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Look I know hate is a strong word but at this point I don't care. I hate all of those who've done the guys wrong especially Louis and Harry. I'm glad that fucking nobody is leaving LA and I'm hoping that's the last time we see her. God, the anger and hatred I feel for her and the others like her runs so deep. Fuck!

Hate is a strong word, for strong feelings. My disdain and anger run deep for anyone willingly colluding in this situation. I’m with you, anon.

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The Evening Standard has always been pretty much the Boris Fanboy Collective Weekly, but in recent months they, and other sections of the press have been softening the ground for a potential Osborne run for tory leader. (There was a yougov poll recently asking about what the public though of Osborne and Gove as future leaders, which kinda implies that the pollsters think at least one of those is a possibility?)

Anyway, if Mili does become pm next year, and if there is a tory leadership election, and if Osborne does become leader… two things will deffo happen; it’ll be really, really hard for the rw press to spin him as a fresh start for the tories, and the mail + co will go nuts with vaguely sexist-toned stories about how the young Mrs Osborne and Mrs Miliband were uni mates when studying law together. Cue boorish guff about ‘the little women taking tea while their men take swipes at each other’… It will be cringe. I would bet on it.

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real talk if i changed my url IF i changed my url which would be better

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If i’ll cry a river

Will you wipe my tear, help me better?

If sing a song will you sit beside me and then sing along?

If I laugh on a joke

Will you crack another and laugh until we choke?

If I break my heart 

Will you mend it and fix it till it’s back?

If I say I love you

Will you love me back?

If I die today 

Will you die with me?

If, and only if you say YES..

Only then will my heart be put to rest …

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