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#I'm covered in orange juice
dirt-striderr · a month ago
Just learned the reason why you're not supposed to blow air in drinks through a straw
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lilmcyo · 4 days ago
Midnight Quidditch Games | Harry Potter
Pairing: Harry Potter x Gryffindor!Reader (written with a female reader in mind, though the gender is not stated)
Wordcount: 3800 words
Warnings: none, just fluff and friends-to-lovers
Summary: Fred and George come up with the idea of hosting illegal Quidditch Games for all four houses every Friday night. Harry convinces Reader to play with him and they end up on the same broom.
a/n: No Voldemort Au, set in Harry's fifth year. English is not my native language, so there might be spelling/grammar mistakes. (Based on a headcanon by @/ murphcooper on tumblr)
Tumblr media
Friday was my favourite day of the week, and there were two reasons for that: One, it was the start of the weekend, and two, we played Quidditch.
Up until fifth year, the most I had to do with the popular wizarding sport was cheering at the official school games for the Gryffindor team and attending the Quidditch World Cup in 1994. Then Fred and George came up with a very illegal, yet very exciting and fun idea, which was to host unofficial Quidditch games in the middle of the night that any student could attend. Whether it were First Years who could barely fly, or simple people that never made it onto their house's team, anyone was welcome.
The twins had planned it the first two months of their sixth year together with Quidditch fans from the other houses and had created lists for every common room, which wouldn't be readable by the teachers or Filch.
“It's illegal! What if something happens? What if someone gets hurt, how do you want to explain that to Dumbledore, or worse, to Professor McGonagall,” Hermione argued as soon as Fred and George had prompted their idea to us one Sunday evening.
“I'm disappointed. Do you really think we would work that sloppy?”, Fred asked.
“The house elves are in,” George explained. “Which means free food and free healthcare, all in one!”
“Awesome,” Ron said, and he should be proven right.
The only rules to attend were the duty to remain silent and to come in your pyjamas, just for the sake of it. Gryffindors and Ravenclaws would be playing against Hufflepuffs and Slytherins, Lee Jordan would be commenting as always and because Madam Hooch wasn't available, Hermione would be our judge. This was decided unanimously.
The first two games had occurred at the end of November, and they had been a complete mess. We had to raise the number of players on each team so everyone who wanted to play fit in, which led to three Keepers, six Chasers, four Beaters and two Seekers for each house. Furthermore, there had been a dozen of first years who couldn't fly yet and who had to be taught by voluntaries.
Those first two Friday nights I had spent with Lee, Hermione, Luna and Dobby on the commentary stand, cheering and eating chocolate biscuits. Once in a while, I had thrown a biscuit in the air for Harry to catch.
Because of the bone-chilling cold and pitch-black darkness brought by the Scottish winter, Fred and George had invented glass bulbs which carried bright orange, warm fire and hovered over the Quidditch pitch.
With the first Friday of December approaching, the excitement grew bigger and it was basically the only topic during every meal. Now that the rules and positions had set and the First Years could fly, we were awaiting the first serious game – as serious as playing Quidditch in pyjamas with Hermione as a judge could be.
“You have to play, too,” Harry said to me during lunch on Friday. My friends had tried all week to persuade me to play instead of only keeping Hermione company, while I had constantly declined.
“Yes, come on,” Ron agreed. “We know you can fly, you played with us this summer.”
“No, no way.” I shook my head and pulled the pumpkin juice jug closer.
“Why not?”, Harry asked, covering my glass with his hand. I raised my eyebrows, but he only grinned, which made my stomach tingle. But I glossed over the unwanted feeling and shoved his hand away.
“Because all positions are filled. And besides that, I would be a terrible Chaser,” I answered. “Or a terrible anything, really.”
“You could play as a Seeker,” Hermione suggested and poured herself a drink. “You're good at noticing details.”
“But Harry and that boy from third year are playing as Gryffindor Seeker,” I reminded her, cutting my toast in half.
“You could fly with Harry,” She said plainly. I stared at her with wide eyes. I should had known the moment I had told Hermione about my not-so-tiny crush on Harry that it had been a bad idea. Now she did what I should had expected: Trying to set me up with him.
“No, I – no.”
“But I wouldn’t mind,” Harry said. “And if you don't like it, I can drop you off at the stands again. Come on Y/N, say yes.” He nudged my shoulder, looking at me with sweetest puppy eyes. I couldn't say no to him, he knew that. I sighed.
A content smile lit up on his face. “Brilliant.”
Around half past nine, we made our way out of the castle and down to the Quidditch pitch. Harry, Ron, Ginny, Fred and George, as well as a dozen other Gryffindor students had their brooms shouldered, following me and Hermione through the dimly lit corridors.
“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good,” I whispered, tapping the Marauders Map, which soon revealed Hogwarts’ grounds, ink lines flowing over the parchment. Filch was strolling around in his office, and so was Snape. McGonagall’s ink dot hovered in the East tower of the Fourth Floor. “Everything’s clear, but keep quiet,” I informed the others.
Hermione linked her arms with me.
“How are you?”, She asked, a knowing smile on her lips.
“Shut up. What was that at lunch?”
“Oh, come on, I just said what you were thinking. Everybody knows you have a thing for each other,” She said, and I quickly turned to make sure Harry was still talking to Dean and Ginny. Hermione chuckled. “I made a bet with Ginny that you will kiss after catching the Snitch together,” She added.
I swirled back around. “You what?”
“But Ginny thinks you'll snog in a broom closet afterwards.”
Before I could reply anything, Harry had caught up with us.
“What are you two whispering about?”, He asked, leaning closer so I could smell his deodorant.
“Nothing,” I said and was glad that the darkness hid my tinted cheeks. Hermione let herself fall back, leaving Harry and me alone at the front of the group.
“You're a terrible liar,” He said.
“Says you. Remember last year when we had detention with Snape –”
Harry wrapped his left arm around my shoulders, pulling me unintentionally closer, and placed his hand over my mouth to stop me from talking any further.
“You promised you'd take that to the grave.”
I grinned and pulled his hand away, though his arm stayed around me.
We made it out of the castle without any inconveniences, thanks to Peeves, who – on orders from the twins – created some chaos in the trophy room and distracted McGonagall.
We were the first to reach the pitch, and Harry unlocked the door under the stands with the key on the necklace around his neck, which led to the changing rooms and the spare brooms. Fred and George had stored the fire bulbs under a loose floorboard and were now freeing them so they could fly over the pitch. Hermione directed her wand towards the sky, sending out a Muffliato Charm, then winked at me and climbed up to the commentary stand with Lee.
In the meantime, the other houses arrived; the Hufflepuffs were followed by a tiny body of house elves carrying fast food on tablets over their heads. They spread over the stands, consorting with the students watching the game and providing them with hot meals and drinks.
“Welcome back everyone!”, Lee's voice echoed over the pitch and the crowd cheered. “And also welcome to everyone new here who wants to play or just likes to break the rules.”
“Hello from me too. We have some new players I want to introduce,” Hermione continued. “Marina Florence playing Keeper for Slytherpuff, Arthur Mitchell deputizing for Gryffinclaw’s Chaser Demelza Robbins, who is currently stationed in the hospital wing, and Y/N playing Seeker for Gryffinclaw together with Harry Potter.”
“That's ridiculous! Since when are we playing in pairs?!”, Draco yelled out of the crowd of Slytherin players.
“Since I'm making the rules, you daft idiot!”, Hermione called back, and laughing echoed over the field. Ron's language was clearly leaving a mark on her. “Now get on your brooms, everyone!”
“Make sure you don't slip off your broom in those silk pyjamas, Malfoy, ” Fred snickered loudly, and Draco held up his middle finger.
Slowly, the huge crowd of players on the pitch flew up into the air, positioning themselves on the right spots. I turned to Harry, who climbed on his broom. That was the part I had avoided to think about all afternoon: How would we fly on that thing together?
My heart drummed so loudly against my ribcage it was a miracle he couldn't hear it. We were friends, I reminded myself. And I would not ruin this friendship for the sake of some stupid feelings.
“Come on, Y/N,” Harry said, stretching out his hand. I grabbed it, and he helped me to climb onto his Firebolt, so that I was sitting in front of him. His fingers gripped around the broom stick, not very far from where I had placed my hands.
“You alright?”, He asked and I nodded.
“Brilliant,” I said, and he chuckled. He then wrapped his left arm around my waist before he kicked us off the ground and the Firebolt shot through the cold night air. My back got pressed against his chest, his knees squeezing my thighs, and out of shock, I held onto his arm around me.
I hadn't flown since last summer, and even then it had only been on Ron's old broomstick a few feet above the earth. This here was the complete opposite: Harry's Firebolt was a hundred times faster, and it barely took us three seconds to be the ones flying the highest over the stadium.
“I got you, everything's fine,” Harry said somewhere close to my ear as he had noticed my hand clenched around his arm, and a warm shiver ran down my spin. I looked down on the Quidditch pitch.
“It never looks that high when I’m down there,” I said.
“Are you afraid of heights?”, He asked, but I shook my head.
“No.” Not with you. I could feel his heart beating against my back and absently stroked over his hand on my waist, until Hermione's voice ripped me out of my thoughts.
“Okay, I want a fair game and no injuries, is that clear? And show some respect to the youngest players! Now ready, steady, GO!” With a wave of her wand, the trunk with the Quidditch balls snapped open and the Quaffle flew high into the air, followed by two Bludgers. For a short moment, I saw the Golden Snitch, then it rushed off into the darkness.
“So, what do we do now? Any secret strategies?”, I asked.
“No,” Harry answered, placing his chin on my shoulder. “We just wait and watch.”
A tingling warmth spread through my body at the subtle touch. Gently, Harry steered the broom around the pitch, while the others beneath us played.
“Katie wins the Quaffle – passes to Montgomery – Rick close to score, come on – YES, Gryffinclaw scores 10 points!”, Lee bellowed and loud applause erupted. “And Slytherpuff in possession – Blaise with the Quaffle – Josephine Gordon from Hufflepuff takes over, excellent Chaser that girl, and rather attractive – OW, I'm just stating facts!”
Hermione had smacked Lee on the back of his head.
“Anyways, Blaise in possession once again – now First Year Conan Ivory – Smith overtakes – and he scores. Ron, look at the Quaffle, not at Hermione – OW! – But Gryffinclaw still leads – Ginny overtakes – fights off some Slytherins – hey, careful Harry, Bludger coming your way –”
Harry quickly leaned over me and the Firebolt dropped a few meters, dodging the Bludger rushing over our heads. George (or Fred?) darted after the ball, calling a quick “Watch it, lovebirds!” at us, and hit the Bludger towards a Slytherin Chaser.
The other twin was close behind, shouting “Less snogging, more seeking!”
“Shut it!”, I yelled. For Merlin's sake, did everyone knew about my crush? Was it really that obvious for everyone except Harry? Not that I wanted him to find out – he would be embarrassed, he didn't think of us as anything other than friends.
Harry's arm slipped from my waist and he cleared his throat, but a broomstick did not provide much space, wherefore his chest was still pressed against my back and I could feel his rather fast heartbeat.
“Do you, uhm... want me to drop you off?”, He asked.
“Oh. Uh, no,” I said, trying to turn so I could face him, “I like it, but if you want to –”
“No! No, I just thought...” Harry’s eyes danced over my face like they had never before and we were quite close.
“ – Applebee has the Quaffle - and that's a score! Sixty to sixty!”, Lee called, and Hermione blew her silver whistle. I ripped my eyes off of Harry and looked down to the commentary stand. “Now, we’re gonna have a short break, because Dobby thinks you're gonna starve otherwise. All the first and second years are asked to go back to their dorms, because it's almost midnight – don't complain to me –”
Harry carefully steered his Firebolt back to the ground where he landed near Ron and Ginny. I climbed off and was glad to be spared an awkward conversation, because Ginny grabbed my arm and pulled me to the side of the pitch. The sudden loss of Harry's warm chest made me shiver.
“Now, have you ever thought about making out in a broom closet?”, She asked, a mischievous grin on her reddened face. I rolled my eyes at her.
“Hermione told me about the bet, so don't even try! No one's gonna make out in a broom closet,” I said.
“Except you and Harry,” Ginny replied. I opened my mouth to talk back, but was interrupted.
“What’s going on with you and Harry?” Cho had caught up to us, snatching a plate with fish and chips from a tablet an house elf carried through the crowd. “I have watched you, it's adorable, honestly.”
“First off, there's nothing to be adorable,” I said and stole a fry from her plate, “and second, you are supposed to watch the Snitch, not us.”
“So is Harry, but he only has eyes for you.” Cho smiled and tapped my nose with her finger. Ginny giggled and ate a piece of fried fish. In the same moment, Hermione breathlessly jogged up to us.
“What – were – you – waiting – for?”, She panted. I furrowed my brows.
“Huh?” Hermione sighed and shook her head.
“You were this close to kiss him, why didn't you do anything?”
“Is my love life this much more interesting the Quidditch game?!”
All three girls answered “Yes” in union.
“But he doesn't feel the same way for me!”, I argued. “We are friends –”
Ginny grabbed me by the shoulders and turned me around. “Do friends look at each other that way? I don’t think so.”
Harry stood a few feet away with Ron, Seamus and Dean, though he seemed not to listen to their conversations and instead stared over at us. At me. When he realised he had been caught, he waved shyly and almost spilled his pumpkin juice. I waved back at him before turning to the girls again, all of whom were looking temporising at me.
“Oh, I – I don't know. Even if you're right, I can't just kiss him out of nowhere on his broom.”
“No, you gotta snog him in a broom closet so I get my Galleon,” Ginny said smugly, and Hermione nudged her with her elbow and looked at her watch, before blowing her whistle again.
“Everyone back on their positions, break's over!” Then Hermione shot me a serious look. “Get the boy, we're all done of you pining over one another. Ron can get the other boys to crash somewhere else, if you need the dorm.”
“Hermione!”, I gasped, but she was already rushing back to the commentary stand.
“Good luck,” Cho said, and Ginny winked. I glared at them before making my way over to where the Gryffindor boys stood. I saw how Ron said something to Harry, patted his shoulder and flew off.
Harry turned to me, smiling. His hair was even messier than usual due to the wind, and he had put on a black hoodie over his pyjamas. He looked cute and hot at the same time, and I couldn't quite believe that he was supposed to like me back.
“Do you want to – or?”, He asked.
“Yeah,” I smiled and he got on his Firebolt, making space in front of him for me.
“Good. I mean –” He cleared his throat as I climbed on his broom. The next second, we were high up in the air, his chest against my back again.
“Okay, guys, game's on again! Go!”, Hermione shouted and waved her wand at the Quaffle, which flew upwards and was caught by Ginny instantly.
“And we're back – Katie passes the Quaffle to Valentina – She flawlessly dodges a Bludger – Back to Peters, almost made it onto the Ravenclaw team – and he scores! SEVENTY TO SIXTY.”
I took a deep breath and leaned back against Harry, watching the game unfold. He propped his chin back onto my right shoulder, like an unspoken routine.
“I think I'm gonna play again next Friday,” I said out of the blue.
“Really?”, He asked, sounding surprised. I smiled. The crowd underneath us cheered.
“Yes. If you save me a place on your broomstick.” I turned to look at him, and he smiled brightly at me. We were as close as earlier, maybe even closer. I held my breath, until I noticed something small and golden buzzing through the air behind Harry, illuminated by one of the fire bulbs.
“There!” I pointed at the Golden Snitch, and Harry's head spun around to assure himself.
“Do you trust me?”, He asked.
“Of course,” I replied. Instantly, his hand was back around my waist and he yanked the Firebolt around.
“ – Seamus throws the Quaffle to Dean – Dean passes Nott – and he scores! NINTHY TO EIGHTY FOR GRYFFINCLAW! And Potter seems to have spotted the Snitch, Draco, Cedric and Cho close behind – Come on, show them what that Firebolt can do!”, Lee's voice roared from somewhere deep down, but my eyes were glued onto the Snitch: It whirred through the ice cold December air and up to the left ring of the Slytherpuff team.
Malfoy had almost caught up to us; even though the Firebolt was the fastest broomstick on the market, it was obviously slower when carrying two people instead of one.
The Snitch twirled around the pole, then dropped down and headed for the floor. Harry followed, and now we where almost vertically flying downwards. Because of the sudden shift of direction, I swore loudly and clenched my hands tighter around the broom.
“I won't let you fall, I promise,” Harry called over air rushing past us.
“I know, but a warning would have been nice!”, I yelled back, and he chuckled.
The weight of two people on one broomstick also meant that we got dragged downwards way faster, which meant we were outdistancing Malfoy. The Golden Snitch took a sharp right turn and now buzzed two meters above the ground to the other side of the pitch.
“You have to catch it!”, Harry yelled.
“WHAT? No, I can't –”
“Yes, you can! I have to steer!” And hold you. But he did not say that. I swore under my breath and carefully loosened one hand from the broomstick, stretching it forward. The Snitch was inches away from my fingertips and I pushed myself up, Harry's grip around my mid tightening. The silver wings touched my fingers, I stretched my arm further and in the same moment my hands clasped around the tiny, golden ball, we fell forward.
“ – And that doesn't look – Oh, Potter and Y/L/N are on the ground. I can't really see, if someone caught the Snitch –”
As one tangled mess, we landed on the frozen lawn, rolling over one another and stopping with Harry half on top of me. My whole body ached and I would definitely get bruises from the fall, but that was something I could worry about later. I caught the Snitch!
“Shit, sorry, fuck. Y/N, are you alright?” Harry's face hovered over me, a bloody scratch on his cheek. I grinned happily and held up the golden ball.
“Yeah, more than alright.”
“Y/N caught the Snitch! TWOHUNDRED AND FORTY TO EIGHTY! Gryffinclaw wins!”, Lee bellowed and the crowd cheered and applauded loudly. Harry held out one hand to help me up, and I took it.
“I'm sorry, I know I promised, but I couldn't hold you any longer and –”
“Shut up.” I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him full on the lips. My hands found their way into his raven hair, and he hugged my waist, pulling me so tightly his fingers almost touched his own rips with the opposite hand. I kissed him, and he was kissing me back; it felt like someone had lit a firework in my heart, and for one marvellous moment, we were the only two people in the whole wide world.
Then the other players landed on the field, and we broke apart, catching our breaths. We were both grinning, and I felt drunk from the cold night and catching the Snitch and kissing Harry.
The raven haired boy bent down to kiss me once more, this time softer, and he intertwined our fingers before leading us over to our friends, where Ginny flicked a Galleon into Hermione's open hand.
“Took you long enough,” Ron said, who had both his and Harry's broomstick shouldered.
“Well, they got around in the end,” Cho added, leaning against Cedric, his chin propped on her head. “Sleepover at the Ravenclaw dorm?”, She added, and we all nodded in agreement.
While Fred, George and Lee collected the fire bulbs and Quidditch balls, and the house elves cleaned up the dirt with a snap of their fingers, we made our way back to the Hogwarts castle:
Ron alongside Hermione, followed by Seamus and Dean arm-in-arm, Cho with Cedric, one arm around her waist, Ginny carrying a tired Luna on her back, and lastly, Harry and me, holding hands.
“You know, I'm glad I agreed to play with you,” I said. Harry smiled.
“Yeah, me too.” He pressed a kiss on my cheek. In spite of the shivering cold, I had never felt more warm and comfortable than in this moment.
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squiiids · 29 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Gut Punch (A game accurate way, and an actually decent way)
"It's supposed to mean "a punch made of innards", but the name actually described what you feel while drinking it."
So this drink was a pain in the ass to make. It's easy enough to throw together some stuff that feels like a fist making contact with your gut, especially when you're working with high proof stuff. I coulda just mixed some straight rye, 151 proof rum, and a glug of absinthe just to make you really hate yourself, but the problem with that lies in the name and flavor text of the drink. It's a punch. There's a series of rules on what to put in it, and what sort of flavor you should be looking for. So, I took the basis of every punch, the classic 17th century recipe in the form of a poem (one part sour, two parts sweet, three parts strong, four parts weak) improvised up a few less traditional ingredients, rebalanced until it tasted right and came up with the following:
Gut Punch as Game Accurate as I Could Manage
1/2 oz lemon juice
1 oz Gut Stock* (recipe under the cut)
1.5 oz Rye Whiskey
1.5 oz Arrack
3-4 dashes Angostura bitters
Shake and pour into an Old Fashioned glass over crushed ice, Add a generous shake of cinnamon and serve.
Gut Punch if it were a decent drink
1/2 oz lime juice
1 oz oleo-saccharum**
1.5 oz dark rum
2 oz Gut Stock* (recipe under the cut)
2 dashes orange bitters
Shake and pour into an Old Fashioned glass over crushed ice. Grate some nutmeg on top and serve
So hey! there's some weird ingredients in there, and I'm gonna talk about em and how to actually make em in a bit, but first let's talk flavors. For starters the game accurate version. Don't make this. It is very accurate to the sensation of a gut punch. There is the initial shock of impact, followed by a slow, dreadful bitterness that has you gagging. Have more than a couple in rapid succession, and you're viable to throw up from the experience.
The second version? It's sweet, loaded with citrus flavor, the bitterness and the sweetness play well together with a drink that is no doubt good for a hot sunny day, which we're moving into as the seasons are changing. Those funky ingredients, oleo-saccharum and Gut Stock, as I called em? I'm definitely gonna have them stocked up in my fridge. In fact, both of them are a good way to keep you from wasting your citrus.
But what ARE both of them exactly? That, as well as how to make em i'm gonna talk about under a read more, since this is already long as hell
So to start off, the name Gut Punch got me thinking. It is supposedly a "punch made of innards", but what innards could they be talking about? Ignoring the less pleasant ideas that this is a mixed drink that somehow uses sweetbread or tripe, I opted to instead interpret this as the guts of an ingredient you would *expect* in a punch, citrus fruits. If you ever work in a bar that uses fresh juice and twists, you know that you're gonna wind up with tons of little juiced and peeled fruity husks that you'll just throw out otherwise. and THAT was my inspiration for the star of this drink, the aforementioned Gut Stock.
But first, I wanna talk Oleo-Saccharum, cuz thats a weird, kinda uncommon ingredient, but it is a really simple one, actually. It's basically sweetened citrus oils that you get by covering muddled peels in sugar, waiting a day, and straining em out. I don't want to waste too much time on this, because other people have talked about this, and better than I'm capable of doing, so you could find a solid recipe for this stuff by searching around.
On the other hand, I'm the only person in the world who knows what the heck i'm talking about when i say the words "Gut Stock" and it's really simple, actually. It was my mission to use every last piece of your citrus fruits reaching the final stage
Tumblr media
Gut Stock
combine the pith and pulp of 6 juiced and peeled citrus fruits with 4 cups of water and bring to a boil
lower the heat to a medium-low, and simmer for 45 minutes, when finished, strain out the fruits and pulp.
That's really all it takes, and what's this taste like? The best way to describe it is creeping bitterness. When you take your first sip, it'll taste vaguely like the juice of the fruits it came from, but that gets very quickly overwhelmed by the taste of pure citrus pith. It's not entirely unpleasant, though, as curiosity got the better of me when I mixed it in with the usual punch fixings, and I gotta say, this beats out thinning your punch with water any day of the week. Bitter citrus is frigging amazing when properly sweetened, and this junk is a really nice way to showcase it. Plus it isn't hard to make, and if you mix a lot of drinks, you'll probably already have some juiced fruits on hand. May as well save em and throw them into a stock pot to make a gimmick drink every now and again.
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artlovingbre · 29 days ago
Sole Survivor ~Angela~
Tumblr media
Angela sighed as she waited for Andrew and Taylor to come back downstairs.
"You think that they can stop the priest?" Angela asked as she looked towards John.
"They will, they know about the Bible, its solid proof to accuse him." Daniel replied as he looked out the window of the house.
"Well I hope he does get condemned. Seeing him slap that little girl, that made me angry that he would do that to her."
John smiled.
"Your motherly side is showing."
Angela chuckled a bit and nudged John in the arm.
"Oh shut up."
John chuckled as well.
"It's done, we can leave." Taylor announced as she and Andrew made their way down the stairs, smiles on their faces.
"Finally, let's get out of this town and get some help." Angela responded as she stepped outside.
She relaxed knowing that she didn't have to worry about her demon anymore.
"Are you all coming or what?" She asked looking at the others.
As John was about to step out, debris began to crash down infront of him, trapping him along with Daniel, Andrew, and Taylor inside.
"John!" Angela cried out as she hurried to the door.
"Are you alright!" She asked, concerned for the man.
"Yeah." She heard him respond.
"Don't worry, I'll look for another way for you guys to get out!"
As Angela hurried around to a broken window, she saw something approaching John from behind.
Her eyes widened when she realized it was his demon.
"John! Look out!"
When John turned around, the demon jumped straight at him, pinning him to the ground with his head in a head lock, then with a crunch, she saw the life drain from his eyes.
"John!" Taylor cried out as she didn't notice her demon slowly approaching her from behind.
"Taylor!" Daniel tried to warn her but the demon was fast, wrapping its tongue around her throat.
"No!" He shouted as he tried to run to her, but his demon stopped him, stabbing him in the back and lifting him up in the air.
Angela covered her mouth with tears in her eyes.
Andrew also tried to help them, but his demon appeared and grabbed a hold of him and began to burn him alive.
"No no no!" Angela muttered as she tried to move some of the debris.
She watched in horror as Daniel got stabbed through the back of his head and through his eye, Taylor's neck being snapped, and Andrew's body going limp as they all were then dragged off.
"Why?! We did the right thing! We saved Mary and got the priest arrested! Why!" Angela cried as she lastly watched John's body be dragged away.
His death hurt her the most, the other three were like the kids she never had, but John... after what they have been through, she began to like him a bit.
He was different from her ex husband.
She slowly walked away from the house and as she got to the road, she looked back at the ruins once more before heading away from the town.
As Angela finally got to the diner, she slowly got to the door and entered.
"Ma'am are you alright?" A woman asked as she saw the woman stumble a bit.
She was wearing a pair of jeans, a red tshirt with the words Tybee Island, Georgia on it.
She has long blonde hair that was braided down her back in one long braid. Her skin was a pale white, and Angela noticed some little scars scattered across her face.
There were also a guy wearing a pair of jeans and a green tshirt and black converse.
He had a dark conplextion and had black hair brushed back neatly and chocolate brown eyes.
He hurried to Angela's side and had her sit down.
"Hun can you get her something to eat?" He asked looking up at the blonde haired woman.
"Thank you." Angela said as the man walked over to the counter and towards the kitchen.
After a moment, he returned with a cup of water for her.
"Not a problem ma'am. Once you've eaten, we can call an ambulance for you." He said as he handed her the cup.
"I'm Matt and that woman earlier, is my wife, Jessica." he introduced himself and the woman as he sat across from Angela.
"I'm Angela." She introduced herself back.
After five minutes, Jessica returned with a plate of eggs, toast, bacon and some orange juice.
"Don't worry about paying, its on the house." She said giving Angela a smile.
"Thank you." The fourth eight year old said before starting to eat.
She was thankful that she made it out of Little Hope, but she wished the others were there with her.
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ibuki-loves-you · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(NSFW) Nagito, Hajime, and Izuru with an S/O who has to wear a maid dress due to losing a bet to Hiyoko
Warnings: NSFW
Mod Ibuki: Take two after tumblr deleted this ;-; I combined these two requests, I hope that's okay! I also made this gender neutral because one asked for male and one asked for female, I hope that's okay too. Enjoy!!
Tumblr media
Hiyoko told Nagito earlier that day that he has a surprise waiting for him
She walked away before he could question "why trash like me would have a surprise"
His question was answered when you knocked on his cottage door in a maid dress with Hiyoko full-blown wheezing behind you
The minute he opened that door, he went bright fucking red
The fact he was pale did not help at all either
"S-S/O...? W-What are you doing here?" "THEY'RE HERE TO JUMP YOUR BONES!" "H-Hiyoko!" "Wear protection~" Hiyoko snickered before walking off
Nagito was too shocked to even begin ranting about how he didn't deserve such a gorgeous sight
His mouth was opening and closing like a fish
Nagito could not stop staring at the short dress
God he wanted to fuck you into the mattress
He tried to hide his obvious erection
Keyword, tried
You grew tired of standing around and nudged him into his cottage
When he shut the door you palmed him through his jeans while he gripped your waist
Luck was certainly on his side today, wasn't it?
Tumblr media
The minute Hajime heard you lost a bet, he knew nothing good was going to come of it
But he was also a little excited to see what you had to do
That excitement went from innocent to aroused in a matter of seconds
When you walked into the dining hall in a maid dress with Hiyoko trailing behind you, he almost spit out his orange juice
"S-S/O!? W-What!?"
He didn't know whether to laugh or to jump you
Hiyoko was cackling the whole time
"Why don't you do a spin, S/O?"
You sighed and twirled around, which made Hajime go even redder
His jaw dropped
The only thing that was going through his head was "they look so fuckable"
"Hey Hajime! Why don't you have S/O help you with the tent in your pants? They are a maid after all!"
Hajime looked down and swung his arms to cover his crotch
He muttered a curse under his breath and hopped up
One arm covered his nether regions the other dragged you to his cottage
He'd have to thank Hiyoko later
Tumblr media
Izuru already knew you lost a bet, you didn't even have to tell him
He definitely would not admit this, but he didn't know what to expect
That's why he almost dropped dead when you walked into his room in a maid dress
He stared at you for a solid minute
If you looked close enough, you'd see that he was blushing
"So this is the consequence of the bet you lost?" "Y-Yeah."
Izuru could not stop thinking about ripping that dress off of you
And then proceed to you rail you
"For once, I'm happy you didn't come to me for help. This is certainly an enticing sight." "I-Izuru!" "What? I am not lying."
He had one arm subtly hidden over his crotch to try and hid the evident boner
"D-Do you want help with that?" You pointed to his erection
Izuru didn't answer
Instead, the fucker roughly laid you on the bed and immediately went in between your legs
For once, he wasn't bored
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bangtanreadingcorner · a month ago
rumor has it [2/2] • jung hoseok
Tumblr media
words — 3K
part one
You took of your shoes, haphazardly kicking them into the shoe rack, pulling off your baby pink sweater as you padded to your room, humming with a gigantic grin on your face.
It wasn't five minutes since you arrived home when a knock sounded on your door. You threw your sweater on the bed, heading to the door.
"Yeah, I'm coming." You called, and the incessant knocking ceased. Probably Minji or Jamie that wants to borrow a book or some paper to print a project. You opened the door, frowning slight when you saw who was on the other side, "Hoseok? Is everything okay?"
"I'm not feeling very gentlemanly right now." He declared before stepping closer, grabbing you by the neck and kissing you until you were breathless, your socked covered toes curling.
"Good night." He said when he pulled away, then added on, "For real this time."
You laughed a little, feeling so ridiculously happy. You wondered if you could combust from it.
"Text me when you get home." You blurted, still catching your breath.
"Promise." He nodded, licking his lips. You leaned forward to peck them one last time. For now.
You laughed again, practically vibrating with giddiness as you closed the door for a second and final time.
You liked to think that maybe you would have a boyfriend, in the not so distant future, after that. It's not like you go around kissing any guy you go out on a date with. And yeah, there's been some horrible dates you went on that never went anywhere, but that's a story for another day.
Right now you were more interested in listening to what Hoseok had to say. The two of you were sitting in the Quad, eating lunch together. You warned your friends to pretty please stay away for now because this thing between you and Hoseok was still new and fragile. And maybe you want him to yourself for a little longer but that was none of their business.
"So, the Dance Department is holding its yearly talent show." Hoseok said after swallowing a bit of his chicken and mayo sandwich.
"I heard," You nodded, taking a sip of orange juice. "The whole campus is talking about it."
"I entered and I was wondering if you'd come?" He asked, looking at you nervously. "For me. For, you know, moral support."
"Absolutely." You nodded eagerly, belly fluttering. You liked the fact that Hoseok had invited you to the competition, especially knowing how much dance means to him. "Can I bring my friends?"
"Sure," Hoseok grinned excitedly. "The more, the merrier."
In the three months leading up to the competition, you would scarcely see him during the week with how much he practices but you make up for it by spending most of the weekend together.
You get to know much about Hoseok in the three months that pass. Little things, like how he swears when he gets startled, all of his phobias (spiders, snakes and heights you got, but fear of water was a little bit of a strange one for you, because you're in love with water but it's not like you own a swimming pool so it wouldn't be a problem), his likes (cuddling while watching a movie) and dislikes (watching scary movies at night - or just in general), habits (biting his lip when he concentrates) and hobbies (skateboarding).
Finally, the day of the competition arrived. It was pretty much a full day event, according to Hoseok, because there was the entrance round, which took the most time, quarter finals, semi finals and finals.
You were walking to the hall where the competition would be held with your two best friends, Minji and Jamie. Your arms were linked through each other's. "Thank you guys so much for coming."
"Of course. Where else would we be?" Jamie smiled gently at you.
Minji nodded, then said, "And we've been dying to meet the guy who has finally melted your heart."
"Just behave yourselves." You told them, pointing a finger in warning.
"Who, us?" Minji gasped.
"We're angels." Jamie smirked.
You snorted, looking around for Hoseok. He said that you would all meet out front. "Sure. Whatever makes you sleep at night."
"Hey, Y/N!" Hoseok's voice caught your ears and you turn in the direction you heard it. "Over here!"
A grin breaks out on your face when you see him, a few guys standing with him, and it takes all your will power not to run to him. You didn't even look at anyone else as you walked to him, stopping only when you reached Hoseok. "Hey."
You wanted to kiss him but didn't. PDA isn't something you've discussed yet, and you definitely don't want to be pushed away or make Hoseok uncomfortable.
"Wow, you look . . ." Hoseok breathed, eyes widening when he did a full body sweep of you. You wore a dress for the first time since he's met you, paired with some matching wedges and a little bit of make-up. "Beautiful."
"Thank you." You grinned, feeling your cheeks flush. "You look very handsome." And he did - a low cut white shirt that put his collarbones and little bit of his chest on display, tucked into black, ripped skinny jeans and a pair of white Converse sneakers.
A throat cleared from somewhere around you and both of you snapped out of the little bubble that unknowingly formed around you, the pair of you ignoring the world.
"Right, I should probably introduce you." Hoseok cleared his throat, tossing a glare over his shoulder when one of his friends snickered. "Guys, this is Y/N." He looked at his friends, gesturing at you. Then looked at back at you. "Don't worry if you can't remember all their names today. There's six of them. Okay, this is Namjoon, the best friend I told you about. That is Yoongi-hyung and his best friend Seokjin-hyung. Next to them is Taehyungie and his best friend Jiminie and next to the shorty is his boyfriend Jeongguk."
"I'm not short." Jimin huffed, a hand wrapped around Jeongguk's bicep.
"Of course not, hyung," Jeongguk consoled, patting his head. Then he smirked, "Just vertically challenged."
"Yah, you gigantic brat!" Jimin snarled as he used the hand on Jeongguk's bicep to try and hit him in the back of his head. Clearly this has happened before because Jeongguk expertly ducked away and grabbed Jimin's hand, spinning Jimin until his back was pressed against Jeongguk's chest. Jeongguk wrapped his hands around him a struggling Jimin, smiling as he pressed a kiss against his hair.
"Don't worry about them, they're always like that." Taehyung said with a grin when he noticed the way you looked at them, wide eyed.
"Good to know." You laughed. "Well, it's so nice to meet all of you." You stepped next to Minji and Jamie, who were eyeing all of Hoseok's friends with interest. "And these are my two best friends, Minji and Jamie."
Jamie stepped forward, peering at Hoseok, "It's so nice to meet Y/N's new beau. She hasn't had one since high school."
"Would you shut up?" You hissed, cheeks flaming, as you pulled her back to your side.
"Aww, look. She's blushing. I've never seen her blushing. Not even when looking at pictures of Idols' abs." Minji cooed, laughter and snickering following.
"You two are dead to me." You said with a glare as you went to stand next to Hoseok.
"Hobi-hyung was so excited when he told us you were coming." Jeongguk let know when everyone calmed down.
"I'm happy he asked me, even if it is moral support." You smiled happily, smile widening when Hoseok's hand slipped into yours. Now, hand holding was something you two did a lot.
"Hah!" Seokjin scoffed. "Moral support, my ass. Hoseok doesn't need moral support, he's won this competition since his first year." You could feel your eyes widening, jaw dropping open.
"The other's don't stand a chance." Jimin smirked.
"We're not trying to be mean or anything, but our Hobi-hyung is the best." Taehyung grinned.
"Hey, how come you never told me how good you are?" You huffed, nudging Hoseok's elbow with yours.
"I thought if I told you, you wouldn't come." He admitted, a slight pout on his lips.
"Oh my God, you idiot!" You lightly slapped him on the arm with your free hands. "I would have come either way. I've always wanted to see you dance."
"I'll win for you tonight." Hoseok promised, ignoring the wolf whistles and whipping sounds that came from the direction of your friends after his words.
You just smiled fondly at him, "That's sweet, but you don't have too."
"I want too." He said quietly. "I've never danced for someone other than my friends and family before."
"Okay, fine. I'll cheer for you."
(Hoseok does end up winning first place. And you two end up having a heated make out session in his dressing room afterwards.)
A few weeks after the competition, your mom asked you to go and pick up your sister. You don't warn Hoseok beforehand, wanting to surprise him. You hoped it wasn't a bad surprise. This would be the first time you picked up your sister again after the first time you met. You smiled to yourself, thinking how so much has happened since then.
You walked into the studio, making a beeline for Hoseok.
"Hello again, Hoseok-ssi." You greeted with a serious voice. He spun upto you, eyes wide, and you aimed a lazy grin at him, eyes full of mirth.
"Hello Y/N-ssi." His voice was professional but there was an amused twinkle in his eyes as he smiled at you. "It's good to see you again."
"You too." Was all you we able to get out before your sister joyously shouted your name and barreled into your legs. You laughed, crouching down to give her a proper hug. "Hey squirt. How was class?"
"It was sooooo good. Hobi-oppa is a really really good teacher and fun too. We learnt lots of things. Like this." Your sister ended her own ramble as she demonstrated a move that she learnt in class today, looking at Hoseok when she finished moving, silently asking if she did it right. She positively beamed when he nodded, giving her a thumbs up.
"That's awesome." You ruffled her hair. "Why don't you go get your bag before mom gets home before us and reports us missing?" Your sister nods vigorously, before running away. You turn to Hoseok, heart swelling with affection as you immediately catch his eye. "How's she doing?"
"Good," He said, eyes twinkling. "And I'm not just saying that because she has a gorgeous sister that I like very much."
"Ohhh, keep going." You sing-songed with a grin, crossing your arms over your chest, enjoying the way his cheeks flushed. "Flattery will get you everywhere."
Hoseok tilts an eyebrow at you, "Isn't it usually the other way around?"
"Yeah, but in this case flattery will get you anywhere." You smirked, enjoying the way his flush deepend from you teasing.
Your little sister appeared by your side, looking between the two of you. Then she announced, "Hobi-oppa, my sister is single, if you're interested."
Hoseok looked away and pressed his lips together to stop himself from laughing.
You barely resisted the urge to yank her by the ears as you hissed to her, "Your sister is not single, stop trying to find her a boyfriend. I'm capable of getting one myself."
She gasped, looking at you with wide eyes. "I'm telling mom."
"Mom knows, tattletale." You deadpanned, much to her disappointment. It's true, she knows about you and Hoseok. You sister doesn't. You all decided to keep quiet around the dance school so the other children and their parents can't accuse Hoseok of playing favourites because he's dating you. You also decided not to tell your sister, because you didn't want her to accidentally let it slip out.
The three of you bid your goodbyes, and you and your sister left. You didn't get very far when your phone buzzed.
Hoseok : Not single, huh?
You laugh, practically seeing the happy grin on his face. You two made your relationship official not long after the dance competition and he loves it when you tell people that you're a taken girl. You type a reply with one hand as the other one held onto your sister's.
You: Nope, there's this really great guy that I'm dating.
Hoseok: Luckily guy.
You: I'd like to think we're both lucky.
Hoseok: Sounds fair.
Hoseok: Btw, your ass looked really good in those jeans.
You: Hehe, thanks.
You: You were were rocking the whole soft boyfriend look, btw
"Are you texting your boyfriend?" Your sister asks as she rises on her tiptoes, obviously trying to see on the screen. You make sure to keep it away from her curious eyes.
You smile down at her, "Yeah."
Hoseok: Soft boyfriend look?
"Do you love him?" She asked and you avoided answering her question to answer Hoseok's text, wondering about it. Do you love him?
You: Big t-shirt, sweatpants and barefoot = soft boyfriend look
You: For me, anyway
You: Idk about other people.
The answer came so easily to you. You smiled down at her as you wait for Hoseok to reply. "I think so, yeah."
Hoseok: Ah, gotcha
Hoseok: We still on for tomorrow???
You grinned, butterflies fluttering wildly. Tomorrow evening was Jeongguk's 18th birthday party and you were invited as Hoseok's girlfriend. Apparently it was the formal one - with Jeongguk's family - and then the next evening would be the informal one - with his school friends and Jimin's friends and their friends. You were a little nervous, because only Jeongguk's closest friends was invited to the formal party and while each one could bring a plus one, not everyone did.
At least, that's what Namjoon told you when you ran into him at a coffee shop a few days ago and told him that you'd see him at Jeongguk's party. So, it was kind of a big deal and you were kind of freaking out but mostly, you were excited.
You: Yep, I'll see you there.;)))
The next day, you decided on your nicest clothes, which was the second and last dress you own and a pair pumps.
"You look so cute, I want to eat you." Hoseok had blurted when you opened your dorm room. You raised a brow at him and smiled when he flushed and started back pedalling. "I, uh, um, what I meant to say was-"
"I think you're cute when you scrunch your nose when you don't like something." You cut him off, deciding to have mercy. "Come on in, we still have an hour until we need to go."
He smiled gratefully and you stepped closer to kiss him.
"About what I said just now Hoseok started when you pulled apart, closing the door behind himself.
"There is nothing to explain." You assured him with a gentle smile, heading to your couch.
"No, I need too. I want to be honest with you." He said firmly, but you could tell he was nervous. His shoulders was tensed and it make you feel unsteady. You didn't like that he was distressed. "It's just- I just, I've been thinking about it."
"What, eating me?" You joked, trying to make him relax a little. You looked at him over your shoulder with a teasing smirk, "Sorry, but I'm not into cannibalism."
"Y/N. I'm being serious." His tone made you sober up, turning to him. Hoseok was looking at you, biting his lip, but there was a determined set to his jaw.
"Oh." You felt yourself getting nervous out of nowhere. "Okay. Thinking about what?" You had a good idea what he was thinking about, just not if it was positively or negatively.
Hoseok cleared his throat, looking like he was searching for words before just bracing himself and saying it. "Having sex with you." So, you were right. You will weren't sure if he wanted to tell you that he wants to or not. "I want too." He added on barely a second later for clarification.
Your heart started racing. You blushed a bright red all over - chest, neck, ears, cheeks. You gaped at Hoseok and he waited silently, looking more and more nervous and unsure as each second passed.
You gathered your thoughts and told him the truth.
"Me too." You admitted softly, shyly. "I didn't want to bring it up or push for more during one of our more heated makeout sessions because I wasn't sure what you thought and while I am thinking about it, I'm just not . . ."
Hoseok breath a sigh of relief, so quiet, you almost didn't heard it it. "Not ready yet?"
"Yeah." You nodded. He took his hands in yours, tangling your fingers together.
"I feel the same. Like, in the heat of the moment I want to find out just how flexible you are, but then when I calm down its like something tells me it's not time yet. And that's okay. There's no need to rush. We'll get there." Hoseok said, squeezing your hands, both in comfort and promise.
"Yeah, we will." You smiled, wrapping your arms around his neck. You kiss him deeply, trying to show him everything you were feeling but couldn't define and put into words yet.
Months later, when both of you are completely ready, it's not just right but it's perfect in that fairytale kind of way you always thought was bullshit but secretly hoped for anyways. Afterwards, when you lay on his chest, looking up at his sleeping face, you breathe those three special words, before falling asleep to the soothing sound of Hoseok's heartbeat.
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crayonwriting · a month ago
The Miya House
Tumblr media
(gif credits)
series masterlist
Katsumi rubbed at her eyes as she entered their bright living room. She pulled up her small trolley she left there last night and pushed it around. She was quiet as she took notice of the small houses in the corners of the room. They weren't there last night, she thought to herself.  She noticed a man through one of the windows of the tiny houses. She cautiously approached one of them. Katsumi playfully knocked on it, shaking the small house slightly.
"Come in." The cameraman played along. Katsumi pulled up one of the covers. She smiled at the cameraman and climbed inside. She giggled into the huge camera lens, completely fascinated. She peeked through the window and waved at the other cameraman on the other side. This went on for a few minutes before a muffled crying was heard in one of the rooms. Katsumi immediately got out of the small house and responded to the baby's cry. She looked back at the uncle and told him that it was her brother. "It's Hiroku." "Where is he?" The cameraman asked. Katsumi pointed down their small hallway. She walked down to Hiroku's room.
In the middle of it, was an average-sized inflatable bed, big enough for little Hiroku to rolled around in his sleep. Once he saw his sister standing in the doorway, his crying ceased and he smiled. Katsumi cheered and climbed into Hiroku's bed and played with him. The small room erupted with giggles and laughs from the siblings. Feeling satisfied that her brother is happy and smiling, she rushed back to the living room to get her stuffed bunny, and ran back down the hallway at the end. She pushed open the big door and ran to the side of the big king-sized bed. "Papa, papa. Wake up!" She walked closer and tugged at her father's hand that was dangling over the edge of the bed. "Papa, please." She leaned down and kissed the back of his hands. Just like a fairytale, her kiss successfully roused her father awake. He groaned as he stretched his limbs. He smiled at the sight of his daughter, first thing in the morning. "Did ya sleep well, princess?" He asked her but she didn't respond. She latched at his hand and pulled with all her might. She wanted to show her papa to the people in the living room. "What's the hurry for, sweetheart? Are ya hungry?" His voice was still laced with sleep as he let himself get dragged by his daughter. ** "Hello! I am Katsumi and Hiroku's dad, and setter for the MSBY Black Jackals, Miya Atsumu." He flashed his infamous smile to the camera. ** Atsumu settled Hiroku in his high chair and grabbed a bottle for him to feed on. As Hiroku fed himself, he headed to the kitchen. "Wanna help papa, Katsumi-chan?" He called her over, grabbing two oranges from the kitchen island and a juicer. Katsumi cheered and stood on her step stool so that she could reach the top of the counter. Atsumu cut the oranges in half and handed them to her. "Here ya go. You just have to do this," he placed the cut orange onto the juicer and pressed down. Katsumi swatted his hands away, wanting to do it herself. She pressed down with all her might to get the juices out. Atsumu's heart soared at her daughter's dedication. He let her do her own thing as he started toasting some bread and cutting up some avocado and bell peppers. "Papa, 'm done!" Atsumu cheered her on. He showed her  how to pour the squeezed out juice into the glass. "Good job! Can ya squeeze a few more?" Katsumi did just that. Atsumu owed it all to you for teaching Katsumi how to help out around the house. You did try to let her just be a kid and play around but it was Katsumi herself that really wanted to help, especially when you were in the kitchen. When Atsumu set the cut up vegetables on the counter, Katsumi's eyes perked up. "Papa! Can I give uncle a pepper?" She picked up two yellow bell peppers. Atsumu just nodded. Katsumi skittered out of the kitchen and went to the small house she played in earlier. "Please eat up, uncle." She handed him the pepper which he thanked her for. "My papa made that." She took a bite of the other piece she brought.
She turned to the other small house at the other side of the room and raised that bitten piece of pepper. "My papa made this. It's delicious." She smiled widely, proud. Just then, Atsumu came out from the kitchen, carrying Hiroku in his arms. He feigned shock when he saw his daughter's head poking into the camera man's house. "What are ya doing there, ya little brat?" Katsumi stiffled her laughs with her hands, running towards her father and latching unto one of his legs. He ruffled her hair and told her that it was time to serve breakfast to her mama. Katsumi's whole demeanor brightened even more, as she rushed back down the hallway to her parent's room. It was still dark in there but she can see your silhouette buried between the covers. "Mama, mama! Wake up!" She did her best to get herself on the bed, and when she did, she slapped her small hands on your butt to wake you up. Not long after, Atsumu came inside the room with Hiroku. "Hiroku is here!" He raised the baby and laid him on top of you. "Wake up your mama!" Hiroku flailed but settled himself when he was finally on your back. You groaned softly, rousing yourself to wake. You raised your hand up to signal that you were awake which earned a cheer from Katsumi. She scrambled out of the room to settle herself on the kitchen table, ready to show you the breakfast she helped make. You turned your face to the side and saw Hiroku's drooling face hanging from your back. Atsumu ruffled your hair and placed a lingering kiss on your temple. "Love 'ya, babe. Let's have breakfast." He placed another kiss on your head and went out the room. The silence that followed almost lulled you back to sleep if it wasn't for Hiroku. The infant squirmed and babbled at you to get up. When you didn't budge, he pulled at your hair harshly. That did the trick. "Okay, okay! I'm up!" **
"Uhm, hi." You nervously tucked a strand of your hair behind your ear. While in the process, you covered your face briefly with your hand. You've been in the limelight for a few times---being Atsumu's girlfriend, now wife---but you still aren't used to being in front of the cameras. "Don't get shy on us, babe." He sat beside you with your daughter, Katsumi, on his lap. You had Hiroku in your arms who was babbling softly to himself. You gained your composure and faced the camera again. "Hello, my name is Miya Y/N." You glanced down at Hiroku and played with his chubby legs, squeezing them lightly to ease your anxiousness. "I am Katsumi and Hiroku's mom. Nice to meet you all." You gave a small bow. Atsumu looked ar you, proud. One of the staff asked your four-year-old daughter a question from behind the camera. "What is your name?" "Poopoo." This made everyone laugh and giggle. With the adult's reaction, it made Katsumi laugh loudly as she repeated the word. "I am so sorry for that." You apologized with an exasperated laugh. As she was giggling, Hiroku—who was on your lap—reached over to his sister and grabbed at her arms and hands. He almost toppled over but you held him tight and just leaned in a tad bit closer to Katsumi and Atsumu. Katsumi opened up her arms and hugged her brother, giving a soft kiss to his hair. She released him from her hold. All of a sudden, she wanted to get down from her father's lap. "Kastumi-chan, do you have to go now?" You thought that maybe she was telling you she needed to actually go to the toilet when she blurted out the word 'poopoo' on national television. She didn't answer you though. She was focused on the thought of getting down from her father's hold. She leaned forward but something was pulling on her hair. She did it once more and felt another sharp tug. "Wait, wait, wait! Yer hair got stuck, princess. Let me take it out." Atsumu's microphone, which was clipped on his shirt , was now entangled in Katsumi's hair. He held the small piece of plastic in between his fingers as he pulled out his daughter's hair gently. It was a struggle as Katsumi kept shaking her head left and right. She got down on Atsumu's lap and tried to go around. "Katsumi-chan! Hold on! It's still in yer hair!" Atsumu crouched down and followed her small figure to avoid pulling on her hair even more. He had managed to get it out just as Katsumi started circling around the two of you. You gave Atsumu an apologetic smile. ** You switched with Atsumu so now you were holding Katsumi in your lap while Hiroku was on Atsumu's, feeding on a bottle you had packed. Now with a more peaceful
atmosphere, the staff decided to ask Katsumi again. "What is your name?" She smiled and leaned back on your chest. "My name is Katsumi. Nice to meet you." She almost whispered the last part as she waved bashfully at the multiple cameras. "Alright, and what is your brother's name?" Katsumi just copied what the staff said which made you and Atsumu laugh. Hiroku flailed his arms around, seeing his family all laughing and smiling. "No, Katsumi. What's yer brother's name? Tell 'em it's Hiroku. Hi-ro-ku." Atsumu urged Kastumi but to no avail. Hearing his name come out of his father's lips, the young boy squealed in delight and threw the bottle he was suckling on to the floor.  You and Atsumu both leaned down and to get it. Your head bumped against his and you both hissed in pain. So much for a calm interview. ** Entering the kitchen with Hiroku,  Atsumu and Katsumi presented the simple breakfast they had prepared for you. It wasn't much,—just cut up vegetables and apples, toast, butter, jam and orange juice—as this was the extent of Atsumu's cooking skills. It wasn't as extravagant as Osamu's,  but it's made with the same effort and love. When everyone is settled down, your family of four started eating the small yet hearty breakfast. Atsumu fed some mashed avocados to Hiroku. You helped Katsumi put some butter and jam on her own toast. "Katsumi-chan, can ya tell us who made breakfast today?" Atsumu's chest slightly puffed out. Katsumi took a bite of her food and proudly exclaimed that it was her who made breakfast. "Wow! That's so amazing Katsumi! Good job!" You leaned over and kissed her plush cheeks. She beamed at the praise and affection given to her, continuing to eat her breakfast with a smile on her face. Just as you were going to take a bite out of your avocado toast, you felt a soft tapping on your arm. Atsumu had an expectant look on his face as his eyes darted from your face to the toast in your hands. You raised an eyebrow at him. He pointed to your toast then to his open mouth. "What are you doing?" You asked. "Can I have a bite of yer toast?" You eyed him suspiciously before sliding the plate over. "Aww, can ya feed me Y/N? I kinda have my hands full." His arm was placed on the back of Hiroku's high chair and his other hand held a small baby spoon. "'Tsumu." You half-glared at him. You would've fed him instantly if it weren't for the multiple cameras scattered around your house. Your husband knew how you weren't used to being in front of the cameras and was probably doing this on purpose. Atsumu laughed and took a bite of the toast himself. "'Tsumu!" Both of you looked to Katsumi who was starting to giggle. "Atsumu!" "Yes,  princess?" Atsumu raised an eyebrow. "Don't call me that. I'm yer dad. Ya should call me 'papa.'" But the little girl paid no attention to her father. She raised her arms up and shouted in delight, "Miya Atsumu!" The young setter just chuckled. "Papa! Say, 'papa!'" "Miya Atsumu." "Papa." "Miya Atsumu." "Papa!" "Miya Atsumu!" "Papa!" "Miya Atsumooooo!" She burst into a giggling fit which made the rest of you laugh along. ** "Oh, how I met Y/N?" Atsumu chuckled. He looked up at the studio ceiling as he recalled the memory. "Man, that's a good question. Well," he remembered it like it was just last week, "We had a game in France and there was a cafe by the stadium. My brother, Osamu, wanted to taste French breads or something and we happened to go that cafe. Y/N was also a customer on the day we went. Apparently, she and Osamu had already met on the flight to France! And were like, 'What are ya doing here?' It wasn't common to see another Japanese person fly to France on the same day, so they'd become friends." Atsumu crossed his arms against his chest. "And after meeting at the cafe, somehow, she and I became friends as well. We kept in touch. Met back home. Hung out. I thought she was falling for my brother when one day she asked me if I thought about her as more than a friend." Atsumu chuckeld, biting his bottom lip. "That made me
rethink everything and then...," he shook his head, smiling, "It just went perfect from there." He remembers when it was finally revealed to the public that alleged badboy Miya Atsumu of the MSBY Black Jackals is now taken. Sneaky paparazzi photos, various rumors, and an almost break up later, you married your best friend in a private ceremony with just the important people in your lives. "Many twists and turns later, we got Katsumi." He blushed a little. "And then last year, Hiroku was born." ** As Atsumu took Hiroku  to the living rom to play, you carried Katsumi to the kitchen and sat her at the counter. "Okay Katsumi-chan, I have a special task for you today." She giggled in excitement as she put her full attention to you. You felt your back pocket and pulled put a silver coin. " I'm going to give you this," you waved the coin in front of her, "Much money if you help me clean the dishes." Katsumi nodded eagerly and clapped her hands. "I'll help you mama! Katsumi can do it!" Holding out her arms to you, you set her down on the floor and she immediately ran back to the dining table and picked up an empty plate. It was still heavy for her small stature but she walked slowly and carefully before handing it to you. "Thank you Katsumi! But let me carry the dishes to the sink, okay? I don't want you to get hurt." She nodded and stayed near the sink. She pulled out her step tool from the cabinet below it and set it up, waiting for you. The two of you got started with the task at hand, with you doing the washing and your daughter, the drying. She wiped at the plates and glasses carefully and set them to the side. There was only a few items so the both of you managed to finish right away. "I'm done, mama!" She wiped her hands on a kitchen towel and can out to the living room. On one of the bookshelves there, she picked up a pink plastic piggy back and ran back to you. She lifted her piggy bank to you with an adorable smile. You thanked her for being such a good daughter for helping with breakfast and cleaning up after. Her eyes widened in amazement at the shiny coin. She inserted it in the slot of the piggy bank, letting out a laugh. "Yum, yum, yum!" She exclaimed, shaking the toy pig. ** You looked at Atsumu with a nervous smile. "Are you sure you can do it, 'Tsumu?" "Of course!" He puffed out his chest, proud. "I'm just... worried." "Are ya worried about me or the kids?" "The kids." You answered without missing a heartbeat. Atsumu feigned offense and just clicked his tongue at you, all with a big grin on his face. "It's just that, he's never been alone with both kids, And we all know how competitive this guy can get. He'll do anything to prove something." Atsumu's jaw slacked in shock, placing his hand on his chest for added dramatics. You rolled your eyes at him—with a smile, of course—and pushed his shoulder. He almost fell off the chair if not for him clasping your hands together. He sat himself upright and kissed the back of your hand, Keeping them intertwined until the end of the interview. ** "So, what are ya gonna do on yer break?" Atsumu asked as he waved a toy dinosaur in front of Hiroku who squealed in delight. You were sat on the carpeted floor as well and Katsumi was behind you on the sofa, playing with your hair. She had a hairbrush beside her along with several colored hairpins and clips. "I'll probably sleep for the first three days." You laughed. " And I'll work undercover as a cameraman. I feel like I need to follow you around. God knows what's gonna happen with you and the kids." "After all these years, I can't believe ya don't trust me with our children." Atsumu clicked his tongue and shook his head. You kicked him lightly in the shin. "You know that's not what I meant." You jutted your bottom lip in a pout. Your husband chuckled to himself before he grabbed your leg and kissed your ankle. ** "I always feel bad, y'know?" He scratched the back of his head. "Being a pro-volleyball player, I'm away for months from time to time. She practically raised
those two kids on her own, without my help. And it just sucks." He breathed in heavily and smiled softly at the interviewer. "I want her to have some time for herself. Let her relax, get a massage, and do the things she's never got to do before." ** You dried your face with a towel and handed it to Katsumi who mimicked your actions.  You brushed your hair away from your eyes. Your daughter handed you a small, candy hair clip which you took gratefully. "Thank you, Katsumi-chan." You booped her nose. You put the clip on your hair, earning a satisfied giggle from her. Crouching down a little, you picked her up and exited the bathroom. You carried her with you to your shared bedroom and got your wallet and your phone. Going back to the living room, you set her down on the sofa as you got your luggage ready. "Got ev'rything ya need?" Atsumu approached you, placing his hands on your shoulders. "Yup." You smiled up at him, I'm all set." You picked up your bag and slung it on your back. You got your cap as well, which was on top of your suitcase and put it on. Atsumu helped you pushed your suitcase to the front door.  You sat down by the genkan and put on your shoes. Nearby, a soft babbling was heard as Hiroku crawled over to where his parents were. Katsumi was following behind, fiddling with her fingers nervously. Sadness was evident on her face and it was obvious how much she was trying her best not to cry. "Say goodbye to mama." Atsumu knelt down and picked up his son, while ushering his daughter closer. You turned to Katsumi with your arms wide open, inviting her to a hug. Your little girl immediately closed the distance between you. She crashed into your body, wounding her small arms around your neck in a tight embrace. You hug her back with as much fervor. Nothing was said between you two. You kissed her check with a loud smack making her giggle at the ticklish feeling. "Aww, don't leave us out." Atsumu wrapped his vacant arm around his small family. He almost feels like crying. As if he sensed his father's distress, Hiroku started crying. Atsumu did his best to comfort him by bouncing him lightly in his arms and rubbing his back. "Do you want me to calm him down?" You were already brushing the soft tufts of hair on Hiroku's head. "If ya do, ya might not just leave anymore. Yer flight is in 2 hours." Atsumu kissed your forehead. "I got this." You smiled worriedly before breathing out a sigh. "Alright," you stood up, "I'm off. I'll call you later." You grabbed the handle of your luggage and just as you opened the door, Atsumu grabbed your shoulder. You raised an eyebrow at him. "Can I have a kiss?" He puckered his lips slightly. You scoffed at the gesture, shaking your head in disbelief. You muttered under your breath how silly he was being but pulled him towards you nonetheless. He shifted Hiroku to his other arm, placing his hand delicately at the back of your neck, he leaned down and kissed your lips. He hummed at the satisfaction of feeling your lips against his. You pulled away after a few seconds but Atsumu was quick to pull you back in. He pressed his lips harder against yours, slightly dipping you in the process. You lost a bit of balance and held onto his shoulder for support. By this time, Hiroku had stopped crying and was now trying to get yours and Atsumu's attention by tapping his hands on your cheeks. Atsumu finally pulled back, pecking your lips one last time before standing back up to his full height. "I love ya." He said with a dopey smile. Your face grew hot and you knew you were blushing but that's just how it always was with Atsumu—the giddy, highschool type of love. "I love you, 'Tsumu." You turned to Hiroku in his arms and rubbed his cheek with your finger. "I love you too, Hiroku." You looked down at your daughter who clung to Atsumu's leg. You crouched down and kissed her forehead. "And of course, I love this little girl right here!" Looking her in the eye, you whispered, "Look after your dad, okay? He's a little troublesome." Katsumi laughed and gave you a
thumbs up. You ruffled her hair. Standing back up, you looked at your family with all the love in the world. You fixed the strap of your bag and headed out the door.
A/N: This has been in my drafts for months. It's time to let it be known. I hope this was okay!
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Shield of Hope - Ch 9
Tumblr media
Sam's POV
Leonard stayed in her room as the night went on, everyone was so caught up in seeing Ellen and Jo okay to notice the missing pink haired girl. Bobby was talking to Ellen and Dean was flirting heavily as he talked to Jo. The once passed out Gizmo was now looking helplessly for the woman that once saved him.
I walked up the stairs carrying a half asleep Gizmo, it's a seventeen hour drive from where we were so I knew he had to run far to get here. I walked up to Leonard's door, just standing outside of it. I heard her crying softly from outside the door. I frowned, knocking at her door, "Lenny? Can I come in please?" I asked quietly. I heard her abruptly stop crying, I waited for a minute until she slowly opened the door.
Her hair was straight, a curl in her hair every once in a while. Her big brown eyes stand out even more when she had tears in them. Dressed in a t-shirt and shorts with un matching socks covering her feet. "Sorry, you can come in." She said walking back into the old guest room, that was now her's.
She sat on her bed, wiping another tear from her eyes. "I'm so sorry Sam. I'm so sorry, I tried to stop crying, but, but I can't. I'm sorry." She placed her head in her hands, crying even more now. I placed Gizmo on the bed with her. "Shh, it's okay. It's going to be okay." I whispered over and over again, wrapping my arms around her.
She rested her head in my chest, "I'm scared, Sam," she cried. I ran my fingers through her hair, "Nothing's going to happen to you Leonard. You have Bobby, Dean, Cas, Gabriel, Gizmo, and me; and we're going to protect you because you're a part of this family now." I said.
Her tears stopped as she looked up at me, "You're the bestest, Sam." She smiled. "Sorry you have a wet spot on your shirt." She added, rubbing the wet spot, trying to remove it.
I grabbed her hand, "It's worth it." I said. She smiled and rested her head on me. Slowly falling asleep with me following behind.
Dean's POV
Jo was alright. I let out the breath I've been holding. Sure, Death was on the loose and everything was about to go down, but for a small moment we were all alright.
"Listen boys, we have something we need to tell you." Ellen said to Bobby and me. "It was a very close call back there and I can't go through that again." Jo cut in. My heart dropped; I knew this was going to happen, but I was hoping, just for tonight, that I would be wrong. "You know you can call us anytime." Bobby said, hugging Ellen then Jo.
I stood up and hugged Ellen, "Thanks Ellen, keep yourself and Jo safe." I said. "Will do, tell Sam and Leonard the news for us." Ellen patted me on my arm. I walked up to Jo, "Goodbye Jo." I leaned down and kissed her. She kissed me back, she wrapped her arms around my neck, and I pulled her closer to me by her waist.
It was over all too soon, she kissed me on the cheek saying: "Goodbye Dean. Take care." Then they left. Bobby patted me on the back, then left shortly after. A part of me felt like I should be sadder than I was. I was sad, but for some weird reason I felt okay. "Ugh, I've been spending too much time with Leonard. I'm actually having one with myself." I said to myself, shaking off this feeling. I walked upstairs, passing by Leonard's open door.
I quietly opened her door, to check on her. I smiled seeing her cuddle up into my baby brother. Gizmo finding a spot next to Sam's leg, fast asleep. I took out my phone, snapping another picture, looking at it for a while, "Ugh, there I go again." I argued with myself. None of the less I hoped one day Sam would get the guts to ask her out.
Leonard's POV
I woke up and smiled seeing a sleeping Sam on my bed, soft snores left his slightly parted lips. While loud snores were heard from behind him, I gently untangled myself from Sam's long arms, seeing the cause of the noise, Gizmo. A giggle escape my lips as I got up off the bed carefully so I don't wake Sam or Gizmo up.
Why is it so cold today? I grabbed Sam's blue plaid shirt that was placed on the floor. He must have taken it off last night and put it on. A small smile made its way on my lips as I saw it went pasted mid-thigh, you could hardly tell I had shorts on when I buttoned up his shirt. I could still smell his sent off his shirt which made me smile more. I could feel my heart flutter, just thinking about him. I shook those thoughts out of my head and left the room.
I entered Bobby's kitchen and opened the fridge; I'm going to make a big breakfast before we entered the supernatural world. I took eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits, pancake batter, and oranges out, ready to start cooking.
I was finishing the last of the many pancakes I cooked, when Cas, Bobby, and Dean entered the kitchen. "Something smells..." Cas paused sniffing the air, "delightful." He finished. I giggled at his innocent yet confused tone. "Thanks Cas, sit down the food is almost ready." I smiled.
"Oh my gosh, I knew there was a reason I kept you around." Dean joked. "Ow..." Dean said. I turned around to see that Bobby had smacked him, Dean rubbing his arm. I laughed a little.
I placed the last of the pancakes on the dish when Sam entered the room. "Hey Len, I guess I found where my shirt went off to." He said. "Yeah, sorry I was cold." I blushed a little Sam smiled and went to sit down. I placed all the food down, "Alright boys, enjoy. I'll be right back; I'm almost done making the juice." I said, walking back to the kitchen.
I could still see the dining room, considering the dining room and kitchen were connected. "Hey sweet cheeks." I felt arms wrap around my stomach. I turned around and saw a pair of brown eyes staring at me. I smiled and hugged back, "Hey Gabriel, I made you some breakfast if you want any. I'll be there in a second." I said. "That's fine I'll just wait for you to finish. A moment without seeing your beautiful face is a wasted one." I blushed, turning back around, mixing the juice.
Gabriel's POV
I was so messing with Moosey back there. I knew that Leonard had no romantic feelings for me, but making her blush was as easy as it can get. I saw Sam jaw clench as I spoke to her. Dean already knew I was trying to move things for the clueless couple. I saw Lenny mixing the orange juice in a huge pitcher. Now is my chance to push him over the edge, "You're mixing it all wrong, Leonard. Here, I'll show you." I offered, wrapping one arm around her waist, the other hand wrapped around her smaller hand, as I mixed the juice.
I saw Leonard was as red as a tomato, "Th, thanks Gabe," she stuttered. "I uh think it's uh, done." She said, side stepping me, bring the pitcher to the table. I smirk as I followed her.
Sam's POV
I glared at Gabriel, being close to Lenny. "Dude, you're going to burn holes in the back of his head." Dean said. "I don't understand. It's not like you're dating her." Castiel pointed out.
"It's gross. Don't you guys think? He's all over her." I pointed towards them. "Well if you grew a pair we wouldn't have this problem, idjit." Bobby joined the conversation. I glared at them. Gabriel entered the room smirking and a blushing Leonard followed behind him.
Gabriel sat down, leaving the only open spot next to him. I quickly stood up, "Here Leonard, take this chair, I'll pull another one up." I said, leaving before she had a chance to answer. I came back with a chair, seeing Gabriel leaning over to chat with Leonard, and playing with her hair.
I placed the chair in between them, "Thanks for the space, Gabriel." Cutting his flirting off. "No problem, bro." He patted me hard on the back and smirked. I sat down and turned towards Leonard, "The food looks lovely, thank you for making it." I said. "Thanks Sam, I hope you enjoy it." She smiled.
Tumblr media
Leonard's POV
We all finished breakfast and now we were all in the living room, sitting down. Gizmo finally woke up and was cuddled next to me. It was now time for a serious talk, and we all knew it. "Ellen and Jo left," Dean said starting us off. I was wondering where they were.
"Where did they go?" I asked. "We don't know, they told us yesterday they were done hunting." Bobby shrugged. I got up and wrapped my arms around Dean, "Are you okay?" I asked. "I'm fine, Leonard." I stood back up glaring at him to see if he was telling the truth.
I nodded slightly seeing he actually was, I picked up Gizmo and handed him over to Dean. Just looking at that fat ball of love made me smile and I hope it was the same for Dean. I sat back down across from Dean, next to Sam.
"So, what happened? I know Death escaped and all but what did Lucifer say to you." Bobby asked. I flinched slightly at the memory, "He said in 6 months, in Detroit, I'll say yes to him." Sam said, wanting to give me more time. I grabbed his hand, giving it a gently squeeze to say thank you.
"What?!" Dean and Bobby yelled in unison; Castiel and Gabriel just watched from the sidelines. "Look, problem solve in six months we don't go to Detroit, or anywhere near there." Sam solved. Bobby and Dean paused for a while, agreeing with that plan.
I stared at the floor, not wanting to say anything. I felt sick to my stomach, "Leonard?" Dean asked. Sam gave my hand a squeeze. "Lucifer kept calling you Alayziah, what does that mean?" Dean asked. Bobby tuned in more, hearing newer news. "It means 'an undying love'." Castiel spoke. Gabriel looked wide eyed at me.
"Oh my god." Gabriel spoke, as if putting the pieces together.
"What the hell does that mean, idjits?!" Bobby asked.
"Lucifer told me, I was the world's Job." I said. "What's a Job?" Dean asked. "Job was a biblical character that God allowed the devil to mess with, to prove that Job was to remain faithful. However, towards the end, Job broke and asked God why all these bad things were happening." Sam answered.
"But I haven't broke. So, Lucifer explained why I was here in the first place, with you guys." I said. I took a deep breathe, "When the new world come, whether it be the good or bad side that wins, I'm uh, suppose to conceive a child with them." I finished.
Dean stood up abruptly, "I need to know everything that he said and did, Leonard." He said, everyone seemed to agree. I stood up and took off Sam's plaid shirt. I held out my hand, "I need everyone to grab hands then touch me. I'll show you what he said." I said, everyone quickly followed my instructions.
Tumblr media
The images replayed in my head of what he said, I felt tears fall down from my eyes again. Then the images stopped. I felt a pain in my head but ignored it. "He said that too you?" Sam asked, his jaw was clenched tightly, and his hands were balled up in a fist. I wiped the tears from my eyes and nodded.
"I'm okay though. I'm fine." I said. "You can't say that with tears in your eyes, idjit, do I look like a gullible drunk chick too you?" Bobby asked. I laughed a little, "No, Bobby you don't." I said wiping the last of my tears. "We won't let him or Michael touch you, Leonard." Gabriel said. "Thanks guys you're the bestest." I said.
I rubbed Sam's back soothingly, to show him I was okay. "We'll be fine Sam, I promise." I held out my pinkie. He let out a laugh I've been waiting all day to hear and wrapped his much larger pinkie with mine.
"Ugh, this is why I'm starting to have chick flick moments myself." Dean groaned. "Ow..." He rubbed his arm again after I'm guessing Bobby smacked him. "Why do you keep hitting me?!" Dean whined.
Tumblr media
Series Masterlist
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JEONJU TRIP March 11 -13
Part 1. My history with coming to Jeonju; arrival; accommodation
The night before the intended  trip, feeling xtremely tired, I didn’t pack deciding to sleep on the decision whether to go or not.  But, I was up before 6 and I automatically started packing a few necessitites. I was going to go for a day, but just in case, I added another pair of underwear. I'm glad I did because I ended up staying a day longer.
So, Jeonju... I'd been there five times already. The first time as a part of the foreign audience invited by the Korean government  for an international  folklore festival. I came here with my friend C and CeeDee, our friend who procured us invitiations to this. We stayed at the most beautiful hanok, were wined and dined and taken to many museums and events. The second time I was here with again with C and another friend JS.  He had a wedding to go to and C and I tagged along. This time we stayed at a cheap motel, but we had loads of fun except on the last day when JS got upset with us for not wanting to go to check out the campus of a local university. I mean, who does that? It wasn’t Oxford exactly.  The third time I was here for a movie festival with my film producer/ distributor friend. I remember seeing an awesome Romanian movie and also remember sitting by the river and thinking that Jeonju was quite an uninspiring city - well, I don't think that anymore! The fourth time I came here with my then 17 year old niece. We stayed at a hanok in July. In the middle of the night the floor started heating to the point that we couldn’t step on it - and there was no one around to help us. We had to spend the night lying on a wooden platform in the yard, literally under the stars eventually starting to laughh hysterically at our bizzare predicament and not being able to stop till dawn. When the manager finallly arrived, he apologized profuselly and gave us their premium room filled with antique vases and beatiful wall hangings.  The fifth time I was here with SH. We stayed at a modest old hanok/minbak and ate and drank at interesting and authentic local places that a regular tourist can never discover. SH is a native Korean speaker with excellent Naver skills so she alwasy discovers truly memorable places. It was bitterly cold but we still went hiking on Maisan and then visited an old-style market in a village at the foot of the mountain where the average age of the local population seemed to be about 70. I bought so much sugar-coated ginger from a halmoni with a sugar-coated tongue that it lasted me a year. But, I digress BIG TIME> So,  here I am again, possibly for the last time. Alone. The ghosts of friends who’ve come  here with me seem to whisper their memories and their presence is making me both happy and sad. In darker moments, I feel like everyone eventually leaves these shores and I am left to miss them and hold the fort. Ok, enough of sentimentality! What about Jeonju? And who is this dignified gentleman? Read on to find out!
Tumblr media
Jeonju is the home town of the founders of Chosun Dynasty. The most historically significant place is here is the Gyeonggijeon shrine that hosts the only remaining portrait of the founding king Taejo of the Jeonju Lee clan. This is him in all his royal glory. I'll have a separate blog entry about the portrait and the shrine because I learned some really interesting tidbits about it as I joined the English speaking tour in which I was the only tourist.
To get to Jeonju, it takes just under three hours on a bus from Seoul's Central City Bus Terminal or about 1,5 hours on KTX. Both buses and trains run from early in the morning till late at night in about one hour intervals. I opted for the bus this time because the bus ride was not extremely long but it was half the price almost. I’ll be going on a lot of similar trips around Korea, hopefully, so occasionaly I’ll choose economy class.  The first thing that I noticed upon arrival is that the spring was way more advanced here than in Seoul. A fireworks of pink and white apricot blossoms, daffodils, magnolias, camellias...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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I had booked a hanok style (traditional Korean house) accommodation called 사랑루  /Sarangru that turned out to be a dreamy, quiet place with an inner courtyard adorned with blooming magnolia and camellia trees and a bamboo grove rustling in the back. Breakfast was included and it was served in a charming cafe next door. The owners were trying to show the brave face but I could see how much they were struggling because of the lack of visitors. The breakfast was delicious and healthy and very tastefully presented: a salad, fruit, eggs, toast, butter and jam, coffee, orange juice... It had been raining all night so the barely budding tree branches outside the window were covered in glistening pearls of rain.  The second night I stayed at another hanok with a lovely name Happiness Full House, which sounds much better in Korean. 
Some pics of Sarangru and the breakfast cafe. End of part 1
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imgoingtofreakoutnow · a month ago
The club
Summary: You follow a new friend in a club and things get an unexpected turn...
Pairing: Elijah Mikaelson x reader
Other characters: OMC
Warnings: language!, mentions of blood and death and drugs (literal mentions, no one’s really hurt), happy and cute ending
A/n: I had a completely different idea in mind when I started this but I hope you still enjoy it anyway, I do ;)
Not my gif, credit to the rightful owner
Tumblr media
Entering the dim club felt like stepping in the devil's nest: dirty walls covered with layers of damaged posters surrounded you as loud music shook the place to its bone together with the shouting of hundreds of people, all pushing around on the dancefloor. Neon lights flashed over every surface their bright, tacky colours, forcing you to constantly squint your eyes.
"I thought you said you knew a nice place" you shouted at the guy leading the way to a corner of the room where was placed a small counter. As you got closer, you noticed thankfully that the music wasn't so loud in that nook.
Your guide sat on a barstool and turned towards you with a smile, dimples appearing on his cheeks. "Why? Don't you think it's nice?"
The slimy floor sticking to your shoes didn't agree with him...
"At least the music is nice" you muttered as another song started and your eyes were drawn to the dancefloor.
There men and women were dancing, or what you guessed it was the way they were grinding all over one another. To you, it was both disgusting and mesmerising seeing how their bodies seemed to fit together so perfectly as they swayed with the strong rhythm of the music, as they couldn't belong anywhere else but with each other...
A pat on your shoulder distracted you and made you turn to... him. You had already forgotten his name - and asking it now would've been very akward - but he was funny, and his light humor was everything you needed.
"Fancy a drink?" he asked, sliding a glass with what looked like orange juice in it. "Vodka and pineapple juice". Close enough. “Hope you like it”
“Thanks”. You weren’t a huge fan of alcohol, so you just let your fingers run on the glass as you watched him taking a sip of his drink. The way his face squeezed at the sour taste made you laugh.
"I need to go to the bathroom real quick" he told you, jumping off the stool, "and then we'll hit the floor"
He winked at you, making an hopeless dance move. You laughed, nodding before watching him make his way through the tight crowd. Your gaze then moved to the drink as your throat felt more and more dry by the minute. You took the glass in your hand: a sip definitely wouldn’t hurt.
"I wouldn’t drink that, if I were you"
Your head tilted quickly towards the man who just spoke. A tall man, with large shoulders, dark hair and a suit. A freaking suit! In all your wanderings through the different clubs of New Orleans, you had never met anyone dressed up like that, not once! But honestly? As long as he looked so good in it, you could excuse him anything.
“Why so, Mr, Suit?” you asked, quirking an eyebrow with a smirk. "You want to offer me one as well?"
"As long as you give me that one"
He gently took the glass from your hand, slightly brushing your fingers, and then tilted it. You immediately noticed a strange powder on the clear bottom that still hadn't dissolved in the drink. At that sight, the color drained from your face.
"Hey!". A cold knife reached your ears. "I hope you're ready to-". Your friend stopped a foot away seeing the glare you shot him. It was a pity it wasn't enough to kill him.
You took the glass from Mr. Suit and got down your stool.
"Y/n, trust me" - he had his hands already up in defense and was slowly stepping backwards - "it's not what it looks like, I would've never took advantage of you. Just to loosen up and-"
You threw the content of your glass in his face. It was terribly satisfying seeing the thick liquid dripping down to the floor, even though seeing his blood would've made you much, much happier.
"Who do you think you are to decide if I want to loosen up?" you hissed, your hands shaking in anger and fear. "You have no right to make that choice for me!"
So many thoughts rushed through your head and thousands of words prickled your tongue. Nevertheless, there was only one thing that found its way out of your mouth: "Fuck you"
Before he could say anything else, before he tried to excuse himself again, you were already running to the door and out of that place.
As you stepped outside you finally were able to breathe again. The chilly night was a bliss after the stale, hot air of the club. However, your hands were still trembling.
"Are you alright?"
As Mr. Suit appeared, you quickly wiped away the tears gathering in the corners of your eyes with a bitter laugh.
"I don't know, how would you feel if someone you gave your trust tried to drug you to do who-knows-what?!"
He remained silent, his eyes glued on you. Scanning them, for a moment you felt like he had an answer to your question stuck on the tip of his tongue, ready to be told and surprise you. But it was just a moment.
"I'm sorry". You shook you head with a sigh, rubbing your eyes. "I shouldn't be angry at you, you're the one who saved me". A small smile found his way to your lips. "Thank you for that"
"It was the least I could do". His lip quirked upwards and his face suddenly lost all his seriousness to become pure light to your heart. "If you want, I could offer you a hot chocolate to help you recover from what happened. I know a nice cafe nearby"
The invitation caught you by surprise. "I- I would love to..." you started, "but maybe not tonight. Right now all I want is to drown in my bed sheets and just forget... everything"
He nodded. "I totally understand"
You smiled and then waved to catch the attention of a taxi driver. It didn't take long before one stopped.
"Thank you again for what you did" you said opening the cab door. “You’re probably the only thing worth remembering of tonight”
He smiled, reaching in one of his pockets before handing you his card. “If you ever want to reach me for that chocolate or for a talk, here’s my number”
You glanced at the piece of paper, his name written with elegant black swirls on the white textured card.
“I will take it into consideration, Mr. Mikaelson” you said with an overly formal tone as you sat in the backseat. “Goodnight”
“Goodnight” and he closed the cab door for you as the engine started again.
During the ride back home, you fidgeted the card in your hand and even when you were nicely tucked in your bed you still held it, your eyes drawn to that small rectangle of paper.
“Elijah Mikaelson”. The sound of his name rolled on your tongue like warm honey... you were definitely going to text him the following day.
Then, without even realizing it, you fell asleep, his card on your pillow and his name on your lips.
Tag list: @elijahswife @ronniemikaelson @hellotvshowtrash @raemikaelson @imaginearyparties @elijahs-wife @mikaelson-emma @dumble-daddy (tell me if you don't wanna be tagged💞)
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kinkandkreep · a month ago
Enemies of Everywhere: Chapter 4
A/N: Hey hey y’all! Here’s chapter 4 of Enemies of Everywhere! As usual, I hope you all enjoy! :D In this chapter, we really prepare to bite into the meat of this story, and its most major events kick off. For those you who are familiar with its inspiration, the 2009 horror film Jennifer’s Body, the main scene in this chapter should be familiar, although quite a few things are different. Anyway, and again I say, enjoy!😁
Tumblr media
Brassy yellow sunlight struggled to bypass Kendra’s thick blackout curtains. Despite the considerable protection they offered, just enough was able to penetrate through that it caused the unconscious girl to stir awake.
Kendra, having always been more of a night owl than an early riser groaned loudly, tossing and turning to try and get comfortable enough to temporarily fall back asleep.
Once she found a suitable position, she began dozing off, only to be, once again, rudely jolted awake by an entity bursting through her previously shut room door.
“Kimmy-kins! It’s time to wake up!”
In addition to being more extroverted and energetic than his less excitable best friend, Alaric was the definition of a morning person. A trait he shared with Kendra’s mother and was yet another reason she was so fond of him.
Gently flopping his weight onto her back, Alaric rolled around like the pesky cat he was until Kendra was able to maneuver him off, moving to sit up on the edge of her silk sheet covered bed. She yawned and stretched exaggeratedly, body shaking with small tremors.
Alaric soon joined her, sitting quietly at her side and patiently waiting for her to move.
The pair sat in comfortable silence for about a minute before Kendra launched up, finally having mustered up the mental fortitude necessary to fully initiate her morning routine.
“ Well good morning to you too ma’am.”
“You know mornings and I don’t agree with each other Emery.”
“Ooh, the forbidden middle name. What crawled up your ass and perished overnight Raquelle?”
From where she stood rummaging through her closet, Kendra chucked the nearest fluffy jacket at Alaric’s head, the boy easily catching it and folding it nearly beside him.
Turning back to her task, Kendra frowned, finally settling on a slightly cropped sweater and plain black joggers, having no energy to put any more effort into her appearance.
One could say she was stockpiling energy to last her through the concert tonight and the activities that would inevitably follow considering Alaric put this whole outing together.
“Nothing, I just...I’m just tired. Feeling kinda ‘ugh’ I guess you could say.”
Signature pout pursing his mouth, Alaric quickly moved to back hug Kendra, nose nuzzling her neck in a gesture that, to an outsider, would seem overly intimate considering his and Kendra’s relationship.
“Do you need to stay home today? I don’t want you potentially passing out again from exhaustion or anything.”
Kendra, who had subconsciously leaned into Alaric’s touch, chuckled, patting his arm from where it was wrapped around her waist.
“No, it’s nothing that serious. I think I’m just unconsciously trying to store energy for later tonight.”
“Oh,” Alaric’s tone brightened and he, somewhat reluctantly, pulled away from Kendra’s back.
Giving her behind a quick, encouraging smack and even more speedily dodging her swinging hand, Alaric shot out of her room and made his way towards the stairs, calling out behind himself as he did.
“Well expedite the process Ms. Kim, breakfast is getting cold.”
“What are you, my mother?” She hollered back.
“Might as well be,” he replied.
Over a veritable feast of homemade mini pancakes, sausage patties, assorted fresh fruit and their choice of coffee, apple or orange juice, Alaric and Imene chatted and laughed happily as they ate, leaving Kendra and her equally groggy, half-dressed father to continue gathering themselves in preparation for the day.
“Alright Ma, we’re headin’ out,” Kendra shouted as she and Alix prepared to leave.
“Goodbye my love, learn well today!” Imene poked her head around the corner from the kitchen into the hallway leaning to the front door.
“And you, Mr. Ashford, ensure she remains out of trouble.” Mrs. Desai threw him a wink, giggling childishly as Kendra rolled her eyes.
Slinging his arm over her shoulder, Alaric grinned.
“Of course Mama Sai, I’ll be sure to take good care of our little rascal here, just like always.”
With that, the two high school students made their way to Luther High, ready for another day of class.
As usual, the students of Luther High went about their day, the halls and individual classrooms buzzing with conversation; this particular day, the general topic of discussion was, predictably, the Paradis concert happening later that night.
For as much as she didn’t care for the band, Kendra couldn’t help but be sucked into the talk with everyone else, sharing her opinions of them along with others in her extended friend group.
“Kenny! Take a look at this strange article that just popped up on my feed. It’s about Paradis.”
Taking the phone from Lena, one of Kendra’s only and most trusted female friends, she quickly scanned the page, eyes progressively widening as she skimmed the words written on it.
Though it was the first time she’d heard these rumors, Kendra couldn’t say she was surprised. A lot of her wariness concerning the group stemmed less from her inherent dislike of them and more from the strange, leaning negative vibes she got from them.
While she herself wasn’t overly religious, Kendra did still believe in God, and was particularly wary of demons and spirits.
Even more so of those who would worship them.
“What do you think? Could there be any merit to what they’re saying?”
Handing Lena back her device, Kendra hummed, mulling over her words.
“Possibly,” she eventually decided. “I’d like to think otherwise, but you know how crazy people are nowadays. And given their position in the industry, who knows what they’re willing to do to achieve the level of fame they desire.”
Lena nodded, crystal blue eyes raking over the page as she listened.
"Yeah I think you're right. Hey, you think Alaric'll be upset if I send him this? I think he should see it."
Kendra waved dismissively, shoveling a spoonful of cheesy Mexican rice into her mouth.
"Sure, go ahead. He probably won't care anyway. Knowing him, he may even think it's cool."
She & Lena shared a chuckle, each being plenty cognizant of Alaric's personality.
The remainder of the day flew by in a rush, & Kendra could feel herself becoming more anxious as the time for the concert neared.
At Alaric's request, she'd packed her concert outfit in a separate duffel bag to bring with her to his house after school, so as to save time.
Surprisingly, it took Alaric longer than Kendra to get ready for their long-awaited outing.
Or maybe not so much, considering he insisted on "lightly touching up" both their faces. To his credit, he was pretty good at it, "lightly" coating Kendra's lips in a very flattering warm peach gloss & dotting some dusty pink lemonade tinted blusher on the apples of her cheeks.
She refused to let him apply her winged eyeliner, too afraid to let anyone, even her mother near her eyes; that she did herself.
As far as appearance was concerned, Alaric went a little more simplistic with his outfit, choosing some simple form-fitting black jeans & his signature cropped green cashmere sweater. He topped the ensemble off with navy green & gold combat boots & his favorite 'Paradis' bomber jacket.
The pair lounged around Alaric's house for a bit, Mr. & Mrs. Ashford being their usual jovial, friendly, welcoming selves. Thankfully, they made no subtle hints or suggestions that their son & Kendra elope.
At around 8:30 the pair said their goodbyes & headed off, with Alaric chatting excitedly the whole way to the venue. Kendra was content to listen, pleased to see her best friend so happy.
They arrived shortly before 9, Alaric having sped part of the way there.
The entry line wasn't too long, only about a couple dozen people present. Making their way up, Alix & Kim immediately spotted an enthusiastically waving Lena, who'd apparently also just arrived with her triplet brother & sister Arin & Anna. You'd probably never guess it from looking at them, but the blonde-haired, blue-eyed trio were serious rock fans.
"Ricky, Kenny! You're not as early as I would have expected."
"Yeah, Alix's parents held us up a bit. And you know him, he's such a terrible enabler. Right Alix?"
The boy didn't immediately answer, too busy staring down Arin from where he stood slightly behind Anna. He wore an imperceptible expression, almost as if debating whether or not to act or speak. The other four stared at him curiously, confused by his behavior.
"Uh, Alix?"
Almost as if Kendra's voice had knocked him out of whatever trance he'd been in, Alaric's eyes snapped back to Kendra, unusually glazed & unfocused.
"Yes Kimmy?"
"You ok?" The raven lifted a brow, hands shoved in her pockets.
"Yeah, I'm fine. Great even. Why?"
"Uuh, no reason. Just seemed a little out of it there a second ago."
“Oh, that. Yeah, that happens sometimes. No need to worry.”
Kendra knew for a fact that did not happen sometimes, considering she spent 95% of her time with him and had known him essentially all her life. In light of what was supposed to be their fun night out, however, she decided not to press it.
It also seemed that Lena and her twins got the message as well, as the eldest triplet quickly moved the conversation along.
‘Ever the fluent conversationalist,’ Kendra thought to herself, slightly envious of the girl’s ability.
The wait to enter the venue lasted only about 10 minutes, and in no time, the five friends found themselves ushered into the main event room.
It was a large space, dimly lit and heavily decorated with posters of the band.
As Kendra took in the scene, she couldn’t help but feel that “L’s” cold, steel gray eyes were piercing through her flesh and into her very soul. The man gave her such an uneasy vibe, she could feel her wariness at seeing him in person increasing.
She jumped, believing in a split second of hysteria that L himself had called out to her. Instead she turned, finding that Alaric was waving at her from quite a distance away. He’d moved at some point while she was mesmerized by the poster.
Quickly making her way over to him, she listened quietly as he chatted with Lena, watching, still confused, as he occasionally threw Arin glances.
About 30 minutes passed before it was almost time for the show to begin, and in that time, in his excitement and enthusiasm, the outgoing, uber friendly Alaric had chatted up nearly every person and group in attendance, which happened to be majority kids from their school; a few younger ones but mostly upperclassmen.
Finally, the lights began to dim, and everyone quickly rushed to their places. The crowd was nearly buzzing with excitement as smoke began to flood the stage.
Suddenly, a loud, dramatic D sharp rang out around the arena, and an even louder, raucous applause rippled through the jumping crowd.
Alaric joined them, yelling and whooping excitedly. In the distance, Kendra could see the triplets cheering enthusiastically, harder than any of the people around them.
Rising from beneath the smoke, the band Paradis stood proudly center stage, their signature bandages wrapped around their eyes. The four band members soaked up the applause and shrieks of elation emanating from many of the female, and some of the male, members of the conflagration on the floor.
When L reached up to slowly, methodically unwind his bandages from around his eyes, it seemed as though the crowd collectively held its breath, mesmerized by even this most simple of actions.
Kendra rolled her eyes, arms folded defensively across her chest as Alaric clung to her side, eyes glued on the stage.
Finally, L finished, his eyes remaining closed momentarily before snapping open. Before the crowd could react, he winked and the group launched into their most popular song, Kneel Down.
The crowd went wild, Alaric releasing Kendra as he passionately sang along.
As much as she didn’t want to admit it, the song was pretty catchy and she found herself, almost against her will, bobbing her head to the beat.
The group ran through 4 more songs: Titan, Last War, Warriors of Marley and Cross the Sea, occupying a total of about 20 minutes before Kendra and some others near her noticed the subtle scent of smoke filling the air. At first she thought it might’ve just been the scent of the smoke from the stage finally getting to her, but eventually it got stronger and more familiar, like the smell of smoke from a burning…
“Alaric!” She yelled over the deafening noise of the concert, pulling at his sleeve to get his attention.
Either willingly or because he was so completely absorbed by the stage, the boy paid her no mind, continuing to jam out happily and obliviously.
Giving up after a few tries, Kendra huffed and just tried pulling him along with her.
Once the pulling sensation on his shirt caught his attention, Alaric’s head snapped to Kendra, his expression a mix of confusion, concern and agitation.
“We have to go! I smell smoke.”
The others who’d smelt it to were letting their friends know as well, but they just brushed it off and went back to enjoying the concert.
Kendra wouldn’t let Alaric make the same mistake.
“What?! You smell smo-...”
Before Alaric could finish his sentence, a large boom sounded house right, screams erupting from that side of the room. Seconds after, a series of not quite as loud booms followed the initial explosion, causing fire to rapidly spread throughout the room.
As was expected, the music abruptly stopped and the many students making up the crowd began scattering, more and more screams sounding from all around them.
Quickly, Kendra pulled Alaric away from the blaze toward the nearest exit, only to stop once she realized it was crowded and too many people were trying to leave out of it at once. She wasn’t trying to get the two of them trampled.
Pulling away from there, she had the brilliant thought to head towards the stage. There would most likely be an exit behind it in case something like this happened and the stage was occupied.
And right she was, Paradis had already exited, but were nowhere to be found once they made it behind the curtains.
“Ok, Alix we have to-...”
Kendra could feel herself begin to panic once she realized that in the midst of trying to locate an exit, she’d either subconsciously released Alaric’s hand, expecting him to follow, or he’d let go by choice and had wandered off on his own.
The latter thought frustrated her to no end, but she had no time to be upset when her best friend could possibly be literally dying in a fire.
Before she could chase after him however, a guard came rushing towards her, trying to corale her out of the exit door.
“Ma’am, it is advised that all occupants vacate the premises completely before the authorities arrive to avoid any conflict.”
The girl, who knew that that made no sense considering the police would want to question the attendees to try and determine whether foul play was involved in the fire, tried to explain this to the man. He wouldn’t listen, and as he was bigger and stronger than Kendra was eventually successful in ushering her out of the building.
Once she exited, she made her escape from the guard, who called out to her as she ran, and searched frantically for Alaric in the group who had gathered outside the burning venue.
He was nowhere to be found, and Kendra was becoming desperate.
While she wasn’t paying attention, she bumped into someone, the force of the impact sending her flying. She braced herself for the pain of hitting the ground, but the sensation never came.
Oh thank God, it was Lena.
Opening her eyes, she realized Arin was who she’d bumped into, and that Anna was the one who’d caught her. In true triplet fashion, each apparently had a separate job assigned, as Lena took it upon herself to help Kendra to her feet.
“Are you hurt? By yourself? Where’s Alix?”
The emerald-eyed girl could feel her hope dwindling at Lena’s words.
“I-I thought he’d be with you guys. I’m so scared and I can’t find him and, and…”
Kendra was hyperventilating, right on the cusp of an anxiety attack before the triplets covered her, pulling her into a large group hug. The pressure helped center her, and, taking some deep breaths, she calmed down slowly but steadily.
In the distance, sirens and lights could be heard and seen.
“Come on,” Lena soothed, helpfully rubbing Kendra’s back. “Let's see what we can do.”
About an hour later, after the firefighters had mostly tamed the fire and the police had taken statements from the employees, the remaining guests and Kendra and the triplets, the exhausted, very conflicted girl hopped in Alaric’s red Mustang and sped off, just ready to throw herself into bed and pretend this night had never happened.
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Head empty only Tomura Shigaraki
to use: input your name as y/n, I don't use your quirk in this but if i do it will be y/q unless it has to be a certain quirk. To change different things click “change something other than y/n” and follow the directions.
Master List
Fluff lol, ANGST, f-bombs, that's it ig. Reader has a quirk that cancels out shiggy’s
Reader can have a quirk that cancels out his. five finger touching isn't mentioned? (as far as I can remember)
Here's a song I like!
Rain tapped at the window, clouds blocking the sun from peeking into your room. You woke up cold and shivering as you reached behind you to pull Tomura closer. You grasped at empty sheets before realizing he wasn't there. You rolled onto your back and tilted your head to see the rest of the room. He was nowhere in sight. It was eerily silent, no cooling fans, no beeping, nothing.
You reluctantly pushed the covers back, cool air hitting your skin as goosebumps followed. Your feet hit the even colder hardwood floors before slipping on shoes and your his hoodie. The door opened with a squeak as you made your way down the stairs.
“Morning, ” Dabi called.
“Morning, ” you called back.
You sat in front of Kurogiri, “where did Shigaraki go? ” you asked.
He shrugged, “left early. I wasn't even up yet, ” he handed you a cup of orange juice, “don't worry y/n I'm sure he's fine.
You shook your head, “you know how he gets. I'm gonna go look. I'll be back soon, ”
As soon as you stepped outside, the hood of your jacket was drenched. You only walked two blocks before you heard sniffling coming from one of the alleys. You peeked around the corner and saw him crouched and shaking.
“Honey, what are you doing down here?” you asked walking next to him.
“Nothing I just...didn't want you to see me cry, ” he choked out.
“Why?” you asked. Tomura knew you cared for him. Why was he still so closed off?
After a minute of silence, you pulled him to his feet, “c’mon you're gonna catch a cold, ”
Tomura clung to you as you walked back and hid his face as he walked with you up to your shared room.
You sat him on the bed, kneeling in front of him and cupping his face.
“Now tell me what's wrong pretty boy, ” you said, pecking him on the lips.
“Just don't, ” Tomura spat.
“Don't what?” you asked.
“Don't pretend to like me, or care about me, or think I'm good. I'm awful, y/n. You don't like me. You hate me; you know you deserve better. Just leave now. Don't drag it out, ” he sobbed, scratching at his neck, “just leave!” he shouted, “get out!”
You shook your head as you sat in front of him, looking up.
His body shook as he sobbed, “get out, ” he cried, “leave...just leave. I wish I'd never met you, ”
You did something he never expected; you got up, opened, and shut the door. He heard you walk down the stairs. He broke. He didn't even know what to do. Nothing he could do would even begin to alleviate the pain that was taking over his entire body.
Killing, breaking, sobbing, scratching, none of it would help. You did it. You really fucking did it. He did it to himself. What if you had meant it. What if you had really liked him and you only left because he told you to. He slammed open the door.
You sat with Dabi, telling him to steer clear of Shigaraki for awhile. You heard a door slam.
“Oh no, ” you said, looking at him.
“I second that, ” Dabi muttered.
Kurogiri looked around “who did it?”
You looked down, Kurogiri looked at you, letting out a long sigh before taking three shots in a row. Loud footsteps echoed down the stairs as most of the group fled. Dabi stayed put next to you on the bench. When Tomura slammed the door open, to everyone's surprise, tears were streaming down his face.
He squeezed his eyes shut when he saw you and dragged his feet up to you before sitting next to you on the bench. He burst into tears again, covering his face with his arms.
“I'm sorry, ” he sobbed, “I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Please don't leave. Please don't go. I can't be alone again. I can't. I just can’t, ”
He was shaking as blood dripped down his neck. You looked at him.
“Shiggy, ” you sighed, “you asked me to leave, ”
“I take it back, ” he cried, “just please, ”
He wrapped his arms around your waist, shoving his face into your chest.
“y/n, ” he croaked, “please I just...I love you, ”
Your breath hitched. You threaded your hands through his hair.
“I love you too, Shiggy, ” you whispered, “but you can't keep doing this. It hurts me. It hurts me even though I know you don't mean it, ”
He sobbed harder, “I d-don't want to hurt you. I'm sorry y/n I won't- I won't do it again, I promise, ”
You rubbed his back, humming softly.
“Come on let's get you upstairs. Can you show me one of your games?” you said.
His eyes lit up as he looked at you “really? Y-yeah sure, ”
You walked upstairs with him, giving every member a dirty look, warning them not to talk about it. You sat next to him on the couch. He pulled out a game.
“This is my favorite, ” he said happily, “i think you'd like it too, ”
(until dawn spoilers 💀)
Your eyes scanned the cover, “it looks great baby, what's it about?”
“I don't wanna spoil it but it's kinda scary. Is that ok?” he asked.
“Hmm, only if you let me sit on your lap when it gets really scary, ” you said
He moved you onto his lap after loading the game, kissing your shoulder. You watched him play, trying not to tell him to do stuff.
“She ate her sister?!” you gasped, looking at him.
He nodded, “fucked up right?”
“That's an understatement,” you mumbled.
You had stayed up with him for hours, letting him finish the while game, when he finished you kissed his temple.
“Bedtime darling, ” you said.
He nodded and followed you to bed, wrapping his arms around you.
“If I wake up to an empty bed again, I'm killing you, ” you warned.
“You won't, ” he whispered as you both drifted off.
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dangan-happy · a month ago
I want Mikan to have wheelies to escape her feelies. Deadweight anon is back, Komaru. And may I speak with Hajime and Usami too? I know you don't like that nickname, but it's stuck now. I'm really in deep fucking shit! The advice Komaru gave earlier really helped. But I can't help but panic internally! I know the best thing to do is to give your partner either company or space alone depending on the circumstances, but I'm mentally not strong enough to do that. 1/2
Tumblr media
What did I just say about calling yourself deadweigh--?!
Hmph, I think you get the point by now. You came back rather quickly, but like I promised, I remember you this time! Heh, and I didn’t even have to write it out on my palm five times. Take that, Yuta!
Tumblr media
Some advice and comfort is what you want? I think a average girl like myself can do that. Well, some of it, at least, heh. First of all, you’re not helpess! I can tell just how much you love her and care about her. You only want the best for her, but you’re just at a loss as to how to handle that, hence why you feel that way. Overall, I would suggest maybe pulling her aside and communicating this issue with her. Emphasize that you’re more than willing to help her out and that you don’t have a problem with helping her at all, but that you just need a bit of a push in the right direction. I can just tell that you’re really loyal and willing to do a lot for her, so don’t doubt yourself or your ability to help and support her, okay? I may not have an Ultimate of my own, but I know a good person when I spot ‘em! And you, anon, are a good person.
Tumblr media
I wanna give Hajime and Monomi some room to say what’s on their mind as well, but regardless, what I said stands true! And you better not doubt, or else I’ll, uh, um, do a thing... y-you know what, nevermind, just forget it! I’ll just step aside and have Hajime give you some better comfort and advice now, anon.
Tumblr media
You act like I’m special or something, Komaru. You think you’re average? I’m just some talentless Reserve Course student; at least you got some talent and pep in your step...
Tumblr media
Komaru covered a good portion of it, so I’ll do my best to add on. I guess I’ll first start off by agreeing with Komaru that you’re not helpless. I’ll cut through your words and show you the truth of this case! And the truth of this case is: You’re not helpless at all, and that’s final. Like Komaru said, this is something you should perhaps talk about with her. Maybe even get a second opinion from those you are close to, if you really need to. But definitely talk about it with her when you get the chance, and see what she may want or normally want when she’s feeling this down. Maybe make some suggestions in terms of how to help or comfort her, and see what she might want or prefer. But hey, you also really need to take pride in your loyalty. Remind yourself and acknowledge that you’re doing the very best that you can humanly do. Heck, if you ever need a extra hand, then I’d be more than willing to give you a helping hand and cut through whatever despair she may be feeling!
Tumblr media
Sorry that I basically repeated what Komaru said and said more average stuff. Still, I hope I drilled all of that enough in your head, for all of that is important enough to keep in mind. I’ll let our teacher finish this case up, so take care, anon, and keep doing what you’re already doing.
Tumblr media
Yay, I’m finally called to the stage for the grand finale! Yippee Ki Yay! Oh, and don’t worry about calling me ‘Usami’, anon. I don’t hate that nickname at all, believe me. It just seems like more people know me as Monomi and normally call me Monomi, but do feel free to call me Usami, if you prefer that. Either name works. Or just call me Magical Miracle Teacher ★ Usami or Monomi! That works, too!
Tumblr media
Komaru, Hajime, for the love of carrot juice, please stop putting yourselves down! You two are both very much above average, and answering this only confirms that. I’ll make sure to give both of you some gold star stickers and some candy. Oh, and I’ll make sure to give you a orange juice box, Hajime. Anyway, my students did such a wonderful job to where I’m almost speechless. In terms of advice, I really would be repeating what they have already said, so I’ll solely focus on giving you even more comfort. Yay, comfort time! First of all, please stop calling yourself deadweight! Call it repetitive or mean, but you’re not. And you’re also not helpless. If anything, you’re the total opposite! You’re super duper helpful, loyal, and caring; I can just feel it in my stubby lil’ feet! That, and I can tell just by your words. I know you’re trying your best and will continue to try your best, so keep up the good work! A-Ah, but please don’t let your lungs actually give out any time soon, o-or any time at all! You need those, anon!
Tumblr media
I know you didn’t specifically ask for one, but if you don’t mind, how about a super duper squishy, soft, warm hug? Nothing like a good hug to make you feel a bit better! Oh, and you can have some gold star stickers and some candy as well, if you want. Do take care now, anon, and tell her that me and my students said hi and love love!
Tumblr media
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woouu-wou · a month ago
☆Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest☆
Boyfriend Scenarios: Miya Twins (poly)
Part3 : Catching feelings (age 13)
Tumblr media
First we have Atsumu;
It was another Saturday, the three of you are hanging out at the park and not at the usual playground or that store you three usually goes to. It's nice to change scenery every once in a while. Osamu decided to buy drinks a few moments ago at the nearest vending machine so it's just the you and Atsumu sitting on top of the slide, legs hanging between the bars as you waited for the other twin. You wanted to do the same but your legs are too big to fit between The gaps so you just sat down criss crossed beside him, elbow on your knee and using the ball of your hand to rest your chin on.
"Are you sure it doesn't hurt?" You asked Atsumu, glancing at his knee then to his face. He isn't looking at you and just stares ahead with a small frown on his face.
"Yeah." He then look at you and raised a brow. "You do know this happens every time right? Kinda got used to it."
While waiting for Osamu, Atsumu happened to slip while trying to climb up the slide without using the ladder resulting with him having a grazed knee - the usual - but you can't help but feel worried - the usual.
I feel more like a mom than a best friend, you thought.
"Can I see?" You asked but you already grabbing your back pack behind you where the small first aid kit is placed. Ever since you hang out with the two all those years ago you started carrying bandaids with you until you decided to just asked your mom to buy you a first aid kit altogether. Thankfully you haven't unroll the gauze for any serious injuries just yet, only needing the alcohol, cotton balls, and band aids most of the time.
"It's oka--" Atsumu however was cut off by your own voice, immediately snapping his mouth shut at the stern look on your face.
"Let me see now."
The boy sighed and slip his legs back in and stretched it towards you, flinching when he saw you pulled out the bottle of ethyl alcohol. Oh how he despises that thing. Carefully scooting towards him with the slightly damped cotton ball, you gently dab it on the wound and thankful that it's not that deep but still needs to be cleaned up.
Atsumu watched you tend to his knee in silence, eyes roaming your face. He knows him and his brother tends to not think before doing something and would most of the times get them in a lot of trouble, and most of the times it was you who pulls them out of it without a second thought. Heck you even carry a freaking bag with you which consist of things mainly for the boys, he even thinks the only thing you have in your bag that belongs or for you is a pack of gummy bears you sometimes snack on when you're bored and the bag itself. He feels guilty every time but never once did he voiced it out. So he questioned, aren't you getting tired?
Not realising he said it verbally, he almost jumped when you answered with another question.
"Of what?"
"... of taking care of me and 'Samu. Why are you wasting your time cleaning our wounds when you can hang out with your other friends in school?" The words fell out of his mouth without a thought, expression going a bit gloomy at the thought of you hanging out with other kids and leaving him and his brother behind.
"Because I don't want to." Your tone held confusion, like it's the most obvious thing in the world. The way your eyes flickered at him for a moment, silently asking what's with the dumb question before continuing, "why are you asking me that? Are you getting tired?"
He widened his eyes and quickly shakes his head. "Of you? No!" Before scoffing and crossing his arms over his chest.
"Why would I get tired of you? You're our best friend." Why are you asking such a stupid question? Isn't it clear to you that you're just as important to him as you are important to Osamu? Without you the two would've been dead, not really but they'll be in so much more trouble without you keeping them on the line.
You point your index finger at him and smiles. "That's my answer to your stupid question, scrub."
Atsumu gave you a half hearted glare and was about to retort before you cut him off once again - You really like cutting him off do you.
"And because I care about the two of you much more than I care about them." You placed the cotton ball down and grab a bandage, carefully sticking it where the wound is. It's like an instinct now at how much you've done it, lightly kissing the top of the bandage before patting it twice.
Atsumu felt his heart ached at your words and action, but in a good way that it scares him. You've done it so many times before but why is his chest acting this way now? It's weird and he doesn't know what to do.
Thankfully his brother comes close, looking up at the two of you. Osamu lifts up his hands which helps three kinds of drinks; apple juice, orange juice, soda.
You and Atsumu looked at each other before the latter shakes his head before you could open your mouth, knowing you'll give him the soda instead. At some point he would've taken the offer but something has changed and instead offers it to you this time, not taking a 'no' as an answer.
"Thank you, 'Tsumu." Your smile is so bright it's blinding and strangely enough, he doesn't mind if it's the last thing hell ever see.
What's wrong with me? Atsumu asked, silently sipping on his small carton of apple juice.
Osamu did noticed the sudden quietness of his brother and he's shocking act of kindness, but he didn't say anything. He also didn't bother teasing him about the red hue covering his whole face and decided to keep his mouth shut. Osamu climbs up the slide and sat down beside to you, dangling his legs through the bars.
The three of you resumed chatting after a few moments of mostly comfortable silence. Osamu can't help but glance at his twin every now and then, still confused as to why he's not as loud.
Did something happened when he's away?
And then we have Osamu;
        This time it's just Osamu and you, Atsumu is still at school getting punished for starting a food fight inside the classroom just because a kid decided to tease you [separate scenario: not posted yet]
"I can't believe 'Tsumu did that. Thankfully Aran didn't saw that or he would've spend thirty minutes lecturing him like a mama hen."
The two of you are in the living room, lazily lounging on the couch and watching  the random shows on the tv. Osamu who's head is resting on the other side of the couch cocked his head to the side, giving you a neutral expression. Eyes half lidded as he stares at you.
"Aran didn't but you did and you attacked me as well. I'm surprised my ears didn't fall off." He complained, scratching his ear with his pinky all while crunching his face in a feigned grimace.
You scoffed, bumping your feet to his. Osamu retaliated with much more force which you gave back just as strong. The mini kicking battle between the two of you ceased with your legs tangled together and heads flat against the cushion, looking up at the ceiling.
"Now I'm hungry," you whined flinging your hands up before flopping them down on your stomach.
Osamu can also feel himself getting hungry and turn his head towards the tv that is now on a cooking show. The chef  inside the screen flips the pan with ease, using his spatula to lightly press on the pancake. He watched as he plated the two perfectly made pancake on a plate and decorated it with colorful berries, whipcream, and generous amount of maple syrup.
A muffled grumble was heard and neither  of you knows where or in this case 'who' it belongs to but one thing is in your mind for sure; you both are hungry. The boy untangled his legs from yours and sits up, leaning down above you with his arms beside your shoulders.
Raining confused brow, you look up and meet his grey eyes. "What?"
"Wanna make pancakes?" And who are you to say no? Even if you did he'll be sure to drag you with him to make one.
If you think Osamu knows what he's doing then you're absolutely wrong. One thing you know about Osamu is he likes to eat but he doesn't have the tiniest clue on how to  cook.
So here you are now showing him how to properly crack an egg--
"I know how to crack an egg; who am I humpty-dumpty?"
"That doesn't even make any sense! But these eggs sure do look like humpty-dumpty after he fell off the freaking wall!"
Osamu watched you continue to mumble about the silly character from a kids' song as you carefully picked the crushed egg shells from the bowl. He sighed before scooting closer to help you pick the little pieces off, and he'll admit it's rather annoying when they slip and slide away from his fingers.
After that you started instructing him how to make a pancake batter, carefully handing him the ingredients and explaining to him what to do and how to measure the liquids. He admits, it is fun going around the kitchen and mixing together the ingredients. He feels like a scientist but better.
"Here let me help you." Osamu feels your warm hand encasing his hand that is holding the whisk, gently guiding it around to properly mix the batter without it flying everywhere. Your eyes are trained at the mixture while his are trained at your face.
You look so calm. He's surprised at how patient you are at teaching him despite the mess around you which is caused by him repeatedly making mistakes by accident. He noticed your lips formed into a frown when you saw the batter aren't as thick as it's supposed to be; its the consistency of a water at this point.
"Is our measurement wrong? Was it too much water or milk? Let's try again but less liquid this time."
This is the second batch, (Y/n).
Osamu sighed. "That's okay. Let's just wait for mom to come home."
You look up at him in confusion. "What? Why?" You thought he wants to make pancake half an hour ago and now he doesn't want it?
The boy placed the bowl in the sink and opened the two, watching the water overflows and down the drain, a dejected look etched on his face. He really wants pancakes right now and just like the one that the chef did; with berries, whipcream and maple syrup.
"We can't make a simple batter let alone cook a one to make a pancake." He slump his shoulders, a small pout on his lips before turning around to face you.
"Aren't you tired?"
Your eyes slightly widens at the familiar question you heard just a few days ago, and and almost unconsciously you answered the same words you had said that same day.
"Of what?"
"Being patient." he gestured at the mess on the counter. Messy bowls, measuring cups, eggs and their shells scattered around. But the question meant two different ones who it came to you.
Oh yeah now that he thought about it you always were the most patient one out of the three of you. It shocked him at first when Atsumu decided to tease you a few years ago just days after meeting him, instead of crying you just smiled and tease the boy back who runs towards the younger boy and cry on his shoulder.
"I genuinely don't know." You giggled and the sound rings through his ears, it never fails to make his heart flutter.
"I guess it's more like determination than patience though."
You nodded you head as you started another batch of batter, this time cutting a large amount of milk and quickly dismissing the water. "Hmm. It's like I'm more determined on keeping you guys - that includes me- out of trouble and starting a catastrophe. So that being said, right now I'm determined to teach you how to make the best pancakes ever!"
Osamu's lips formed in an 'o' shape before nodding his head, silently watching put the ingredients together.
"My patience however," you continue making him glance at you to the side who is now grinning at him. "- is as little as my beard when I'm with you two."
"You don't have a beard."
But you both know that's not true.
After a few tries and burnt pancakes later the two of you managed to cooked the rest perfectly to you and Osamu's surprise. Your eyes danced around Osamu's face for any hint of reaction as he took a huge bite of the pancake decorated with whipcream and syrup.
"How is it?"
He didn't answer but instead lifts up the fork with a piece a bit smaller than before, placing it against your lips. Opening your mouth, you let him placed the piece in your mouth and widen your eyes at the sweetness.
Osamu felt the corner of his lips lifts up at the look on your face; eyes closed as you happily smile while chewing. Your cheeks are puffed out and flushed, clearly liking the flavor. He likes this. He likes the smile on your face whenever you're doing something you like wether it's watching your favorite tv show, playing with them, or just eating. It makes him feel proud especially if that pretty smile was caused by him.
Is there a way for you to keep that smile on your face? He looks down at the pancake and at your face. Slowly, he pushed the plate in front of you as well as the fork.
"Huh? Don't you want some?" You asked but still took the fork and stab on a piece of strawberry.
The boy shakes his head and plops his chin on him palm, a ghost of a smile on his face. "Nah, there's still some batter left. We could always make more."
That moment he unconsciously made his own resolve to give you everything to keep that smile on your face...
And maybe start by actually learning how to cook.
Atsumu comes home and was immediately met with the sweet smell of pancakes, in an instant he ran towards the kitchen after pulling off his shoes and haphazardly threw his bag somewhere in the living room. There he was met with you giggling sweetly while feeding his younger brother a piece if pancake.
He stops as his smile slowly twisted into a thin line, eyebrows unconsciously pulled together. Osamu was the first to saw him standing there blinking owlishly at the two of you.
At that moment violent sparks seems to travel from one twin to another, eyes narrowing and both thinking the same thing.
What's going on?
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igirisuhito · a month ago
Where do I start. I haven't been quite as active in the garden the past two weeks. Turns out I'm like, borderline anaemic again so daddy's gotta get his ferro juice.
Here's the fucking Zinnias I planted in my dads garden. Theyve really taken off since this photo, flowers covering the plants. They look great I'm very happy.
Tumblr media
In bad news: Unfortunately my orange Zinnia now had a fungal thing, I think its spread to my red one as well. I am rather annoyed, cut the dead parts and sprayed some treatment on it. But you know, such is life.
Tumblr media
Anyone who follows me on tweeter would have heard the meltdown I had about Jethro being consumed by caterpillars. I picked a shitton off by hand, cut him back, and sprayed him with a caterpillar killer (and also my tropical forget-me-not, becuase they spread to it as well). No more caterpillars, he's got some new shoots and is slowly recovering now.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
My tree hasn't shown any progress yet, but my hydrangea has begun shooting!! It seems very happy in its little shaded spot. All the little green dots are new shoots.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
My silver heart is also showing good signs of new growth and recovery! It's very happy now sitting up on my new plant shelf.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I have to make another post to show off the plants I've purchased and maybe one to show to off flowers, but I'll wrap this one up. My mum scored a sexy little pot that I've put the hakea and my vincas into, it looks lovely. I hope those vincas will continue to grow.
Tumblr media
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gmoonlight01 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Jiraiya x Fem! Reader [NSFW]
Summary: You are an Onsen owner who reads erotic books and your interest to this particular silver haired sannin gets a bit out of hand.
Warning: 18+, unprotected sex, nsfw, breeding kinks
A/N: I got so immersed and I happen to make it longer than usual. 😭
{Please do not put hashtags like sfw/nsfw on your reblogs to avoid getting flagged by Tumblr}
Tumblr media
Today is the usual day at the onsen and you are hearing the loud whims and bickering of a 12 year old genin and his master.
And what you meant by usual is them. That blonde kid genin, Naruto and that Jiraiya-sama. You've been working on this Onsen for such a long time... Well because your father was once the owner of it and you once never took your eyes off to that silver haired Sannin.
You heard them bickering again. That kid is so desperate for Jiraiya to make up for training him because from what she heard, Jiraiya knocked out Ebisu. You involuntarily laughed on the thought it. As you wait for them to go towards the reception you're reading your favorite book, it's not like you could always read this in public.
It was unexpected but the chapter is your favorite and as you read it you softly groaned. Crossing your legs because of the ache you are feeling.
"There's much more better than that dull book you are reading." You panicked. It was the familiar silver haired master and it's blonde student.
You kept the book away, embarrassed and muttered "It's good."
To your surprise the man laughed at you and placed down an orange book.
"Icha Icha Paradise?" You said
He winked at you as he booked a room for him and his student. Honestly speaking, it turns you on but you made sure to keep your composure stable.
"What's this? I haven't heard of this book. Who wrote this?"
He smirked. "That is why I suggest you read it. Trust me it's better than the ones you are reading. You'll find the author at the end."
You placed the keys of his room at the table and got the book to check out its author but his large hands stopped you, he leaned closer to you and it made you fluster. Oh damn. You thought.
"Don't spoil yourself, beautiful lady. It'll ruin the fun."
"Oii!! Pervy Sage what's taking you so long!!!!" The blonde genin complained, you never spoke but instead just chuckled in response because of what the kid called him. A pervy Sage.
"Your student is calling you."
His face got closer to your ears "Let me know about your thoughts. See ya."
You smirked. "I'll be sure to read it, Pervy Sage." You provoked and winked at him which taken Jiraiya off the hook.
Your other worker took over the reception area, you decided to rest at your personal room in the onsen. You almost lived here and you rarely go home. You are so immersed in the new book you are reading. He is right this one is million times better.
Turning to the last page, your eyes widened. It was Jiraiya. He wrote this Icha Icha Paradise.
You felt the temperature of your body rising up, your core feeling the uneasiness. You needed release and the book itself turns you on, much more than your favorite chapter in the previous book you are reading.
And you cannot deny that the author itself turned you on. Real hard.
You've loosen your Kimono's obi and revealed your black thongs, you seldom wear bras because you don't feel like it. You touched your went cunt and you closed your eyes, feeling the pleasure of your own fingers.
Rubbing it in circular motion with much harder pressure. It's dangerous that you are thinking of the chapters with you and that damned author. The heat kept rising up and you kept thrusting in and out.
"Ohh fuck-" creamy liquid came out and you licked your own juice. Not feeling all satisfied you took your pillow and you decided to ride on it. You kept grinding hard, the friction of your core to the pillowcase kept you aroused and turned on. "Oh... God!!"
Then you heard a knock. You glared at the door. Who the hell would disturb you when you're finally at your peak. You growled "Who is it?! What is it?!" Still trying to grind on the pillow case, desperately trying to reach your climax
"Ma'am y/n... The customer from room 101 has a complaint."
You shot a glare again, still not opening the door and still grinding hard. "Then make a resolve! You know what to do!!"
"But ma'am y/n... He wishes to see the manager, he said you know him." You stopped. Finally realizing it.
Room 101. It's Jiraiya and Naruto's room.
You stood up and opened the door, your worker is obviously scared with the glare you are giving. You sighed and tapped her shoulders "I'll handle it. You go home. I'll take charge."
You stood in front of the door, hesitating to knock. You blushed, you never thought you'd imagine him as your guilty pleasure tonight. Just thinking about it made your core ache. You haven't had your second climax yet and your thongs are dripping wet. You sighed.
You knocked on the door and a silver haired man with the familiar red markings stood in front of you. It made your core ache more. He is damn half naked and his muscular body stood in front of you.
Even Jiraiya stared at you. Out of anger, you almost forgot to fix yourself and you left your kimono's obi back in your room. You looked so messed up, your thighs are showing, your cleavage are visible to his eyes and your messy hair stood before his eyes.
"Did I disturb you from something?" He asked and you crossed your arms. You smirked "You did. Big time. So what's your problem I need to get back to my business."
He rubbed the back of his nape. Still eyeing your body. "Actually.. I asked you how's the book."
You widened in response. The pain in your wet fold is increasing, all of a sudden you want him. All of him.
"It's bad. Most especially when I'm being disturbed."
He smirked. "Am I the disturbance you are talking about?" Jiraiya leaned closer. Noticing his student is fast asleep in the comforter that is provided. You stepped up for his challenge.
You held the hem of the towel that's been covering his lower part and pulled him close to you. Damn professionalism. You thought.
"No. You are a distraction."
Jiraiya's large hands held your waist. His lips close to your neck and he is smelling you already. "I was about to say the same. Coming here with that look? You are such a thoughtful manager." He placed a kiss on your neck and you bit your lip. You are outside the door and someone might see you in this state. But heck, you didn't care anymore you needed release.
Your hands traced up to his abs and your arms wrapped around his neck. You licked his jaw. "This chapter is familiar... Junko and that woman did it by the wall."
Jiraiya held you tighter and without preliminaries he kissed your lips. He is dominant, agressive and it fucking turned you on.
You kissed back, revealing your breasts and wet thongs to his naked eye. He smirked "I knew it. You tried to pleasure yourself but I can do much better than that."
"Not here." You took his hand while the other closed the door, leaving Naruto in his deep slumber while you and Jiraiya made your way inside your personal room.
Without any hesitation you pulled off his towel. His large member stood before you and kissed his neck. "So that's the pointy member that's been poking me."
Jiraiya teared your kimono, leaving you with your black thongs. He pushed you to the wall, licked your stomach and he lifted your right leg to his shoulders. His fingers massaged your wet folds and you desperately held his silver locks. "Oh fuck, put your large fingers inside me.. Jiraiya.."
But he didn't. He is trying to punish you and you are feeling ecstatic. The pressure on your cunt with the way he moves his fingers to your clit kept your thongs wet. He tore it off. Slowly licking your clit in an upward manner. You whimpered
"When I hear you moan I am going to stop."
He thrusted one finger, it's hard for you. Your right leg placed on his shoulder as he kneeled down. Your only support was your left leg and the wall. You let go from holding his hair and tried to cover your lips
He is so skilled. Much better than the books.
"Oh goddamned."
He stopped. He got up. He is that aggressive. Willing to leave you just because you moan one time. "I hate bad girls and bad girls won't get a taste of my cock." He spanked your butt, attempting to leave the room but you stopped him. You pushed his body to your bed and you held his member. You licked upward while massaging his balls and he groaned.
"I'll make it up to you... Daddy Jiraiya.."
You sucked his large member while sitting on his thighs. He is feeling your juices dripping out as you blowjob his cock. He held your hair and started guiding it for a deeper thrust.
"Oh yes y/n be good to daddy."
You kept going and finally he withdrawn. You decided to take the dominance while he's at it. You ride on top of his cock, rubbing it against your core while you massaged your own breast.
"Baby is mad too... Daddy interrupted with my climax..."
He held your hips, forcing it to grind harder. "Then pleasure yourself baby girl.."
He controlled your hips from moving, and you can't help but scream in pleasure. Finally, your climax is coming. "Oh yes Daddy I'm going to cum."
His grip held tighter and you finally released your juices the second time but he didn't stopped there. Jiraiya quickly turn your positions, his other hand pegged your wrist above your head while the other stroked his erection
"See this y/n? You want Daddy's cock in your little cunt?" You nodded and bit your lip.
He looked at you with lust as he entered the head of his cock. "I'm going to cum all over you until we make our little seedling over there."
You groaned. "Yes daddy, cum over me I need you already."
He finally thrusted in. You screamed and he groaned seeing you involuntarily arched your back. It was hard, it was warm and it is very much euphoric. "Oh!!"
He stopped and forced to turn you around. He bended you over and spread your legs. He spanked your ass. "Wide open baby girl."
You did as he told and he fucked you hard from behind. "Oh fuck Jiraiya that's the spot-"
He spanked your ass. "What did you just call me?!" He went harder and deeper. You made him mad.
"D-daddy. Oh fuck!!"
"You are such a naughty girl." He went more deeper and his paces started to get fast. You know both of your are to reach your climax. The scream of pleasure can be heard from the four corners of the room and any human being will know that the two of them are having the best night of their lives.
With his final thrust his liquid juices came inside you and it never felt so good. You turned around and received a sweet peck from his lips. "I am goddamned serious on that little seedling"
You wrapped your arms to his neck and pulled you closer. "Then should we go next round to assure that little seedling?" You challenged and Jiraiya once again kissed your neck
"I have the whole night to fill you up, y/n"
✨taglist: @arthurmorganssaddle ✨
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Serva me, Servabo te
save me and I will save you
Tumblr media
pairing: photographer!Taehyung x f.reader
genre: angst, smut, slight enemies to lovers
word count: 8.5k | reading time: 45 min
chapter summary: Taehyung and you can't stop bickering, even after what happened. But something brings you closer.
warnings: Dom!Tae, sub!reader, protected vaginal sex, super tiny blowjob ig, slight chocking, dirty talk,
All chapters  |   Masterlist  |  Read on AO3
Tumblr media
Chapter 6: Behind closed doors
Tumblr media
Sometimes, you're having such an amazing dream that you don't want to wake up. Not even when you can feel the wakeful consciousness prying the images from your brain with force, when things start to make less and less sense, and events are repeated in an attempt to keep dreaming. And you have started to be aware of the sounds around the room, the position your body is in, the way your eyelids are heavily closed, and you're not sure if you simply don't want to move, or if you are unable to.
But just as you're wishing to remember the dream and all of its details, the moment you open your eyes, you have already forgotten it.
You were confused for a second as to why you were in your room. Or perhaps the confusion came from why you were in your room, alone- having already gotten used to some company. Then the memories from the previous night presented themselves; the way you had almost fallen asleep in Taehyung's arms and he had helped you walk upstairs and tucked you under the covers. You think the dream that you were failing to recall now might have been what your subconscious guessed -or hoped- could have happened next. If he hadn't left you alone.
But he wasn't there with you; perhaps his presence could have distracted you enough not to think about the consequences of your actions. But you were all alone and free to overthink, regret, agonize. It all felt like the worst hangover, and you weren't even drunk. Like Taehyung was some type of drug you got hooked on from the very first night; you craved him and would do anything to have him at the moment, then could only pull yourself together after it was all over. And you feared leaving now would result in you experiencing withdrawal.
Your phone buzzed -it was plugged in to charge even though you know it wasn't you who did that- and you realized it was that same sound that had slowly woken you up. You found the strength to roll over and grab it. A couple of missed calls; a couple of texts. Yoonji, obviously. You sighed, thinking about how you weren't ready to face reality yet and especially not to deal with your roommate, but when you read the most recent text you jumped off the bed.
Oh, no. Not all caps. Not two exclamation points, with spaces, too. There was no more time to dwell on anything, you were out the door before you could even blink. And you ran downstairs, looking around all the empty rooms.
"Taehyung!" you shouted but got no reply. He was nowhere, yet again. You dashed back upstairs to look into his room, that one empty, too, but heard noises when you passed by the bathroom door. "Taehyung?" You called again, and after a moment of silence, he answered.
"Yeah?" His voice was coming from inside, and you almost acted out from instinct to open the door. Luckily you stopped yourself, exhaled heavily through your nose while shaking your head and biting your cheek.
"Did you tell Jimin what happened?" you snarled.
"What?" he called, sounding confused.
"Did you- oh, jeez!" You quickly averted your gaze when the bathroom door swung open and a naked Taehyung was standing behind it.
"What are you talking about?" he simply asked, very casual. So casual it made your eyes follow his voice, ever so briefly, and out of the corner, you noticed he wasn't actually completely naked. You hesitantly turned your head back forward, still avoiding looking at him directly because of the way it made your face catch on fire.
Taehyung was standing by the door with a towel wrapped around his lower half. His dark hair appeared even darker due to the water dripping from his locks, down his shoulders. And everything else was exposed; his sharp collarbones, his soft tummy, the small trail of hair in the middle of his chest and right before the towel began. You lost your train of thought altogether. Flustered and awkward, mumbling your words but saying nothing.
Taehyung enjoyed your blushing state for a moment, rubbing his chest with a palm, mostly to draw your attention on him again, before he decided to help you out. "Tell Jimin what?"
Oh, right. "Uh- what... happened." He kept looking at you as if he didn't know what you were talking about. "Last night," you continued, but he still just raised his eyebrows at you, as if he wanted you to say it out loud. You rolled your eyes and took a breath to find the courage. "Did you tell Jimin that we made out last night?"
He chuckled, clearly amused by the way you had described it; like you hadn't done much more than that. "No," he finally humored you and you sighed in relief. "Why did you think I did?"
You shrugged. "Yoonji was all dramatic about wanting to tell me something and I just thought..."
"Hm, well, you thought wrong," he said matter-of-factly. And he looked at you with such a stare, you suddenly didn't know what to do with yourself. You felt bad for the possibility even crossing your mind.
Your eyes down on the floor, you pushed a strand of hair behind your ear and cleared your throat. "And... you're not going to tell him, right?"
"Do you want me to?" You shook your head at his question and he raised an eyebrow fleetingly. "Then I won't." He agreed, but you still felt like he was judging you. You felt like you were doing something so, so wrong and you couldn't even wrap your head around what it was. What could be worse than what you had already done?
"Alright, then..." you murmured, biting your lip and avoiding his direct eye contact once again. "Can we both make a promise? What happens in this Manor, stays in this Manor."
You noticed the corner of his mouth lift up, and he leaned in closer. "Sure. Everything that happened, and everything that will happen the next few days, it's all forgotten the moment we step out of the door," he whispered with a smirk. Then turned his head to force you to look into his eyes. "Is that what you want?"
You could see the satisfaction in having gotten you flustered again written all over his face. The implication alone of his -and your- words had your skin running cold. And perhaps you wanted to scoff at him, put him in his place; tell him nothing else would be happening. But it was more likely you'd be lying. It was more likely you didn't want to make such a promise.
So you avoided responding completely. "I'm going to go take a shower," you announced, turning away.
"Have you had breakfast yet?" he called after you before you had managed to disappear from his sight.
You paused and glanced at him through your shoulder. "No."
"I'll make something, then."
You offered him a quick nod and got in your room. And finally, you could breathe. It was the awkwardness of your first day there all over again, but so different, and so much worse. At least at the beginning, he was pretending not to remember anything; now there was no such comforting thought anymore. Not only did he know, he probably knew more than you; as in he could read your thoughts better than you could interpret them yourself. When you didn't even want to admit how much you liked his lips on yours, he definitely could tell.
And now what? You couldn't understand from your brief interaction what was supposed to happen next. Would you continue your days normally like nothing happened, or would it only get worse from now on? You had a hunch he would go for the second choice. But you didn't know what you wished for.
Your phone had no signal again; you couldn't even see what your drama queen of a roommate wanted to talk about. With the reassurance that it was (probably) nothing that you had done, however, you could go take that shower you had promised. Well, your mind was still being tortured with unneeded worries and scenarios, but at least Yoonji was one thing less to worry about. It's not like you would ever be truly free from Taehyung, anyway. Especially not after the image you had seen earlier.
Damn, he looked like a whole snack. No matter how much of an ass he was, you could never lie about that.
Your bed was made when you got back in that room, sheets smelling fresh. This time you thought about the housekeepers, not the man. Even though you had still never seen anyone else in that house, and it was eerie, to say the least, how they managed to avoid you so perfectly every time, but you just had to believe there was someone there. You had to, otherwise, you didn't know what you'd believe.
You could smell the fried bacon even when you were still upstairs. Taehyung really didn't have to go so hard every time he did anything; you would be fine with just something light, for a change. But no, he had to make a whole meal every day, didn't he? What was he trying to prove? It wouldn't change your mind about him. Or maybe it did, a little bit, when you decided to wear again the cleaned dress he had complimented you on. Like you craved his approval.
"What's all of this?" you said once you walked into the kitchen and the table was full. Two eggs, sunny side up, on each plate with a couple of bacon stripes next to them, fried white cheese, and sliced tomatoes. Just on the plates. Then there was what looked like oatmeal on an extra bowl topped with nuts and fruit, slices of bread accompanied by honey and butter, freshly squeezed orange juice, and filter coffee. "This is a whole hotel buffet!" It definitely overshadowed your pudding.
Taehyung flashed you a grin before pushing his still wet hair back and setting the final touch, the cutlery, on the table. "I thought you'd be hungry." He didn't finish the sentence, which would clearly go something like "after I made you pass out last night."
You chewed on your lip, hating that he was so obviously right, you couldn't even try to hide it. But you still kept your head high as you sat down. "You know, I often skip breakfast, anyway. All of this is really unnecessary."
He pointed at you with a scowl. "Unacceptable! You should never, ever skip breakfast." Then he sat down diagonally from you.
You rolled your eyes at him. "Whatever. This isn't breakfast, this is what I eat in a day."
He cocked his head to the side, a smile being suppressed on his lips, as he picked his fork up to dig in first. "I can't say I didn't warn you about my cooking skills and the effort I put in the next day."
Gosh, he made you so mad. You were this close to telling him to go back to pretending he didn't even know you; so much better than having to listen to him brag about you like you were just another conquest. And the worse part is that you willingly let that happen. And that you're still not in your car, driving back home. Maybe you're just all talk and no action. You keep saying how much you hate him, but really, why don't you act like it?
"You don't have to try so hard to make me fall for you, though," you answered eventually, starting to eat one of the eggs.
"Is that because you have already fallen for me?"
You shot him a glare. "I thought I already made it pretty clear how I feel about you."
Taehyung snorted loudly with his eyes wide. "Right, crystal clear. Absolutely no mixed signals at all!"
You let your hand drop on the table with a thud. "You're insufferable."
He took another bite and smiled at you smugly. "If I am so, you could always leave."
Your mouth dropped right as a deep frown settled on your features. You had definitely thought about doing exactly that, many, many times already. But there was no way you'd do it now that he had said it. No way you would give him the satisfaction. Although, for the moment, you did get up since you didn't want to stay there with him another second. You got up, with a pout, ready to storm out, but...
"I said," Taehyung growled, giving you a stern look through his lashes. "You should never skip breakfast."
You had never seen him so serious. Sure, you wanted to go against him, but it felt almost impossible. Maybe it was just how hungry you were and even you didn't really want to leave with an empty stomach. Your body, as if it was on auto-pilot, obeyed his words and you sat back down. You held your fork and knife in a bruising grip, glaring at him, while you contemplated whether you should pick the plate up and leave, or if that would be kind of crossing the line. Even for you. But before you could escape, the photographer dragged his chair until it was right next to yours. He picked up a bit of bacon from your food with his own fork and brought it to your mouth.
"You don't need to feed me!" you complained, immediately turning your head to the side.
But Taehyung held you from the chin until you faced him again. "I clearly do, since you're being a baby," he said, his expression still very serious. It almost felt like you were being punished. "Now, open up."
"I'm not a baby!"
"I'll believe it when you stop being so immature. Open."
His hand still on your jaw and his tough gaze now on your lips, you finally obliged him and let him feed you. What the hell was Taehyung fascination with feeding people? You had seen it happen more times than what one would consider normal. He fed you two more bites before you finally managed to pull away, convincing him you wouldn't just bolt. You wouldn't disobey. But he still didn't go back to his old spot, simply brought his own plate right next to yours and started eating with you. So close, your elbows were bumping with every move.
"I'm not immature," you spat out at some point, his words still bothering you.
He argued the opposite without even pausing or looking at you. "Says the girl who can't even kiss another adult without worrying so much about people finding out."
Well, the two of you had clearly moved from the phase where everything was secret and mysterious and implicit, to the phase where he could just say everything that crossed his mind out loud, no shame about it. And you -to no one's surprise- hated it.
"I wouldn't call having standards immature," you replied with a rise of your eyebrows and the last sip of your juice. The exact moment you lowered that glass, however, your vision was blocked and your lips were occupied again before you could even grasp what was happening. Taehyung gave you one quick peck and then was gone just as fast. You just widened your eyes to the maximum as you turned to look at him in an attempt to understand what he had done, and why. Where that kiss had come from. If looks could talk, you were sure his would be saying: "yes, I did that; what are you going to do about it?" He was mocking you. Because you didn't want your friends to know you liked kissing him, he was doing it even more. He had the audacity to do whatever he wanted now, absolutely no reservation. And he decided to taunt and punish you.
"Standards..." he scoffed, getting back to his food.
If you had any of those you would have stopped him already. Is that what he was trying to say? You were fuming. Got up once and for all -the food was over anyway- while you pushed the chair back so aggressively it almost fell to the ground. You didn't need to sit here and take this- this- humiliation. But as you turned to leave, you were stopped by a hand wrapped around your wrist.
"I see you're wearing that pretty, fairy dress of yours again," Taehyung mumbled, his eyes raking up and down your form. "I hope you're not planning on going out- it's going to rain."
You tugged your hand away. Now he was telling you what you could and what you couldn't do, too? "Since when did you become my dad?" you spat. Well, that was obviously supposed to be a bash at his controlling and authoritative manners, but it certainly didn't come out as such. And you were wondering why he was calling you immature?
"Well..." he chuckled, giving you another scan with a smirk on his lips, and you knew exactly what he was thinking about.
You groaned. "No! Stop that! Don't even say it. You're disgusting," you quickly accused him with a pointed finger and left the room.
Of course, your first thought was to go out. Just because he had said no. But even you could tell there was a storm coming from the looks of the sky, and getting caught in it while in the woods was the last thing you needed right now. So your next thought was to try and call Yoonji again, vent about how much you hated the famous photographer to someone who actually believed it; someone who hadn't seen you beg for him last night and could clearly deduce you were lying. But your phone was mysteriously gone. You knew, for a fact, that you had left it on the nightstand where it had been charging. But no matter how much you looked over and under and around it, your phone wasn't there. You tried to think about the possibility of you taking it somewhere else, but since you had no signal you knew it was minimal. No, someone must have gone into the room and moved it. Perhaps the housekeepers.
There was some light tapping on the window and you almost thought the crazy man was throwing rocks at you again before you realized it was too much and too fast. You saw the rain droplets hitting the glass and sliding down in a rhythm in front of the grey background. And so it had begun.
You managed to slip into the sitting room while Taehyung was still busy in the kitchen. You would need the warmth of the lit fireplace if the rain was going to only get worse from then on. So you had to infiltrate the room before he had the chance. And you waited for him to appear, maybe even wanted him to, but he didn't. As if he knew you wished to be alone, as if he knew where you were without even checking, he stayed clear of the sitting room. And it was lonely.
Perhaps there was no reason you weren't with him right now. You had already proved that you still liked each other, maybe not in the way you would expect, but definitely at least carnally. And you had also established that whatever happened there, would stay there. That could have easily been the excuse you needed to spend the rest of your days there enjoying it as much as you could, without any shame and without looking back. But Taehyung still managed to get on your nerves. And you were pretty sure you did the exact same to him.
It may be that you were simply never meant to stop annoying each other. You wanted to go find him in whatever room of the many in this Manor he was in, tell him to just shut up and kiss him, but the idea that he would get the satisfaction of winning this stupid, made-up competition in your head made you upset. Even though just last night you were chanting his name like a prayer, by daylight you were still too proud to admit you liked it. Who knows, perhaps you won't have the same hesitations in the evening.
The rain kept getting louder, loud enough to distract you as you watched out the window to observe the scenery and how it reacted to the natural phenomenon. There was music somewhere in the background and you assumed Taehyung must have figured out how to get that old record player in the hallway to sing. The book abandoned open on the couch didn't keep you as much company anymore. All you could do was think about what the boy was up to, think about what would happen next. And you realized things could either keep going up and down, or they could go smoothly. And you also realized you hated the idea of being with the boy you've spent so long dishing, but you hated staying in that room alone more.
You may not want him as your boyfriend or your friend normally, but perhaps the days in this Manor could not count.
You found your way back into that kitchen, pretending you needed some water when you knew you'd find him there preparing lunch. You expected a clever remark, a teasing tone, a sarcastic joke from him. Something that would remind you why you had stormed out in the first place; but were met with a small smile. He seemed happy to see you there like he wasn't expecting it. And he stayed quiet, the way you do when you don't want to scare a wild animal away. So you let your shoulders drop and allowed yourself to get closer, peeping at the pieces of meat he was sauteing. He snaked an arm around your waist as he pulled you to the other side and handed you a knife and the vegetables he clearly needed you to cut. And with another small smile and a stroke of your cheek, you ended up side by side cooking together in almost absolute silence, save for the rain, the music, the sizzling of the food, and the occasional instruction given in the form of a whisper. And you liked it.
The food, as always, was amazing. And Taehyung pushed you until you confessed just that, although he then claimed it was because of your help. The disc that had been playing had reached its end and was doing quiet circles around itself until the photographer finished his last bite and went outside to stop it. When he came back into the kitchen, however, he was looking somewhat perplexed.
"Do you hear those noises, Amy?" he asked you.
You got off the table to face him, too. All you could hear at first was the sound of the rainfall, but once you moved closer to the hallway, you realized what he was referring to. Noises coming from upstairs.
You walked right in front of him, grabbing his arm. "See, Tae? That's what I was talking about. That can't be just the pipes."
Taehyung nodded as the thumping got louder. "And the housekeepers?"
You frowned. "You're saying there are people here right now?"
Clearly, you were alone. He glanced down the corridor and back at you, holding your arm as well. "Then? Is there someone else here?"
Oh, you didn't like that question. You were supposed to be asking the absurd questions and he was supposed to be calming you down. What was he doing, being the crazy one now? "Like... Who? What?"
It seemed like he remembered to be cool, and he shook his head with a chuckle. "No. There can't be anyone here," he said, releasing his grip on you and looking back down the hallway. "It must be something else."
"Okay," you sighed. "Then, will you go and look?"
"Well, yeah."
"Why do I have to go?" he mumbled even though he was still trying not to look scared.
You saw the opportunity and took it; crossing your arms over your chest. "I can't go, you know, since I'm an immature baby. You have to be the man and go check."
Taehyung growled at you through his teeth but shook his head like he was amused. "You're such a princess."
The thumping got worse. You both looked up at the same time, even though neither could see anything through the ceiling and then looked at each other in the eyes. You immediately knew you had the same thought.
"Together?" you offered.
"Yeah, let's go together."
Your hand slipped into his. or perhaps he was the one who sought it, as you slowly walked toward the staircase. Taehyung was one step ahead, checking the way as you followed, and you kept looking back, checking the way you left behind you. Your hands always linked.
"It's probably just the wind," Taehyung murmured when you had reached the first floor, but the rooms didn't look out of the ordinary. Then, a sharp bang came from right over your head.
"The attic!" you exclaimed. You saw Taehyung looking at the extra set of stairs leading further up and sigh, clearly not having the slightest desire to go up there. You couldn't blame him.
"Hello?" Taehyung shouted at the stairs, and you're not sure if it would be worse to get a response or not. It was the latter.
"I told you there's no one here," you murmured to his ear as he slowly started walking up the steps, still having this need to be right. Even in times like these.
The further up you got, the colder it got, a chill running down your spine like a breeze had passed right through you. And your hold on the man got tighter, the force reciprocated right away. The sound of the rain got worse, too, as it was hitting the roof that was right above you. And it was almost deafening. The atmosphere was stranger than ever, and for a moment you thought you'd rather never find out what the noises were; you held onto Taehyung's green sweater and pulled him slightly back, ready to tell him to abort. To just take both him and yo back to safety; if the downstairs era could be classified as such. Save him, so he can save you; the dynamic that seemed to be most prominent in your relationship.
"Hold on," he then mumbled, his free hand holding the one that was pulling him back. "I think there is a window open."
"Tae," you whined, but he slipped between your fingers.
You didn't take another step, keeping one foot still on the staircase, while you watched the boy walk carefully down the small corridor and looking inside the empty rooms. Another bang, that was now easier to locate, came from one of the closed rooms around the middle, and Taehyung pointed at it, before opening the door.
"Ah," you heard him exhale and he walked in without a second thought. You just kept looking at the empty spot he had left down the hall with worry, still not knowing what was going on. "Amy, see, I told you," his voice came a little muffled from inside.
You finally moved closer, until you were able to look inside. Taehyung was closing up a window in a very similar way that he had done in your room the first night. Although this time the strong windstorm was drenching him. He only struggled a tiny bit until he had the lock secured and the current was cut off. He sighed once more, taking a look around the room.
"How did that open?" you asked, fidgeting.
Taehyung shrugged. "Probably same way yours did," he said as he bent down and picked up a lamp that was laying on the floor; probably the culprit of one of the loud bangs that had brought you two up here, along with the doors that must have been slamming and the window casements smacking the walls due to the wind.
"I still don't know why mine had opened like that," you said. It was true, the way it had been so stuck earlier, it all just seemed too suspicious to you. Although you had nothing to base your suspicions on. Taehyung chuckled and walked back to you, placing his palm on your back to guide you gently back.
"I'll tell you how. Old house means weak windows. And weak windows means it's easy for a strong wind to blow them open."
You glanced one last time over your shoulder as you started going down the stairs, just to make sure everything else seemed in order; and yes, the attic was still the same kind of creepy as always, but at least it was quiet. "That, or there are ghosts getting in and out through those windows," you grumbled. Big stretch, you knew that. You didn't actually believe that, or maybe you did a little bit. IT just was had crossed your mind at the moment, and just the fact that you were comfortable enough to blurt it out in front of Taehyung without fearing being judged spoke volumes.
He chuckled and rubbed your back. "Now, why would ghosts need to use the windows? Can they not just pass through the walls."
You threw your arms up in the air. "Oh, right! Great. If there are any ghosts here we won't even be able to tell."
The photographer stopped you then, outside your room, and he turned you to face him. "Hey, hey," he whispered in a reassuring manner, holding your face in both hands and looking in your eyes. "How about we made a nice, warm cup of tea and go sit by the fireplace, huh? Nothing can hurt us there, okay?"
You basked in the feeling of his eyes on yours in such a sweet and comforting way, in a protective character, even if there was no real danger or need. Perhaps that's what made his stance even better; he didn't tease you or mock you. Even if that would be exactly what you would expect from him. Maybe Taehyung wasn't all that you imagined he was. Maybe when he was acting like that, it was exactly that: acting. Because he, too, was tired of your accusations and was giving you the role you had painted for him. Tired or hurt. But in this more genuine and sincere moment where both of you had undeniably let your walls down and gotten close, he was behaving more subconsciously and unpretentiously.
"Okay," you said while giving him a tiny smile.
He leaned in and placed his velvety lips on your forehead. Then his thumb caressed over your cheekbone and he let you go, quickly taking your hand in his, however. "Okay, let's go."
If there was one thing certain about this house, it was that you were indeed safe in that sitting room. Or at least it felt that way. When you were sitting by the warm fire, listening to the heavy rain on the windows and the ticks of the grandfather clock, sipping that delicious mountain tea with honey and lemon, it felt like nothing else existed in this world but you, Taehyung, and that room. This time you weren’t sitting very far; had chosen to be as close as possible, perhaps for a sense of protection. You were both on the thick carpet with all the cushions in front of the fireplace, at first with just your feet touching, then eventually with your whole body pressed upon his and his fingers playing with your hair any time he took a break from working. Until you were both too tired to continue and decided to play some rounds of Beavers.
The rain had turned into a storm. It was completely dark outside save for the frequent flashes of lightning. Taehyung was beating you on the game yet again and the time that you were supposed to go back to your separate rooms was nearing. But every time you looked toward the exit, neither of you wanted to leave. Be it the fear of what lay behind that door, or simply your need of an excuse to stay close, it didn’t matter.
The lights went out suddenly to a crack of thunder. The fire was the only thing illuminating your faces as you looked at the man with wide eyes.
“Tae!” you cried out, messing up your card game in favor of jumping into his arms.
“It’s okay, Amy, it’s just the storm.” He kept saying that, but was it really? “I’ll go look for some candles to light.”
But you held him tighter as he tried to get up. “No! Don’t leave me.”
He looked down at you. “Baby, don’t be scared.”
You just pouted at him, your arms snaking around his torso more. “Please, just stay here with me.”
He must have noticed the way you were slightly trembling because he gave up on trying to get away and held you. He stroked your back and your head as if you were some kind of puppy, only for a minute or two, before the lights were back on.
“Ah, see?” he exclaimed with relief in his voice that betrayed he wasn’t particularly fond of the darkness either. You peeked your head over his shoulder to see the room in its normal state. “It was nothing. It passed.”
“It may happen again, though,” you murmured, your hands pulling at his shirt still.
Taehyung chuckled. “So what are we going to do? Stay here all night?”
You bit your lip. You didn’t want to reply, or at least not truthfully, but for some reason, you didn’t find it in you to be distant anymore. “Is that a bad thing?” you said, your voice no louder than a whisper, and you would be fine whether he heard it or not.
You felt his chest rumble before his chuckle even reached your ears. “No, it’s not,” he managed to say between his laughs.
“Then why are you laughing at me?” you said sulking.
“It’s just funny how you go from wanting to be as far from me as possible, to not wanting to let me out of your sight go so fast.”
Of course. It wouldn’t be Kim Taehyung if he wasn’t boasting his charm and teasing you about it. You scoffed at him. “Just because being with you right now sounds like the better option, doesn’t mean that is always the case.”
“Uh-hm…” he mumbled and his smirk was obvious in his voice. His lowered until it was hidden in the crook of your neck, and his breath came hot from his mouth onto your skin. “And what do I have to do to know if you’ll have me or not each time?” he rasped. His voice against your neck caused goosebumps to form all over your body.
“Well-” you said and your voice cracked, “-I suppose I won’t be mad if you hang around while we’re here. You know, better chances of survival.”
You felt his smile grow as he pressed even closer to you. “That doesn’t go against your standards?”
You had to roll your eyes. Was he trying to get you to be with him, or remind you to stay away? No, he was probably just taunting you. He really loved doing that, didn’t he?
“We already said that whatever happens in this Manor doesn’t count, so…” you finally said, not thinking too much about your words, until Taehyung pulled away to look into your eyes.
“It doesn’t count, huh?” he repeated like he was trying to make sure he got that right. “Then you might as well go all out; do anything you want to do with no repercussions. Right?”
Your whole face caught on fire as he said those words. “Tae…” you began, and he waited patiently. “What do you mean?” You knew exactly what he meant. You were just asking that to buy yourself some time in order to figure out how you felt about it.
“Look,“ he whispered, licking his lips. “All I really want to know is… If I kissed you right now. Would you feel bad and regret it later? Or would you enjoy the moment like it won’t count once we go back to our everyday lives?” You gulped, and he was quick to add something before you had the chance to speak. “And by kissing you right now, I mean tonight and tomorrow and the day after, too. All while we’re trying to survive our stay in this Manor, instead of doing what would be easier and just leaving.”
You could see in his eyes the anticipation and wonder, perhaps even a little worry, as he searched yours awaiting for an answer. You bit your lip. At the moment you weren’t exactly suitable to think something like that through, but you didn’t have to, already having subconsciously decided the answer long ago.
“I didn’t regret kissing you last night,” you decided to admit instead of giving him a direct response.
But Taehyung knew exactly what that meant. The corner of his lips twitched before his hands held your face gently and he pulled you in for a kiss. It wasn’t sloppy and urgent like your previous ones. Instead, his lips fit in between yours slowly, and you got to feel just how soft and inviting they were. He deepened the kiss in a natural rhythm, yet still didn’t pick up the pace; solely let his hands wander further down, caressing your body over your clothes until they reached your hips. He pulled you closer and your lips broke apart just for a moment so that you could straddle him.
You could feel him harden beneath you as you were grinding on him to the tempo of your tongues. Your fingers through his hair, you enjoyed pulling them just slightly in order to listen to the moans he released from the back of his throat. The room seemed to be too hot all of a sudden, and you could barely tell if it was the fireplace or the photographer that was causing your skin to burn. It was so hot you needed to get out of that dress.
You pulled away and saw Taehyung pout, leaning in to go right back to tasting you, but you grabbed the hem of your dress, pulled it over your head, and threw it away. With just one motion like that, you found yourself in just your underwear, sitting on Taehyung’s lap. Lucky you had chosen the pretty ones today. The boy gulped as he paused to look at you up and down, his eyes eating you up with no shame.
“Your turn,” you told him, pulling at his sweater. He obeyed with no hesitation, the garment disposed on top of your own in mere seconds, revealing underneath the same view you had witnessed that morning. And so you had that skin-on-skin contact you craved. And you knew immediately it was him that was burning you up after all.
This time his mouth attacked your neck, sucking and biting, making you moan while his hands blindly made work of your bra. It took him a few tries to open it, which kind of surprised you but was rather endearing. And when that, too, was finally dropped on top of the pile of clothes, his mouth attacked your breasts. Your hands kept roaming down his pants- you needed to feel him as well. But he wouldn’t allow you any room to work; just kept kissing your body like he had forgotten you were there.
“Tae, please,” you chocked out at some point when he bit down your nipple a little too hard. “I need you.”
He finally pulled away, his eyes struggling to focus on your face like he was dizzy. He took a couple of deep breaths to stabilize himself. “Are you sure?”
You nodded. And then ground down on his fully hard member. The fabric of your panties was so thin it felt like you were naked against his jeans, able to feel just how big he must be. You heard a hiss leaving through his teeth before he pulled you slightly back in order to dip a hand between your bodies.
“Let me prep you,” he asked of you, but you shook your head.
“No, please, Tae,” you whined. “I want you. Now.”
It’s not that you hadn’t absolutely loved the way he had finger fucked you and eaten you out last night and you wouldn’t love to have more of that. It was the fact that he had still not even let you see his dick and the curiosity had been killing you for three years now. You could enjoy the rest of his qualities another time; right now you just needed his dick. Whether that was in your hands, in your mouth, or inside you, you didn’t even care.
As if Taehyung could read the desperation in your eyes, he mumbled an “okay, wait,” and got you off him to work on his pants better. But before he unbuttoned them, he slipped a hand in his pocket and pulled out what you soon realized was a couple of condoms, and gave them to you. “Hold these,” he said, instantly looking back down to undo his pants.
You blinked at the protection in your hands. You didn’t know what you expected but it wasn’t exactly that. “You just had these on you?” you questioned with an unamused tone.
Taehyung looked at you after he let his pants fall on the floor and stepped out of them. He had a smirk on that told you he knew exactly why you were vexed. Because he was carrying those around like he knew you would give in that easily. “Do you blame me?” he asked, challengingly.
“Stop!” you immediately whined, falling back on your heels. “You’re literally making me have second thoughts right now.”
“No, no!” Taehyung called out with a laugh, hurrying to grab your body before you fell completely down. “No seconds thoughts, there’re no good,” he tried telling you but you whined again, hiding your face away. He couldn’t help but chuckle at your distraught state while he tried to hug you and warm you up again. “I meant do you blame me when I am living in this house with a hottie like you! That’s what I meant. I would have fucked you anywhere and anytime you asked, so I had to be prepared, baby.”
You scoffed at him but were intrigued enough to look at him out of the corner of your eyes. “Yeah, right.”
“No, really,” he told you with a more serious face. “I’ve been carrying those around since the moment I realized we’d be staying here together.”
You frowned slightly, taken aback by his words. “What? Why?” You finally turned back to him, letting your back lie on the carpet completely and Taehyung hover over your body as he still held your arms tightly like he was afraid you’d try to escape.
You saw him gulp and shrug his shoulders. “I mean… I don’t know if you noticed, but I really liked you that night. And I won’t lie, I have been wanting to finish what we started.”
His words alone made your pussy clench around nothing. Finish what you started… You definitely could get behind that.
You wrapped your arms around his neck to pull him in for a kiss. “Well, go on then,” you whispered against his lips. “Do what you’ve been wanting to do to me.”
Taehyung growled. He kissed you again, more aggressively, while he grabbed your panties to discard them. He noticed just how wet you had gotten for him, but didn’t comment on it, instead taking one condom from you and ripping it with his teeth. Like everything that was going slow up until now suddenly needed to speed up. Like he had been able to wait for you for as long as you need all this time, but suddenly he couldn’t wait another second.
“Let me put it on you,” you offered. In reality, you just wanted the chance to look at him more closely, hold him in your hands, a chance you probably wouldn’t get considering how desperate Taehyung was looking.
He didn’t question or argue, simply pulled back, and finally dropped his briefs down. His dick sprung free, standing up tall and hitting his lower belly. You cursed under your breath. That dick was almost as pretty as that man’s face! How was that even possible; that everything about him was so perfect? It was long enough that it could cover both of your hands when you held it and thick enough for your fingers to just be able to wrap around it. Your mouth watered just at the sight.
But you weren’t about to say any of that out loud; Taehyung didn’t need that kind of boost of confidence from you right now. So you casually put the condom between your lips and lowered your mouth on his tip, pushing down until you had it at least halfway through on him. The rest you did with your hands.
He moaned when he felt your mouth around him. “Where did you learn that, princess?” he asked, not having expected that from you. You just replied with a guilty smile while you looked up at him from down there. Taehyung groaned once more, then pressed a hand on your neck as he pushed you to lie back down. “Hm, look at you,” he purred as he poised himself between your legs. “You keep talking like you’re so much better, but deep down you’re just a slut, aren’t you?” His words made you squirm, your legs almost pressing together if he hadn’t stopped them. With his one hand still on your neck and the other traveling down your chest, your stomach, and your crotch, he pressed two fingers on your to find your entrance. “Aren’t you?” he repeated while licking his lips. “Isn’t that why you’re naked right now, beneath me? Isn’t that why you are about to let me fuck you right now?”
A whimper was caught at the back of your throat when you felt the tip of his dick nudging at you. But Taehyung’s grip on your neck tightened, not too much to cut your airflow or hurt you, but enough to make your mouth drop.
“Answer me,” he demanded in a deep voice. You just nodded, not even sure you remembered what he had asked you. “You’re going to let me fuck this pussy right? Like I’ve always wanted to?” he asked and you nodded again, frantically. But that wasn’t enough for him. “Speak.”
He smirked. “And who are you letting do this, princess? Say my name.”
“Taehyung. Taehyung, please…” your voice came out tiny and fragile. And he seemed to finally be appeased.
He released your neck in order to grab your hips with both hands as he guided himself inside you. He hadn’t even gotten halfway in and you were already fuller than you had ever been in your life. You scratched on his back as you let his name fall from your lips again and again, like a habit you had picked up last night. He made you wrapped your legs around his waist before pushing all in. His head was already hitting your cervix and he had barely even moved yet.
“Too- big-” you choked out before you could stop yourself.
Taehyung chuckled. “But you can take it, right baby? Do you need a moment?”
You shook your head, closing your eyes tight. “Move.”
And he did just that; thrusting in and out at a slow but hard pace at first, but quickly picking it up when it started feeling good and he couldn’t help himself. “Shit,” he moaned when he started found your g-spot; he could tell by the way your eyes rolled to the back of your head and you screamed suddenly.
“Right there,” you let him know. “Tae, right there. That feels so good.”
“Yeah?” he breathed in a low pitch. “How good?”
You growled in between your teeth. Even now he craved the satisfaction of you admitting how good he was at everything he did. “So good I hate it,” you answered truthfully.
Taehyung grunted, clearly happy with your answer by the way his hips faltered for a moment. He was thrusting in hard, trying to get the loudest moans he could out of you. And the sounds you were making, the way your face contorted in pleasure, your nails dug in his back and your legs caged him deep inside you- it was all driving him positively crazy. He dropped his head on your shoulder, thinking he could control himself better if he didn't see how hot you looked right then, and all because of him. But you took the opportunity to drive your teeth right on the soft skin of his neck.
“Oh, shit,” he panted while you were dining on his body like you were actively trying to mark him. Like you knew it was his absolute weakness. “I don’t know how long I will last, this is too good.” He regretted having to say that, always proud of how he normally could go for hours. But he meant it when he said it was too good; his chest was trembling from pleasure already and he could only hold back so much.
You moved your mouth higher, biting his earlobe and then kissing it softly, earning a loud groan from him. “Make me cum, please?” you whispered.
Taehyung stammered again but quickly regained his rhythm. “Aw, look at you,” he murmured, pulling back to watch your face again. “Such a good girl, asking politely and everything.” You almost turned away in embarrassment before he leaned down to kiss you leisurely, in contrast to his unceasing hits. “You want to come on my cock, baby?” he rumbled in your mouth. You nodded lazily. “Alright. But only if you remember to say thank you afterward.”
He kissed you again before he moved lower and wrapped his lips around one of your nipples. A hand sneaked down until he found your clit and he started rubbing circles on it. Your back immediately arched towards his body, being already topo sensitive for his touch. And he kept pressing hard on you, the way he had found out last night that you like the most, while he sucked your nipple for the double stimulation. You couldn’t see anything in front of you, and he kept going. You were screaming his name and punching his shoulders because the feeling was too much, and he still kept going. Until you released everything you were holding back and coated him with as much of your juices as your body could produce.
Taehyung didn’t slow down. He brought his face back in front of yours to kiss you, while you slowly felt your consciousness leave your body. Your limbs were exhausted and you couldn’t even hold onto him anymore, but he still kept fucking you, faster and stronger, chasing his own release.
“Thank you,” you remembered to whisper against his lips when you got down from the initial shock of your orgasm. And all of a sudden Taehyung was grunting and thrusting deep inside you, without coming out. You felt his cum even through the condom as his dick was pressed upon your cervix. It was those two words that had undone him.
He collapsed on top of you, puffing and huffing on your neck. And you thought how easy it would be for you to fall asleep just like that; with Taehyung’s naked body as a weighted blanket, by the dying fire, under the heavy storm, in a Mansion that you were starting to believe increasingly could be more than it appeared. How nice it felt, how there weren’t any negative emotions in your heart at all. You weren’t scared, you weren’t disappointed, you weren’t sorry or ashamed. You would do this again right now. Right now as in tonight, and tomorrow, and the day after that.
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Being Loved | Draco Malfoy
Draco x Female Reader
Tumblr media
gif from pinterest
Request? Yes by @beautiful-wishes-for-all
Summary: Draco has loved Y/n for as long as he can remember, but has his doubts in telling her due to her being a Hufflepuff.
Blood Status: Any
House: Hufflepuff
Year: Any
Warnings? Soft Draco (because that’s all I know what to write apparently)
Words: 2.7k
Authors note: Hellooo I apologise, requests and match-ups are running slow, I am trying my best with uni work right now and took a short break on the matchups but I appreciate everyone who has waited. Thank you and I hope you enjoy this writing!
Draco sits at his usual space during breakfast, his friends talking amongst each other, their conversation blurry to the boy as he focuses on the certain Hufflepuff that sat with her group of friends. Her smile was bright enough to light the entirety of the Great Hall alone and her eyes were sparkling alongside. He has been in love with Y/n as long as he could remember, what started as a normal, child crush had turned into an infatuation. Draco was absolutely captivated by the sight and sound of her. Y/n's presence could brighten anyone's day but, thanks to himself, he only got to see that from the sideline. As much as he loved her, he had hardly uttered a word towards the sweet girl as she was very different to him. They weren't in the same house and her personality was much separate from his. He couldn't put up with a lot of the people in this school, a permanent scowl covering his face throughout the day filled with lessons and breaks but not once had he seen the grin leave her face during the school day, she was very patient and fit her house perfectly, and this is what surprisingly pulled him in.
The blonde's boy snaps out his reverie as he sees the girl stand from her seat, pulling her bag over her shoulder as she lifts her several notes she glanced over at breakfast, Draco amused at the fact that she intentionally placed them beside her food to revise before class but her eyes remained on the people around her as they chatted the morning away. Draco watches as Y/n and her friend begin to walk down the table to head to class, others also beginning to walk out the hall as the bell indicates the start of classes.
Draco drops his stone-cold slice of toast he held in his hands onto the plate, pushing it away as he hits his friend, Blaise's chest, "come on, lets get to potions" his eyes remain on Y/n as he stands from his seat, her figure dissapearing as she walks out the hall. While he walks away, slinging his bag over his shoulder as Blaise say's goodbye to their friends, "I don't understand why you want to get to this class early everytime, you don't rush for the others" Blaise speaks but his friend grunts in reply as the walk down the corridors and towards the dungeons.
Just as they are going to turn the corridor Draco catches sight of the colour of Y/n's hair, in between all the moving students as she and her friend stand at the departing routes, talking to her friend and giving them a hug goodbye. As they walk past, Draco is oblivious to the fact he is staring so intently at her until his neck is craning backwards to see her, having now walked past. Blaise is disgusted by the fact his friend can be so intetly distracted by a girl and nudges him back into a reality, "mate, are you gonna tell the girl or not?" asked Blaise as soon as they are out of earshot, glancing behind him to see Y/n behind in their direction to potions.
"I don't know what you are talking about" Draco says nonchalantly, looking down to fiddle with his rings as they continue down the path, Blaise scoffing at his friends words, "you clearly know what I'm talking about" he replies, but Draco just pulls a face while shaking his head and shrugs, "no, frankly no idea". He has never told his friends and never felt the need to, since he will never be able to tell Y/n herself.
They could never go out, she was the complete opposite. What would my father think? What the leading thought of many that spun around his head. Y/n would never like a guy like me, anyways. Would be another contributing overthought. But as much as he has tried to get the Hufflepuff girl out his head, he had to accept he couldn't. He had tried dating other girls once or twice but as he had sat in the Great Hall talking to a girl he was currently dating, his eyes would still lead him to the table Y/n sat and before he could comprehend, he was in another trance, as if she was an illusion pulling him in and hypnotising him.
"C'mon, it's pretty obvious you fancy Y/l/n" Blaise sniggers but Draco immediately slaps his arm forcefully, his head darting behind him to see Y/n walking metres behind, thankfully oblivious to the conversation. "Will you shut the fuck up, please?" he rages, glaring towards his best friend, and if looks could kill.
However, Blaise is unfazed. "Not like I'm saying anything she won't already know, when everytime she looks at you she's most likely looking at this..." he trails off before making a gawking expression as he lets out a mocking groan, but Draco rolls his eyes in obvious unamusement, "I would prefer you keep out my business, you dick, and I very much doubt that's what I look like-", "aha! so you admit you do fawn over her constantly!" Blaise interrupts him as they begin to step into the class but Draco halts and places his hand in front of his friend to also stop him from stepping in.
"Zabini, I don't know what has gotten into you today or if someone poisened your orange juice again but I don't appreciate the invading, I would prefer you back the fuck off before I have to make you myself, and for the record,-" Blaise's eyes were narrows and eyebrows furrowed as Draco rants to him, but Draco abruptly cuts himself off and when his Slytherin mate follows his gaze he understands why.
Y/n stands smiling sheepishly beside them, Draco could see the blush on her cheeks was much more present than the normal tint they had, and he inhales his breath when she begins to speak. "Sorry, I was just- um, excuse me" her voice was quiet as she giggles lightly, her big eyes looking into his as he doesn't react. Blaise scoffs once again. "Malfoy, don't be so rude, let the lady pass first" he teased, stepping to the side himself as the girl looks at his friend instead and giving him a small smile and a "thank you" before brushing past, the feeling of her arm grazing Draco's as she walks past wasn't unnoticed by the Slytherin.
For a few moments, the boys say nothing, Draco stares into the front of the classroom from the door before turning to look at his friend who bores his eyes in shame, "you handled that perfectly for someone who doesn't have a clue what I am talking about" Draco shakes his head before turning to walk back in, "you dick" he spits back.
It was only the next day that he had accidently interacted with her again. After spending another sleepless night of not only wondering if he should "fuck it" and tell her and what that would play out to be, in his desired situation she would love him back, the Dark Side wouldn't use her against him and his parents adored her despite her house. But this was a harsh reality and Draco knew how far ahead he was getting himself.
His thoughts had been eating away at him much more this entire day as he was nearing closer and closer to telling her, believing he can work around the issues that arise if it came down to him being selfish and listening completely to his heart rather than head. His conflicting thoughts were so overpowering he didn't see the girl that walked towards him, footering around with the collective notes in her hand as she left the library from her free period as the bell for dinner rang minutes earlier.
Draco's right shoulder collided with Y/n's right side which sent her flying backwards, loosing her footing as she fell onto the floor. The force sending Draco forwards slightly before he regained his balance, pulling away from his daydream to see the the very girl that occupied his mind, causing him to start spilling out several rushed profanities, "oh shit! shit, shit, shit" he said noticing the papers she had must've organised scattered around the floor beneath him, "fuck".
His eyes then trail to her as he reaches his hand out for her to hold onto and she smiles in an abashed manner before her significantly smaller hand grips onto his, immediate electricity forming between them as Draco feels the myraid of butterflies erupting in his stomach as she pulls herself to swivle onto her knees. He follows in front of her, placing his own textbooks beside him before helping her collect her notes instead, "I do apologise, Y/n, I didn't mean to knock you over" scrambled Draco but she just giggles once again and shakes her head in reply, "don't worry about it, please" she assures as she bundles up some of her notes and tapping it off the ground to neat them together while he tries to smooth out the crumples he is denting into the detailed pieces of parchement from his fisted grip in nerves.
"No, I was not paying attention, I-", "neither was I" she interjects, her eyes were softly looking back at his to ensure him that she didn't blame him, "but your notes, I am assuming you organised them", "I mean I did work on them in the library but I left my folder in my room so I was on my way to do that" Draco audibly groans at her words, the guilt visibally increasing as she tells him. "No! I didn't mean it like that! I can easily organise them again don't worry" she assures, taking the much messier pile from him and placing them together and with another wide grin, she stands up as he follows.
With a small smile he replies, before he walks into the expanse of the library, his smile immediately dropping to a frown as he internally scolds himself, throwing his bag onto one of the library tables as he sits down, turning one of the lamps on beside before swiftly grabbing his bag to grab his notes. His hand searches within the bag's contents but no textbooks or notebooks are in sight and he reverses in his head before his mouth hangs open in frustration, a sigh leaving his mouth as he takes his hands from his bag to lie his head in his hands, he had left his books back on the floor when he helped Y/n.
Draco is too fearful to leave incase she is around to realise his idiotic behaviour so he just rests in his hands with his eyes closed in shame as he basks in the embarrassment before it fogs over. "Draco?" although the tone was gentle, he still snapped his head up in fright as he turns to Y/n who stands facing him at the end of the case of books, his collection of books in her hands. "Bloody hell" he replies initially as she slowly walks over and places his things on the table in front, "sorry I didn't mean to startle you, but you left these" Y/n answers, taking a step back, lifting her fingers to the front of her stomach as her fingers fidget, they look at each other with delicate expressions as Draco is at a loss for words.
He nods a thank you before shifting in his chair to face the bookcase in front but she doesn't budge, "why do you ignore me, Draco?" the Hufflepuff asks, Draco stiffens in his position as he stops reaching his hand into his bag to gather his quills, "I don't know what you mean, love" the adoring name slipping from his lips without him realising as she steps over to pull the seat next to him over, "yes you do, the second I look at you I see you turn away, and you always have a comment for everyone around you but whenever you are near me I can feel you staring without saying a word" she sits down beside him and he can't help but look at her he looked scared while she looked sad, for the first time he didn't see her smile and he felt his heart aching in pain at the sight.
Draco feels immense guilt and the silence indicated he's thinking before she continues, "I apologise, I am normally able to let things go and not talk to the person unless they want to but it's eating away at me" Y/n continues but Draco remains silent as he listens to every word leaving her lips, hitting him in the chest.
"Did I do something wrong?".
The Slytherin's eyebrows furrow in confusion at her question, "God, no, absolutely not" he answers, "then I am going crazy?" she follows which causes him to let out a sigh, unsure of how to explain the situation where he doesn't confess his feelings towards the girl but as he looks at her, he can't find a single reason why not. Y/n may look upset but to him, she was still the most beautiful person Draco had ever seen in his life.
Before he can reply the girl nods dejectedly before quickly springing to her feet, heat rushing to her cheeks in embarrassment as the chair is pushed backwards, she lifts her bag before walking briskly away, her robe flowing behind her as they hang of her shoulders from her alert manner.
Draco watches as she disappears around the corner, his thoughts overtaking his mind as tells him every scenario wrong in his head. Being rejected. Gaining unwanted attention. Family unaccepting. Putting her at risk. But every time one of those words emerge, a more positive one overtakes. Being cared for, being cherished. Showing Y/n what she deserves in a relationship. Protecting her. Loving her. Being loved.
Ah, fuck it. Draco thinks. He stands up from his chair, forgetting his things to be able to run after her and find her. Immediately running down the steps his feet take him to the corridors leading to the Great Hall, she was nowhere in sight. He stops at the divide, his head turning to the exit outside and he can see her, she's walking to the owlery, her bag swinging behind her as she moves quickly.
Draco ran after Y/n outside and just as she reached the door she turns the sound of her being called and she turns to see Draco, slightly out of breathe as he stops near her. "Y/n please, I'm sorry, I froze. You aren't going crazy, I couldn't have you seeing me looking at you because I didn't want you to know how I felt about you, and I couldn't talk to you because those feelings only got worse but as much as this can't happen I want to try now, I don't give a shit about the issues anymore" a sweet smile plays on her face at his words as she slowly walks down the steps while he talks until she is in front of him once again.
"What does that mean?" she asks, her tone light as she folds her arms awaiting confirmation. "I love you, Y/n, I love you so much and I can't keep that from you for any longer" his head is facing down as he stares at her, for the first time they had maintained eye contact for more than a few seconds and her heart was thumping in her chest, Draco begins to grin at the weight being lifted from his chest.
"What are the issues?" Y/n asks, "we are complete opposites, everything about us but I love that you are not close to being like me, and I am being completely selfish because I know you are to good for me but-" Y/n reaches for Draco's collar to pull him down slightly while she leans on her toes to plant a soft and quick kiss on his lips. His grin increasing as she reaches down to hold both of his hands, intertwining their fingers, pulling away moments after.
"I love you too, Draco".
taglist: @dracosathenaeum @evermoredraco @teawiththeweasleys @amourtentiaa @t38h @cherrytomato2 @cherie-draco @mingyuahjumma @peep-lover13 @dreaming-about-fanfictions @beautiful-wishes-for-all @belladaises @high-ashell-hargrove @kimqerly @dracosbaibe @louweasleymalfoy @xoxohollands @softsofia @ch0kemedracomalfoy 
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An Incubus' Treatment Part 2
Incubus Boy (Eoraris) x human reader, non vore story. This is just something to make you guys smile. ^^
Tumblr media
The next morning, rain pours down at hits your window, making a repetitive tapping noise on the glass. It would wake you up, making you annoyed at how fucking loud the tapping sounds were. "God." You groan, clutching your pillow tight. You start to lay back down but jump as something large was on your waist, making you sit up immediately.
"Mmmh, don't move human." A voice behind you mumbles, letting out a soft growl as you jump from the unexpected voice.
"O-Oh sorry." You say, turning to face the source. It was that incubus dude, Eoraris and he was trying to pull you closer to him.
"It's fine...just go back to sleep. You're very comfy." He groans, getting a good grasp on your waist and pulls you into him.
"Thanks but-" Your head hits his chest once his wings wrap securely around you in a tight hug. "....but I'm hungry and I need to go to the bathroom." You groan, slightly enjoying this wing hug.
"Later.....I can do cook for you *yawn* later." He says, hugging you. Eoraris was unexpectedingly cuddly this morning, weird but whatever I guess.
"No, let me go so I can us the toliet." You say, struggling in his grasp. He sighs, not wanted his source of warmth to leave. You finally get out of his grasp and out of bed, feeling how cold it was immediately.
You shiver as you walk out of your room and into your bathroom, turning the light on. You use it as you hear Eoraris shuffling under the cover, seeing his shadow show that he was getting up.
He heads out the room and towards the kitchen, yawning as he rummages through your fridge before pulling out the milk cartoon and eggs. He then walks over to the cabinets and pulls out baking powder, salt, sugar, flour, and the perfect measuring tools to help him. "Human! I'm gonna make pancakes! " He says, the sound of pots and pans moving around soon follows as he looks for your griddle. "Do you have a griddle?! " He asks, looking in the wrong spot.
You flush the toliet as he says that, peeking your head out the door way after washing your hands. "Yea! Let me show you where it is." You say, walking into the kitchen. You go the far right side of the room and opens a cabinet with your frying and baking supplies in it, moving to the back of it to grab your griddle. "Here ya go." You beam, handing it to him.
"Thanks." He says, starting to prepare his ingredients in a large bowl. You watch him do his work while heading towards the fridge, grabbing bacon and some orange juice. You take out a pan and starts cooking bacon on one side of the stove, leaving the other side clear of anything so Eoraris could cook.
Once his ingredients were well mixed together, he pours the mixture onto the greased up griddle. The sound of sizzling would echo in your ears as you hurriedly move over to the kitchen window and pop it open, knowing what cooking with grease would do. "Why'd you do that? " Eoraris asks, flipping a pancake.
"Cause the smoke from the butter will go everywhere and trip the smoke detector." You explain, placing your well cooked and crispy bacon on a plate.
"Oh. I never knew that." Eoraris says, finishing four pancakes and places them on the same plate. "Well, here's breakfast." He purrs, picking up the plate.
"Oooo, thanks Eoraris." You say, digging in. He nods and eats with you.
"So, uh, you know that your human holiday, uhhhh called Halloween, is coming up right? On Friday, I presume?" He says, looking up at you with beaming eyes.
"Yea! I love Halloween! Why do you ask?" You respond, taking a bite out of bacon.
"Well, I was wondering....would you like to do some "trick or treating" with me on Friday? " He asks, blushing a bit as he hoped you say yes.
You gasp, your face turning a dark shade of red as you burst with excitement. "Of course, I'd love too! I haven't gone trick or treating since high school! Yes! Yes!" You beam, giving him a tight hug.
He smiles, his wings fluttering a bit as he takes your empty plate. "Okay, well, I was thinking....what if me and you did matching costumes. I've seen many humans wear "couples coustomes" and I wanted to try that." He says sheepishly, a light pink flush across his face.
"Oooh, I've never done matching customes before so this should be fun! " You say, clearing the table. "Hey! We should go the costume store! " You suggest, washes dishes with him.
"What's a costume store? " He asks, places the dishes in the drying rack.
"It's where costumes for theatrical or film productions are designed, built, and stored for the company or production." You explain, drying your hands off. "It's basically a place where you get fake clothes to put on only once in your lifetime."
"Oh! It's like a place where you get disguises! " Eoraris says, realizing what you had just said. "*gasp* Like the human disguise store back in hell! "
"Huh?" You say, turning to face him.
"I got a human disguise! We demons use human disguises to blend more in the human world, basically shapeshifting! " Eoraris beams, smiling brightly.
"Well, can you show me?" You ask, sitting on a chair.
"Sure! But cover your eyes, I want to surprise you, my human." He says, smiling even more.
"Whatever you say." You mumble softly, both shutting and covering your eyes with your hands.
A bright flash of red and black goes through the apartment as stuff, including yourself, starts to floating in the air. Your chair floats up and down as pots and dishes circle around Eoraris like Saturn's rings. Soon a loud explosion happens with the black and red light pulls into itself and sends a shock wave through the building, it rattles you in your chair as the chair floats onto the ground. The dishes and stuff make a loud cluttering noise as the crash to the ground around you.
"Okay, hun. You can open your eyes." He says, sounding way to cheery.
"This better not be some prank." You say, slowly moving both hands off your closed eyes.
"It's not. I promise." Eoraris says, sounding a bit impatient. He gently grasps your wrists.
"Fine. You better not look like some si-" You felt your face turn fiery red as you just gawk at Eoraris.
"So do you like my human disgue? " He asks, smirking.
(Free to use art. Credit to the artist)
Tumblr media
"Y-Yea.....Y-Yea." You squeak out, trying to cover up your blush but Eoraris still has your wrists in his grasp.
"Awww! You really seem to like it! I should keep this disguise on for the day then." He says, picking you up. "Now! How about we cuddle for the day huh?"
"Sure! But for some who didn't wanted to be here yesterday, you seem very cheerful." You say, being carried towards your bedroom.
"Well, I guess I like you. I healed you yesterday and I just wanna know more about you." He says truthfully, placing you on your bed.
"Hmm...I didn't expect that. Also, thanks! I feel way more better." You beam, getting comfy with him. "Wanna go to the custome store at 2pm?" You ask, seeing him get on top of you.
"Okay! But first...I wanna do this-" He says, gently grasping your chin.
"Wha-" You gasp softly, seeing Eoraris give you a gentle kiss. His kiss was deep and full of passion, like he wanted to kiss you and only you. He gently rubs your sides, rubbing them as he deepens the kiss. The two of you lock and move tounges as the kiss gets more and more passion and loved filled, making you blush way more than expected. Eoraris let's out a muffled giggle as he pulls away for you to breath
A string of saliva connects you two as he stays on top of you, rubbing your flushed and dark red cheeks. "Awww so cute. You all being flustered and timid under me." He teases, wiping his mouth clean.
"Th-That was so-" You stutter, getting cut off by Eoraris who seemingly expected it.
"Intense? Passionate? Lovely? I know hun. I kiss like that when I truly love something." He says, smiling. "Wanna try something like that kiss later? Something a little more enticing." He asks, his voice getting deep to send a shiver down your spine.
"S-Sure, but let's cuddle first and then we can leave here around 1:30. The store might be full with a not that large amount of people if we get there before the 2 pm rush." You say, seeing Eoraris moving to the side he was sleeping on.
"How you do know that? " He asks, pulling you close to him.
"I work there on the weekends. It was a normal clothing store but converts to Halloween themed everything during late September to early November." You explain, getting very comfy in his grasp. "I luckily have the employee pass and discount so we skip the lines and get certain stuff for a good discount."
"Ooooh! I like this! "Eoraris beams, letting out a yawn. "But now! You and I cuddle each other and rest." He purrs, nuzzling into your neck and takes in your soft vanilla scent.
"Mmmh..okay. You yawning makes me sleepy now." You say, getting under the covers with him and rests on your pillow.
The two of you get very snug in the bed, Eoraris reaching across you to shut your lamp off. The sound of rain falling outside lulls the both of you to sleep, safe and secure in each others arms. Awwweee!
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The Empress (pt. III)
Hello lovelys! Incase no one told you today, I think your spectacular!
Also, lets be real. This part really shows how much I love Buff Techno
Warnings: mentions of violence, swearing, blood
Word count: 4,048
pt.I pt.II pt.III
Tumblr media
   You couldn't believe what you were hearing. The Emperor was asking you to sit and eat with him. With his family. You didn't want to come off rude or impolite, so you simply nodded and walked over to the remaining open seat. Phil pulled the chair out for you a bit, you lowered yourself onto it and pushed yourself in.
   To say the room was beautiful was a understatement. The table was made of elegant dark oak, the edges lined with detailed gold. The chairs matched the table with wood. But the seats had a plush Black velvet cover over the cushions. The backs of the chairs stood taller than you, Techno's chair was the most detailed and the tallest out of them all. When you glanced up at Techno you were only met with the skull staring forward.
   You honestly became nervous now. Your hands grew clammy as you held a bit of your cloak. Yesterday you had no problem being in front of this family and now you were terrified of offending them. The Family was known for being nothing short of dangerous, and blood thirsty. Yet when you look to Philza, or Wilbur who sat in front of you. You couldn't see how, they were perceived as dangerous. Don't get yourself wrong, you saw how Techno could be seen as terrifying, the man stood at well over 6ft, maybe approaching 7ft?
   Wil watched you a bit, taking note of the complex look you had. "So where are you from?" He asked simply, taking a drink of his milk. "Dadza said you were wearing really light clothes when he met you." The boys tone was casual. Trying to set your wild nerves at ease.
   "O-oh, I'm from a little village in Madagascar" techno's mask faced you as you spoke. Showing you had his full attention. "It's pretty... small..." You tried of how to explain it but, every way you turned it in your head, it was still bland.
   "What's your village like? For the small size is it well off or strugglin'?" Phil inquired. At this a few butlers came out with platters of food. They placed a plate full of eggs, toast, sausage and oatmeal in front of Techno, Phil and you. Talk about a meal fit for a king- no pun intended. Techno only nudged his mask up a tad more. His mouth now visible more. Your eyes lingered on him. A slight scar could be seen on his lip, it looked a bit fresh if your being honest. You averted your gaze before he noticed your lingering eyes.
   "It's... struggling. We were slightly larger, but years ago there was a raid by some Pilliagers" you couldn't help your face twist into a bit of disgust. After how they humiliated your village, and father, you couldn't help hold a high distaste for them. "They ransacked what we had. The men of our village defended what they could, but too many lives were taken if you ask me." You took your fork into your hand, starting to cut up the egg.
   "Did you loose anyone close to you?" Phil spoke between bites. Only speaking when his mouth was empty. You hummed and nodded as you chewed your food. Waiting to respond out of courtesy.
   "I lost my uncle, but that luckily was all. My father was injured too, but he survived.” your eyes scanned your food, slightly pushing the food apart so it wasn't touching. “I was too young to understand when it happened, but I guess one pillager took a swing at his leg. It never healed properly since during the attack, the Pilliagers targeted the women and children mostly. Who for the most part were in charge of medicine and occasional potion brewing" You could feel Techno's lingering eyes on you. He ate in silence only listening.
   "I'm sorry to hear of your uncles demise. however, we are glad that you are ok." Phil said, resting a hand on your shoulder reassuringly. You smiled gently and nodded. the action was similar to that of what your father did. Even if Phil didn't recognize it, the little actions he did put you at ease.
   Everyone ate for a bit longer. the sounds of silverware and plates clinking were the only sound that filled the room. Techno finished his plate first. Neatly setting his dishes together. Phil and I worked at our plates still. Mostly because we were the ones talking. "What made you get into Smithing?" Phil asked. Having previously recalled you mentioning the blade was your creation.
   You took a sip of Orange juice to clear your throat of food. "When my father was injured our family suffered. Smithing was how we made money. My father couldn't stand long- he still cant. even if he could, I'm pretty sure the hammer would be too heavy for him." You paused thinking a moment. " I think I was eleven or twelve when he started showing me the tools and the trade. After a few months I could put a tool out. By no means was it good though.” You could still remember the first tool you put out. It was a twisted, warped mess. At the time you were proud, but now you rather not admit it was yours. “By the end of the year I at least could put something worth a show out. Ever since then I just continued. I didn't know how to sew or weave like my mother so I never strayed from the forge."
   "It was somthin' in your blood" Phil commented. You tilted your head slightly as you ate a bit more. Starting to feel utterly stuffed. "A lot of trade's or artistry’s get passed down so long that it just becomes part of their heritage, they seem to have a natural born talent for those knacks." He fallowed up with. "Techno is like that with sword combat" you herd a sound of disagreement from under the boar mask.
   Wil decided to chime in now. "If your blade pasts the test, what will you do with the money?" You thought a moment. In your heart you knew you had no use for it really. Your father and village however did need it.
   "I'll probably give it to my village and my father." It was a simple and cliché answer but you meant it. "I have a roof over my head at home, parents who love me, support me. For once I wanna support them." You set your spoon down. Only having ate half your oatmeal, feeling too full to finish. "My village also needs the help. The baker. The farmer. They all could use a bit of spare change." You looked up from your plate to face Phil. His eyes were kind. They glittered like your fathers, when he was proud.
   "Your very kind to offer your riches to others." you didn't expect Techno to voice his opinion. But you graciously took his complement. Your cheeks a faint pink. As you nodded. He moved his mask back to where it fit comfortably. He stood up from the table. the action commanding attention, The mask faced you. "Fetch your blade. I wish to test it."
Tumblr media
   Ok now the nerves really set in. You stood outside on a snow covered training ground. Your head was covered by a cozy fur lined cloak. Beside you stood Wilbur, and Philza. You had the cloth wrapped sheath in your hands firmly. The sword secure in it's place. Waiting for someone to release it and show the strength it held.
   You were unsure where techno was, he was supposed to give the test but as it stood, he was nowhere to be seen. That is until he turned the corner with a thick wooden log over his shoulder. You couldn't help how your jaw dropped. You knew he had to have some strength but you didn't expect him to turn the corner with a good size Hickory log. He dropped the log in front of Phil, Wil and I. Next to it was a rather large block of ice, and a Anvil. Once Techno situated the log securely in the snow he unchained his cloak. Handing it off to Phil.
   There he stood. This monster of a man. broad shoulders drawn back, his posture perfect. Where he looked as strong as twelve oxen, he also had a elegant, ethereal beauty. His jaw was sharp, lips drawn into a thin line. His hands, although gloved, moved with precise elegance. When he breathed a puff of cloud would push itself out of the Boar's empty nasal cavity. He looked terrifyingly beautiful.
   He turned to you and outstretched his hand. A wordless request for your blade. You bit your lip. The moment had come for you to truly test it. Carefully you unwrapped the cloth, the simple sheath was the underwhelming part of the blade. however when you moved the Sheath towards Techno he made no comment on the simplicity.
   His hand easily took the handle. Skillfully he pulled the blade out. The black blade shimmered brilliantly. The purple-blue pearlescent really popped against the snow. When he saw the color of the blade you could have sworn you saw his hand falter slightly. “tis’ a beautiful blade...” was the first comment. “what is made of?” he inquired.
   You swallowed the slight lump in your throat. “It’s Netherite and Diamond” You didn't expect them to know what Netherite was, but the look Phil gave you shown that he very well knew what it was. Even Techno turned his head to face you. This is the part where you wondered if you shouldn't have said the true material.
   “Netherite eh?...” the angle was just right, you could see into the empty eye sockets and pinpoint techno’s eyes. they lingered over your blade fondly. he seemed very familiar with that type of material.
    You watched as he took notice of how the blade was well balanced. The handle was comfortable and surprisingly it fit his hands. He tossed the blade between his right and left hand. Seeing how it felt. Mentally he assumed the blade's handle would have been made small to accommodate your own hand. But he was pleasantly surprised to see you took account that maybe you would not be the one handling it. He moved the blade back to his dominant hand. Looking to the mound of ice. You felt a hand rest on your shoulder, pulling you away from Techno. You looked up to see who the hand belonged to, only realizing it was Phil. well you stood in front of Phil pressed up to him, you didn't have to look to know how much he towered over you. His wings only adding to the height. you thought it was a tad weird  that he pulled you so close, until you realized he did it to Wil was well. The action was out of protection.  your gaze shifted back to Techno. He rotated the sword in his hand once. From Phil, Wil, and your stance, all you saw was a quick movement of purple, the light bouncing of the blade beautifully as it swung. He did not delay on his swing back, it was fast and powerful. Techno simply stepped, and swung back down, hard. The idea of being on the other side of the blade seemed impossible to survive. Well he beat the sword edge against the ice, his body moved as if he was reciting a simple dance. He was testing the durability. Seeing exactly how much your blade could take. The sheer force of his hits only needed two, to break the ice chunk in half. Sliding both halves away from each other upon the swords impact. You could only watch in shock. His strength was raw and powerful. You were genuinely terrified for your little sword.
   Techno didn't let up his assault. Moving from the ice to the wood in one swift movement. Continuing to strike the hard wood. The woodchips flew in the air, you averted your eyes a bit, worried the wood might hit you. After beating a decent size gash into the wood, you spared a glance back up. He shoved the sword into the snow bank next to him. Lifting the abused log up. Placing his hands on both sides of the gash, he with little struggle, tore the log in half with his hands.
   To say that it wasn't a little bit attractive, would have been a lie. Your cheeks were pink again. but luckily you could blame it on the cold nipping at your face. You watched as techno looked at the log, now in two parts at his feet. He made no sound of disproval, or really said anything. He simply took the sword from the bank and looked over at the Anvil. ‘surely he wouldn't hit the blade on the metal’ you thought. Oh, don't worry he would. He looked down to the blade, judging it breifly before glancing the anvil. You looked away, you couldn't watch. the blade was going to break as soon as it hit the anvil. It was evident on why no one was able to past the test. The test was a fucking nightmare. 
   The only sound you could hear was a harsh ring. He did it, oh shit he really did it. Phil from above you just whistled. “tha’s a mighty blade (y/n).” you spared a glance. in Techno’s hand was your sword. structurally intact. you let out a rather large, breathy laugh of relief.
   Techno didn't congratulate you, or make a remark on your blade. instead he removed a glove and pressed his thumb to the blade. He wanted to see if it was still sharp after the pure beating it just took. You watched, now unsure if this was all positive or negative. He hummed, he wanted to say he was surprised. but he wasn't. what you didn't understand, was that he was used to Netherite. He knew it took something almost godlike to break anything with that material.
    Although the sword was beat to hell, when he pressed his thumb against the blade and applied pressure, it was still sharp enough to draw blood. He put his thumb to his lips. The hard metallic taste of blood filled his mouth from the cut he received. his lips only twisting into a bemused smirk.
    "Your blade passes" he turned to face you. Wiping his bloody thumb on his black pants before offering his hand to you in a handshake. "You are the only one that somehow designed, dare I say it. The perfect blade."
Tumblr media
   After the event that occurred out on the field you were a giddy mess. You did it. You fallowed techno down the hall. He explained that since you did impress him, he was now wanting to open the table for a discussion and a possible contract. But first, he wanted to know how much knowledge you possess.
   He opened a large door that was detailed in gold. when you stepped in he fallowed. walking past you in a easy, lazy stride. You were in his office. the shelves were lined with books, many having titles about Mythology, histories of wars, war tactics, potion brewing, etc. The titles were endless. From the books alone you could assume he probably had knowledge on a plethora of subjects. The walls were high, the detailing never faltered however. Two Antarctica Empire flag's hung on the walls, framing the main desk. There were paintings, but unlike the one of the whole family you saw on your arrival. There was one of Phil and Techno, the mask painted on his face. The second painting was Tech and Wil. But similarly. The mask was present. Looking about a little more, there were also swords of all types on the walls. In the center of the celling there was a massive candle lit chandelier. A fireplace stood tall behind techno's desk. You only assumed the desk was placed there solely for the point of warmth.
   Technoblade took his seat at the rather large desk. His posture, was still perfect even when sitting. His hands were folded together. The rings still adorning his fingers. Everything he did, and wore just screamed elegance. "I will give you 3k for the blade. An additional 2k will be added for your trip" he said, his voice still straight.
   'Holy shit, 5k? That's far more than I thought' you were speechless. You could already imagine how the money would help. ‘Father could get the help he needed.’ ‘The farmer could build a new barn possibly’ The upgrades flowed through your mind. Hope and joy surged through your veins. "Thank you your Imperial Majesty..."
"You said you used Netherite, correct?" You nodded to him. The mask was facing you, he was quiet. But you assumed he was thinking. "Were did you find the Neitherite?" He leaned onto his desk, moving his folded hands to the desk top. Resting his head on his hands.
"A man in my village had it. It was pretty cheap to buy it off him" you thought back to the man. Trying to recall the conversation. "He uh.." you paused trying to remember it properly. "Oh- he said it was a great material when used properly. But he couldn't understand what he needed to achieve it." Techno stayed quiet a moment.
"So how did you come by the proper techniques?" He questioned. You thought back again. It was a off day when you discovered it really. You weren't trying to use it. It just fell into your pan.
"Well, I was trying to make a diamond sword for a sister village originally. But when my pan was over the fire heating, I had left the room. Not realizing the small chunk of Netherite I had on top of the mantle had somehow fallen in. When I came back I saw the discoloration of the metal, that wasn't normal so I pulled it from the fire. When it cooled I noticed it made a unusual harder substance, so from there I just started experimenting with it" he nodded and pondered what you said. He didn't linger on the subject for long however, Instead he changed it.
"I have a proposition for you. That is... if your interested of course" You looked to him. Showing he had your attention. He had mentioned something along the lines of a deal well you walked down the hall with him. "With your permission, I would like to hire you as the royal blacksmith." The skull never faced away from you. You swallowed thickly.
   "You mean... I would work here?" Your brows furrowed. "I don't live anywhere close to here..." he nodded his head, shrugging a bit.
   "I'm aware" he paused. "We would give you a room, Pay you weekly, you would have benefits. Access to the best quality material" he didn't rush all the information out. He simply just read the list from his mind. "The only thing in exchange, is for you to make my armor, weapons, and anyone else I deem fit for them." It was a basic comply. He wanted you to work for him. Have your craft explicitly his only.
   You shifted your weight as you stood. "Do I have to make a choice now?" You were hoping you didn't have to hurry this. you were already hesitant on bringing the sword down here, but now the idea of staying in this frozen tundra had you uncertain. Yes you would live in wealth, and possible glory. But, at the cost of being over a thousand miles away from your family. You also were still uncertain of the land itself.
   Techno shrugged a bit. "I mean, I'm in no particular hurry" he explained. Tilting his head to the side a tad. If you accept, you knew what it meant. Your devotion to a nation, to the royal family, to the Emperor. You really would be making a shot in the dark.
   "If I work here. Could I send the money elsewhere?" He watched you. You couldn't see his eyes, but you could feel them eating away at you.
   "We can arrange that." You watched him in turn. Trying to see if he had a underlying plan, or possible catch to add. "I mean, I am a lenient man" his hands unclasped. Opening his arms slightly to motion to himself.
   "R-right... of course" you nodded. Agreeing with him, not wishing to anger him. He pondered a moment before he stood from his chair. The chains, and pendants around his neck jingling slightly from his movement.
   "I look forward to hearing your answer"
Tumblr media
   About a week had gone by before you had your answer. During the said week you started to notice the family had a slight routine. Phil would come for you in the morning to walk you to the dining hall for breakfast. after that Wilbur would either roam to the music room, or to the library to do some of his studies. Techno was harder to pinpoint, sometimes he would leave to his office, be in the library, or other times he would walk towards the room with the planes. No matter what, Phil kept you in good company and made you fell welcomed.
   You choose to tell techno of your answer over dinner. Assuming it would be a decent time since that was when everyone was together. The dinner was casual. Since your stay was expanded, the boys would roam the hall’s in there casual wear instead of there more formal, business attire.
   “So I've thought on it..” Your voice broke through the peaceful silence. Techno and Phil lifted there heads to address you. Wil looked up at you as well, the noodles from the dinner slipping from his lips back into the soup bowl. “I’ll work for you... if you would still have me.”.
“of course we’ll have ya’” Phil said, his smile wide. “It’s been nice havin’ someone new and different around these halls” you smiled a little and nodded to him, looking over to Techno. 
“I do have two questions though...” techno gave a slight nod to you, motioning for you to continue. "If I choose to quit at any point. Could I?" Techno, hummed and nodded.
"Of course, that would only be right." a bit of weight was lifted from your shoulders knowing this wasn't a endless contract type of deal.
”My other question is a bit personal, but could I go back to my village to explain my new job to my parents? I don't feel right sending it through a letter.” You chewed your lip, hoping you weren't over stepping your bounds of what you could request.
Phil answered for Techno. “I don't see why not, me and Tech were discussing going on a trip anyway.” your eyes lit up, you would see your parents again. “You could tag along with us. of course we’ll be making trips other than Madagascar. techno was talking about visiting Russia, and France” you tilted your head a bit.
“why Russia? you already live on a ice cube” you said, humoring Phil, earning a chuckle.
“They have a few things Techno and I have been looking for” he said, continuing back on his dinner. You thought on it a moment and shrugged. nodding your head, you turned your attention back to your food. 
“when would you like to leave?” you asked, curious of when you should pack your bag again. Techno hummed a bit.
“We were thinking of leaving in two days time.” He set his fork down before looking up at you. “I wouldn't worry about packing, we will not be traveling in our typical attire. We plan to dress down” Techno said as he wiped his mouth with the napkin. “I'll have some simpler clothes sent to your room”
You were a little surprised. They planned to travel, but not in there imperial attire? That's what you assumed he meant at least. Either way you were excited. Not only would you be seeing your parents, but you also would be taken to Russia and France. Man if this was your new job, you could get used to this.
Tumblr media
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