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im-a-swiftie-i-guess · a month ago
The Madrigals Having Dinner
Abuela: *eats like normal*
Pepa: *storm clouds cause she bit her tongue*
Felix: *passes Pepa orange juice*
Bruno: *talking about his rat-plays*
Dolores: *completely invested in said rat-plays*
Isabela: *listening to rat-plays as well*
Julieta: *in the kitchen making healing pastries*
Agustin: *eating said pastries to cure bee stings*
Antonio: *conversing with his animals*
Mirabel: *talking to Luisa*
Luisa: *actually in her room cause she finished early and she's tired*
Camillo: *pretending to be Luisa so he can have seconds*
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set-sail-for-the-stars · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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mccoys-killer-queen · 6 months ago
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Since I have too much time and no self control-
M*A*S*H characters as their Among Us crew members
(look up '1 Peter 3 9' if you're confused about the Father's nickname)
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tytonidaedraco · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
How rare and beautiful it is
To even exist
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fishyandco · 6 months ago
just the two of us
pairing: natasha romanoff x fem!reader
warnings: none its just pure fluff
a/n: okay this is my first fic so i dont even know how this is going to go but lets see...hopefully its okay... its also inspired by the song just the two of us by grover washington jr 
summary: natasha and y/n go on a picnic date and get faced with some rain towards the end
just the two of us by grover washington jr
Tumblr media
“y/n come on lets go!” natasha shouted from the couch. you were currently getting ready to go for a picnic date that natasha had planned. 
“i’m coming tasha one second” you say as you walk out of your shared bedroom dressed in jeans and and a shirt. she stood up from where you were comfortably sat on the couch and gave you a peck on the lips. natasha grabbed the keys and picnic basket from their counter table..
“you look really pretty moya luybov” she compliments
“nat its just jeans and a shirt” you chuckle and give her a kiss as your way of saying thank you. 
natasha grabbed the keys and picnic basket from their counter table and you both headed to the parking lot. you sat in the car, natasha driving and you next to her. the radio played in the background as you both sat in a comfortable silence with natasha rubbing your thigh every few moments. 
you soon reached your picnic spot and left the car. natasha took the picnic basket from the back seat and held your hand tightly practically dragging you along excitedly. natasha and you were both S.H.I.E.L.D agents which meant you both were mostly on missions and didn’t have much alone time to go out on dates. natasha had been planning this date for a while but since you both were constantly busy on missions you couldn’t find the time, but luckily natasha had asked fury for a day off so that way you too could relax for a little and that’s what you both were doing right now.
natasha dragged you through the field and came across this arch way made out of bushes. she took you in there and dragged you a little further until you settled down in a grassy area, the greenery of the nature surrounding you both. flower bushes were located on either side of you and butterflies and birds were flying freely around you. 
she sat the picnic basket down and took out the checkered mat that she had purchased for the 2 of you not too long ago. mimicking what your girlfriend was doing you sat across from nat your legs crisscrossed and your hands in your lap. 
“gosh nat, this place is beautiful,” you say grinning at her wide eyed
“i know, it took a while to find the best spot but clint said that he took the kids here once and they loved it,”
“hold on are you calling me a kid,” you pouted at her
“wha- no, thats not what i’m trying to say,” she chuckled before slightly mumbling “well you do act like one sometimes”
“hey!” you said lightly slapping her thigh. you crossed your arms in an attempt to act mad but then you saw natasha bring out some of your favorite foods from the basket and you couldn’t help but brighten up at the sight of it. 
“you brought sandwiches and cookies!” you excitedly say prancing onto your knees in excitement. your eyes glowing with happiness. 
“yeah, i made them myself so i hope you like them,” natasha shyly admits and you smile even harder. by the amount you’re smiling you feel like your cheeks are going to be sore by the next day. you take a bite of the sandwich and almost moan at how good it tastes. 
“are you kidding me these sandwiches are delicious nat!!” you announce making your girlfriend blush and mumble a thank you. you two eat a little and talk about the most random things before lying down and looking at the clouds. natasha brought your speaker so that you both could listen to music and she knows that something you dearly loved. after natasha of course. she played some of yours are hers favorites whilst you looked at the clouds.
you and nat both loved to cloud gaze, it was something very therapeutic to the two of you and something the two of you laughed together about because nat was really bad at identifying things and you always made up random stories with the one cloud to describe what it was. 
“i think that’s a dragon with a bow and arrow with a chest and a crown that’s cracked like 30 times” you say pointing into the light blue sky
a moment of silence then filled the area as you faced natasha. natasha turned to face you and stared deep into your eyes. your glanced flickered from her eyes to her lips. 
“what are you thinking moya luybov?” natasha asks caressing your cheek slightly. 
“i’m thinking i really want to kiss you right now” you say boldly not breaking eye contact with her once. “what are you thinking tasha?”
“i’m thinking you should kiss me right now like you want to” she whispers. 
you and nat lock lips and you feel her soft lips attach to yours as you both move your lips in sync. it felt like rain on a dry land. you both held the kiss a little longer before releasing and catching your breaths. 
you both were so into the kiss you didn’t realize it started to drizzle. the both of you decided to dance a little to some music that was playing because what was better than dancing in the rain. the two of you ballroom danced and swayed to the music and then when i much more hyped some came on the two of you jumped around the grass like crazy. the rain soon started to pour so the both of you decided to head home and watch netflix. you packed up all your things and headed to the car. you buckled yourself up and sighed.
“tasha?” you say
“yeah my love” she replies
“thank you for a lovely date i love you” you smile at her
“i love you too y/n” she answered kissing your forehead.
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sofftbees · 6 months ago
Maybe draw a jellyfish or some sealife? Idrk - have a good day!!
Tumblr media
Here's a yellow lil jellie !! I hope u have a good day too c:
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ratabrasileira · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Gwyneth Berdara
I really really really liked painting this one! Awesome.
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void-sharks · a year ago
Tf2 art style analysis
I looked at the main Tf2 comic and wrote down some features of the art. If you want to draw stuff in the Tf2 art style, this post is for you!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
If you want me to look at any other features, tell me! I’m always happy to help.
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the-home-kvetch · 2 months ago
Ayy, as of today, I'm ten years free from self harm!
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afolksongs · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...
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queen-lance · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
The rituals are intricate
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randomchaoticanarchy · a month ago
Pt1 - you are here
Tumblr media
¿How it all Started?
“We were just getting to that young one, slow down so I can continue the story” the Elder chuckled, taking a deep breath before continuing the story 
"Where the two gods had made their arrangement, sprouted an apple tree, where Yume and Akumu were founded, one side was cheerful, bright, yellow and warm, the other was miserable, dark, purple, these two sides of the tree made it easy for the two to protect and slowly a blossoming town was formed around the tree and our two guardians…" the elder paused, making sure none of the children would interrupt as they continued on
“the tree only blooms once a year, but the twins have two flowers on their faces, one purple the other yellow, we're not fully sure what this means, but those flowers are part of the two, as if it means something to their relationship… the two started as two tiny fireballs that brought warmth or would make you freeze, but one way or another they were adorable~!” 
"The two twins aren't seen as family, despite their history, they are a combination of all good and evil, they're very close to each other, but it's believed they will have to sacrifice everything to continue anything else” the elder then stopped as the story was finished, the group of kids sat in front of them bombarding them with questions
"Why was there a war?!" "why are they here? Will they hurt us?!" "is Akumu bad…?" “Should we kill them both?!”
“calm down kiddos, I can answer your questions next time, your parents are here to pick you up now” The elder smiled and waved as all the kids left with a parent one after another.
Tumblr media
-art by me
Chapter 1
The Day the Soil is Corrupted
Yume's POV
“Akumu, I'm gonna go explore for a bit, okay?” I smiled seeing him nod, running off quickly “thank you! I'll get back before sunset!” 
I ran off into the forest before any villagers could see. 'I can't wait to see all the animals! I even brought some bread for the birds!' I giggled as I thought, running off into the field of flowers Akumu and I had found through previous exploration. 
Not even ten minutes into making flower crowns, a few deers had joined me in relaxing in the field 'they seem to like it here too! I oddly actually like the quiet' I kept smiling, putting a flower crown onto a fawn sat next to her. 
“Yumeeee~” a dark voice spoke saying my name.
"W-who's there?!" I yelled, scaring off my new deer friends as I turned around to try and find who the voice came from. 
“I need you to walk forward, darling, you'll see me soonnn~” the voice spoke again, without even thinking properly Yume's body walked forward. 
“I d-don't.. I don't know… okay… it's fine…” Yume's let herself follow the voice, her positivity getting replaced by fear, her pace quickened seeing a gray figure behind some trees and bushes “um... Hello..?“ Yume stuttered as she walked closer. 
She felt herself relax seeing it was a statue, they had wings folded behind their back, a tail that was stuck in motion, they were sat with their legs crossed, horns on their head, they seemed to be in a suit with a few tears in it “how have I never seen this before? It looks so old…”
“you should touch it Yume~”  The voice suggested to her. 
Without meaning to Yume found herself moving without meaning too “I don't want too!! I could damage it-!” the more negative she found herself, the faster she moved to it, falling into the statue as she attempted to catch herself on it, the statue shattered and black mist as well as a surge of negative energy surged out of it, swarming around Yume as soon as she could, Yume jumped up and sprinted back to the tree. 
"Awe, I didn't even get to thank my lovely Daughter”
Akumu's POV
⚠️TW, bullying, swearing, mentions of sexual assault and transphobia ⚠️
"I'm gonna Go explore for a bit, okay?” Yume said, I simply nodded, as she ran saying she would be back before sunset or something, I just kept reading my book, She had gotten me a few books from the library the other day, the other two were more… illustrated then this one this one was about history. 
'And as the people tried to steal an-' I got my book snatched from my hands “look guys! The nerds reading a history book!” bunny laughed as she waved the book in the air to her friends “a history book?! She's Fucking nerd!” they laughed, all her friends surrounding me
"You think the she's learnt a thing or two from those books?” they were all talking to each other 'this is my chance…!' I thought to myself, about to run away and escape “where are you going, pretty boy~?” Susan spoke in a flirty tone “let me go! Yume will be back soon…!” I tried to speak "I think she should be taught a lesson~” another spoke up, undoing my shirt as I started to cry… 
After awhile they all left me, getting myself redressed I heard “you know, eating the Apple could make all your pains go away~” a dark voice spoke to me, when I quickly shook my head and looked around “Yume!! Where have you been?! Why do you look so panicked?!” I saw her run to me and hugged each other tightly.
@vivi-draws-stuff @anonry99anonymous @orange-dreamzer
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mystelise · a year ago
Tumblr media
“Gotta hold it together...”
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crestbaby · a month ago
Tumblr media
It's a certain Ignisield student's birthday so that means i can finally post this full redraw
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Tumblr media
Tablet Doodles of the Week!! ^^ - AHIT OC Luci
My first ever Lineless art in Clip Studio Paint and it took me 4 days to complete!!! I want to draw those pretty lineless art and, with help from the TPOH discord server and my elder sister, I made this! ^^
Just a pretty picture of a floating Luci!
I’ve done concept version of this art that made me take it to a new page:
Tumblr media
This is more simple but still pretty as the final one above!
And yes, this is where I got the hang of the effect and air brushes, as well as the blend brushes.
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a-piece-of-fandom-trash · a month ago
I'm graduating from college next week, so I decided to decorate my graduation mortarboard. Of course, since Luthier means a lot to me, I put a beautiful quote from my man on the cap!
This quote means a lot to because not only Luthier says it, but it also resonates with what I'm like as both a student and a person, especially since I'm also studious (like Luthier) and curious.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
And I even put a charm on the tassle! It's the chain that's on Luthier's belt.
Tumblr media
Anyways, I'm excited for the future, but I'm also excited to have my love with me, especially on my mortarboard! ❤
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jemstarearrings · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Screencap edit of Pizzazz being comforted by her father.
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amateurfanartist · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Decided to do both mainverse and human!versions together, mostly to get the colors to match up
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tears-and-lilies · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
@unicornscotty I drew Ravana :D
He is amazing
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contagiondog · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Zim gets a new outfit and it doesnt seem like the Dib can handle himself
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