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#Illyana Rasputina

Kitty & Illyana - Security Footage

Oh look! Them again!

This is a painting of my love’s OTP that I did for their birthday. I’ve done plenty of Kitty & Illyana before and I’m sure that I will continue to do plenty more.

The background for this actually took quite a while. It’s interesting trying to depict a space accurately at this crazy angle!

Picture completed in August of 2019.

Media: Watercolours, gouache, and ink on paper. 

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November 12- Illyana Rasputina (Magik) / Megan Gwynn (Pixie), something smutty, maybe with “I’m going to show you what real fucking is.” (spoken by Magik), for @kittyloveslockheed

Written by @ozhawkauthor

I didn’t really know either of these characters, so did some research work to get to grips with them. Unfortunately, since I spend all my time writing full-length novels now, I think I’ve forgotten how to ‘jump straight in’ to writing smut… I have to set the scene… so this ended up more of a ‘how they got together’ story. I hope you enjoy it anyway!


Illyana looked up from her position sprawled facedown on the floor. The very last person she’d expected to see stood in her doorway, rainbow butterfly wings trembling slightly as though she might fly away at any moment. 

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