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#I’m so happy you told me :)
yournewapartment · 3 years ago
Alright I just wanna share a little something that happened to me today with ya’ll. As some of you may know, my boyfriend and I are moving in the beginning of February. We actually just signed our lease today, so it was time for me to contact our utilities company as well as our internet company to get them switched over to our new apartment.
Utilities went off without a hitch. So I call my internet company, I don’t wanna be a snitch so let’s just use a made up company name. Like, how about… Verizon? So I call Verizon and let them know that I will be move. I’ve been with them for about three years now, and previously I was on a contract with them, but this past year I have been on a month to month.
So I start speaking with a representative, and he tells me that the speed that my current plan has (75 mbps) is no longer supported by Verizon. They now only have 100 mbps and up. He tells me that I’ll have to upgrade to a different plan and that I’ll have to pay a termination fee to cancel my contract with them.
I’m like um…??? I don’t have a contract with you? I used to have a contract with you, but then I called to renew it and you put me on a month to month. And the guy is like “Well maybe that’s what he told you he did, but he actually put you on a contract”. And I’m like: “But I didn’t sign any contracts, the first contract I did with you guys I signed” and he’s like: “A verbal confirmation over the phone is enough”. And that’s the first point where I’m like, either this guy is new and has no idea what he’s talking about, or something is not right.
So I tell him that I’d be happy to stay on the contract with them. And he says that I can’t, because the place we’re moving only has the 75 mbps and up. And I’m like, “Well how is that my fault? You’re the ones who aren’t supporting my contract anymore. Can’t you just continue my contract and just update the speed?” And he’s trying to tell me that there is no way he can possibly do that. 
And so I ask him for the price breakdown and it’s the monthly price, plus the $90 termination fee, plus a $99 installation fee when the tech comes to set up the router in my apartment. And I’m like “I’m not paying an extra $189 to you guys for essentially the same service because you’re the ones screwing me out of my contract.” And he goes to talk to a supervisor, and they say the same thing. And he talks to another supervisor, and they say they can’t help. So finally I ask to speak to a supervisor.
I explain the whole story to the guy. And he’s like “The system over here won’t let me override this in your contract”. Listen up. Any time a representative that you’re talking to says this to you, ask to speak to someone else. This is complete and utter bullshit. I worked in IT for four years, and let me tell you, if there wasn’t a way to override every single system we used, then we would’ve been in serious shit. Companies will try to tell you that the system won’t let them override what you need done, and the truth is one of two things:
1. The person you’re speaking with doesn’t have the authority to override the system. In other words, they are useless to you. This is not their fault, politely ask them to transfer you to someone who can help.
2. They are deliberately lying to try and ply you for more money. In other words, they are useless to you. This is not their fault, this is what they’re trained to do. Politely ask them to transfer you to someone who can help.
So I was transferred to a different department. And I explained the whole story to yet another representative. And he immediately said: “If you move to a place where the services in your contract don’t exist, then your contract is null and void”. This, my friends, is what I vaguely remembered reading in my original contract with Verizon. So I said: “So you won’t charge me the termination fee?” And he said “Of course not, we’re not allowed to”.
And then he went on to waive half of the installation fee for me for all of my troubles. I was on the phone with this stupid fucking company for an entire hour, but in the end I saved $130. $130! After finally finding the right person to speak to.
TLDR: So please, if someone corporate tells you that their “system” won’t allow them to change your account, don’t take no for an answer. Keep pushing until you get what you need!
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prinxietys · 3 years ago
So, I just spoke with my youngest sister, and sibling, who is 9 years old.
And we talked about why I call my partner a partner, and not boyfriend/girlfriend. And I told her that a partner is exactly the same as boyfriend/girlfriend.
She was a bit confused (cuz I said my partner is a boy) and asked if it meant we were in a middle stage, and weren't fully dating yet and that's why he wasn't my boyfriend.
I told her, "No, we are in a relationship. Sometimes, people are partners because they are neither boys or girls. Or sometimes, they're not 100% boy or 100% girl. And that's why we are partners."
And it clicked. She goes "ohhh, so does that mean you're not 100% girl?" And I told her that no, I'm not.
Too which she replied "Then I can call you my sibling instead of my sister." (Which makes me really happy)
She then went quiet for a moment and then asked "Am I 100% girl?" And I told her that she could be if she wanted to be, and she went silent again before saying "I'm 100% girl" too which my brother, who's been texting the entire time and doesn't even look up, says "You go girl".
Y'all, my little sister has never really been exposed to non cishet anything. Just not allot of upfront exposure, and alot of adults didn't think she's even old enough to understand what gay means.
But she literally took this all in stride, and even offered to calle sibling, without me even mentioning different pronouns.
Kids get it people. Kids totally understand, as long as you're willing to be patient and explain.
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ms-demeanor · 4 months ago
Hi my name is Ever Given Ever’Green Imbari Golden Class and I have a long green hull (that’s how I got my name) with white letters that reach across my back and a red bulbous prow like a dolphin’s fin and a lot of people tell me I look like Sapphire Princess (AN: if u don’t know who she is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to Conti Cortesia Ever’Green Marine but I wish I was because she’s a major fucking hottie. I’m a Golden Class Container Ship but my deck is straight and wide. I have smooth green paint. I’m also a Cargo Ship, and I sail in a shipping lane called called the Suez Canal in Egypt where I’m part of a caravan (I’m three). I’m a ship (in case you couldn’t tell) and I sail mostly in the ocean. I love Hot Topic and I ship all my clothes to there. For example today I was shipping a thousand black corsets with ten miles of matching lace and a lot of discounted black leather miniskirts, pink fishnets, and combat boots. I was carrying black containers, white containers, black half-containers, and wearing red eye shadow. I was sailing through the Suez canal. It was windy and full of sand so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. A lot of tugboats told me I was about to run aground. I put my middle finger up at them.
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dovingmemes · 3 years ago
random sentence starters
random sentences for any / multiple scenario(s). change around as you see fit.
“ who do you think you are? “
“ wait , did you just say you love me? “
“ please just ... leave me alone. “
“ i’m so happy! “
“ is this a gift for me? “
“ hey! i’ve got something for you! wait right here! “
“ i love you. “
“ shut up! shut the fuck up! “
“ who told you that?! i didn’t say that! “
“ w --- what? “
“ ... i’m sorry. “
“ what? ME have a crush on YOU? whaaaaaat?! haha! what? pfft ... shut up! “
“ bitch , guess what? “
“ oh my god ... “
“ fuck you to fucking hell! “
“ man ... go to hell. “
“ what did you just send me? “
“ what did you just say? “
“ they’re totally checking you out right now. “
“ jealous?! i’m not jealous! “
“ are you jealous? “
“ wow ... you’re hot when you’re angry. “
“ wow ... your smile is breathtaking. “
“ you’re so stupid. “
“ okay! that’s it! put your dukes up! “
“ you don’t want me. “
“ question , you’re not dating anyone , are you? “
“ let me take you out on a date. “
“ i swear to god i’m going to scream at the top of my lungs. “
“ no! don’t tickle me! “
“ i’m not good for you , trust me. “
“ no offense but i’m out of your league. “
“ so , how does it feel to know me? a blessing , isn’t it? “
“ ... why does this card say ‘ happy 3rd birthday ‘? “
“ so what will it be tonight? “
“ please , let me listen to celine dion in the dark in peace. “
“ i don’t love you. “
“ you don’t love me. “
“ ... is there something you want? “
“ you know , you’re really cute. “
“ god , just let me fucking love you , you idiot! “
“ shh ... don’t cry. “
“ i just feel like everything is falling apart. “
“ hello darkness my old friend ... “
“ so ... do i get a goodnight kiss? “
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#100 Dialogue Prompts to Break a Reader’s Heart...
"I promise you, just trust me.”
“I thought you were happy, I’m sorry.”
“Please, just stay a little longer.”
“I hope you don’t get your heart broken.”
“Why didn’t you say h-how bad it was?”
“Am I going to die?”
“When will this end. Please can this end.”
“How many times has he told you he doesn’t love you?”
“You need to find happiness without me.”
“I want to help you through this, I really do, just not as your girlfriend.”
“I know exactly how this ends.”
“You don’t have to pretend you care when you already have one foot out the door.”
“You can keep pretending, but you’ll never be happy”
“Why won’t you admit it!”
“When she told you to leave, you should have stayed.”
“I’m not good at this. I never have been.”
“The only person who will end up hurt here is you.”
“Please don’t cry.”
“I was hoping his flight would be cancelled, but miracles don’t happen.”
“How could we have gotten this so wrong?”
“You were never one of us.”
“This is what they warned me of.”
“I would’ve died for you.”
“You almost died! And for what?”
“If I leave now, I won’t come back.”
“There will never be a place for you here anymore.”
“Everything is temporary, this was merely one of those things.”
“You didn’t care, even a little bit?”
“I’m just tired of this. I’m tired of it all.”
“I thought she made it. It was clearly a figment of my imagination.”
“Wishful thinking will always be my downfall.”
“She didn’t even try to save me.”
“I saw it in her eyes. She wanted a different thing to what I wanted.”
“I’m not going to cry, it isn’t worth crying.”
“Don’t look at me like that, I don’t want pity.”
“And then he left.”
“I wish I could fix this.”
“I deserve more than this.”
“You hurt me and I still trusted you.”
“It should never have come to this.”
“Don’t be sorry, it was no ones fault.”
“I’ve spent all this time wondering and worrying about you. You didn’t think of me once?”
“I’m not a lot of people’s favourite person.”
“She quite clearly doesn’t want you.”
“I think that’s enough.”
“I shouldn’t have wasted 3 years on someone when Russia could’ve sold me good vodka.”
“You’re angry with me, I know.”
“Can we have this conversation when you’re not upset.”
“I don’t think I can forgive you.”
“It’s never been as easy as you think.”
“Why would you put so much hope in me? Things have clearly never worked out for me!”
“Oh, I was just another notch in your bedpost?”
“You really had me fooled. I might’ve almost said something I’d regret.”
“You put yourself in that position! That wasn’t my doing!”
“How could I be so blind?”
“Why are you still with me?”
“When was it that you realised that you didn’t love me?”
“I can’t even look at you right now.”
“Don’t put this on me!”
“I really think it’s easier for people when I’m not around.”
“I know, but you didn’t have to use her like that!”
“I’m not someone who breaks easily, but I must commend you on this.”
“There wasn’t even a moment when you smiled at me like that.”
“I’ve never seen that side of you.”
“If you were in my situation what can I do to stop hurting this much?”
“This never would’ve happened if we hadn’t have met!”
“I’m glad I get to see you walk away from me!”
“You really did play me like a goddamn fiddle.”
“There isn’t a way to fix this now.”
“You know I wouldn’t call unless I was in pain.”
“I never thought I’d be the one to hurt you.”
“You really were my first and last.”
“Don’t say anything else, just stay.”
“We can start over. I’ll do anything, everything can be perfect. Just please don’t leave me.”
“I heard the doctors. I know you haven’t got long.”
“You could’ve told me, or helped me! Anything other than what you actually did!”
“Don’t wish me the best, you were my best everything.”
“It was never up to me.”
“I wanted to save you. I wanted to be the hero and save you. How did I miss my chance?”
“The only thing I can do is love you!”
“Why can’t you see that?”
“I hope he will make you happy.”
“You never get what you want. Haven’t you learnt that by now?”
“There hasn’t been a day I didn’t think of you and it’s starting to hurt.”
“You weren’t here when I needed you the most, why now?”
“I should never have trusted you.”
“You don’t know what you’re saying.”
“This can’t be how it ends! No, this isn’t how the story goes.”
“Just close your eyes for now. You’ll still be hurting in the morning.”
“This will be a pain you won’t forget, I’ll always be with you.”
“I never thought I’d love you this much.”
“It was always you. No matter how many times I disagreed, it was always you.”
“Your letters never made it to her. She was gone before she even received them.”
“Why does it hurt so much? Why do I feel like she’s broken my soul?”
“I haven’t stopped crying since Thursday. It’s pathetic.”
“It was a mistake and I know I can never fix this.”
“I hope it hurts to think of me.”
“This isn’t over. You always come running back and I always welcome you.”
“Don’t make me fall in love again.”
“I thought I didn’t miss you, but then I saw your photo.”
// Ah! I’ve been gone for so long, ah man I’m sorry! I’m still here even if y’all aren’t hehe. Here’s a special little to make your reader cry because that’s our job as writers... I like doing these, but let me know whether or not you like them, are they bothersome? Anyway, I apologise again and am sending lots of love from a very snowy England :) xox //
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steveyockey · 7 months ago
cas really looked his child in the eye and told him “us eternal beings must continue to live after those we love die but we will be sustained by our memory of the happiness they gave us” while in his head thinking “except me. I’m gonna die for dean. I will not tolerate a single second of existence without that motherfucker”
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babyhelios · 2 years ago
words for the signs
check sun & moon 
aries: if passion is gasoline i poured and poured and poured & it took one careless match to burn it all away. i was alive and now i have, am, nothing & i am alone in coming to terms with that.
taurus: all that i ever wanted was security & nothing i did was enough to make me feel stable. i let my house turn to ruin trying to keep it from changing, but it continued to decay & rot & my control vanished.
gemini: it might have been my fault for seeing everything as a competition & it was definitely my fault that i tried so hard to win. my cutthroat manner left the breeze trembling & instead of burning all my bridges shattered.
cancer: stay, i told them. each & every one of them i told and my expectations turned to grief turned to despair until my loss was a tidal wave that consumed me. my heart shuddered & cried & suffocated.
leo: you tell me what i need is attention. you do not know how i can crave and loathe something at once. it is like a volcano, rock & lava, both melting and boiling and destructive. you do not understand that the eruption hurts only me.
virgo: maybe if i had bent to your will you would have stayed, but you have not seen iron like me. your skin is made of porcelain, & i am sorry that my harsh words break you. but better your skin to be broken than your heart.
libra: the disenchantment of my good nature is a fortress nobody can penetrate. i please the masses & watch them knock, once, twice, three times and leave me alone. i painted such a pretty face on the walls, & people only ever want my smiles.
scorpio: snake, they call me. scorpion. as though my purpose is so sting, to bite, to poison. they do not realize i do not attack unprovoked. that my distance & my isolation is not to hurt them, but to protect me. 
sagittarius: if there was somebody who could keep up with me, for once i might stay. but they never can, and never do, and i can't be blamed for leaving. campfires don’t burn for long, no matter how fond of them you are. you move on & start another burning elsewhere.
capricorn: mountains cannot be moved and the same can be said for me. i am a constant, reliable, certain in my solitude. someone asks me why i am so serious & i answer because somebody has to be.
aquarius: all i want is understanding, but i know better than to expect something so rare. i’ve been told nobod will understand if i don’t try to express myself honestly, but i’m too scared to face my real feelings.
pisces: dreaming is inescapable & it makes you too happy. it is a fishbowl, you see out and people are distorted to your perspective & you think that is normal. you get surprised when someone yanks you out of the water & they are not who they thought you were. wake up.
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one-time-i-dreamt · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Yesterday evening, a guy for uni decided to destroy my day/confidence/week/month/whatever. On multiple occasions he told me in person that I should be doing squats and made fun of my body, which caused all of his little friends to laugh at me too. Did I mention that he hit on me as well? He keeps semi-flirting with me, then negging me, then again flirting, then negging again, then he calls me for advice and to help him, then he’s sweet, then he’s nasty. I’ve had it with him. My birthday is this Monday and I sincerely don’t feel happy about it anymore. I feel horrible. I feel like I wanna hide again. Like I don’t want to eat any single thing. Like I’m ugly, disgusting, a clown, a joke. I feel so sad. Some IRL people were like, just ignore him, pay him no mind, why are you getting upset over that (while others did validate my feelings and told me that anyone would feel upset by this since it was so random and negative and uncalled for), which only further made me feel poorly because I felt like my most important people don’t understand me. Sad hours.
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hc, the avengers/starks at pride?
•  It’s probably Peter who suggests all the Avengers go to pride, and as soon as he brings it up to Tony, Tony definitely becomes a starry-eyed, excited father at the prospect. Like, he probably wishes his father was more supportive in anything he did, so having Peter open up to him about an event he’s really excited about would make his paternal instincts THRIVE.
Peter, shyly approaching Tony: So, you know how it’s June?
Tony: Yeah...?
Peter: And, um, June is pride month.
Tony: Mhm...
Peter: I was wondering, if, umm, maybe we could all, ya know, go to some pride events together—
Peter, tearing up: Yes, please, Mr. Stark...
•  EVERYONE gets a special pride themed suit. They all get different flags to inspire their suits, too! They’re not all rainbow! Bi, pan, lesbian, trans, ace, any color scheme they can think of, they get! 
•  Tony goes ALL OUT with the suits. I mean turn-his-blasters-into-confetti-cannons level of extra, here. He helps Peter make his web shooters fire pride colored webs. Steve gets a cape that’s a pride flag. It doesn’t do anything special, but it looks tacky, so Tony puts it on the suit anyway. Just to piss Steve off. I mean, what’s he gonna do?? Take it off and disappoint Peter?? AS IF. 
•  And pride becomes a mandatory event for ALL the Avengers. There will be no, “But I’m cis and heterosexual—” Tony WILL throw hands. You are supporting his spiderson; you don’t get a say. Not that it’s much of a problem because anyone who sees how thrilled Peter gets at the support couldn’t possibly turn him down in good conscience. And I mean ANYONE. Nick Fury couldn’t withstand those puppy eyes.
Fury: Look, I’m sorry, Stark. I have an important meeting that day. I support all of you, but I—
Peter, spotting Tony and Fury: Oh, Director Fury!! Mr. Stark told me you were gonna come, too!! I was so surprised!! But thank you so, so much; it means so much to me that even the highest members of our little team support me :) !! I’m used to higher-ups hating people being open about LGBT+ stuff, is all.
Fury: Ah...
Peter: Yeah, like at school they don’t let us talk about stuff like that. Apparently the existence of LGBT+ people is too “controversial.” It’s really dehumanizing. I’m so glad it’s not like that here though!! I’m happy the Avengers can be a safe space!!
Fury, sweating: Ahah...
Peter: Anyway, I’m gonna go work on my rainbow web shooters!! Bye!! Thanks again!
Fury: ...I’ll cancel that meeting.
Tony: Yeah, that’s what I thought.
•  Tony’s support would be so over the top it might border on overbearing. Like, when a parent is SUPER supportive, to the point that anytime they see ANYTHING rainbow in a store (pride related or not), they buy it. And then, like, they give it to you with that >:3 look on their face. “Ah?? AH??? DO YOU LIKE IT??? GET IT???? ‘CUZ IT’S RAINBOW?????” That’s definitely Tony. Once again, he’s compensating for not getting the same support from his own father figure. 
•  Also, Tony would totally pull strings to get prominent LGBT+ singers to perform at pride. Like, all of Peter’s faves. He would never admit to being the one to convince them, though.
•  And, obviously, the Avengers would make sure no assholes hurt people at pride. They see a Trump flag in the distance and all of the Avengers just
Tumblr media
•  No one tries to pull ANY shit that June.
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Tumblr media
As it was and as it always would be...
It’s been a long, wonderful journey and Voltron Season 6 was everything I hoped for. My heart is still raw from bawling over the beautifully scripted, animated and voice acted work of art. Here’s my contribution to the massive outpouring of love and affection for our favourite boys and the amazing team behind it all.
It’s such a personal victory as well. As a gay man, it’s not like I haven’t seen any quality gay relationships in the media at all. But I haven’t seen anything like this. To see a love born of ongoing mutual affection, compassion, loyalty, dedication, and support is just amazing. Yeah sure, it’s a show, but think about it. Hundreds of thousands of people will grow up to this as their childhood cartoons. They will grow up learning how to love and grow from their favourite heroes. Adults, like myself, all over are seeing their own life and values validated. 
Because I think this is so important. We fall in love with characters and their lives become a part of our own. And we can grow and learn with and from them in ways that could be more difficult on our own. Keith’s struggles in expressing himself, his feelings of abandonment and his struggle to believe in himself are very real problems and I identify with them strongly. Hell, you’d have a hard time finding someone who is a fan of Voltron who wouldn’t know which lion they’d love to pilot or role they’d love to take. So how awesome is it to add not just combat heroics, but relationship and personal growth? It’s been so wonderful watching Shiro and Keith’s personal journey especially in their equality. To focus on how neither is the ‘dominant’ or ‘sole supporter’ but that they support each other equally. When one falters, the other one carries them. When one is down, the other helps to pick them up. When one begins to give up on themselves, the other is there to remind them that they are loved unconditionally and give them that boost they need. Both are strong on their own with their own strengths and weaknesses. But together they are stronger and they endure. These are life goals. These are aspects worthy of looking up to and living by. When Keith told Shiro he loved him and when Shiro settled into Keith’s arms with “You found me.” I burst into tears. Not just tears of joy and happiness, but a wave of complicated emotions I’m still sorting through. Validation, relief, wonder, a sense that I wasn’t the only one cheering this on, that so many others were seeing and feeling the same way. Words cannot express how much this season impacted me and how much of a gift it was. A thousand, million thank yous to the Voltron crew for everything that you have given us and everything that is to come. Your story has become so, so much more to so many of us.
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teesumu · 6 months ago
Hi!! i fell in love with your writing and i was wondering if you could do those collapsing in a fight with tendou and bokuto (if you don’t like those characters suga and ushijima could be used)
i also saw your post about babysitting your cousin so please take all the time you need 💕
Tumblr media
So I had to combine there two requests together because I already have Bokuto and Atsumu done.
Read Akaashi’s and Iwaizumi’s part here
Read Sakusa’s and Tsukishima’s part here
Read Bokuto’s and Atsumu’s part here
Read Osamu’s and Semi’s part here
Read Kuroo’s and Oikawa’s part here
Tumblr media
It was really hard to think of one for Kita, he’s so gentle and reserved. I hope I did okay for his.
“Y/n, it’s not something to get so worked up about, please calm down.”
“Shin you’re shaking this off like it’s nothing, like you always do. You’re not always right you know!”
“That’s not what I said y/n, I don’t feel I’m always right, but don’t you believe you’re turning this into something large? It wouldn’t be this big if you’d just listen to me.” He looked at you disapprovingly, the look resembled that of one you’d give a child, which only further ignited the anger in you.
“Shinsuke, you’re not my father, and you can’t just look at me and tell me I did things incorrectly just because you don’t agree with them. These are my choices!” He sighed deeply, looking at you frustrated.
“Y/n, why am I your boyfriend if I can’t even simply tell you my opinion?”
“Certain opinions are unnecessary! If I told you my opinion was that they should’ve picked someone else as the volleyball captain, would you really be okay with that? You’d just chalk it up as my opinion and move on? You really expect me to believe it wouldn’t hurt your feelings?” He looked at you irritated, a small spark of anger could now be seen in his eyes.
“Y/n now you’re going too far! This is immature, I don’t need you to drag other things into something as small as this.”
“It’s not small! That’s the thing, it’s big to me, and you don’t care!” You’d recently made a rather large purchase of an item for one of your hobbies, having saved up for it for quite some time. Excited to tell your boyfriend, he only looked at you disappointed, telling you that you should be wiser and think more carefully about how you spend your money. Going into a lecture about you only saw the things in front of you, and didn’t look ahead, Kita had basically told you that you were simply too immature to make your own decisions.
“Y/n this is all too much for a simple comment.” He was trying to dismiss your argument once again.
“Shinsuke, how are you not seeing why I’m upset? This is something I’m passionate about, and I was excited for it! You should be happy for me. First of all, I saved up for this quite wisely, so it wasn’t an immature splurge, I handle my money very well thank you. Second of all, not everyone has the same views as you, stop acting like it’s I’m a child you need to watch over. Not everyone else wants to spend their days doing the same five things over and over again.” Now it was his turn to be offended.
“You’re much too simple minded to be having this conversation with in the first place! If you’re gonna judge anyone’s life style, start with your own, because there’s a lot you could work on y/n,” he looked at you bitterly. Tears started to roll down your face, the frustration of not being heard, the pain from being talked down on by your boyfriend, and the doubts about yourself beginning to form all starting to become too much for you.
“Sh-Shin, that’s too far-”
“If you feel that way, then I’m going to make my exit. I can’t be wasting my time on something that won’t be worth it along the way.” Your heart shattered and you dropped to your knees, sobbing at the idea that he didn’t see you as worth his time. He hadn’t noticed, however, already having his back turned to you as he made his way out your bedroom, slamming the door behind him. You began to panic, not wanting to lose the one person you felt at ease with, but you couldn’t find it in you to move your legs. No matter how hard you tried, they felt stuck. Starting to lose control of your breathing, you leaned back against the wall, chest heaving up and down. The last thing you remember was your door opening, before you went limp.
When you woke up, there were fingers running through your hair and blankets wrapped tightly around you. Looking up, you saw your boyfriend staring down at you, his face clearly upset.
“You’re awake,” he said softly. You only nodded, not yet trusting your voice. “Would you like me to leave?” His voice shook a little as the question left his lips. Clearing your throat, you finally spoke up.
“Do you want to leave?” He shook his head no. Looking at his lap now, he couldn’t bring himself to look into your eyes.
“No, but I’d understand if you’d want me to leave. I wouldn’t want to be around myself if I were you right now.” Sighing, you turned your body to face him. “I’m sorry, I was really inconsiderate. Anyone else would’ve been happy for their partner, and I’ve only ruined something that made you happy. You’re right, not many would want to spend their time with someone who’s boring like me, so if you want this to be where we go our separate ways, I understand.” His lips trembled though, and he blinked back his tears furiously. You wanted to be more firm, to be able to tell him off some more for invalidating your feelings like that, but the look on his face hurt you way more than his words from earlier. Sighing, you grabbed his hand that was formed into a fist.
“Shin, look at me,” he shook his head, trying to turn away from you. “Shin please?” You only got a sniffle in return. He didn’t want to face you while you broke things off with him, he couldn’t bear it. “Shin, I don’t want you to leave either, please will you look at me?” Sitting up, you slowly tilted his chin to meet his eyes.
“You’re not gonna ask me to go away?” He looked at you like a child who’d just been scolded would. All you wanted to do was was press kisses all over his face, but you decided it was better that you answered him.
“No, I’m not. I’m sorry I said that about your routine, I think it’s adorable you do things so orderly. I love it about you. And I love you okay?” He pulled you into him and buried his head into your neck.
“I love you too. I promise I’ll be more considerate okay? If you stay with me,” he mumbled the last part.
“Of course I’m staying with you. Wanna lay here for a bit?” He looked at you and smiled, nodding before pulling you closer to him.
Tumblr media
Please don’t fight with him, he’s too precious🥲
Looking at Tendou, you were absolutely taken aback by his actions. The last few hours had consisted of him giving you the silent treatment, and you were completely lost as to what it could’ve been that you’d done to upset him.
“Tori, come on, this is getting to be a bit much don’t you think? I can’t fix or apologize for what I did to upset you if you don’t tell me what the issue is,” he didn’t even blink at you. Continuing to scroll through his phone, he acted as though you weren’t there. “Satori! Enough is enough okay?” He still didn’t react. Sick of his attitude, you marched over and grabbed his phone out of his hand. “Tendou Satori, tell me what the hell is going on.” He glared daggers at you.
“Oh, I’m sorry, are you actually interested in me now?”
“What in the world is that supposed to mean?”
“It means exactly what it sounds like y/n! Since you’re so busy all the time being interested in everyone else besides me, why are you here wasting your time trying to get my attention now?” You had no idea where this was coming from, unsure of how to react.
“Tori, what are you talking about? I have no clue what you’re trying to even say,” you stared at him confused, while he only continued to glare.
“So I have to spell it out for you huh? Fine then! You think I didn’t notice the way you were staring at that ‘friend’ from earlier? While he stayed over extra to chat you up even when you guys finished whatever assignment you were doing? I’m not dumb y/n! This was supposed to be our day to ourselves, we could’ve stayed in and relaxed, but you had to go and invite another man into our home!” You were shocked, you didn’t think Tendou would get upset over this the way he was. You had been assigned a partnered assignment for one of your classes, and you and your partner had mistaken the deadline to be later. Today being the only day he could squeeze in time to work on it before the deadline approached, so you figured it couldn’t hurt to sacrifice one free day with Tendou to ensure your college gpa was still intact. Tendou seemed indifferent when you broke the news to him, but was a bit quieter as you waited for your partner to arrive. After finishing the assignment, you had offered him to stay for lunch, feeling bad that he’d had to spend the only bit of free time he had that day doing an assignment with you before heading off to work. But that seemed to make Tendou even more upset, resulting in him ignoring your presence the whole rest of the day.
“Tori, we mixed up the deadline, it wasn’t on purpose! Today was the only day he was free to work on it, and we had to get it done. I was being nice when I offered him lunch! He tore away time from his schedule to line up with mine. We could’ve spent the rest of the day together, but you’ve been too much of a child to even look at me!”
“Oh, I’m a child? Suddenly I’m a child for being upset that you stared at a man with heart eyes as he flirted with you in our shared home?”
“I didn’t stare at him with heart eyes! That’s ridiculous Satori, don’t over exaggerate things. He didn’t flirt either. We talked like two normal human beings!”
“That’s a lie and you know it y/n! How do you think it feels to watch the person you love flirt with anything that can breathe huh? Maybe you should come back when you’re actually ready to commit to a single relationship! Because it’s clear you wanna keep your options open!”
“Satori what the hell is your issue today? Huh? What’s up your ass that you’re being this way? Here I am being a regular nice person, just trying to maintain my grades, and you’re sitting here being a jealous prick! Over the dumbest of occurrences!” He looked at you seething, veins bulging in his neck.
“My issue is that my supposed lover hops around from man to man because nothing is ever enough for them! I’m wasting my time here with you, waiting for you to give me back an ounce of what I give you! What are you gonna do? Just flirt with every guy in sight for the rest of your life?” Nothing had ever hurt your feelings more. You couldn’t even begin to comprehend what Tendou had said to you, as tears fell down your face at a dizzying pace. “Oh yeah go ahead and cry y/n! Go on, because clearly you’re the one who’s hurt! It’s always about you, the universe always revolves around you, and I’m just in the corner watching aren’t I?” Tendou’s words broke you little by little, eating away at your heart. You’d given him everything you had to offer, always making sure he felt like the center of all your attention. But clearly that wasn’t enough for him.
“My god just shut up! Shut up y/n! You’re so annoying sometimes you know? Always crying like the victim!” You sobbed harder at that, and his glare only intensified.
“Stop it!”
“Then leave! Leave if you don’t like it! No one is stopping you,” you tried your best to drown out his screaming, but you couldn’t stop the words from hitting you right where they hurt. Soon, you found yourself losing awareness of your surroundings, all you could make out was how hard it was to breath. You didn’t notice Tendou trying to catch your attention, you didn’t notice him trying to get you to calm down, and you didn’t notice him telling you to take deep breaths. All you remember was him gently gripping your face, looking at you concerned, and then everything around you went blank.
When you woke, you sat up looking around the room. The memories prior to passing out came back to you, and as you were beginning to wonder where Tendou was, a crushing weight suddenly enveloped you. Tendou lay himself on you, head in your chest, and sobs racking his body.
“Please don’t leave, please! I know I said stuff that was way out of line, but please, just don’t leave me behind,” he looked at you, devastated at the idea that you might walk out. You were confused, your boyfriend had switched up so fast, and you didn’t know whether you should be mad at him or reassure him. You slightly moved to push him off so you could properly talk this through with him, but his breath hitched and he only gripped you tighter. “No, no, no! Please don’t do this y/n, I’ll be better! I’ll give you more, I know I’m not the best option, but I swear I can be worth your time!” He sobbed into you collarbone. You couldn’t stay mad at him, not when he said such heartbreaking words like that.
“Honey, what is going on? Why are you acting like this?” Sniffling, he looked up at you, regret all over his face.
“That guy walked in, and he made you smile and laugh, and he just seemed so perfect for you. He’s not this weird looking guy who doesn’t have much to offer. I didn’t wanna lose you to him,” his fingers clutched your shirt tightly, his knuckles turning white. “But I’ve ruined it all anyway. I messed it up like I do with everything else! I don’t want to see you walk away,” he voice broke and he buried his head back into your chest, staining your shirt with tears. Slowly moving your hand to his hair, you stroked his red locks as he cried.
“Baby, is that what this was about? You could have told me you were feeling this way,” tilting his head to look at you, you wiped his face and kissed his cheeks. “Satori, I don’t think you’re weird looking. I think you’re beautiful. You’re so handsome and I could look at you all day and never get tired. I’m serious.” Cradling his head back to your chest, you continued. “No one could be more perfect for me than you. You make me laugh and smile more than you give yourself credit for. I know sometimes it’s hard for you to view yourself that way, but you have to trust me.” He sniffled, still shaking in your arms as small cries continued to escape him.
“I’m sorry. I said all those awful things to you because of my own insecurities. You deserve so much better and you keep wasting your time with me.” Bringing the sheets up to cover both of you, you lay down on your side, letting him curl up to you.
“You’re never a waste of time baby. It’s okay, I know you didn’t mean what you said now. I’m not mad at you anymore okay? Don’t make it harder on yourself and keep thinking back on it. You’re more than enough, and you’re the one who deserves a lot. Okay? You deserve to be happy, stop telling yourself you don’t. I love you.” You moved to kiss his nose, and then his lips right after.
“I love you too. A lot more than you know.” Gathering him to your chest once again, you spent the rest of the night listing all the things about him that made him a blessing in your eyes.
Sometimes I just wanna punch the nearest thing to me because I think about Tendou’s bullies and I get mad. Anyway, a lot of you have also started your college semesters again like me, or will start again soon, so we all collectively feel the pain 🥲✌🏼I hope you all do well, and remember to drink water and stay well rested.
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fightmechimchim · 2 years ago
BTS SCENARIOS- They carry around something that belongs to you.
Kim Namjoon:
You slowly opened your eyes to peek at the source of noise coming from around you. You spotted your boyfriend frantically digging through his laundry bag searching for something as he sent shirts and pants flying all over the floor.
‘’Joon what are you doing?’’ You asked him as you sat up in the bed pulling the cover closer to your body. Namjoon looked up at you sadly. You extended your arms towards him inviting him to join you in his bed. He slowly made his way to you laying his head on your lap.
‘’I can’t find it.’’ He mumbled with a defeated tone. You stroked his head gently.
‘’Find what?’’ You questioned letting your eyes run over the mess on the floor. Namjoon took your hands in his.
‘’Your shirt, you know the really big one that I always bring with me when I go on tour. I’m leaving in the evening and I can’t find it.’’ You looked at your boyfriend who was sulking while playing with your fingers. You smiled at him.
‘’You mean the men’s shirt that’s too big for the both of us that you insisted on taking away from me because you thought it belonged to an ex-boyfriend?’’ You couldn’t help but laugh recalling the memory.
Namjoon was shocked to see you walking around in an oversized men’s shirt thinking how can you wear another man’s shirt when you have a boyfriend? After you told him that you bought it for yourself because you found men’s clothing more comfortable he suggested a trade; you give him the shirt and he will give you one of his. You were more than happy with the deal, you just didn’t think Namjoon would get so attached to your shirt.
‘’Yes that shirt, I need it when I’m away.’’ He looked away sadly at the mess on the ground. You linked your finger through his.
‘’When you’re away from me, missing me.’’ You finished his thought. You knew too well after all. He nodded letting out a deep breath.
‘’Namjoon you’re an idiot.’’ You deadpanned. He lifted his head to look up at you.
‘’For missing my girlfriend?’’ He asked offended. You rolled your eyes and pulled at his shirt.
‘’No, you’re an idiot because you woke me up by looking for a shirt that you’re already wearing.’’ You poked his head making him look down. His eyes grew wide in realisation before he laughed awkwardly at his mistake. He looked at you innocently and your heart gave out because silly mistakes like these is what led you to meet him after all.
Tumblr media
Kim Seokjin:
You were currently craving for ice-cream however you had none which forced you to move out from the comfort of your boyfriend’s arms and plan making your way to the convenience store. You walked into your room to find that you had no cash in your wallet.
‘’Seokjin-aaaah’’ You called teasingly to your boyfriend.
‘’Whaaaat?’’ Your boyfriend called back to you.
‘’I have no cash but a deep and threatening craving in the pits of my heart.’’ You yelled out dramatically. You could hear your boyfriend's laughter as he made his way to your room.
‘’That’s a bit dramatic.’’ He commented as he handed you his wallet. You smiled at him.
‘’I learned from the best.’’ You said opening up his wallet.
‘’I will give it back when I retrieve some cash fro-‘’ Your eyes stopped at a familiar picture tucked in the small pocket of your boyfriend’s wallet. You pulled it out and stared at it. Stared at the horrendous face that belonged to none other than yourself. You looked back at Seokjin.
‘’Why do you have this?’’ You asked him. He snatched the picture from you, a smile spreading over his features as he looked at it. You tried to grab it from him but he held it up in the air laughing at your lousy antics to get it back. You jumped on his back trying to weigh him down to the floor, and failing miserably.
‘’Why would you have that horrendous beast in your wallet? I thought I got rid of it.’’ You crossed your arms over your chest as you glared at your boyfriend after detaching yourself from his back. Seokjin wiped the tears from his eyes as he looked at your stern gaze.
‘’But you look so beautiful, what are you talking about?’’ He laughed reaching his hands towards your face. You pushed his hands away.
‘’Seokjin that picture was taken the same moment I thought my heart was going to fly out of my ass when that horrendous screeching beast dived towards the ground. I thought I was going to die.’’ You huffed as Seokjin started laughing once again recalling how you clung to his arm while yelling that you will sue the place.
‘’It was a ride for children Y/N.’’ He continued laughing at you.
‘’It was a torture device and that picture is hurting my dignity.’’ You pointed at the picture and tried to grab it again but Seokjin pulled his arm back.
‘’No, I’m keeping it.’’ He said tucking the picture in his pocket.
‘’Why?’’ You whined stomping your feet in frustration. Seokjin grinned at you.
‘’Because when I find it hard to smile all I need to do is look at this masterpiece of a picture and I find myself not only smiling but thanking the lord that I’ve ended up with someone who can make a child’s ride seem like a trip to hell.’’ He explained while dragging you into his arms.
‘’I hate it.’’ You grumbled into his chest even if your heart swelled with happiness at his words.
‘’But you love me.’’ He kissed your forehead. You looked up at him.
‘’I’ve decided that if you’re hurting my dignity then I won’t need to pay you back for the ice cream.’’ He laughed as you pulled out some cash from his wallet and walked out the room with your head held high. Shaking his head he pulled out the picture from his pocket and placed it back in his wallet. He could always count on you to make him happy. Always.
Tumblr media
Min Yoongi:
‘’Hey what’s this box?’’ Yoongi asked you as he sat on the bed with a blue box in his hands. You were currently trying to clean your room, emphasis on trying because honestly you felt exhausted only five minutes in. You looked at the box in your boyfriend’s hands.
‘’That’s my memory box, I keep all the sentimental junk in there.’’ You explained as you sat next to him and lifted the lid. Yoongi’s hands picked out a bunch of papers and little nothings observing each and every single one of them carefully while you were having a hard time recalling some of their backstories.
‘’This is nice.’’ He commented as he ran his fingers over a silver ring that had your initials on the inside. You took the ring and tried it on your finger before sliding it off again.
‘’I used to wear it all the time, I still do sometimes but ever since I moved here I just didn’t feel like it.’’ You smiled sadly. Yoongi looked at you and the ring curiously.
‘’Does it mean anything?’’ He asked.
‘’Yeah, it was a gift from a friend from back home asking me to not forget my roots and where I’m really from. It was made in my home country so it means something I just don’t wear it as much anymore.’’ You put your head on his shoulder remembering the day you left to live in Korea permanently.
‘’You miss your home?’’ He asked while slipping the ring onto his pinkie finger.
‘’I miss a lot of things, but my home is here in Korea now, with you.’’ You smiled. He looked at you sweetly. He brushed your cheek kissing you softly on the lips.
‘’Can I wear it?’’ He asked looking at the ring adorning his finger. You smiled and nodded.
‘’I’m glad you know, that you think of me when you think of home.’’ He added and you smiled taking his hand in yours.
‘’Of course I do.’’ You confirmed laughing to yourself at how silly you sounded to yourself.
‘’I think the same of you.’’ Yoongi whispered smiling at your hands. Your heart might have stopped for a few seconds, you felt happy, no matter how much you missed your country it can’t compare to how much you missed Yoongi when he was away. You’ll always be happier with him.
Tumblr media
Jung Hoseok:
‘’Can I have them back?’’ You asked Hoseok standing beside him in front of the mirror as he checked out his outfit before going out.
‘’No honey.’’ He smiled at you in the mirror as he adjusted the sunglasses on his head. Sunglasses that rightfully belonged to you. Sunglasses that your stubborn boyfriend refused to give back to you.
‘’But they’re mine.’’ You looked at him incredulously. You couldn’t understand why he refused to give them back to you. He pretty much wore them every single day now that the sun was out, but even when the sun wasn’t out he still kept your sunglasses.
‘’And they match all of my clothes, I’m sorry but you’re not getting them back.’’ He smiled at you showing off his dimples. You groaned as you threw yourself on the bed.
‘’But you have so many other pairs and it’s not like you can’t afford the exact same ones. I literally bought them at a convenience store and they’re the only pair I have.’’ You complained trying to make him see sense. It’s not like you minded him wearing them, it’s just that his weird attachment to them annoyed you especially when he refused to let you wear them.
‘’None other are like these.’’ Hoseok said simply as he once again adjusted them on his head.
‘’And why not?’’ You sighed staring at the ceiling.
‘’Because you were wearing them the first time I saw you, it’s because of them falling from your face when you sneezed too hard that I had to pick them up and hand them back to you. If not for them falling at my feet I would have ignored your abnormal sneezing and walked right past not realising that I just walked past the woman I love so much now.’’
‘’Y/N?’’ Hoseok pulled at your sleeve. You slowly sat up on the bed staring at your boyfriend unable to keep your eyes from watering. Hoseok laughed at you once he spotted the tears in your eyes.
‘’I never even liked those sunglasses.’’ You said sniffing.
‘’But what you said made me love them.’’ You added. Hoseok pulled into his arms shaking his head at your dramatics.
‘’Because of them I started to fall for you.’’ He said kissing your temple. You smacked his chest gently.
‘’Stop it, I’m emotional now.’’ He chuckled as he pulled you back, wiping your face dry.
‘’So can I keep them?’’ He grinned at you and you felt like crying again.
‘’Yeah, you can.’’ You whispered looking down. Those damned stupid sunglasses you thought. Thank the lord they were on sale.
‘’What are you thinking?’’ Hoseok asked you. You looked up to meet his loving eyes. You could see yourself in their dark reflection. How lucky must you be to be looked at and to be loved by someone like him.
‘’I was thinking that I’m glad they were on sale and that they don’t actually match any of your outfits.’’ You grinned at him. He scrunched his nose glancing at the mirror.
‘’I know they don’t, but we match each other don’t we?’’ He said taking your hand in his and standing up.
‘’Hell yeah we do.’’ You squeezed his hand standing up. He placed his hand on your cheek and leaned in to place a sweet kiss upon your forehead. Yepp, you had the sunglasses to thank.
Tumblr media
Park Jimin:
‘’Hey love are you ready to go?’’ Jimin spoke as he entered your room.
‘’Yeah just a second.’’ You replied as your eyes travelled through the minimal amount of jewellery in your drawer. Jimin came up behind you sneaking his hands around your waist and placing his chin on your shoulder. He looked at the jewellery displayed before you.
‘’I never knew you had these, you always take my jewellery.’’ He chuckled softly brushing his nose against your cheek. You pouted looking at the lack of choices.
‘’Your jewellery is better, also I like wearing what’s yours.’’ You replied simply.
‘’I noticed.’’ He said tugging at your sweatshirt that was actually your boyfriend’s. You shrugged and closed your draw. You turned to face Jimin who was gazing at you with such warmth you sort of forgot where you were.
‘’Let me choose something for you huh?’’ He suggested as he reached behind you to reopen the drawer. You let him peek inside as he poked the pieces with his fingers looking them over.
You took the time to admire the beauty that was your boyfriend. What did it matter what jewellery you wore or how fancy your clothing was, you could be wearing a crown made of diamonds and it’d still all dull in the presence of Jimin. There was something about him that was safe and comforting yet euphoric and completely insane. You could say you were deeply and madly in love.
‘’I’ve come to a conclusion that I need to buy my girlfriend more jewellery.’’ He pressed his lips into a thin line as he closed the draw. You slowly focused back into reality.
‘’No need, I don’t feel like wearing any today anyway.’’ You smiled. Jimin pulled you back into his arms only to have you pull right back out.
‘’Oh wait, I think I brought my necklace back from my mom’s house.’’ You spoke quickly and then very ungracefully jumped over your bed to your bedside table. You fished out a small chain with a small pendant that shone with your favourite colour. You walked over to Jimin dangling it in front of his face.
‘’It’s really pretty.’’ He commented stroking the pendant. You smiled as his fingers brushed against your necklace.
‘’My grandparents gifted it to me when I was born, I started wearing it when I was five though. I left it with my mom ever since I moved here.’’ Jimin smiled at you as you told him the backstory of you necklace. You looked at the chain and frowned, it was broken.
‘’It’s okay, we can take it to fix it somewhere.’’ You suggested when Jimin tried to unsuccessfully connect the two ends together.
‘’I can wear the pendant on my chain, or you can take my chain and wear it.’’ He offered edging his fingers around his neck but you stopped him. An idea crossing over your head.
‘’Or how about you wear it and you know keep it.’’ You said shyly looking up at him. Jimin flushed a little as his lips parted into a small oh.
‘’You want me to have it?’’ He asked making sure. You nodded and he grinned at you immediately taking the pendant and fixing it on the thin chain around his neck. He looked down at it with a loving smile.
‘’I love it, thank you. Now I can carry a part of you with me.’’ He smiled cheekily as he once again pulled into his embrace. You laughed against his chest. You were happy that he accepted it, even if it’s just a small and seemingly insignificant object that once travelled with you every day of your life you were glad it gets to be with Jimin and that you get to be with him.
‘’Don’t lose it.’’ You teased pulling away, your heart was a little too warm for you to handle at the moment. Jimin brushed his hand through your hair biting his lip softly.
‘’I will never lose it, I will treasure it as much as I treasure you.’’ He said as he slowly closed the distance between the two of you placing his lips on yours, a kiss so sweet and full of love that you felt silly for missing it the moment he pulled away.
‘’I love you.’’ You whispered with your beating heart. Jimin laughed as his smile hid his eyes.
‘’I love you too baby.’’
Tumblr media
Kim Taehyung:
‘’Hey what’s this?’’ Taehyung asked as he picked something in his hand and dropped down to lay beside you on your bed. You looked over to what he was toying with; a simple bracelet made out of wooden beads, a few of them who each bore a single letter spelling out your name.
‘’It’s a bracelet my mom got me a long time ago, I’ve never wore it.’’ You explained taking the bracelet and swinging it around your finger.
‘’Why not?’’ Your boyfriend asked curiously placing his head on your stomach as his eyes danced in circles following the movement of the bracelet. You laughed.
‘’Why would I wear my own name? Also I don’t really like it.’’ You scrunched your nose. The bracelet flew off your finger and landed behind your pillow. Taehyung pouted as he retrieved it back.
‘’But it was a gift from your mom?’’ He said turning over the wooden beads on the simple string.
‘’That’s why I didn’t throw it away.’’ You smiled at your boyfriend who seemed genuinely upset that you didn’t put the bracelet to use.
‘’I guess.’’ He mumbled laying back on your stomach. He toyed with the bracelet in one of his hands while his other hand played with the strands of your hair twirling them around his fingers while staring at you with such an intense gaze that you knew only Taehyung can know the meaning off.
‘’Why are you looking at me like that?’’ You asked squinting at your boyfriend whose eyes never once left your face, running over every single feature of yours as if trying to forever imprint them into his brain, so he could never forget. You poked at his bottom lip that was stuck between his teeth.
‘’Tell me.’’ You whispered taking his hand in yours. He looked down finally smiling to himself.
‘’Nothing.’’ He said innocently.
‘’Kim Taehyung, I know you well enough to know that whatever you got going on in your head is not nothing. I want to know.’’ You whined pouting. He only laughed as he quickly brought himself up to peck you on the lips and then just like that he was back to laying on your stomach. He brought the bracelet to his eye level and swiftly slipped it on his wrist letting it settle there.
‘’You’re not going to actually wear it are you?’’ You chuckled looking at your name surrounding your boyfriend’s wrist.
‘’I am, and I’m never taking it off.’’ He smiled putting his wrist in front of your face turning it in different directions showing it off. You pushed his hand away laughing.
‘’You’re impossible.’’ You sighed rubbing at your tired eyes.
‘’No you are.’’ He stated lifting his head to look at you.
‘’So impossible that sometimes I find myself wondering if you’re actually real. You’re kind of like a fantasy of mine I always had just never got to put a name or a face to until I actually met you.’’ He said with such seriousness in his voice yet so much wonder in his eyes that it’s as if he was still at a loss as to how he ended up getting to be with you. You yourself were at a loss for words. You simply could not speak as your heart struggled against your ribcage. If this were a cartoon you knew your heart will leap right out and latch onto Taehyung’s face, its animated hands gripping onto his cheeks.
‘’I’m keeping this bracelet whether you like it or not.’’ Taehyung stated finally as he slapped his wrist and brought himself up to your side tucking your body into his. Your arms moved on their own accord to circle around him.
‘’You sure do know how to make a girl stop breathing.’’ You mumbled against his neck where your face was gently resting. Taehyung ran his hands down your arms.
‘’It’s because I love you.’’ He smiled into your hair.
‘’Or because you want to kill me.’’ You rolled your eyes but brought yourself closer.
‘’Or that.’’ Taehyung replied which earned him a poke in the ribs. Just as the bracelet with your name wrapped around Taehyung’s wrist you hoped his heart will forever remain wrapped around your own beating one.
Tumblr media
Jeon Jungkook:
One of the things that you loved about Jungkook is how attentive he was to your needs, no matter how little they were. It could range from him going out of his way to get you a specific sort of medicine or fully educating himself on something you like to something small like constantly bringing you a glass of water or always having a hairband on himself in case you need one.
What you didn’t know is that a simple thing like a hairband would become an object of comfort to him, because as long as he had one he knew he had someone to give it to, someone who is you. He always wanted to have you. So of course when you walked into your living room to find Jungkook digging his hands into the gaps of your sofa you were confused as to why he was going to such an extent to retrieve a hair band.
‘’It’s your favourite one.’’ He argued when you sat on the coffee table asking him why.
‘’I didn’t even realise I had a favourite one.’’ You thought out loud. Jungkook rolled his eyes at you.
‘’Help me find it?’’ He turned to look at you and you sighed getting on your knees and peeking under the sofa.
‘’Okay I will lift it up and you quickly see if it’s under there.’’ Jungkook instructed you as he quickly lifted up the sofa. Your eyes roamed the dusty space until you spotted a black hairband laying on the side. You snatched it from the ground and stood up as Jungkook put the sofa down.
‘’Ah good, will you use it?’’ He asked you nodding towards the hairband, you shook your head in response and Jungkook took the hairband from your fingers and rolled it onto his wrist. You couldn’t help but burst into laughter, you were laughing so hard that you ended up heaving for air on the floor and clutching you stomach as tears rolled down your cheeks.
‘’Why are you laughing?’’ Jungkook asked sitting down on the sofa staring at you while you rolled on the floor.
‘’Because you’re so damn extra that it’s actually hilarious.’’ You tried to steady your breathing as you slowly got up and sat on Jungkook’s lap. He looped his arms around you and leaned back into the sofa.
‘’It’s just a hairband Kook.’’ You said each word slowly while holding his face in your hands. He moved them away and took your face in his own copying you.
‘’I know that, I just feel better when I have it with me.’’ He explained as a faint red tint decorated his cheeks.
‘’How better?’’ You asked wanting to know more. Jungkook shrugged his shoulders while looking off to the side.
‘’I don’t know, it’s just that I feel anxious when I don’t have it with me. Like if I don’t have it then somehow I don’t have you either.’’ He spoke quietly not meeting your eyes. You looked at him, wondering to yourself if it’s possible to fall in love all over again.
‘’I want to carry a part of you around with me at all times, even if it’s just a hairband. When I’m away touring your hairband gives me comfort, because I know that when I come back I’ll have you to reclaim it.’’ He said finally looking at you. You smiled sadly at him because you never knew that, and now that you know your heart cried out for reasons quite unknown.
‘’Jeon Jungkook what have I done to deserve you?’’ You asked as you wrapped your hands around his neck and brought your foreheads together. He smiled at you softly, staring into your eyes with his big dark ones.
‘’I could ask you the same.’’ He grinned.
‘’I guess I’ll never get to cut my hair since you’ll be needing that.’’ You said as your fingers gently gripped the hairband around your boyfriend’s wrist. He laughed as he skilfully turned you so now he was laying on top of you.
‘’I don’t care what you do as long as you don’t leave me.’’ He said it so simply that it broke your heart thinking that such thoughts actually roamed his head. You brought your hand to his cheek stroking it gently as you gazed into his love filled yet somewhat anxious eyes.
‘’I would never.’’ You promised. Jungkook nodded with a satisfied smile and leaned down to kiss you softly. He laid down in your arms, letting himself get lost in your comfort. You held the man you loved so much and promised yourself that Jungkook would never have to spend a day without your hairband.
Tumblr media
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octosprout · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Hey hey hey, @sabertoothedyellowtiger, a little birdy told me that you wanted some cute lesbians this Christmas, and you know your secret santa was more than happy to oblige ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)
I’m so glad that I could make this for ya- I had so much fun on it, despite my hand wanting to fall off! Happy Holidays, my dude! And a big ol’ thank you to @soupery for breaking your back putting this together again this year ♡ 
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okayau · 2 years ago
Happy (Mingi)
Tumblr media
request: 35,37,59 with mingi or whoever you think it’ll fit best with from Ateez
35“put me down”
37“stop filming me, idiot”
59“you make me so damn happy”
“Stop filming me, idiot,” Mingi laughed as he caught you aiming your phone at him for what seemed to be the 39th time that day.  You two had come out on a hike, finding that the seclusion from the public and the beautiful views would be something you’d like to have together.
“You look so good though. I need some content for when you’re doing all your schedules,” you smiled widely, reveling in the fact that you got a video of him laughing.
“You’ve been doing this all day. How is your storage not full yet?” he shook his head and moved closer to you, playing into your actions. You couldn’t help but giggle as he made cute expressions and pretended to kiss the camera. However, your laughs were cut short as he swiped the phone from your hands. You opened your mouth to protest before Mingi raised his finger, signaling for you to hold on as he switched the camera to front screen. You watched as he pressed the record button before lifting the phone to get you both into the frame.
“Hi baby,” He grinned, waving at the phone. “If you’re watching this then you probably miss me or just want to see my gorgeous face-,”
“Ew you’re gross,” you chuckled, earning a feigned gasp from Mingi.
“How dare you,” He overexaggerated his words before moving closer to you and wrapping an arm around your waist, securing his grip on you. Before you could react, he had picked you up. His hold was a bit off, given that he was hoisting you up by one arm, so in order to keep yourself from falling, you wrapped your arms and legs around his body.
“What the heck dude,” you playfully hit his shoulder, but earned no response. Instead, Mingi ignored you, giving his attention to the phone once more.
“Anyways, if you miss me just know that I miss you too. I love you with all my heart…even despite the fact that you burned my toast this morning,” He gave you a joking side eye, causing you to roll your eyes.
“My bad,” you whined before nuzzling your face into his neck, making Mingi chuckle.
“But yeah I love you a lot. You are so beautiful and so wonderful and so funny and I don’t know how I got so lucky to be with you. You make me so damn happy _____. And I know that wherever I am while you watch this video, I’m wishing I was with you,” As Mingi finished the last of his words and gave a final smile to the camera, you couldn’t hide the blush forming on your cheeks.
“Put me down,” you quietly told him, leading Mingi to release his grip on you and carefully set you back on your feet. Your eyes stayed on him, admiring his serene features. Your heart was beating a bit faster than usual and it only quickened as Mingi turned to face you with another one of his smiles.
“Here,” He held out your phone, ushering for you to take it back. “I think that’s enough filming for today. Let’s just enjoy each other’s company now,”
“Yeah,” you nodded, taking the device from him before putting it in your pocket and entwining your fingers with his.
“Hey Mingi,” You rested your head on his shoulder as you both began walking along the trail once again.
“Yeah?” He glanced down at you.
“You make me happy too,” You kept your gaze forward, not wanting him to see how flushed your face had become. Mingi couldn’t help but smile at your words and gave your hand a small squeeze.
“I know love,” He sighed, moving closer to you as you both continued walking forward and enjoying each other’s presence.
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inkskinned · 3 years ago
i want to die, love. i’m sorry i unrolled my shoulders and burdened you with this. i just don’t know who else to turn to but a stranger with too much ink in their blood and too little time on their hands. it hurts. so much.
truth be told, it does hurt. 
the last few months have been some of the best of my entire life. I’ve been happy in this unbreakable way that seems impossible. i keep waking up waiting for the other shoe to drop.
it has taken me a bit to notice the shoe has dropped, i just know how to catch it.
the last months - euphoric, impossible, so full of love and light that it feels like a poem and not my real life - were also full of anger, sorrow, anxiety that kept me up into the night. and the loss of my hands. the loss of my writing.
it’s just that the things that used to stop me before don’t stop me anymore. it’s that i know if i am patient, the panic attack peters out. it’s that i know how to hold onto life even when life is a wisp of a thing.
everyone - myself included - always says it gets better. how fragile that sounds when you want to die. i remember reading it and thinking when!  i remember thinking: but what is “it”? yes, my life in general got better. but for that to happen? i had to get better first. and you get better. only in mental illness do we promise our patients a vague future where perfection reigns. with my hands failing me, i am not promised something vague. instead, i am given day-by-day instructions for managing pain. i am given the promise it will be managed, but only by my ministrations. 
hope is not vague. hope is real and it is another four-letter word. it is work. you get better. start with the small things. small enough they feel silly. the simple day-to-day struggles. fix that one poster that hangs to the side. get a night light. listen to a new song every day. find a schedule. no, scratch that. force yourself to have a schedule. write it down. if that schedule is simply “10:00 AM - get out of bed to stretch”, it is a schedule. 
hope is not vague. i know so many people who tell me: okay. i don’t want to be alive but i don’t want to die but i also don’t not want to die. the snake that eats itself. i cannot tell you “don’t worry, one day you won’t feel like that!” because even i, telling you that, sometimes find myself idly thinking about stepping into traffic. more and more often i’m surprised by it - and i was once so used to this constant undercurrent. but death is not hope. death is the end of hope. the long-sleep that you actually yearn for - that ending of trouble, of tired, of every day the same day… it cannot come from death. 
it can only come from hope. i know because i am not tired anymore. every day is still, sometimes, the same day. but i am awake in a way i have never been awake. i am present in the moment when the moment comes and my heart actually real-life feels love. it took me 12 years of constant work to get here. 12 years of hope. 
i can’t tell you what hope you should have, only that you have it. even if you don’t feel it, some part of you has it. not a vague you, you, because you wrote me this, and if you took the time to tell someone, some part of you wanted to admit to it. to be told: i come from where you are. don’t die. not yet. not today. we have too many things to make together. we have too many things to do. our bucket lists (still unwritten for me - i never expected to live long enough to finish one) need to be full. we have to put our feet into every ocean, we have to make cute sunscreen tan line tattoos, to write our book, to sell our first band cd, to make art that makes someone cry, to help people. to be alive for our sister’s wedding, to be happy when our dog comes home, to save the cat when he got his claw caught again. without us - you, you, you, and me - think of how many people will go unhelped, how many animals unsaved, how many gardens unwatered. how many books unread, walks untaken, setting suns unseen. 
my friend once said to me “every morning i wake up sad, i make myself waffles, because that day could be the best day of my life, and if it is, it needs to start with waffles. and every time i am sad in the afternoon, i just restart the 24 hours and make myself waffles. no matter what time of day it is, the next day can start then. and sometimes i have waffles for all 3 meals. but then it is the next day. and i can start again.”
tomorrow might be the best day of your life. hope is in you.
please keep living.
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tbfhprincess · 2 years ago
I told myself that I would feel what I feel. I promised that I wouldn’t try to fight my feelings. But I can’t do it anymore. You make me so happy, yet loving you makes my heart hurt so much. I want to cherish what we have, even if I’m just another friend to you. But it’s so difficult letting myself fall for every little thing you do and say. It’s so painful being the only one falling. And as much as I care about your happiness, it kills me to watch you fall for someone else, to see you only see her. So I’m stopping myself. I won’t melt at how soft your eyes become when you face me as we talk. I won’t become excited when I look for you in the crowd and find you. I won’t think anything of the random moments when you hold my hand or touch my face. I won’t tell myself every excuse just to see you or talk to you. I won’t think we’ll become anything more.
i’ll let you go.
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sinbangtansin · 2 years ago
“It was never intended, but it feels like I’m using you guys to love myself...Please use me.  Use BTS to love yourself.” - Kim Namjoon, 7th October 2018
Does anybody every think about this philosophy that Namjoon has come to embrace so strongly -- about ARMY using Bangtan’s music and themselves to be happy and love themselves -- most likely came from Jin’s conversation with him last April when they were in Hawaii?
Namjoon was struggling with whether making music just for others and not for himself was a good thing or a bad thing.  When Jin told him he finds happiness from making other people happy, Namjoon was really shook because he hadn’t thought about it that way before.  Every time I hear Namjoon so vocal about others using BTS to find happiness, I just always think back to that conversation...because I’ve never seen Namjoon as happy and relaxed as I have now that he seems at peace with why he makes music
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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nina2119deviantart · 3 years ago
My Drawing of Gruvia's son My Subs !!!!! Gruvia Family! The power of Nalu's daughter ! My meeting with Mashima: A Dream!
Tumblr media
Idk where to start! But it was just magic !!!!!!!!!!
I'm going to talk about Gruvia moment, and I'll publish the videos and interviews later (because I have to translate them and do the video editing it's very long)
But as I know that many are waiting for Gruvia, I will to tell you this big day !! :D
Ok, so , I had the chance to talk with Mashima and I spent almost 5 minutes with him !!! (unlike other fans who had an average of 1 min (drawing time))
I offered him my drawings and the first word he said was: WOW!
Tumblr media
he congratulated me and said that I was very talented! (OMG I blushed so much, I thought I'd faint haha ) He looking at the drawings several times, especially that of Lucy Ankhseram! it was really an incredible moment!
He kept the drawings, and in the 10 drawings there were two drawings of Gruvia:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Then I told him that all the fandom Gruvia supported him and that we thank him for all that they offer to the fans of Gruvia, we are happy!
He laughed a lot!
He asked if I wanted to become mangaka, I talked about my project to the translator, and Mashima said, Oh! you want to do this for Gray and Juvia?
(I cannot tell you yet what project I'm doing, but you'll soon understand why Mashima-sensei said that)
Then he thanked me twice in French!!!
I gave him the ticket with the drawing I wanted (I wanted the Gruvia family, but the staff told me that I could only choose one character, so I said : Gruvia’s son please, the manager of Mashima was surprised and laughed, and she said: "I don’t know if that will be possible but ask Mashima-sensei directly")
I told him that I would love to see the Gruvia family, so I wanted Gruvia's son, he laughed a lot at that time (that's why he told me that I wanted to do my new project on Gray and Juvia XD), and everyone around too, he has accepted without hesitation, but there has been a problem
He felt embarrassed because he did not know anymore how he had drawn him XD (when he spoke Japanese he looked at me all the way to explain this) haha ​​XD we looked for the image on his twitter he had to draw with Nalu's daughter ^^
He changed felts because this drawing was more precise than the others (because he was drawing with a big felt) I was really lucky because Mashima have taken time to do it with a lot of detail and he made it personalized with my name on it
Tumblr media
Then we chat, the bodyguard behind even supported the Gruvia !!!!!!!! and to say "I'm a fan too" Mashima understood and that made us laugh,
We discussed my project with the translator who was doing the translation in Mashima, Mashima showed me the drawing of Gruvia's son, and everyone said how cute he was !! Mashima laughed, We took a picture together with the drawing (The photo was not planned for the ticket, the festival staff told me that it is Mashima who insisted and who wish to make an extra gift for the VIP winners, because for him the drawing was not enough , and the staff took a professional photographer to make a photo with each winner to thank us, we were only 20 to get this ticket )
Tumblr media
(What more do you want me to say? Mashima is the most incredible man, the most humble, the most generous person who loves these fans sincerely! <3 I've no words...)
And and he shook my hand ! <3
Well, I was really “privileged” because I was able to discuss with him, offer him my drawings and that to last a lot of time compared to others
It was amazing, I don’t have a word to describe Mashima-sensei, it's just magical, amazing and so kind!
He likes Gruvia, and support, I'm pretty sure!
Know that Mashima made the son of Gruvia around at lunch time and a few hours later for his second performance he drew the Gruvia family !!!!! I cannot believe it's a coincidence!
Tumblr media
My dream was coming true! I could not believe it!!! When there was barely few hours, he could not remember how to draw him!
It was the best gift we Gruvia fans could receive !!! It was magical! I miss the words and will never be able to tell you how incredible this moment was!
I did my best to represent the Gruvia community and bring you as many images as possible so you do not miss anything , even thousands of miles away ;)  and Mashima offered us incredible gifts for that!
So if you can, please, don't hesitate to thank Mashima-sensei for all the love he gives us for Gruvia <3
Ps: I will publish the videos of Mashima drawing Gruvia’s son, I also got other video with the drawing of Gray !!!!!
They are exclusive images because I was one of the rare to have had the chance to film so closely Mashima doing the drawings^^
And I thank the other winners who let me take a picture of their drawings!
He also told the conference that for now, he still did not find a name for him ^^ because the festival staff, explain me that he had made a mistake at the conference by giving a name to the Nalu's daughter, I think he's been typed on the fingers by his publisher, because the children for now, are not yet confirmed in the real story, I will give the max to translate the complete interview of Mashima about his new project etc...
Ps 2: For Nalu fans, the power of Lucy and Natsu's child has been revealed: She has the power of "starry flame": D
Tumblr media
PLEASE :  Don’t distribute these images without credit or permission
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yandere-musings · 2 years ago
Helllooo ~ May I request a couple of headcannons for yandere Dabi and Shoto? What would their reaction be if they catch their s/o trying to escape? :)
It was a bit easier to do a drabble over headcanons. Hope you don't mind. Enjoy!
WARNING: The following contains dark and triggering themes of emotional abuse, violence, stalking or noncon. Read at your own risk!
Yandere Shoto Todoroki
Tumblr media
Yandere Type: Smothering, Protective and Possessive
You jump in surprise, whipping your head around to look behind you. Standing just feet away in the center if the kitchen was Shoto Todoroki. Nononono this wasn't happening. He was supposed to be in meetings and running errands all day. Why was he back so early?! Why didn't you hear him come in?!Shoto's eyes were wide in shock, staring in disbelief with you standing at the back door, trying to pry open the padlock with a knife. The bags of groceries he had been holding fell from his hands, the contents spilling onto the kitchen tile. After the initial shock wore off, Shoto's expression quickly shifted to one of anger. You stood there, frozen like a deer in headlights. Moving carefully, he raised his arm to hold out his hand.
"Y/n... Give me the knife," he ordered sternly.
A cold sweat started running throughout your body. You weren't sure if it was out fear or if Todoroki's quirk was effecting the temperature of the room. The way he held his hand out was passive but his eyes told a different story. The fury in his gaze was clear. Shoto was livid. Part of you wanted to lunge at him and gouge out those eyes from that two-toned head head of his. But you knew that he would stop you before you could try.
A defeated sigh leaves your lips. I was so close, you thought. All you could really do was obey in hopes that whatever punishment he gave you wouldn't be as harsh. You look away in shame, holding out the hand that was tightly gripping the knife. After a tense moment of silence, gentle fingers reached out and caressed your hand before carefully prying the blade away. Asecond later, you heard the sound of the knife clattering after he tossed the blade on the kitchen counter top. You still couldn't bring yourself to look at him.
"I-I can explain-."
"Save it," he snapped.
You flinch at his sharp tone. He was clearly trying hard to be calm but you knew that inside there was a fiery rage building. You nervously look his direction. Shoto had his head hung down, his hair hiding his face while hands were clentched into fists at his side. He was trembling.
"There's... nothing you can say that can change how hurt I am right now."
He took a deep breath before looking up at you, his calm usual expression beginning to crack with tears starting to swell in his eyes. Suddenly, several small flames ignited and flashed up his arms and head. You recoil in surprise and take a step back, watching the fire flicker in fear. You try to take another step back, only to have your back press against the wall behind you. You were trapped.
"Is this why you've been so loving towards me lately? To get me to lower my guard?"
All your senses told you to run, but you knew that it would only anger him further. So instead, you settled for trembling against the wall like a cornered animal.
"I'm sorry Shoto..." you meekly apologized.
"I love you so much Y/n... I've done so many things to prove it. I only want to protect you. To make you happy. To earn your trust... so why... why...Why... WHY WONT YOU JUST LOVE ME?!!" he roared.
The sudden rush of heat hit you like a brickwall, making you screech and shield your face as you fall onto the floor. You instinctively cower on the ground, the burning fire in front of you. Shoto towered above you, flames engulfing his body. You wailed, tears flowing freely from your eyes but the blazing heat dried them almost instantly.
Todoroki's eyes widened again, watching as you recoiled and cowered on the floor at his feet. The imagine of his beloved, sobbing on the floor and trying to shield yourself from the flames. Todoroki's heart skipped a beat.
...Just like mother...
And like that, the heat was gone. You quivered on the warm tiles, your breathing struggling to even out. Shoto had made a vow never to use his quirks to hurt you... But perhaps there was punishment in which his quirks would do more good than harm. You trembled as you heard him pick up the knife again.
".... the only way you'll learn who you belong to is if I carve my name into your body," he muttered while raising the knife and taking a step towards you.
You screech and try to scramble to get away but his arm shoots out and grabs your leg. He drags you back and pins you down with his body weight. He pushes up your shirt, exposing the flesh of your stomach. Your arms flail beneath him, your screams of terror only growing louder. His fist punched the ground beside your head, ice forming instantly. You go limp, staying silent.
"...Stay still. When I'm done, I will cauterize the wounds with my fire to stop the bleeding.... Then soothe the pain with my ice. This is your punishment..."
* * *
Yandere Dabi Todoroki
Tumblr media
Yandere Type: Possessive, Sadistic, Controlling
"Y/n.... What are you doing?"
You froze, your blood turning to lead in your veins... no No NO! Why was he here? Why was he home early? You were so close! Ever so slowly, you turned your head and look over your shoulder to see Dabi standing in the doorway. His cyan eyes bore into yours, taking in how you had one leg up on the bedroom floor and the other out the window. Scattered along the floor were shards of broken glass and a meat hammer laying haphazardly beside the windowsill. All the time you spent waiting. All those things you had to do for him in order to get Dabi to trust you. All the pain you endured for this one chance. Weeks of planning, wasted in an instant.
"I-I know this looks bad but-" you began but he cut you off.
"Get back inside right now, Y/n. If you do... I won't hurt you as bad."
You couldnt move, brain buzzing as you were overcome with paralyzing fear of the man who stood just feet away. On one hand, you already had one leg outside and on the rooftop. You had a head start and it was only the third floor. If you skipped climbing down the tree and just jumped, you might be able to walk afterwords ... But on the other hand, you knew what Dabi was like. There was no way in hell that he'd let you go that easy. He'd sooner set the house ablaze before he'd let your feet touch the ground outside.
"If you won't make a move, I will."
In an instant, he charged at you as fast as he could. All you could bring yourself to do was to tense up and wait for the pain. Within seconds, his fingers slid against your scalp, hoisting you up by your hair and dragging you off the windowsill. He threw you down on the floor, directly into the piles of broken glass. You let out a bloodcurdling scream as the shards easily sliced through your clothes to penetrate your skin. Before you could stand up, Dabi's foot loudly stomped down on your hand, pushing your palm harder into the broken pieces. You screamed and desperately clawed at his leg with your free hand. Dabi responded by grinding his heel even harder, driving the shards deeper and deeper into your flesh.
"Dabi! Dabi please I'm sorry! Please Dabi! It hurts! Stop!" you begged.
"Oh it hurts does it? Great, now we match! We're both in a lot of pain right now. You from the glass in your hand and me from you stabbing me in the fucking back. Y'know, I gotta admit! You had me fooled there for a while Y/n! I was starting to think you were learning your place. That we were finally passed all this," he sneered.
He spat on your back and lifted his leg. As soon as his foot was lifted off your hand, you brought it to your chest to cradle the bloody limb. You sat on the ground, a sobbing mess, wailing as Dabi crouched down beside you. You flinch involuntarily as his hand gently caressed the top of you head.
"Good thing I came home early today huh?"
You let out a pitiful whimper before he grabbed you by your hair again, yanking your head up to look at him. His crazed eyes were fixed on you, his mouth spread wide with a sadistic grin.
"Don't you get it yet Y/n? You belong to me. Even if you do get out, I will find you. I'll hunt you down and drag you back kicking and screaming if I have to," he hissed. You cried weakly as he let go of your head again. He let out an exaggerated sigh.
"Looks like I'm gone a have to chain you up whenever I leave now. I mean, its either that or I burn off your fucking legs. But I think you'd prefer the collar right babe?"
You nodded furiously while clutching your wrist, too overcome with the pain to move or do anything else. His hand began rubbing soothing circles on your back as you struggled to breathe. He grinned at the sight of your hand, now slathered in your own blood. He shook his head and chuckled.
"Still can't believe you tried to trick me Babe... I'm hurt..."
He picked up the meat hammer, leaned forward and with his breath warm against the shell of your ear and whispered.
"But not nearly as hurt as you're gonna be."
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