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a-wild-windings-uwu · a month ago
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@crystaltale-official/ @zahrart17 totally not late birth, grift :D
The twins wanted to say happy birthday as well so have extra doodle totally not because i feel bad about being late :3
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Also screw hats and anatomy, they're my enemies-
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ledtasso · 5 months ago
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Well, Ted, make an appointment when you need to talk. Hey, I talk all the time, Doc. Just let me follow you around for ten minutes. After five, you'll want me to hush my butt.
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freaky-mcgoooo · 9 months ago
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(plays Southern Nights by Glen Campbell)
no thoughts, only Sambucky teaching each other how to dance :,)
Bucky is a bit outdated and Sam makes fun of him for it but secretly he thinks it's romantic...
#sambucky #my art #tfatws #sam wilson #bucky barnes #okay listen ive been listening to SO MUCH old music recently and im getting really emotional. it's all so happy and i'm projecting on them #but this really took way longer than i intended. it was supposed to be like a little sketch or comic or sumn but..... #idk how to draw cartoonish anymore.... #point is here are my sambucky songs: too late to turn back now by cornelius brothers & sister rose #brandy (youre a fine girl) by looking glass...yknow cause boat #DECEMBER 1963 (oh what a night) cause OF COURSE IT IS. LISTEN. #it's a beautiful morning by the wipe outs bc it makes me grin #the oogum boogum song by brenton wood because look i can just see it. i can envision it. so well. it fits the sambucky vibe #come on eileen...... also #and y'know lets just throw in Soulful Strut. just cause. jazz #my jazz history is poppin out... i played trombone and i was vibin #OKAY AND NOW TO THE SAMBUCKY SIDE.... i can totally see sam and bucky both thinking each other's dancing style is silly...but still #dancing with each other because like. they care ab each other. and it makes them laugh a lot and make fun of each other (fond) #and bucky does a bunch of old stuff. like buy roses for sam and do old timey gestures like that and sam is like :o every time because YEAH #he aint expectin it. and on sam's side he just keeps dropping hints but neither of them want to their friendship #and everybody thinks they're dating ofc. so eventually they start living together and sam and bucky just turn on some music and start #jamming out to each other's favorite songs and ofc it ends up in dancing together.......classic pining. #LOOK they just smile so much around each other i'm too invested in this. i gotta write something out. sambucky rly is something else.
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iamnotanelf · a month ago
okay so i was thinking about how Pat is flirting with Pran in the first 4 episodes, even before he realizes the nature of his feelings towards him. somehow it didn't quite add up for me. sure he teases him and likes to be around him, that makes total sense because his feelings were there, even if he didn't have a name for it. but he also keeps making jokes about being in a relationship? and then he goes as far as to ask Pran if he would theoretically like him? where is that coming from?
and i think it's coming from what their relationship was like before the separation. because Pran was a lot more open about his feelings back then, and he would talk like that. he wrote a song inspired by their relationship and that song was essentially about being in love with your friend but not being sure if they felt the same way. he was being very obvious, it's just that Pat was very oblivious.
so Pat flirting like that, it's all him trying to go back to those times, that dynamic they had, without fully recognizing what it was for Pran, because he just knows that he missed Pran so so much.
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gumpasgarage · 12 days ago
Episode 11 is going to be the first episode that I can't and am not going to rewatch in the following week (I'm never saying never, I might do a full rewatch depending on episode 12. Otherwise Bad Buddy ended on episode 10, right? We know they run away, but the rest is an open ending). The episode as a whole hurts too much.
One thing is that them breaking up makes no narrative sense to me.
Up until now Pat and Pran have mostly had agency (their outing is still disgusting). Even though there was a rivalry surrounding all of their environments (their friend groups, faculties and parents), they still chose the happines they felt in each other's presence. They chose love over hate.
Pran was scared from the moment he was reunited with Pat, because of how his mother previously traumatised her child for going against her wishes and the knowledge that she would not approve of them even seeing each other. Pran still had agency, and he showed a lot of character development by slowly letting Pat in and finally being completely vulnerable in front of him. He did not let his mother's disapproval get in the way of his own happiness. He even called her out on how she projected her feelings onto him and hurt him in the process.
Pat has also gone against his father. Even though he has had a more naive (at the lack of a better word) look at what the consequences of their defiance could be, he was still hit with the reality that he has to live up to his father's expecations or his father will be disappointed. Pat still did the play, because that was something he wanted to do, so he could be closer to Pran. After finding out what the feud is about, he realised his father has been lying to him his whole life, which changed how he views his father.
Pat and Pran went from not knowing how to be nice to each other to building a healthy relationship where they communicate through their issues. Despite the narrative as I have understood it the last 10 episodes, episode 11 took the boys' agency away from them. It guilted them into choosing their families first. Because their families are upset, they let go of their own happiness. The happiness they seemed prepared to choose above all else. They let go of for once doing what they want to do. There might be some conversations that have been left out, either because of limited screen time or to create suspense and drama, but an open conversation would not make any of this better if it is them talking about having to make sacrifices to please their families.
But more than anything, because of all this, I really don't like the message Bad Buddy is sending right now. For one, it's saying that questioning your parents' behaviour is pointless because parents just want what's best for their children and are always right (which is not true if that wasn't clear). Secondly, it's saying that the queer experience is painful and you will have to sacrifice your own happiness. Knowing it's going towards a break up, the last night they had together where they celebrated their love, is Pat and Pran having a funeral for their own relationship and happiness (a very different setting but Benjamin's 'det är min egen begravning'-line in Torka aldrig tårar utan handskar made its way into my head). Right now I'm understanding the whole running away as a way to prolong their relationship, which makes the episode all the more painful. They got to experience the joy of being free, of having their first time, but all with a feeling that that can't last. I think a lot of queer people can relate to that feeling. Finding it very hard to believe that you can have a future where you live a fulfilled and happy life. Sadly, that is the reality for a lot of us. I just thought Bad Buddy wouldn't be this devastatingly painful and heartbreaking, but as of now that is what I'm feeling and the message I'm receiving.
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bolly--quinn · 4 months ago
I really really hope the show sticks to this idea of Rick and Morty as equal partners. I know their dynamic is iconic, but it's also so fun (and kinda wholesome) when they're both on the same page. At least let them have what Rick and Summer have.
Oh yeah anon definitely!!
My fave Rick and Morty plots have actually kinda been the ones where they actually ... get along?? Idk like when they feel like friends and can still joke and tease each other but have a more fun dynamic than the extreme abuse that we see in other eps ??? Like I think Promortyus and Never Ricking Morty is so funny (and some of their better dynamics post s3 tbh) and s1 and s2 eps (Lawnmower Dog, Anatomy Park, The Ricks Must Be Crazy, Look Who's Purging Now) where they kinda just hang out and do stuff are so fun to me. Also love interdimensional cable regardless of what actual plot is going on with the family (don't get me wrong I love the family plot in both IC eps -- especially the 2nd with Jerry in the alien hospital but sometimes I just wanna laugh and those eps never fail tbh)
Like idk if it's an unpopular opinion since I know so many people are like: "LORE !! LORE !!" and I'm like into it but also I am fine with just wacky scenarios with the boys and the rest of the family as long as it's fun lol
I actually think Rick and Morty's dynamic is at its best when they're like doing stupid shit and dicking around and are just like "bro?? bro!! dude what?? I know dog that's shit's crazy lmao" (like with Scary Terry and shit -- god I miss him tbh)
I guess I'm like Jerry in that way because I am easily pleased with the bare minimum of just funny jokes and the boys and the rest of the family just hanging out idk lol
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hella1975 · 7 months ago
Happy pride month from your second favorite Ace!!! I hope it’s as gay as you wish it!!! Cuff your jeans!!! Take care of yourself!!! Burn a building to the ground!!! Buy a sword!!!
I’m buying a sword
omg pls send pics of the sword when it's acquired
happy pride month! this is my first pride where i haven't been oblivious about my sexuality and it's so funny comparing where i was last year to where i am now. like last year i hadn't even considered that i wasn't straight and all my mates were straight and now a year on we are all *checks notes* yep just stone cold bisexual
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nojohi · 4 months ago
Wanna hear a fun fuckin story, today when I got to work my boss pulled me aside to tell me that someone told her I made a post about anxiety on Facebook and that I should be careful what I say because parents are going to think I am too anxious to care for their children
Like what. The fuck.
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betelgeusing · 2 months ago
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avizou · 18 days ago
awi your tag on my jin set!! I feel like jin would love jenna marbles haha
i actually gasped out loud when he said his resolution is to grow taller this year!! somehow i immediately imagined him in jenna's incredible orange abomination get-up w the hair + heels and THAT ATTITUDE... and yes, i agree with you! he'd love her 😌
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softpine · 6 months ago
i just want to say thank you to those of you who send me story related asks after i post; you have absolutely no idea how much those keep me motivated 💖
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lazycatmeowsalot · 6 months ago
Lumine: *reading Yanfei's letter* You sound like my teacher
Yanfei: I'm sorry?
Lumine: I'm having flashback on their hellish teachings and it's not pretty
Also Her: I thought you're a legal advisor, not a teacher!
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inkykeiji · 7 months ago
You lay on Touya’s chest, morning‘s first light pouring in through the window to caress your cheek. Scantly clad in a white sheet, he you near. The only sounds to be heard are you soft breaths from the two of you and the birds outside
It was moments like this that made him feel OK
Made his wakefulness worth it
To see the peaceful scene unfold in front of him
He longs to join you
Longs to feel the warmth of your touch
But in fear of waking you up he does not
But he knows he cannot
Instead he will sketch this not so rare sight
Like he does every morning
He will do whatever he has to to make sure you rest And woke up on your own time
Make sure You have the one thing he can never have
EMMAAAAAAAAA THIS WAS SO BEAUTIFUL I LOVE IT SO SO SO MUCH THANK U FOR SHARING THIS WITH ME OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSHHHHH <33333 this is totally canon in the twins!AU like one million percent omg u even remembered his insomnia 🥺🥺 and it’s such a beautiful idea to have him sketching his two favourite people oh emma i love it so much thank you thank you <33333
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plangentia · 5 months ago
i've resigned myself to the fact that i just won't manage to read most of my reading list
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theragamuffininitiative · 4 months ago
the amount of posts over the past year and especially this month which have all been various blurry zoomed in shots of jeremy renner's ear followed by discourse is frankly hysterical
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multiplemike · 6 months ago
I'd like a personal apology from you for making me unironically ship courtmal then making no other content for it >:(
I don't think a personal apology would be enough, so how does a demon/angel AU sound? 👀
Tumblr media
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born-to-lose · 3 months ago
Me knowing two of my exes still like me as a friend and actually don't hate me as much as I thought they would
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euphreana · 9 months ago
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Anon did an ask about teen Amelia flirting and I don't know how to flirt in 1960s (or at all) but I thought this would be fun to draw and I was right.
Sorry anon. I'll draw something cute tomorrow. :D
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oveliagirlhaditright · a month ago
I still can’t believe the same freaking Kingdom Hearts game had three different names. 
Kingdom Hearts X
Kingdom Hearts Unchained X
And Kingdom Hearts Union X
And I know why. Union X was, like, a second season to Unchained X, which was why they gave it a new name, so people would know new stuff was happening. And Unchained X was the phone version of the Japanese only Yahoo browser computer game... that actually had a different ending, because it was the main character redoing everything they did in the browser game without realizing it--because they were in a simulation type thing--until they got to the Keyblade War. The Keyblade War didn’t happen again. That’s when the story started changing. But still.
But it’s even more of a mess than that. Birth by Sleep taught us that the “X” is the Greek letter “Kye”, though sometimes pronounced “Key”, and often times pronounced “Key” in the Kingdom Hearts series to go hand-in-hand with the Keyblades. But for some ungodly reason, Kingdom Hearts X was actually titled “Kingdom Hearts X [chi]”. With a [chi] in brackets, like we’re saying the “X” is suddenly not pronounced “Kye” or “Key” like we’ve been told but “Chi”... okay.
Then we have “Kingdom Hearts Unchained X”. The “X” is pronounced “Key” there. That’s fine. That’s what we’ve come to expect. It being pronounced “[chi]” before that for some ungodly reason was weird, but nothing else bizarre is going to happen... right?
Then we get to freaking “Kingdom Hearts Union X” and the “X” is pronounced “Cross”... what is even happening anymore?
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unproduciblesmackdown · a month ago
also yes if winston and rian kiss and/or etc. this season i Will flip out and i can must should and do hold some of that positive anticipation in my heart but one can hardly talk about it and i gotta brace for Nothing / disappointment
#imagine if riawin goes nowhere this entire season But they also do not drop the thread. totally possible!! i would die thanks #but the riawin thread existing through 7 Consecutive Episodes on billions already is like a zillion years according to the usual pacing #yet they also sure didn't drop the thread and this Could be for a reason (eventual intended ''going anywhere with this'') and like #riawin is just already unusual / a bit unprecedented in the way it's handled so. again can't say ''well if there's been no conclusive payoff #about kissing or not kissing either way; there will never be'' and there's never such some Will They Won't They element lasting like 19+ ep #as would be the case if it doesn't resolve in s6 either but. or i mean i guess axe / wendy counts if you want but hahahahahaha jesus christ #winston billions #riawin #and you know maybe the disappointment is ''yeah rian's like oh my god i hate that you Like me i'm gonna throw up. i just didn't say so yet'' #along the lines of pre s5 ''well it could be neat to give winston a romantic subplot but it'd probably be a joke at his expense about how #it's never gonna happen and whoever he's crushing on is like 'oh eugh never in a million years. i'm insulted & disgusted' so idk maybe just #Don't write that if that's all we can get'' concerns...and i suppose it could be less [another form of slam dunking on winston] about it #like idk rian is like haha ugh never. god. but i like you as my coworker pal abt it or whatever.... #and i suppose it's not too early nor too late to suggest rian only likes winston as a coworker pal in a ''i see him as entertainment and #neither feel nor want any earnest / personal connection with him'' but idk. even Hey They're Standing Next To Each Other in 5x12 makes it #seem like that's not entirely the case. and so does most everything else really; so #i would love for them to be established as Actual Earnest Genuine Personal Friends whether or not they also kiss............ #and not like it'd be bad for rian as a character to have multiple people to talk to / multiple dynamics of any significance #or you know; to have this avenue through which winston can reliably speak without getting interrupted / it concluding in dismissing/dunking #anyways the point is i'm Vulnerable as always. if anything at all happens re: riawin i Will have to lie down #but and also naturally if winston and taylor are ever in the same room i'm forever vulnerable to that b/c it doesn't matter how often or #consistently the writers show they aren't interested in having those two talk for any real reason / to any significant extent; you wrote and #produced and aired Kompenso and now we're always going to be looking for more of that thanks........ #and having to brace for the 100% odds that winston gets some shit / deals with shit multiple times this season....it's billions #and it's also winston billions
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