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*sweats* look I know I was supposed to write that Endeavor post I mentioned last week, but in my defense I’m in retail during holiday season working overtime 😅 (someone put me out of my misery plsss)

I first wanna reference this post bc it has the most succinctly summarized version of my thoughts on Endeavor’s redemption way back when it was really starting to get a momentum. It’ll probably be more clear than whatever my tired brain is about to write rn.

But anyway, my thoughts are that Endeavor’s redemption arc is a positive development for both the story and because of the precedent it’s setting. Darth Vader coming back to the Light to kill Palpabitch was great, and we’re all highly appreciative of that deed. But that didn’t make up or even begin to address all the fucked up shit Darth Vader had done himself. He killed Palpatine and then keeled over five minutes later. No apologies, and no chance to make any reparations.

I’m not dissing on the ending of ROTJ or his death, bc it was necessary and that ending was wonderful (yes I cry every time at the pyre scene don’t judge me.) I’m just saying that I think Darth Vader-esque endings where the bad guy has his “realization” moment, saves the hero and then dies, doesn’t and shouldn’t apply to all stories.

I’m not a fan of Endeavor. I don’t like the guy, and I am most certainly appalled and sickened by the abuse he put his family through. It was wrong, no question, and he deserves to face consequences for his actions. So let him face them. Why wouldn’t we want to hold him accountable?? And no, killing him isn’t holding him accountable. It’s satisfying a lust for retribution and a vent for pain and anger. The feeling is understandable, but that doesn’t make it right.

Y’all know my feelings on killing Endeavor, and why I don’t agree with. But it’s not just about the murder aspect. It’s about growth, and change, and finally acknowledging the wrongs he has committed and facing the consequences.

Is it not better for Endeavor to show remorse for his actions, to offer apologies and to work towards being a better person, than for him to simply die and have no chance to change? Why are people so adverse to positive changes in a previously terribly person?

And here’s the thing: Endeavor isn’t trying to demand anything from his victims. As far as I’ve seen in the manga, he has only offered apologies and expressed his desire to atone, and has actively listened to what his family wants. He has shown he is willing to back away if that’s what his family needs to heal. He is considering their well-being and happiness above his own.


This is good and proper behavior!! We should be encouraging this kind of character growth in our media. I was already pleasantly surprised with Horikoshi for presenting us with such a realistic, nuanced depiction of abuse and the damage it causes to families. But then he went and gave growth and development to the abuser himself, and it wasn’t just to kill him off, but to make him accountable and remorseful.

Do y’all know how much I would give to have that in my own life? For my father to finally acknowledge my pain, feel genuine remorse for his actions, and respect my wishes regarding how I wish to interact with him? To give me the space and respect I was denied?

Y’all wanna spit on this character development bc you don’t want to accept that abusers are people too, and people can change. And we should want people to change for the better. Doesn’t mean you ever have to like them or want to be around them. It would be completely understandable if Endeavor’s kids never spoke to him again. But I will never be against genuine remorse and the desire to change for the better.

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You say you’re sorry, but it’s too late now
So save it, get gone, shut up
‘Cause if you think I care about you now
Well, girl, I don’t give a 

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