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Hey lovelies just another little update Kuai’s part of the “desperate sex” ask is done but I’m gonna be a naughty little thot and not post it until I finish Bi-Han’s part. I know someone of your are probably grumbling at that but the truth is solo Bi-Han stuff gets a lot less likes than Kuai and then ther makes me cranky and not want to write because not enough people appreciate the majesty that is Bi-Han. In the mean time I’m gonna dump a shit ton of Picrew versions of Bi-Han and Ice because I can. lol

Also yes I will die on my god damn hill that Bi-Han has an undercut, don’t even try and argue that point. I let it slide with @darkpanik’s version of him because she’s amazing but his undercut is absolutely canon as far as I am concerned. 🤣 That being said, sadly most of the maker’s on Picrew don’t have undercuts so I had to improvise a lot with slicked back hair for Polar Bear. 


Ice getting the bad news that Bi-Han didn’t survive the first tournament.


Probably my fave Bi-Han I’ve been able to make, he’s just been told the Grandmaster volunteered him to enter the first tournament and he can’t shake a bad feeling about it…

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