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causing trouble up in hotel rooms ~ harry styles
word count: 1930
request?: no
description: in which their love can only happen behind the doors of hotel rooms
pairing: harry styles x female!reader
warnings: swearing, lil bit of angst kind of?
based on this song
masterlist (one, two)
*in honor of harry’s house being released today
Tumblr media
You pushed through the crowd of screaming fans with your head down and your hood up to cover your face. Not that anyone would recognize you if they had saw your face, but you didn’t want to risk becoming a reoccurring face and have the fans start asking questions.
You eyed the bodyguards that were stood in the lobby. Neither one of them were paying attention to you, not like it would be an issue if they were, but you could never get over how intimidating they were.
You walked up to the front desk where the receptionist, a lady that had to be in her mid to late 40s, was stood on the phone. You were bouncing anxiously on the balls of your feet as you waited for her to get off the phone and address you.
“Sorry for the wait,” she said once she put the phone down. “What can I do for you?”
“Um, there should be a message here for...for Pretty Perfect,” you said, lowering your voice a little to say the fake name.
Harry always got to choose which name to give the receptionists. Half of the time it was something kind of sweet, the other half it was kind of embarrassing to have to say.
You weren’t sure if this name was the former or the latter.
The receptionist gave you a knowing smile and reached behind the desk. She placed a bright yellow sticky note on the desk in front of you and winked. You awkwardly smiled and nodded before taking the note and making your way to the nearby elevator.
This had become routine for you and Harry. The two of you had met at a bar after one of Harry’s shows a few months ago. You didn’t really know him at the time - you hadn’t been into One Direction and you didn’t even know he had started making solo music - so he felt like he could truly be himself around you. You both hit it off and before you knew it, you were in a relationship with a beloved pop singer.
Unfortunately, this came with some big downsides, meaning his fan base. As much as they loved Harry, they often scrutinized any women he was romantically linked to. It had led to the end of most of his relationships, and he didn’t want that to happen with you.
That’s how this arrangement came to be.
With Harry still on tour, there was very little time for the two of you to be alone. The only time you had was when he was in his hotel room before and after the show. So, he came up with a system for the two of you: he’d travel from place to place in his tour bus while you travelled on your own. He’d check into the hotel room, leave a message with the receptionist to give his room number to someone with a fake name of his choosing, and you’d come in some time later to use the fake name and get his room number.
It wasn’t exactly the relationship you had in mind, but you did enjoy the thrill of the secrecy.
When the elevator doors dinged, you felt your heart race. You always felt this way whenever you got close to his room. All you wanted was to be in his arms again, even if it was for a short period of time.
You had barley gotten to knock when the door swung open, and there he stood. Your tall, curly haired, handsome as fuck boyfriend. He already had a smile on his face as he opened the door, and you couldn’t help but mirror it at the sight of him.
He immediately took your face in his hands and pressed his lips against yours. Everything felt right in this moment. This kiss was the most important thing to you at that moment.
He suddenly broke away and looked both ways down the hallway. You giggled at his reaction. “I don’t think anyone is catching us up here.”
“You never know,” he said before reaching for your arms and literally dragging you into his room.
Both of you flopped down onto the giant hotel room bed. You melted into the soft mattress. You’d never be able to go back to your own bed after being in all of these hotels. You’d have to figure out a way to steal one of these beds when you finally had to go home.
The thought of home brought down your mood a little. You had been following Harry for a few months now. You knew it wasn’t going to last much longer, but you didn’t want to leave him just yet. You wanted to take him home with you, to have a normal, domestic life with him. To not have to worry about fans or paparazzi catching the two of you.
“What’s the frown for, love?” he asked, running his fingers along your cheek.
You looked over at him and put on a smile. “Nothing. Just thinking.”
“What are you thinking about?”
“Nothing important,” you responded. “How was the bus ride here?”
Harry screwed up his face, which made you laugh.
“It was so bumpy,” he said. “I couldn’t get to sleep. Every time I closed my eyes we’d go over more bumps. I swear I almost fell out of the bunk at one point.”
“It could not have been that bad.”
“Did you not drive the same road I did? It was horrid!”
You giggled. “Well yeah, I did. I just did it in the day time, where I could avoid all the bumps and holes, and I wasn’t woken up because I slept in a motel.”
Harry rolled away from you. “In a motel?! Oh, you can’t stay here then. You probably have bed bugs or something.”
“Motels are not that dirty!” you protested, sitting up and lunging towards him. “Even if they were, it’s too late now. I’ve been in your bed, and now I’m not letting go of you. You’re infected with bed bugs now!”
Harry playfully pretended to pull away from you, then dramatically sighed and fell back on the bed. He wrapped one arm around you and pulled you close to him. “I guess I’ve been infected. Can’t go anywhere now. I must quarantine in this hotel room with just you until it’s all gone.”
Your smile faltered a little. You didn’t want to be a downer during the short time that you and Harry had together, but you couldn’t help but think about how much you wished that could be a reality: just the two of you in this hotel room for a long time.
Harry noticed your look and tapped your nose. “There’s the sad face again.”
You sighed. “Sorry. It’s nothing, really.”
“Doesn’t seem like it’s nothing.” He gave you a small squeeze and kissed your forehead. “You know you can tell me anything, right?”
“I know. I just don’t want to put a damper on our time together.”
“I don’t want you to be upset during our time together either.”
You sighed. You laid in silence for a moment, trying to think of the words to say. How do you tell your insanely famous boyfriend that you wished he wasn’t famous without it sounding bad?
“I just...wish things were different for us,” you finally said. “I wish we didn’t have to sneak around. I like the thrill of the secrecy and all, but...I sometimes wish that I could confidently feel like it will end eventually. But I don’t feel that way, and it sucks because I would love to be able to show you off or to go out on real dates together. I love our alone time, but sometimes being stuck in a hotel room feels...suffocating.”
Harry was silent. He idly ran his hands through your hair. You felt your heart pounding as you waited for his response. Would he be upset that you said that? Would he want to end the relationship because you didn’t want to do the secrecy thing anymore? No, he wouldn’t. Would he?
“I know how you feel,” he finally said. You let out a breath you didn’t know you had been holding. “It’s hard to be famous and to try to date. Either your privacy is constantly breached by paparazzi, or fans are down your neck trying to find the tiniest flaw with the person you’re dating. I want to show you off, too, but I don’t want you to be attacked and harassed because of me.”
“I think I can handle it,” you told him, although you weren’t too sure you could. The breach of privacy was one thing, but to be constantly harassed by people you don’t even know seemed like something much harder to deal with.
“I don’t want you to have to handle it,” he said. “I also wish we could just be a normal couple and do normal couple things.”
You tilted your head back so you could kiss Harry’s cheek. “As much as we both wish for that, I wouldn’t change what we have for the world. I’m glad I have you in my life, Harry.”
“I’m glad I have you in mine, too, (Y/N).”
He kissed your gently. It was so easy to get lost in his kisses. You could spend your whole day - whole life even - just kissing Harry.
You spent the next few hours just cuddling and talking. He showed you some pictures on his phone that had been taken backstage at his last show. Harry was so effortlessly photogenic. Almost every picture, even the candid ones, he looked like a model. You secretly saved a bunch of them from his Instagram whenever he wasn’t around, and had one of them set as your phone background. That was the closest you had to being public about your relationship.
When a knock came at the door, you could almost feel Harry deflate beneath you.
“Time to head to the arena, Mr. Styles,” came the voice of one of his bodyguards.
Harry sighed and responded, “Yeah, be out in a minute.”
He looked at you. You were sure your face mirrored his own disappointment. Harry always gave you the option of coming to his shows, and you took him up on that every once in a while, but a loud concert with screaming fans wasn’t really your thing. Plus, you didn’t want to risk being seen there every night and having anyone connect the dots.
“I’ll see you in a few hours?” he asked.
You both knew that by the time he got back, you’d likely be asleep. Then, your time together the next morning would be fleeting as well as Harry would have to get ready to head to the next location.
But, despite that, you still smiled at him and said, “Yeah, see you in a few hours.”
He kissed you one last time before reluctantly getting up from the bed. You watched him grab his things and head for the door. He hesitated with his hand on the doorknob, looking over his shoulder at you one last time. You waved at him and blew him a kiss. He smiled a small smile before opening the door and heading out.
The minute the door closed behind him, you felt your heart sink. You took a deep breath to try and fight back the sadness, but it felt like no use.
You loved him so much, and sometimes that was the hardest part of everything.
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Imagine...Dean Taking Care Of You After An Accident
Tumblr media
Pairing: Dean x reader
Word Count: 706
You sniffled as you limped back into the motel room. Everything hurt. Dean had been pissed off before you even left and now that you were coming back without dinner you were expecting another fight.
Thankfully he was in the bathroom when you walked inside quietly. You went to your duffel and grabbed the first aid kit, setting it on your bed as you winced.
A door opened and Dean stepped out, pausing after half a second to stare at you.
“I’ll order a pizza to the motel,” you said, trying to unzip the red bag.
“Sweetheart, what happened?” he asked, rushing over, his voice a soft worried tone you’d not heard before. 
“Hit and run. I’m fine, really,” you said. Dean stopped you when you reached for the bag again, his hand laying gently over your wrist.
“You’re hurt,” he said. You shrugged, a small ache running through your shoulder. He unzipped the bag and looked you over before he gently pushed you to sit down. He knelt down and pulled off your boots, putting a hand on your leg, spotting the torn part of your leggings. “I’m gonna cut these off, okay?”
“They’re ruined anyways,” you said. He grabbed a pair of heavy duty scissors from the bag and started at your ankle, cutting up to about your thigh before he sighed.
“You’re all bruised,” he said, looking up through his lashes. “Y/N, we should take you to the hospital.”
“A hospital? We hunt, we don’t go to hospitals,” you said.
“Well you just got hit by a car and I don’t know how to fix that,” he said.
“I’m okay. I just need to rest,” you said. “I’ll order the pizza and-”
“Forget about the stupid food,” he said. Your mouth snapped shut and he leaned forward on his knees, putting a hand on your cheek. “I’m sorry. I was hungry and got grumpy and took it out on you. Now please, please, let me take you to the hospital.”
He tucked your hair behind your ear, his thumb brushing close to a scrape you felt on your cheek.
You nodded and he stood up, picking you up along the way and carrying you out the door.
“Hey,” said Dean when you woke up in your hospital bed a few hours later. He smiled and slide a container towards you. “I got tacos and nachos and breadsticks cause I know you love a good breadstick.”
“Yes, I do,” you said, turning in bed some, setting the food aside on your small table. You shut your eyes again, Dean running his hand over your head. “These drugs are great whatever they have me on.”
“Well you have blunt force trauma. They want to make sure you’re alright,” he said. You nuzzled into his touch, Dean sitting down on the edge of the bed. “Why didn’t you call? I could have picked you up. You could have been seriously hurt.”
“You were angry,” you said. “You get...angry sometimes.”
“I know,” he said quietly. “I wish I could promise you that I won’t shout over stupid shit anymore but I can’t.”
“Everyone shouts over stupid shit. It’s just...we had a long day and a long hunt and that gets piled on top of it and it sucks,” you said. “It’s like I’m not your girlfriend anymore, I’m-”
“I think that’s where you have it all wrong. You’re my best friend, before anything else, you’re that. I just happen to be hopelessly in love with you,” he smiled. With a hum you opened your eyes, Dean kissing your forehead. “I’m sorry. I know it was a long day and I know I take it out on you, even if you had one too.”
“You were hungry and grumpy,” you said. “We’re okay, Winchester.”
“Well I will try to be better about days like today if you call me next time you get hurt,” he said. “Deal? I don’t want to lose you.”
“Yeah,” you said. “You got a deal, Winchester.”
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Leaving Like a Father | S. Harrington
Tumblr media
Pairing: Steve x Hopper!Reader*
Timeframe: Seasons 2-3
Summary: [Based on Cardigan - Taylor Swift] Y/n’s resentment towards her father reaches an all-time high just before the battle against the Mind Flayer.
tw: daddy issues
masterlist - PART ONE
*note: this follows the same timeline as ‘CARDIGAN’ but is focused on the reader’s father-daughter relationship with Hopper.
November, 1983
Y/n was half-asleep on the worn-out couch when the sound of heavy footsteps on the front porch made her jolt. She inhaled deeply and sat up straight, before listening closely to the person outside her front door. When she heard keys fumbling and a quiet groan, she quickly realised it was the very person she had staying up for.
After letting out a sight, Y/n push herself up and off the sofa and rubbed her eyes as she approached the front door. She unlocked it and pulled it open before exhaling heavily when she saw her Chief Hopper lying down on top of the doormat, just about passed out.
"Dad," she groaned, kicking his legs just firmly enough to wake him up again. Before he could make a failed attempt at standing up on his own, Y/n bent down and swung one of his arms over her shoulder to help him.
"It's ok... 'm ok, bug," Hopper mumbled as he stepped inside. He pulled his arm away from Y/n and stumbled his way into their home. Even as a drunken mess, he was still as stubborn as he was sober.
"You were supposed to pick me up from work," Y/n reminded him, crossing her arms and frowning. She knew she shouldn't have taken his word for it, but considering what day it was, she allowed herself to do so once more.
It ended the same way it always did, her being disappointed and alone.
"I'm sorry, bug," Hopper huffed, placing his hand on the couch to stabilise his feet enough to turn around and face his daughter. "There was um... there was a holdup at the uh... at the station."
Y/n watched him closely. He didn't really think she would buy that? Even from across the room, she could smell the alcohol and tobacco remnants. She sighed and uncrossed her arms, too tired to react. Instead, she turned to the dining table and the empty plate she set specifically for him.
"There's some food leftover if you're hungry. I made enough for both of us... like I said I would," Y/n explained deflatedly, unable to hide the trace of disappointment in her tone.
He promised her this time would be different. That they would have dinner together like they did when there was four of them in that house. Y/n quickly regretted ever believing him.
"Not tonight, bug," Hopper sighed, not even stopping to acknowledge his sorrowful daughter and the table she had meticulously set hours ago.
Y/n took a few steps towards him as he approached his bedroom, but before she could even mutter a plea, her father slammed his door shut and twisted the lock immediately after.
Any other night, she would have burst into quiet tears, but not that night. She had no more tears left in her, much less any hope that things would be different. Instead, she turned back to the food she had laid out and began putting it away, with it, the plates and cutlery and any faith she once had of a conversation with her dad that didn't end in disappointment.
Once the table was clear and the kitchen was somewhat tidy, Y/n pulled out the box of cupcakes she kept in the refrigerator as well as the candle she left on the bench. She sat alone at the table and put the candle on one of the cupcakes before igniting it with one of the many lighters her dad left lying around the house.
After inhaling once, Y/n closed her eyes and spent her one birthday wish praying, by some miracle, her dad would still be home by the time she woke up and not passed out in front of a bar with an empty pill container and beer bottle in the cup holder of his battered truck.
Even after years of disappointment and having to figure out things for herself, Y/n could not yet bring herself to hate the shell of a man her father had become. Although it was clear to her that he was never going to be the caring and reliable father she desperately needed him to be for so long, in the midst of it all, Y/n was still his daughter.
"Happy birthday, bug," she whispered to herself, hoping it would give her a fraction of the comfort it would if he at least said it before slamming his door in her face, but to no avail. After putting the cupcakes back and dragging herself to bed, hoping to get at least a few hours of rest before school.
September, 1984
Y/n stifled a yawn as she waved goodbye to Steve before turning back to her door and letting herself in. Her closing shifts at the video store always left her feeling eager to collapse into her beloved bed. As she turned the doorknob and pushed, she was startled to see their kitchen a mess and living room sofa occupied by her dad and El, sound asleep.
She carefully stepped inside and gently closed the door behind her. There was an empty packet of chips on the coffee table and the remote seemed to have fallen out of Hopper hands and onto the carpeted floor assumably when he fell asleep.
It had become a sort of tradition for him and El to watch tv together on Friday nights in the months following her living with them. It was a tradition that left Y/n feeling agitated and conflicted.
She approached their messy dining table and tried her best not to read too much into it. Tried her best not to pay attention to the way her Dad managed to sober up and take on less hours at the station just to keep El company. Tried her best not to feel to envious and bitter every time she glanced back at the two of them; at the quiet smiles on both their faces despite their state of slumber.
Y/n tried not to wonder what that must have felt like, knowing that trail of thought would only leave her in tears.
After clearing the table, she packed away the food left on the bench back into the refrigerator and pantry, she heard her dad groan. Y/n turned to the couch and saw him stretch his arms out, letting loose a yawn before noticing the now clean dining table and his eldest standing in the kitchen.
"Oh hey, you're home," he chuckled softly, rising from the couch but not without ensuring his movement did not disturb El.
It was still unsettling for Y/n to see him act with such consideration. He had somewhat sobered up in just over a matter of months and transformed into a half-decent example of a father. He had become exactly what Y/n hoped he would be, but it wasn’t for her sake. It was for El’s.
"How was work?"
Hopper approached the his eldest in the kitchen, thought his eyes remained glued on his youngest right until his calloused hands felt the cool surface of the kitchen bench top.
"Fine," Y/n answered shortly, before dusting her hands off and reaching gratefully for the cardboard box left on the edge of the counter. She never had enough time to pick up dinner after a closing shift and hoped Hopper finally remembered. "You and El had pizza?"
As she began opening the box she looked up at her dad, only to witness him avert his eyes and attention once more. Even in her sleep, Y/n thought. She promptly shrugged it off as her growling stomach demanded her attention.
"Yeah, we did,” her father chuckled. “She came up with funniest name for pepperonis-"
Hopper’s words were cut short when he turned back to Y/n and watched her stare at the empty pizza box with stifled disappointment. He sighed, suddenly remembering the promise he made to save enough food for her to have for dinner when she got home.
"I'm sorry we completely forgot-"
"It's fine,” Y/n snapped, before inhaling sharply and deciding to once again bite her tongue. She softened her expression and met Hopper’s guilty eyes. “I was gonna go to bed anyways."
He knew she was lying but didn’t see the point in call her out on it. It’d likely end in another argument and it’d been a while since their last. Hopper didn’t want to go back there.
"Oh ok,” he nodded, watching her closely as she left the kitchen and headed for her bedroom. He contemplated not saying anything further but, just as she reached for the doorknob, he threw caution to the wind. “Goodnight, bug.”
Hopper couldn’t remember the last time he’d said that to her. Y/n couldn’t either. Perhaps that was why she froze for a moment and, against her better judgement, glanced over her shoulder.
“Night dad,” she replied quietly.
Before turning to the empty bed she’d spent the last five hours yearning for, Y/n pushed her bedroom door behind her, making sure to leave a small gap. It was a silly rule that she never previously cared enough for to follow diligently, but on nights like these she didn’t care enough to wilfully defy it.
As she shifted things around her room whilst getting ready to sleep, Y/n peeked a quick glance into the living room, curious as to whether or not her father was still there. She felt herself freeze again, but this time the feeling in her stomach was far from pleasant.
Y/n watched with an involuntary frown as Hopper placed a blanket over El while she continued to sleep soundly on the living room couch. He was so attentive and thoughtful with her. So loving and affectionate even when she was not awake to appreciate it.
Had he always been capable of being that way or did El bring out a fatherly side in him he never felt obliged to show when it was just her? Y/n’s stomach turned. She was unsure whether she wanted to scream or burst into tears.
Before she could make a conscious, her hand flew and slammed the door shut completely.
June, 1985
Y/n slammed the front door shut and sped across to the kitchen, too determined to get to the refrigerator to let the sting of her tears and her blurred vision hinder her. Thankfully, she had dipped into her hidden stash of ice cream enough times to do it by muscle memory alone.
Get the ice cream, get the spoon, take the lid off and indulge. Just like always, only this time Y/n hugged the ice cream tub to her chest and raced to her bedroom. She wanted to sink into the comfort of her beloved bed and not get up until absolutely necessary.
After kicking her shoes off her feet and tossing her bag and jacket aside, she sat on her bed. However, just before she fully lie down and being her wallowing process, her bedroom door was pushed open and El cautiously stepped in.
“Y/n? Are you ok?”
She held he hands behind her back and didn’t take a step further, not until she was sure she was wanted. Y/n sighed as she contemplated putting on a brave face so El wouldn’t worry, before ultimately realising she now knew her well enough to see through such lies. Maybe that wasn’t a bad thing.
“… No,” Y/n admitted, sniffling as she scooped another spoonful of ice cream. “Not really, El.”
She was a pitiful mess. It was clear as day. Even so, admitting she was hurting bruised the fragile ego and pride Y/n had worked so hard to maintain. Somehow she preferred it happened in front of El as opposed to just about anyone else.
“Can I stay? Or do you want to be alone?”
El knew from observation that Y/n often liked to be alone in her room when she was upset or angry. It was a detail easy to deduce after watching Hopper get ignored or turned away anytime he tried to apologise for to her something, which happened rather frequently. El was so sure this time was no different, so she stood in the doorway ready to back away.
Much to her surprise, Y/n offered a small and gracious smile before patting empty spot on her bed beside her. El grinned before assuming her spot, revealing the spoon she held behind her back just in case she got the chance to eat Y/n’s special ice cream with her.
“Did something happen?”
El was not oblivious to Y/n’s puffy eyes and wet cheeks. She had never seen Y/n cry before. She felt a strange urge to find out who was responsible and find a way to telepathically torment them.
“Steve and I broke up,” Y/n explained, her voice shaky. She tried to think a child-friendly way of explaining the reason to El. “He… kissed another girl. And it turns out he’s been lying to me about it for a while.”
El’s nostrils flared. She hated lying. However, it became clear to her that she hated seeing her big sister upset even more. Now she hated Steve for being the reason for it. Why did boyfriends lie?
“Boys are dumb,” El grumbled.
“They really are,” Y/n groaned.
“Max says when boyfriends lie, you give him the medicine and dump his ass.”
Y/n furrowed her brows and looked up at El who held her head high with a small smirk. They stared at each other silently before bursting into fits of laughter simultaneously.
As they recovered and began scooping out more ice cream, Y/n pondered as to why Max would give El that advice. Maybe they both needed her secret tub of chocolate ice cream fro similar reasons.
“Did something happen with you and Mike?”
The young girl nodded her head as she scooped a spoonful of ice cream. She was beginning to understand why Y/n always kept a tub hidden in their freezer.
“There was no nana,” El explained, knowing Y/n would understand what she meant. After establishing their ‘sisters dont tell secrets’ pact, El confided in her sister about almost everything. “Mike lied to me.”
“So did you dump his ass?” Y/n smirked.
Her younger sister nodded her head and laughed as she recounted the moment it happened. She felt so exhilarated.
“Good,” Y/n smiled as she scraped the sides of the now half empty ice cream tub. “We deserve boyfriends who tell us the truth.”
Y/n hoped saying it would convince her and provide her some ounce of comfort. That maybe then she’d start to believe the downfall of her relationship with Steve started and ended with him. But there was a small part of her that felt discontent with that. A small part that questioned if there was something she did or didn’t do that landed her in the position she was now in.
Luckily, before she could trail further into that rabbit hole, El continued to talk to her about how dumb boys could be. Y/n never thought she’d be so grateful her plans for a quiet night alone got disrupted. El was good company.
By the time Hopper got home from the station, he was puzzled by quiet. Instinctively, he went to check El’s room first and was surprised to see all but an empty bed. However, when he walked past his eldest’s room, he stopped in his tracks when he saw the two of them sleeping.
He couldn’t help but smile.
The following morning, Y/n woke up extra early just so she could make a phone call out to the Wheeler residence. She knew she needed to give herself at left a good twenty minutes to explain everything that had happened to Nancy.
After their conversation, she raced to the bathroom and got ready as quickly as she could. Hopper wasn’t working until the afternoon, so she hoped it meant she could leave without having to respond to his interrogation.
Just in case, she donned a pair of sunglasses in an attempt to hide her eyes that were still puffy from all the crying she did the night before and in the shower that very morning.
As she exited her room and headed for the kitchen, she saw her dad standing by the phone. Before she could reach the kitche table, where El sat quietly with a bowl of cereal, Hopper held the phone out to his eldest.
“Y/n, Steve’s on the phone,” he explained.
Y/n wore a sarcastic smile that only El saw for its true nature. Hopper was none the wiser. The younger girl took a spoonful of cereal and paid close attention to her older sister, curious to see what she would do next.
“Oh he is?”
The older girl approached their telephone just as her dad backed away and retreated to his seat at the table and his plate of eggs and bacon. Y/n held the phone to her chest and turned to her little sister.
“El, block your ears,” she ordered. The younger girl did so without a hesitation nor any follow up questions. Y/n finally brought the phone to her ear and confronted her ex. “Go fuck yourself!”
She slammed the phone down so aggressively, Hopper was surprised nothing broke. He watched with concern as Y/n approached the refrigerator silently, as though nothing out of the ordinary had happened.
“Um… are you feeling ok, bug?”
Hopper studied his eldest daughter closely. He had a feeling her spontaneous decision to wear sunglasses was more calculated than it appeared. Y/n poured herself a glass of orange juice and bit into a piece of plain toast.
“I’m fine,” Y/n asserted as he chewed. She glanced at the clock and took a sip of her juice. “I just need to eat something fast. Nancy and Jonathan will be here soon.”
“Steve’s not picking you up?”
El widened her eyes in terror and tried her best to silently communicate to him that it was in his best interest he stop asking follow-up questions.
“Obviously not if Jonathan and Nancy are going to be here soon!” Y/n retorted, irritated by her dad’s questions just as El suspected. “Are you even listening to me?”
Hopper turned to El and narrowed his eyes as the young girl shook her head rapidly, clearly warning him to leave the older girl alone. Despite El’s best attempts, their father remained relentleess.
“You know, if there’s something going on, I’m here if you wanna-“
“Oh my god, dad, I’m fine!” Y/n yelled, putting her dishes in the sink just roughly enough to make a sound that punctuated her annoyance.
If it had been anyone else interrogating her about why she was acting differently, perhaps Y/n wouldn’t respond with such aggression. But this was her father. The man who once went weeks without speaking a word to her. The man who had the nerve to voice his disapproval of her dating Steve as if his judgement of character meant anything to her.
She wasn’t ready to let him know how she was feeling, nor was she ready to admit that Steve wasn’t the stand up guy she insisted he was.
“I’m perfectly fine,” Y/n repeated, her voice all the more irritated. “Do I not seem fine to you? El, do I not seem fine?”
“She’s fine,” El agreed immediately, not missing a beat.
“See, I’m fine!”
Hopper gulped, completely taken aback. There was clearly something his daughter knew that he didn't but before he could make another failed attempt at getting a straight answer out of Y/n, Nancy and Jonathan arrived to pick her up and take her to her morning shift.
He waited until she closed the door behind her before turning to his youngest. Hopper hoped El's distaste for liars would mean she would finally give him the truth. The young girl continued to eat her cereal, oblivious to Hopper's attentive eye.
“El," he began, narrowing his eyes. "Did something happen between Steve and Y/n?”
El chewed slowly before looking up at Hopper, who studied her closely. He was so sure she was about to cave and tell him everything. But instead, she shrugged.
“Sisters don’t tell secrets.”
July, 1985
Y/n sat at an empty table of the Starcourt mall's food court and sipped the water bottle Steve had gotten her. He was saying something about how there was no telling if the truth serum had completely worn off yet, until he realised Y/n's attention was elsewhere.
She watched from a distance as Hopper put a bandaid on the small cut long El's temple. She continued to study the two of them as he seemingly said something comforting to her before pulling her in for a hug. She hoped that after a year of sitting on sideline and watching her dad look after El it wouldn't affect her as much as it used to. But it still stung just harshly. It still hurt just as bad.
"Hey," Steve whispered, placing his hand on Y/n's wrist. Finally she looked away. "You ok?"
It was his attempt at testing to see if the truth serum had worn off yet. Before Y/n could lie through her teeth and cast her feelings aside, she involuntarily spoke as she rose from her seat.
“Obviously not," she muttered quietly before heading towards the portion of the foodcourt everyone else was gathered at. Steve followed her closely, concerned about what the truth serum would do to her.
As they listened in on what the goal was and the different groups everyone was splitting off into, Steve's attention remained with Y/n. There was something about her demeanour that made him anxious.
Even as she approached El and hugged her tightly, Steve's worries persisted. He was the only person Y/n confided in about her conflicted feelings towards her dad and towards El. For this reason, he was the only one who noticed the way she suppressed her resentment.
As Y/n pulled away from her little sister, she started to brace herself for the mission ahead. However, her train of though was quickly interrupted as Hopper approached her with knitted brows.
“You’re not staying with El?” He asked in disbelief, a hint of anger in his tone that took Y/n by surprise. He had a real knack for making her feel she was constantly doing something wrong.
“No, I’m gonna go with Steve."
Y/n hadn't realised she needed to justify her decision to Hopper. When he responded with a loud and incredulous scoff, she felt her blood begin to boil.
“Bug, c'mon... you can't be serious.”
“What are you trying to say?” Y/n questioned.
“You’d rather go into the woods with the guy who broke your heart than stay here and look out for your sister? Don’t you think she could use your support?”
Of course Y/n wanted to support El in every way she could, but she didn't have the stomach to watch El battle the mind flayer. She already had her fair share of traumatic experiences and witnessing her loved ones get hurt. Not to mention, Y/n knew nothing about defeating an inter-dimensional beast. However, she did know a thing or two about speeding through Hawkins with only half a tank of gas.
"She'll be ok, dad," Y/n stated sincerely, trying to level with him. He was not the only one worried about El, but he too knew he could be more helpful is he went instead of staying.
"She's 14," Hopper retorted.
"She has supernatural powers," she rebutted, growing annoyed with his insinuation that she was abandoning El. He, of all people, should know what actual abandonment looks like. "And Nancy and Jonathan will be with them."
"Y/n," Hopper warned as she turned around and attempted to leave.
She whipped back around and huffed. Perhaps it was the truth serum or finally being fed up, but she had no urge to stifle her feelings any longer. Steve and El watched with concern.
"What exactly do you expect me to do, dad?" She asked angrily. "Jump in front of the fucking mind Flayer for her?"
Y/n watched as her dad struggled to muster a straight answer. It was unsurprising but still all the more hurtful and enraging. El stepped forward, unable to stand idle and watch the two of the most important people in her life argue over her. Only it wasn't just about El. It was about so much more.
"Hopper I'll be ok,” the young girl assured. “It's ok.”
"It's not ok," Hopper shook his head, his angry and disapproving eyes never leaving Y/n. While he didn't want to fight with his eldest daughter, he couldn't just let it go. "C'mon bug, I thought I raised you to-"
"Raised me?" Y/n repeated, her eyes widened and fist clenched. There was not more tiptoeing around the elephant in the room. No more thinking carefully about her words. All she saw was red, as all her pent up resentment bubbled to the surface. "I'm sorry, since when did coming home drunk every night and disappearing in the morning qualify as raising someone?"
"Are you really gonna drudge up the past when we're in the middle of a crisis?"
Y/n scoffed. Of course he would dismiss what he did and he feelings about it. Of course he would try and convince her to put a cork in it so he could go on living in oblivion. Of course it was easy for him to forget how cruel he was. He wasn't the one who had to stay sober through it all.
“Look, I get that you care more about El than you do about me-“
"That's not true!" Hopper denied immediately.
"Oh, it’s not?” Y/n hissed, convinced he was either in denial or lying to save face in front of El and Joyce. “She gets a fatherly pep talk and a hug, and all I get is you yelling at me for not volunteering to become her human body shield.”
Hopper furrowed his brows, feeling blindsided by his daughter's outburst. He thought they were fine. He thought he was finally making progress with her.
“Where is this coming from?”
“Where is this coming from?" Y/n roared. "It's coming from you leaving me to fend for myself for years... a-and you adopting El and being a better dad to her in a year than you were to me. Ever.”
She thought of the way he justified taking El in to her. How he described her as being just a kid who was on her own. The frustration she felt leaving that conversation was soul crushing. If not for Steve talking her down afterwards and cheering her up with ice cream, she would likely torn her room to shreds.
"I didn't get eggos, o-or encouraging words or meals together. And I never ev-” Y/n's breath hitched as she felt tears begin to pool in her eyes. All while thinking of the one thing she wanted from him, after everything that happened. “I never even got an apology... Or a thank you for putting up with all your shit."
She was lucky to get even a conversation with him. Most days he passed through their house like a silent zombie, and not someone who had a responsibility to look after her.
"And now what?" Y/n cried. "You want me to get killed trying to save El? Is that it? Would that make it easier for you to continue on being father of the century?”
“You know that’s not true,” Hopper winced. She had to know that wasn't true. Losing another one of his daughters was the last thing he could ever want. Y/n shook her head and lowered her voice.
“What I know is that it’s really ironic when you make digs at Steve for hurting me, because that’s exactly what you’ve been doing for most of my life.”
She watched his expression as it twisted and morphed into something she hadn't seen in a long long time. Not since the day they got the phone call from the hospital.
Steve studied Y/n closely, dumbfounded by how quickly her argument with Hopper escalated. He wondered how much of it was due to the truth serum still evident in her system. He, along with everyone else standing in the foodcourt, hoped that it was finally over. That she wouldn't take thing any farther.
She considered ending the conversation and leaving. But there was one last thing weighing heavily on her chest. The one thought she spent years suppressing. Without another moment's deliberation, Y/n threw caution to the wind.
"You know I used to wish I had died with them," she confessed quietly. "-with mom and Sara."
Hopper's face went pale. That was the one topic they never discussed. The one line they both silently agreed to never cross. Y/n was sick of his stupid rules. In that moment, she didn't care how her words would affect him. She just knew how she felt and had no will left to bite her tongue and fake a smile.
"Now, I wish it had just been you instead."
The room fell silent as Y/n turned her back to her dad and sped towards the parking lot. She didn't care for any rebuttal he might have had. She didn't care for the horrified look on his and everyone else's face. She was certain it needed to be said.
"Steve," Hopper called out, prompting the young man to stop and face him, terrified and concerned about what he would say next. The older man sighed defeatedly. "Keep her safe... Please."
It was the only thing he could do and perhaps the only right thing left to say. He always struggled when it came to words, and clearly his actions were quite questionable as well. Maybe the best thing he could do for his eldest daughter was hope she would survive the night safely and pray that, come morning, he'll be able to start rectifying everything he did wrong.
However long it would take.
When Steve caught up to his ex girlfriend, he knew better than to ask her how she was coping. The determined look in her eyes and her stoic demeanour on the drive to the hills was enough for him to know it was in his best interest not to pry. He couldn't help but wonder if she had truly meant to say all that she did, or if she felt some semblance of remorse now she was looking back at it. But Y/n had no regret in that moment. Not one ounce. However, the regret would come later that night, when everyone returned to Starcourt.
Everyone but Hopper.
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caitlinsnicket · 2 days ago
“I want you.” - “Then have me.” with silco please 😩
Tumblr media
there was no way to decipher silco. the only way you knew he was interested in you was in the way he behaved around you: careful, as if you were a skittish bird about to fly away. still, he wouldn't do anything besides the socially acceptable. never flirted, never touched, nothing. he just stared and waited.
he knew you wouldn't take it for too long.
the thing that made you break completely was a gift he bought you- not just any gift, but a expensive air purifier made with hextec, powerful enough to cleanse your whole house and give you clean air. it wasn't something pretty to look at, nor something delicious to eat: it was a health object, thinking about your comfort.
the fact that he never came on to you, but clearly cared about you enough to give you something like that made your heart swell. he didn't want you to think he's buying your affections. he was giving you space to do whatever you wanted.
but you wanted to get closer.
you stormed into his office, startling him and sevika, but he mistook your flushed cheeks with anger, and gulped. with a wave of his hand, sevika left the room with a smirk on her face. as soon as the door closed, you lashed out on him.
"why did you do that?"
"i thought you'd be more... comfortable with that. i realize now it might've been..." he didn't look very sure of himself. "too much?"
"yes, silco, it was too much" you bite back, crossing your arms and getting closer. "you didn't have to"
"i saw you coughing a few days ago. it was a bitter sound." he relaxed, getting up from his chair and standing in front of his table. "do you need anything else? do you want anything else?" he mumbled, putting emphasis in the 'want'.
he wasn't asking for anything. completely selfless, just thinking about your comfort. it made your blood run hot. you did need something, and by the look on his face, he would give it to you. you took a deep breath and a step closer, near enough to touch him if you wanted to.
"i want you.” you breath out, close enough to feel his warmth.
he looks startled for a second, then conflicted, and lastly resolved. if you weren't interested in him, you would've alreasy left. but there you were, telling him what you wanted, making a choice. he'd gladly indulge you.
“then have me.” he said, touching his forehead to yours.
you took his mouth on yours, feeling his lightly chipped lips. your hands flew to his face, feeling his skin like you always wanted to, and the sound that escaped his mouth made your body tingle. his hands rested on your hips, keeping you in place and teasing the hem of your shirt.
"all of you" you muttered against his lips, tugging his vest open. he chuckled, and helped you undo the buttons of his shirt.
"take it, dear. whatever you want"
his whines and moans filled the place. his body was full of marks made by your teeth and claws, and he was dizzy from all the attention.
he was glad you knew how to take what you wanted.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“She turns down every guy who asks her.” 
“And she laughs off Morgan every time.”
Emily smirked, “I like her.”
The team laughed at Morgan’s fake offense. JJ glanced around before she leaned in to add her piece.
“Maybe she’s already seeing someone.”
Reid mulled it over, “That would make sense. She always finishes her paperwork on Thursday and takes Friday off.”
Emily nodded, “There are times during a case when Hotch lets her step away for a phone call.”
“And every few months she comes in with more pep in her step, similar to how Hotch after a case when he’s had time to spend with Jack.”
JJ nodded, “I don’t think she has a kid, though. If she did, her phone calls would be more scheduled.” 
“Excuse me?”
The team turned to see a well-built man standing in front of them. A few seconds of silence passed and in that, the team had a pretty solid profile of him:
He was military, Navy Special Forces specifically. The way he held himself would have given it away, but it also helped that the man was wearing a Navy uniform with a Trident on the left chest. He looked slightly uncomfortable being there, but the team didn’t think anything of this as there weren’t many SEALs that came by the FBI headquarters. 
He also kept glancing toward Y/N’s desk. JJ noticed that he looked identical to the man who was featured on Y/N’s lock screen. Based on the black silicon ring on his finger, and the necklace that Y/N always wore under her shirt, JJ was ninety-five percent sure that Y/N married. And her husband was standing in front of her. 
Her suspicions were confirmed when the newest member of the BAU emerged from her meeting with Hotch and gasped at the sight of the man standing in the Bullpen. 
The team had never seen Y/N show too much emotion. When asked, the woman said it was from her negotiation training. 
Evidently, that training didn’t apply to this moment as excitement and joy radiated off the profiler as she flung herself into the SEAL’s arms.
The team glanced at Hotch and Rossi, both smiling. 
“Give them a minute. Then you can bombard them with questions.”
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chloe-skywalker · a day ago
5 Months - Bucky Barnes Mob!AU
Mob!Bucky x reader
Warnings: none
Word count: 1,995
Summary: Bucky and Y/n had fling, one night stand at least she thought it was a one night stand. Bucky on the other hand has been trying to track her down since. But when he does end up running into her again it might come with a shock.
Authors Note: This is my first ever AU Mob imagine. I love reading Mob Bucky imagines, and I want to write them so bad! This is my first ever one I hope you guys enjoy it. I was thinking maybe a series done like this or a Mob!Bucky x daughter reader series?
Avengers Masterlist
Tumblr media
l“That was-” Bucky panted as he rolled off of y/n. He had never had such good sex or a connection during sex that was that powerful.
“Amazing.” Y/n finished his sentence, panting as well from their recent activities with a smile on her face. That was some of the best sex she’d had in her life. Maybe even the best.
“Uh huh.” Bucky agreed smiling widely. Bucky turned his head to look at her, admiring the woman next to him. “Damn.”
The two continued their night with some making out, a bit of snuggling, and then they fell asleep in each other's arms. When morning came Y/n woke first and looked at the clock, it was early 7 am early. Realizing that this was her chance to leave before Bucky woke up. An so there wouldn’t be any awkwardness of the one nightstand morning after.
Picking up her clothes and getting dressed after she made sure she had everything she turned to look back at the dark haired man still asleep. Man did she wish she could stay in bed with him. He seemed so sweet and his grip was hard to get out of when she got out of the bed minutes before. It felt safe.
But it was only a one nightstand, nothing more. So as safe as his grip felt and as sweet, kind and, caring even he seemed. This wasn’t a relationship and they weren’t already together. It is a simple fling.
Besides with who he is, who he’s known as, what he does for a living. It’s not who he is. He has new women all the time and they are never serious relationships, just quick fucks. Y/n wanted something serious, dependable, and real. Not to be a notch on someone's bedpost. So she left.
^     ^     ^ 5 Months Later ^     ^     ^
“Buck, you’ve been at this for months. I think it’s time you let it go.” Steve sighed, he hated that his best friend finally found a woman he wanted to try a serious relationship with and she could not be found.
“No. No way.” Bucky shook his head in a ‘no’ motion. He had been trying to find Y/n for 5 months. He woke up expecting to find her next to him but all he found was an empty and cold bed.
“Steve’s right man. It’s been five months. It was a one nightstand. You need to move on.” Sam added in. Even though Bucky annoyed him most of the time, he does care for him. This was not healthy.
“No guys I’m telling you, it was more than that. There was something there, something between us that night. We both felt it.” Bucky explained, he understood his friends were coming from and he appreciated it. But he was not going to give up.
“How do you expect to find her than Buck?” Steve asked moving to sit down in the chair across from Bucky’s desk. Leaning forward placing his elbows on his knee’s Steve continued. “You’ve been trying for months and you’ve used all your resources and your still no closer.”
“He’s right. You're a Mob Boss. The Mob Boss of Brooklyn and all the resources you have haven’t worked. That's saying something.” Sam stepped forward, hoping to get it into his head.
Bucky shook his head letting out a sigh. “You both are no help”
“We want to help Bucky it’s just, what's left to try?” Steve questioned but it was more a statement than anything.
“Trust use, Barnes. We’d help if we knew how. All you’ve talked about is this girl for 5 months straight. I’d love to shut you up.” Sam smirked.
Bucky stood up to exit his office. As he grabbed his jacket and put it on Steve asked. “Where are you going?”
“Out. Alone.” he answered gruffly.
“Come on man.” Sam leaned his head back against the door frame.
“Your both not helping and I need some air and space to clear my head. I’ll be back later.” he said as he headed out to his garage to get away.
Bucky didn’t have a exact idea on what he was gonna do when he left to get some air but decided once he was on the road why not go to get a drink from his favorite place. Which happened to be in a near  by strip mall near his mansion/compound.
Just as Bucky parked he let out a sigh of frustration. As he turned his head looking out the window of his car when something caught his eye. Or should we say someone.
Bucky hurried to get out of his car, he could careless about getting a drink anymore. Bucky called out once he was across the slightly busy road, trying not to get hit by any cars. “Y/n?”
He thought it was her, it looked exactly like her and he is truly hoping it was her and not his mind playing tricks on him.
Y/n turned around upon hearing her name only to see the man that had been on her mind for the last five months. And for more than one reason. “Bucky?”
Bucky smiled relieved to have finally found her. Rushing over to her trying not to bump into people as he did. “I’ve been looking everywhere for you.”
“Really?” She asked furrowing her brow. She was not expecting to hear that he had been looking for her.
“Course, Doll.” Bucky smiled even wider. But noticing how shocked she seemed and how she was clearly fidgeting with her hands inside her large hoodie pockets. “Doll, did you think- Y/n, I think we need to talk.”
“Ummmm, yeah. Ok.” Y/n nodded knowing they really did need to talk and not just about whatever he wanted to talk about.
Bucky nodded as well, offering her a ride to somewhere they could talk more privately. Y/n didn’t have a car anymore since her’s decided to die at a very in convent time. After accepting the two were headed off to well they didn’t really know where at first but Y/n suggested that they could go to her apartment. So they headed there.
Once they got there Y/n unlocked the door and let them in. Taking off their jackets Y/n offered him something to drink. Once they were both seated and had there drinks, Y/n let out a wary laugh. “So… What do we talk about ? I mean where do we start?”
Bucky reached out for her hand holding it softly but with a firm grip. “Y/n, did you leave that night because you thought it was a one night stand?”
Y/n glanced up to meet Bucky’s eyes before looking down at their intertwined hands. “Wasn’t it?”
“Doll, I would’ve loved to have woken up next to you and cooked you breakfast.” Bucky shook his head smiling and letting out a laugh. He squeezed her hand for reassurance. “I didn’t view nor did I want it to be a one time thing. What made you think I did?”
Y/n shrugged. “I just thought that was what it was. I enjoyed that night so much. All the dancing, talking and the sex. But I just- look Bucky. I knew who you were then just like I do now. What you do for a living, your reputation. I just figured I was another fling.”
“You were anything but a fling, Y/n.” Bucky stated, scooting closer to her on the couch. It did bring him some relief to know that she already knew about him being a Mob Boss. That took a load off of him slightly, not having to explain that part of his life.
“Why Bucky? What makes me so different?” Y/n questioned still not understanding why she would be any different.
Y/n shook her head. “You don’t know me.”
“I might not know a lot, but we talked for a long time that night. About a lot, plus I’d like to get to know you.” Buck spoke with a smile on his lips and admiration in his eyes.
“I’d like to get to know you to it’s just-” Y/n didn’t know if now was the right time to tell him or not. They just found each other again.
“What? Is it because of the whole Mob thing?” Bucky asked scooting so close that there things were completely touching. Bucky looked defeated that this could be over before it even started because of his job.
“No, no it’s not that.” Y/n squeezed his hand this time it was her giving the reassurance to him, that the mob thing didn’t bother her. “Buck, there’s a bit of an age difference between us. I think or at least I thought it might bother you or look bad with your reputation.”
“I could give a fuck about what people think. It doesn’t bother me. Not one bit.” Bucky stated leaning his forehead against hers. Bucky noticed that she relaxed but not by much. “Is something else bothering you?”
“Yeah.” she answered meekly.
“What is it?” Buck asked concerned, he wanted her to feel comfortable and not to worry.
“Y/n, you can tell me anything.” Bucky cut her off knowing she was gonna try and pass on telling him what was on her mind bothering her.
Y/n let out a sigh, slightly nervous to say her next words. After taking a deep breath she looked him in the eyes. “I’m pregnant.”
Bucky sat there shocked and unmoving for a minute before running his free hand down his face. “Woah.”
“Yeah.” Y/n bit her lip, watching his face closely to see his reaction. But with him being a Mobster and all it was not easy to tell what he was thinking.  He had a good poker face.
“H-How far along?” He asked gaining his composure as much as he could.
“5 Months” Y/n answered
“Wow. I know that was a goodnight but damn. Didn’t know it was that good.” Bucky smirked turning his gaze back to her, letting out a airy laugh at Y/n’s surprised expression. “Doll, I’m not upset.”
Y/n nodded stil shocked. “I’m noticing.”
“Its not something I expected to happen this soon or ever. I never thought I’d have kids, but then again I never thought I’d find someone I really wanted to be with in a serious relationship either. Till you.” he smiled admiring the woman infront of him.
“This is all so fast-” Y/n added still reeling from his words and happy reaction.
Bucky could tell that she meant it in more than one way. An he understood. She just found out that she was never a fling to him, he wants a relationship and he’s more than okay with the baby thing. It’s alot. Hell Bucky just found the girl he’s been looking for, found out she thought he just wanted sex, that he is gonna be having a baby. It’s a lot for him to.
“I know, I know but how about this. We get to know each other better, got out on dates, appointments for the baby. All of it. Let’s just go with the flow of things ok? I want to be their for through all this and I want to be round and there for you and the baby.” Bucky didn’t want to push to hard knowing how stressed she must be and with how new all this was. But Bucky did not want to lose her again, and he diffidently didn’t want to lose his baby.
“I’d like that.” Y/n smiled agreeing with his proposal of what they should do.
Bucky smiled back relieved and also excited. Not being able to contain himself he reached up to cup her cheeks, pulling her into a searing kiss. Which Y/n immediately kissed back. Enjoying what she’s missed over the last five months.
Tag: @gruffle1
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pherelesytsia · 2 days ago
Blinders Business
Pairing: Thomas Shelby x female/Leader/Reader
Summary: As Thomas Shelby hears of a thriving business in town, he arranges a meeting with the head of the company.
Warning: Gun, War, Peaky Blinders Business
Word Count: 2.9k      
Thomas Shelby Masterlist
Tumblr media
Heels clicked against the concrete as smoke rose and dark stone muffled roaring laughter. Winter was in her eyes, not fearing the dangers of the night, nor the drunken men wandering down the rolling hill. The night was clear, and in the far, beyond the dense layer of rising mist, faint light gleamed.
Curls framed her delicate features. A deep tone, red as crimson, adorned her lips. Silver didn’t shine in the pale light of the moon, was covered by the material of the long coat in deep tones, a few sizes too big for her, but it did not hide her feminine curves, did not seem from far away like a man strolling through the streets of the town.
Her gloved hand slipped into the pocket of her coat and the golden pocket watch surfaced, and she knew at once she had plenty of time left. Y/N knew the man who had called in the early hours of the morning and wanted to arrange a meeting with the head of the company, but Y/N didn’t know if she should be delighted that she was getting a new business partner or if she was about to face her death in a lonely alley after midnight. Her features weren’t troubled as Y/N remembered the stories her men told her, respected her, and didn't want to find her dead body in the newspapers. The men following her loyally wanted to accompany the young woman to the meeting with the Shelby, but Y/N denied their help, knew she didn't need someone by her side to protect her from the dangers of the night, let alone a respected man she had heard a lot about.
The cold of the night mingled with the warmth of the bar and the gust carried the doubts away and caressed her left cheek. Y/N gave a smile to the man in the greyish suit who held the door open for her and showed with his outstretched right hand she should enter the pub in Small Heath.
            "Thank you very much, sir." Y/N greeted the man in a friendly tone.
The man nodded and stepped aside to allow Y/N to enter the crowded pub filled with roaring laughter resembling a raging waterfall and delicate tones.
            "Good evening, a table for two, please. I assume my business partner is not here yet." Y/N spoke in the waitress's direction, who looked at her questioningly.
The blonde-haired woman in the dark dress turned to Y/N as her gaze travelled from man to man, searching for Thomas Shelby, but she couldn’t find him among the many guests seated with whiskey and rum at the tables.
            "Of course, the table here in the corner is not occupied or reserved. May I offer you a drink?", "A whiskey, please. I'm sorry, I sadly don't know what he prefers, so if I could ask you to come back to the table, you'd be very kind." Y/N answered politely.
            "Of course, what brand may I offer?" the woman asked.
"The Macallan, please," Y/N answered without a second thought.
The features of the woman with the ageless features paled. Her coal eyes widened; was sure she had misunderstood.
 "My lady, this is one of our expensive whiskeys, the most expensive we offer this very day. I can offer you one in a lower price range.", "I know, it has a sweet note, an aroma reminiscent of honey. It´s very lovely, my father introduced me to this brand a few years ago." Y/N said.
“With a nutty note.” the woman continued.
"That's exactly what I mean. A glass, please. I'll wait here so you don't have to go to the far corner. I used to work as a waitress myself and I can understand too well how much the feet hurt in the evening after a long shift." joked Y/N.
The woman was speechless for a moment and then turned her back on Y/N, making her way to fulfil the woman's wish.
            "Here, if you have another wish, please let me know," "Should I pay now or later when I leave the bar?", “Later, I wish you a wonderful evening and please let me know if the gentlemen bother you, we women have to stay close together." she laughed.
"Thank you but I can defend myself and before anyone would dare to raise their hand against me, they would already be on the floor and begging for mercy," Y/N assured with a smile, knowing she could defend herself, that no man would overpower her.
Taking the wide glass gratefully, Y/N clasped it but did not bring it to her mouth and made her way to the table the server had shown her. With a friendly expression, Y/N greeted the guests seated at the various round tables. The men looked up from the cards and the women greeted Y/N as she nearly danced through the rows of tables, but her keen eyes did not notice the pair of blue eyes settling on her.
The taste of rum coated his lips and filled his mouth, but his senses were not dulled, saw sharply. Questioningly the brothers stared at each other. Laughing low Thomas looked from Arthur to John, sitting directly opposite him with a glass of rum. Uncertainly, the brothers looked at each other, not sure if it was the person Thomas had arranged to meet in the pub in the town. Confused, Arthur stared at Thomas and immediately noticed that he was just as confused as he was, no longer understanding anything, and was certain they would encounter a man in his late forties in a suit and a hunched stomach.
            "Do you think it's the business partner you have a meeting with today?" John asked.
"I spoke to his secretary. She agreed to schedule a meeting at ten o'clock. What time is it?", "Exactly ten. You shouldn't keep her waiting." John joked in a low tone.
“I think we can leave John; I believe Thomas won't need our support,” Arthur added amused. "It could also be an accident. Maybe it's the secretary and her boss wants her to talk to you first and then you'll meet him. You should be on your way, though. It's not good to keep a lady waiting.” cackled Arthur sarcastically.
Thomas shook his head and constantly looked out of the corner of his eye in the direction of the woman who had settled down in the corner of the bar. Wordlessly Thomas rose from the chair, pushed it back and it almost collided with the solid wall. His deft fingers clutched the dark tie, straightened it, and walked forward after closing the buttons of his suit jacket in dark tones. Passing the tables, the tall man went straight to the table where the young woman sat.
Y/N had taken off her long coat and her eyes were fixed on the newspaper someone had left behind, flicking through the pages without really paying attention to the written lines and the black and white coloured pictures.
Footsteps echoed and broke through the tumult of dozens of voices. The gazes met and Thomas at once knew she must be the person he had talked to in the early hours of the day. A smile forced him to do the same. The young woman rose from her place on the long leather upholstered bench and straightened the flowing material of her dress.
            "Pleased to make your acquaintance Mister Shelby, I presume." Y/N breathed and Thomas took the hand Y/N held out to him.
She wanted to exchange a firm handshake; a habit she had developed after countless of meetings. Her heart collided with her chest. Her lips no longer touched as her eyes widened, threatening to lose her composure as she felt his lips leave a kiss on the back of her hand.
            "Thomas Shelby, but you may call me Thomas. And with whom do I have the pleasure?" he inquired.
            "Y/N Williams, it's a pleasure to meet you," Y/N said.
"I suppose your boss sent you, I've witnessed a lot in my life but certainly not a secretary sent on an important meeting." Thomas continued.
An objection wanted to escape, wanting to correct the tall man, but then she agreed and nodded.
"May I?", "Of course, please sit down," Y/N said politely.
Thomas sat down directly opposite Y/N. The puzzled expression draining from her face escaped him as the mischievous grin spreading widely across her lips.
            "I have also seen many things in my life. Hardly anything can upset me after all these years. You may be right, it is very unusual, but my boss is awfully busy.", "A struggle I can very much understand. A delicate woman like you? I can't imagine you witnessed something horrible." Thomas inquired.
Puzzled, he observed Y/N as she moistened her lips with the golden liquid, sure it must be whiskey. Her eyes flickered in amusement and witnessed the expression filling his gaze.
            "I've worked in this business for a long time, and I'm sure you've seen a lot. It can be a war. You have to be on your guard all the time. I can understand why your brothers are accompanying you, but it's really rude to stare and face us so they can try to read my lips. But I don't blame you, Mister Shelby." Y/N whispered.
A mischievous grin spread across his mouth and Thomas turned and shook his head as he spotted his brothers repositioning themselves, just as the woman had said to observe them more closely. Thomas felt his brothers' stares resting on them and thought he could hear the questions escaping their lips. He was puzzled by the woman. There was a smile on his face as he crossed his arms in front of his chest. His eyes gleamed in delight. Carefully he studied her profile, traced the contours of her face and stopped at her eyes, convinced he'd seen the colour, the expression, once in his life.
            "Have we met before?", "I doubt it. I'm not from this town. I am from the southern part of the land. Have you served Thomas?" Y/N.
She placed the nearly empty glass on the table and the man nodded in response.
"I suppose in France," Y/N continued her questioning, forgetting why she was in the pub.
Again, the man in the dark suit nodded. She exhaled audibly, her hand almost colliding with her forehead, and laughed aloud, wondering why she hadn't remembered the man's unmistakable features earlier.
            "Somme, France, and you were not alone, but with your older brother Arthur. I remember you. If I remember correctly, you had a wound in your upper left arm. A bullet very nasty wound, but we met on the ship and we were on the same train. And you insisted that I have to take care of your wounds and not my sisters. It was 1916, or 1917, but you had a uniform then and your hair was a bit longer," Y/N laughed, amused, remembering the day they met on a relatively peaceful day in France.
The long-forgotten memories came back. His gaze spoke volumes, had forgotten these things completely, only remembered the worst days. The two seated at the table forgot about the world around them and thought they were alone in the crowded bar, without paying a moment's attention to the people who were laughing and enjoying the evening and dancing to the lovely tunes played by the gramophone.
            "Who could resist you, my darling? I know many men who would have parted with their legs only to wake up in your tent. You can't blame me, but now we work in the same business." Thomas joked, amused.
            "War makes a lot of things out of people." Y/N laughed.
"You are right. At the end of the day, we are all branded the same.” he continued.
“I visited France this summer, I was in Paris and suddenly I found myself on war ground, deep craters mark the hearts of the people and the vast stretches of land. But the meadows were blossoming, and the birds were singing their songs. But that's surely not why you called Mister Shelby, to talk about old memories and war." Y/N said.
Thomas quickly regained his composure, remembered why he had called her, and for a brief moment he had the feeling he was reuniting with an old friend after many years and talking about old times.
            "Of course, I heard that the company produces and sells certain substances," Thomas said.
"Yes, you heard right, Mr Shelby.", "Please, we know each other for years, you can call me Thomas." he corrected her.
            "And how can I help you, Thomas? You could have asked me these questions over the phone.", "I would like to cooperate with the company," said Thomas.
Y/N grinned. Her hands rested on the table before the emptied glass.
"And I suppose it's a deal I can't refuse. I will personally deliver the first goods to you in the early hours of the morning, say around seven o'clock, and if everything is to your satisfaction, then we can talk about the future cooperation.", "That sounds good, I am already looking forward to your visit. I hope to meet your chef soon. I have heard about him.” Thomas said, hoping to get more information about the mysterious man nobody knew anything about.
            "Of course. I will inform him. It was an honour to meet you, but I must be on my way now. Please greet your brothers on my behalf." she breathed.
Y/N put the emptied glass on the side and rose, but before her hands could clasp the coat, Y/N looked up, puzzled. A faint smile graced her lips painted in a reddish hue, but she did not lower her gaze, looking straight up into the vastness of the sky, unafraid of the stories she heard about the man who resembled a destructive thunderstorm and showed no mercy.
            "May I?" Thomas inquired, though it was unnecessary.
Y/N nodded. The warm breeze blew through the bar, carrying her scent, of a warm spring morning, caressing his face and nearly knocking him out, not allowing him to form a thought. His hands disappeared from her body and Y/N thanked the tall man, loud enough to be sure Thomas had heard each of them escaping her throat.
            "May I escort you outside? The streets are not safe at nightfall." Thomas interjected.
A slight smile Thomas couldn't see spread on her features, looking down and fixing the belt around her waist. Many words and even more comments rested on the tip of her tongue but none of them dared to escape, to cross the borders.
            "Goodbye Mister Shelby, I will talk in the nicest tones about you and just so you know, my boss has been here for a long time and was listening to our conversation," Y/N said.
His brows almost touched, not understanding anything the woman was saying. His gaze slid around the room and wandered from man to man but he could see no one among the many guests who would fit the description of a man in his line of work.
            "You don't understand Mister Shelby?", "My boss will bring you the documents and the goods tomorrow as I promised." she joked, and could no longer suppress a smile.
Slowly Y/N turned around, not fearing his gaze
            "I don’t understand Y/N?", "How can you be so sure a man has to be the boss of the company? I am pleased to have made your acquaintance, Thomas, and I hope our collaboration will bear fruits. I'm looking forward to tomorrow and I'll bring some pastries for breakfast." Y/N said.
A sickly pallor spread across his features, taking over every corner of his skin, unable to believe the words the young woman had spoken, looking like the personified innocence, a delicate flower.
            "Then I suppose I won't have to accompany you home,", "Thank you very much, Thomas, for your offer, but that won't be necessary. I was a nurse at war. I learned a lot and the gun I was given I still carry at my side." she breathed so softly that only Thomas could hear the words.
The gazes met.
"And I apologise. I didn't mean to sell you a dog, but I enjoyed letting you believe that I'm just the secretary. And to be accurate, I am the secretary, but I am also the owner of the company. I hope you'll not take it badly." Y/N whispered.
Thomas held her hand. No hatred prevailed in his expression, letting her know no bitterness inhabited his heart. The young people with ageless features could not take their eyes off of each other and lost themselves in the deepest abysses as the delicate tones of guitars and trumpets played lovely tones.
blyanyan fckmini alessandra9792 1-800-coffee millies0bsimp marvelwhoreunfortunately alessandra9792 smailaway summertimedepression alldaysdreamers elliaze mystic-gnome kathrinemelissa tedpicklez daynaelizabethclairereynolds
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styles4miles · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Good Bye Fine Line era,
You will be missed. This era was truly a memorable one but as Dr. Seuss once said “Don’t cry because it’s over smile because it happened” Now onto the Harry’s House era truly excited to see what this era brings to us! 🫶
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nat-romannoff · 2 days ago
hcs about jealous Yelena... pretty please 🥺
My thoughts on how Yelena deals with jealousy;
- let's get one thing out of the way yeah?
- Yelena is not the best at dealing with emotions.
- if she happens to get jealous of you, you're most likely not gonna hear her say "I was jealous" right away.
- if she spots you across a room with someone else;
- someone who's looking at you, touching you, with more intent than they should;
- she will keep the feeling to herself at first.
- feeling jealous because of someone she loves, is very new to Yelena;
- and she's not happy with how much it can hurt and bother her.
- however, she will keep it to herself;
- Yelena was trained to endure pain and hide emotions, so that's exactly what she will do;
- that feeling will be locked inside until it forces itself out.
- if your relationship is new, or you're not even in a relationship with her yet;
- Yelena will keep her distance;
- for her, she has no right to feel that way, so she suffers in silence;
- until you decide to come to her;
- then that feeling starts to show itself through some witty and sarcastic remarks;
- Yelena may say something a little harsh about your relationship with the specific person that triggered her jealousy;
- and more often than not, her words may hit you as well;
- she'd never want to hurt you, but she's hurting too.
- Yelena can be insecure;
- she's had fake relationships before and that fear lingers sometimes;
- if Yelena keeps that feeling bottled up for too long she starts to get quiet and distant;
- with her mind making up unkind scenarios;
- so hold her, tell her she's the only one you have eyes for;
- in certain situations you may even find yourself gently wiping away her tears and insecurities;
- but she'll settle eventually, if not, just kiss her pout away.
- other times, most likely when you're already in a relationship;
- and jealousy doesn't make Yelena insecure anymore, just makes her blood boil and some light possessiveness appear;
- she can end up coming up to you and whoever you're talking to;
- she's gonna stay there with a steady hand on your waist or holding your own hand;
- you're gonna feel her fingers tracing your skin in a pattern that you quickly learn to associate with her jealousy;
- her firm grip on you and more evident PDA are also a telling that she wants people to see you're with her;
- you may tease her later just to see her blush, and deny it;
- "I wasn't jealous детка, I just missed you."
- her jealousy makes her touchy and affectionate;
- subtly showing everyone who you belong to;
- and don't expect her to leave your side anytime soon.
- and if you fancy a story with a jealous Yelena, I give you this ;)
Yelena’s taglist: @alotofpockets @simpforflorencepugh1
Let me know if you wanna be added to her taglist.
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citrus-selfships · 2 days ago
Imagine you and your f/o during a large thunderstorm
The sudden boom of thunder outside startles you both, whether either of you admit it or not. Flashes of lightning’s light also shine through your window. The two of you are thankful that you’re inside and you and your f/o hold each other close. If storms like these scare you, your f/o reassures you that they will be here and that things will be okay. If either of you had plans later, you cancel them due to the harsh weather, and you bask in each other’s presence as the storm makes its way through.
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tolkienimagines · a day ago
Tumblr media
Requested by Anonymous
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somethingscarlet13 · 14 hours ago
I feel like we’re always telling our f/os “I’m yours,” but please imagine the reverse! Imagine your f/o telling you “I’m yours”
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lorloubee · a day ago
The Challenge
Tumblr media
Leah ground down on your lap to the beat of the music.
You weren’t entirely sure how it had come to this. You’d only agreed to the night out this morning after a shitty month that included being dumped by your girlfriend and having your car stolen. So when former player Alex Scott had insisted you come out with her and Leah Williamson, you had immediately accepted.
When Leah challenged you to down a row of drinks and lost, it was Alex who came up with your prize.
Now here you were, in the ‘private room’ of a East End night club, with your team mate Leah giving you a lap dance.
You’d had a lot to drink, you both had. Leah straddled your lap whilst holding a bottle of tequila.
“Fuck relationships.” Leah cheered pouring a shot directly into her mouth.
“Fuck love.” You replied. She poured an equal measure into yours.
“Fuck your ex.” She shuddered as she drank more.
“And fuck yours!” You grimaced as the liquid hit the back of your throat.
Leah giggled putting the bottle down and wrapping both arms around your neck.
“What else can we fuck?” She asked, her eyes darkening as they stared into your own.
“Each other?” You suggested bluntly.
As Leah grounded down on your again you’d had enough.
“My place?” You asked, caressing her arse cheeks.
She nodded furiously jumping off your lap and pulling you up and towards the door.
In the Uber you sat respectfully, Leah was England Captain now she couldn’t be seen falling out of clubs and making out in backs seats.
Once back at your flat however she wasted no time in kissing your against the door as soon as it had shut behind you.
She moved away from you entering your home. As she entered the front room she noticed the small dining set you had and dragged one of the chairs to the centre of the room.
“Now y/n, I do believe I was owe you a proper lap dance.” She tapped the chair waiting for you to sit on it. You quickly opened the music app on your phone and handed it to her to connect to your surround sound.
You watched her as she found a song she liked, she left your phone on the side and walked behind your chair. Leaning over you, her breath tickled the back of your neck as she spoke.
“Oh and y/n, I’ve decided to turn this into a strip tease.”
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lokiaffaire · 2 days ago
red dawn, NATASHA ROMANOFF x female reader ! ( masterlist )
Tumblr media
summary. Bucky and Y/N had many things in common. Both were dangerously good at murdering people and their resumes reflected that very excited way of life. Such outstanding skills could be appreciated, only if they were put to use on the correct side of the chessboard.
Shortly after the honorable Steve Rogers recognized his friend under his black mask, the pair of soldiers were placed under the wing of a hero or two after being rescued from Hydra.
For most, those would be great news, a fresh start, and yet, she wasn't sure if she was worthy of such an honor after committing so many sins but Hell... Y/N was tired of the cold and the loneliness.
content warning. fluff and angst
requested. by red 🖇️ where natasha falls in love with a broken, hydra soldier.
taglist. @maggieromanov @sayah13
nova, notes. hi! i hope everyone is doing well. this is my first natasha content ever (i never wrote a single line for her).
red dawn ( next chapter, cs )
x. natasha romanoff masterlist
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the-yoru-whoru · 2 days ago
Itto x reader | I missed u | random cause lonely
His arms wrapped around you, holding you tightly as his massive frame trembled.
“I missed you so goddamn much,” He muttered, almost sounding angry at you.
You can’t stop the smile that creeps onto your face from how clingy he’s acting, “I’m sorry baby, I’m here now, aren’t I?”
Itto just nuzzles his face closer into the crook of your neck, long hair brushing against your face, “Yeah but… don’t want to let go just yet.”
You laugh, and then stroke his hair gently, “I missed you too, you big goof.”
There’s silence, and then his voice muffled from under his embrace, “I’m gonna pick you up now,” Is all he says before he’s swooping you into his arms.
You yelp before wrapping your arms around his shoulders, steadying yourself in his grasp. You feel so high up, and his hold on you is sturdy and steady.
“Itto?” You tilt your head at him curiously when he begins walking, “Where are we going?”
He doesn’t look down at you, but his face flushed a deep crimson, almost as dark as the red markings that adorn his face.
“Taking you home,” You snuggle into his warm chest, “I wanna make out with you in bed. Can’t do that shit out here. ”
You can’t help the flush of red that comes over you too.
Then you smile bashfully, looking at him with adoration and love.
“Of course, baby. That sounds wonderful.”
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ashdreams2023 · a day ago
Hii, can you do a Loki x Reader one shot where the reader and Loki are sleeping but reader takes up like the whole bed and hogs the blanket and stuff and then Loki falls of the bed?? Just something very funny and fluffy :))
You’ve moved a lot during your sleep, countless of times since he started sleeping on the same bed as you.
It wasn’t a bother really, you weren’t as heavy as his brother or strong so even if you hit him by accident it didn’t hurt that much.
Then there was the nights that were like this one.
It was passé midnight when he felt a cold breeze against his bare chest, so he opened his eyes to you hogging all the blankets.
He thought to himself, he was too tired to grab it back so he made one of his own.
Then you started moving and pushing his more and more to his side of bed, he chose to ignore.
Up until he felt himself fall from the edge face first to the wooden ground.
He groaned in pain before rubbing his nose "bloody hel"
At the sound of him hitting the ground you got woken up and looked around in distress until your eyes landed on his tired form on the floor.
Loki sighed grabbing his pillow from off the bed and laying down on the floor again.
"I’m sleeping on the floor" you felt bad for what you did so you crawled out of bed and brought the arm chair you had in the room.
"Come on I’m sorry, let’s see together" you pulled his heavy body up and when he stood you lead him to the arm chair and sat him down.
You grabbed the bigger blanket and sat on his lab, letting the blanket over both of you on the arm chair.
"Better?" You said.
"Much better" you mumbled, his arms warping around you lazily as sleep creeped up on both of you yet again.
His chin rested on top of your head and it just felt right from then on out.
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lillahxo · 2 days ago
Hear me out…
Your parents invite JJ over to dinner and while you guys are eating you ask your dad, “Daddy, can you pass me the pepper?” JJ thinking you were talking to him, reaches for the pepper along with your dad? (feel free to ignore this if it doesnt make sense!)
Daddy? | JJ Maybank
Tumblr media
You recently came clean to your parents about having a boyfriend. You were able to date, it’s just, you were scared how they would react to you, dating JJ Maybank. Of course they knew about him, he was a very well known trouble maker on the island. Kook parents were always warning their kids to stay away from the infamous pogue.
You only told them that you were dating someone. Not giving any clues or hints as to the mysterious boy was. So, when your parents told you they wanted to invite him over to have dinner so they can meet him, you panicked. You knew you should've stayed quiet. After a bit of convincing, JJ agreed.
And so here you are, sitting on the couch, bouncing your leg as you impatiently waited for your boyfriend to show up. You should’ve just told your parents he was busy.
The doorbell finally rings, making you jump and run to the door, swinging it open to reveal JJ. He was wearing what he usually wear, his hair was nicely combed and you can smell his cologne from where you were standing.
You step outside, closing the door behind you. “Hey—“ You interrupt him by giving him a peck on the lips. “Before we go in, I need to tell you something.”
“Hm?” JJ mumbles, grabbing your waist and pulling you closer to him.
“Y/N! Is this the lucky ma—“ Your dad’s voice trials off at the sight of the one and only JJ Maybank having his arms wrapped around his daughter.
JJ immediately separated from you, holding his hand out to your father. “Hello, sir. M—“
“Y/N, can I talk to you?” Your dad looks at JJ. “Alone.”
JJ was sitting next to you, holding your hand as he ate his food. Your parents were sitting across from the two of you, glaring at JJ. He didn’t seem to mind though. He was only here because of you.
“So… Y/N… JJ.” Your mom cringes at hearing JJ’s name coming out of her mouth. “
“How long have you guys been dating?" She questions, giving JJ a fake smile as he looked up. "Uh… a few months." You answer, squeezing his hand.
"Oh." She mumbles.
You guys continue to eat in awkward silence. You start picking at your food, noticing how there wasn't any salt on there. You look up. "Daddy? Can you pass the salt?"
Both JJ and your dad go to reach for the salt. Your eyes widen. JJ quickly retracts his hand, trying to cover up what he just did with a cough.
Your father on the other hand, was gripping the salt tightly, his knuckles turning white and steam practically coming from his ears.
JJ awkwardly smiles at him.
"Get the fuck out of my house."
JJ Maybank Taglist: @[email protected]@[email protected] @tenaciousperfectionunknown
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pikzel · 15 hours ago
Scenarios That I Imagine In My Freetime
- them saying, “What are you going to do about it”
- them making a spotify playlist full of songs that remind them of you
- falling asleep on their chest with their arms wrapped around you, feeling safer than you ever have before
- them trying to do your makeup and vice versa, just laughing at each others mistakes
- their eyes lighting up when they talk about you to their friends <3
- them tackling you onto your bed and giving you kisses all over your face after you wiped their kiss off jokingly
- “Do you know just how much you have me wrapped around your finger?”
- pet names. Pet Names. PET NAMES. “darling” “love” “princess/prince”
- them giving you a hug from behind while giving that one person a bitchy smile as they do so
- “Your so cute when you’re mad” “Shut up”
- You pull away from a kiss but they immediately say, “no come back here” before kissing you again
- them lifting your head and just staring at you, leading you to say, “what?” they reply “wait a minute I wanna look at you” before pulling you into a kiss
- them grabbing your hips to get past you
- kissing in the rain. Need I say more?
- pulling them into a kiss by their necktie/you getting pulled into a kiss by your necktie
- them being speechless when seeing you all dressed up
- their hips being the exact same height as the kitchen counters. That’s all imma say but ifykyk.
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styles4miles · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Harry for the Harry’s House listening party in NYC!
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