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sleepylixie · a month ago
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juuls · a month ago
Yeah, maybe don't try falling out of bed in the middle of the night and then sleeping there (believe you me, it was not my idea) for hours and hours, apparently, based on what my body is telling me. It is also telling me it hurts like a motherfucking bitch because a) Spoonie here, I can just tell when my body can handle something and this--- it cannot; and b) that carpet is literally older than I am and I'm 31 and it is as hard as a rock and I would actually prefer if the floor was lava!!!!
Because I would no longer be around to suffer this, thank god. I mean, I don't think you have any idea how much this hurts and next time you complain about your parent or grandparent falling out of their bed AGAIN with a roll of your eyes, think of me. Think of me shoving you into a volcano.
So, for my next trick, my whimpering self is going to try and take my whimpering dogs outside (they're so sweet; they were the ones who finally found me and licked my hand until I woke up), try not to fall down two sets of stairs---been there, done that, now remember again: I will hunt you down if you bitch about your elderly loved one falling again---and then put myself into bed.
This message is not for those who actually care about their elderly and spoonies (chronic illness/pain sufferers who often need some form of assistance---then often can't get govt help so now their families suffer too). This message is for the jackasses but also for those who are very tired and burned out from helping granny get back in bed again, too often ignoring the aches and pains, let alone the newly developing bruises that can actually be life-threatening.
So just remember: ....the floor is fucking lava and I am coming for you.
After I feel better. *rolls eyes at self*
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cathymee · 4 months ago
okay but I want to scream about the other RoP2: Bag End chapters I found but idk where to start the Frodo-angst in this whole book is fucking beautiful
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nyrawyrathepapaya · 4 months ago
thanks @just-a-glittery-fan for the tag (i love these) ❤️✨ i'm just doing which i like the most and not necessarily what i am/do/have, if that makes sense
indoor FAKE plants or gardens // cloud-watching or star-gazing // water or fire // paperback or hardcover // running or hiking // sleeping with socks or without socks // fruit or vegetables // hanging plants or succulents // dark wood or light wood // handwritten or typed // instagram or pinterest // braids or pigtails // dc or marvel // books or movies // oceans or meadows // forests or fields // sweet or salty // ice cream or chocolate // hoodies or sweaters // long hair or short hair // piercings or tattoos // summer or winter // boots or sneakers // cars or motorcycles // curls or straight hair // castles or cottages // sunny days or storms // reptiles or birds // disney or nickelodeon // strawberries or watermelon // essays or posters // phones or laptops // glass or stone // dark or light // photos or paintings // circuses or theatres // reading or writing // dogs or cats // poetry or novels // monsters or ghosts // thrift shops or libraries // fiction or non-fiction
ok i'm not gonna tag anyone specifically, but i have a few new mutuals, so if anyone (mutual or not) wants to, go for it and say i tagged you!
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vill-ero · 4 months ago
Life update that I've been keeping on the down low:
My social interactions/conversations are purely centered around one coworker and she really got me thinking about some very serious life choices. Ones that would impact not just me but my pug and also my finances.
I fork over $1400 per month for rent. This cabin life already feels like I'm homeless and there's only four walls protecting me from the elements and the only thing I use for heat is a small table heater because I broke the firebox and oddly it's kept me pretty warm without a single complaint. I was without electricity for a week and had to survive on my landlords generator because of the storm that knocked out two trees and our towers.
I make close to 3 grand per month and for some reason I can barely even save $500. Which is why I made this final decision;
Buying an econoline work van- you know, those white ones and convert it into a camper to live out of because I did my math and minus the $500 necessity spending, this is how much I'll be saving per year :
Tumblr media
Finding a place to park my car and sleep is going to be a fucking hassle at night but I already have my solution for the day time. Might even create a youtube channel so y'all can witness my build out with me. it's gonna be hella dope.
I've got 10 months to get this shit done. FYI; that's when my cabin lease is up. It's gonna be a very slow process because I work every day and my disability is a constant annoying and dibilitating factor in what Im physically able to do but I'm staying positive c:
#I'm really excited about this tbfh#also this plan has been in the works for three months and I still#Can not find a work van under my budget#All the campers are out in Bremerton or spokane valley#like tf get closer god damn it#I already have my layout pretty much figured out as far as what furniture and stuff I'm gonna build in it#Just need the van so I know the exact dimensions to build#I love the fact that my skill set is thus#just show me a video and I can build anything myself#I use that same logic with my cooking but I've been spoiled by working with top notch chefs so lol#Carpentry work will be no different here#Plus#I worked with a contractor before so I know all there is to know honestly#In other news it's been half a year and I got one more month of light duty#My spinal arthritis has gotten worse over the holidays bc#It only takes two weeks of no doctor for all the pain to fucking floor me#im stage 3 any worse and I'll be considered terminal#But this month I feel actual improvement because I saw my doctor every day for two weeks#I feel stronger as far as my spine is concerned#so I can ditch light duty that's killing me honestly#last night I identified a thief in the store and warned HR#prevented that but the dumb ass walked in again and stole what he originally wanted#I even told my coworkers before he bolted with food#But they wouldn't listen to me#This place has always used me as a discount security guard and I'm fucking tired of it#I can't wait to go back to stocking shelves
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riverofsymphony · 5 months ago
Why do you hurt?
you swallow pain & fold around it
you have always hurt. you hold it carefully, and twisted in such a way that other people don't have to see it. 
you don't choke on it. you don't drown. you just have it, the way some people have freckles, this is a thing that lives in your bones. you fold instead of fighting because you know how to make yourself small, tuck away the places where they have clawed at, swallow the bruises so you seem clean. nobody needs to see it. you will live through this on your own. you know what you need, and relief isn't it. this doesn't mean you cannot reach out - it means it is not in your nature to do so. you should. hiding does not mean you won't be seen.
Tagged by: @wild-pineapple-butt​
Tagging: I’m late doing this, heck. Go do it if you’ve seen this, I dare you.
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saboompje · 6 months ago
This evening I suddenly found myself thinking about the last weekend of January and there have been so many jokes about how it was like ages ago but wow I was not prepared for how extremely long ago that felt like!
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beyondthein-finite · a year ago
people who buy into believing the company they work customer/food service for cares about them or get super into the job are incomprehensible to me. i'm so fucking tired. customers don't deserve my enthusiasm. i work too long and you don't pay me enough and people are assholes. the concept of giving 100% and working extra shifts and actively caring about a job that doesn't give a fuck about you and won't give you the decency of a living wage while also insisting the customer is always right and always deserves a "good experience" is ridiculous. i'm so tired
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backtotheshitshow · 13 hours ago
Ten Days. (Remus Lupin x Reader)
Warning: yelling, angst, fluff,
Summary: Remus tried to protect Y/n but goes about it in the wrong way
Tumblr media
Y/n barged into the 6th year Gryffindor boys dorm,
All four Marauders froze in place, Peter combing his hair in the bathroom. Sirius laying on his bed. James reading on the floor at the end of his bed, and Remus by the window previously looking outside.
"REMUS JOHN LUPIN! You selfish prick!" She yelled, slamming the door shut out of rage.
"Y/n w-wha-" Remus tripped over his words, taken by surprise by his girlfriend's outburst.
"It's been a week and half! 10 DAYS!" Y/n informed with a scolding tone.
"Y/n maybe this is-"
"SHUT IT, POTTER!" She demanded, before she continued, turning her attention back to Remus. "You've ignored me for ten fucking days, Lupin!"
"Y/n, love, you don't understand. I'm not what you think, I'm a-"
"Oh I understand perfectly fine. You made the decision to abandon me out of the blue giving me no say in the matter."
Sirius tried to intervene "L/n I think-"
"NO! HOW DARE YOU think so lowly of me, to believe that I would not love you, all the same, knowing what you are!"
Remus was baffled, how did she know?
"You didn't even have the decency to give me even the shittiest of excuses. You just disappear and started avoiding me."
The other three Marauders had begun to slowly creep out of the dorm, in an attempt to leave the situation. Peter closing the door behind him once they had exited the dorm.
"Y/n, that's not what I was-"
"And you had the AUDACITY to sit up here in your room, moping around, when YOU were the one who ignored ME. I was left to wonder what I could have possibly done to hurt you so badly that you just cut me out of your life." She was crying now, the pain from the past ten days resurfacing.
Remus looked at her, seeing the effect his decisions had had on the girl...on his girl. "Y/n I was doing it for your safety. I didn't want you to get hurt." Remus got up from his place at the window, moving towards y/n a little.
"How in Merlin's name would I get hurt? It's not like you'll spontaneously turn into a werewolf!" Y/n exclaimed.
"No I wouldn't, but I was only trying to protect you," Remus explains, looking down at his fiddling hands.
"From what? A bookworm, who folds his socks?!" Y/n yelled.
"No from-"
"Or were you really trying to protect yourself from heartbreak because you thought I wouldn't love you anymore?" Y/n asked calmly, walking to Remus, holding his face in her hand.
Remus sighed, even when he had been avoiding her she still knew exactly what he felt.
"Didn't realise you'd gotten your degree in psychology." Remus chuckled, holding her waist.
"I didn't. I just know you, Lupin. And in case you're wondering how I know, there are many explanations for someone disappearing on a full moon and coming back with cuts all over them."
Remus smiled at his girlfriend, he was happy to have her and now even happier he would be er have to let her go.
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fandomworldofdreams · 18 hours ago
Part V
Hannibal Lecter X Reader X Jim Moriarty
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Warnings: Violence, vulgar language
The basement became your new living area. Time passed by, agonizingly so.
Who knew if you'd been down here a week or a month.
You were still healing.
Your lip was split open. Your eye and cheekbone a purple swollen color, leaving you only to see from one eye. Your ribs hurt from being kicked.
There was one final deed they had done. Your thigh was wrapped in a tight gauze after being stabbed. This was to "ensure if you tried anything, you would not get very far".
They came down every so often, talking to you. You gave no response. If you reacted with aggression, your energy was met equally.
You tried to swallow which only hurt your dry throat.
Leaning back against the cold hard floor and staring at the ceiling, you closed your eyes.
"Will," your laughter sounded through the house as he raced after you.
Max and Winston barked, leading the other dogs to chase after the two of you.
Will wrapped an arm around your torso and the two of you fell onto the bed, soon being piled on by all the babies.
You two laughed at all the dog kisses and cuddles, then he looked at you with a soft smile, leaning up on one elbow.
He ran his fingers through your h/c locks.
"I love you," he said softly. Your smile stretched ear-to-ear as you leaned up to kiss him, cupping the side of his face.
"I love you too."
You jolted awake at the sound of a door slamming shut. Footsteps shuffled down the steps. You licked your lips, tasting the dried blood.
"Well, hello, kitten," Moriarty smiled, looming over you. You slowly sat up as he bend down, a water glass in hand.
He brought it to your lips and you started taking large gulps, your body begging for water.
He surveyed you, once the glass was empty he pulled it away, using his pointer finger to tilt your chin up.
"I have a gift for you."
Hannibal stepped forward.
"We're going to give you another chance to prove yourself." You gave him a questioning look. Moriarty pulled out his phone and held it in front of you.
You watched the screen, it was Sherlock and John. "Look, I'm sure Will is going to come up with something," John said, trying to comfort Sherlock.
"He's in no state to be compiling anything at all. His screw is loose. I'm the only one who can find her."
Your eyes widened in horror, and you flinched from the screen.
"Look at it Y/N," he hummed. You refused and he grabbed your face, forcing you to look at the screen.
Tears fell from your eyes as John lay on the floor, blood pooling around him.
"John!" Sherlock screamed and you let out a sob.
"This could have been avoided if you just listened," he teased. "But you had to be soooo stubborn."
You looked at him with tear filled eyes.
"You killed him?" Your voice broke and he looked at you with amusement.
"Not quite. Only badly injured. He's in recovery."
The pain in your heart iced over.
At least he was alive.
"What is it you want?" You spoke with venom in your voice.
"A few things," Moriarty began, holding up a finger as he listed them. "First, no escaping or any cute things like you tried. Second, you'll eat dinner with us everyday and be cordial. Third, honesty. With these conditions you'll have a room, food, showering privileges, and no one will be harmed." You sighed, nodding your head.
He held out his hand and you took it, being pulled to your feet. Your one leg crumbled and he caught you, with a chuckle.
"Do you need help showering?" You quickly stood, pushing your weight to the other leg.
"No, I'm fine."
"Suit yourself."
The warm water felt heavenly as you scrubbed away all the dirt, sweat, and dried blood.
You didn't want to get out, but you had to. Turning off the water, you wrapped a towel around you and started combing out your wet hair.
You brushed your teeth and glanced down at the clothes that had been given to you.
Sweatpants and a tank top.
Ones from your home.
You scoffed at the undergarments, but changed.
You emerged from the bathroom smelling of f/s.
Hannibal noticed when you entered the kitchen, he leaned his head over slightly to sniff you.
"Nice choice."
You turned a light pink, limping over to take your seat at the dinner table.
The front door opened and closed.
Moriarty entered with a bag of takeout.
Your mouth immediately watered as Hannibal placed the plates down and Moriarty started serving the food.
"Thank you," the words fell from your lips as you dug into the delicious food, not made from human organs.
Who knew they were capable of being nice.
"Your deduction abilities exceed your brothers," Hannibal began. "You graduated college at 16. You moved to America afterwords and begun your work with the FBI. Catching many serial killers, you have spoke at colleges. I ask how you are so well at social etiquette?"
You looked up at him. "When Sherlock, Mycroft, and I were younger I noticed how their persona came off in the wrong way, costing them many valuable assets. I learned quickly if I wanted anything from life, I would need to play the game of it. That and I find humans interesting."
He took in your words.
"Much like you do, doctor." You regretted the words as soon as you said them. You two were very similar in many ways.
"My facade is less on the deceitful level, however. I don't enjoy human suffering."
He smiled. "Neither do I, but pushing people is my job. I force people to see the sides of themselves they would rather not."
"Will knows his dark side," you couldn't help the snap that came in your tone.
"But does he embrace it?"
"Darkness when brought to light loses all purpose. It's meant to be a lingering shadow." He acknowledged your words.
"But its hindrance does not allow for freedom. You would know that well."
You looked at him with squinted eyes.
"The darkness has always attracted you, Y/N. It calls to you in the same way it calls to James and I. It recognizes the potential you hold. Your shadow doesn't blind you, it awakens you."
You opened your mouth to respond, but shut it again, at a loss for words.
The rest of the dinner was ate in silence.
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amelinksanatomy · 20 hours ago
Could you do like an (intentional) amelinkI home/water birth? Like it’s during COVID and Amelia doesn’t want to risk going to the hospital
Safe At Home
A/N: Thank you for the prompt! This is set as if Scout was born during the pandemic. Enjoy! I hope this is what you were looking for!
"Please." Amelia pouts across the couch at her boyfriend, "I need to do this."
"Amelia, you know I love you and you know all I want is for you to feel as comfortable as you can but I just... I don't think it's a good idea."
"Why not?" Amelia asks, resting a hand on the top of her large bump, "Because what if something goes wrong, Amelia? What if there's a complication while you're giving birth?"
Amelia sniggers, "There's obviously going to be an OB here."
Carefully and slowly, Amelia scoots herself across the couch to sit next to Link. She leans back into him, resting her head on his shoulder. Amelia takes hold of his hand, bringing it up to her belly and pressing it against where she was feeling soft kicks.
"Link, the hospital is not safe right now. People are getting sick and dying at a rapid pace. The hospital is so not safe right now that Bailey insisted you and I start our leave 4 weeks earlier than we had planned." Amelia holds her hand over Links, "This baby is healthy. I am growing a healthy baby and I need him to stay that way."
"He's going to Ames. He is going to be fine and so are you and so am I." Link kisses her head gently.
"Link, I am not risking it. I am having this baby here, at home, where it's safe." Amelia says sternly, hoisting herself up off the couch and walking over to the kitchen, "Oh! And, I want a water birth."
"What?" Link's eyebrows furrow in shock, watching as his heavily pregnant girlfriend calmly grab a snack from the fridge and start to wander back over.
"What? We can put a blow up birthing pool in here, no where else in the apartment would get messy or gross. I can't have drugs anyway so that's not an issue with the water, which, will help ease the pain of pushing out your baby. There will be an OB here, I already talked to Carina about it and she said she will be available for us whenever I go into labor. It'll be great." Amelia smiles as she sits back down next to him, attempting to convince him.
"You've really thought about this, huh?" Link laughs, "Listen, Ames... If this is what you really want, if this is what's going to make you feel safe while giving birth then I guess I'll go along with it."
"Really?" Amelia smiles toothily, holding a hand under her bump as she bounces in her seat to face him.
"Of course. Does it worry me a little? Absolutely it does. But, I know this is going to be hard for you and I want you to be as comfortable as you possibly can be so, if that means giving birth in a pool in our living room then, I will support it."
"Thank you. I really do appreciate it. I love you." Amelia smiles as she leans in, kissing him softly, "I love you, more."
After weeks of planning, buying everything they would need online and various doubts from Link; Amelia had gone into labor.
At first, Amelia was labouring with just Link. She'd been in various positions around the apartment. But once her water broke, Link had called Carina who, just as she said, made herself available to come over and help them through the rest. While on the phone, Carina had suggested that Link begin setting up the birthing pool since they often take a while to fill.
While Link was setting things up and Carina was on her way over, Amelia's contractions began ramping up. They were becoming more painful by the second as they started getting closer together. She had taken to kneeling on the floor, elbows propped up on the couch as she breathed through the pain. Carina took a lot longer than expected to get to the apartment so, by the time she did, the birthing pool was completely full.
"Alright Amelia, I'm going to need you lay back and spread your legs so I can check how dilated you are." Carina instructs, being her usual upbeat self.
Amelia does as asked, slowly lowering herself to a laying position on the couch and spreading her legs to allow Carina to begin her pelvic exam.
"Okay, things seem to be moving along pretty quickly. You're already at 9cm Amelia so, I'm gonna set things up and you should get yourself settled in the water." Carina says as she pulls off her gloves, surprise in her voice at Amelia's fast progression.
Amelia looks over at Link. He can sense the fear, he can see it in her eyes. As Carina goes to prep her equipment, Link jumps up and makes his way over to Amelia. She was already in her bathing suit top and was sat up on the couch, rubbing her hands in circles around her bump, continuing to breath heavily.
"Ames, it's gonna be okay, I promise." Link smiles, offering out his hands to help her up slowly.
"What if something goes wrong? We're at home. I'm about to give birth in our living room Link, what if something goes wrong." Amelia's eyes begin tearing up as all her fears come flooding back.
Link kisses her head gently, running his hands up and down her sides to offer some comfort, "Babe, look at me... I promise, everything is going to be okay. Carina has a huge amount of equipment with her and she is the best OB we could have here. Nothing is going to go wrong. You are safe, he is safe, right here, at home."
After Amelia recovered from another sharply painful contraction, Link helped her to slowly lower herself into the warm water. She was sat and leaning against the side of the blow up pool, her arms were folded up out of the water so she could grip Link's hands tightly as she moaned through contractions. She suddenly leant her head back against his body, looking up at him and whispering.
"DeLuca!" Link called out to the kitchen causing Carina to appear around the corner, "She says she's ready to push."
"Mhm I can feel him. He wants out." Amelia says through clenched teeth, "I am not ready at all but... oooh- he definitely is."
Carina quickly grabbed her tray of instruments, pulled on her gloves and set herself up next to the pool. Amelia carefully moved from her sitting position, pushing herself up to a squatting stance. She continued to hold onto Link's hands, gripping them tightly.
"Okay, Amelia, I know you're a Doctor and you know this but I'm just going to explain what I'm going to do." Amelia purses her lips as she tries to hold off the need to push to hear Carina out, "Once he comes out, it may look scary to see him in the water but it's perfectly okay and I will catch him right away and place him directly onto your chest and get Link to cut the cord."
Once Carina finished explaining, Amelia nods and tilts her head to look up at Link who gives her a reassuring smile and hand squeeze.
"Now, Amelia, push!"
Amelia had been pushing for 15 minutes and while Carina was assuring her that she only needed two more big pushes, she was exhausted, both physically and emotionally.
"You're very close Amelia, he is almost out."
"I can't." Amelia cries, "I can't do this. I can't do this."
Link leans closer into Amelia, holding her hands and kissing her head, "Babe, you can do this, you can."
"No, no, no, I can't." Amelia drops her chin to her chest, her cries getting louder and more desperate as the pressure builds, "I'm too tired. It hurts too bad."
"Ames, you're doing so good, I'm so proud of you already. You're so close, our boy is almost here. You're going to get to hold your son, our son, in your arms in a few minutes. You can do this, I know you can." Link leans in and places a kiss on her cheek gently.
"Amelia, I really need you to push now." Carina says firmly to get her attention.
Amelia takes a few deep breaths, trying to control her breathing and calm down. She takes a second to ground herself, feeling the water, which had now cooled down, around her body. By the time her next contraction hit, she was ready and found herself pushing once more.
"Perfect. His head is out Amelia so just one more big push!" Carina informs her. Hearing that her son was halfway out and about to be in her arms, gave Amelia that final bit of strength she needed to push.
The next thing she knew, a huge pressure was relieved and Carina was pulling the newborn out of the water and placing him on her chest, "Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god."
The baby's cries fill the room. Both Amelia and Link stare at the tiny human laying on her chest, completely in shock and disbelief that he was really here, that he was really theirs.
"He's so perfect." Link says through his tears, leaning closer over the side of the pool to place a kiss on Amelia's lips gently before carefully caressing his son's head with his thumb, "You did so good. I couldn't love you more."
"He's okay. He's perfect and everything's okay. He's really okay." Amelia cried, a smile plastered on her face as she stared at the tiny baby in her arms, completely oblivious to whatever Carina was doing. After a few moments, Amelia pulled her gaze away from her baby and tilted her head up to look at Link, their teary blue eyes meeting as they smile softly at each other,
"Thank you for doing this with me. Everything is perfect."
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rip-zha · 23 hours ago
Grounded (2/2)
Tumblr media
Something stirs in Blaze's face. He twitches as he comes to. It's only been a few minutes... oh man... where am I...? oh yeahHaaaaahaau shit damn it! Blaze rolls over onto his side. Oh no no no... that's not good either. What the fuck? He's starting to panic and his breathing is getting faster. But that only makes it worse. Every breath feels like someone is stabbing him in the chest. He breathes more shallowly, which gives him the feeling that he is about to suffocate.
Tumblr media
The pain brings tears to his eyes. Damn it! Damn it! He remains lying and only moves his fingers. That is still possible. Maybe he is lucky and nothing is broken. But this pain in his chest. He just wants to curse. Okay. Easy, easy, easy. First... Sit up... this might be better than on his stomach.
Tumblr media
Blaze sits up and immediately doubles over. Faaaaaaaa... that hurts. And now in the arm too? No, the shoulder. Blaze presses his right arm against his torso. He can't lift it or anything else. At most, the fingers and wrist go. The pain interferes with his thought processes. Must... get help... get...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
With his healthy arm he tries to get to his feet, but straightening up pulls so brutally in his chest that he has to hold out for every inch. He would scream, but he can hardly catch his breath. Only very slowly and jerkily does he make progress.
Tumblr media
With clenched teeth and all his might, he continues to push himself up. One step after the other. Bent, his arm pressed to his upper body. With each step, a bright pain jolts through him. He feels dizzy. He didn't check to see if anything was bleeding. Then he doesn't make it out of here at all.
Tumblr media
He gets closer to the entrance and stumbles up the steps to the door. With a jerk, he pushes the handle down, then braces himself with his healthy shoulder. He lacks the strength to brake, so he falls into the kitchen, right at Nadja's feet. When he hits the floor, he wants to scream, but he can't breathe. He gasps for it. He feels dizzy. Nadja puts her hands in front of her mouth. She lets out a startled scream. She is frozen for the moment. Audrey, sitting at the counter, grimaces in disgust. What's going on now? Shortly after, the door to the study is opened and Irving stands in the room. His expression shows neither shock nor disgust. He is unnerved. "His shoulder!" exclaims Nadja. Now she's kneeling next to Blaze, trying to figure out what's wrong with the distraught bundle in front of her. She discovers the shoulder that is not where it should be. As she touches it, Blaze shakes his head, whimpering. His shock subsides and the pain throbs harder. "I'll call an ambulance." Nadja immediately dials the emergency number; as she tries to get up in the process, Blaze holds her back. No. Don't leave. She stays while she makes the call. "What happened?" the father wants to know. Nadja shakes her head.
"He just came in from outside." Audrey squeals. Something dawns on Irving. I don't believe this. He massages the bridge of his nose with two fingers. "Will you take care of this Nadja? I'm on a conference call with America. I'll be right there." Irving walks back into the study. Audrey picks up her magazine and goes upstairs with it. She wants nothing to do with it. After all, it's not her damn kid.
Blaze tries not to move even though he wants to curse out loud because it hurts so damn much. I need something for the pain. Please. Anything. Please Nadja. He can't say it. The pain in his chest. She hangs up and looks at him sympathetically. She doesn't have to ask what hurts. The shoulder is dislocated. It needs to be put back in place as soon as possible.
The ambulance is at the door. Two paramedics arrive. For Blaze, the whole thing is just a shadow theater of pain. He hears people talking, but he doesn't know exactly what.
At the hospital, he wakes up. He didn't pass out, just fell asleep sometime after he got here and let everything wash over him. The painkiller did its job and even now after the nap it still seems to be doing what it's supposed to. The shoulder was put back in place. And after he was x-rayed, he was taken to a hospital room. His father is here, he knows. He's talking to the doctors right now. This is going to be fun. Blaze is doing much better. The repression mechanism in his brain has already made him forget about the pain on the kitchen floor. All he remembers is that they were there.
The doctor comes in with Irving. Blaze has all his clothes on and is just lying on the made bed. They had wanted to let him sleep since he obviously needed it. He looks to the doctor, who smiles. "There's nothing broken. The shoulder's been put back in place. It's going to hurt for a while, but it's okay so far. Also, there's a cracked rib. That will hurt a little longer but I'll give you something to take with you. When you are ready, you may leave. Don't forget to stop by the front desk." The doctor shakes hands with Irving and bids a friendly farewell.
Irving steps up to Blaze's bedside. "Come on." he says, making a hand gesture that shows Blaze to sit up. Blaze would like to take a deep breath but the pinch in his chest prevents him from doing so. He sits up carefully and gets to his feet. He takes the jacket under his left arm and follows his father.
At the reception desk, he is given a painkiller in case of an emergency. They then leave the building and get into the parked Audi.
Irving says nothing for the rest of the drive. Blaze takes out his phone which is now blessed with the spider app. Fantastic...... Chip has texted him. He types a message back.
Something came up, sorry. I'll be in touch.
Actually, he expects his father to beat him up. But Irving remains silent.
When they arrive home and enter the house, Nadja approaches him. She asks him how he is and if he is hungry. Blaze watches his father as he continues to disappear wordlessly into his study. Audrey is back in her favorite seat in the kitchen, grinning. "I guess that's karma then." she says. Blaze says nothing. He shakes his head at Nadja and goes to his room. What a crock of shit.
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