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#ISO 27001 Certification in India
cereiv · a year ago
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This ISO 27001 certification service is provided to help to maintain effective information management system. ISO 27001 is a specification for an information security management system (ISMS).
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internationalassesment · 7 months ago
Best ISO Certification 27001
The ISO 27001:2005 is a worldwide standard indicates the administration of security framework and deals with the dangers to the security of data you hold. The affirmation to ISO 27001 permits you to exhibit your customers that you are overseeing, working, checking, estimating, surveying, executing and improving a recorded Data Security The board Framework under your influence. ISO 27001:2005 gives a bunch of normalized prerequisites for a data security the executive’s framework, to actualize the security controls which are redone to the necessities of individual associations
 1.   Safeguard customer’s data and oversee data security expertly
2.   Supervise the dangers to data security viably
3.   Achieve consistence
4.   Protect your association from security episodes that could demolish your standing
5.   Protects association's picture
6.   Create a sensible, effective philosophy way to deal with guarantee administrative consistence
7.   Enhance command over business resources
8.   Improve association picture and notoriety
9.   Increase consumer loyalty
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blueskyindia · 6 days ago
ISO 27701 Privacy Information Certification - Blue Sky Management
We can provide our ISO 27701 Privacy Information Management System certification consultancy services for organisation lookin to demonstrate to its customers / other stake holders about its commitment to protect Personaly Identifiable Information ( PII ) of those stake holders.
 Found in year 2004, We are leading Management consultants and Corporate trainers in India.
 We can help organisations already certified with ISO 27001 information security management system to extent their Management system for compliance with ISO 27701 Privacy Information Management System certification.
 We can also help organisations willing to achieve fresh ISO 27701 Privacy Information Management System certification.
 For more information, please contact us at –
 Organisations located In India including located at Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamilnadu, Madhya Pradesh, Hariyana, Rajasthan, Uttar pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and in other states of India in achieving ISO 27701 Information Security Management System certification. We will be pleased to provide our consultancy and training services to them.
 Key Requirements of ISO 27701 Privacy Information Management System
1. Under standing role of Organisation as PII Controller or PII Processor
2. Defining Scoope of ISO 27701 PIMS with ” Processing of PII for ______________”
3. Defining Context of Organisation specific to PIMS
4. Conducting Privacy Risk Assessment ( Also Known as Privacy Impact Assessment PIA )
5. Preparation of Data Inventory depending upon Classification of PII being processed
Other requirements as per ISO 27001 shall be complied.
 Few of Requirements specific to PII controller can include
1. Demonstrating law ful Processing of PII
2. Demonstrating legitimate purpose of Processing PII
3. Consent Management
4. Determining and fulfilling obligations to PII Principals
5. Privacy by Design and Privacy by Default
 Few of Requirements pertaining to PII Processors
1. Agreement with PII Controllers
2. Prohibition of using PII for marketing and advertising use
3. Return Transfer and Disposal of PII
4. PII Transfer within Jurisdictions
5. Notification about PII Disclosures
 There are other requirements and clarifications also that  needs to be  fulfilled to achieve ISO 27701 Privacy Information Management System PIMS certification.
 Organisation looking for ISO 27701 Privacy information management system – PIMS certification in India, ISO 27701 PIMS certification consultants in India, ISO 27701 certification service providers in India may contact us.
ISO 27701 Training and Service Gujarat
BRC Certification Services Gujarat, India
Leadership Training Services Gujarat
ISO Auditing Training and Service
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siscertification · 3 months ago
Here, you can learn about requirements for achieving ISO 27001 Certification. Auditors will help you about its documentations process, surveillance and others. Visit SIS Certifications body for more information.
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siscertification · 4 months ago
ISO 27001 Certification can help to avoid Breach in Information Technology System. Get this standard with SIS Certifications ISO certified body in India. You will also know its benefits that how it will help to make your organization better.
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