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allylip · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
was looking at sdt stuff yesterday and i saw that the dmc dev team ONCE AGAIN gave dante a tail in the concept designs but then took it away in the final design so. i gave it back to him <333
a version w/o the bg and fire effects + a close up shot under the cut:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
look at that angery boy!!! i love him
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starrynightdeancas · a month ago
Surgery update: my surgery today was a complete success! I performed a closed castration on Kurt and it went really well. I had been nervous and anxious all the way up until we started the pre-medication process prior to the procedure, but as soon as we walked into the surgery suite i felt calm and collected. i had an amazing professional surgeon who gave me wonderful tips and tricks throughout the surgery. My incision was great and I was able to remove each side one at a time and made perfect suture knots before removal. I checked each pedicle before releasing it back into the body to ensure there was no bleeding, and my sutures held strong and everything was removed without any concerns. The professional surgeon said i did a fantastic job and every time she came to check on my progress she was impressed with how well i was doing. There were no complications and every step I did carefully and everything went smoothly. Kurt recovered super fast from the surgery and was awake and eating and drinking within an hour. I will be back on campus early tomorrow morning to do his discharge and to check everything with his incision is still holding strong. I feel so much more confident now that this second surgery was such a success and I’m so excited to perform a spay next semester.
Bonus: I had a toxicology exam this morning right before surgery and I got a 90% on the exam (which is the highest grade I’ve gotten on any exam this semester). It’s been one heck of a stressful day, but the fact that I did so well on my exam and the surgery went better than I could’ve hoped for has been such a blessing and I’m so proud of myself for all the hard work I put in!
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quillsandspilledink · 3 months ago
Heyooo, I hope you're doing well! I love your writing and I would be thrilled to read about Luca or Alberto singing from you.
If you're up for it I just thought of a scenario where Luca/Alberto sings while washing dishes in the evening and Alberto/Luca goes over to him to hand what's left of the plates from dinner and he hears him sing! This part's more of a suggestion!! If you have anything else in mind about singing n stuff you should definitely go for that–this was just a comic idea I had a while back. Anyways, sorry for being so specific?? And thank you for your time!
this was really fun to do and a nice break from writing the other prompts that i'm finishing up (only about four of them, I know, pathetic that it's taking me so long to find the motivation to properly write them lmao) and it's a really sweet prompt so thank you and I hope you enjoy babes <3
Tumblr media
August sunshine still lingered inside of his bones, curling upwards towards his elbow and basking in the security of his spine not unlike how Alberto would often wrap his arms around him during the ticking hours they spent together. Dinner had been spent full of wheezing laughter and a moment where Luca had nicked his hand, a bead of blood being carefully whisked away under warm water and warm sun-kissed palms and an affectionate kiss tucked away just beneath his jaw. It was like it always was, full of shared smiles and loud words storing themselves into his heart and a need to share everything with his husband who always listened and smiled along and gestured stories with his hands and eyes. 
Balancing the plates on his hands delicately, Luca placed them on the counter where he caught a little hum thrumming from his partner, who turned to glance over with a lazy and fond smile (which Luca quickly returned, feeling his entire body soften with love being carved into him every second spent knowing and caring for Alberto) and unabashedly sung louder so that Luca could hear better.
It was no secret that Alberto sung beautifully. He had a talent for manipulating the hoarse cracks in his voice to work amazingly for him, tucking them into the corners of when he would rumble and into the charismatic smirk on his freckled face when he could easily break a higher note that would collapse on anyone else into something that worked for him. His working hands (always working, always restless; drifting over patches of cream skin jumping and twitching, hauling in fish and thumbing their fins with his thumbs, staining his skin with ink and metallic effort coming from wrenches and sweat) glittered with his indigo scales crawling up to rest comfortably against his forearms while his nails clinked against the glass to scrub off stubborn bits of food. 
Luca adored listening to him, in every way. He indulged by wrapping his arms around his husband’s waist and relaxing his hands into his partner’s stomach (Alberto was wearing a nice top that was messily cut so that it ended at the beginnings of pink skin rippling at his chest; markings of top surgery and self growth and something that Luca always kissed during quiet nights when Alberto smelled like oil, stardust and salt), his chin resting on his broad shoulder and pressing a kiss into Alberto’s clothed neck. 
Luca could never count all the things he loved about Alberto because to describe everything that Alberto was was to correctly count how many times they danced and cooked together and walked each other to work and sent each other letters during their nine months apart when they were years younger and to describe how it felt to be loved by him. All he knew is that he loved Alberto right now, like he loved Alberto in every way, even when they fought which happened about two times a month but they always made up within two hours, with him singing to Luca and his stretch marks hidden on his thighs and peeking out on his hips and his stomach rolls that as always, Alberto could not give two utter shits about because this was his body and it was fine the way it was. If he didn’t like it, he would change it until he did like in the past. 
Tracing a finger down Alberto’s side, Luca hid a smile into his shoulder when seeing how his husband twitched and instinctively let down the dish he was handling a bit too harshly to grasp at Luca’s hand. Alberto always was ticklish, which Luca took advantage of because he was barely ticklish so Alberto could rarely get back at him in the form of reciprocation, and he took advantage of now to lightly wiggle his long fingers against his other side, chuckling and snorting softly with Alberto squirming against him, patting his other hand away to entwine their fingers together firmly with a warning squeeze that was not at all backed up, considering the playful twinkle sharply grinning its teeth at Luca in those green, green eyes. 
“This is the thanks I get for cleaning all your gross dishes? Jeez, talk about betrayal. Can’t get a decent work space around here.” Alberto remarked with his head tilting upwards to affectionately bite at the pale base of Luca’s throat, pairing it quickly with a gentle brush of his lips against the little mole right beside where he nipped. 
Alberto was nothing if not a push and shove and pull of tides, pulling at Luca and clinging to his every fiber until every part of his body has touched Alberto and been touched by him; shoving back and back and back away from him and into him and out of him and always around him; and pushing so far that sometimes Luca can see Alberto being swallowed up by his own sticky tar bubbling from his liver and from the darker parts of his mind until it’s wiped away gently by Luca with a clean handkerchief or sat in so Luca can tell his partner that if Alberto is to be swallowed up, so will he because he chooses Alberto every time. 
Luca did not answer to the quip like others would have expected but he answered it like he knew Alberto would expect because by now, they both knew what the other meant in every little and big way. 
“ti amo cosi tanto.” It was sighed out and he could hear Alberto breathe it in to remind his tired lungs and bloodstream and heart that kept on loving and beating and keep it inside of him, so Luca made sure to say it again with a kiss against the corner of Alberto’s lips because Alberto always needs to know that he will be there with more than words. Words are promises and actions are those promises kept. 
Alberto said it to Luca when he turned a bit to the right of where Luca was, kissing him on the lips with his hand calloused with hard work and love, so much love, cupping Luca’s nape and pressing himself against Luca and pressing Luca against him. He said it silently but it blared in every thought that Luca could think and when he cupped Alberto’s face in his hands with gentleness where Alberto was firm, Luca could hear it in his fingertips and nails when he touched his husband’s skin. 
And then Alberto said it with words this time because that was how Luca had grown up. With words and words and words and--
“ti amo anch'io amore mio.”
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imalososos · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
𝓯𝓪𝓲𝓻𝔂 𝓴𝓲𝓷𝓰 🌟
𝓬𝓸𝓵𝓵𝓪𝓫 𝔀𝓲𝓽𝓱 @seventhmoonforreal 💕
my insta: (x)
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