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saintzjenx · 15 hours ago
Thought of another one! Top five placements who has the potential in them but somehow always fails to see them or acknowledge them. Please 🥺🥺🥺
Ofcourse bby I got u🤍
Thank you for joining the game! Here are my top 5:
— Any 12th house placements: I hate 12th house slanders. Everyone has secrets. Deal with it😏12th house people are my favourite not only because they're genuinely one of the kindest people in this world but also because once they're able to get a hold of their impulses and passive aggressive issues, they thrive. They are able to harbour so much power. They need to acknowledged their ability to love and relate so universally. 12th house rules pain but it also rules over public welfare. For these people, I would say that you guys need to work on your own journey of healing before you can heal and calm others. You need to put yourself first and only then can you actually help people.
— Chiron aspects to personal planets: where theres great pain there also lies power. People who understand the extremities of emotions and karma can bring tremendous transformation into other people life. When you meet someone with harsh personal aspects to Chiron, you can sometimes just tell. The way they discuss their issues but refer to them as a lesson instead of trauma is very telling. If they reach the highest level of self acceptance and self love, they are able to protect people from ever experience what they did. Nurturers at their core and if anyone can cut off the generational trauma, its them.
— Pluto aspects to personal planets: They deal with the theme of obsession and guilt almost daily. They're some of the most special people I have ever encountered and their ability to influence people is insane. However, what they rarely tell is how much they crave stability and control as they lack so much of it earlier on in life so when they have the tiniest bits of it, they cling onto it. Once they worked out their issues with their past, they go on to become the survivors, the one that will prove you wrong, the one that make the impossible possible.
— Underdeveloped Leo/Aquarius/Capricorn/Scorpio/Libra Moon: I don't think this one needs much explanation. People might be surprise when they find out how low these people's self-esteem truly are. They mask it with the fake it til you make it personality but it can only works so far. I strongly believe that everyone Moon harbours different kind of insecurities but it is the one that seems calm on the surface that is screaming for help the most. They genuinely need to start acknowledging and owing up their power.
— Cancer/Pisces/Scorpio/Virgo placements: y'all give them too much slander and shits for being emotional but when yall are having breakdown and is waiting to see a professional y'all will come to them for advices. btw all the slanders got to them bc these people whether or not they show it, takes people words very seriously and they end up zoning out emotionally. as a Cancer Sun what I'm saying might be biased but just marks my words, emotional intelligence gets you to places. You can be the smartest person in the world but if you lack empathy and understanding, you'll get locked up before you can be out doing no good<3😄No one likes a smart douchebag. These people will make sure you feel listened and cared for once they decided you are worth it. Their validation is constant but don't mistake it for being common.
It was honestly very hard to come up with a Top5 haha but I have so much fun trying this out! Thank you once again for joining the game love<3
saint jenx🪐
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rosemaremembrance · a day ago
tell me that you love me
pairing(s): dark!ernst schmidt x reader
summary: Ernst corners you in the control room, but he's far from the Ernst that you know and love.
words: 2.4k
warnings: explicit (18+ MINORS DNI), noncon smut, unprotected sex, rough sex, dacryphilia, manipulation, misogyny, degradation, semi-public sex, creampie, thigh riding, orgasm denial (not the fun kind unfortunately), dark!ernst, doppelganger, ernst on ernst violence, serial killer!ernst, alternate universe - canon divergence, dead dove: do not eat
additional notes: this is part of a collection of drabbles, in which the reader is the lieutenant of cloverfield station. the works aren’t really connected in any other way, so feel free to read this alone if you like, or you can find the other works in the series in my masterlist.
taglist blog: @rosemareblogs
Tumblr media
The man you love is locked behind glass.
“Should we be putting any stock in what Jensen says? There’s something off about her.”
“She was just pulled from inside the wall. She’s traumatized.”
“Okay. I’ll repeat- should we be putting any stock in what a traumatized stranger says?”
Your efforts to talk the Commander out of manhandling the team’s physicist into a sectioned off cubicle at the far end of the station had been fruitless, and now you hate your circumstances even more.
There’s something about reality turning on its head that makes one suddenly understand just how small they are, in the grand scheme of things. Beyond the station walls the vacuum of space extends on infinitely, dark and cold and entirely silent; not like it is within the station. Not like the screaming of metal as it tears itself apart. Not like Volkov’s body expelling a tank’s worth of live earthworms before checking out. And you didn’t even like the Russian asshole, but still, there are better ways to go than that.
You’re jumpy now, after however many hours of one bizarre accident after another making you question your standing within the space of reality. How long before wires shoot from the wall and tether you to the station forever? How long before another one of your team members- your friends- meets their end in some insane accident? How long until Ernst, the man you would trust with your heart and soul, dies at the hands of… what? Divine intervention? You don’t know anything about divinity, but you highly doubt that is what’s at play here.
Your hands shake as you try your damnedest to fix the schematics of the accelerator. With Ernst here it would be easier- this is his field of expertise, after all- but it seems that you’re on your own, with just what you know about physics and the general operation of the accelerator to guide you.
You do wish you had paid more attention the night that Ernst had kept you up, rattling off scientific jargon that you couldn’t possibly put a definition to if you tried. You had only barely been following what he was saying, gushing about the wonders of the accelerator and how it worked (or rather, was supposed to work), but you had been far too focused on his lips. How they moved, how lusciously pink they were, how you wanted to trace them with your tongue. And you had, after he’d trailed off, realizing that you’d been staring.
His warm hand slid underneath your camisole. His hot breath kissed your neck before his lips did. His glasses were knocked off and clattered to the floor as you rolled atop him, the light of an extremely bright Moon outside your cabin’s window casting a luminescent glow across his pale chest.
When did you start crying?
You lift your arm and roughly wipe your cheeks with your sleeve. The nylon doesn’t do much to absorb the liquid, but rather spreads it across your face in a thin layer, making your cheekbones damp all over and more prone to the cold air. Now is not the time for an emotional breakdown; now is the time to do your job and try to get the station back in working order.
The door to the control room hisses open behind you, and you try to steady your breathing and wipe your face once more before whoever it is catches you crying. However, you barely open your mouth to greet them before strong arms snake around your waist, and your back is being pressed up against a solid chest.
“Ernst?” you whisper, your breath stealing from your lungs as you whirl around in his grip. His glasses are gone, and he looks a bit out of sorts, but he’s otherwise in the same condition as he was the last you saw him- being thrown into a holding cell with a bruise forming on his cheekbone from where the Commander had landed a solid punch. You open your mouth to ask him how he’s here, how the Commander changed his mind and let him out, but Ernst silences you with a heated kiss, his searing tongue jutting out and laving once across your own before dragging up your cheek, making a whimper catch in your throat and heat suddenly gather below your belt. “What…?”
“Crying for me, Schatz?” Ernst’s velvet voice has gone coarse, his hand gliding up the line of your torso to palm your breast through the nylon of your coveralls. “I thought the Lieutenant wasn’t allowed to have feelings.”
“You know how I feel for you, Ernst.” You pull back to give him a petulant glare, but his eyes stop you in your tracks. They’re darker than they ought to be, and seem to see right through you, into your very soul.
His head tilts as he begins to back you across the room. “Do I? Seems like you only want anything to do with me when we’re alone.”
“You know why that is,” you reply, confused by his sudden shift in demeanor. “We’ve talked about this, we agreed, I’m not supposed to- we’re not supposed to be together.”
He gives you a humorless laugh. “Supposed to. What a lot of bullshit.” Your back hits the steel wall, shockingly cold through the layers of fabric between it and your skin. He leans close, and his low voice rumbles against your ear as he mutters, “I wasn’t supposed to fuck you, either. But I did. And I’m going to do it again, Schatz, am I not?”
Your knees shake, and you reach for him despite a voice in the back of your mind screaming at you not to. “Yes.”
The peak of his nose skirts across your cheek just before his mouth finds yours. His kiss is harsh and demanding as his hand works at the closure of your coveralls, the zipper peeling slowly open and the brush of his fingertips over the thin cotton of your camisole making it harder for you to stand straight. His knee slams roughly between your legs, jolting you up against the wall and pressing hard against your core, making a loud moan spill from your lips and echo around the empty room.
His hair spills across his forehead in waves that you’ve run your fingers through, more than once, but his brow is furrowed tempestuously, his dark eyes burning you with their intensity. “You want it here, don’t you, you little slut?”
He drives his thigh further against you, making you unconsciously buck forward against him. Your hands scramble up his chest, nails scratching against the nylon of his own suit as if they can hope to rip through the tough fabric. “Please, Ernst-”
“Please, Ernst,” he mimics you with a condescendingly whiny falsetto. Your face burns, every part of you trembling as his hand comes up to clamp around your jaw. “You want me so badly? Go on, show me. Make yourself come on my leg.”
You swallow hard against his hand, your saliva nearly sticking in your throat with the effort. Your eyelids flutter as you roll your hips forward, grinding yourself onto his leg. The pressure of his leg provides ample friction against your burning core, a small squeak sounding from between your lips when a particularly well aimed roll of your hips digs his taut thigh against your clit. Your hands shake as they clench around the collar of his coveralls, your grip weakening as you near your peak embarrassingly early.
“Oh, look at you, little thing,” he coos, but there’s no warmth in it. “So needy. No one else can get you off so quickly, can they?”
You shake your head just as his words tip you over the edge, your legs seizing up on either side of his, knees buckling entirely. He releases your jaw, allowing you to gasp a sharp intake of breath as his hand dips into your coveralls and beneath your underwear to find your still pulsing cunt. He hums in approval as he plunges his two fingers deep into you, making you cry out at how quickly he pumps within your wetness and then draws back almost coldly, bringing his fingers to his lips to taste the mess you’ve made for him.
“You know, I think you’ve been much too quiet for me, Lieutenant,” he says as he meets your eye, his cold, hard stare starting to make a chill creep up your spine. “I intend to rectify that.”
“Babe, what- oh.” He surprises you further by a feat of strength; he shoves your coveralls from your shoulders and, gathering you into his arms, he carries you across the room again and lays you across a control panel, your flimsy camisole the only thing keeping your spine from hitting the cool glass of the touch screen.
Your hands catch his face before he has a chance to pull away from you. “Baby, what’s going on? What happened?”
He stares blankly at you for a long moment, before he seems to recall that you asked him a question, and he blinks. “I’m right here. Like you wanted. Or was I wrong about you?”
“No,” you say quickly. “No, I- of course I want you, Ernst.” Your thumb caresses his cheek, a tender touch that you’ve given him many times, and each time is always the same; he melts, until his head rests within the hollow of your neck. But this time, he doesn’t. He stares. It makes you hesitate, only for a second, but finally, you make up your mind. “I always want you.”
He tilts his head at you as if he’s contemplating your words, and then he says, “Tell me that you love me.”
“I- what?”
“Tell me that you love me,” he all but snarls, his hand coming up to your throat. “You’re supposed to love me. Can’t you do that?”
“Ernst, of course I love you,” you answer with a shortness of breath. “You know that I love you, you know-”
“And you would love any version of me?”
“Any-? Yes.” You run a shaking hand through Ernst’s hair, so soft between your fingers, like it always has been. “Yes, every part of you.”
He gives you a smile, but it doesn’t meet his eyes, and seems almost patronizing. “Oh, darling. I was so sure you would.”
He moves much more quickly than you normally like him to, but then again, you’re not normally doing this in a public area, where anyone could walk in and see. He yanks your coveralls down your legs until the ankles rip from being forced over the hard barrier of your boots.
“Eager, are we?” You snicker, and he meets you with a dark smirk.
“You have no idea.” He grins wickedly as he frees his cock and presses his hips up against yours, grinding his length through your wetness for an extended moment and making you whine loudly. Then, without warning, he slides into you, and his hiss is muffled by the noisy groan you make at being filled so swiftly.
He gasps, and when he seats his hips flush with yours, he gives a wondrous laugh that makes you writhe beneath him. “You fit me so well, Liebchen.”
A snappish retort is on the tip of your tongue, but gets cut off when he moves, his hips pulling back and surging forward again, driving his cock into you harder, and deeper. He sets a heavy pace, never slowing, never letting up in the brutality of his thrusts. His hand finds yours, squeezing it hard before pinning it onto the surface above your head. His eyes pierce yours, dark as the void beyond the station’s walls and twice as cold.
There was a time when you and Ernst had lain awake after fucking each other stupid- it had been something like this, actually, but not as public, when you had asked him to treat you rough- that you had discussed life after Cloverfield. You had discussed moving in together, a ring that didn’t necessarily mean marriage (but could if you wanted it to, at any point). It all sounded so good at the time, so possible.
But now, as his hips stutter, and he growls under his breath, you don’t know that to be true anymore. You don’t know that it was ever a possibility.
He fills you before you finish, and pulls out, leaving you empty and wanting. You feel his cum trickle from you, and for some reason, the feeling is nauseating. He releases your hand, but you capture his wrist before he can move away from you.
Staring into his eyes, you find no trace of the man you love. Somehow his face has changed, despite him looking exactly the same. You can tell the difference.
“You’re not my Ernst.” It’s like the realization hits you at the same time as you say it, though you don’t know how it took you this long to come to it. His glasses missing, his cold demeanor, his iron grip on you. His words. ‘You’re supposed to love me,’ like he had come from somewhere else with preset expectations that you needed to meet, or… “What have you done to my Ernst?”
He smiles, and wrenches his wrist out of your grip so that he can chuck you under the chin, feigning affection when you know deep down that he’s merely mocking you. His other hand touches a button on the control panel beside you, and out of the corner of your eye, you see a hologram spring to life on the window across the room.
Reluctantly, you turn your head, and the tears that had been forming in your eyes spill over. Below deck, in the cell you last saw him being shoved into, your Ernst lays dead on the floor, a gaping hole ripped in his chest like something had reached within and plucked his heart clean out. Above you, the… other Ernst laughs, bending down to once again catch your tear on his tongue.
“I am your Ernst now, Schatz. I’m the only one you’ve got.” He sighs, and you can sense the movement of him tucking himself back into his suit. “Imagine my surprise. A reality where I- where he- didn’t kill you. Where you really love me.”
“What?” You whip your head back toward him, wrenching your eyes away from the image of your dead lover.
The other Ernst rolls his eyes. “And so smart, too. What an upgrade.” He snatches your chin before you can bite back a retort, his eyes suddenly murderous. “Now, tell me, darling. Where can I find that bitch, Jensen?”
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kirozai · 2 days ago
hello! I love the new blog and i think ill make myself comfy in here! I was wondering how the genshin cult worships god!reader probably for this aether, zhongli, and baal?
hi there!!! welcome to my blog and congrats on being my first ask! (if you cant tell im very happy you like my blog :D)
For you only you.
obsession, worship, genshin cult au, self awareness, yandere behavior, mentions of blood
characters included: aether, zhongli, and baal
the traveller, the one looking for his sister, and your loyal lap dog.
it seems weird but his way of worship and caring for you is spending time with you. it gets lonely in a teapot all alone. at least that what he thinks. so being able to convince zhongli after a while you and him go on a walk together.
the birds are singing and the sun is bright! of course the best thing about the walk is you! paimon blabbing about what she would like to eat. you and aether talk about the scenery! after then you’ll go to wanmin restaurant to eat your favorite meal! you seem to always smile so.. let him worship you and spend time with you! anything you want shall be done!
god of contracts, liyue’s archon, and your most loyal acolyte friend.
His worship is very eclectic, ranging to small things like cooking for you, or spending time with you. of course he does spill some bloodshed from time to time but its all for good thoughts! the person insulted you!!! how could he just stand there like that doing nothing!? >:(
the smell of universal peace fills the air. oh its time to eat made by yours truly. its taking a little bit longer then normal though. a scream pulls you out of your thoughts. oh so that thats why. hm. zhongli apologizes about the… distraction. he makes the food even more delicious! since he worships you so well just stay put okay? you dont need to do anything! just let him handle it! :)
god of eternity, inazuma’s archon, and your loving acolyte.
the way she worships you is offerings one of the softer types of worship unlike killing in your name as someone else… not pointing fingers of course childe. (of course she never mentions it she wont be afraid to spill a little bit of blood.) of course she has a shrine for your offerings… it mostly includes candy, desserts, blood.
on this sunny day you and baal are walking to your shrine to pick things up. the immense variety of offerings lead to candy all the way to wine (i think) dont drink it of course. i dont think wine is that dense looking… of course! lets look at all of the sweets and desserts for you to try! its like a mini picnic with you and baal! shes been wanting to spend time with you since being the leader of inazuma is a very hard job! which leaves her no time to spend time with you. she apologizes profusely of course but for now. just take some time to enjoy with her.
thank you for reading this and whoever requested this i hope i was able to fit what you wanted! thank you for the kind words!
kirozai out!
edited: no
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idea for a rick/delphia + the squad - maybe they all go on a roadtrip together or to an amusement park idk i think that would be funny
You're right and you should say it anon 😂 I hope you like what I did with this! Based it off of a theme park in my state so shout out to anyone who recognizes it.
If I Go Universe - Splashin' Safari Headcanons
Tumblr media
Summary: Rick and Dee surprise everyone with a day at the water park. Chaos was not the intention but it most definitely ends up being the outcome.
Pairing: Rick Flag x OFC / Squad Family & OFC (Delphia Holman)
Word Count: 858
Warnings: some thievery, fluff, found family shenanigans
if i go masterlist
A/N: So sorry it took me so long to get to this and that it ended up only being a headcanon list! Life's just been a lot lately but I hope the anon who requested still likes it!
Tumblr media
Going to the water park was Harley’s idea
It takes some convincing to get Rick to agree to the whole thing, but then Harley dragged Dee into it and Rick was a gonner. He never had been very good at saying no to her.
So they go to the park! Yay!
But when they walk in the gates all the other park goers either run away screaming or just stare at them — because of course they brought Nanaue. They weren’t going to not bring Nanaue, you know?
So many people leave the park, in fact, that they practically end up being the only ones there. The wait times are mere minutes and everything is open and not overcrowded. Delphia kinda wishes she had a Nanaue when she went there as a kid so she got to ride everything.
Harley wants to be the map holder, but Rick quickly takes that away from her (is it because he has a control problem? Quite possibly. But this entire situation is putting him back into Colonel mode and honestly Dee is loving seeing it in action.)
Oh Sebastian gets snuck inside in someone's bag for sure
ANYWAY they ride a few of the thrill rides first before going to the water park
The wooden coaster makes Abner throw up
Dee’s got little Leo in the stroller so she’s not really riding anything, and neither is Nanaue because he won’t fit in the seats (Rick tries to trade off with her but she won’t let him, saying he deserves this bit of fun)
So while everyone else is waiting in line or riding something, Dee sits with Nanaue and Leo. Nanaue pointing out things as a silent way of asking what they are. Kinda like hanging out with a really big baby, but not in a demeaning way! Dee enjoys being with Nanaue and telling him what things are and how the world works! Kinda like practice for when Leo gets older.
But when they get to the water park after lunch Nanaue is straight GONE okay. He gets one glimpse of the wave pool and he is running in head first and not leaving until the end of the day. IT REMINDS HIM OF THE OCEAN MY HEART
Rick and Dee hang out at the kiddy pool with Leo, and this is the most precious thing to think about.
Rick holding him and going under the little mushroom water fall thing over and over cause its making Leo laugh. Little Leo splashing around while he sits in the most shallow part, little bucket hat on his head and tiny little american flag swim trunks on I CANNOT
Sorry. Anway. DuBois just tries to sit everything out cause, and I quote “this shit’s for kids”
But Harley and Cleo drag him around the entire day, several times convincing him to ride a ride because “Eleanor would think it was cool”. Man’s got it bad.
Throughout the day, Harley collects a bag full of lost items she found throughout the park. One of a pair of shoes, hair ties, sunglasses, swimming trunks and bikini bottoms. Most of these items are definitely not things that people left sitting out for five minutes and at that point she claimed it to be lost. Definitely not.
Cleo likes the lazy river best, she goes around the loop nearly three times before Harley is dumping her out of her tube and forcing her to go on something else. She loves getting sprayed by the water and sneaking past the lifeguards to switch tubes.
They all get together though when Leo starts exploring the splash pad. Running through all the jets of water, encouraging him to do his little baby waddle over to them. Leo definitely gets absolutely blasted in the face one time and all seven of them are running over when he starts crying.
I feel like Nanaue is the one who ends up scooping him up and everyone just freezes, unsure what to do because of course Dee and Rick are scared! The shark has a history of eating people and he’s holding their freaking baby!
They expect Leo to scream and cry but he actually calms down being held in the palm of Nanaue’s hand, slaps at his big face and laughs. Nanaue calls him friend and sets him back down on the splash pad. Dee and Rick both let out huge breaths they were holding
And when it’s time to go home, they have to literally drag Nanaue from the wave pool, all of them working together as a team to do it (except Dee of course she hangs back with Leo who is dead asleep in his stroller, a big day for such a little guy)
Everyone falls asleep in the van, Dee volunteers to drive since she didn’t do as much as everyone else
Rick tries to stay awake in the front seat with her, his chin literally smacking against his chest every few minutes. But eventually he just can’t fight it anymore and falls asleep.
They all wake up when she stops for late night McDonalds though. The moochers.
Taglist (if you would like to be tagged in future installments just let me know!): @bbygrgu @a-reader-and-a-writer @slayerx147 @xoxabs88xox @kasey-puff @witchygagirl @the-pink-petite-princess @blooo0ooop @woodlandmouth @csigeoblue @rexorangecouny @h-hxgirl @thisisthewayrose @blondiekook @darkestbeforethedawn16 @runic-belova @weallhaveadestiny @oopsiedoopsie23 @nerdgrrlramblings @ocfairygodmother
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kuromionline · a day ago
✰ office crush
narcissa malfoy x reader
requested: yes/no
warnings/contents: 18+ top narcissa/bottom reader. implied undefined age gap (reader is 18+) semi public sex. office sex. oral + fingering
a/n: originally posted to my old account
a/n 2: originally called firsts but i like this title more. also i didn’t read this over so probably not the same quality as my other fics 🤥
you’ve been working as narcissa’s assistant for a few months now. getting her coffee. making sure she’s on time for meetings. all normal things you expected from the job. the one thing you never expected was falling in love with your boss. i mean how could you not? she’s a strong beautiful woman in power. everything about her drives you wild. you can never tell her though. you fear what would happen if she ever found out.
you really did think you were good at keeping your emotions under control but narcissa is quick to notice when you suddenly got shy around her. you’re normally very put together and calm around her what changed?
“oh there you are! y/n dear can you please let mr. rogers know i will be late for the meeting today. i have lots of calls to take” narcissa says in her soft voice. you blink up at her shaking away your thoughts. “oh! uhm. yes of course” you stubble out causing her to chuckle under her breath. you internally yell at yourself. you know you shouldn’t be attracted to her but you really can’t help it. it’s practically eating you up inside.
you don’t see her much that day. as she said she was really busy with important calls. you only saw her when you were dropping things off or letting her know the updates of things.
you were currently on your way to her office to drop off a package that came for her. “ms. black.. uh. a package came for you...” you all but whisper out. she almost missed it. “thank you darling. you can leave it on my desk” she winks at you.. wait she winked at you?! you nod and leave her office quickly. too wrapped up on the fact narcissa black just fucking winked at you. you know she’s a very flirty person naturally but she’s never winked at you. you really need to stop thinking about this. you’re sure it was just a friendly thing.
you continue the day like nothing happened. at least you tell yourself that. you’re still thinking about that damn wink. the end of the day comes and you help her tidy up her office like you normally do. everything is calm until she asks you suddenly
“y/n.. i have to ask you. have you ever been with a woman before?”. you feel all blood rush to your face. mentally screaming. you look up at her from your spot and see her smirking at you. she really is going to be the death of you..
“i- no i have not. why- why do you ask?” you start to fidget with your fingers. nervous but also slightly excited to see where this goes.
she gets up from behind her desk and walks over to where you’re at organizing her books. she reaches out to tuck a loose strand of hair behind your ear before leaning down to whisper “i’ve noticed your sudden change in attitude around me. tell me.. is it because of me? do i make you flustered little one?” you swear you’re about to explode. you look up at her with wide eyes and nod. not trusting your voice at the moment. she smiles down at you and gently grabs your face between her hands. “good.. i was hoping you felt the same way i do” she starts to lean in. wait? she’s about to kiss you?! when her soft lips finally reach yours you’re sent to another universe. never in your life did you think a kiss could be so wonderful. with shaky hands you reach out to hold onto her waist. bringing her closer to you. the kiss started off very gentle but she began kissing you with hunger. needing to taste every inch of you. one of her hands finds its way behind your head to bring you improbably closer. the kiss sending you to heaven and hell at the same time. when you finally break away you’re both gasping for air. the way she looks at you sends a shock of arousal down your core. she lifts you up and set you down on her desk. quick to step between your legs and reattach your lips. you surprise yourself with your sudden boldness when you reach out to unbutton her shirt. she breaks away to chuckle at you “needy little thing” you feel embarrassed and look away from her just for her to grab your chin to make you look back at her “no need to shy away from me. i didn’t mind” she says while continuing where you left off. your eyes are immediately drawn to her breast covered in her black lacy bra. you reach forward to attach your lips to her pale skin. she hums in satisfaction holding your head to her chest. she gently pulls away from you much to your disappointment. “as much as i enjoy you kissing my chest. i must have a taste of you. you’ve been driving me mad all day”. you swear you’re in a dream. there’s no way she just say that. she helps you out of your clothes kissing every inch of skin the second it comes into her view. now you’re just left in your panties and she’s sinking down to her knees. she’s kissing her way up your tights. you’re sure she can see your arousal soaking through your underwear. she places a gentle kiss to your cloth covered clit making you gasp in surprise. “look at you. so wet for me..” she pulls down your underwear and tosses them aside. ready to devour you. she licks a strip up from your opening to your clit making you cry out. she’s quick to attach her lips to your clit and begins sucking. humming when she hears your desperate moans. her tongue sticks out to lick at your folds. you can feel her smirk against you when you reach down to card your hands through her hair to pull her closer. just when you thought you couldn’t moan louder she adds a finger into you. the combination of her tongue on your clit and her finger curling into you has your body on fire. she soon adds a second finger and pulls her mouth away to watch you writhe in pleasure. a satisfied smirk on her face. “oh gods... ms. black i’m so close i-“ you sob out between moans. “go ahead. make a mess” she says before attaching her mouth back on you. your thighs are shaking due the the immense pleasure you’re feeling. the knot in your stomach threatening to snap at any moment. with one final pump of her fingers you’re releasing all over her with a loud moan of her name. she pulls away when you’ve calmed down. just when you thought she couldn’t get any more attractive seeing her with your arousal covering her mouth sends you to cloud 9. she brings her fingers up to her mouth and sucks at them. locking eyes with you. “i must say. you taste better than i ever imagined”
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randomwriteronline · 25 days ago
the rational thing to do: plan how the Ravios meet each other and the Chain and how they work off of each other
my dumbass, skipping wildly ahead: Lepus Rabet and Sardi start an honest to god legally running business to completely pointlessly justify why theres three merchants with the same exact “purple rabbit” theme, Twilight discovers Lepus puts on a only-money-matters-to-me facade to hide that hes absolutely fucking traumatized and that he fears that if Lagos finds out he did go on an adventure he will Literally Kill Him, Lagos gets in a big argument with one of the Links regarding adventuring and screams about how hed rather have the Ravios be cowards than dead terrifying mostly all of them, Four helps Pika handle his dissociative disorder, JACK AND WARRIORS FUCK SO HARD
#linked universe#ravio#random talks#i need you to understand how absolutely Wrecked jack gets by warriors like holy shit#the worst part is the morning after when he has to play it cool like he didnt get his ass Legitimately Obliterated by pretty boy(TM)#'its nothing ahah i just always sleep in a way that makes my back and legs hurts but usually i just power through it during the day'#(legend voice) you usually sleep with a d*ck in your ass?#(disgruntled rabet voice) SIR.#jack is instantly killed and when warriors jumps to defend him legend Realizes#leg: (pointing at warriors) *HIS* D%CK IN *YOUR* ASS?????????#and then he starts laughing hysterically bc hes a bastard inside#'wars did you wanna check how hard you can fuck yourself over???'#and then twilight fucking MURDERS HIM by saying 'arent you the founder of the Doppelganger Fuckers Club'#rabet: i mean he hasnt gotten that far yet but yes he definitely is#legend: nOW LISTEN HERE YOU BASTARD RATS-#wars whisks jack away and the poor lorian is mortified like how???? did they know????#wars (also mortified): i uh... i did ask you to scream loud enough for the other side of town to hear and you might ve. taken that literally#jack (in tears): mr knight PLEASE bury me#also lepus turns into a twili beast to save the gang in an occasion and then has a nervous breakdown abt it#twi (who followed him and saw him detransform) is tearfully BEGGED not to tell anybody#thats when he learns of how lepus's heros shade irreparably terrified him#but yeah my mind is going way too fast
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dailycupofcreativitea · a year ago
I finished my very first animation! :D
I was listening to the song “Love Like You” from the Steven Universe ending last night and just got so inspired...I mean, it’s totally a Piccolo and Gohan song! Even though it’s kind of cheesy...I thought I’d try animating it anyways XD
I got too excited to finish it and as a consequence ended up rushing all of the drawings, so forgive me for making this have such incredibly shitty quality and messy scribbles that classify as drawings apparently, but I hope it brings the point across anyways :D Enjoy!
(Also I finished this in like...4 hours! I couldn’t do anything until I finished, that’s how badly the idea was burning in my head).
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buttercupbuck · 2 months ago
Oh it’s about something looking very good from the outside. Looking just perfectly normal, perfectly right. It’s about Eddie dismissing the signs at first, something with the mother being off, him not feeling anything for Ana, because this is how it’s supposed to be, right? A mother should always be good for her child, this woman should be good for him and Christopher. The right thing.
yes...yes,,,,and how he always feels like he can't trust himself or what he wants (im just waiting for a sign, staying with ana) and so he commits so hard to what he's been told is right, but it's only ever been wrong (shannon still wanting to leave, the mother turning out to be abusive). and like. where does that leave him? maybe it opens the door for a realization that what he's always thought of as necessary and good isn't always, or maybe him learning to trust himself and understand what it is he truly wants (and separating that from what he's been told to want)
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cosmologyofgaming · 5 months ago
So SadJack and I are about 4 hours into the game and just finished— [SPOILERS]
yeeting the big yummy mommy into the void and collected her crystal skeleton for...reasons. [END SPOILERS]
—and here are our initial thoughts on the game.
Before playing, concerns were:
1. How are they going to tie this into the RE world at large?
2. Unlike RE7 that still had that thrall/zombie angle, RE8 trailer's show a clear step into weird fiction and folk horror with vampires, werewolves, etc. Are they still going to have some sort of zombie angle? Literally what used to be the core of the universe and since, ya know, RE literally helped popularize zombies in video games?
3. Is it going to be too "campey"? Camp, usually associated with the art of drag, the plainest mayo example, the art of exaggerating an extravagant concept and parodying it. A great example is like...couture platform crocs that are both cringe but also hilarious irony that critiques high fashion. In the world of Eastern European folklore (especially vampires because of *cough* sparkly vampires *cough*) has already been twisted and morphed by Western pop culture and we were like...alright are you gonna make this scary? Or hilariously bad? 4. Will the game fall into the Hollywood trap? (meaning that the trailer and demo parts would be the most exciting?)
Legit impressions are:
1. The setting is super cool, and as far as Zmora (our resident Eastern European) can tell, details are pretty accurate to Romania. Zmora and SadJack are also extremely sorry to all Romanian's for butchering the pronunciation of Lady Dimitrescu's last name.
2. There's a very eerie veil of this village being lost in time (with the Victorian style outfits, etc.) and the fairytale angle gives big Grimm vibes which we FUCK WITH—but it doesn't feel like an RE game...
3. The monsters, thus far, are unfortunately falling into Westernized pop culture vision which for our Slavic pal Zmora, is disappointing, but predictable.
4. The game is legit not scary lol. Like...other than cheap jump scares here and there its hilarious and Big Vampire Mommy chased us gleefully around the castle instead of curb-stomping us.
5. The game is actually super fun so far and we're really enjoying the narrative...if it was a stand alone. We're kind of torn right now since 1) we really like it, but 2) the RE angle legit does not exist so far.
6. That being said, Lady Dimitrescu's final "bioweapon" form was really fucking cool as this dragon thing that both fit the fairytale aspect while also merging the RE core concept that all zombies (monsters) are at their core, bioweapon/mutation things.
7. We appreciate Ethan both being sass queen and making ironic comments about his situations while also being like...damn this is falling into generic stupid-white-boy-hero-protagonist-mode things. Which like come on Capcom its 2021.
Going forward, we're gonna ask:
1. Are you going to do justice to the setting/folklore you're borrowing from or fall into the trap of Westernizing Eastern European culture, location, and concepts to bare bones pop culture references?
2. Will there be a better tie to the RE Universe at large?
3. gonna get even campier?
—Mod Zmora
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ncfan-1 · 7 months ago
I was watching some clips of battle scenes from ‘Sacrifice of Angels,’ and I think something that has always nagged me about the Defiant’s finally slotted into place. It’s a small, slim ship, vaguely disc-shaped, but without the stem other Starfleet ships have to accommodate the warp nacelles. The Defiant really just has the same energy as a roomba with a knife taped to it, except it’s an entire block of knives, and a taser, and a gun.
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arotoddchavez · 2 months ago
Anyone else really fucking hate not understanding things to the point where it really bugs you? Like sometimes its fine but most of the time if I don't get something, it makes me want to scream and cry at the same time.
#it fucking sucks. like why? 99% of the time the stuff doesnt even matter. and like ive gotten better than in the past because sometimes i#can not care but it normally really bugs me and like the more people try to explain the more frustrated i get if i still dont understand.#obvi i want them to explain but irs just this whole stupid thing. also really hate when someone starts telling a story or saying something#ans then they stop and are just like 'nevermind' bc i will keep wondering about it so I'll ask them to tell me and if they dont I'll get so#frustrated. that very rarely results in wanting to cry or scream bc its normally not that intense but it does make me pretty upset and angr#and i hate it so much. my sister does it a lot and she knows it bugs me. like she doesnt mean to but still.#i even get a little annoyed when people in tv shows stop in a middle of a sentence for whatever reason or are cut off#it annoys me considerably less but it does leave me wondering what they were going to say for the next few minutes until i forget but if i#remember it later on and still have no idea what they were going to say it annoys me a little but not too much. also i often find myself#wondering why tv characters say certain things at all. like what was running through their head to make them say a certain line. like#obviously the answer is nothing theyre not real but like in universe yknow#also im kind of a hypocrite bc i get annoyed when people ask me what i mean but honestly i dont think i get annoyed about it that often its#just that im mostly thinking of how my sister will ask how or why when i say something is weird or funny or whatever in response to#something she had just said and its because the answer is very obvious to me like obviously its because of what you just said that i replie#to but its not like i think shes stupid but it's just that its so obvious to me that i have no clue how to explain why because it just is.#also apparently i care too much about details of stories that other people think arent important to share and it drives me crazy because#they get annoyed when i ask! like sorry i wanna know ig. for example sometimes someone will tell me a story and then be building up to#something they said because they thought it was clever or whatever and then theyll just like stop after that thing they said and im just#like 'okay but what did the other person say back' and then if they tell me that i wanna know what they said back and so on.#like theyre giving me an incomplete story and im just supposed to move on apparently?? it's frustrating and i hate it. also i hate when i#ask a question and people act like the answer is SO obvious. like the other day i saw my step mom in a bathing suit and i was like 'oh did#you go swimming' and she just said no and i said 'well why are you wearing a bathing suit' and she was like 'i was cutting grass. did you#not hear the lawn mower?' and i was like 'yeah but i didnt know it was you.' and she was like 'it wouldnt have been that loud if it wasnt#someone here' and its like she wasnt trying to be rude but it just made me feel stupid even if that wasnt the intent and then i kind of#wanted to cry and it's just like i knew i heard a loud lawn mower yes and i see youre wearing a bathing suit yes but my brain does not#automatically connect those two. sorry i guess? like i feel like she thinks im stupid for asking and i kinda feel stupid and it all sucks#and its like you could've just answered my question. like i feel like its rude to act like somethings obvious when someone ask you a#question but apparently not? idk it sucks and i understand nothing about myself or other people#like she never out right said it was obvious or that i should've know but she kinda did say it was obvious imo just not in those words#idk it just all sucks. i got very off topic. let me know if you relate to any of this <33 and if you do I'm honestly sorry that sucks
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animatedarchives · 10 months ago
edit: ok we have dumbed it down to suggestive HAHAHAH GOOD JOB I GUESS 😭😭😭 (honestly it’s just kissing i might be overreacting idk)
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