a report when you hear him throw himself on the couch. Catching his reflection on your screen, you bite your lip as your eyes widen. Of course, he's naked, you should have known when he was too quiet earlier.
Even his distorted image looks amazing, you know better than to turn around. He’s too enticing and you're weak when it comes to him. Typing faster, you put your head down, staring at the keys as if they were the most important things on earth. Focus on your work, you tell yourself. 
When you don't respond to him. Bucky sighs again, a little louder, more drawn out as he rubs his fingers over his tattooed six pack. 
You close your eyes for a second and type even faster, your fingers a blur across the keyboard. Red lines appearing under every other word, but you don’t care. You need to get this done. 
“Ouch,” Bucky exclaims, his eyes flickering to you.
You turn your head in concern, your mouth dropping open when you see him. Bucky is pouting. Pouting. At. You. Your six-foot heavily tattooed biker is moping. 
You giggle for a brief second until you notice his massive hand over his thick cock. Oh. Oh no. No. You can’t. He can’t. So much work. 
Bucky smirks. His pointed gaze searing through you.  
You narrow your eyes in disbelief when he says, “I think I might have hurt myself.”
He grins wickedly at you, his blue eyes darkening as he palms his growing erection, “right here, gorgeous, can you give me a hand and let me know if everything is okay?” 
It’s a struggle, taking every last bit of your willpower but you turn back to your screen. You retort, “I’m working, Bucky,” your voice wavering while you shift in your seat.
He looks so handsome and he smells good. You make a mental note to only buy him unscented lotions from now on.
“Oh, okay, I guess I’ll have to check myself then,” he says, faux innocence dripping from his deepening voice.
An involuntary shiver slithers down your spine. Your pussy betraying your efforts to focus on work when she throbs. You try to remember where you left off, ignoring the rustling behind you. His deep groan making you even wetter than before you, clenching your thighs in a futile effort to quell the growing ache between your thighs. 
His short, heavy pants echo in your ears. Bucky smears beads of his pre-cum down his shaft, his hand moving firmly up and down his thick shaft,
“Fuck, I’m not sure if I’m okay gorgeous,” he teases, “guess I’ll have to keep checking.” 
You stare at the screen, heat pooling in your core when he moans your name. You drop your head into your hands, “Bucky, stop it.”
Bucky moans, “I’m getting closer, doll.”
Your resolve breaks when you glance over your shoulder. Those slate-blue eyes focused on you, his thumb sweeping over his red, swollen tip. “Keep working, doll, I’ll be okay,” he smiles at you, his tongue darting out to wet his bottom lip, “don’t mind me.”
Pursing your lips, you glower at him as you stand up, your chair falling over with a loud clatter.
“I am trying to work Bucky,” you spit out, yanking your shirt over your head.
“I have to finish this report today,” you continue wiggling out of your shorts and panties. You let them fall to your feet, pointing at him with your index finger, "I don’t have time for this."
“You promised to leave me alone for three hours,” you accuse while taking your bra off with your free hand.
Bucky’s grin grows wider until it nearly splits his face, he shifts up the couch, his hand stilling over his hard cock. His eyes shining with excitement, “yeah gorgeous, I guess you need to show me what happens when I break my promises,” he says, unable to contain his glee.
You stomp over to him, “damn right Bucky I do,” you swing your leg over his waist, his hands grabbing your hips.
“Stop smiling,” you sneer down at him.
Bucky can’t. How can he not smile when his dream girl is on top of him, wet and ready for him. He shrugs, “stop looking so good and I will.” 
Grumbling to yourself about insatiable bikers who won’t leave you alone, you grab his cock, pushing the head through your glistening folds until he’s coated in your slick, “oh fuck,” he breathes out, his fingers digging into your skin. 
“Bucky if you’re going to interrupt me it better be for a good reason,” you wink before sliding down his thick shaft. Your walls fluttering around him, feeling every vein and ridge as he stretches you. “Really good,” you gasp. You’re not even moving and you already feel incredible.
Bucky waits until you nod at him before sitting up. He wraps one arm around your back, the other cupping the back of your head. His lips settle over yours, soft chaste kisses developing into deeper, passionate kisses as you circle your hips. He matches your thrusts with his own powerful strokes, his arm holding you in place. Swallowing your frantic moans, the wet slapping of skin fills the space.
Scratching your nails down his back, as his pace increases, the pleasure expanding until you have to pull away,
“Better than working, isn’t it doll?” Bucky smirks when you grunt, your body tensing when he angles your hips, pulling you down on his cock.
“Fuck you,” you mumble, your eyes rolling back when he finds your sweet spot. You slide your hand around his throat, squeezing tightly. “Fuck you, Bucky,” your words ending in a high wail when he strikes it again
“Harder, doll,” he grunts out. Bucky pulls your head back, sweeping his lips over your open mouth. 
“Oh, I’ll fuck you, doll,” he says, his hands dropping to your waist, keeping you still as he pounds up into you. Each forceful stroke making you sob his name, the coil spiraling higher and higher, then you feel pressure on your clit and it shatters, pleasure flooding through you. Your hand gripping his throat tighter as you cum. He’s struggling to hold back his own release as you fuck yourself on his cock. 
“That’s it, ride me, ruin yourself on my cock” he rasps watching your face contort in pleasure, your back arched as your hips erratically snap into his. Your cunt clenching down over him, pulsating as your orgasm wraps through you. 
“That my good girl,” he murmurs, “always such a good girl for me,” he kisses your neck, sucking a bruise on your tender flesh. When you stop moving, your eyes slowly open, your hand drops to your side. When he leans back on the arm of the couch, taking you with him, you feel him still very hard inside you.
“Uh, baby, you didn’t, finish” you trail off when he gives that smile again, “Buck,” you whine when he rolls his hips. 
“You said you wanted a good reason, gorgeous,” he replies, wiping the sweat off your forehead, “I’m going to give you several, and then when you can’t take anymore, I’m going to use my tongue.” 
“I’m better than work any day,”
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1tad0ri · 9 months ago
what abt gojo taking reader’s virginity ;))
warning: virgin!reader, praising, fingering, eating out, penetration, mild overstimulation
gojou satoru x fem!reader
Tumblr media
say less, this man owns my entire heart
Tumblr media
“how are you doing?”
the question would’ve been almost cute if he wasn’t knuckle deep in your cunt, two fingers curling with seemingly no rhyme or reason to your hazed brain, but somehow working—yes, they were definitely working. it was the fact that he didn’t even look like he was remotely trying but was still somehow getting results that really got you—you don’t know why you expected anything less from him.
satoru’s lips wrapped around your clit, sucking, the feeling sharp yet... warm? the unfamiliar sensation made you hiss.
the top of a third finger nudged your entrance, slowly, carefully pushing in—the stretch; you didn’t know how much more you could take. your hips bucked against him, you throwing one of your legs over his shoulder and wrapping around his back to push his face closer, the flat of his tongue pressing on you. (not that you had much say in the matter anyway; the arm locked around your thigh pulling you closer to him wouldn’t let you get very far even if you did try to move away.)
“my god, satoru—” you propped yourself up on your forearm and then promptly let yourself fall back onto the pillow, face burning at the sight. even with his blindfold on, you could tell he was watching you, looking smug, attention focused so fully on your aching core. oh god, this was embarrassing—
“you were taking too long to answer,” he mused, mouth pulling back from your pussy enough to talk, fingers still pumping in and out. the third finger was working its way in still, the fit tight but he knew you could take it. of course you could.
“so?” his eyes flicked back up to yours behind his blindfold. “how are you doing?”
it was hard to talk aside from your irregular pants and you tilted your head up to look at the ceiling, trying to slow the racing beats of your heart. you nodded, swallowing. “good,” you managed out, then sucked in a harsh breath, “very good.”
“that’s my baby. so proud of you.” third finger in, he watched your face, allowing you to adjust, and when you didn’t protest, he curled it tentatively. the sharp rise and fall of your chest at the action spurred him to continue, stretching you further, your walls squeezing his fingers. “you’re doing so well.” a light kiss to your clit made you gasp—he was having way too much fun.
your slick dripped down his hand, perfectly matching the wet sound of him fucking his fingers into you. your leg pressed down more on his back—you didn’t know what to do, squirming in place, wanting more yet still barely handling what he was already giving you.
“do you think you’re ready?” satoru asked after a moment, voice soft—the vibration of him talking so close to your folds did not help though and you ran a hand down to grip at his hair.
“i think...,” a pant when his fingers bumped against you just right and you had to resist screaming from how he was going to drive you insane at this rate, “i think i am.”
that was all the confirmation he needed before he removed his fingers. you didn’t even get the chance to mewl in protest before his tongue replaced the digits, pushing itself into your still tight hole, flicking against your sensitive spot and fucking you.
“satoru, fuck, oh my god— satoru.”
and then he was pulling back again, tongue running up and down your folds and lapping up your juices before he sat back to observe you.
towering over your form spread before him, satoru decided that waiting for this moment was worth the pretty sight. “good girl.” he squeezed your thigh reassuringly, letting you catch your breath, and then setting about ridding himself of the remaining pieces of fabric.
his blindfold discarded to the side, you didn’t even have it in you to be embarrassed when he shoved his boxers down, cock bouncing free. you were already thinking about how it would feel, caught up in the lust of the moment. things were hazy... so sharply realistic yet mixing with the muddled euphoria from all of his touches from before.
satoru settled back between your legs, lifting them up around his waist. you automatically locked them around him, drawing him close enough that you could feel his cock bump against your clit as he tried to get comfortable. the sensation alone filled you with shockwaves of electricity and you wriggled against him, impatient.
he leaned over you, forearms planted on either side of your head, and carefully guided his cock to run against your folds. you reached up to wrap your arms around his neck and pull his chest flush to yours, tits pressing against his front.
“please,” you murmured, forehead against his and eyes squeezed shut, “want you. so bad.”
“fuck, so pretty just for me, aren’t you?” smiling, he moved to kiss your neck and the simple touch made you shiver. “so impatient.”
you pulled at his hair, brows furrowed and face hot. “shut up.”
satoru kissed the corner of your mouth and then nibbled at the area. “you’re so cute like this. so pretty—ow.” another tug at his hair made him ease up on the teasing (plus he had to admit he was ready to finally do this too).
“okay, okay. i’m going to take of you, baby. going to take care of you so good.” he breathed in, touch reassuring where it rubbed circles into your sides. “okay?” satoru pressed his lips to your cheek when you nodded, steeling yourself. “just tell me if you ever want to... stoppp—,” the end of his sentence mixed together into a groan as he started to sink into you, cock stiff and hot. he was so careful, so slow, you almost wouldn’t think he wanted to fuck you into the mattress right now. nails against his back, you buried your face into his neck, breathing heavy.
“don’t stop.” the words spilled out of you when he tried to give you time to adjust, your legs pushing him in further. “god, do not stop.” your lips tickled against his skin and he pressed his forehead into the pillow beside you—you were so fucking tight. all for him. completely his.
as he eventually bottomed out after what felt like an eternity, he leaned back to look down at you, your looped arms about his shoulders not letting him go far. “i love you.” his words melted into your mouth when he leaned back down and his lips sucked against yours in a kiss, open mouthed, messy, and so good. hands tangled in his hair, you tilted your head up to meet him with the same fevor.
in between the meager chances he let you take a quick gasp of air before diving back in, you were able to get out your own sentence. “i love—” another wet kiss cut you off. “—you too—” and another. “—so much.”
attention focused on your mouth, satoru began to pull out just the smallest bit and then snap his hips back into yours, relishing the hot breaths you were releasing against his face. hums of contentment and hands flitting all over his hair, head, face, and back trying to find purchase were the responses he got from you as he continued with the shallow thrusts, lengthening them bit by bit until he was pulling almost all the way out to slam back into you.
the vibration of his grunts and moans, knowing you were the reason he was like this, it was too much. the brushing of his cock against the sensitive spot buried deep inside you had you cursing, messy lips and saliva mixing in until you turned your head to the side to breathe, gasping for air.
and then when one of his hands rubbed against your clit before you even realized what was happening, you clenched around him (earning you a low growl from him as you squeezed his cock even tighter than before), gritting your teeth. somehow he knew exactly what to do to get a rise out of you, even if this was your first time.
“are you going to cum for me, baby?” teasing yet lust-driven, his words went straight to the coil building up in your stomach, your whole body hot as he nipped at your neck and you took shuddering breaths.
“y... yes,” the broken word fell from your lips, throat suddenly sore from the tension, “please make me cu... ah,” he pressed down on your clit at just the right angle, rubbing in a perfect circle—god, so perfect, “please, just—”
satoru soothed you with quiet coos, capturing your lips once more. it wasn’t long until you completely let yourself go, slick coating his cock as you saw stars and the pressure released from within you.
“i’m almost... there...” he gasped against you, hips snapping against yours as he continued to fuck into you. the overstimulation was so good, fuck, you didn’t want to come down from your high. the feeling of his chest tensing up against you as he came had you clinging to his back all over again, muscles taunt under your touch.
it took a while for both of you to calm down, sweaty foreheads pressed together, breaths mixing and lips brushing.
when he could finally speak, satoru brought his hand up to cup your face and he pressed a kiss to your lips, one that was a sharp contrast to the unhinged nature of the ones previous. “i love you. you were so good.” satoru squished your cheek, laughing a little. “love you so much.”
you nodded, feeling feverish, still burning from the thrill, and leaned up to kiss him again, drawing him down into a slow, smooth lapping of mouths against one another. “i love you too.”
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lepusrufus · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Some (slightly angsty) vamp fam being wholesome and loving each other bc we need it 
Now keep in mind I’m in no way a writer but i wanted to write a teeny lil fic based around this sketch (the alternative was a short comic which i do not have the time for lol) so enjoy the angst and fluff under the cut
The frigid wind was howling outside, crashing against the towers of the Dimitrescu castle. Yet they stood tall and proud as they have for centuries now, the thick stone walls protecting its inhabitants from the winter cold. 
On the inside, the halls were filled with echoes of heels running across the polished floors, accompanied by the giggles and laughter of the three daughters of the house. Cassandra was in the lead, a comically large hat held in her gloved hands, followed by Bela and, lagging behind, their youngest sister Daniela. She deliberately stayed behind to -jokingly of course- mock their pursuer’s efforts to catch up. Each time she turned to yell a “we cannot be captured” or “give up and we may spare your hat” a small sigh escaped their mother’s lips. 
“Come now, daughters. You know as well as I do that I must get ready for tonight’s meeting.”
Alcina made no efforts to quicken her pace though, she knew that her mischievous daughters would not run too far ahead. After all, where is the fun in having so much distance between you and your pursuer that you can’t even see and make fun of them. At least that’s what Daniela always said. 
Despite her air of tiredness, Alcina couldn’t help the small smile tugging at her lips at the sound of her beloved daughters’ giggles. They may be up to no good occasionally, but they knew better than to cause their mother embarrassment, especially when it came to Mother Miranda. The meeting was still distant. For now she could afford to spend some time with them. 
The trio rounded a corner, the first two quickly slipping out of sight while Daniela lingered there and turned towards her mother. 
“Fine, we’ll give you the hat back,” she shouted and, for a second Alcina looked at her daughter hopefully, until she held her chin between two fingers in an exaggerated pensive expression. “If we can get a pet lycan!" 
Alcina grimaced at the mere thought of one of Heisenberg’s beasts coming even close to her castle. Her clean castle.
"Good luck then!" 
Daniela spun on her heels to follow her sisters, but lost her balance for a moment, slamming an elbow against the window placed right behind her for support. She had a tendency to get a little clumsy when excited, though it never became a problem bigger than a couple insignificant vases getting broken or an accidental -according to her- shove against her sisters. That is, until today.
The latch on the old window rattled from the combined force of Daniela’s hit and the wind outside that has been pushing against it all day long. This was the final hit that it needed to give out. The window opened forcefully, letting in a cold burst of winter air from outside that howled through the hallway. Daniela got knocked to the ground, more due to the pain caused by the chilly air than from its force, and instinctively tried to crawl away from the window while shielding herself from the cold as best as she could. The pain, however, became quickly unbearable and an agonized scream that bordered on a guttural grow pierced the howling of the wind. 
"Mom!” Daniela called out desperately, now balling up in the fetal position. 
Her mother however was not far, having witnessed the whole ordeal and now rushing towards her with heavy steps from the other side of the hall. Even the other two, hearing Daniela’s scream, dropped their game and came back for their sister. 
“Dani- " 
Bela had to quickly grab Cassandra’s shoulder to stop her at a safe distance. As much as it pained her to see her younger sister writhing in pain on the floor, she knew that all three of them being in that state would get impossible for their mother to handle. And Alcina indeed handled it. She was at her youngest’s side in mere seconds, forcefully shutting the damned window with just enough self control so as to not shatter it, and then knelt down to Daniela’s shivering form. She gently scooped her up in her arms, holding her close to her body and almost wincing at how badly she was shaking.
Alcina spared only a glance towards the elder daughters "Go around. Meet me in my chambers,” came her booming voice and, although she wasn’t mad at them, they couldn’t help the shiver that ran down their spines. 
“Yes mother,” they replied in unison and the next second a swarm of insects had replaced their bodies. 
The journey to Alcina’s chambers was little more than a quick blur of hallways and heavy booming footsteps. She shoved the door open, crouching to enter and made a beeline for the pile of blankets neatly placed on the bed. Daniela was lowered down on one of the thicker covers so that her mother could wrap her up in a better attempt at warming her up. She then was promptly picked back up, now cocooned in the soft blanket, and Alcina went to sit on the couch placed right in front of the fireplace while tightly holding her daughter in her arms. 
Contrary to popular belief, Alcina’s body was quite warm to the touch, unlike her daughters’ cold skin. On chilly winter nights it was common occurrence for the girls to come to her, demanding cuddles with the excuse that their rooms felt too cold. She always complied, gladly allowing all three of them to huddle around her like kittens for a bit of extra warmth. 
Which is exactly what Daniela was doing right now, her small body almost glued to her mother’s chest and her head shoved in the crook of Alcina’s neck. One hand was covering her face, muffling the sound of sobs, while the other was damn near clawing at her shoulder trying to hold the blanket tightly around herself. It pained Alcina deeply to see her in such a sorry state. Her hands were tightly holding her daughter and she bent down to kiss the top of her head, whispering gentle words of encouragement. 
A slight buzzing sound reached her ears as Bela and Cassandra entered the room, their expressions riddled with worry. Bela wordlessly approached the fireplace, it’s flames dying down from not being fed in a while, and added a couple logs that quickly ignited, casting a warm light on the room and its current inhabitants. Cassandra on the other hand was standing a couple feet away from her mother, not knowing what to do. The hat was still in her hands, her grip tightening further with each muffled sob that could be heard from Daniela. It took a few moments for Alcina to notice her, but when she did, she called her to sit by their side with a slight motion of her head. Cassandra was happy to oblige, quickly sitting down by her mother and helping her with keeping Daniela wrapped in  the soft blanket. Bela joined them too after taking care of the fire. She knelt in front of Daniela and started to slowly rub her shoulder hoping to bring some comfort while her other hand went to Cassandra’s.
They sat like that until sobs turned into soft sniffles and until those died down too. Daniela stopped shivering and was instead just enjoying the warmth of her mother’s embrace, recovering from the whole ordeal. Until she let out a sigh, still not budging however. 
“Well that sucked major ass." 
Cassandra couldn’t stop the small chuckle that escaped her lips at the sight of Alcina fighting the urge to reprimand her youngest for her choice of words. When she looked at Bela, she saw the same struggle to keep a straight face. The very air in the room seemed lighter, no longer carrying the very real possibility of one of them dying.
"No more heels for you. From now on you can only wear flats,” Bela said teasingly, finally allowing her shoulders to relax. 
“You’re only mad I’m taller than you,” came Daniela’s reply, who had turned around in her mother’s arms to give her sister a light shove. 
Bela gasped, indignated, and went for a rebuttal, but was promptly interrupted by Cassandra’s sudden burst of laughter. She buried her face in her hands, muffling the sound, and leaned against her mother. 
Alcina finally managed to let out a sigh of relief, her grip on Daniela loosening, and she leaned back against the soft cushions of the sofa. She closed her eyes, just reveling in the sound of her daughters giggling and throwing light teases at each other as if the last half an hour or so did not happen. These girls were really able to bounce back from anything. 
But that was still a close call. She was already making plans to have someone come to the castle and repair any old window with a faulty lock so that such an accident would not repeat itself. It wasn’t unusual for things in a castle to get old and less effective as they once were, but Alcina couldn’t help blaming herself for not properly upkeeping her home. Her and her daughters’ home. 
A shift from the three girls pulled her back from her thoughts. Bela got up to sit by her side, now all of them huddled around her and giggling at whatever joke Daniela just made. 
She could have a maid call the repairman later. Right now she just wanted to enjoy the quality time with her daughters, in the safety of her warm room. Not that the girls seemed to have any plans of letting her get up anyways.
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introloves · 8 months ago
🦷: Okayy but daddy Iwa leaving his baby with mattsun while he’s gone like bo does and mattsun taking such good care of iwa’s little girl,,and if mattsun can’t Iwa will reluctantly leave her w makki who’s so much meaner 🥺🥺
— dom! matsukawa + sub space + teasing + mentions of pain + predator/prey dynamics + slight hair pulling + mentions of fear + masochist reader + size kink + dacryphilia + big dick + heavy breath play + choking + praise + creampie + petname (bunny) + f! reader
— word count: 2.6k
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he looked her over, unable to stop the smirk from forming. shy eyes made his chest swell in a primal swirl of lust. already so sweet for him, and he hadn’t even touched her yet.
“hm?” your voice answered back in a small hum, cute and shy. he couldn’t help but let a shiver crawl up his back at the thought of how you’d sound broken and whining just like that for him.
but he was being too forward, no wonder why iwaizumi had asked to leave you in his care- you were dangerously alluring.
you were here to be taken care of, and what he wanted might not match up to what you wanted, he’d test the waters first.
grabbing your hand gently, making sure to not startle you all too bad- letting you know it was okay, there was nothing to be embarrassed or shy about; the plan was set out, in detail- by hajime.
the thought of leaving you alone while he joined his team out of the country wasn't something he liked to entertain- you were supposed to be taken care of at all times, even when he couldn't. that's why this arrangement was drawn up. it was something mattsun could do.
he led you to his room, motioning to where the bathroom, kitchen- where all the necessities were. his house was small; enough for him and now for you, it was where you would be staying at… and you were grateful.
“its not much… but its comfortable.” the tone and smoothness of his voice eased you further- the slowly oscillating timbre of notes made you melt.
you nodded, smiling a little, bending your head in appreciation.
it squeezed at his heart, the way you were so polite and kind, a sweet little thing he couldn’t believe belonged to iwaizumi.
it made sense, you’d made the comment on how you liked men that could protect, men who would put you on your knees by just a look… and he so deeply hoped he fit that criteria.
in private, you knew he was- he was tall and big, taller than your hajime, maybe not as thick, not as built, but his presence still made your knees shake.
you let yourself watch him from the corner of your eyes, watching him walk forward, settling down the bag he’d taken from you on his bed… in all honesty, you’d seen his couch- and someone as big as him would not have a pleasant time sleeping on it… but you didn't know where he was going to draw the line.
you’d hope he’d stay, hope he’d cuddle you and make you feel good… sleeping alone was not familiar to you.
being alone was an ugly thought, it was exhausting and horrible. being spoiled made you greedy and needy- all in one. a pretty thing iwa was proud of, always showing you off.
you needed someone, and you wholly agreed to be pretty and good for issei.
“okay bunny.” he sighed, sitting down at the edge of the bed, looking at you.
the petname sent little prickles of heat down your back, making you dizzy and complaint, it triggered a nice and comfy haze clouding your mind.
“time for bed?” he asked, watching the slow blink of your eyes, chest rising and falling slowly- slipping into that sweet headspace.
iwaizumi really had you trained well.
he was going to have so much fun with you.
“what do you want, pretty girl.” issei questioned, leaning forwards elbows on his thighs; looking at you like a good meal, something he was very eagerly waiting to take a bite out of- lower lip glistening with saliva as he passed his thick tongue over it.
it made you take a step forward, a pretty bunny falling right into the claws of something big and mean- being devoured came easiest for you.
“take care of me.” you whispered, placing two shaky hands on his shoulders. broad frame, nice and sturdy, warm and strong. everything a little bunny like you needed for security.
his lips curled into a pleasant smile, canines glistening under the light of his room, smirking at your sweet words.
“ah- you want me to take care of you?” mattsun’s voice was laced with inquisition, wanting to hear another note of confirmation.
“yes please. haji said you would.” you responded, pouting at the slight teasing, but quickly warming up when those hands of his wrapped around your sides. it felt real easy, tugging you onto his lap.
“oh, bunny i will.” he assured, thinking over his next words.
“i just… you know the difference between me and iwaizumi… right?” there was small apprehension, felt like he was trying to piece together words that wouldn’t scare you off. shaking your head slightly, they did everything but that- luring you in with the promise of something dangerous, something exciting.
it was really cute- he could hear your heart pound from where he was, watching your face scrunch up, leaning into him.
“if you want me to take care of you, i need to let you know- i’m a lot bigger than him.” matsukawa huffed, sliding the hold on your sides down to your hips, groaning at the warmth and softness molding under his palms.
“and i dont fuck like he does.”
the smooth timbre of his voice turned gravely, growling out those last few words, bringing your body to his- entrapping you in all of him. he let himself grace your neck, lips just barely touching- letting you back away at the challenge.
but you were a greedy thing, the small hint of danger electrifying every nerve in your body. thighs jumping around his lap, squirming.
he says it like a warning, but all it does is excite you. the promise of him fucking you doenst let you focus on anything else.
mattsun feels your squirming, sees the way you bite at your lips, pupils dilating as you watch him, wide eyes roaming his face.
he's the one who starts the grind, tightening the hold, shifting to sit back slightly; pushing you against the length already hard and heavy in his pants.
this is his favorite part, seeing the surprise- eagerly watching for the look of pure shock. maybe you're finally feeling the heavy severity of the situation, maybe it's a jolt of arousal that makes your eyes shake, lips parting in amazement at being sat on his big cock.
whichever one it is, it makes your head tip back, huffing out a tiny noise of surprise and want.
it feels so big, even now, just sat on his cock through his. pants and your bottoms and it's all just so-
throbbing cunt passing over a ridge, catching over your puffy clit, knowing it's the swell of his cockhead. it makes you weak, tipping forward, tugging at his shirt.
issei chuckles in response, warm hand traveling up your back, curling against your head. there's a tiny moment of reprieve- sits there, watching your shoulders tense up before he tugs.
it's gentle at first, admiring how you shape yourself perfectly for him, going limp as soon as he does, but just like you- he's a greedy man and pulls- back bowing against him. with clenched teeth at how you squirm, he hisses;
“what is it bunny?” what's got you makin’ those pretty sounds?”
there's already tears forming against your lashes, the feeling of your cunt freely gliding against the pool of arousal lying wetly right on your panties makes everything that more… exciting. if he's able to bring you to this state by just tugging at your hair… the thought makes you desperate or what else he could do to you.
“you! it's you ‘sei! don't want you to tease- take. care. of. me.” you mewl, exasperated at his actions.
he's so close- you can feel his cock pulse under him, and you want nothing more than to be split open.
but your sweet little tantrum simply makes him laugh, bringing your throat to his mouth, teeth grazing sweetly against the thrum of your pulse.
“little bunny… you’ve got some fight, hm?” he whispers, letting you go with a quick little bite- a reminder, something to let you know to calm yourself.
usually he’d take his time- reduce you into a mess of cum and tears and spit until you’re crying out for him, and even then he wouldn’t give you what you wanted. however, issei would play nice for now, knowing your little outburst was all due to the want for him. it made his heart thump loudly against his ribs.
“it’s okay- i’ll fuck it out of you.” mattsun groans.
you tense up at his words- the throbbing against the spot where he nipped keeping a heavy reminder, impatience didn't look pretty on you.
he lets a hand leave the warmth of your hips, thumb digging into the side of your cheek impatiently, keeping your head tilted to look at him- the tension in your scalp lessens and you're aware of the direction his other hand is traveling.
the sound of his belt clinking, button popping open, and zipper falling makes you squeak. whole body lighting up, pressing your cunt right against the hand working to release him from his pants.
the word slips from your lips involuntarily, and once again, he lets the slip up go. there would be time to teach you to wait, to earn what he gives you.
using the grip he already has on your face, he picks you up, a show of strength tugging you up by your face to give his cock room to be released. your knees shakily hit either side of the bed around his body, hips tipping forward- giving him space, but even then, you feel the tip of his cock brush against your pussy.
a high, shaky sound of air leaving your lungs in a shocked whimper makes his cock jump heavily- your hands landing by your face as you stare, chest heaving- weight of his hand falls from your face, down to your neck, pressing you deep into the bed.
the thrum of fear peaks once more, exaggerating another gush of arousal, this time running down your ass- no longer caught by your panties.
“pretty.” is all he says, squeezing once, watching your legs jump. his thumb swipes up against your cheek to catch a stray tear. he wants to make a remark about your skittish muscles, working against you to tense up with every movement he makes, but the heavy lust burning in his stomach doesn't let him.
“breathe in for me- it’ll hurt less if you do.”
there’s sick pleasure watching you nod, so eager to do what he says just to be hurt in order to take him all. he wastes no time in order to tug your bottoms off, impatiently working with only one hand, all while he keeps his eyes on your face. its all a frenzy of want.
he wanted to take you like an animal, wanted to make it hurt- wanted to break your soft mind, but he resists. it’ll be fine for now, the time to play how he wants could happen at a later time.
the head of his cock meets heavy resistance, slickened by the never ending stream of arousal leaking out of your wanting hole- it makes it a little more bearable. you such in a breath, just like he says, tongue heavy with the weight of it playing against your cunt.
he was right, he was right and now your heart beat loudly in your chest at the feeling of him pressing in more and more- he was bigger than your hajime, and it hurt.
it hurt so good.
“m-more!” you gasp, impatiently waiting with the slow pace he's taking you. hands clawing at the hand still wrapped firmly around your throat, legs thumping over and over on either side of him.
it takes him back, gasping at the slight tilt of your hips seeking more of him, his eyebrows pinch together in amusement and surprise.
you were proving to be more of a challenge than he thought- but he did as he was told for now, shifting down to really pin you.
“pretty girl, so dirty- you keep surprisin’ me.” he grunts, watching your body lie pliant, mouth hanging open in a desperate and now silent plea.
he counts to three before lessening up, blinking at the way you shoot up to take a heavy gulp of air.
“good bunny.” he seethes, trying to keep up with your greedy cunt, fluttering around him as he pushes in and in and in.
its so good, nails digging into the arm still trapping your upper body down onto the bed, drooling as your tongue lulls out.
you’re hot and wound up, pooling sweat dripping down against your clothes, smushed against his mattress.
the first slam of his hips inside makes you sob, eyes fluttering shut at the feeling of all the tension leaving your body, a reaction to being fucked so hard. you can feel him make a noise of appreciation at that, pushing his weight- using it to fuck you down onto the bed.
“so good- such a greedy pussy, only satisfied when it's being pounded like this- hm?”
issei emphasizes his words with an increasing tempo, barely giving himself time to breathe, drunk on your cunt- the pretty sounds you're making, the way your eyes have rolled to the back of your head, small hands no longer grabbing at his wrist.
you're creaming around him, already cuming at just mintues of being given what you so desperately begged for.
“issei! ‘sei!”
it sounds so pretty leaving your mouth in this breathy pitch and it's getting to him, the building orgasm crawling towards him at a rapid pace.
he releases the hold on your neck to grab desperately at your hips, arching your back against him while you jolt, body receiving the shock of his pistoning hips- slapping heavily onto your thighs, mixing with the loud squelch and squeal singing from your body.
you can’t will your muscles to contract any longer, already cuming once more at the change in position, weakly crying out his name- sweet and fucked out, babbling the consonants of his name over and over again.
“good girl- c-cuming so pretty for me.” he pants, teeth clashing together as he pushes past the resistance of your walls once more, sheathing his cock inside in a final attempt to make it hurt. he knows he’s successful when you lift up off the bed, choking out a warbling scream.
his body seizes, matching the feverish way you’re spasming around his body.
the heated, spurt of cum inside your cunt comes in thick ropes and you exhale in response, turning your head left to right as you receive it all- take it all in your battered, swollen walls.
he stays right where he stops, head hooked down, eyes looking at the cream of cum splattered on the stretched out lips of your cunt.
“fuck.” he gasps, slowly coming back from the overwhelming burst of pleasure.
“are you okay?” matsukawa asks, eyes softening at the way you slowly open your eyes, blinking hot tears from your lashes.
you cant respond verbally just yet, giving him a nod, a small tilt of your head before dropping your legs- finally relaxing.
he sees why you need this every night, you're glowing- covered in sweat and a sweet smile playing at your lips.
“so good- thank you issei.” you sing, already ready to sleep- and with the almost devious curl of your lips, he swears you- the sweet bunny he brought into his home was more predator than prey.
“play with me some more... later- please.” you hum, shivering at the globs of cum cooling against your stretched cunt, all before you sigh and close your eyes, looking for that sweet sleep.
matsukawa stays up a bit later, giving iwaizumi a quick text- asking if you would ever truly be satisfied, and the response he gets sends a prickle of heat curling against his neck-
fuck her unconscious or else she’ll keep wanting more.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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artistfingers · a month ago
do you already have a scenario of how danny fenton "officially" meets sam and tucker in the no one knows au?
[Undercover Phantom AU]
!! yes, I do!! i'm hoping to comic it once I'm done with part 4 of how they meet Phantom. here’s some rambles which turned kinda into a fic?? it got longer than intended (o゜▽゜)o☆
interior: casper high. sometime in fall, but inching towards winter. danny's trudging the hall, half asleep, when a familiar voice snaps his head up. Who could be passing by, discussing their various theories on when and where Phantom lived, other than Sam and Tucker? Yeah. it’s Sam and Tucker.
Danny's a bit freaked seeing them here in his supposedly average, every-day life. somehow it never occurred to him they might attend the same school as him. Never mind the fact they all live in the same city and are the same age, and. it’s not like Casper’s the only school around here. right? At least it explains one thing—how quickly they saw through his shoddy Danien disguise. They’d seen Phantom at least seventy-six times at Casper during freshman year (yes, he’d counted). if they can recognize Phantom in a heartbeat when he’s Danien, they can probably do it again when he’s Fenton.
Oh, god. they’re practically five feet away from him. now three. He’s gotta duck into a classroom or something, no, a cleaning closet, wait should he risk turning invisible? —when his ghost sense goes off in the same split second the ceiling bursts open and the screaming begins. he reacts like he always does: adrenaline and ecto-energy pump through his veins and he’s off like a shot towards the threat. only this time a hand snags him by the hoodie and yanks him into the world history classroom before he can even break out a full sprint.
he freezes like a deer in the headlights. There’s a cluster of other kids and a teacher already in here. it was Sam who’d nearly choked him on his own hoodie, and she shoves him out of the doorway pretty fast. “Where do you think you’re going?” she hisses. “The ceiling collapsed.”
“I know, I have to, uh, my locker…”
“Dude, your locker’s the least of your concerns right now.” That’s Tucker. He’s sliding a classroom laptop out of one of those wheely charging cabinets and logging in at the speed of light. “Alright, Sam, I got eyes on the security footage! ...oof, this is gonna be a doozy.”
Sam peers over his shoulder. Danny edges towards the door. they both spear him with major glares before he can move more than half a step. danny’s seen those looks before. they’re usually reserved for when Phantom suggests something batshit insane for dealing with the monster of the week. he, instinctively, swallows whatever protests he was about to make.
when Sam and Tucker resume their surveillance (and oh my god are they making plans about how to fight this ghost?) Dash decides to make himself known.
“Oh, great,” he says with a showy guffaw. “The school’s falling to pieces and Geeky McGee thinks he can fight the threat with a chromebook.”
danny wishes he was anywhere but here right now. he should turn invisible. but... dash is glaring right at Sam and Tucker, who he’s standing right next to, and…
Tucker brushes dash off. dash keeps up his tirade, displeased and antagonistic, until Sam snaps at him; then everybody’s sent into a shaky truce of silence when the entire building rumbles, a few more walls somewhere else collapse into rubble, and a ghostly laugh echoes all around, calling for Phantom.
danny sweats. A lot.
and then sam pulls out a customized mini ecto-gun and darts towards the door.
“WHERE did you GET THAT,” danny yelps.
“Don’t worry about it,” sam says, preoccupied as she peers out into the hall.
Tucker leans over and whispers to him. “We made it.”
“Don’t worry, we tested it this time.”
“This time,” danny echoes faintly.
“Tucker, what’s our proximity?”
“We’re in the green for now.”
They’re effective. danny is both proud and horrified. he also really needs to leave. “I’m gonna—”
“Don’t you dare,” sam shuts him down.
“Can I just—”
“The bathroom—”
“NO.” this time Tucker practically harmonizes with Sam.
Danny groans. Dash guffaws again. “Can’t even hold it during a ghost attack, Fenton?”
“maybe you should go to a doctor,” kwan suggests.
Danny groans slightly louder, then realizes both tucker and sam are now giving him more attention than before, as if he needed any more attention than they were just giving him.
“Fenton?” Sam asks slowly.
“Like Fentonworks Fenton?” Tucker asks. he is much more excited than Sam.
“No, like the other Fenton,” danny grumbles.
“Oh.” tucker deflates.
Danny groans for a third, and certainly not final, time. “Yes like Fentonworks Fenton!” then like the bolt of inspiration that never comes during algebra tests, he hurries to add, “you know, like the ghost hunters? Listen, I know a thing or two about ghosts. if you’re trying to do something about this ghost—” which, shit, danny didn’t even have time to figure out who’s gallivanting around or why “—then let me help.”
Sam and Tucker share a considering look. Tucker does a short gesture with one hand to his forehead and the other out. Sam returns with a different one. Danny watches them go back and forth for a long, confused moment, as their hands fly, before Sam seemingly loses their non-verbal argument with a huff.
“alright,” she says, turning a fully unwarranted glare on danny. “You can help. But it’s conditional. Start talking.”
(9/8/21: there is now a follow up comic!)
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luvrinnie · 3 months ago
where your bf accidentally calls you clingy.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
suna rintarō x gn!reader
warning: hurt/comfort, slight profanity
wc: 1.4k+
a/n: i feel like this is v cringey and its just an overused prompt, but…. self indulgence
Tumblr media
suna gets busy. he’s a pro volleyball player with vigorous training and he can’t spend a lot of time at home with you.
you understood that. you told him you’d support him every step of the way and you would be here for him whenever he needed it.
you didn’t realize how much of strain his career would put on your relationship, though.
suna would come home late nearly every night and go out on his days off. you sat at home and waited patiently for him to come home, but he’d be back so late that you’d already be asleep.
you thought that it was maybe time to talk to him about it.
suna, on the other hand, was so irritated with the way his practice had gone that he just wanted to come home and go to bed.
when he walked in he saw you washing dishes, presumably from another dinner he’d missed. he grumbled a small ‘hey,’ and walked into your shared bedroom.
you sigh, finishing the dishes. he’s home earlier than usual, you think to yourself.
you walk into the bedroom to see he hadn’t changed out of his gym clothes, laying on his back on the bed.
“rintarō,” you say, your tone flat and sounds genuinely tired. “can we talk?”
he groaned, loudly, “can it wait till later, (y/n), i’m tired,”
you rolled your eyes because, when is later, exactly? this is the first time you’ve actually seen and spoken to him in the past two weeks.
“no, rin, i just have some things i wanna say, and i’d really appreciate if you’d listen to me,” you sigh and he sighs loudly, sitting up to look at you.
“okay,” he says. “‘m listening, what is it?”
you take a deep breath, and prepare to spill how you’ve been feeling for a while.
“i just… i feel like i haven’t seen you in a while. i miss you a lot and i wish we could spend some time together.” you tell him, feeling proud of being able to actually say it aloud.
he runs his long fingers through his hair, sighing again, “i don’t know what you want me to say, (y/n), i’m busy. you know that,”
your face feels like it’s getting warmer, you’re not sure if it was because you were embarrassed or frustrated, but it wasn’t a great feeling.
you frown, “i know that, rin, and i’m not asking you to take time away from volleyball for me. i’m asking if you can just spare some time for me on your days off,”
he huffs, frustrated with the situation, “i’m busy, you just need to wait a little longer,”
you’re beyond angry with every word that falls from his mouth, “rintarō, you’re not even listening to me, you—“
he cuts you off, abruptly standing to his feet to tower over you, “no! you’re not listening to me, (y/n). i’m too busy to be dealing with how clingy you are!” he yells.
he thinks i’m clingy? you think to yourself.
your heart feels like it’s breaking into even tinier pieces because not only does he have to deal with you, but he also thinks you’re clingy.
it’s quiet for another minute before you pipe out, “yeah… you’re right. sorry.” you say, curtly before letting him leave to go take a shower.
maybe this is why he’s never home, you think. because i’m so clingy.
you never thought it was a big deal with how affectionate you were because he never said anything.
thinking it over now, all those nights you begged for cuddles and kisses from your boyfriend and how he’d barely initiate any acts of affection.
you decide to just give him his space since that’s what he wanted.
you turn off the lights and try to let your mind drift off so you could sleep.
when suna walks back into the dark room, he sighs and hopes the whole things blows over after tonight.
three days pass by and you two still haven’t had any interactions. the doubts you were having about your relationship continue to stem and you overthink every moment of your relationship.
but today is suna’s day off and he plans to spend it with you since he does actually miss you a ton.
when he wakes up, you’re no longer in bed, so he goes down the hall to see you re-reading one of your favorite romance mangas on the couch in the living room.
“good morning, baby,” he rasps, a smile on his face to see you curled up in a blanket.
you don’t even look up from the book and murmur a simple, “morning,” before flipping to the next page.
suna is confused by your cold behavior but doesn’t dwell on it too long figuring you just hadn’t eaten yet.
“do you want something to eat?” he offers, hopefully.
you shake your head, “i already ate, thanks.” you say, curtly.
he’s taken aback, not used to the tone of your voice. “are you okay?”
“never better. thanks for asking,” you mumble, pretending to be invested in the book in you hands so he’d leave you alone. “don’t you have something you need to do today?”
he furrows his brows at your odd question. did you want him to leave?
“no… i wanted to spend the day with you…” he explains.
that’s new, you think to yourself.
“yeah… well, if you don’t wanna eat, do you wanna cuddle and watch a movie?” he suggests and you sigh, closing your book.
you were growing annoyed, you’re not sure why. maybe it was because you felt terrible about yourself. all the confidence you had in your relationship shot down by that one word— clingy.
maybe it was because even though you’re clingy, he still wants to cuddle you.
“you know what, i’m feeling a little tired so i’m just gonna go to bed, you can go out if you want. i don’t really care,” you snap.
you didn’t mean that, you did care. you wanted him to stay with you and cuddle you, but you couldn’t get out of your own head.
suna stood there bewildered after you had walked back to your shared bedroom, too shocked to say anything.
what could do i have done to make them reject me completely—
and suddenly it hits him.
“i’m too busy to be dealing with how clingy you are.”
the words rung in his head like a loud bell.
no wonder you’re so standoffish, he probably made you insecure as hell.
before he knows it, he’s running to the room, bursting into to see you laying on your side, sobbing quietly to yourself.
“suna, can you please just leave?” you ask, your voice wavering.
the sound of his last name falling from your lips so pitifully makes his heart break a little.
he crawls into the bed and wraps his arms around you and you try to wiggle out of his grip, not wanting to be trapped in his hold, but he doesn’t budge.
it does feel nice to be held by him for the first time in weeks. you forgot how much you missed him.
so you lay there and cry in his arms.
“‘m really sorry i did this to you pretty baby…” he whispers in your ear. “you’re not clingy, i was just so annoyed with practice,”
you sigh, sniffling every few seconds and he continues.
“i know i don’t say it a lot, but i do love you and appreciate everything you do for me. thank you for putting up with me,” he mumbles.
suna isn’t that expressive with his feelings, so you know he means it when he confesses to you like this.
“i know i don’t deserve it, but please give me another chance. promise i’ll be better.” he snuggles his head into the crook of your neck. “i’ll make more time for you, i’ll be the boyfriend you deserve, please forgive me.”
the tears are free falling from your faces and you turn your body to hug him, pushing your head into his chest.
“i love you, too, rinnie,” you mumble. “i forgive you.”
“told you to stop calling me that,” he mumbles back, rubbing his hand up and down your back.
you look up to glare at him and he smiles.
“fine, rinnie it is.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
© all works belong to @luvrinnie 2021, please do not repost, modify, or translate any of my works on any platform
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taegularities · 4 months ago
songs about you: rhapsody | kth (m)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Summary: “The feeling of him never got old - and right in this moment, it felt newer than ever before.”
Both of your touches used to fit your little agreement to fulfill your desires whenever you needed it - when had exactly these touches started to become a quiet whisper in the back of your mind that had you yearn for so much more than just careless nights?
pairing: CEO!Taehyung x female reader
rating: 18+
genre: fwb, childhood friends to lovers, somewhat idiots to lovers; fluff, angst, smut
warnings: some talk about anxiety (about the future and jobs), swearing, explicit sexual content, taehyung is a soft dom, oral (f. & m. receiving), handjob, fingering, multiple (2) sex scenes, rough sex, soft sex, unprotected sex (reader on the pill, wbk), breast play, marking/biting (cuz it’s me), praising (again, cuz it’s me), ass grabbing, making out, aftercare <3, the ending hurt me so good..., tae & yn being literal idiots, appearance of a mcdonald’s *gasp* and kai from exo!
word count: 13k
a/n: this fic is going to hurt. it. is. going. to. hurt. and i am so sorry. i hope you enjoy it tho and if you do, please let me know!!! thank you so so much for this opportunity @joheunsaram, Sons of Midas owns my soul!! also, pls enjoy this AMAZINGGGG banner by my love @taemaknae ILYSM!!!
further mentions: thank you to my betas @illneverrecover, @voiceswithoutlips & @hantaev! to @ddaechwita & @btsmosphere for lending me their names!! and to @kithtaehyung for reading over this when i felt HELLA insecure!! you all have my heart forever!! and now i won’t talk much more, enjoy reading! 💕
Tumblr media
[!] NOTE: this is a twoshot! the second part will be posted in two weeks, on the 5th of june, so stay tuned!
send me an ask or dm to be added on the tag list!
Tumblr media
➳ next
Tumblr media
For a mighty, powerful businessman, Taehyung surely was weak.
The expensive suits and various ties that adorned his lean body never failed to intimidate the strongest of personalities, and his confident stroll through his building made every woman weak in her knees.
And yet, he faltered every time he laid his dark eyes on you. As soon as he’d strip out of his luxurious clothing, with your body underneath him, not a single trace of the grand, famous Kim Taehyung remained. He would merely be the man who’d whimper at the slightest feeling of you.
Granted, the one trait he did carry into the bedroom from his everyday life, was his habit of occasionally pinning you down and taking control in the same way he did in his office.
Not today, though. Not yet.
His desperate grip around your hair as you let your tongue slide over his shaft slowly gave you all the proud satisfaction you needed this morning. You knew his body; knew by the way his thighs trembled that he was close.
Initially, you weren’t going to go this far today. It had started with a harmless kiss, a mingling of your tongues - but you should’ve known better. Taehyung might’ve been weak for you, but you weren’t exactly the epitome of patience in his presence either.
“Faster,” he ordered from above you, his eyes closed and head falling back against the headboard of his enormous bed. “Shit, you’re always so fucking good at this, Swan.”
You weren’t patient, and you loved the view of him coming undone; especially when he whispered the nickname he’d given you years ago like this. But since you’d gotten what you’d wanted - drawing deep moans out of him, his whole being falling apart under your touch - you decided to leave it at exactly that. Sliding his cock in and out for a few more seconds and bathing the hard muscle in your saliva, you removed your lips slowly. 
You pressed open mouthed, wet kisses along his length, your hand cupping his balls one last time before you leaned back entirely and stood up. Sure to not leave his eyes, you chuckled, the surprised and devastated look on his face breaking your calm demeanor.
“Why those big eyes?” you asked, tilting your head innocently as you brought your lips close to his, only brushing them lightly enough to drive him crazy.
“You don’t want to be like that. C’mon.” He smirked as his finger grazed your cheek, a warning in his eyes that you tried hard to ignore.
“What if I do?”
“Believe me-” He tried to sound dangerous, catching his lower lip between his teeth, but all he managed was to stutter in a series of sighs, obviously fucked out and frustrated. “Believe me, you don’t.”
You rolled your eyes as you straightened yourself, turning to move away and get ready for your classes when you suddenly felt his hand yank you towards him again. Somewhat clumsily, you managed to fall onto him without hurting any of you; or maybe it was just Taehyung’s trained grip on you that knew how to handle you perfectly.
“You’re so fucking-” you laughed as you tried to wiggle yourself out of his embrace… but then again, were you really trying?
“What?” His whisper came almost inaudibly, but it didn’t matter. You didn’t need to understand any word he was saying when all you were focused on was the way he spread your legs with his as his fingers snaked their way down to trace the inner side of your thigh.
He pressed a trail of gentle kisses along your bare shoulder and neck, snickering when biting your earlobe elicited a moan out of you. “I’m not even touching you yet.”
“You’re not? What’s that then?” you whispered, placing your hand over his that was cupping your most sensitive, clothed part. When he brushed your panties aside to feel your soaked cunt, you sighed into his cheek, “I have to leave, Taehyung.”
“Come on, babe,” he argued, his breathing already heavy and - god, his fingers never failed to make a mess of you, “wanna fuck you so bad. I’ll be quick.”
“You’re insufferable.” Though you weren’t entirely sure about that when he rubbed skilled circles against your clit, having you squirm and whine. Taehyung, too, only responded to your words with a light hearted laugh, a clear proof for him brushing off your statement. “Hurry up then.”
With that, his hand left your throbbing pussy to replace it with his rock-hard cock, and he didn’t need more permission than you turning your head to kiss him to press himself inside.
You both groaned at the same time as his cock split your cunt - how you were still so tight after he’d fucked your brains out so many times, he couldn’t decipher, but it wasn’t as if he was going to complain, either.
“Oof, your pussy just-” he started, thrusting in a few times as he panted into your hair, “it just knows how to take me. It’s just fucking made for me, isn’t it?”
“Harder.” This pace was neither going to get you to your class in time nor was it going to be enough for your personal taste right now. You needed what he’d given you last night - you always loved when he did.
“So fucking greedy every time.”
“I’ll be late, Tae, for f-fuck’s sake,” you cried out when he picked up his pace, adhering to your wishes as his hands landed on your waist, “you said you’ll be quick.”
“Not my fault that you feel so good. Need to memorise every inch of you.”
And then, you decided to take it a step further. No matter how dangerous that idea sounded in your head, you knew that danger always meant pleasure, too, if it was Taehyung who embodied that darkness. “Fuck me as hard as you can. Tell your dick to not be ridiculous and memorise later.”
Unsurprisingly enough, you got the exact reaction you’d hoped for; and you knew you’d regret it later, but you honestly didn’t give a fuck right now. As a grin snuck up onto your face, he got onto his knees, pulling you with him before he pushed you forwards.
“My ridiculous dick?” Taehyung growled, trying not to get distracted by the way you stretched your ass towards him and by the picture of him being buried so balls deep inside you. “If it’s so ridiculous, why do you become such a little mess every single time I fuck you into oblivion, huh?”
He didn’t wait for an answer; he didn’t need one. Instead, he started pounding into you - as you’d pleaded - as hard as he could, having you whimper from the oversensitivity that still lingered from last night. Speaking of which-
“You keep forgetting that I can take your ability of walking whenever you provoke me, right?” Taehyung was panting behind you as his fingers found your little pearl again, starting at a slow pace that soon became a frantic rubbing within a minute.
No, you certainly had not forgotten.
Since you and Taehyung had started this thing, he’d pushed your limits on one too many occasions. And while you’d collected a number of memories this way, the first night of you together was always that one thought that entered your mind instantly when he reminded you of his power over you.
Back then, you’d only been longtime friends but never extended your relationship any further. That is, until this one important event came around when you’d drunkenly admitted to him that you’d wanted to be the one to wet his dick since eleventh grade.
And sure enough, he’d turned your fantasies into reality when he’d pulled you into the nearest bathroom, careless about anyone pulling at the handle while he’d edged you, pressed against the sink, for a whole hour before railing you for another. And when the party had died, he’d taken you home and continued giving you the fucking of your life for the remaining night.
What had somewhat started harmless, as a way to satisfy both of your desires on a regular basis, had now become a full-blown friendship with benefits. And you hadn’t failed to notice that in the last weeks something had definitely shifted.
You had always joked around with each other, always been best friends - but the flirty teasing that kept sneaking its way into your conversations now felt different.
Just like now, when he spilled inside you after you’d collapsed on the sheets from your own orgasm, leaning down and whispering sweet words such as, “You’re so good to me. That’s why you’re mine.”
Hearing this from him wasn’t a habit in any way - and yet, here you were, letting your best friend fuck you up as he finished, his tight grip on your soft ass loosening.
With a firm slap against it, he pulled out, chest heaving heavily as he managed to say, “I’ll drop by after work... and then we’ll test how often I can make you cum tonight.”
His tone was serious, not the slightest hint of a joke that you could extract out of his words - that was probably his idea of punishing you after you’d rejected him first.
Joke’s on him. You liked it.
Relishing in the sight of your legs still trembling, he licked his lips as he told you nonchalantly, “Go or you’ll be late.”
This little shit.
Tumblr media
The sigh that left your lips as you entered the practice room had by now become a well-known habit.
These days, you tended to be quite on time, and this wasn’t only due to the fact that you hadn’t seen the distraction that walked the Earth in the form of a monstrous man for several days. Taehyung had been busy with business, expanding his music shop and taking care of those that were already spread across the country.
In comparison to his brother Namjoon, who handled the art section that his father had entrusted him with, Taehyung’s little inherited side business sold instruments of the highest quality. You always used to wonder how their father had managed to build up not one but two big companies that brought in so much money that they could’ve bought numerous luxurious yachts.
But each time you saw your best friend’s collection, grazing the wooden flutes and violins, you were awestruck. They surely were worth what the price tag said, and you couldn’t wait to one day buy and try one of the flutes yourself.
This morning, however, the motivation to practice and give your best left your body as soon as you entered the room and locked eyes with the clarinet section. For some unsolved reason, these people would always stare at you and your flautist friends as if you were life-long enemies, entitled to hate each other.
Which wasn’t entirely true, though. What would start as an insulting conversation would always soon evolve to a playful banter that ended in laughs and giggles as soon as class was over.
“Aren’t the auditions in two months?” you heard your classmate Kai whisper - and your heart instantly dropped.
You knew exactly what he was talking about.
Your graduation was nearing - and with that, the thoughts about your future increased vehemently. Despite knowing what you wanted and preparing for it every day, the fear inside you grew with each time you heard the word audition, a term that your brain had started to associate with something devilish enough to make your stomach turn.
As you sat down next to him, you clicked your tongue as you said, “Gosh, why would you stress about that already, Kai?”
He instantly turned to you, gripping his clarinet tight as he furrowed his eyebrows. “So you’re saying you’re not? C’mon.”
“I’m saying it won’t do anyone any good to be reminded of it constantly.”
“Babe,” he started - a nickname that had you shivering with a scrunched nose each time, “it’s a rare chance. Of course I’d shit my pants just thinking about it.”
Beside him, his friend Chelle nodded, the red curls framing her face bouncing along with her head. “I’ve been training for this literally my whole life. No, really, I was born with a clarinet in my hands! If I don’t get in, I’ll smash something!”
If your heart wasn’t on the deepest grounds yet, then it was truly suffering now. The drop in your mood made your shoulders fall forward, an ache inside you that had you breathe out deeply to calm yourself.
And your teacher uttering warnings about the musical opportunities being slim, but praising some lucky musicians of your class did nothing to ease the tension inside you. The jealous sting never died - even after all these years, you were always curious why he’d never compliment you, your abilities, your improvements. It was always about Chelle. Always about Kai.
Seeing the distress in your expression after class, the latter rested his palm on your shoulder, shaking you awake from your nightmares before he asked, “You don’t look good. What’s wrong?”
You shook your head as you collected yourself, shooting him a smile before you stood and said as you walked away, “Just tired.”
Tumblr media
In reality, you wished it was just tiredness.
But when you entered Taehyung’s large glass building, you still tried to convince yourself that your hurried footsteps were causing the racing of your heart and not the anxious feeling that your teacher and classmates caused regularly.
In your haze, you didn’t even notice when you passed his door, laughing embarrassingly at yourself as you pushed the handle down to enter the room.
However, your body stilled instantly, grinning at the two men while you’d expected only one. Putting a strand of hair behind your ear, you cleared your throat before you mumbled, “Well, thankfully I didn’t enter some important meeting, huh?”
“It’s alright. I’m pretty much done here,” Namjoon said cheerfully, his slicked-back hair shining in the fluorescent light. He put his hands in his pockets - a standard move for men in suits, really - as he smiled at you, strolling towards you to leave. “It’s good to see you again, Y/N. Hope you’re doing good.”
And with a pat on your shoulder and nod from you, he was gone.
“How’s it going, babe?” Taehyung asked, loosening the tie around his neck as he sat down on his chair.
From him, the nickname didn’t seem bad. When he said it, it ignited a small flame in the pit of your stomach that you’d been trying hard to ignore for the last few weeks.
“I- uh. Bad day,” you finally said as you took a seat in front of him, stretching your legs until your feet touched his knees under the table. “Just stressed because of my finals, I guess.”
“Mhm. How was practice today?” His tone was calm, but carried this slight hint of worry that you’d gotten to know well over the span of your friendship. You knew he could see the frustration in your face, and he knew you were here to distract yourself from the peer pressure that caged you in your own mind all the time.
“Meh. I could do better. And look at this,” you said, opening your bag to hold your flute under his nose, pointing at one heartbreaking spot, “there’s a crack. Now. Why now? I’m so close to finishing school. Cracks in an instrument aren’t ideal, you know?”
“I know a thing or two about that, yeah,” Taehyung answered, a smile adorning his face as he tilted his head; you were cute, even when desperate. “But this is not too bad. Repairing it won’t cost much and it won’t affect how you play.”
You sighed deeply, bringing the flute to your lips as you blew into it once, playing just one single tone that echoed chaotically from the walls. The pout you gave him made him snicker, his eyes following your hands that settled on your lap; but when he heard you sniff and detected that one little tear rolling down your cheek, he silenced.
Immediately standing up and rounding the table, he turned your chair as he found himself crouching down in front of you. “Hey, hey. Y/N, sweetheart, look at me.” And when you did, he cupped your face in his palms as he added, “What’s wrong?”
“Ah, graduation is getting to me,” you answered, brushing off your own sadness as you leaned into his touch. “Don’t worry about me.”
“I always worry about you.”
The thumb wiping away your tear shouldn’t have affected you like it did. His gentle expression, the reassuring smile, the soft sparkle in his eyes shouldn’t have made your heart skip several beats. But he always did - especially nowadays, the spell he’d suddenly cast on you did way more than it had in high school; or heck, even a year ago.
“Hmm,” Taehyung hummed as he squinted, a light teasing hidden behind his eyes when you looked at him. “Are you free on Saturday?”
You sniffled again, searching your head for your weekend schedule before you nodded. “I need to practice as always, but I should be free Saturday evening.”
With one last squeeze, his hands left your face before he stood, looking down into your big eyes as you gazed up to him. “I’ll pick you up at six o’clock and we’ll go have some fun somewhere. Okay?”
“I- okay.” You knew he was trying to cheer up. And god knew, you needed it.
A night out with Taehyung was always an effective way to wind down, and all the activities that happened in the bedroom at the end weren’t the sole reason for this. He always understood what to say, and behind his strict CEO persona, he was the most gentle, caring man you knew. Despite anything that happened between you, he was still your friend - the boy that you’d known all your life, still the sweet brat who’d tease you about the smallest things.
But if everything else was so familiar - then why did his invitation light up your heart like never before?
Tumblr media
At 6 o’clock sharp, your doorbell rang. The way you knew him, he’d probably waited outside of your building - Taehyung was never too late anywhere and hated to be early.
“I’m coming down,” you said into the speaker, grabbing your keys and bag excitedly. The thought of tonight was the only thing that’d made you suffer through the week without a single breakdown - and the fact that you hadn’t seen him for days again had you squirming in your seat impatiently whenever you’d thought of him.
But as happy as you’d been to see him again, you hadn’t been ready for his mouth to fall open as soon as you came into his view. It wasn’t as if he’d thought that you’d changed in such a short time period - but the way your summer dress hugged your body perfectly and your hair fell over your shoulder in such beautiful waves had him let out a breath he hadn’t realised he was holding.
The breathtaking smile you shot him would’ve ended him inevitably, if you hadn’t hugged him in the next second, arms wrapping around his neck tightly.
Taehyung needed a second to bring up his hands, squeezing your waist just once before you parted from him again. Your proud smirk eventually broke him out of his fog, and when you said your next words, he shook his head.
“Close your mouth. I’m not even naked.”
“No, but you’re impossible,” he whispered as he rolled his eyes, his hand gesturing for you to get into the car when he opened the door for you.
“Impossible to look at, because I’m that hot?” you teased, tapping his arm when he got in.
“Shut up.”
Yes. Because you were that hot. You were absolutely astonishing, a body shaped by the gods, a miracle on this damned Earth and a-
“What’s that?” Your curious tone interrupted his thoughts as he started the car. His head automatically shot to the backseat where your eyes had settled, and he immediately grabbed your wrist mid-air as you reached for the little package behind you.
“Something for work,” he replied hastily, trying to focus on the road while you turned around, “don’t touch it.”
You squinted at him suspiciously but let it slide anyway - you weren’t someone to pry on his private stuff and life when he felt clearly uncomfortable with revealing it. In that sense, you let him drive to heaven knew where, listening to his low, quiet humming as he drummed against the steering wheel to the sound of the song.
Meanwhile, your gaze wandered to the warm streetlights. At this time of the day, people gathered in the center of the town, and something was always happening. Sometimes, people were storming restaurants after a heated shopping spree; some were visiting museums to extend their cultural knowledge and rub their chins in delight; and others just walked around without a specific aim or goal, enjoying the fresh evening air that was blowing through your hair through the open window.
At some point, you'd started to sing along to the song and entirely missed that Taehyung had stopped - he loved to hear your voice, to listen to the way you experimented and changed the notes of a song at your own will. And you never failed to amaze him; you could truly even make a disorganised, chaotic rhapsody sound like a beautiful tune out of the mouth of an angel.
"I really love your voice," he spoke his thoughts without averting his eyes from the road. But when you stilled, head shooting to look at him, his right hand reached out to rub your leg gently as he pleaded, "Don't stop."
"But now I'm… flustered."
Taehyung let out an amused laugh, shaking his head as he pulled into a parking lot and bringing the roaring of the motor to a halt before he faced you. "Okay, then don't, yet. First, we'll get us some dinner, yeah?"
And getting dinner you did. Though, while you'd expected him to bring you to one of his fancy places that he always loved to brag about, the dinner turned out to be an even fancier restaurant that made you burst into laughter until you felt tears burn in the corner of your eyes.
"Okay, so," you breathed as you calmed down, holding onto Taehyung's black shirt as he laughed with you, "we're going to order some Big Macs and fries and then chill somewhere?"
"That's my plan, yes."
"God, Taehyung, you're so unpredictable."
Draping an arm over your shoulders, you waltzed into the huge McDonald's, his voice near your ear sending a cold shiver down your spine when he whispered the harmless words, "That's why you're still friends with me."
And maybe you would've laughed about this some months ago. You would've thrown your head back and punched him playfully, made sure to let him know that yes, that was why he was your best friend.
But right now, you hated these words - because god knew you didn't want to be his friend anymore. With every touch he drove you insane with, you longed for him more, every word leaving his pretty lips having you yearn for them to press on yours again. But to your chagrin, you also knew that beside your genuine friendship, there was nothing that would ever sneak its way into your relationship that was more than casual sex and affection for each other as human beings.
You had to admit that this thought dragged heavily at your heart. Even now.
But tonight was not the right time to think about; and a McDonald's was definitely not the right place to dwell on it. And when your mouths were stuffed with burgers and fries, there was no melancholic topic you wanted to discuss anymore, because there was nothing between you but laughter at the way you both smeared sauce onto your faces.
While you both had promised each other to not look at a fast food product for the remainder of the month anymore, you were still quick to widen your eyes when he eventually suggested to get some ice cream for the way.
And now that you were strolling through the city, spooning a chocolate sundae into your mouth, you swore you felt at peace as you hadn't the entire week.
"Isn't this the best night out ever?" Taehyung asked, poking you softly with his elbow.
"Oh, I bet eating shrimp has got nothing on devouring a big, juicy burger in a restaurant owned by a clown."
"Absolutely. I can actually confirm that." He took another spoonful of his ice cream, letting the taste of it mixed with strawberry cool his dry throat.
"So… you're not going to say that it isn't actually owned by a clown?"
Taehyung looked at you with furrowed eyebrows, his lips pressed together in a line. "Hm? You mean, Ronald Mcdonald is not the big boss?"
You giggled like a little school girl, your cheeks heating up and hair flying in the wind before you realised that you'd reached the small fountain in the middle of the town.
Childhood memories swimming to the surface of your conscience, you remembered coming here as a child, many years ago when your biggest worry had been having to sleep early. Back then, your parents had used to take you here at least once a month - they knew how much you loved it.
And how could you not?
At the break of dusk, the water would always light up in various colours, from purple to blue or yellow; the little event that took place every weekend had always astounded you. And even now, you urged Taehyung to halt, sitting down on a bench as you waited for the miracle to begin, a fond nostalgic feeling already spreading through your body.
"You've always loved this," Taehyung muttered, sitting down next to you as he stole a bite from your sundae. "I don't think there's ever been a time when you haven't stopped here."
"It's just really pretty. And I thought we'd get some more time to talk while we wait for the darkness. Won't take long, I think." You gazed up at the clouds - the sun had long vanished, going down somewhere behind the horizon that laid behind the large and high buildings blocking your view. The sky was coloured in the most beautiful hues of blue, purple and red, just like the water would be soon, and you sighed at the calm and serene atmosphere.
"Pretty," you mumbled, slipping out of your shoes as you crossed your legs. Finishing your own portion of your dessert, you shot Taehyung a playful smirk, reaching out to taste his strawberry flavoured ice cream as well.
"That's mine, woman!"
"Double standards are bad for the skin, Tae." You rolled your eyes as you leaned back, watching him finish before he placed the little plastic cup on the bench to his right. "Hey, I visited one of your shops two days ago. So many people! It seems like things are going great for you!"
"They are," he confirmed, wiping away the remnants of the sweet topping, "it's been amazing for both me and Namjoon lately. And with everything going so smoothly, I've had more time to work on my piano skills as well."
You nodded proudly, thinking back to the times when you, Taehyung and your other friends would gather in the music room in high school and watch him play one song after another throughout the whole free period. The way his fingers fluttered over the keys was incredibly enchanting; it looked so effortless, sounded so perfect that you'd not rarely feared that the tune alone would make you fall in love with him hopelessly.
"Did you get your flute repaired yet?"
Taehyung’s voice sounded odd. Like he knew you hadn't but wanted to ask anyway.
"Nah," you said with a small sigh, supporting the weight of your head in your hand, "I'm gonna save money for a new one."
By now, the world was getting darker and the faint light of the moon shone onto your appearance as you watched the still colourless water, a light chuckle escaping your chest when you told him, "I'm just a little sad. Mom bought me that one years ago. It's how I got into music at all… but you know, there always comes a time when it's important to let go."
Shifting closer to you until your knees touched, Taehyung nodded slowly.
"You've created some fond memories with it." And when you put your head on his shoulder, he continued, "Namjoon used to play songs for me on the piano. He even wrote his own and always asked me for my opinion. Needless to say that I loved all of them, and I think that was the main event that made me realise how much I love music. How much I want to work in that field. You know, I could’ve auditioned somewhere, but I really wanted to help Dad with his business. Seeing people this happy when they buy a new violin? A new guitar? It's so endearing."
Audition. There it was again.
"I want to get into that orchestra, Tae," you half-whispered, an almost inaudible sentence that he'd somehow, surprisingly still heard.
"You will. I've heard you play and you're good enough, Swan."
"What if I'm not, though? My classmates have been practising since they were in diapers. I just started four years ago and I-"
"Which is enough time," he interrupted, moving forwards and causing you to straighten your posture again. His eyes were heated, a passionate fire burning behind them as he gathered the words on his tongue. "It's not always about how long they've been playing an instrument. It's about willpower and passion, too - and you have an abundance of that, Y/N. You're amazing at what you do. And also, I really need to see you on Broadway!"
Your eyes widened, and you chuckled at his words, admiring the optimism he put into his statements; a clear indication of how much he wanted to cheer you up. "Too much. That won't happen. I'd be lucky enough to just be recognised by a small audience… can't talk about Broadway yet."
"But I recognise you. I always will. Does that mean nothing?" he whispered as he came closer, a palm settling on your cheek as he moved your head to meet your eyes. "I'll be supporting you all the way."
"Even if I don't make it?"
Your eyes were glistening again. The light shimmer in them was enough to make your voice shake, enough to affect Taehyung's heart in the most crucial way. Seeing you suffer and dwell in agony was comparable to a million terrible things in this universe, and your expression caused a heartache that had become too hard to ignore.
But even in your sadness, you were the most beautiful being he'd ever seen. And he wanted nothing more than to see the star in front of him shine.
"You will," he promised quietly, bringing his lips closer to kiss your cheek before he continued, “first you’ll be in an orchestra,” another kiss on your other cheek, “then Broadway," a small peck on your nose and a last, “and then you'll be a world-famous artist,” before he ultimately pressed his mouth against yours.
The kiss was soft - not hurried, not hungry, not impatient. Just a gentle pressure as he moved his lips against yours slowly, eyes closed and hands on your warm face with nothing in his mind but you; you thriving, you smiling, you existing.
And knowing that he was doing that for no other reason than simply wanting to made the wings of the butterflies in your stomach flutter wildly.
You didn't notice that the lights had started to shift the colour of the fountain water in front of you until you parted. And even then, you found it hard to look away from the brightest light in your surroundings, his eyes so lively and intense that you wanted to drown in them and never swim back to the surface ever again.
And with that in mind, the ache in your heart grew further.
Tumblr media
The first time you’d slept with Taehyung, however, hadn’t made your heart sting like this.
Quite the opposite - everything between you was pure, rough pleasure; a desire so intense that feelings wouldn’t have been able to sneak their way in even if they’d wanted to; that’s what you’d thought at least. Back then, your relationship had solely consisted of whispered filth, careless movements and no fear of tomorrow.
The only thing that’d hurt at that time was your body after you’d wake up.
After the turbulous first night that you’d spent together, you’d opened your eyes on his sheets, in his bedroom with his back turned towards you. It hadn’t taken long until you’d stirred him awake, too, and the quiet conversation under the soft blanket had been short and painless after you’d both agreed to tackle this thing casually.
Not that Taehyung didn’t have countless women strolling behind him, ready to lay under him as soon as he uttered the magical words - but doing this with you, with someone he trusted and could have anytime he wanted, seemed too tempting to decline.
And of course, you’d been more than ready to be a part of this affair as well. It wasn’t even as if you were hiding this much - your whole friends circle was aware of your clownery, and to be frank, they’d always told you that you’d end up together, get married and have dozens of children.
Both of you were quick to brush off these statements, deeming them as incredibly ridiculous before you left the gatherings to fuck each other’s brains out to prove that there was nothing more between you than sex.
As you sat in his car now, bracing yourself to repeat the exact same thing tonight, you soon realised that you could only lie to yourself that much. You cursed yourself internally, hating your insides for burning like this when he got in, too, making himself comfortable before he turned to look at you.
And that’s all he did. For a few seconds, he didn’t even buckle his belt - only stared at you in mischief and amusement, clearly excited about something that you couldn’t read from his facial expression alone.
“What?” you asked, starting to feel self-conscious under his gaze, your arms instinctively shooting up to entangle in front of your chest.
Taehyung bit his lower lip as he smiled, reaching to the mysterious box that he “needed for work” before he placed it on your lap. With a shaky, nervous breath, he nodded towards it as he told you, “I bought you something. Open it.”
“So that was… for me after all?”
You didn’t see his nod or his gulp, your hands too busy taking out the box out of the bag. But when the gift came into view, your heart nearly stopped, your mouth falling open as you stopped your movements to look at him in disbelief.
“Is that- is that what I think it is?” you asked breathlessly, watching Taehyung nod slowly as he licked his lips.
Often when you’d hang out with Tae, you both would - mostly by your request - enter one of his dozens of shops. Not only did you adore the scent of wood, you also loved to see the collection his company showcased, one instrument more beautiful than the other. It would always excite you to no end to touch the polished material despite its price, and you would without an exception end up at the flute section each time.
And every time, your eyes settled on this one transverse flute, a luxurious and special piece that looked like the bright, modern future compared to your broken, used house that your old flute was. Taehyung would mostly sit around or talk to the staff, waiting until you were done; sometimes, he’d gaze at the instruments with you, even let you try this one flute that fascinated you so much.
Now it seemed as if these strolls through his shop had come in handy, and you swore you hadn’t noticed when the tears had started running down your cheek as you took out the flute from the carrier, a beautiful black and silver handmade masterpiece that had you awestruck.
“Aww, don’t cry now,” Taehyung said, a hand reaching out to wipe away your tears, “I thought you’d be happy and hug me or kiss me or whatever!”
With a deep sigh, you reached out to give him a tight hug, unsteady breaths tickling his ear as you mumbled, “Thank you so much. This must’ve been so expensive, Tae.”
“C’mon. I get some discount. I thought I’d give it to you as an early graduation gift - Namjoon approved, by the way and wishes you all the luck. You deserve it, Y/N.”
“I wish I could thank him personally, but I probably won’t be seeing him before Jungkook’s birthday party on the yacht,” you said with a calmer voice, eyeing the beautiful work of art in your hands with a fond smile. “Tell him I said thank you.”
For a moment, the car was silent. As you got overwhelmed with affection for him, you found it harder to look at him, too. It’d been easier when you’d looked at him with love that you usually showered your friends with - but now, faltering under his gaze each time made it increasingly difficult for you to meet his eyes. But when he spoke again, you somehow still did.
“Play something,” he suggested. And within a single moment, your mind went empty - what could you play that was good enough?
“Don’t you want to try it?”
“Yeah…” you started, wetting your lips as you settled on a song you’d loved to play years ago. You were pretty sure Taehyung had heard it at some point as well. “Yeah. Okay.”
And then you brought the flute in your trembling hands closer to your lips, smiling at the feeling of it in front of your face before you closed your eyes and started the first note.
Taehyung himself played a few instruments, too. He had a piano at home. Playing the guitar was also somewhat familiar to him, and a few years ago, he’d dared to try the saxophone that he had soon abandoned. There wasn’t much he knew about flutes.
But what he understood undoubtedly was that whatever you did with your lips and fingers, sounded magical enough to throw him off the edge in an instant. The way your head moved silently to the music and your long eyelashes brushed your cheeks, along with the beautiful sound that left the flute lured him in as if he was hypnotised. 
That’s what you were. And as much as he floated in space, head clouded and hands twitching to reach out to you, he needed you to stop before he confessed to you right there and then, risking and sabotaging your friendship ultimately.
“Damn. Your lips, they… almost look as good wrapped around my-”
You laughed into your flute, his interruptive words causing a strange, painful note before you hit his arm playfully. Joining your snickering, he finally put the key in to start the motor, his rectangle grin soon becoming a gentle smile that melted your insides within a few endless moments.
“Wait,” you said. Leaning forwards, you wiped away his smile by grabbing the collars of his shirt, your heads tilting and soft, smooth lips meeting in the middle. The kiss was similar to the one you’d shared on the bench previously; and yet, there was an obvious haste and impatience that soon surfaced when he buried his fingers in your hair, pulling you closer with the other arm as you gasped into his mouth.
The feeling of him never got old - and right in this moment, it felt newer than ever before.
And as much as you wanted it to last, he soon tugged your head back, parting and panting as his eyes shot over multiple spots of your face, never settling anywhere. With a gentle last kiss on your forehead, he removed his hands from you as he whispered, “Let’s go home.”
Tumblr media
As soon as his heavy door fell into its lock, Taehyung had you pinned against it, his whole body pressing against yours as your mouths collided hungrily.
The pent up energy and desire that’d built up on your way here was now finally unleashing. You felt it in the way his hands roamed your body before they settled on your waist; heard it in his heavy panting that you swallowed eagerly; saw it in the darkness that flashed over his expression. You were too far gone to care about your future with him anymore - but at the same time, you were entirely and undoubtedly sure that you’d long put your heart in his palms, ready to have it crushed in his fist whenever he wanted to.
You tried so hard to show him what you felt without saying it out loud, but you were never sure how he’d interpret your eternal thirst for him. Would he think you wanted to lay under him for another eventful night, only to forget about it the next morning? Or would he, somewhere deep inside his mind, register what you were whispering to him and how intensely your touches were trying to communicate with him?
Either way, all you knew right now was that you wanted to drink him up until you were satiated.
As a moan left your lips, Taehyung reluctantly moved back, eyeing you from top to bottom once before he lifted your dress up to your hips and crouched down. He immediately detected the wetness of your panties, the soaked material filling his chest with pride.
“Baby,” he whispered, running a finger along your clothed folds, “you were sitting in my car like this all the time?”
You answered with a low hum, looking down to him as he smirked, his fingers curling around the hem of the fabric to pull it down agonizingly slow. He removed the offending piece of clothing before he placed your leg on his shoulder, opening you up so he could see everything.
The glistening of your core and squirming of your hips drove him half insane, and his hands settled on your thighs to still you, so he could continue.
“Just for me,” he muttered drunkenly, bringing his lips closer to your nether ones to blow against them once. Despite the air being warm, it hit you cold, sending a shiver down your spine as you gripped his hair hard, eliciting a groan out of him.
And with another quiet “just for me”, he licked a delicious stripe along your spread pussy that almost sent you to your knees. If his hands hadn’t been supporting you as strongly as they did, you would’ve buckled and gotten on all fours right there and then.
After tasting you patiently for a few long, slow, intense licks, he soon wrapped his mouth around your core, the wet sounds so obscene that you threw your head back against the door. You knew Taehyung’s tactic - and you knew how effective it was, how fast it brought you to the brink of your release.
His tongue would always start gently before it lapped at your skin and nerves relentlessly, a yearning so evident that the thought of him losing his mind over you alone had your ego shoot up. But after that, Taehyung was pretty much unpredictable.
Just as always, you didn’t know what you were in for. He could bend you over right here and take you from behind; then again, he loved a pillowy surface and could throw you onto his bed and pin you down under him. Sometimes, his patience ran so thin that he’d grab some lube and rail you without any foreplay.
But it didn’t seem as if he was in a haste today. Despite wanting to fuck you so bad, he was obviously out to make you unwind under his touch slowly; on days like these, you knew he gave your pleasure priority instead of his own.
“Tae,” you moaned, and instead of looking up, he hummed against you, the feeling having you cry out as your grip around his dark hair tightened, “fingers, Tae, please.”
And at your words, his nails dug into the flesh of your thighs so deeply that you knew he’d leave marks again. He always did - there was barely a morning when you wouldn’t wake up with crescent shaped scars or light blue bruises. Not that you ever complained; in some way, the slight ache was a reminder of what he was capable of doing to and with you, and it excited you anew every time your mind shifted to his actions.
“Please,” you begged again, your body growing so hot that it became bothersome, your skin pleading for you to slip out of the thin dress that hugged the upper half of you.
Yet for some seconds, he didn’t listen - only continued to lick you dry and wetter simultaneously, his tongue sliding in and out of your sex as his lips sucked on your nerves. Then, he suddenly left, your messy and frustrated whines only spurring him on further as he stood. Capturing your mouth with his again, he pulled you towards him and away from the door, wrapping his arms around you tight as he twirled you around to guide you backwards.
Leading you nearly blindly, you gasped when your legs hit the edge of his spacious couch, and you let yourself fall onto the soft cushions along with him. Your panties were still in the corner of the large entryway, and you mentally noted to grab them in the morning before you’d take a shower.
But now spread out under him, his body falling next to you, your thoughts belonged to him only; him peppering your face with soft kisses as he brought his long fingers down to your throbbing hole. Running them along your folds, your hips met his movements, an insatiable feeling spreading across your body as you opened your eyes to look at him. For one last time, you whimpered a faint “Please” before he finally pushed two of his digits into you.
Your back arched and eyes closing, he caught your leg with his, splitting you open wider to not only to halt your squirming but also to reach deeper inside you. Hands automatically gripping his shirt - why was he still fully clothed? -, you pulled him into you, kissing him and still tasting yourself on his tongue as he fingerfucked you harder, faster. He built up a steady pace before he started rubbing your clit with his thumb, your reactions against his lips and the squelching sound testing his self control unbearably.
Every time you moaned in clipped vocals, he moaned with you; your sounds had his dick harden impossibly and it twitched in his pants as it begged him to set it free, to finally bury it inside you as deep as possible.
And when your legs started quivering, he smirked, lips brushing your cheek as he ordered, “Cum for me. I got you, baby. Cum for me, my sweetheart.”
These fucking petnames. This fucking praising. Why did he think he could just get away with this?
“Should I?” you breathed, wrapping your arms around him tightly to steady yourself and your teeth nibbling at the flesh of his neck.
The curling of his fingers inside you and increased pressure on your bundle of nerves was answer enough. And he didn’t need to say another word anyway - just a small, broken moan later, your pussy tightened around his fingers as your release overwhelmed you in waves.
“Have I ever told you how pretty you are, Swan?” he asked under his breath, helping you ride out your orgasm as his fingers slowed down.
“I want to suck you.”
“Good answer,” he said, chuckling as he pulled out before wiping your juices on your dress - he knew you’d left clothes of yours here anyway. Somewhere in his closet, you’d probably find some jeans and a shirt, you were sure. “Next time. Right now I just need to fuck you. Is that okay, princess?”
Eyelids fluttering shut, you smiled at him breathtakingly, hand coming up to squeeze your breast when you answered, “When have I ever said no to you, Tae?”
Mesmerised by the movements of your fingers, Taehyung almost automatically imitated you, settling his palm above your hand as he squeezed once more. And with a brief “Okay”, he helped you out of your dress and bra before stripping off his own clothes quickly.
Suddenly naked and his leaking, throbbing cock standing as proud and tall as ever, you spread your legs for him. Your fingers ran over your soaked pussy just once before he positioned himself between your thighs, rubbing his tip along your folds teasingly.
Grabbing a pillow from beside you, he signalled you to arch your back as he placed it under your hips. He leaned down to steal a kiss from you, a palm resting on your cheek as he slid in slowly, watching your expression become so blissed out that he suddenly felt one single word linger on his tongue. Just this one big word that he could utter right now, but didn’t dare to.
“Is it okay if I move?” he asked instead, his thumb stroking your lips as you nodded.
And when he did, you pulled him into a hug, burying his face in your neck - an opportunity that he took immediately to press open mouthed kisses onto your skin. Soon enough, his thrusts became a rhythmic movement, his cock slipping in and out of you in such a delicate pace that it had your head spinning in dizzying circles.
“Truly... you’re so gorgeous, Y/N,” he confessed as his lips brushed your skin, the rubbing of his pelvic bone against your clit having you whimper quietly under him.
“No… you...” you answered in a haze, not entirely sure what you were replying as you relished in the feeling of his cock fucking into you so gently, allowing you to feel every inch and every vein that penetrated your walls.
“No?” he asked as his head shot up to look at you, both his hands cupping your face, “Come back to me, baby.”
With that, his hands left you; instead, he uprighted himself, kneeling in front of you as he gripped your thighs to spread you wide for him. And with the sudden pounding that followed without a single warning, you snapped your eyes open at once, overwhelmed and surprised by the pace Taehyung had chosen out of nowhere.
He always found it so easy to get lost in you. No matter how weak he was for you as a person, ready to read every wish from your lips, it was astounding to him each time when he saw you fall apart under his words and touches, too.
Throughout high school and half of your college time, he'd admired you from a safe distance that had worked as a barrier between your friendship and ruination - but that didn't mean he was blind to you. And no matter how many girls he'd brought home, you always seemed so far out of reach that it hadn't even ever occurred to him that you could potentially be more than just his best friend.
At least not until you'd admitted your attraction towards him first.
But whatever respect he'd had for you in the years you'd known each other, had now only increased by a million in a steady pace.
While falling for someone shouldn’t have angered Taehyung this much, his mind had still decided to drown in frustration - years and years of holding back later, the barrier had crumbled right in front of him after all.
And as your eyelids had fluttered open to glance at him with crystal clear affection - despite the fact that he was fucking your mind into space -, his heart burst entirely, a growl leaving his chest as he declared, "You're fucking driving me insane, Y/N!"
You didn't have a chance to react - and if you'd had, you wouldn't have known what to say anyway - when Taehyung snaked his hands under your back, shifting and pulling you up until you suddenly found yourself facing him. Still sitting on his cock as he reached into you as deep as could get, his thrusts slowed down, fingers grazing your facial features as he shook his head.
"What's wrong?" you inquired with worry in your voice, fingers brushing through his hair in between quiet, low moans.
Taehyung's expression had changed. Wouldn't you have known better, you would've said that it was almost one of someone who had found the most precious treasure and was balancing it in his hands, only to realise that its worth couldn't ever be measured.
"You're driving me crazy," he repeated, voice quiet and his forehead coming down to lean against yours in order to hide his feelings and disguise them as pleasure instead. It's all he could do right now.
But to you, nothing made sense. What was happening?
Not now. You didn't want to think about it now. And Taehyung only aided you further when his fingers left your face to lean back slightly as he found your clit, rubbing soft circles around it as he fucked you faster again.
"Fuck," you moaned, eyes stinging from the intensity and angle as you supported your body by wrapping your arms around his neck. "Almost… don't - fuck, baby, don't stop."
"Y/N..." was all he breathed before you finally came undone, the tight knot in your stomach loosening as your vision became blurred. A white flash hindered your sight, your body fighting to not fall back into the mattress again as your walls clenched around him.
And soon, his movements became sloppy, too, legs twitching in strange motions until his cum shot through you, releasing in endless ropes as Taehyung pressed you back against him. His teeth nibbled at your jaw as he calmed down, his breathing erratic and brain behind his eyes fogged.
One last breathless kiss and he slumped onto the couch next to you, pulling you down with him. 
And if it hadn't been for your and his cum leaking out of you and running down your legs, you knew you would've fallen asleep like this, in his arms. He seemed to notice, too - and you muttered the words "Gotta clean" quietly, yet loud enough for him to stand up and disappear into his bedroom.
Coming back with a towel and a blanket, you only faintly registered him cleaning you up, collecting your releases on the towel before settling next to you again.
One pull into his arms and a kiss on your forehead later, the last thing you remembered was him wishing you a good night before your consciousness slipped into a deep sleep eventually.
Tumblr media
The soft tunes of Africa by Toto were what shook Taehyung awake the next morning.
He’d dreamed of you; seen and felt you in his arms as you’d both watched the sun go down behind the horizon at the lake house his family owned. Your ringtone had interrupted the scene right when you’d faced him, a gentle smile on your face that he knew he would have responded to with a kiss, if he’d stayed in the dream any longer.
And the only consolation he got for slipping out of the enchanting sequence, was the knowledge that you’d be right beside him, in real life and in real time, wrapped in his embrace on his big, beige couch. But when he opened his eyes, he found the spot next to him as well as his arms empty before he registered the faint sound of his running shower in the background.
The music had stopped chiming, and Taehyung chuckled at the thought of it as he rubbed his eyes. How you’d gotten the idea to set this as your ringtone was beyond him, and yet he found it oddly endearing. He personally hadn’t talked about or listened to the song in years - until you had decided to bring it back to the surface, that is.
Sitting up, Taehyung ran his fingers through his disheveled hair, sighing as he turned around to yell through his big apartment. “Hey, Y/N!”
No answer came and he tried again; and this time, he heard a distant “Huh?” from your direction.
“Was thinking we’d shower together!”
Your chuckle made the corners of his mouth twitch, listening carefully as you suggested, “Come then!”
Instead of another call, your phone vibrated as messages came in, three in succession having Tae shift his attention to the device as he picked it up to see if it was anything urgent.
But instead of a familiar name, your screen lit up with texts by a certain Kai, someone he didn’t recognise and someone you’d never mentioned before. And before he could avert his gaze from your phone, the top message caught his eyes, a simple sentence that shouldn’t have meant anything to him but caused his heart to thump against his ribs violently anyway.
Dinner after practice tomorrow?
The sudden heat that Taehyung felt in his chest and face was new to him. He wasn’t sure if he’d ever felt it at all, a sting so present behind his lungs that he had to take a deep breath to calm his racing thoughts. Not that it helped much - because the message was still there, and his feelings were still there. No amount of breathing exercises could make him ignore the fact that you were obviously talking to someone he had never heard of.
He knew there was no reason to be jealous - technically. You weren’t his and you’d never even hinted to a possibility of you getting together, never indicated that you felt more for him than desire and friendship.
Taehyung was unsure of how long he just sat there, his dark gaze never leaving the phone on the table as he told himself to pull himself together. But apparently it’d been long enough, because suddenly, you were standing right next to him again, a light blue towel wrapped around your body as your wet hair framed your face in soft waves.
“Good morning,” you said with a smile, leaning down to press a chaste kiss against his cheek which only made him flinch involuntarily, “I thought you were joining me?”
"Uh- I…"
"It's okay. I should leave soon anyway. Still have to practice - and oh! Technically, I could do it here, but I bet you have some important business stuff to do, too, right?"
No. He didn’t.
But it was true that the urge inside him to be left alone had suddenly grown thousandfold. First, however, he needed to confirm that his feeling was justified. "Yeah. And someone called and texted you, so I figured you might get busy soon."
"Oh," you said, hand reaching out to grab your phone before you unlocked it. Taehyung observed the change in your expressions carefully, looking for any gentle or fond glance as you realised that it was your classmate who'd contacted you. "Oh. Kai."
And carefully, heartbeat fastening, he asked, "Who's that?"
"Kai? Oh, from practice. A classmate.”
“Your boyfriend?” he asked as he tried to steady his voice, a fake chuckle leaving his throat in an effort to hide the pain in his chest.
But you snorted, fingers fluttering over your screen before you locked the phone to look at him. What had you answered? “As if. He just keeps asking me out. Think I should go?”
You let the phone fall on the couch, raising an eyebrow playfully before you disappeared in the kitchen to make some coffee. You were careless, oblivious, strolling around in nonchalance. But Taehyung was burning up, his insides turning to ashes. Despite not being in his sight, he shrugged before he answered, “You can do whatever you want.”
“Seriously?” A little laugh leaving your chest, you looked down at the boiling water with empty eyes. He really didn’t seem to care who you dated, right?
“Sure. It’s your life, Y/N.”
You nodded slowly, your heart dropping several miles until it felt like it’d reached the core of the Earth; and whatever you’d thought Taehyung might feel for you, crumbled in this instance. “I might try then.”
You wouldn’t. You knew you wouldn’t. Kai was barely a friend at all - and there was no way you’d look at anyone if it was Taehyung who occupied your thoughts in every waking second. Being obviously in love with him and seeing someone else was nothing your mind was able to endure right now.
But he didn’t know. He couldn’t have known.
And whatever you’d said or done, he didn’t talk much for the rest of the day; barely touched, smiled at you. Maybe he felt guilty for sleeping with you and keeping you from other men. Maybe he was still tired and thinking about work related stuff.
As idiotic as you were, you didn’t consider any other reason for his silence.
And maybe, probably, you should’ve told him what you really felt to avoid what was to come in the following weeks and months.
Tumblr media
The silence that had lingered in the atmosphere that day, had extended to days and weeks that turned your growing, fond feelings into heartbreak.
In the beginning, you had been distracted - with your final performance and the audition approaching, you’d been in a stressed headspace that had consumed all your thoughts. And when the exam day finally arrived, an early summer afternoon, you’d gone half crazy as you’d stood in front of your teachers, playing a song on your brand new flute as they took notes about god knew what.
This day had passed - then, several others had gone by, your result coming in, your screeching over the information you’d passed numbing everyone’s ears in your ultimate proximity.
You’d called Taehyung immediately but not much to your surprise, he hadn’t answered. Instead, you’d gotten a short message claiming that he was too busy right now but hadn’t forgotten that you’d get the answer today. So, how did it end, he’d asked. Good, I passed, you’d told him.
And that’s how it always went.
He would wish you good luck, tell you he was too busy to talk or meet up; give you brief, unexcited answers that had you slowly but surely realise what you might’ve done wrong. Because while you might’ve been oblivious and idiotic all the while you’d been with him, an assumption had started to form in your mind in the last few weeks that you needed to confirm so urgently.
But anytime you’d ask him to talk, he’d say that he couldn’t.
Meetings. Shop visits. Investments and video calls.
Maybe later, Y/N.
But later never came. And he didn’t call you Swan anymore - didn’t call you at all anymore.
But what hurt you the most, broke your heart in the most effective way, was when he refused to see you on the evening before your orchestra audition. Despite knowing what this opportunity meant to you and what you might feel in that moment, he never showed up and never said anything more than “Good luck. You got this.”
As if you hadn’t felt sick enough, his words and reluctance to guide you through your fear had almost made you throw up backstage, eyes stinging as you played the emotional song you’d chosen for the audition.
Then, at some point, you’d stopped contacting him, too.
You knew with an aching certainty that you were in love with him. So much so that he appeared in your dreams when he didn’t in your inbox. And you weren’t sure if it was the stress or the weather changing from cold rain to unbearable heat, but when you caught a fever that had you caged in your own four walls for days, you didn’t text him either - even when your phone rested in your palm, fingers ghosting over his name.
Maybe it was better to stay away anyway. Maybe the pain would fade if you kept your distance between the man you loved and the mess that you were.
But how would you burn his image from your mind when Jungkook’s yacht party was around the corner, an event that you knew Taehyung would attend for sure?
Tumblr media
As expected, the yacht was enormous. The amount of guests present on the ship was almost anxiety inducing, a crowd so large that you found yourself lost in between people multiple times.
You knew quite some faces here - one sitting beside you as you caught up with each other’s lives. But the one face you were actually looking for hadn’t appeared yet.
At least not when you were gazing into the night sky, the horizon looking endless as peaceful waves swallowed it somewhere in the far distance. You had your legs dangling in the comforting warm water, trying not to think of the irony of a pool on top of a yacht that floated in an even bigger, natural, salty pool.
With your hair flowing in the refreshing air behind you, you nearly convinced yourself you felt content with yourself. However loud the party was and however scattered all your friends were didn’t matter right now - the only thing you knew was that the ocean and the soft sounds of it calmed the discomfort that all these lonely nights had caused.
“Shouldn’t you be with Jin now?” you asked as you looked at your neighbour, named Beauty by everyone due to her sheer and unrealistic physical appearance. She was a friend you’d learned to appreciate dearly in the last years, one who was now dating one of Taehyung’s and Jungkook’s acquaintances Kim Seokjin.
A slight smile creeping up on her face, she answered, “He’s gone to catch up with the birthday boy. I didn’t want to see him nag poor Jungkook again, so I let him go. I’m not his secretary anymore, so there’s no reason for us to be attached at the hip all the time.”
Right. She’d been his secretary before she’d decided to work for a whole different company; something that brought her the ultimate perk of being able to finally be with her former boss without any issues.
“Valid. Instead you have to listen to my whining, just like the perfect neighbour and friend you are.”
Her pleasant expression shifted to a sympathetic one, her hand coming up to your shoulder as a gesture of comfort. “I wouldn’t call it whining. We all have our problems and we need to air them, otherwise we’d go crazy. What are friends for? I know you’d do the same for me.”
But you felt embarrassed. Not only was someone draining you who hadn’t even bothered to contact you, but you were also complaining about just this to a friend you barely talked to on other occasions.
While Beauty was a good listener and caught up with the happenings in your life fast, you couldn’t help but feel like an idiot as you said, “Of course, yes. I just feel so pathetic, you know? He didn’t bother to even call me in these two months and I’m here, still missing him. I just wish I knew what’s going on.“
“Speaking of, where is Taehyung? He and Jungkook are close, right? Do you want me to cover for you if he asks?”
And then, you suddenly heard a voice. A voice so close and yet feeling so distant that you shrank on your seat at the edge of the pool, a lump in your throat building as you and your friend froze.
“Ask what?” he asked, a slightly amused lilt in his question as you both watched Beauty shift, standing up to leave quietly.
With her face mirroring her terror, she only waved at him for a second as she said, “Uh… I’ll leave you alone.”
And when she did, your heart picked up its pace, a deep breath leaving your lungs when you heard him say, “Swan.”
“Taehyung”, you merely whispered without looking up to meet his gaze, yet registering that he had his pants rolled up already before he sat down next to you.
“How are you?” His eyes weren’t on yours as he’d wanted. Instead, they followed yours, staring into nothing as the stars twinkled above you.
“Good. I’m good,” you answered calmly, the sudden pain in your chest so violent that it numbed you. There was no nervousness in your voice, no audible ache - only nonchalance while you cared all the way more in reality. “How have you been?”
A mess. I’ve been a mess, was what he wanted to say.
“Been good,” was what he really said. “How was the audition?”
As if you care, was what your mind urged you to respond with.
“We’ll see. I don’t know yet,” was what actually left your mouth.
“I’m sure you did well. Consider this is a party for you, too,” he said, and you detected his fingers fumble from the corner of your eye, still averting his gaze stubbornly.
But then again, no. You weren’t stubborn. In actuality, you were just immensely scared that you’d break out in tears if you allowed yourself to look at him and his big, shiny eyes for too long.
“I’m sorry for being so busy. And for leaving you alone just like that. Things were getting stressful at work and so many investors got back to me - so I had to prioritise this for a while,” he justified before he sighed into the air, raising his head towards the sky as his eyelids fluttered shut.
You only nodded - although he couldn’t see - and for the first time in two months, you allowed yourself to glance at him. And once again, you realised that if heaven and sky crashed down onto you, the last thought floating through your mind would be of his face: an ethereal spot in the universe that you couldn’t get enough of.
You hated that just a look at him tortured you so much. You didn’t want this to hurt; you wanted all of this to stop.
And with everything that lingered on your tongue, all the words you wanted to say to him and hear back, the tension inside you didn’t ease but only brought your worries to the surface anew.
“Tae,” you called, your voice breaking as he opened his eyes to look at you, “we should talk.”
For a second, all he could do was stare at you; admire how breathtaking you looked under the moonlight. The glimmer dipped you in an endlessly delicate and graceful beauty, but the fragile look on your face that accompanied your words had his stomach churn.
With a silence that lasted a split second, he finally nodded, exhaling deeply before he uttered, “We should.”
You blinked at him a few times. Was what he wanted to say the same as what weighed on your shoulders? Because right now, his eyes were gentle yet melancholic - a combination you weren’t familiar with.
“Yeah,” he murmured, licking his lips, sighing again as if his next statement was draining him of all the energy he had left before he continued, “we need to stop.”
Again, all you managed was to blink at him, eyebrows furrowing as you tilted your head as if this could help you comprehend his words easier. “Stop?”
“Messing around. We need to stop. And start seeing other people.”
The clipped sentences tumbled over his tongue as if they were nothing. If you’d thought he’d struggled with expressing his feelings a second ago, he definitely seemed to feel sure about his decision now, not a single drop of uncertainty visible in his features.
What you didn’t know about was the way his insides dropped into a dark abyss, your sinking expression clenching his heart as if someone had wrapped their hands around it and decided to squeeze until he passed out.
“You want to see other people?” you asked as your mind went into shutdown.
“I just- I figured this is nothing we can keep doing forever, right? You might have people you want to date.”
“Is this really about me?” You gulped, the knot in your throat tightening as your breathing fastened.
“Who else would it be about, Y/N?” he asked gently before tucking a loose strand of hair behind your ear; a gesture that seemed so out of place at the moment - but a gesture you welcomed anyway.
Why wasn’t he answering any of your questions directly? And where had the change of heart suddenly come from?
Then, your eyes widened, the same realisation breaking onto you that you had assumed the last few weeks.
“Was Kai the trigger for all that? For abandoning me like this? Disappearing after the night we’d spent together? Because whatever you’re thinking about him, it’s not true. There’s nothing between him and me, never will be, Taehyung,” you explained, watching his expression change with every word that slipped off your tongue.
A shimmer of hope sparked in you, a feeling so sudden and intense that it burned your body. And when he asked, “You’re… not?”, you were quick to continue.
“No. I was… I was going to tell you that I’m in lo-”
And just as his eyes widened in anticipation, you heard a shrill, loud call of his name before a pair of arms attacked him from behind and almost threw him into the pool, wrapping around his neck as you both flinched at the sudden movement. Looking back to the owner of the voice and then back to you, you knew he’d understood. You hadn’t finished, but he had registered what you wanted to confess.
“Ru?” Taehyung’s voice was shaky, a hint of nervosity in his tone that seemed odd to you.
As he tried to free himself from her grip, red, curly hair covering his face almost entirely, she inquired with an obviously drunk lilt, “How are you? When are you going to spare me a second again, mister Kim?”
“It’s not a good moment right now, Ru.”
In the way her lips ghosted over his face and the familiarity in her questions, you heard a voice in the back of your mind scream to you to run away. Something weird was happening between them, and you weren’t sure if you were ready to hear about it. And while your heart tried to soothe your fear, telling you that you were being anxious for nothing, Ru’s words proved otherwise, sentences so simple yet shattering everything inside you within seconds.
“Why not? Tell me you don’t want to repeat the night we spent together last month, baby.”
And whatever had snapped inside you had you shoot up, raising your legs as you grabbed your shoes to walk away.
The night we spent together.
You heard him call your name as you stepped away from the pool.
Last month.
Splashing of water in the background accompanied with an annoyed grunt caught your attention, but you didn’t slow down your walk as his voice got closer.
You were easy to replace, weren’t you? Someone he’d fuck for a whole year and throw away as soon as you so much but joked about another man while you hadn’t thought about anything but Taehyung for fucking months.
And when a hand grabbed your arm, you flung it out of his grip instinctively, turning around to him as intoxicated, oblivious faces flew by you in a blur. Your expression halted his movements immediately, a worried and terrified look in his eyes as he whispered, “Swan…”
“Don’t. Fucking don’t.” And when you heard your voice, you realised that you were crying, endless tears falling onto the ground as you stepped away from his stretched hand; only to have him come closer in an effort to keep you exactly where you were.
“Listen, I-”
“No. I’m not a toy you can throw away just to find a new one, Tae. You couldn’t be there for me. Couldn’t tell me you needed distance. Only made me fall in love harder with each fucking second I missed you!” By now, the volume of your voice had raised enough to have various eyes shift to you - but in this moment, you couldn’t care any less.
He could’ve told you that he reciprocated this feeling in right this instant. But he knew none of what he’d say would make things undone - none of it would bring you back to him. Not now, not here. And while three words stuck in his throat, urging him to let them out, he couldn’t; something in him assured him it’d only worsen the situation you were in.
With one glance behind him, seeing a flaming red head waiting for him, you straightened your posture, throwing your shoes over your shoulder as you wiped away the tears before more followed.
“She needs you. See you around, Tae.”
With one last glare, you eventually turned around. You didn’t know where you were going; it wasn’t as if the yacht allowed you to drop off of it to flee the scene - and you couldn’t distance yourself from him as much as you wanted either. But you sure knew that anywhere where he wasn’t was better than this. The ship was big enough.
And as he watched you walk away, he felt his own tears escape his eyes, a bitter taste on his tongue prohibiting him to shout out for you. His chest a burning mess and his guts turning in a disgusting motion, he lowered his head, realising just how strong your effect was on him.
Because for a mighty, powerful businessman, Taehyung surely was weak for you.​
Tumblr media
what do you think will happen next? whose side are you on? do we forgive tae? :( let me know what you think, i’m SO curious to hear your opinions and theories :’)
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sukirichi · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
the morning after – gojo satoru ver!
warnings: slight dirty talk and suggestive content, like the yuuji one, nothing too explicit! Oh and a teasing, cheeky gojo :>
masterlist ! (photo not mine)
Tumblr media
It doesn’t hit you until you’re whacked by an arm in the face. Literally.
You whine and push the foreign weight away that smushed your nose at the impact, less than pleased because you’re having the best of your life, but someone had to ruin it. Nevertheless, you refuse to open your eyes and settle into the warmth that encases you in that moment. It reminds you of your precious unicorn plushie you left back at your apartment; cuddly, precious, keeps the nightmares away, but the best part about this human teddy bear is that he’s all firm muscles and body heat instead of fur cotton.
Wait, what? Human?
It’s when you hear the man stirring above you with a husky groan that you freeze in your spot, eyes snapping wide open your vision blurs for a split second. The first thing you see is smooth skin and firm pecs, followed by a slender, strong neck and a sharp jawline – oh god.
So last night wasn’t a dream.
Clenching your teeth and even biting the inside of your cheeks to stop squealing – more out of embarrassment and shame than happiness, really – you slowly reach up between your squished bodies to pinch your cheeks, bringing blood and feeling back into them. No wonder you’ve slept so well last night, and as someone who prefers pulling an all-nighter until you pass out in the middle of an anime series, it’s quite rare to find a good eight hour sleep.
It’s not like you had much...activities performed that would take up too much energy. Until Gojo Satoru came, the teacher from the Tokyo school, and also the notoriously infamous “strongest jujutsu sorcerer.”
You’ve had a crush on him the moment you’ve started working as a teacher in the Kyoto school. Utahime, who was closer to him, was incredibly appalled when you told her one day about your raging crush on the white-haired man who looked absolutely breathtaking with his blindfold, but without them?
Just the thought of having seen them last night, when he was between your legs, no less, has you inwardly groaning and cringing so hard you feel so shameful that you can’t even look him in the eye. Satoru is fast asleep above you, one of his strong arms lazily draped over the curve of your waist and his fingers brushing against your bum. When you shift a little to give you both space, his fingers begin to hover dangerously close to a sensitive area and you let out a tiny squeak, muffling it with the back of your fist before he awakens.
This man had the Six Eyes – the last thing you wanted was for him to sense and notice the little things and wake up. No, you had to leave before he even gets the chance to move.
The chances of not waking him up was pretty slim, but you’ve always been proud of your sneaky movements that you try anyway. Fortunately, Satoru doesn’t seem to be a hardcore cuddler because he doesn’t pull you back when you finally slip past the sheets.
You freeze for a moment at the edge of the bed, still in disbelief that you actually slept with him. No, no, that’s wrong, you’d have slept with him anytime if he allowed it but – he actually slept with you. It’s not that you’re looking down on yourself because you’re also a special grade sorcerer and could stand your own ground confidently, but your powers when it comes to exorcising and your social skills are two different things that don’t even come close together.
You’re not worried that a special grade curse would kill you and take away your privilege of finishing that new manga you bought in your day off because you know you could handle it easily, but as a person, there’s a stark difference between you and Satoru.
True, he wasn’t exactly liked by everyone because he refused to be limited by rules and regulations, always claiming that one should not be hindered by the narrow-mindedness of the others, but it was something you really admired about him because you’re not like that. You’re old school, sticking by the book, much like his co-worker Nanami Kento who equally hates overtime, and while Gojo Satoru was loud and confident, you’re more of the person who stays by a corner during a party.
Which is exactly what happened last night at Utahime’s birthday party – aka the old wrinkly principal isn’t here so let’s get wasted type of party.
You’re not surprised that Gojo Satoru walked in, but when he did, you had to clutch your spirit water and drink it in haste because he’s got you feeling thirstier than you did last night – and you drink your water plenty. But how could you remain sane when he looked so gorgeous in just his uniform and his laughter has butterflies erupting in your stomach?
Truth was, you’re satisfied watching him from afar. It’s not like you ever plan on asking him out or being his friend because you’re sure Satoru has better things to do and prettier people to talk to, so when he sits next to you in the desolate leather couch, legs crossed over one another and his arm right behind you (although not touching, he respects your space) you nearly pass out.
One thing leads to another, and you find yourself writhing under his arms, shamelessly crying his name over and over again until the dead hours of the night that has his ego inflating.
You don’t remember how or exactly why it happened, but definitely, alcohol had to be involved. There’s no way Gojo Satoru would actually notice you, much less sleep with you, when he’s completely sober, which is why you scramble around the room with the blanket covering your bare body as you look for your discarded clothes.
If he wakes up and sees you, he’ll probably regret everything that happened last night, if he remembers any of it, anyway.
But you’re most definitely mostly sober through the whole thing, so you remember how good he was in making you feel like a goddess. The way he sucked on your neck, licking a stripe at your burning skin while his large hands groped your breasts possessively, all the while rutting in that perfect spot that has your eyes rolling at the back of your head with your nails running down his back – you shiver just thinking about it.
Gojo Satoru really has that effect on people.
You hide your flustered state and quickly pull on your undergarments, about to slip the sweater over your head, only to die on the inside because you realize you’re wearing those full cotton panties instead of sexy lingerie. With a groan, you fight back the urge to cry. But then again, who could blame yourself for not dressing sexily? It’s not like you had any idea that this would happen.
You’re halfway through your jeans when Gojo’s husky morning voice breaks through the silence. “Leaving already?” you hear him smile, although your back is turned to him, face completely morphed into terror. “Such a shame. I was actually thinking shower sex sounds nice – if you’re into that, of course.”
“Satoru,” you greet lamely with a bow, avoiding the way his stunning eyes raked over your form with an unreadable dark expression. “Uh, you’re awake, and...good morning, I guess.”
Gojo smirks at your flushed cheeks, and it takes everything not to stare at the way his biceps strain from the way he supports his head, hair sticking in every direction and looking absolutely sexy in the morning light. “Good morning to you too, Y/N,” your breath stifles, because he knows your name? “Although it would be an ever better morning if you weren’t such in a rush to leave,” he chuckles, “It makes me feel like maybe you regret what happened last night.”
Your head snaps up at his words as you shakily wiggle your arms, “No, that’s not true, I loved every second of it! It was the best night of my life,” your cheeks tinge a shade darker when Gojo beams at your words, chest almost puffing out proudly. Shyly, you turn away from him and fiddle with the hem of your sweatshirt. “I just...I didn’t think you’d still want me here around, because you were drunk last night and all and I thought maybe you’ll regret it, which I don’t want to happen so yeah, I just thought I’d leave before I get to...” you clear your throat awkwardly, “ rejected like that.”
“Y/N,” his voice falls an octave lower, the thoughts in your head growing so loud you don’t even hear that he’s already left the bed, and now he’s cradling your chin until you’re forced to witness the galaxies burning in his eyes. “You thought I was drunk last night and did it because I was just horny? That I would regret it and forget all about it?”
His proximity has your breath stuttering, your eyelashes slapping your cheeks as you blink rapidly. “Well, uhm, I’m not really your type, so I think it was safe to assume that.”
Gojo hums at your words, his calloused thumb running over your lips. A small smile flits across his face when he remembers how much of a good girl you were for him last night, obediently opening those lips up and letting him bask in the warmth of your wet cavern before swallowing all he has to give. Funnily enough, Gojo isn’t the best with his words, so he just tucks a strand of hair behind your ear before sighing.
“I wasn’t drunk,” he finally admits. The confession has you slipping from his grasp, but Gojo snakes his arm around the small of your back to pull you to him, the warmth of his bare skin seeping into your clothes. However, it’s nothing compared to the lust and adoration burning in his eyes – one you can’t properly fathom in this clouded state. “Tipsy, sure, but I assure you I was aware and sober for every little part,” his lips hover at your ear, one of his hands coming at the back of your neck to tilt your head to the side, granting him access to the hickeys he’d purposely left.
Just the sight of his markings on your perfect body has a tent growing in his pants. You feel his erection rub at the pad of your jeans, eliciting a small whine from you, and this makes Gojo resist the urge to bend you over right then and there. But he doesn’t do that, because he knows your body is too tired from his ministrations, and he’s nice enough to give you a break – even if that’s not exactly what your burning core wants at that moment.
“Like the way you clenched around my cock when I hit that sensitive spot of yours,” he laughs when you shiver at the way his breath tickles you, “Or how pretty you look when you cream around my cock, begging me to go harder because you can take it, and baby, I promise you, I loved it just as much as you did.”
Finally, Gojo pulls back, and he’s extremely satisfied when he sees how small and innocent you look just like that, as if he hadn’t just folded you in half to watch the way your pretty pussy welcome him and take him better than anyone else just hours ago.
“But,” he continues, “I think I enjoyed it a lot more, considering I’ve wanted to do that for such a long time now,” at his words, you furrow your brows, and that’s when he realizes his mistake. Gojo reverts back to his usual lighthearted self and fans his hand out almost comically with his hands on his hips. “I mean, not just the sex, though it is amazing, but having you close is what I meant. Like holding your hand or getting to kiss you,” he sighs dreamily as if you’re not in the same room as him.
“Uh,” you awkwardly begin, unsure of what to say. “Are you saying you like me?”
“Yeah,” he smirks, which shouldn’t have been such a sexy look on him, but because he’s Gojo, it was. “But Utahime said she’d cut my balls off if I even get near you. Thank goodness she was too drunk last night to ever see it, but I’m glad I talked to you. I’m just ashamed I’m only saying this after the sex but...would you like to go out with me?”
Thanks to his Six Eyes ability, Gojo is blessed with the privilege of seeing you malfunction before him as you try to find your words.
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kinanabinks · 4 months ago
and the oscar goes to...
Tumblr media
Steve Masterlist
you win an oscar, and steve congratulates you in his own special way.
content warning: actor!steve x actress!reader, smut (fingering, oral, thigh-riding, sex) daddy!steve, light dom/sub dynamic, overstimulation, praise kink, fluff
Your agent is in good spirits tonight; she’s convinced you’re winning. You, on the other hand, are not so sure. The competition this year is incredible, and this is the first movie you’ve been in that’s ever been up for an Academy Award, so you’re just ecstatic that you actually got nominated for Best Actress.
The role itself was dark and gritty; a completely different style than how your career started out. Having been in a plethora of TV-show comedies and romance movies, you made a name for yourself as a good actress - but all you were ever known for was playing the role of likable, ditzy characters whose entire arc revolved around their love interest.
You wanted something different- something deeper, and darker. After begging your agent, Malory finally managed to find a few roles for you to audition for. The first few were utter failures. Not because of your lack of talent, but because of your reputation. Casting directors took one look at your portfolio and immediately labeled you as a typical girl-next-door archetype, and were worried than the fans of more dramatic films wouldn’t appreciate a rom-com starlet’s presence. 
Finally, though, you got a role - and it was intense. It was the first time you had played a villain, and you ended up having more fun than you anticipated. There was a lot of doubt and criticism surrounding your casting, the entire internet turning against you within days because you had dared to venture out. When the movie released though, your talent had shone and you shocked the entire world, completely destroying their assumptions about you being a one-trick pony. 
“Here we go,” Malory whispers with an excited grin, nudging your arm. “Remember, keep your face straight until they call out your name.”
“If they call it out,” You correct her, not letting her get your hopes up. 
You can’t deny that your heart skips a beat when you look up on stage and see that Steve fucking Rogers is presenting the award. Known for being an incredibly versatile actor, Steve is Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor, and the star that everyone wants to work with. A few years back, when you were working on a sit-com, Steve guest-starred for a three-episode arc. He was surprisingly friendly, and he even took you up on your shy offer to share a cupcake with you once filming had wrapped. Before you could lean up to wipe a spot of icing from the corner of his mouth, his assistant was telling him it was time to leave and he unfortunately had to go. You had since fallen out of touch, giving each other polite smiles at award shows and conventions but never rekindling that brief friendship.
You almost want to win more now that he’s the one giving the award out, the sexy fucking bastard. 
While he does a little speech about how all the actresses this year were amazing and incredible and artists of their craft, you feel your heart racing. Is it because he’s about to announce the winner, or because he looks absolutely stunning in that suit tonight?
“And the Oscar goes to...”
Malory’s hand tightens around yours, and everything goes silent. All you can hear is your heartbeat as it pounds in your ears, faster than ever before.
Steve’s lips lift up into a smirk as he brings his mouth to the microphone. “Y/N Y/L/N.”
What? Fucking what?
Malory is the first to jump to her feet, squealing with joy. She pulls you up and into a tight hug. “Oh, I knew it,” She gushes. “Well done, darling!”
Giving you a slight nudge, she pushes you ahead and you finally ground yourself in reality. You offer small smiles to those who shoot you their congratulations on your way to the stage, and lift up your dress while hoping to God you don’t trip. You give your costars some quick hugs as they all gush with excitement for you, and you wave at a few industry friends though your fingers are shaking like leaves.
By some miracle, you get to the stage unharmed. Steve notices you struggling to drag your dress up the steps and he rushes over, holding his arm out to you which you graciously grab hold of. Once you reach the top, he pulls you in for a hug and strokes your back. You place a kiss on his cheek, leaving behind a bright red lipstick stain just above his beard. Twitter’s gonna have a field day with those pictures.
“Congratulations, gorgeous,” He mumbles into your ear, making your cheeks heat up. 
Steve goes to stand at the side of the stage while you hold the Oscar in your hands with awe, looking out to the hundreds of people and swallowing your nerves.
“Wow,” You begin, letting out a nervous laugh. “I think it’s safe to say that when Steve Rogers hands you the Oscar for Best Actress, you’re more than likely lucid dreaming, so I guess I can say whatever the heck I want right now- am I allowed to say ‘heck’?”
The crowd laughs and you feel more relaxed, continuing on with your lighthearted speech and thanking all the people that deserve it. Once you’re done, you turn to Steve whose hand is outstretched, waiting for you to join him. With your arm linked in his, you both stroll off stage and to the back, your entire body set alight with excitement from both the win and Steve’s proximity. A few people direct you over to the photography area, and unfortunately Steve has to leave you while you take the press pictures.
The rest of the night goes by in a blur - all you can think about is the fact that you just won a fucking Oscar, and Steve fucking Rogers called you gorgeous.
It isn’t until you get to the after party that you finally float back down to Earth, basking in everyone’s compliments and sipping on expensive champagne.
“Now, what is the Best Actress doing alone?” He asks, placing a hand on the small of your back.
You shiver at his touch, turning your head slightly to give him a coy smile. “I think everyone’s too intimidated to talk to me now that it’s official that I’m, you know, the best.”
Steve chuckles, taking a seat at the bar next to you. “Completely understandable.”
“You’re not intimidated?” You tease, nudging his shoulder. “I’m in my full rights to become an absolute diva, now.”
“Please, be as much of a diva as you want,” He begs playfully, giving you a smirk. “I am at your beck and call, ma’am.”
His words make you laugh and you shake your head, placing your hand on his big arm and subtly squeezing it. “Who’d have thought you’d go from eating half my cupcake to handing me an Oscar, huh?”
Steve groans, his eyes fluttering shut. “Wasn’t that just the best cupcake ever?” 
You shiver at the pleasure on his features, biting down on your lip. “It was.”
Bringing his lips to your ear, Steve lowers his voice to a whisper. “You know, I’ve kept an eye on your career since we met all those years ago.”
“Yeah?” You ask, keeping your eye on your drink. “You enjoy a good chick flick, Mr. Rogers?”
“With your gorgeous self as the lead? You bet your ass,” He jokes, making you giggle before he continues. “Honestly, my jaw dropped the second you came on screen for this movie. I was not expecting that.”
“You and the rest of the world. Did you enjoy it?” You question, toying with your straw.
“It was... haunting,” He whispers, sending a shiver down your spine as he lifts up your chin with two fingers, forcing you to meet his blue eyes. “Your performance was incredible. Wanna know how I felt by the end?”
With a nervous laugh, you nodded. “Enlighten me.”
Frankly, you’re expecting him to say something like, ‘terrified’, or ‘shaken’, or maybe even ‘horny’ if he’s drunk enough.
But Steve stares you down, speaking with conviction when his honey-like voice finally erupts again, in a low mutter that only you can hear. “I was proud of you.”
For some reason, his words fill your stomach with butterflies. His pride has brought you more pleasure than anything else he could've said. "Really?" You ask, giving him wide doe eyes.
"Absolutely, sweetheart," Steve insists softly. "So proud."
Your legs squeeze together at his gravelly voice, low and rumbling through your body.
"Seeing as you're not enjoying yourself at this party," He comments, a smirk growing on his lips. "What do you say to me giving you a proper congratulations?"
Confused, you frown. "What do you mean, Steve?"
One of his hands moves to rest on your thigh, slipping through the slit in your dress to stroke your bare skin and making you shudder. "I mean," He begins, his tone calm and commanding. "Let me give you what you deserve tonight."
With a shaky whisper, you ask, "And what is it that I deserve?"
His fingers move up to brush your hair to the side, making your scalp shiver. "You deserve to cum harder than you ever have before."
Five minutes later, you’re standing in dimly-lit closet and Steve’s lips are on yours in a hot, heavy kiss. His hands are kneading your ass through your silk dress, making you whimper into his mouth as he roughly gropes your body. One of his hands trail around to the front of your leg, slipping past the slit and creeping between your thighs.
To give him better access to your heat, you lift your leg up and hook it around his waist, making him smirk against your lips. His fingers are quick to brush against your lace panties, rubbing your clit through the thin material as you whine.
“Don’t worry, baby,” Steve coos, moving your panties to the side. “No teasing tonight. I’m gonna give you exactly what you’ve earned.”
And just as he promised, his fingers begin fondling your wet pussy, stroking from your clit down to your entrance as he spreads your moisture around. Once you’re positively dripping around his hand, he slips two fingers inside, making you moan as he sinks them knuckle-deep, before starting to fuck you with them.
“Oh, fuck,” You sing, throwing your head back against the wall. “Just like that, Steve, just like that.”
He picks up the pace, fingering you faster and harder, curling his digits and hitting your sweet spot. A cocky look grows on his face as he watches yours contort with pleasure, proud that he’s the one giving the Best Actress the night of her fucking life.
“That’s it, just enjoy yourself,” He says soothingly, placing short kisses on your lips. “Just let go and let daddy make you feel good.”
The self-applied nickname makes you swoon, your lips parting with utter delight. “Thank you, daddy.”
Steve feels his pants tighten as he bites down on his lip, sucking in air. “Don’t thank me yet, baby.” He adds in another finger, groaning when he feels your cunt clench around him. “Gonna cum?”
You nod adamantly, your hips bucking off the wall as your hands tangle in his hair. “So- I’m so close, Steve.”
“Cum, baby,” He whispers against your lips. “Let go. Cum.” 
His command is enough to send you off the edge, and you do exactly as he says, cumming around his fingers with a squeal. The loud music of the party thankfully drowns you out, though you’re not sure you’d care if anyone heard. You’re the fucking Best Actress, you can do whatever the fuck you want.
As he feels your orgasm ripple through you, Steve smirks, his cock hardening. “Good girl.” Taking his fingers out of you, he lifts them to his lips before sucking them, his eyes rolling back. “Fuck, you taste so good, baby. Daddy needs a proper taste of you.”
Before you’ve even recovered, Steve falls to his knees and his head disappears under your dress. Soon, you feel his tongue on your throbbing, sensitive clit, making you whine out as your legs shake and convulse.
“Steve- oh, my God,” You cry, one of your legs resting on his shoulder.
He eats you out with the hunger and vigor of a lion enjoying its prey, swallowing down your juices as your scent and taste intoxicate him. “Mmm,” He hums against you, sending vibrations through your core. 
His tongue enters your pussy, and your mind immediately goes blank. An incoherent sentence weakly leaves your mouth, sounding something like, “Fugg-yea-Steee-sogud,” making him chuckle darkly as he takes over your entire mind with the bliss he’s serving you. He has you hypnotized with blind pleasure, and he fucking knows it.
His beard scratches against your thighs as he roams his tongue around your clit fast, causing all your nerves to stand on edge. Soon, you’re cumming again, your juices pouring into his mouth as he relishes in it.
“Oh, daddy!” You scream, your legs buckling beneath you. You would have fallen had he not had a tight grip on your thighs, and you’re thankful that he did.
Steve laps up your moisture before standing up again, towering over you as he gives you a hard, sloppy kiss. Lost in the kiss, you don’t realize what he’s doing until you feet your pussy being placed onto his leg, making you gasp.
“I- what are you-” Your voice is silenced when he starts pulling on your hips, grinding your cunt against his thigh. “Steve, I can’t-”
“You can, and you will,” He says gently, resting his forehead against yours as he lifts you up and carries your weight to better help you move. “Your pleasure is gonna be constant tonight, baby.”
A shaky breath leaves your mouth as he starts bouncing his leg, making you convulse as he overstimulates your quivering pussy. The rough fabric of his trousers rubs against your soaking folds, and each time he flexes you swear your clit sobs. 
Kissing you, he meshes his tongue with yours, forcing you to taste yourself. He starts grinding you harder, making you cry out as you feel your third orgasm build up. You can barely get out a single coherent word, just weak whimpers and whines escaping your throat as your fuzzy mind loses its sanity.
“That’s it,” He encourages you with a sly smile, feeling you reach your peak. “Cum all over daddy’s leg, like the good girl you are.” 
His order is the final straw and you squirt out as you cum, letting out an ungodly scream. Steve groans as you drench his leg in your pleasure, biting down on his lip as he continues rutting your hips up and down.
“Oh, God,” You gasp when he finally stops, wrapping your legs around his torso as your chest heaves. “I- I-”
“Shh, it’s okay,” Steve soothes you, stroking your cheek. “Just relax, my pretty baby. You’re okay. I’ve got you.”
After a few seconds, you feel his fingers return to your pussy and you shake your head adamantly. “Steve, I can’t-”
“I promise you, baby, you can,” He insists, trailing his fingers up and down your fluttering cunt. “You can do it for me. For daddy. I know you can.”
“Not your fingers,” You say weakly, blinking up at him. “Fuck me, please.”
He shakes his head, chuckling. “Tonight’s about you, baby. Not me.”
“No,” You refuse, glancing down to see the huge tent of his boner pressed tightly against his pants. “I fucking- I need your cock, daddy, I’m begging you. I need to be filled up with your dick. Give me what I want; what I deserve.”
Steve shudders at your words, before giving in. “Alright, baby. Whatever my good girl wants.”
Wordlessly, he unbuckles his belt, the sound making you smile with delight. Your breath is stolen when you see his dick, red and swollen with thick veins running along the shaft. The look on your face makes him groan as his tip lets out some pre-cum, before his cock starts moving on its own accord.
“He wants you,” He teases you with a smirk, watching as you observe his dancing dick with an awe-struck gaze. “He wants to be inside your pretty cunt.”
“So put him in,” You order, practically drooling. The second your eyes meet Steve’s, he plunges his cock inside you to the fucking hilt, making your heart skip a beat.
He immediately feels you throbbing incessantly around his length, and he lets out a low groan. “Oh, fuck,” He sighs, placing his hands tightly on your hips. “Like you were fucking made for me, baby.”
Without warning, he starts bouncing you up and down on his dick, keeping his dark gaze on your contorting face. You feel dizzy and lightheaded, exhausted after your first three orgasms. All you can feel is pleasure coursing through your veins, rendering you absolutely, stupidly fucked-out.
Steve smirks at your dazed state, knowing it was him that brought you to this point. Knowing that he is the one who has rid your mind of anything but lust and satisfaction.
“Feel good?” He asks teasingly, thrusting his hips upwards as his cock fills you up and stretches you out. “Tell me how good it feels, baby.”
A whine leaves your mouth as you rest your head on his neck. “So- so good, daddy. So, so good.”
Your walls tighten and clench around him, making his eyes roll back. “Your pussy feels so fucking gorgeous, wrapped around my cock like that. Gonna milk me fucking dry.”
When you feel one of his hands float back down and his thumb presses to your clit, you jolt up with a gasp and grip his shoulders tightly. “Steve, no, I can’t.”
“Baby, what have I told you?” He asks with a frown, whispering his thumb over your pearl. “You can. And you will.”
He needs to feel you squirt around him; he can’t give up this golden opportunity. Not when he’s so fucking close to it.
Pressing his thumb harder onto your clit, he begins rubbing quick circles on it, making your entire body shake. He feels your cunt beating around his cock, pulling strings of moans from his lips as he pounds into you harder. “Yes, baby, just like that. Make daddy cum, baby, you can do it. I know you can do it.”
Hot tears stream down your face as he speeds up his thumb’s movement, making you mewl with both frustration and delight. You feel like you could actually die of overstimulation as he harshly fucks into you, growling and grunting. 
“Cum for me,” He demands darkly. “Be a good girl and cum for daddy, one more time.”
A strained scream leaves your throat just as you cum for the fourth time around him, squirting onto his twitching cock. 
“There she is,” Steve groans, feeling faint with bliss as your juices gush out. “There’s daddy’s girl, that’s it.” And soon, he’s cumming deep into your cunt, too. He thrusts a few more times, hard and brutish, before stilling inside you as his cum slowly drips out of you.
You’re utterly lost in rapture, your vision blurry and your hearing extra-sensitive. Mumbled whimpers leave your mouth as the tears fall down your cheeks, which he kisses away.
“Oh, baby,” Steve whispers, his palm on your neck as his thumb gently strokes your jawline. “You did so well. Did so well for daddy.”
Your heart is racing and he can feel it through your chest, as he continues comforting you.
“Such a good girl,” He purrs, smiling down at you. “You made me so fucking proud tonight, you know that?”
Your eyes fill with adoration as he showers you with affection, helping you slowly come down from your high.
“How you feeling?” Steve asks you softly, keeping his hands under your thighs. “You okay?”
You manage to give him a feeble nod, to which he smiles warmly.
“You ready to get out of here?” He questions, confusing you.
“I- what do you mean?” You wonder out loud, expecting him to leave now that he’s had his fun.
“You think I’m done with you?” Steve whispers mischievously, a bright glint in his eyes. “No, no, no, baby. Your night is far from over just yet.”
Your breath hitches in your throat as you widen your eyes, too weak and shocked to speak.
“I’m not letting you fall asleep until the sun comes up,” He tells you lowly, his lips brushing against yours with every word he says. “You’re gonna be cumming all fucking night, pretty baby, because that’s what my best girl deserves.”
Swallowing thickly, you keep your stare hooked onto him. Is he real? Has this entire night been a dream? “Okay,” You squeak, making him chuckle.
“Good girl,” He praises you tenderly, giving your lips a sweet kiss. “Daddy’s good girl.”
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frogtanii · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
it’s too warm, was your first waking thought as you sluggishly waded through the mound of blankets that encompassed you to get a breath of fresh air (you assumed bokuto and kuroo were the culprits for your warm and fuzzy hellhole). your eyes first fell on the television playing the credits to the second or third pirates of the caribbean movie on mute, the remote haphazardly thrown somewhere to your left as though the person who did so left in a hurry.
speaking of people, there was no one left in the room as you slowly joined the land of the living. a part of you suspected everyone had gone to bed but atsumu or akaashi would’ve woken you up if that had been the case.
belatedly, you recognized voices coming from the front door and your still sleep-addled brain lit up. oh! you thought. food must be here! untangling yourself from the blankets proved to be an exhausting feat because by the time you were done, your body was covered in a sheen of sweat underneath oikawa’s sweats and sakusa’s hoodie.
ugh, gross.
you began to make your way towards the door, the blood rushing through your head preventing you from hearing the details of conversation but knowing atsumu, he was just haggling for a lower price even though you told him repeatedly, that isn’t how pizza places work tsum.
as you drew nearer to the commotion, you started to pick up on the heavy tension in the air, leaving you extremely uncomfortable. you had no idea what the cause of it was but you did know it was making most of the boys upset, who, by the way, hadn’t noticed you creeping around just yet.
a feminine voice rang out from outside the doorway and though you were still attempting to gain your hearing, the sound sent chills down your spine. it sounded saccharine, sweet, familiar, and oh so evil.
even with a head full of cotton, you figured now wouldn’t be the best time to reveal yourself, what with the clear discomfort permeating the atmosphere, but your big fat mouth apparently had other plans.
“‘tsum, just let the poor pizza lady go,” you muttered, the beginnings of a headache making itself known at the back of your skull. you were a little too caught up with the dwarf banging at your head with a sledgehammer to notice the shock that everyone in the room turned to look at you with.
a gentle hand grasped at your forearm, whispering something into your ear before attempting to pull you back to the living room, but that same familiar voice from the door kept you planted where you stood.
“oh, the princess finally makes herself known,” meiko sneered, her face finally coming into focus, striking you with pang of fear straight through your heart. “funny, i thought i left you speechless the last time we... ‘talked’.”
“ya shut yer fuckin mouth,” atsumu lunged at her but was stopped by sakusa’s arm around his waist, successfully holding him in place. meiko just giggled, taking a step into the house, her heels clicking as she glided across the hardwood floors.
in the back of your head, you noted that meiko looked unusually beautiful, her makeup flawlessly done and her outfit complementing it perfectly, almost reminiscent of how she used to be before... well, just “before”.
you watched the boys unconsciously angle themselves as a protective wall around you, the person holding your arm (who you now realized was koushi) pulling you in tighter until your back was resting against his chest.
a part of you couldn’t help but feel a little suffocated but the other, more self preserving, bit felt irrationally safe and protected around these boys. it was nice... or it would’ve been if meiko wasn’t taking herself on a tour around the house as though she hadn’t been living there for almost the past year.
“you all can tone down on the guard dog act. i’m not here to fight,” she said as she pretended to wipe dust off the island. “you’re not?” bokuto’s skeptical voice rose up from behind you, one of his hands finding yours underneath the massive sleeves of your (sakusa’s) hoodie.
meiko shook her head with an empty smile, her perfectly painted red lips stretching unnaturally wide. “no, of course not! i’ve just come here to collect.”
the boys collectively tensed around you, akaashi whispering for kenma to go find yachi and quickly. as he slipped away, you made eye contact with sakusa who gave you an imperceptible nod that you assumed meant one thing — keep her talking.
“collect what?” you asked, your voice coming out weaker than you wanted, but you hoped she didn’t notice. she cocked her head as her eyes snapped to you as if she’d forgotten you were there, but judging by her growing smirk, you knew that wasn’t the case.
“my boys of course!” meiko clapped gleefully, clicking her way over toward kuroo to run her hand over his bicep, laughing when he jolted away from her touch. “they’ve always been mine, you know that don’t you?”
it felt like a cold bucket of water had been dropped over your head. you felt frozen again, the same feeling of dread creeping up your spine as it did when meiko attacked you. in turn, you barely noticed kenma’s return who whispered something to sakusa — an action that didn’t go unnoticed by meiko.
“what’re my boys talking about? are you plotting against me?” she pouted, scooting closer to the pair. kenma visibly paled and moved to hide himself behind sakusa’s broad shoulders. “we aren’t doing anything, meiko.”
wrong answer.
“oh, we both know that isn’t the case kiyoomi. i’m not a fucking idiot.” meiko’s voice filled with venom before moving even closer still. you felt your heart beating rapidly in your chest, your hand gripping bokuto’s even tighter.
what if she brought some kind of weapon to the house? what if she hurt you? what if she hurt them?
before you could think, you were standing in front of the group, the boys calling out your name as meiko’s face lit up. “so the precious little princess wants to take a stand! let me have it then, huh? let me see what all the craze is about!”
despite the fear thudding in your chest, you stood tall, glaring at her with your head held high. “the boys are not yours, meiko,” you declared, her mouth instantly opening in protest but you refused to let her speak.
“they aren’t possessions or objects you can own and treat like shit. they are people, real living, breathing people and they aren’t mine either. they have full reign to do what they want, when they want, to make their own choices and decisions. and you know what? they didn’t choose you or me. they chose themselves and their happiness over any bullshit you or i could try and sell them. so please, for the love of god, get your shit together, put it in a box and take it to fucking therapy.”
by the end of your impromptu speech, your chest was heaving but you felt good. really good. adrenaline was rushing through your veins and you felt powerful. out the corner of your eye, you noticed osamu and daichi standing at the bottom of the stairs with something akin to awe on their faces.
yeah bitches. take it all in.
unfortunately, while you were basking in the feeling of badassery, you completely missed meiko’s eyes lighting up with pure, unadulterated,
you faintly heard someone call your name before you were taken to the ground by meiko leaping at you like an animal. the two of you scrambled about on the hardwood, her hands yanking at your clothes and leaving scratches on your skin but you were sure as hell giving her a run for her money.
you finally managed to get on top of her, pinning her arms to the ground but that wasn’t before you gained a hard elbow to the side and a bruise to your face. meiko thrashed and shook in your hold but you were not wavering, trying to keep her entirely still for...
well, for what exactly?
almost as though they were on cue, you heard the sound of police sirens wailing in the distance, growing louder as they drew closer to the house. underneath you, meiko’s eyes widened before she began fighting even harder than she’d done before, her erratic movements making it much more difficult to keep your hold on her.
luckily, you had extremely muscular men at your disposal, one of which (osamu — even though he was a dick, he was still incredibly muscular dick) held down meiko’s arms as the lapd stormed the building.
the police officers easily retracted meiko from your arms and cuffed her, taking her to the back of the cop car, despite her loud and insistent threats on you and everyone you love.
very disney villain-esque.
a kind looking officer helped you to your feet and walked you out to the porch where he began to ask you and the boys a few questions. you answered them honestly and you were genuinely proud of how well you were handling the whole situation when—
“bubs, you’re shaking.” sure enough, when you looked down at your hands, you were twitching uncontrollably, the reality of the events that just occurred finally sinking in.
you were just attacked. again.
you and your friends were threatened.
meiko was sitting in the back of a fucking cop car.
“what the fuck,” you whispered, eyes staring unblinking at your palms. the same officer mentioned something about shock, prompting all the boys to gather around you; atsumu pulled you in between him and sakusa, wrapping his arm around your shoulders, kenma and bokuto took hold of your quivering hands, sugawara and oikawa sat off to the side watching you with blatant concern, and kuroo and akaashi spoke to the officer in hushed tones.
the man nodded and shook their hands before shooting you a pitying smile and heading back to the car where meiko was waiting.
“it’s over angel, ‘s over,” atsumu muttered into your hair, pressing kisses to your forehead in between each phrase. you leaned into his touch but you refused to take your eyes off meiko who was watching the whole scene from the backseat, her eyes wide with anger, hurt, and confusion.
you didn’t bother dwelling on it, instead focusing on evening out your breathing and looking at the car drive over the horizon. you heard yachi’s soft voice calling everyone inside, atsumu lifting you up to your feet and walking with you, never once taking his hands off of you.
still, his words echoed in your head, even as yachi spoke of the end of the hyper house, even as the boys brought you to your room, and even as they all automatically cuddled around you in an attempt to get you to sleep.
it’s over. it’s all finally over.
you couldn’t keep the grin off your face if you tried.
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