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asknightmareanderror · 2 years ago
*vibrates with loving your art* -Yeeting Anon (fun fact I got trapped in a trampoline for a bit, it was Not Fun)
I got my hair trapped in the zipper of my trampoline a couple times, trying to get ou, it hurts like hell.
“Do...do Anons vibrate...? When...they love something?”
I don’t honestly know...I think it’s specifically Yeet who does that.
“Let’s be honest...Yeet’s just weird in general.”
Nightmare, r u d e. I will tell Grauntie, if you continue.
“...I’m not allowed to share my opinions?”
You are, just be nicer about it.
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alicornairport · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Marcy's Dream / All I Ever Wanted
Y'all might notice this is the finished version of the WIP I posted a few days ago. Thanks to the tags I consider that its own piece now lol.
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mskatesharma · 2 months ago
I can't stop thinking about these moments, and how they just reinforce to Kate that no matter what she does for her family, it will never be enough
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
These are just a few moments from the top of my head, and there others, like the dinner with the Sheffields in episode five and their constant cruel and casual dismissal of Kate (and her mother and father), and the way it's never properly acknowledged and discussed between Kate and Edwina just how much Kate gave up and sacrificed for Edwina, and just what else she was willing to give up for her in the aftermath of the Sheffield dinner, and in the aftermath of the wedding (in fact a lot of things said to Kate and about Kate in the wedding episode just reinforce her thinking that she doesn't truly belong with Edwina and Mary) (I do actually want to write a seperate post on why Kate and Edwina's love story and their supposed 'soulmate' connection just didn't land for me).
There's also the conversation between Kate and Mary in the garden before the Sheffield dinner, where it becomes painfully clear that Mary really doesn't know Kate when she says that Kate will be happy because she'll have the independence she's always craved. When actually, what Kate really wants is to let herself want happiness (including love), but above that, the unconditional love, support and acceptance of her family, the latter of which she thinks she hasn't yet done enough to earn.
Please don't mistake me, I'm not saying that Kate didn't do anything wrong, clearly she did, but can we at least understand why she might have struggled to tell Edwina and Mary exactly what she was feeling, and what was going on with Anthony?
What I am also trying to point out is that even with the Sharmas appearing as a somewhat solid unit, Kate always felt like an outsider, like she never truly belonged with Mary and Edwina, and that she had to earn her place with them. And for her, that means ALWAYS putting them ahead of herself. It's like she tells Edwina right before the "half-sister" comment, that she would not let herself consider herself until Edwina and Mary were settled and happy, only then would she think of what she could do. And I find it infuriating, that this is only properly acknowledged to Kate in episode eight when Kate tells Mary that she owes her everything, and finally, finally, Mary gets a fucking clue and tells Kate she deserves happiness.
We know Kate keeps her cards very close to her chest, that she doesn't let people in easily, but considering all the talk about how close the Sharmas are, how did Mary and Edwina have no idea about just how burdened Kate felt, and how she felt like she couldn't belong in their family unit unless she did something to earn her place? About how she would give up anything and everything for them, if it meant Edwina and Mary got what they wanted? Kate was so lonely and isolated in season two when there was absolutely no fucking need for it. And I know the show and the book are two different things, but the Sharma family vibe from the book was altered so drastically, and it changed so many other things unnecessarily IMO, that part of me can't help but resent Mary and Edwina just a little.
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msdanvers · 10 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Will you... come visit me, when I’m there? I’d love that. 
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fromageinterrupted · 28 days ago
Fife? What’s going on?
Forgive me if anyone has pointed this out before an I have missed this discourse previously, but....What is up with Fife?
Here’s my hypothesis (and isn’t this half the fun of participating in fandom anyway?):
I saw a tiktok (I did not save it), that showed Penelope running down the hill toward Eloise at Aubrey Hall. The day she shows up in a Green Dress (TM). In the background, several characters are walking along, but who is in the corner of the left side? Fife! And he’s watching Penelope. Hmmm.
So then, I looked him up online, and there isn’t a lot about the character on his wiki page. So I went to the actor’s IMDB, and they had a clip show thingy, and Pen was in several clips that he was featured in. Like, most of the clips. 
He was watching her in season 1 when Colin danced with her. He was REALLY AND INTENTLY watching her when Colin dance with her in season 2. Like, the dude stared at them the whole time. 
And then I went and watched the “Are you courting the girl?” scene (Heartbreak, I know), and the way Fife asked doesn’t exactly sound like the way he’s talked about women the other times. His voice is inflected differently in the other scenes. Like when he was thanking Anthony for deciding to marry, and when he was rude during the promenade, and..well all the times Fife bothers to open his mouth. But, when he asks Colin if he’s courting the girl, it sounds like an earnest question. Like he’s feeling out if it’s okay to have a thing for Penelope Featherington. Like, maybe, if Colin had said yes, then it would have made it socially okay for Fife to maybe court her too (Or go after her some sort of way). 
So my sis is going to go back and watch all of season one and two again and watch the background any time Pen is there and we are going to try and snap every time Fife is watching Penelope. I think it’s a lot more than we realize. 
SOOOO, this brings us to possible Season 3 conflict. What if Fife decides to say “To Heck with It” and tries to court Penelope. Or at least give her more noticeable attention than he’s giving her right now? 
First off, we won’t have to worry about a love triangle because Penelope is smart enough to decline his advances. She’d rather be single than mess with that guy. But Fife is Fife and he’ll probably become more dogged if he really does have a thing for her. He gave up quick on Edwina, but it was his friend who seemed more into Edwina and Fife was just there being performative. And maybe Fife’s attention sets Colin to spiraling. Not really jealousy (though I for one like a little jealously (Anthony staring at Kate in the boat anyone?), but maybe it wakes him up his current feelings for Penelope. She’s definitely avoiding Colin by this point. She’s never at the Bridgertons’ house because of her rift with Eloise, she’s dressing in greens and blues and soft pinks and he’s forced to realize something is going on in his heart because FIFE is openly displaying an affection toward Penelope that SIGNIFICANTLY PALES in comparison to anything going on inside of Colin, yet here is Fife trying to court her? So Colin will need to do some soul searching, because why isn’t he himself courting her when Fife certainly isn’t able to see all that Penelope really is and all that she is is screaming inside Colin’s heart and mind. 
In Conclusion: Fife has a secret thing for Penelope (that may not be wholesome at all because it’s Fife) but it’s going to get more noticeable in season three and that will set off the chain of events that makes Colin recognize what he’s already feeling for Penelope. 
Cue Penelope Fan Boy Number 1.
I would love to hear your thoughts. 
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premier-superman · 14 days ago
okay like i fucked with maeve but this episode made me fucking love her, so she’s spent the last couple of months actively working against homelander and training her ass off in hopes of holding him off for just a second or two which serves to emphasize a.) how fucking terrifying homelander is b.) how brave and tired maeve really is, like she thinks she deserves to die and wants to go out trying to make amends for not being able to stand up to homelander before ugh when she does go out imma pour one out for her like THATS MY GIRL <3
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mondfuchs · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
Been pretty obsessed with this show for the past two weeks, and I've been trying to figure these two out visually so I could draw them more easily in the future. She is so tiny and he is so tall, so I had to exaggerate that a bit, hehe!
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shadeswift99 · 6 months ago
I've decided that there's really only one Minecraft personality test that matters and that is
1. Could your Minecraft character beat you up irl
2. Would your Minecraft character beat you up irl
Come on guys give me a decent sample size it's for science
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joel-millerr · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Joel and Ellie + Puns  bonus: 
Tumblr media
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justpastryvideos · a month ago
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inkskinned · 12 months ago
kinda makes me want to eat my fist. i am following her on instagram (why? my sister asks. i tell her i don't know, i just am. it is what it is). and she's gotten rich. she complains about how, at a 5-star hotel in bora bora, nobody offered to take her picture. how she had to (how sad!) use a tripod instead. to lower herself to this! can you imagine?
she notes that she still shops at marshalls. that she isn't really out of touch with all us little peons. that yes, this trip was expensive, but come on, it's the big one.
i snort and send it to my best friend. the entitlement, though. i mean, if they had the tripod set up, why are they complaining that nobody took their picture for them? who would ask to take a phone off a tripod? why don't they just pay for a photographer if it bothers them so much? why do they expect other vacationers to offer this in the middle of a pandemic? so many questions baby.... let's get rich and have problems like this.
i used to work for a corporation that will go unnamed in this poem. but it rhymed with malt wisney dorld. they taught me many things, but my favorite is that i got very-good at taking the pictures of random people. i do it all the time, still - i see someone trying to pile others into a selfie and it feels like i have been given a gift beyond reckoning. i like particularly when i hear someone say no, it's okay, i'll just not be in them - and i get to take the phone out of their hand and let them be with the people they love, grinning.
that corporation paid me 8 dollars an hour. and change. i worked 18 hours a day during the holidays and was just able to afford to buy christmas gifts for my family. i had to eat rice for all of that season. i remember being delighted when i realized oh, i can afford to buy a single bag of chips.
i love taking people's pictures. i organize them - one super serious. okay now one silly. okay now you're smiling but pretend you just won the lottery. okay now you're an international spy agency. okay now - i love watching them scroll through the results, smiling. i got paid 8 dollars an hour to notice things like this. i remember handling thousands of dollars in cash, passing over my hands like water. everyone out for their big trip. i remember all the people who snorted just get a better job, kid. i remember how when i was first hired, i was genuinely excited.
i think it must be tiring, is all. it looks like, at a certain point of celebrity - at a certain point of wealth - the whole point is to be endlessly-unhappy. maybe it's insecurity. social media thrives on complaining. she used to be someone i liked for her down-to-earth positivity. i guess she owes me nothing, but it feels ironic. and when it doesn't feel ironic, it feels troubling.
i mean. just take the picture of you in your eighth hundred-dollar bathing suit in an area i'll never get to visit. write another testimony to your wealth. to your success. seem, weirdly, ungrateful for all of it.
my 28th birthday is tomorrow. i will be making cake from a box. my life is actually very beautiful and lovely.
i scroll through her pictures and find myself thinking - oh. i know why i'm angry. i'm angry because she's being like this when she has everything. and i'm angry because i am picturing myself in her place, and how i'd do everything differently.
and i'm angry because i will never be in her place. at the end of the day, i legitimately can't be. and isn't that just enough to make something feel... a little less lovely.
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doramaarmp3 · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
NAMO in NOT ME ep.9
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fiovske · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Rogue Knight Reii of the Red Lantern Valley
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pallanophblargh · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Extremely photogenic opossum gets unexpected compliments? (I can’t unsee it now. No regrets?) Anyway, she’s blushing. (It’s in the ears.)
Just one of those things where I’m trying to merge personal art I want to draw with digital media to try and refamiliarize myself (Photoshop CC now) and yeah I’m rusty. Oof. 
All things pallanoph belong to me; this blog gets to live up to its name once more!
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my-bated-breath · 2 days ago
The Man and The Persona (or he who has a thousand faces)
Every one has a persona -- a side they’re willing to show to others, and a side that they hide to themselves. This is a central theme in the show Spy x Family, and it’s pretty blatant about it given that the whole premise of the story hinges on each member of the Forger family hiding how unordinary underneath their cover of being a normal family. Nonetheless, given how blatant the premise may be, there’s a detail I noticed in the manga and anime that really serves to emphasize the gap between truth and persona in a subtler manner, that being Twilight’s appearance.
When we first meet Twilight, he has adopted another identity (to prevent the world from realizing the prime minister wears a toupee! for world peace!), which is quite fitting for his character introduction. Then, he rips his mask off and we see him like this:
Tumblr media
His appearance here only lasts a few frames, and almost immediately he becomes “Robert,” as we see below.
Tumblr media
You can see how it’s still Twilight, but the aura (the vibe, if you will) he gives off is completely different, from the hair, to the glasses, to the sternness that surrounds him.
This is just an example though. What I really want to highlight is the difference between his Loid Forger persona and his identity as Agent Twilight. We can see this when he is looking at apartments for his new fake family to live in:
Tumblr media
See the difference between the calculating, narrowed eyes and the wide open ones? The serious line of his mouth and the carefree reply?
This becomes more prominent throughout the show when Loid begins to spend more time with his family and thus settles more into the Loid Forger “happy family man” role.
Tumblr media
Above we have Agent Twilight assessing a threat to his marriage, versus Loid Forger who is very happy in said marriage. His eyes are very, very wide in the second shot compared to the first, and his features a much softer to give him a cheerier, more trustworthy aura.
Tumblr media
We can also see this in his “happy family” smile. He looks so kind and patient and considerate, there’s no way he could be a spy!
Of course, these details add a subtle layer of immersion to the story as it is, but what I really like about Twilight’s many faces is that you can glean important character moments depending from how he looks in them.
Tumblr media
“I was just admiring what wonderful siblings you are. You two have supported each other through so much.”
When was the last time I was envious of other people?
Tumblr media
“The way I see it Yor, it’s not just us. In most the families out there, everyone’s playing a part. They tell themselves “this is how wives are supposed to act” or “this is what parents do.” Striving to live up to one’s ideals is an admirable thing, of course, but when those ideals start to constrict you, it’s easy to lose sight of who you are and where your true strengths lie. Having to perform all the time can be completely exhausting.”
When we see cracks in the Loid Forger mask Twilight has donned, we can see a glimpse into his true thoughts, and we can see that his family and desire for love are slowly breaking him open. Of course, in these moments, Twilight will immediately get into character afterwards to avoid jeopardizing his mission, but I think we’ll see more of his “Twilight” face in “Loid Forger” situations as the series continues. I think we’ll see more vulnerability from him in general.
After all, what is a story about personas for if it won’t reveal the truths hidden underneath them?
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warningsine · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Are you and Mariana...? Are you a lesbian? No! I'm not a lesbian.
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I'm sorry but
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
how exactly am I expected to be a heterosexual in these times
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sharpesjoy · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
# max and elizabeth being the best besties
NEW AMSTERDAM | All Night Long (4.16)
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