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larry-archives · 3 months ago
Songs // Canciones
Recopilaciones de mp/post sobre canciones.
Cc: @larrieshomelat - @yourhabit28 - @greedy-queen - @braveflowervol6 - @onlyforthekings - @brixgolden - @braveryhslthome - @bottomharrykingdom - @alivingfire - @skepticalarrie - @halo-the-brave - @wifeylouis - @larrybears - @buzzerlarrie - @happieasa -  @hazlouquitefinished - @lornasaurusrex - @quietasides - @thehltwoghost - @ishipmutualrespect - @bluewinnerangel - @metal-eye - @lsunflowerhome - @28fallenhabits - @andreakedavra - @letstalkabouttheindustry - @louismyantidote - @louciernagas - @bluerainlarrie - @ialwaysknewyouwerepunk - @alarrylarrie - @twopoppies - @nauticalleeds - @hazzabeeforlou - @strangenewfriends - @femstyles - @genuineconspiracy - @sunflower-home - @aliensyndrome - @sunflowrsix - @jalboyhenthusiast - @goldenmemories 
Something Great
Steal my girl 
strong, happily, alive, something great, through the dark, steal my girl, fireproof
Pequeño análisis de perfect
Home (con varios links en ingles y español) // Home-Canciones de L&H las cuales hacen referencia al hogar.
if i could fly - @veroamore91​
love you goodbye // X
no control, medicine
Louis Tomlinson escribe canciones de amor Queer sobre experiencias Queer: parte 1
Stockholm syndrome
Home (links) // home-iicf // tagg: iicf - home - @tellmethisisnotlove
strong //  Parallels between STRONG
ready to run
love you goodbye // X // X
no control, medicine
Steal my girl -Perfect Now
strong, happily, alive, something great, through the dark, steal my girl, fireproof
Louis Tomlinson writes queer love songs about the queer experience.
We made it // DIRECTOR’S CUT: WE MADE IT // Too Young & We Made It
too young, we made it y el posible stunt lyric en always you
Always you
Perfect Now // X
Only the brave //  Only the brave LGBT // Only The Brave
Louis Tomlinson escribe canciones de amor Queer sobre experiencias Queer: parte 2
habit, always you, we made it, too young, perfect now, defenceless, only the brave
Miss You // miss you
Coacoac // COACOAC // copy of a copy of a copy
just like you // (X) // (X) // (X) // Just Like You
kill my mind
Shawshank Redemption and DLIBYH MV parallels
history-fearless-just like you
Perfect Now // Steal my girl- Perfect Now // other
Director’s Cut: We Made It - Analysis
X - X  // only the brave
coacoac blanca nieves // coacoac //  copy of a copy of a copy
Only the brave vs Copy of a Copy of a Copy
miss you // X
Sign of the times
Carolina Stunt Song Masterpost // Carolina
Only Angel // only angel
Kiwi // other
ever since new york // Ever Since New York
Women // other 
FTDT // from the dining table // From The Dining Table 
Golden MV //  GOLDEN
watermelon sugar 
ADORE YOU // other
Cherry - @veroamore91 // Cherry // other
To be so lonely - @veroamore91
sunflower vol 6
Canyon Moon // Canyon Moon
Tpwk MV interpretación // TPWK ES UNA CANCIÓN LGBTQ+ // tpwk
fine line 
Medicine // X //  no control, medicine
meet me in the hallway 
scott // scott-only angel
Caroline //  carolina
Only Angel
Sweet Creature
X // ever since new york
Women-She-Girl crush-tbsl
Fine Line Masterpost:
fine line is gender bc i say so
Golden // Golden-Home 
WS // X // X
adore you
Cherry // cherry
Lights up // x
To be so lonely
canyon moon
Enigmatic Symbolism Of Ocean/Ship/Star 
quiet. they’re having a conversation. - @dracostwink
Línea de tiempo de canciones larry y lo que nos dicen sobre la evolución de su relación
Larry songs timeline & what it tells us about the evolution of their relationship - @lwtiswonderundersummersky
Harry's albums vs louis' playlists part 1 - part 2 
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acorn-treess · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
More anthro warrior cats, but this time I gave them better outfits Characters are Sorreltail, Dovewing, and Hollyleaf!
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lidoshka · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Best Wishes
I want to say a prayer for our child I hope they grow big and strong and that they become skilled at their craft may they find love and be loved in return, and may they find friends wherever they go,
How about you? what do you wish for our baby?
Me? nothing really, ...I just hope they always have at least one brother at their side.
They had so many hopes for their children, and in a way, all their wishes were fulfilled...
For @feanorianweek day 7: the whole family, the animated version.
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housedanvers · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Women’s Champions League Squad of the Season 2020/21
By club ... Barcelona 8 Chelsea 6 Paris Saint-Germain 4 Bayern München 3 Manchester City 1 Wolfsburg 1
By nationality ... Spain 7 Germany 5 Australia 1 Canada 1 Chile 1 Denmark 1 England 1 France 1 Netherlands 1 Norway 1 Sweden 1 United States 1 Wales 1
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heywriters · 5 months ago
{description: Hispanic man uses Google Translate to demonstrate how many different Spanish words are all pronounced the same in English.
Example, the sentence "Escribe un rito correcto con la derecha" translates to "Write a right rite with a right."
The man starts crying.
via @ familycam1 on Tiktok}
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siempresarcastico · 2 years ago
Para los que no saben inglés.
Tumblr media
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angelicsaggie · a year ago
Language learning at home
How can you learn a language at home? By immersing yourself into the culture.
Here’s how:
Tumblr media
What do you need?
HelloTalk- This is a free app where you can talk to native speakers. It is important to speak to natives because when we learn a language through teachers and books the words/phrases are accurate but, they are not always commonly said. If you speak to natives you will know which words are commonly said and which are not. Example: In English you do not often hear someone say “I’m so so.” Instead they may simply say “eh I’m okay.”
WhatsApp- WhatsApp is a messenger app somewhat like Facebook Messenger or KIK where you can send messages or calls to family and friends. Since you will be talking to international people on HelloTalk or whatever language app you choose, you would need an app to keep in contact with your new language partners since you cannot text them from your regular messages. I guarentee you 97% of the native speakers on HelloTalk will have this app and eventually they will ask you for your number so they can speak to you on there. When adding them to your phone ask for their country number. For example the country number for the United States is +1 so if their phone number is from the United States you will put +1 and the rest of their number. I recommend adding them to your contacts first then messaging them on WhatsApp.
YouTube- You can find many lessons on this app. You can even find youtubers, vloggers, cooking recipes, gameplays, etc. Just as if you were watching it in your native language. I recommend making a new YouTube account and solely looking at videos with the language you are trying to learn. That way you will get many video recommendations like music, lessons, vlogs, etc. regarding that specific language.
Duolingo- There are many apps like duolingo. However this is the only app that I’ve tried in the past. It teaches you vocabulary, verbs, and sentences. It has many lessons that will help you learn your target language.
SpanishDict- If you are learning Spanish this is a great app. If you see a verb, phrase, or word you do not understand you can find it on this app (slang words are not usually on this app and in some cases you may have to search through the internet to find the translation or word.) For other languages try typing in your target language and dict or dictionary at the end at your Google Playstore or Apple store.
When it comes to these languages:
English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.
You will have a slight advantage if you already speak one of these languages and you want to learn from one of the other. Think of them like cousins. Cognates are words that looks like a similar word in another language.
Let’s take a look at the English word biology: It would be biologia in Italian, biología in Spanish, and biologie in French and German.
Some of those languages have the same sentence structure so once you learn how it’s set all you would have to do is learn the vocabulary from different language.
Pick a region
If you’re learning Spanish for example you will need to pick a country and learn their style of speaking.
For example: Guapo in Mexico means “handsome” and Guapo in the Dominican Republic means “mad.”
There’s many countries to choose from Peru, Argentina, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Cuba, Colombia, etc. You do not have to pick only between Mexico and Spain. On the app HelloTalk you can choose a specific age range, country, and/or city. If you’re learning English you can choose between Australia, United States, England etc. It’s the same thing as being from another city. In the United States some people may say sneakers and some may say tennis shoes. What you say depends on where you are from.
Immerse yourself:
Immerse yourself in the culture, music, television shows, articles, blogs, movies, apps, podcasts, children books to adult books, newspapers, and memes. On your social media follow things regarding that language or culture. Change your phone to the language you are learning. You already had your phone in your native language so you already know where certain things will be located. Keep a notebook and take notes.
What can I start with to help me learn a new language?
Tumblr media
Find your motivation. When starting out a new project at times you may feel like you are not going anywhere. But you are. You just have to be patient and persistent. Find your motivation and reasoning so if you feel like giving up you will keep going. Remember these two quotes: “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” And “The day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit.”
The first thing you need is to learn is vocabulary. You can not construct sentences without knowing any words! Start with basic things. You can start by looking around your room and learn how to say every item in your home. Then that can turn into learning simple words and phrases like the weather, colors, family, food, greetings etc.
After learning words you can learn verbs, how to conjugate them, the sentence structure, and basic grammar rules. You could learn verbs with words but it depends on how slow or fast you want to pick up the language. Even though you only know a little bit of words you can still download those apps and practice with natives. You can start with small talk like greetings, interests, emotional feelings, locations, you name it.
Put something in the background so you can always be listening to the language you are trying to learn. Talk to yourself aloud as if you are in class. Make yourself your own teacher. Reread words and sentences over and over until you can pronounce it correctly, faster, and more clearly. Do not be afraid to make mistakes and ask for help.
Do not use google translater to translate the whole sentence. If you must use a translator it should be only to translate a word or in dire situations the whole sentence. But if you translate something you need to understand why the sentence is the way it is so you can also learn. When making sentences do not use google translator. Try your hardest to form the sentence and send it to your language partner and they will help correct you. You can even ask why it’s structured that way and they can help explain that to you.
You need to also practice by writing, voice memos, and phone conversations. Get a buddy or a few. Don’t be shy and don’t be ashamed. You’re trying to learn a language even if you don’t think you sound smart you are extremely smart by taking that extra step to learn a new language.
Practice everyday and don’t forget to have fun!
Good luck language learners 😉
Check out more language learners posts!
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siempresarcastico · 2 years ago
Para los que no saben inglés
Tumblr media
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polyglottraveler · 3 years ago
iPhone emojis in English - French - Spanish (Part 1 - Emotions)
😊 To smile - Sourire - Sonreír
😄 To laugh - Rire - Reír
😂 Cry laughing - Pleurer de rire - Llorar de risa
😇 An angel - Un ange - Un ángel
😉 A blink - Un clin d’œil - Un guiño
😘 A kiss - Un bisous - Un beso
🤓 Glasses - Des lunettes - Gafas
😎 Sunglasses - Des lunettes de soleil - Gafas de sol
🙁 To be sad - Être triste - Estar triste
😫 To be desperate - Être désespéré - Estar desesperado
😭 To cry - Pleurer - Llorar
😤 To be mad - Être fâché - Estar enfadado
😳 To be surprised - Être étonné - Estar estupefacto
🤬 To insult - Insulter - Insultar
😱 To be scared - Avoir peur - Tener miedo
🤔 To wonder - Se demander - Preguntarse
🤫 Hush - Chut - Chito
🤥 To lie - Mentir - Mentir
😬 To be stressed - Être stressé - Estar estresado
🙄 Roll your eyes - Lever les yeux au ciel - Levantar la miranda al cielo
😴 To sleep - Dormir - Dormir
🤒 To be sick - Être malade - Estar enfermo
🤧 Having a cold - Être enrhumé - Estar resfriado
🤮 To puke - Vomir - Vomitar
🤢 To feel bad - Se sentir mal - Sentirse mal
🤕 To be hurt - Être blessé - Ser herido
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i-n-e-f-a-b-l-e · 3 years ago
Me encantan las canciones en ingles. No entiendo una mierda, pero no importa, a mi me gusta igual.
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siempresarcastico · 3 years ago
Sus publicaciones en inglés no combinan con su piel color cartón mojado.
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submerged-grimoire · 3 years ago
Magic Correspondences of veggies and fruits (Eng//Esp//Cat)
I’m going to use this post not only as a correspondence guide but also as a traduction guide, since english is not my native language and I need to keep record as to what is what. So I’m posting the original english correspondence and just below the names in spanish and catalan with a spanish traduction of the correspondences. 
BTW, the original correspondence list was made by @peachyymama. So all praise be to her. 
Apples: Love, fertility, marriage, beauty, vanity, wisdom.
Manzanas / Pomes: Amor, fertilidad, matrimonio, belleza, vanidad, sabiduria.
Avocado: Lust, love, beauty (carry pit around to radiate beauty).
Aguacate / Alvocat: Deseo, amor, belleza (puedes llevar un hueso de aguacate para irradiar belleza)
Apricot: Attracts love.
Albaricoque / Albercoc: Atrae el amor.
Banana: Fertility, potency, prosperity
Plátano / Plàtan: Fertilidad, potencia, prosperidad.
Blackberry: Healing, protection, money.
Mora / Mora: Curación, protección, dinero. 
Blueberry: Peace, protection.
Arandano / Nabiu:  Paz, protección.
Broccoli: Leadership, protection, strength.
Brócoli / Broquil: Liderazgo, protección, fuerza.
Brussels Sprouts: Protection, endurance,  protection.
Coles de Bruselas / Cols de Brusseles: Protección, resiliencia, protección.
Beets: Love.
Remolacha / Remolatxa: Amor.
Cabbage: Good luck, money, fertility, lunar magic.
Repollo / Col: Buena suerte, dinero, fertilidad, magia lunar.
Carrots: Lust, fertility.
Zanahorias / Pastanagues: Deseo, fertilidad. 
Cauliflower: Protection.
Coliflor / Coliflor:  Protección. 
Celery: Mental & psychic powers, lust, fertility.
Apio / Api: Poder mental y psíquico, deseo, fertilidad.
Cherry: Love, divination, happiness.
Cereza o Guinda / Cirera: Amor, adivinación, felicidad.
Coconut: Purification, protection, chastity.
Coco / Coco: Purificación, protección, castidad.
Corn: Protection, good luck, divination.
Maíz / Blat de Moro: Protección, buena suerte, adivinación. 
Cucumber: Healthy, chastity, fertility.
Pepino / Cogombre: Salud, castidad, fertilidad.
Garlic: Healing, protection, purification, exorcism, guards against negative energy.
Ajo / All: Curación, protección, purificación, exorcismos, guarda contra las malas energias. 
Grape: Money, fertility, mental powers, garden magic.
Uvas / Raïm: Diners, fertilidad, poderes mentales, magia de jardín. 
Grapefruit: Cleansing, purification.
Pomelo / Aranja: Limpieza, purificación. 
Lemon: Cleansing, purification, removes blockages.
Limón / Llimona: Limpieza, purificación, remueve bloqueos.
Lettuce: Divination, protection, sleep, lunar magic, love spells.
Lechuga / Enciam: Adivinación, protección, sueño, magia lunar, hechizos de amor.
Lime: Protections, purification, promotes calmness.
Lima / Llima: Protección, purificación, promueve la calma. 
Mushroom: Psychic awareness.
Setas / Bolets: Conciencia psíquica.
Onion: Stability, money, lust, protection, prosperity.
Cebolla / Ceba: Estabilidad, dinero, deseo, protección, prosperidad.
Orange: Love, joy, happiness.
Naranja / Taronja: Amor, felicidad, alegría.
Peach: Fertility, love, wisdom.
Melocotón / Préssec: Fertilidad, amor, sabiduria.
Pear: Lust, love.
Pera / Pera: Deseo, amor.
Peas: Luck, money.
Guisantes / Pèsols: Suerte, dinero. 
Pepper (green): Growth, prosperity.
Pimiento verde / Pebrot verd: Crecimiento, prosperidad.
Pepper (red): Energy, strength.
Pimiento rojo / Pebrot vermell: Energia, fuerza.
Pepper (yellow): Creativity.
Pimiento amarillo / Pebrot groc: Creatividad.
Pineapple: Luck, money, chastity.
Piña / Pinya: Suerte, dinero, castidad.
Plum: Healing, peace, love.
Ciruela / Pruna: Curación, paz, amor.
Pomegranate: Divination, wishes, wealth, fertility.
Granada / Magrana: Adivinación, deseos, riqueza, fertilidad
Potato: Healing, money, luck.
Patata / Patata: Curación, dinero, suerte.
Pumpkin: Healing, Prosperity.
Calabaza / Carbassa: Curación, prosperidad.
Radish: Protection, lust.
Rábano / Rave: Protección, deseo.
Raspberry: Love, protection, happiness, stamina.
Frambuesa / Gerd: Amor, protección, felicidad, estamina. 
Spinach: Prosperity.
Espinacas / Espinacs: Prosperidad.
Strawberry: Success, good fortune, love, luck, romance.
Fresas / Maduixes: Éxitos, buena fortuna, amor, suerte, romance.
Sweet Potato: Grounding, love, lust.
Batata o Boniato / Moniato: Anclarse a la tierra, amor, deseo.
Tangerine: Protection.
Mandarina / Mandarina: Protección.
Tomato: Healing, love, prosperity, protection.
Tomate / Tomàquet: Curación, amor, prosperidad, protección.
Watermelon: Healing.
Sandía / Sindria: Curación.
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luisonte · a year ago
Tumblr media
Hola Gelmy
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polyglottraveler · 3 years ago
Random Spanish Words #3
Some Spanish words I learnt these last two weeks :) (Spanish - English - French)
Apagón - Power cut - Coupure de courant  Regalón - Generous - Généreux  Una empuñadura - A handle - Une manche   Algarrobo - Carob - Caroubier  Cardo - Thistle - Chardon   Un alero - Eaves - Un auvent  Sembradío - Cultivable - Cultivable Una aldea - A small village - Un hameau  Un cubil - A den, a lair - Un terrier Un cincel - A chisel - Un burin Tupir - To compact - Serrer, épaissir Un recinto - An enclosure - Une enceinte  Un dintel - A threshold -  Un seuil Una hueste - An army - Une armée Una comarca - A region - Un canton   Un peldaño - A step - Une marche  Un poroto - A bean - Un haricot Una yeguada - A herd of horses - Un haras Un arroyo - A stream, a brook - Un ruisseau  Una charla - A chat, a talk - Une conversation, une discussion  Pulir - To polish - Polir, lustrer
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