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modmad · 3 hours ago
hey question is there a way to get a hacked japanese flip phone or something with buttons and a decent screen bc I gotta tell you- touch screens and me have a horrible relationship, my fingers shake too much and sometimes I just want to throw the damn thing into a wall
EDIT: thanks for the replies! I’ll look into all the options your guys have suggested but it’s looking like a race between the Nokia 2720 or the Kyoex so if anyone has experience with those I’d love to hear about it!
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cube-cumb3r · 19 hours ago
Jack's style of roleplay is so good btw ... literally any blooper and mishap is storytelling potential to him. like it's genuinely kind of genius
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tenshindon · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
that oughta hurt
#dragon ball#dragon ball z#yamcha#yamucha#snap sketches#ive always wanted to do stuff focussin on yamcha's cell saga injury#he probably didnt get a scar from it due to krillin giving him a senzu bean but listen#if tien can have his tit scar despite senzu beans being on hand then i can give yamcha a hole in his chest OOP#anyway on to the actual drawin tho :o#hmmmm i unno#i didnt want to make it look too dramatic or dark#the thing about being reminded of terrible shit is that its unexpected- it's something that jsut comes about when youre doin your own thing#i wanted to try and keep the environment relatively bright if not just a bit dark but nothing too obvious i guess ?? Shrug Shrug#i just know what im tryna convey- if you know the feelin then maybe you know what im sayin#a lot of times i would just be doing my own thing and suddenly somethin out of nowhere reminds me of something#its not exactly 'suddenly somethin' itll usually be because im listenin to a video and they mention a similar topic#i guess in part of this yamcha has a physical scar to remind him?? shrug shrug#its a small hc but i like to imagine he's kind of sensitive about being touched around the chest cause of that#like he knows its unlikely to happen again but when you go through somethin That Wack you cant help but to think it could#this isnt a personal drawin i just wanted to draw yamchas chest scar lmao but i mean :V theres always a story behind every drawin me thinks#whether its  abig story or a small one theres always one there#and speakin Of That i might make a fic bout the whole chest thing- like i said its a thing ive wanted to tackle for a while#but ill do that another time. ima upload this to twitter then ima sleep so byyyye
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hunxi-after-hours · 15 hours ago
Hello! Firstly, thank you for everything that you do- your meta is always fascinating and your fic may have gotten me into ballet. Secondly- She Who Became The Sun: why is that book so good? I went in with such high expectations and yet somehow it completely met them!
words cannot contain how excited I am that folks are enjoying She Who Became the Sun!!!! look I just want the best things for Shelley Parker-Chan, all the time, okay
I feel like the reason SWBTS is so good is because it's so goshdarned competent on multiple levels of fiction writing, like:
plot: did you see that second-to-third act twist coming because I sure didn't
character: I feel like a lot of epic fantasy (or historical epic!) can struggle with humanizing their characters and allowing them to be flawed, hesitant people beyond their epic, prophesied purpose, but SPC manages to strike that careful balance between human and legend
themes: sometimes you read a book with excellent plot and characterization but then you get to the end of it and you're like "well, guess that was that" because when you actually look at it, the ideas and concepts in the book aren't all that complex. and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that! I love rollicking good yarns! but SWBTS deals with some very morally gray characters and situations, especially with its main characters (love it when authors make their protagonists morally gray in a morally gray world, instead of morally pure in a morally gray world), and that's what gives it staying power in my mind
language: I lost my goddamn mind over SPC's use of translation and style in this book, the absolutely mind-boggling thing is that SWBTS reads like it's in translation and I'm just. yelling
content/concept: I mean, just like "founding of the Ming Dynasty but make it queer/historical fantasy/not at all what you'd expect" is just. SPC your MIND. and the fact that SPC sets their novel in identifiably Ming Dynasty China, from material details (can we talk about the scene where Ma is repairing armor with pages torn from books because holy shit) to place names to twists of language is so fucking cool. look, I respect authors who take their East Asian inspirations and set them in secondary world SF/F. in fact, I prefer those works (Ninefox Gambit my beloved), but for SPC to go "nah, I'm going to set it in what is identifiably China" is super fucking kickass, okay
novelty: Brandon Sanderson wrote a wild epilogue in Stormlight Archive where one of his characters (Hoid, I love you) muses on the nature of art, asking what is the most important thing in establishing the greatness of a work? And he comes to the conclusion that's not quality, nor is it ingenuity--it's novelty. It's doing something before anyone else does it. And I don't think anyone is doing it quite like SPC is--not Ken Liu, not R.F. Kuang, not Zen Cho (though don't get me wrong, those three authors are also creating incredible content). SPC really was like "I couldn't find any cdrama-like stories in English so I wrote my own" and then proceeded to do exactly that
tl;dr SWBTS is a tour de force on multiple levels
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searidings · 2 hours ago
what are some of your favourite books and your favourite types of books to read?
oh BIG question ok
i've been on a fantasy/sci fi kick recently- this is how you lose the time war by amal el-mohtar, the priory of the orange tree by samantha shannon and becky chambers' wayfarers series are big loves. tolkien and ursula k le guin were my childhood and also never fail to slap
i also love modern historical fiction i guess you'd call it? salt houses by hala alyan and do not say we have nothing by madeleine thien are favourites, as is anything by khaled hosseini (particulary and the mountains echoed)
also idk what the genre would be (semi-biographical?) but books like on earth we're briefly gorgeous by ocean vuong, three women by lisa taddeo or the refugees by viet thanh nguyen are my jam
lastly, author shoutout to anne carson, kazuo ishiguro and margaret atwood for having hit after hit after hit
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astriiformes · 19 hours ago
Officially sent an email to my supervisors letting them know I’m going to have to leave the museum to go back to school and I’m a little bit of a wreck about it.
It doesn’t feel real that everything is about to change so significantly (and imminently), and I’m going to miss my coworkers and the work I’ve gotten to do so so much. And it’s especially hard to give all that up to take an extremely uncertain step I’m so scared about 😭
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whatagrump · 23 hours ago
if dev patel doesn't get an oscar nom for the green performance is what acting is about, it was genuinely fantastic
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danslawdegree · 14 hours ago
phil getting bit by a squirrel in florida and then immediately dedicating a song to it on the radio bc “life goes on, man” was 👌✨ Peak Humour 
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named-haines · 22 hours ago
if i go dark it’s because tommy’s new video is making me experience emotions for the first time in two years.
like, i’m not sure how much crossover there’s gonna be between tommy’s audience and the soothouse ogs, but for those not in the know; this video absolutely reeks of soothouse content.
i’m living in hope that most of yall are at least tangentially aware of soothouse, but on the offchance you’re not, i’ll do my best to explain it. soothouse was the channel wilbur ran and was known for before he got his start as a solo creator. it was a group channel that did content which tommy’s latest video absolutely feels like an homage to. a lot of the people involved in soothouse are still around and still hanging (most notably rhianna, who’s a successful streamer in her own right) and it’s always a bit of a where’s wally because sometimes someone will post a vlog (fundy’s most recent one was good for this) and it’ll be like “hey i know them”. they were one of the big boy channels in the reading reddit genre when that was in its peak back in 2018/19, but we’re essentially the genesis of an entire genre of content that branched away slightly from the reddit mold.
but back on the topic of the “Dreams Comments” video. this latest endeavour from tommy would be completely at home on the Soothouse channel had dream been big back in the day. so to see tommy recording this video with David (original soothouse member) and Jack Manifold (who got his start talking about bread in the soothouse discord server and if you’ve never heard him tell that story then look it up im sure there’s clips (1 mill stream with niki i think he mentioned it?)) is just so special.
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earthlystar · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Auraugust -> Day 4: Family
“When we met, we had both lost our families, everyone either had passed or treated us as if we were dead already. A few years pass, and we decided to start our own family, to find our own happiness. Once our daughter was born, we realized we had indeed found our happiness… in each other and in her. All of us together… that is all I have ever wanted and needed.”
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closuredream · 18 hours ago
i genuinely dont think i cant stress this enough but ludwig is such a good entertainer and u can see how much he thrives as a host on his own shows and stuff like holy shit this seems so professional and its literally just twitch
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katthedemonslayer · 14 hours ago
every time i watch the amy’s baking company ep of kitchen nightmares, i remember how when i was in arizona during the height of pokemon go’s release, i opened the game up after we were just at a movie theater, seeing that the (closed) restaurant was a gym right next to the theater and BEGGING my parents to let me walk over there so i could take pictures and tell my friend i got to visit such an iconic place
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