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#I... apparently have headcanons
montmartre-parapluie · 2 months ago
Another Shadow and Bone Costume Post...
@orlissa, you really shouldn't GIVE me the chance to assign gowns to characters like this. I get far too into it... @vesperass-anuna, @pia-bartolini, @jomiddlemarch, give me your dress headcanons too!
Right, where to begin!
Tumblr media
1) Woman’s Dress,” c. 1866–68, designed by Charles Frederick Worth, label Worth & Bobergh, Paris - You nailed it! This is DEFINITELY Alina.
There's a subtlety about that gold/cream that says Sun Summoner, but - in a gentle, refined way. (ALSO - although Alina may not have had a "proper" wedding ceremony in Terrible Beautiful Unsaid Things, I have a sneaking suspicion Aleksander apologises to her by having a gorgeous 'wedding anniversary' celebration ball the next year, where she wears this...)
Tumblr media
2)“Woman’s Dress,” c. 1866–68, designed by Charles Frederick Worth, made by Worth & Bobergh, Paris
Tumblr media
Genya. This is 100% GENYA. There's a cleanness, elegance and lack of fuss about this that feels very Miss Safin. She's avoiding the 'dressed like a wedding cake look' the Court demands. Plus tell me that colour wouldn't look AMAZING with her red hair. She would look like a Fae Queen, and David would 100% be heart-eying her behind her back.
Tumblr media
3)“Woman’s Evening Dress,” c. 1886–87, designed by Charles Frederick Worth
Tumblr media
I don't know what is is about this one - the perky bow on the front? that dash of deep crimson (Heartrender?) red? the gorgeous embroidered flowers with that yellow train?
Tumblr media
But this feels very "Fancy Nina" to me - possibly acting as a Grisha Ambassador to Kerch whilst spying, or something. It's got her irrepressible nature as well as her skills and subtlety there. (AND the bow on the bodice is at just the right height to ahem, "distract" Matthias...
4)“Woman’s Day Dress,” c. 1878–80, designed by Charles Frederick Worth
Tumblr media
Another Alina for me, I'm afraid! The colours with the golden flowers and that luxurious black silk are SO 'Darkling Sun Summoner Kefta' it hurts. I love it deeply.
Tumblr media
(and... you just KNOW Alina is probably wearing THIS corset beneath it, which... ahem, Aleksander probably makes this face when thinking about...)
Tumblr media
(Sorry for the unexpected Darklina thirst there, guys - oh who am I kidding, I apologise for nothing)
“Woman’s Evening Dress,” c. 1886–87, designed by Charles Frederick Worth
Tumblr media
This feels like "Deliberatively Provocative Nina", to me. The pink, the tantalising low neckline, the outrageous lace and embroidered silk and ribbons? This is all worn to provoke an uneasy 'Fjerdan Women are modest and would never dress shamelessly' lecture from Mathias that you just KNOW is going to end up in a heated make-out session - with the offending dress on the floor.
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devilsoup · 2 months ago
Hey hey hey I have a request for you. Could I please have the brothers' (+ the side characters if you're fine with it) reactions to mc wanting to tie their bangs in a ponytail? Thank you
look I have short hair myself and sometimes ur forehead gets itchy :/ and sometimes u see some buffoon with their hair covering one eye like some kinda edgelord and u think to urself "why is my taste in men like this" (this is a self-callout about my absurd devotion to belphegor)
as per the usual, dateables will be in a separate post in just a bit (someone send me an ask about it, it'll help me remember)
pspsps also feel free to request tea prompts, as rn they'll be easier on my pea-sized brain (*john mulaney voice* P R O B A B L Y)
get ur hair out of ur face (w/ the brothers)
🦚 lucifer 🦚
he looks like a grumpy unicorn - oh wait
secretly he thinks this is hilarious
but obviously he's not gonna just TELL you that
he will only let you do this if there is not even the slightest chance anyone else in the same square mile radius as him though
make sure you sneak a picture but DO NOT get caught or he will be angey >:(
kiss his forehead, he'll be fine
it's like you can see the steam coming out of his ears be replaced with sunshine and flowers
u may be a merry prankster, but you're HIS merry prankster
(lucifer, this doesn't even hardly count as a prank - they asked and you let them do it)
your silly shenanigans will be the death of him
if you ask to do it frequently he'd just start keeping hair ties on his wrist for you
then when you waltz into his office at night he just sighs really heavily and pulls the hair tie off dramatically, holding it out to you
💳 mammon 💳
⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄
he is,,,, so soft,,,,,, when you mess with his hair
it's like. his most favoritest thing ever.
he makes you play with his hair daily - it's super soft and fluffy so, really, who's complaining
so when you pull a sneaky on him and tie his bangs back he is caught so off-guard
tomato mammon
.....sorry (no i'm not)
he's tackling you in a hug so you can't see how flustered he is
but considering he can't form a single sentence without stammering every other word,,,,,,,,,,, it's kinda obvious babe
he's going to just stash you away in his room for a while. don't worry about anything else, just let him adore you for a bit
▶️ leviathan ▶️
he definitely does that thing where he's super focused on whatever's on his screen and he just. blows his hair out of his face.
lemme tell u it's super cute
but it's a subconscious habit and he does it like. at least once every minute
and u eventually just ask if u can pull his hair out of his eyes
10,000,000 points psychic damage. 1 hit KO
face? in his hands. blush? to his ears. hotel? trivago.
you're not going to get an actual answer out of him, so just do it
he is putty in your hands
this is just like that one scene in that one anime, bee can't think of original anime names but it's a romance anime!
engrave cheat codes on his tombstone because he is deceased. you killed him. (granted he is dead if he just makes eye contact with you)
📗 satan 📗
100% also does the blow-his-hair-out-of-his-eyes trick
but his just falls right back into place because he's looking down at a book
don't ask. he's doesn't like to be interrupted. just go for it.
probably doesn't even realize you are doing anything until about ten minutes later when it dawns on him that he hasn't been messing with his bangs at all
and he just. pats the top of his head and glances at you, half humorously, half in adoration
he's already snickering, but if you show him his reflection he straight up starts cackling
also don't tell lucifer (but you know this already)
drags you into a side hug and will not take it down or let you go for the rest of the day
🧁 asmodeus 🧁
"is this some human world fashion thing that i haven't ever heard of"
no sweetie it's called affection
when you let him know he already is snickering before you've even begun to do anything, pulling a hair tie off his own wrist and handing it to you
giggly boy has a hard time holding still as you scratch at his head, so it comes out all lop-sided
he instantly pulls out his ddd, at this point laughing his head off at his own silly reflection
if you've got the hair for it, he's doing it back
and now you're taking 748290574620457820 selfies
he sets one of them as his lock screen on his ddd and never changes it again
he loves being able to just,,,,, relax with you
sometimes you'll walk into his room and he calls you over to make you put it up again
besides, it's great for keeping your hair out of a face mask 💕🥰😙
🍔 beelzebub 🍔
"oh, is my hair in my eyes? i didn't even notice. thanks!"
darling. sweetie. baby boy. he's just like,,,,,, if a golden retriever was a demon
he's so cute and smiley while he squats down so you can pull it back
and you don't really get a chance to look at your handiwork because he's scooping you up in a giant bear hug that might crush you. so what if he kills you?
but your honor, he's baby.
literally he could cry. he loves you so so so much
if you don't kiss him i will
when he finally pulls away he'll start idly playing with your hair, your hands, just. super handsy (not like, sexual. this is beel we're still talking about and while he's not completely naïve he's not exactly promiscuous)
🌌 belphegor 🌌
don't bother asking for permission. he spends like, 80% of his day with his head in your lap. just do it. he won't even wake up. go on. do it. do it. DO IT.
okay so maybe he woke up because it was different than your usual head pets
but he's so cute when he groggily glares up at you and his voice cracks out a small "what do you think you're doing"
don't worry about it, babe. just shut the fuck up and go back to sleep.
and he does, because he really would let you do anything if it meant you were happy
but it takes him a lot longer than he initially planned because he keeps peeking an eye open to see your giddy smile as you not-so-stealthily snap a photo or 12
i do hope you know that if you've got enough hair for it, he's also doing it back
doesn't matter if it's just a tiny baby spike or a giant floppy mess pooling in your face, belphie is returning the favor
and no matter what he's pressing a soft kiss to your nose and calling you silly names before finally drifting back off
check out my masterlist!
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spacerocks-debussey · 2 months ago
Reblog and put in the tags (or you can comment on the post itself) a movie/show/book/character/etc. that you enjoy that has a queer vibe to it
And I don’t mean things like the Disney Renaissance movies/villains, Steven Universe, She-Ra, Team Rocket, etc. that have very established LGBT fanbases
I mean things that, as far as you know, doesn’t have an LGBT fanbase but it just gives off those vibes
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batarangsoundsdumb · 5 months ago
while we're on the topic of projection and racial headcanons, i headcanon tim as the classic "Half Japanese Half White Person With No Sense Of Belonging To Either Culture Because Im Too Asian To Be White, But Too White To Be Asian" because yeah me too
adding on to what i just sent in (half japanese tim), here's some more super specific projection headcanons related to that
he has only been to japan a few times, all of them either strictly business or for a funeral of someone he never met
he doesn't really know any of his japanese relatives and has only really met a small handful of extended family (third cousins, first cousins once removed, etc)
he's never met his grandparents on that side
one of his few bonding moments with his parents as a kid was ordering from sushi places in america run by white people and making fun of how bad it was
he had to go to a speech therapist as a kid because his parents didn't want him to pick up any sort of japanese accent
he has clear memories of going to japanese festivals as a kid but hasnt gone to one in years
his parents make a lot of jokes about their privilege/lack of privilege without actually addressing it
he can karaoke like his life depends on it
the whole "dont talk back to your parents" thing is doubled down with asian culture added
one of those people that gets called white passing but very clearly isnt
has a lot of japanese fairytale/folklore books for kids because thats what he grew up on and they were some of his favorites
idk he's my go-to "YOU ARE ME I AM YOU WE ARE ONE" character so why not just take my childhood yk
projecting onto tim drake is something that can be so personal.
no but also tim's parents talking shit about each and every one of their family members on both sides so tim grew up hearing all about his mom's cousin's daughter's drug addiction but still doesn't know where his grandparents are from.
and tim being paraded around the yearly skype call to a random aunt when his parents remember she's still alive
tim going on a trip to japan with bruce and making fun of bruce not knowing japanese with a bunch of staff at the restaurant only for bruce to turn around and go 'haha bitch you thought' in perfect japanese
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hexfloog · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
"Here's to the greater good, for all..."
So I watched M16 yesterday and was instantly swept away by this shot:
Tumblr media
Context be damned, I go absolutely feral at any official material that even slightly vagues at Conan behaving/being perceived as an actual Devil Child. Portrayals of morally dubious Shinichi gets points too, but this one really pushed all my buttons and I could not resist drawing something SOBS
Unfortunately the image in my head which was inspired by this shot was a lot different that what came out on paper, and I ultimately settled for the version posted before the cut. I really, really wanted to somehow tie Conan into the version of Murderer Shinichi I've been speculating about on occasion. How would his relationship with the Conan identity affect him? Not well, I imagine. If anything, Conan would probably be the deciding factor in a downward spiral, especially considering that Shinichi does not exactly take kindly to him even in official canon.
The degree to which he dislikes him is probably waaay exaggerated to the point of hatred in my own headcanons, but... Conan is like a symptom of a disease, or the disease itself, and searching for a cure that may or may not exist with it in tow like ball and chain must be maddening in every sense of the word. Sometimes I speculate that Shinichi's drive for revenge (or "justice," as he tends to call it in-show - interesting since he blatantly refers to it as vengeance when used in context with Haibara) is the only thing distracting him from whatever he feels towards his Conan identity. Haibara has made her feelings clear-- hating her reflection, for instance, knowing it is not really her-- but Shinichi seems to guard his true feelings about it a lot more carefully, or masks it behind apathy (as if this boy needs more facades skjdhfskdhf).
Anyway... the first iteration tries to get this across with an identical image, but Shinichi--or is it grown-up Conan?--sports the glasses. It sounded really good in my head but it just didn't parse once I actually had it down skdjfhskdhjf so maybe I'll think of something else later.
Gotta say this is so funny to me because Murderer Shinichi is turning out to be another HC I'm relapsing on from my babby Detco days, just without the overt supernatural spin bbbb
Not entirely sure I'll polish this one up, since the initial idea fell through ;.;
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galaxina-the-pyro · 4 months ago
So, I watched “She’s the Mayor” today, and noticed something.
So, I think most of us know by now that this is Isabella’s dad.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Well, what I didn’t know until today was that we not only have heard him speak before, but we actually see what his job/career is.
Tumblr media
Ah. A news reporter/journalist you say?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Last Life SMP: Martyn Littlewood what lunacy are you plotting
So we have Martyn’s cryptic poem for Episode 4:
Tell a lie Sow the seed Undermine Know and free It must be done!
Some posts have pointed out that the first letters of each line are ‘TSUKI’- the Japanese word for ‘moon’.
And the last lines Martyn says after his cryptic planning with Ren?
And they will all feel it, under the eye of the moon... [...] Its will be done!
The last part is likely added in editing but regardless, the moon appears to be important to Martyn’s lore.
How? The phrasing of the last quote implies that the moon has a ‘will’, which is likely the ‘will’ Martyn has been following. Is Martyn being manipulated by the whole-ass moon?? IS THAT WHAT THE VOICE IS?!
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obeyme-stuff-and-love · 6 months ago
The thing with otomes
Any other otome:
Before playing: Look at this cute, beautiful person. Lets see who wins my heart
After playing: OK.... so i don't like all of you but it's ok, i signed for this and disappointed is included for some reason
Obey me! one master to rule them all:
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releasing-my-insanity · 2 months ago
So, gender in Peter Pan thoughts.
Peter doesn’t know how to tell the difference between boys and girls. So he just assumes that anyone who falls out of their pram is a boy, and anyone who doesn’t is a girl. He’ll believe you if you tell him your gender, but absent that, he defaults to “did they fall out of their pram?”
This means that not only does he recognize Wendy as a girl, but he also assumes that Michael and John are as well until they tell him otherwise. (It also might mean that Peter has questions about his own gender since he didn’t fall out of his pram, he ran away.)
Adults he sorts into four categories: Mothers, Fathers, Pirates, and Others.
One of the Lost Boys had a birth certificate identifying him as a girl. But Peter figured “Boys fall out of their prams. This is a boy.” And they didn’t correct him. So whichever one it is lives as a boy in Neverland.
When the Darlings adopt all six of the Lost Boys, it doesn’t take Mrs. Darling very long to notice. But when she speaks to him, he makes it very clear that he considers himself to be a boy. And Mrs. Darling accepts that. She makes it very clear to her husband and Liza and Nana that this one is a boy too and is to be treated the same as the other boys.
This being the early 1900s, there’s not really puberty blockers or surgeries or testosterone or anything available. But Mrs. Darling does the best she can, letting him dress like the other boys and using correct pronouns. And whichever boy it is (I don’t really care, it can be Slightly or Toodles, or Curly, or Nibs, or one of the twins), never feels like he’s any less accepted and loved than the others.
Mrs. Darling does not care to listen to anyone who tries to disagree. You must be mistaken, she does not have a second daughter. She only has one daughter, and that’s Wendy. You must mean one of her eight sons. Yes it is a large family and it is probably easy to get confused, but only Wendy is a girl. And she says this so firmly that no one would dare argue with her.
TL;DR: Peter Pan doesn’t give a single fuck about gender. One of the Lost Boys is trans. And Mrs. Darling is an excellent mother to her nine children.
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thespookyintrovert · 7 months ago
Mulder and Scully get ridiculously competitive over Scrabble and no game ever lasts less than 3 hours because they’ll argue over every word.
Scully, mischievous little grin on her face, will come up with the most outrageous medical terms she can think of to use up the best letters (“That is not even English, Scully, you’re cheating,” said with the assertive self-righteousness of the utterly hypocritical.  // “If it’s English enough for the AMA, Mulder, it’s English enough for you.”)
Mulder, never one to let his eidetic memory card go to waste, will think of equally outrageous and significantly more dubious words that he’s pretty sure he must have heard at one point; it sounds right in his head, and what are the odds that’d he’d come up with a completely unique sequence of morphemes, anyway? (“That is *not* a word, Mulder.” // “Yes, it is!” // “Do you know what it means? Can you define it for me? If I search for it in the dictionary, will. I. find. it?” slowly, leaning towards him until they are nose to nose. They’re rhetorical questions, of course, but she’ll allow the pointed silence to stretch before leaning back and returning his tiles with a dismissive little shove. “I didn’t think so.” )
Scully gets her points every time, a medical dictionary right next to the board just for the pleasure of rubbing Mulder’s nose in it after a particularly ingenious play. Sometimes, though, with her stomach full and lips tasting warm, rich wine, she’ll let Mulder sweeten her with kisses and petting and even pretend to believe a ludicrous definition to one of his made-up words. She still wins every time. 
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lithium-15 · 4 months ago
The fact that a few years ago (before the manhwa was out), the novel readers wanted Jennette to be Athy’s second love interest instead of Ijekiel MURDERS ME LMAOOOOOOOO RIP KIEL
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acesydneysage · a month ago
I'm just saying Adrian Ivashkov would never have showed up to the Met Gala in a boring black suit. He didn’t even wear a black suit to Sonya's wedding.
He might have worn something inspired by Andy Warhol, by Bruce Springsteen or any American dad rock band he likes. Or maybe by James Dean. He's the only Adrian fancast I ever had okay. Like some version of the Rebel Without a Cause red jacket outfif but in rhinestones or something.
Abe Mazur would wear something incredibly extravagant that's barely on theme, throwing some red white and blue in there as a nod to it.
Every year Adrian and Jill absolutely roast all of the celebrities, either in person or on the phone. Jill would break down the fashion influences and Adrian will come up with some convoluted interpretations. He pretends he's just making fun of pretentious artsy types, but of course he actually is one so he's half serious. He'll also find some really improbable roundabout way to relate someone to the theme when they're clearly off theme.
Sydney and Eddie are absolutely mystified about why they boo people who show up in perfectly nice outfits, but love some extravagant monstrosities. "I get that there's a theme, but that barely counts as clothing." "No, it's perfect."
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ichayalovesyou · 6 months ago
Tuvok and Sulu are both 🌿✨plant dads✨🌿
Inspired by @mylittleredgirl post about Tuvok and his orchids
Tuvok was only 29, and an ensign when Sulu was captain of the Excelsior. It’s also indicated that he did not enjoy his time at the academy or on board (partly from his own ingrained xenophobia, partly from human prejudice) and it’s one of the reasons he retired. I’d like to think however, because of Sulu’s friendship and experiences with Spock, and Sulu’s generally chill and kind vibes that he and Tuvok got along. I mean, why else would Tuvok do such a sentimental thing as bring the captain tea? Even if he disagreed with the Captain’s course of action? That is not in the job description of an ensign or a junior science officer. ☕️
What if Sulu got Tuvok into taking care of orchids?
Imagine Sulu, who, even though he’s a captain now, still keeps up with his xenobotany hobby, noticing a grumpy ensign with no notable friends. Something about him, maybe it’s because he’s a junior science officer, maybe it’s because he’s alone, reminds him of his friend and former commander. So he just reached out to him in casual, professional conversation whenever they’re in the Excelsior’s greenhouse. Eventually one day, Captain Sulu gets a variety of extraterrestrial orchids (rank hath its privileges). One of them just so happens to be of Vulcan variety.
Ensign Tuvok is low-key enamored by it, for scientific purposes of course as a science officer, it’s not like he felt pressured to join Starfleet and is feeling a bit homesick. Sulu, even though he knows perfectly well how to get a Vulcan orchid to flourish, or any plant really, he’s been doing this for decades after all, feigns ignorance. He frequently asks Tuvok questions about it, encouraging him to look after it (for the interests of xenobotany obv). It’s as much genuine assessment of the peculiar orchid as it is a deliberate attempt to encourage Tuvok’s confidence.
“Captain, with all due respect, I do not see the logic in asking me these questions when the answers provided by the ship’s computer would more than suffice.”
“Ah, I would Ensign, but this particular plant has been exceedingly temperamental. May be a mutation or a new botanical disease? I’m afraid it seems the Federation’s data on Vulcan’s few and delicate flora is not enough. I find myself relying on your botanical expertise 😉”
Over time Sulu leaves the orchid more and more in Ensign Tuvok’s capable hands, until he ultimately suggests he keep it once they’ve learned all that they can from the anomalous Vulcan flower. Tuvok delightedly politely accepts. Even after he retires from Starfleet for a chunk of time, and Captain Sulu is long gone due to the limits of a human life span. Even through his attempted (and left incomplete) Kohlinar, and his return to Starfleet.
The Vulcan orchids to which Tuvok tends on Voyager, are result of dozens of generations of the same orchid specimen Captain Sulu gave Tuvok 🌺
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