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My brother is writing a professionally made

MegaSound fanfic,

he doesn’t know jack shit about Megatron or Soundwave besides memes, The first season of TFP and watching gameplay of WFC & FOC.

It started as a joke but he already has the first chapters planned out, its gonna be 16 chapters long with Slowburn and A N G S T.

Please stay tuned 😎🤠

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There’s this one artist called Unlike Pluto and a bunch of his songs remind me of this dude and I happened to be listening to some of them when making this. I’m totally fine, I just wanted to see if I could pull of a dynamic pic, idek what the context of this is tbh. Sometimes you just get a very specific mental image that won’t go away so I tried drawing it out

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Batman/TMNT Cowabunga Downunda Supernova Tour limited print (2020)

Art by: Freddie Williams II (on the 2015 version), Kevin Eastman (on the Mirage-era version), Jon Sommariva (on the 2016 animated-like version) and Jeremy Colwell

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