#I’m worthy
somewhatsomelikepoetry · 7 months ago
Always waited for someone to save me, turns out I was the one I was waiting for
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evolvingessence · a year ago
Tumblr media
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hot6oy · a year ago
Time to start opening my heart to something new or just something,
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senzafiatoesplode · 2 years ago
one day i’ll be able to admire and treasure all the stars without even being aware of the clouds
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el3ctricmermaid · 3 years ago
My need to be desired
I crave it
To a fault I crave it
To be desired and wanted
To be desired is not to be loved
What I need more is to be loved
For who I am
For once in my life
But I crave to be be desired
For a minute
For a lifetime
I’ll take anything inbetween
This is what afflicts me
Ails me
So desperate to be wanted that I forget
Forget that I need more
More than just desire
I deserve to be loved
To be more
I am worthy
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shyghosties · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
cozy christmas!!!!
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pothead-paisan · a month ago
if you're "terf safe" you're not fucking leftist. You're a conservative who wants a matriarchal society.
I mean… let’s all give anon some credit for coining the new political category of “conservative who wants a matriarchal society” 😂 which DOESN’T FUCKING EXIST BY DEFINITION
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georgeliker · 6 months ago
remember when george played “you are out of my league” by fitz and the tantrums in a discord podcast
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theerealcowboy · 7 months ago
This trans day of remembrance post going around co-opts “say her name”, a platform created specifically to combat the erasure of black women & girls in anti police brutality activism. I shouldn’t have to explain how terrible it is to take that from black women, to write someone else’s name over it. Acknowledging the fact that women of color are most vulnerable to transphobic violence feels very empty when you reaffirm society’s disregard for black women’s lives in the same breath. I don’t want to see nonblack people rbing that post or anything else that uses black women’s issues & black women’s work like mules 💙
Here is the link to donate to the transgender law center. Reminder that y’all are just as capable of remaking posts with good resources when they perpetuate antiblackness as I am. Wishing black trans women everywhere the most beautiful day possible
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somewhatsomelikepoetry · 8 months ago
I’d give you the world if I could
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moodyvoid · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Lady Nagant
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pissditch · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
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miggiisdumb · a month ago
the way i had to share this with you. I have been laughing at it for the past couple minutes 😭
THE LEANED BACK WALK I CANT😭😭😭😭 I love him regardless so I’d never change him🥰 my dad would still lock his ass out of our house tho…
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shyghosties · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
angel bunny !!
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mouse-fantoms · a year ago
*screams in at least make it make sense*
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Numbers don’t be adding up here
Tumblr media
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simp4hotch · 6 months ago
thermal imaging—din djarin
summary: you have a crush on din and he’s concerned. lol aka, self indulgent requited unrequited love. comfort character!din strikes again. implied mutual pining. GN!you
warnings: a teeny bit of angst and miscommunication but it works out ☺️
living on the razor crest was a living hell.
correction: living in such close quarters with din djarin when you have feelings for the man was hell.
hell was hot, you were hot, your cheeks blushing constantly at any attention he bestowed on you.
to din, you were a friend. reliable and safe to let around the child. to you, din was…din was—
“hey.” a rough voice brought you out of your daydreams and back into the cockpit.
din was seated in the pilot seat, looking at you with his helmet tilted to the side in curiosity.
“you ok?” he asked.
a slow heat entered your cheeks.
oh for maker’s sake.
it was pathetic, the effect he had on you. you hated it (you didn’t).
“fine.” you offered what you hoped was a convincing smile, though it curved itself just on the edge of mania. hey, at least your voice didn’t crack.
din stared at you for a long moment, consideringly.
“do you feel ill? you’re pretty hot.”
your eyes widened and din seemed to backtrack.
“i have, uh. thermal imaging.” a gloved hand gestures to his helmet.
“oh.” you said faintly, “i’m not ill, just a little warm is all.”
“it’s two degrees in here—“
“well, maybe i just run hot.” you interrupted quickly.
the cockpit fell into an uncomfortable silence.
din looked away, at the vast space you were travelling through.
you took a steadying breath and relaxed into your chair, assuming he had finished the conversation. it was a close call, you had to admit. your heartbeat made an attempt to settle down.
“are you happy here?” his voice was quieter than you’d ever heard. vulnerable.
you swallowed and shifted in the co pilot’s chair.
“in the cockpit or—“
“on the ship, with m—with us.”
he didn’t make any move to turn back to you, flicking a few buttons and switches.
“why would you think i was unhappy?” you questioned, brows furrowing.
he said nothing, continuing piloting the ship.
“din,” you said softly.
every time you say his name is like the first.
it was the greatest honour you’d ever been given, not that you’d ever tell him that.
at the sound of his name, he turned back to you.
“whenever i enter a room you—“ he stopped to think, “close up. like a scared animal. you act…different. you aren’t like that with the kid. i know i can be intimidating—“
“din, honey, no.” you cut him off, the endearment slipping out before you could stop it.
you reached over to place a hand over his on the console.
din tensed in his armour.
“i’m not afraid of you.” you said earnestly.
he said nothing.
“din,” you repeated, squeezing his gloved hand, “i am not afraid of you.”
“then why—“
“look at me.” you pleaded.
he did so slowly, as if he was afraid of your expression.
your cheeks heated again at his closeness.
you swallowed heavily, feeling the words crawling up your throat.
but this time was different, you didn’t try to stop yourself. didn’t try to swallow them back down.
“din, i’m in love with you.” you breathed, somehow shocking yourself as well as din.
he reared back, taking his hand from under yours.
the cold sting of rejection stabbed at your heart as you leaned back in your seat.
eyes burning, your mind flashed through the course of your friendship, with din and with the little baby sleeping soundly below you.
you had ruined it all so quickly.
“cyar’ika.” din spoke, voice raw with wonder.
your head turned at the unfamiliar word only to find a gloved hand hanging in midair, halfway to your face.
your wide eyes flickered from his hand to his helmet, then you hesitantly nudged your cheek against his hand.
din breathed out a long breath, tension leaving his body at the contact.
he turned his wrist so his hand cupped your cheek, then rubbed his thumb along your cheekbone, treating you as if you were made of porcelain.
your eyes fluttered shut, content with his gentle attention.
the cockpit was silent again as you both existed together.
the only warning you got was a rustle of fabric as din moved to press his cool helmet to your forehead.
“cyare.” din revered, “ni kar'tayl gar darasuum.”
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eldritch-sorcerer · 10 days ago
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mangoshibi · 2 months ago
Is this blog alive?
Tumblr media
I’m alive I swear!!!
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somewhatsomelikepoetry · 7 months ago
Think I’ve always had a thing for broken people. Have a need to fix them all, just because I couldn’t fix myself
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palarii · 6 days ago
Aight gonna be honest, I definitely had a different idea for the Hermie arc
I thought he was gonna have a doodler notebook where he, quite literally, rewrites the stars.
The notebook would be the script of the episodes and he gets to change some of them in ways that benefit him.
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