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determinators · a month ago
Regarding Dess, I think it’s possible her disappearance is, you know, something deeplore like Gaster or Bunker...
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...but it’s also possible that it’s something mundane by the standards of a magical world. She could have gone no-contact with her family.
Deltarune has a lot of themes of abandonment.
Abandonment not just by the people you love, but by the people who love you.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
And unfortunately, Dess would have reason to not want to be at home.
Noelle is afraid of her mom. And not in a good way.
cw for discussion of abuse and abandonment:
Noelle doesn’t feel safe asking her mom for the key when she gets locked out.
Tumblr media
Noelle says she’s afraid of people, but...
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...she says “I guess you too” and then says Susie is the good kind of scary. Noelle wasn’t talking about Susie when she said she was afraid of people.
In the hospital, she talks about healing her dad, and, with a scared expression, says then it wouldn’t just be her and her mom at home.
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Rudy tries to make some kind of excuse for her mother, but then gives up.
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Later, in a low voice so Susie doesn’t hear, Rudy confides to Kris Dreemurr, of all people, about this.
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Rudy loves Noelle’s mom, but is so worried about not being at home to “balance it all out”...
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...that he feels the reason he has to get better is to protect Noelle. Not to live. But specifically to protect Noelle.
In Chapter 1, he even asks Kris Dreemurr, of all people, to keep an eye out for her.
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There is something very much not okay going on at home here.
I don’t know what the cause is, but it’s like with King and Lancer: whether or not they are ever in any “””actual””” danger, if your kid is afraid of you, I have a problem with it.
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And it’s not like the Mayor doesn’t exhibit questionable behavior outside of this.
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As for Dess, Noelle doesn’t seem to think she’s dead. This isn’t how you talk about a dead person:
Tumblr media
...and Noelle’s search history indicates she’s been searching “December Holiday”, like someone might do to try to find a relative they’ve lost contact with.
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Whatever the case, it’s likely Dess disappeared when they were both pretty young, as by the time the spelling bee happens, Noelle’s too broken up over it to speak her name:
Tumblr media
And Noelle’s not much taller during the spelling bee than she was during her flashback with Kris, when talking about missing how she, Dess, Asriel, and Kris used to explore.
Tumblr media
To get the important thing out of the way: there’s no question in my mind that Dess loves Noelle.
She’s protective over her...
Tumblr media
She comforts her...
Tumblr media
She wants to take her to new places...
Tumblr media
...and in some echo flower dialogue from Undertale about two sisters making a wish that could be from that universe’s Dess and Noelle, both clearly love each other.
It seems like the options are that...
Dess’s disappearance was Deeplore and her abandonment was involuntary
It was Deeplore and she chose not to come back
At a young age she had enough of her mother and either ran away or went to live with someone else and then went no-contact
It might not make sense for someone who loves their sibling to leave them to a home life like that voluntarily, but...
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...although the circumstances are very different, Asriel left Kris, and their home life isn’t perfect - there are still echoes of the divorce haunting the household, and they seem to have major depression.
And Asriel may have left Kris for a lot longer than they expected him to.
Tumblr media
(It is currently past Summer. It’s Autumn.)
Tumblr media
And, in general, in cases of neglect or abuse or problems at home, sometimes people do choose to leave their family, and they can’t always take their siblings with them. Or sometimes their siblings don’t want to come.
Nothing about a situation like that is good. I don’t have the right to pass judgement on that.
Whatever the case is, it seems like the police got involved, and it resulted in Asgore getting kicked off the force...
Tumblr media
 ...even though, according to the townsfolk, he had a legacy that would apparently be hard to live up to, meaning this was likely a personal decision by the mayor.
There’s now been a rift between the Dreemurr and Holiday family for some time.
Tumblr media
Dess’s disappearance and fate are critical to understanding Noelle and probably the entire relationship between the Holiday and Dreemurr families, so I strongly believe it will have an effect on the overarching theme of the game.
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pudgybun · 3 months ago
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cute lil vid of me and my feeder adding up all the calories from a fast food lunch stuffing ♡
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andythelemon · a month ago
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Little darlings (been reading the manga in my spare time)
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skwivr · 3 months ago
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aurosoul · 2 months ago
I feel like I’m at the stage where I need to start advertising this more but I have a webcomic!!!
it’s about cetacean sapience - the idea that dolphins and whales have the capacity for conscious thought and language. the link above goes to Webtoons, but you can also read it on Tumblr and on DeviantArt!
Tumblr media
(3D model and animation by The7thSea)
ps: reblogs appreciated to spread the word!! 🐬💙
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merrigel · 6 months ago
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I just think it’d be cute if Heimerdinger had a little tail
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cheesy-kitten-liveblogs · 14 days ago
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LMAO. Greg is so confused. 😂😂😂 This obviously makes more sense to the audience, but I really enjoy when a character doesn’t know something that the audience does. 
But yeah, I guess let’s talk about “home”. We know Rose chose to fight for Earth, which meant never being able to go home to space (does she miss her home?). To Greg, space feels like home, or so the song says. But he’s trying to “escape” to it also, I guess? Interesting contrasts between them. And it’s so much more literal for Rose, of course. 
Rose was also someone who found Earth life beautiful, and fought for it, so perhaps she can’t see why a human wouldn’t enjoy living on Earth, or would want something different (the Gems don’t really seem to have a great grasp of the everyday struggles of people, lbr, despite protecting humanity). If that sentence makes sense. 
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resssistance · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Uno Shoma performing his winning free skate at 2022 World Championships (x)
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i see a lot of ya’ll self-depreciating over how much you cry and like...generally speaking, crying is a very healthy process. it’s an important means of 
expressing & processing strong emotions
relieving stress
experiencing catharsis 
moving on to a recovery period
this mindset that people just need to train themselves out of crying...that really worries me. bc the alternative is to repress those feelings instead of expressing them...and from firsthand experience i can tell you it is very much not worth doing that. i’ve been there, i’ve done it, i’ve bought into that mindset. i thought it would make me stronger and less vulnerable. instead i fell so out of touch with myself, it took years of therapy for me to learn to identify my own emotions again. i literally forgot how to tell when i’m upset or sad, bc my body had been trained out of expressing it. that’s an extreme scenario but it’s not uncommon, and if you spend too much time criticizing yourself over your own emotions, it can creep up on you.
i like to think we all know how harmful it is to tell children to just “stop crying, dammit.” turns out, the same is true for adults.
 just. please change the mindset that being visibly upset is somehow shameful. if you find yourself crying a lot, that probably means something in your external and internal experiences needs to change: you don’t deserve to feel angry, frustrated, frightened, sad, or upset so frequently that it distresses you. those are only supposed to be sometime emotions. 
but telling yourself to just. stop crying, or to stop feeling what you’re feeling? that’s harmful, and it doesn’t work. no one controls their emotions out of sheer will--at best we shut them down, and then pay heavily for it later. if we want our minds to feel better, we need to give them assistance, not threats. threatening or bullying our bodies and minds to behave the way we want them to will always backfire.
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catawampuscorner · 11 months ago
I am a FOOL
Tumblr media
anyways if you’re following me I hope you like FRAUDS
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lexinympho · 2 months ago
Normal Blue Lock fans: rave and jump for joy at the latest trailer for actually showing footage of the anime and giving us a release date
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batarangsoundsdumb · 11 months ago
batman webcomic
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artbyalliward · a year ago
Happy birthday, All Might!
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evevoli03 · 7 months ago
getting back into fnaf as an adult (if you can call it that lol) is WILD because i’m sitting here crying every two minutes over how incredibly heartbreaking the story is at its core when i know damn well when i was into this series as a kid i was just
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em8ambitions · 20 days ago
I will never forgive Chicken Little for being so abysmally awful that it tainted people's opinions of Disney's early CGI work and made them doubt the amazing quality of Meet the Robinsons, effectively giving the latter a very undeserved box office flop
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eijiroukiriot · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
i think...there’s something simple and familiar and earth-shatteringly important in this. there’s a million ways that this could go but only one way that it ends 
#strangers to friends to lovers...CONTEMPT on either side to friends to lovers. mild stupid teenage contempt rooted in personas...#not to sound stupid pretentious but the fact that it starts with bkg being so up his ass that he doesn't care at all about his classmates#much less shitty hair over there and kirishima not liking bkg very much either. and it ends in love#god dammit it ends in LOVE!! it ends in LOVE!!!!!!#i hope it doesn't seem self centered that i'm saying all this abt a line from a random wip of mine i forgot abt btw#it just feels like such a part of the heart of krbk. i know i'm not the first person to type that#i wasn't gonna do anything w this wip but actually i think i might mess around w it for the content creation class i'm in#have i mentioned that here? i'm in this class this semester all abt internet prosumer communities#so we're talking abt flash animators and speedrunners and chiptune producers and ofc fic writers#not that i have a lot to say abt that right now but it's pretty cool and also kinda crazy#like we've been having class over discord these first few weeks and in my 4 years of college i've never been in a room of people#more open to admitting their potentially-embarrassing interests and hobbies#people are dropping their ao3 links and everything#i think i'm. still too scared to do that honestly i've just barely been able to admit i'm into bnha#forced once again to look at how closely i consider krbk a part of my life and identity to the point that i think if i let anyone know i#like it they'll automatically assume i mean i like it That much#which. i do. you guys know#in my defense they're extremely extremely good which you guys also know#the other thing that scares me abt admitting that i like krbk or even writing it as a part of our fic unit is bc if i have to face ship dram#a in a college course i will decompose piece by piece#i'll drop out of school months away from graduation#i didn't end up posting abt it bc i didn't think it was worth making a thing out of it but in my superhero class last term there was this#girl who also liked bnha so we talked abt it once or twice throughout the class#and she ended up writing abt b/kdk for her final and i had also mentioned that kirishima was my fav#and that was a situation where it was like. i am not going to have ship discourse with a student at College#so if saying who my favs are will lead to any sort of clash in that sense i am going to tread so lightly#i would make this its own post at this point but i don't really want to make a whole post abt this#but anyway i bring this up bc for our fic unit in this class we're gonna get split into groups based on general fandom interest#but bnha fandom is so rife w ship discourse (versus like supernatural) that having people peer reviewing each other's bnha fic is risky#business
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justtrashperson · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Idol RT but make it anime
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