#I'm bisexual for these two....
rusted-lust · 4 months ago
so, you love, respect and are obsessed with andrew garfield? you wouldn't happen to be bisexual, would you?
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eyedle · 5 days ago
That single queer person moment when you finish watching or reading some lgbtq+ media and then feel that deep profound yearning and sadness for something you have never experienced and may never experience.
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rvnhwltr · 11 months ago
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okay but what's with the legs
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sergle · 8 months ago
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it's bisexual visibility day which means you're required by law to fall in love with me
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hopefulobjectmiracle · 3 months ago
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favorite wlw ships appreciation post 
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mclarenhateblog · 26 days ago
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confirmed floor person daniel ricciardo
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kalelraejepsen · a month ago
honestly i'm so obsessed with the idea of the batman (2022) as a sapphic story. like i've talked about the way both the batman and public bruce wayne personas feel like drag and my headcanon that b is a trans woman whose egg hasn't cracked yet, and obviously this is a movie about a character who is canonically a bisexual woman in the comics and a character i headcanon as a woman falling in love with each other, but i think there's a cool reading of the batman where batman is a butch finding his role in the queer community
by butch i don't just mean the aesthetic of it, although i could have some fun pointing out batman's big stompy boots and draw parallels between the utility belt and a ring of keys and the sheer queerness of a woman going around calling himself "batman" and using he/him pronouns. i mean butchness in the classical sense as a role within a relationship and a society. obviously there's a lot of complicated history i'm leaving out, but to sum it up quickly, in the mid-20th century butches and femmes each had a role to play. femmes presented themselves as, you know, feminine, so they were able to go out into the world and get regular jobs to support their partners on. butches meanwhile had to live on the fringes of society if they wanted to be able to live as themselves, and in exchange they'd be the ones stepping in to physically protect femmes and other people from homophobic attacks
obviously the big overarching message of the movie was that batman can't just be about vengeance, he has to be about helping people, but what i want to focus on is selina's role in b learning that lesson. batman meets selina because he's trying to catch a criminal. he cares in a selfish way, he sees himself in the mayor's son who's just lost his father, but he doesn't particularly care about most of the people dying or the people who get caught in the crossfire. he even lectures selina at one point for allowing annika to get caught in the crossfire and talks about "choice." and selina chews him out for that, and she explains things until he gets it and apologizes
selina has kind of a double life going on between her work at the club and her work as catwoman. batman, meanwhile, exists almost entirely without interacting with the rest of the world (and he looks crazy uncomfortable when he tries.) selina has her beef with guys like falcone same as b, she was an orphan too, but it's her love for annika that gets her involved in the plot even before she's dead. she isn't trying to avenge annika for most of the movie, she's trying to save her. she opens her home to her, and to all those cats, and, yes, to batman who has no community of his own. she shows him around her world, the fringes of society he hasn't been able to break into yet, and even when she's (rightly) pissed at him for his judgment of that world, she understands they have a common cause and constantly reminds him that there are people he's helping. people like annika, or like her
what makes me feral about this is selina's never seen b's face. the one time he speaks to her with his cowl off, he's sitting in front of a computer screen and she can't see him. the only name she has for him is "vengeance," and it's enough for her. she wonders what's under the mask, but she doesn't pry. she takes him as he presents himself to her. she calls all the men she has to butter up at work "honey," but annika is "baby," and eventually she starts calling b "baby" too. she welcomes him into her community, sees a kindred spirit in him, and eventually he becomes someone who can see himself in her and as someone with a part to play in that community as the closest thing to "himself" he knows how to be
basically whether you buy the trans woman headcanon or not batman's always been pretty queer, but this movie. like. harold..............
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anannua · a month ago
Tumblr media
@borkyarts this request was so much fun!!!!! I really enjoyed doing all the little details. Thank you so much for the fun request! 💝 I hope you like it 🥰
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xlittlemissdreamerx · 3 days ago
imma be real with you, fanarts that exude yor "i'll cut your throat that'll shut you up" briar and loid "you're beautiful" forger energy have awakened something in me. something very bisexual
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astral-glass · a year ago
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Was thinking about Sniper’s Cute Little Fangs trope and it made me want to cry,,,,both of these idiots have sharp teeth and totally aren’t into it no way
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yardsards · 4 months ago
we all like to joke about jesse being a doofus and like. he *is* but he's also shown himself to be pretty clever and good at problem-solving. like how he thought to draw the door himself in the map car or how he took the toad with him to trap the flecs in the toad car
but at the same time he is still the same boy who confidently said that red blood cells are shaped like tiny inner tubes so that they can float in your veins
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aliveburs · 2 months ago
guy who daydreams about romance and getting into a romantic relationship like once a week but is probably aromantic
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chaoticsunshines · 3 months ago
if sam, robby, miguel and tory dont become best friends in the end then what was the point of the entire show tbh
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eremin0109 · 5 months ago
Y'all ever think about how Pran managed to keep his feelings a secret all these years, maintain the facade of rivalry with the man he crushed on AND get into college all at the same time while Pat had ONE moment of realisation that the one he was in love with was Pran all along and this little shit could go for a maximum of two/three days before becoming an emotional mess and climbing up to the rooftop to kiss Pran?
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superangsty · a year ago
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Hugh Grant + gay characters
Maurice (1987)//Rowing With The Wind (1988)//Our Sons (1991)//An Awfully Big Adventure (1995)//Paddington 2 (2017)//A Very English Scandal (2018)//The Gentlemen (2019)
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misfit-on-a-journey · 8 months ago
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As promised, some of my favorite pictures of Kaunas Pride (first ever Pride in my hometown). 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈 2k people were there, including my dad, his open support of LGBTQ+ people is very important and I'm very happy. 💜 I was truly happy being among all those colorful people, i've felt that i belong and that's beyond amazing.
Also, i was tagged for a picture by these amazing ladies @hel-viti and @a-pyre-of-doom, thank you!! 🖤
I'm tagging: @lollobendix, @breathofwitches, @damned-woman, @muri-chan, @nikkivenomized, @asylumsammet, @heartless--madness, @riveroflonging, @rotting-deadnight-warrior, @eldritchbra1n, @shock-me, @naamahlasalle, @actualhumanflower, @prideandperdition, @wonderinghobbit, @viking-badger and @hellvettia
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thatonemouseykid · 7 months ago
the fact that i have the power to fuck up any conversation by even the mention of alloaro romeo montague makes me feel more confident than all the pieces of advice i have ever been given
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davinasrebekah · 5 months ago
rewatching new girl is quite literally “awe i love this warm fuzzy found family-”
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sergeant-angels-trashcan · 8 months ago
“sometimes, when i can’t sleep, i imagine brutally murdering that dude. and i’m out like a light. works every time.”
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pbandcas · a year ago
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One single thread of gold tied me to you
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