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qualitysolution28 · a month ago
ISO 14001 Consultancy company in India
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The main motive of this certification is to provide for companies, organizations for protect the environment and also responsible for changing environment, which is very necessary for our environment because no one want work on our environment and we want to save or maintain our environment than all things we have to do for this. That's why this certification is made and the name of this certification is ISO 14001 : 2015 standard.
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yousra567 · 3 months ago
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Qdot International Consultancy provide a wide range of ISO Certifications Services in Dubai.The ISO Certification Standards enable organizations to benchmark themselves with industry best practices. ISO Consultants in UAE guide organizations to get ISO Certifications for various standards based on their requirements. It helps organizations in raising customer confidence, client reputation and achieve sustainable competitive advantage in UAE.Qdot is specialized in ISO 9001 Certification Consulting in UAE and other ISO Certification Standards. Our ISO experts are well-trained to conduct ISO Certification Audits, Training, and ISO Consulting in UAE.
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consultantspqas · a month ago
ISO 9001 consulting professionals do tremendous work on bridging the gap between business growth and customer expectations. They work on enhancing customer experience but the COVID has impacted the whole workforce including ISO certification consultants' professionals. Here in this blog, we will discuss the major changes in the different workforce including ISO 9001 consultants.
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eniginpartners · a month ago
Energy Management Services: An Investment Worth Making
40 to 60% of all commercial energy use is lost or wasted, and there is no reason to believe that your business is an exception.
And, most of these losses can be recovered with an average payback of less than 2 years - many for very low-to-no cost once identified.
Enigin Partners provides energy management & savings advice for senior management, independent of commercial obligations to any suppliers or contractors. This advice is based on evidence provided sub-monitoring which provides detailed understanding of site energy use for all times of the day, week and stages of the production cycle: potential savings can be accurately predicted and verified.
This whole-system analysis optimises not just parts, but the entire system to create solutions which maximise facility sustainability, and significantly reduce project and operations costs.
Peak demand can often be reduced by 15-25% without capital expenditure to further reduce operating costs.
Our techniques will initially save from 10 to 25% on electricity costs by correcting inefficiencies, and allow sites to target significantly deeper savings - up to 45% - over a 2-5 years period.
How do you cost effectively eliminate energy losses & waste?
The best approach is to use a systematic evaluation to establish your site specific ‘top 10’ priorities and to prioritise those.
Our staff have over 75 years engineering experience. And with that level of experience we're often able identify significant energy savings opportunities that have been overlooked. We're able to help reduce energy costs and increase profits - often by many tens of thousands of dollars a year, and with minimal capital expenditure.
We provide you with a roadmap to progressively tackle waste, introduce you to reliable suppliers of quality efficiency services & system, and assist you in implementing cost effective options.
Enigin Partners provides you with access to and advice on world best-in-class efficiency solutions. We have strategic alliances with select Australian efficiency specialists working collectively to deliver world-class services and technologies. Enigin Partners can also source and project manage the installation & commissioning of innovative technologies and leading edge solutions proven in Europe, USA and Australia, providing you with quick paybacks. Or we can also tailor programs so that current service providers continue in their existing service delivery role.
Who we are?
As specialist energy efficiency engineers, Enigin Partners has been very successful at reducing electricity use & costs on many commercial and industrial sites.
Our services are not all about expensive upgrades or technology: we work firstly at the operational level. We’re usually able to reduce costs by many tens of thousands of dollars per site, per year – usually without large capital costs.
The key is our advanced energy sub-monitoring & management systems which gives everyone – our engineers, site managers, operations staff, electricians, AC & air compressor contractors, office staff – a detailed understanding of every energy use on a site, and gives a site team the hard evidence it needs to tackle energy waste & inefficiencies, one-by-one. Most often by means of low and no-cost solutions with immediate monthly savings.
This could initially identify 5-15%, perhaps 20% savings in demand & usage through eliminating systematic operational waste and inefficiencies, without significant capital costs. Any equipment upgrade recommendations are carefully selected based on actual operational performance. All savings are immediately verifiable.
Another of these opportunities is to avoid the typical 20-50% oversizing and overcapitalising when replacing HVAC, refrigeration, compressors, etc. which usually happens because there’s a lack of facts-based information to guide decision making.
The bottom line is that 40-70% of all energy use in Australia is lost or wasted, and most of this waste can be eliminated at relatively low cost.
We’re proposing you could tackle this cost effectively.
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thesafetymaster30 · a month ago
Tips to Implement the ISO 45001 Standard- the safety master
The ISO 45001 standard is changing the way we look at and implement health and safety systems in an organization. By focusing on people and their ability to make positive choices, we can make a difference to peoples’ lives. And by implementing the necessary elements of the ISO 45001 we can create a culture of positive behaviours and attitudes that make a difference to every employee and customer every day.
ISO 45001 is the new standard for occupational health and safety management, developed by ISO. ISO 45001 will be used by organizations who want to improve how they manage health and safety management in their organization. It provides guidance to help organizations adopt a systematic approach to improving health and safety. It has become mandatory in some countries, while others are evaluating if it should be implemented.
Tips for implementing ISO 45001     
Get commitment and support from senior management
Get commitment and support from senior management - that’s a phrase we hear a lot in safety circles. There is no question about the importance of top level engagement and buy-in for an effective, robust safety culture or to achieve a sustainable focus on continuous improvement. The best implementations today achieve a ‘triple win’ for organizations.
Every individual involved in safety management has an important role to play. However, managing safety also means seeking commitment and support from senior management. This is because senior management, as well as the continued financial support, provides essential stability to ensure that safety programmes are successful.
Engage the whole business with good internal communication
ISO 45001 is a new safety standard which aims to engage the whole business with good internal communication. The theory behind it is - if safety is important, safety should not be left to a select few. Safety must reflect best practice at all levels of the organisation and should be recognised as being the responsibility of every employee. This means that ISO 45001 creates a framework which can systematically enable organisations to minimise risk within an environment where everyone feels empowered and confident enough to take ownership for safety.
Compare your existing systems with ISO 45001 requirements
The implementation of ISO 45001 standard is becoming quite popular among larger companies. This is due to the fact that this standard is the fastest growing organization-wide safety management systems (OWSSM) to date. It covers many diverse areas related to safety implementation. You can usually find it at bigger factories or organizations that trigger hazardous processes on a daily basis, such as chemical plants, oil refineries, power plants, etc.
The ISO 45001 requirements are just guidelines. It is your responsibility to assess your current safety management system and ensure you are meeting the requirements. The more that applies to your organization, the more you should be worried about a new regulation on top of a pre-existing system.
How Thesafetymaster can help                  
For organisations that are serious about improving safety management system, reducing workplace risks and creating better, safer working conditions, there's ISO 45001, TSM TheSafetyMaster Pvt Limited, a leading safety consultant provides bundle of services on IS045001 mentioned below:
Gap Assessment                                              
Internal Auditor Trainings
Legal Register            
Online or Onsite Safety Training on various safety management, elements such as work at Height Permit to Work, Hot work Risk Management, Scaffolding, Forklift Safety and many more
System standards documentation, implementation & handholding
Risk management safety audit framework
Industrial PPE supply as per requirement
Mock drills
Fire fighting training
First aid training
Emergency response plan & drawing layout
Safety management software
High quality services of ISO 45001 implementation
 For more info:-
Visit: -
Call: - +91-1493-220093
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iso-consultancy · 2 months ago
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iso9001inphilippines · 2 months ago
How to recognize which companies are ISO 27001 certified?
You have an essential project to develop, and you want to employ some exterior partner, e.g., a SaaS company, to make it to the end. You’ve decided data protection to be one of the top-priority standards that have to be fulfilled when finding out which seller to choose for your screening process. In this case, one of your necessities would possibly be certification with the main data safety standard ISO 27001 certification in Qatar, however how do you understand if the corporation on the different aspect of the system is really ISO 27001 certified? And, simply as importantly, how do you understand that this certification is issued by using an authorized certification body? Find out in this article.
Request the certification from the vendor
Most agencies that are certified will promote this on their internet site and in their product/service documentation. This data on my own isn’t enough, though. You want to affirm a few integral elements of this certification, so the first step is to request this certification from the vendor.
Essential statistics on the certificate
Every certification physique has its personal graph and structure of the certificates they issue, however there are a couple of key portions of facts on each certificate. I selected the order under now not based totally on how it is mirrored on the certificates, however on how plenty time and effort it will take to verify. After all, there is no purpose to confirm each and every element solely to discover that the certificates expired a lengthy time ago.
Relevance and usage
Now you are aware of the key factors to test on a certificate, however what is the relevance of this information, and how can you use it to make sure validity?
The first factor is obvious; however, I didn’t desire to leave out this step. Your requirement is ISO 27001 certification in Iraq, so make certain that you did get hold of an ISO 27001 certificate. It should appear that the filename by accident carries ISO 27001, though the content material is for a special ISO scheme. expiry date, or “valid between” date, suggests how lengthy the certification is valid. If this date is expired, it simply raises a flag and ought to be established earlier than persevering with to make investments time in your verification process.
The employer title and, especially, the address, are a key section to verify. Certification is location-specific and does no longer follow different places of the vendor. When a supplier relocates the certificate, it is now not robotically legitimate for the new location. Do affirm that the offerings or merchandise your organization will acquire are delivered by, or manufactured at, that particular address.
Every certificate includes the scope of the ISMS. Verify if the document scope covers your requirements, i.e., that the offerings or merchandise delivered through the dealer are inside the scope of the ISMS.
Now that you have proven that the ISMS and certification are inside expectations, you ought to confirm the certificates with the certification body. On the internet site of the certification body, you can generally discover an on-line device or a listing with all issued certificates.
Use the certificate quantity to search the use of the tool/website of the ISO 27001 certification process in Hyderabad (see preceding step).
After you validate the certificate used to be certainly issued with the aid of the certification body, and it is nevertheless active, you have to test if the certification physique is authorized via an accreditation body. The accreditation body is listed on the certificates. Every u. s. has its very own accreditation physique and continues a listing with permitted certification of our bodies (we will come to this in the subsequent section).
Now that you’ve tested the certificates issued by way of an authorized certification body, and that all different components have been additionally in order, you would possibly have reconsidered your listing of companies already. However, the ultimate takes a look at may be the most vital one: assessing the SoA (Statement of Applicability). These records will exhibit you which of the 114 safety controls in ISO 27001 Annex A, and perchance extra controls, are chosen (applicable) and how they are implemented. At this stage you will be in a position to wholly verify if the dealer is aligned with your protection requirements. For extra records on the significance of the SoA, study the article The significance of Statement of Applicability for ISO 27001 in Philippines.
How to get ISO 27001 Consultants in South Africa?
If you would like to know more details on How to get ISO 27001 Consultants in South Africa, or require help with ISO 27001 training/ISO 27001 consulting services in South Africa feel free to send your necessities at and visit our official website we at Certvalue follow the value added to understand requirements and need to identify the best suitable process to get ISO 27001 certification in South Africa for your organization with less price and accurate efficiency
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anufactocert · 3 months ago
ISO Certification in Saudi Arabia
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certainearthquakepoetry · 3 months ago
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Accredited ISO Certification in just 7 days, Best ISO consultants in Coimbatore, Fastest Registration Service, Professional Consultants, Free consultation.
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Facilities Management
Facilities or Facility Management or just FM as many refer to it is an industry that supports an organization to achieve its objectives and goals through optimizing cost savings and efficiencies within the non-core areas of the business. Although this multi billion-dollar global industry has been established, for over 30 years, it is still misunderstood by many and is unknown to others. The purpose of this article is to define FM, its purpose, role and Critical Success Factors (CSFs), including how it can support organizations in meeting their goals.
The following aspects will be addressed in this article.
A definition for Facilities Management?
Associated Facilities Management terms and definitions?
Facilities Management functions and services?
Facilities Management interdependencies and success factors?
Facility or facilities management (FM) is a paradox that many people outside the profession and industry do not fully understand. We are generally aware that FM aligns with buildings and outsourcing of the non-core functions within an organization but beyond this level of understanding, it remains somewhat of a mystery. Unlike allied professions and industries such as human resources, construction, engineering, surveying, architecture etc., which are established and understood, FM is a relatively new concept in historical terms. Indeed, FM has come into its own only in the last 25–30 years or so. In addition to the lack of obvious clarity around its purpose, its definition can also be a little confusing and broad in scope, to say the least, particularly when compared to the allied professions and industries. In this article, we will examine FM, its definition, purpose, constructs, and its success interdependencies.
I have worked in the FM sector, since it became an industry in the UK in the late 1980’s. As a young graduate, cutting my teeth in construction on my very first project, the re-development of Terminal 3 at Heathrow Airport, I was given the opportunity to take up a facilities management role with a leading international organization. At this time, the UK Government began replacing its Property Services Agency (PSA) and later Property Holdings (the departments responsible for maintaining Crown Premises), with outsourced models, The outsourced public sector contracts, under the ‘Compulsory Competitive Tendering’ initiative, were let to private sector organizations. This was how it all started in the UK and 31 years later, it has certainly matured from those early years.
Furthermore, I am an active member on the International Organization for Standardization’s (ISO) FM Technical Committee /T267, I continue to wish to contribute towards its development and I see a very exciting future for FM.
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kumar124 · 5 months ago
ISO 9001 Requirements and Benefits
What is ISO 9001:2015 standard?
ISO 9001:2015 is the standard published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) that specifies requirements for the quality management system (QMS). ISO 9001:2015 certification is applicable to any organization irrespective of its size and location. ISO 9001 certification helps to improve customer satisfaction and experience.
What are the ISO 9001 Requirements?
Context of the organization
Performance evaluation
What are the benefits of ISO 9001 Certification in Dubai?
ISO 9001 certification in Dubai can drastically change the efficiency of an organization. Benefits of ISO 9001:2015 certification is as follows :
The revenue of the organization increases: With ISO9001:2015 certification, you can win more contracts.
ISO 9001 certification in Dubai is recognized globally.
Improves the organization's document handling process.
Improves quality and service.
Enhances reputation.
It helps to address organizational risk in a structured manner.
ISO 9001 certification in UAE is one of the most popular forms of certification and each and every organization is aware of its benefits. ISO 9001 certification in Dubai is an independent and private process. Customer satisfaction is a priority of ISO 9001:2015 certification.
What are the principles of ISO 9001 certification in UAE?
Leadership: Successful leaders have a clear vision. Having a vision helps employees of an organization to work efficiently.
Customer focus: Having a customer-first approach helps the organization to deliver quality services to its customers.
Engagement of people: Every employee must focus on getting issues solved openly and sharing his/her experiences with the team. It is essential to get your team involved with the decision-making process. Every employee’s opinion should be valued by the management of the organization.
Process approach: It makes sure that you plan, resource and manage your processes in a structured manner. Certain processes will be interrelated in an organization; evaluation of these interrelated processes can bring the scope of improvement.
Relationship management: Develop a mutually trustworthy relationship with your suppliers and interested parties. This will benefit the organization in the long term and give a competitive edge over others.
Improvement: Continual improvement is necessary for the progress of an organization. It gives a competitive advantage over others.
Evidence-based decision making: An organization must take decisions based on reliable data. This will help the organization to progress with continual improvement.
How to get ISO 9001 certification in Dubai?
We will make sure that your organization gets ISO 9001:2015 certification with no hurdles and as quickly as possible.
Our experts perform GAP analysis. It is an evaluation of the difference between the company’s current performance and desired performance.
Documentation based on the 9001 Quality management system. It should contain the specifics of your organization, instructions related to work and about the operational process.
Implementation of the required changes should be carried out An auditor visits the organization to make sure that effective changes are carried out based on the documentation.
Certification will be provided if the auditors are satisfied with the changes.
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beardedsongblizzard · 5 months ago
ISO 41001
ISO 41001 is the new International Management Standard for Facility Management, it is an accredited standard in the same way as other ISO Management Standards, but it is tailored specifically for FM services. Adoption of this Standard will enable you to project your organization as a world leader in facility management services and able to represent your respective business effectively and efficiently on a global basis.
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kawaiidreamlandhottub · 5 months ago
Facility Management
Facility Management consultants ISO 41001:2018 specifies the requirements for a facility management (FM) system to ensure conformity of an organizations FM operation in an effective and efficient manner in supporting the demand business.
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avican · 6 months ago
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Mitä teille tarkoittaa laadukas toiminta? Minulle se tarkoittaa hyvin montakin asiaa kyseisen kirjan lukemisen jälkeen ja siitä kun lähdin laatimaan laatujärjestelmää IC Siivoukselle. Ensinäkin materiaalia syntyy saman verran kuin maisteri tutkinnon opinnäytetyöstä, mutta sitä ehkä lähtee opiskelemaan parin vuoden päästä ✊😁 Tärkein asia jonka #ISO9001 tuo esille, on asiakaslähtöinen ja laadukas työ, mikä itselleni on yritystoiminnassa elinehto. Laatujärjestelmä jakaantuu kuuteen osaan: 1. Johtajuus 2. Suunnittelu 3. Tuki 4. Toiminta 5. Suorituskyvyn arviointi 6. Toiminnan kehittäminen Laatu on kaikkea muuta kuin puhdas siivousjälki. Se on myös läpinäkyvää ja yhteiskunnan kannalta tärkeää toimintaa. Tämän lisäksi huomioidaan tottakai ympäristöystävällisyyttä ja tärkeintä resurssiamme työvoimaa, ilman ketä emme tähän pystyisi. #consulting #avican #finland #business #ISO #interim #management #QMS #ICSIIVOUS #Qualitymanagementsystem
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qualitysolution28 · 2 months ago
ISO 14001 : 2015 Standard environmental management system
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The main motive of this certification is to provide for companies, organizations for protect the environment and also responsible for changing environment, which is very necessary for our environment because no one want work on our environment and we want to save or maintain our environment than all things we have to do for this. That's why this certification is made and the name of this certification is ISO 14001 : 2015 standard.
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