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#I'm having an okay day

For the ask game: 17!!! Also I hope you have a good day/night :)

thank you omg :c you’re so sweet!! 💞

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5, 9, 10, and 23 for the music asks! i hope you have a nice day :)

5: A song that needs to be played LOUD

Time Bomb by Hollowick

I may or may not have danced around an empty study room with this on full blast in my earbuds a couple of times.

9: A song that makes you happy

These Are Days by 10,000 Maniacs

This song is distilled hope.

10: A song that makes you sad

Understanding by Evanescence

I have a playlist in iTunes titled “Low” that’s basically my major depressive episode mix.  This is the first song on it.

23: A song that you think everybody should listen to

Mulholland by Blue Judy

I mean. What an absolute banger.

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40. Did you have a good day yesterday? Also are you having a good day today?

-w-)b Yes, yes

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i had a thought that now i can’t stop thinking about:

what if comte told the residents that only himself and MC can leave through the door bc he doesn’t want them leaving through it?

(no spoilers from JP pls this is just me speculating bc this thought just randomly occurred to me earlier SBDSJSJ)

like THINK ABOUT IT. who’s the master of the household? who owns the door? comte. so he can tell them that the 2nd room on the 3rd floor is occupied by an angry spirit when in reality he just keeps his weird p0rn there and doesn’t want anyone finding them, and they’d have to believe him. so what’s stopping him from lying about the door??


like, he keeps saying that anyone who’s not himself or MC will most likely die or find themselves trapped in eternal limbo if they go through the door. if i’m not wrong this is what he said to leonardo in leo’s route… which is weird bc leo is ALSO a pureblood, so why is the door safe for one specific pureblood and a random woman from the 21st century, but not a fellow pureblood vampire??

plus, vincent in both his endings and theo in his romantic ending managed to go through the door and emerge in the 21st century unscathed. of course it COULD be ridiculous luck but like… what if it’s not? what if the door really IS harmless and comte is making shit up so he can keep his vampiric babies close to him?? he must have had a reason for going around, offering a ‘taste of eternity’ to dying men—why wouldn’t he want to keep them someplace he can keep an eye on them? even shakespeare who left the mansion, comte still visits him regularly and invites him over to keep tabs on him to catch up (or interrogate him if some shady shit has been going on 💀)

comte is there something you’d like to tell the class? 👁️👁️

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hi hi!!! <333 hoLY FUCK YES HE DOES YES YES YES listen u wanna know a secret??? i had a MASSIVE crush on the dude in the jesus of suburbia video when i was younger oooooh man i loved him so much ehehehe so i kind of squealed when i read this aaaaah <33333

but fuckin yes absolutely, punk!dabi has my whole fucking heart i love him sm and he’d totally be one of those pretentious type punks yk??? he reads what he considers to be ‘fine literature’, thinks he’s smarter than absolutely everyone in the entire world and will constantly speak to you like you’re an idiot, knows he has better taste than everyone ever, and thinks everyone around him is lucky to be in his presence <3 fucking asshole i’m in love with him <333

goddamn anon now you have my mind REELING n i wanna write a fic based off of JOS wif dabi :(((((((((

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So like I’m seeing a bunch of “Give us the Diamond/Pearl remakes we are entitled to!” reactions from the Pokemon fandom, and like honestly? You’re not entitled to anything past your copy of these games working if you buy them. By the same token, the companies involved with this product are not entitled to your purchase of the games. Like if the art style really feels that cheap to you that it ruins the remakes, the genuine best thing you can do is not buy them and hope that there’s enough of you doing the same to burn a hole in the companies’ wallets so they reconsider those choices for future games.

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-. @jeoseungsaja  said ‘why is this a question, the answer is ALWAYS’ to unhinged, filterless thoughts/headcanons, and Alex is also someone I would instantly die for she doesn’t even have to ask, I’m always ready:

Kim Shin, must be so embarrasing for his two love interests, because he’s just!!! So Dramatic, So Incredibly Dramatic, he’ll complain about everything, part of him is also a high school girl the way he handles his crushes, constantly calling others out for their crushes, is also one of the biggest simps on this blog, there’s so much going on here, I do not buy his age, who gave him that many years, who gave him all that power, he’s 930+ years old, powerful as heck, and still aggressively convinced he’s Babie, nobody tell him the truth, he might claim he knows he’s not babie, but he doesn’t (is only functional when it’s about protecting those he loves)

Kaeden, thinks about life a lot, like, a lot, but also an unecessary amount and usually about very strange things, not saying Wilder’s comment about dinosaurs crying is still something he thinks about, but that’s exactly what I’m saying, he’ll read some random graffiti on his way through the city and have an existential crisis right there, in the middle of the road, he thinks a lot

Hyun, super annoying, but very good at hiding it, he’s constantly two seconds from exposing someone in a deadpan manner, you know how Tae.min is constantly calling the rest of SHI.Nee out for no reason whenever given the opportunity to? He’s got nothing on Hyun, because Hyun will remember everything you do and then expose you right then and there, if you lie in front of him and don’t want him to rat you out, you will have to sew his mouth shut or something, best of luck to you I swear

Sabriel, good intentions, horrible executions, canonically says ‘whoops’ out loud and means it and it’s usually always a bad sign, if Saja has his back turned on them and he suddenly hears them go ‘whoops’ then I would suggest simply not turning around, okay, it’s bad for his health, let it go, it’s okay

Miyoung, gentle soul, do not mess with her loved ones, she will Throw Down, all her abilities are revealed, her strength her resilience, the moment someone threatens someone she loves, it didn’t use to be that way, but she’s actually a lot angrier than she lets on, feeling wronged by fate, and she will not let anyone and anything harm anyone she might have gotten the courage to grow fond off after so much time trying not to grow close to anyone again, so like don’t mess with Seona because she’s only half of what you’ll have to deal with

Cesare, no finesse, will stumble over his own feet in the middle of trying to look cool while making an off-handed comment about the meaning of life, clumsy enough to be more likely to drop ice cream onto his shoes/shirt than Sabriel

Corey, will hug Dom, mark my words

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i collect action figures and plunderlings are the BIG thing right now bc their kickstarter succeeded and their reviews have been phenomenal tl;dr the last 2 figures of the first wave sold out in under three minutes………..and i finally got mine👀👀👀👀

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And I really wish people would refrain from making groundless assumptions and recognize that trying to understand a character’s motivation for doing something does not equal taking a stance on whether or not the action discussed is morally sound but alas, nonnie, we live in an imperfect world.

For those just turning in, this ask was received in response to my addition to this post.

Now, nonnie, if I understand you correctly, you disapprove of what I wrote because you see it as 1, an attempt to excuse Ian’s behavior because 2, he’s my favourite character and 3, therefore I can’t stand to have him do something wrong. You also think that, no matter his motivations, Ian shouldn’t be comparing Frank to Terry. Below, I’ll quickly refutate points 2 and 3, as well as detail the difference between explanations and excuses and – hopefully – demonstrate why you can’t with any sort of certainty claim that the offending post is an example of the latter. I will not really engage with the question of whether or not Ian was wrong for saying what he did, because (as we shall return to forthwith) that was not the issue originally discussed, it doesn’t actually interest me, and as you do not offer any sort of reasoning for your moral judgment there really isn’t anything for me to work with there anyway.

Strap in, kids; it’s another long one.

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