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                addicthe said: “If I fall, keep filming.”
                ♡ random ghost adventures / accepting !

           ❛  please   don’t   fall,  ❜   a   nervous   lydia   responds   without   looking   to   see   whatever   nick   thinks   he’s   doing,   fingertips   delicately   adjusting   her   camera   for   the   perfect   position   according   to   the   PRESENCE   she’s    feeling   all   around   them.   she   can’t   believe   they’re   actually   doing   this.   it’s   nice   to   not   feel   like   a   superstitious   nutjob   with   his   company,   and   she’s    far   from   indifferent   but   she’s   a   little   DISTRACTED   by   the   choir   of   v o i c e s   swirling   around   her   in   figments   &   whispers.   ❛   this   place   is   haunted   enough   already.   ❜    a   banshee’s   confirmation   should   be   just   as   valid   as   a   medium’s,   lydia  being   among   the   most   rare   of   fate’s   diviners   &   this   is   COMPLETELY   RIDICULOUS,   but   no   one’s   going   to   believe   her   unless   ed   &   lorraine   warren   come   out   here   themselves   without   visual   evidence.   click.   ❛  they   still   might   not   see   anything,   even   if   a   colossal   GHOST   ORGY   is   happening   right   in   front   of   them,  ❜    she   snaps   tartly.   click.   she   carefully   takes   the   polaroid   images,   passing   them   over   before   waiting   for   another   apparition.    ❛   hold   these     and   try   not   to   get   any   fingerprints   on   the   pictures.   ❜

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Agreed! I want them to get on terms with something that works for them. My go to example is always Ian and Mickey because their relationship is so fucked, but the way they are works for them. Give me malex that works together. I would KILL to see them fucking someone up for information and destroying entire organizations with explosions and violence and blood and murdering Jesse with their bare hands–as a team :)

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I love how popular Avatar: The Last Airbender has become lately. As ATLA is iconic nowadays, it was an unbelievable huge hit when it first got aired between 2005—2008 on Nickelodeon. The appreciation this show has received from people, young and old, just softened my heart. Admittedly, I wasn’t smitten by it when I was first got introduced with ATLA; I didn’t even bother to care about it. Then I came into senses and properly watched it and it was absolutely an emotional and extraordinary experience when I really got into ATLA. I was absolutely awestruck. The artstyle, the beautiful animation, the storyline, the genius dialogues, the effort of putting in amount of practices that is based off real life Asian cultures, without appropriate it. It was ahead of its time! And now, 15(alrealdy?!) years later it still get the appreciation it rightfully deserves. Thank you, Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, for showing us your beautiful art. Thank you that you spend your time into your lifework. I cannot thank you enough!

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