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superstition13 · 2 days ago
NSFW Headcanon (18+)
Pairing: Dabi x Reader 💙
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Aight, but imagine riding Dabi who's handcuffed to the headboard. He's got his head thrown back and he lets out the filthiest the moan, so obscene that it should be illegal. He looks so fucking sexy that you get your phone to take a video to capture the moment, and the second he notices he says something like:
"Fuck yeah sweetheart, make me your porn star."
Good God I would let this man break my back, I kid you not 🥵
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Tumblr media
anon said: thomas shelby one shot? the reader, who is dating tommy, is the leader of there own gang. the reader is in a bitter rivalry with another gang and one day the other gang destroys a warehouse of the reader’s and she tells tommy. then the peaky blinders and her own gang go to the other gang’s hideout and they’re surprised because they didn’t know the reader was dating a peaky blinder
pairing: thomas shelby x reader
warnings: cursing, violence
word count: 800+
fandom: peaky blinders
“Fucking bastards!” You shout, storming into Tommy’s office. You expect to only find the leader of the Peaky Blinders in the room but as a matter of fact, the entire Shelby meeting seems to be having a family meeting inside. Everyone pauses what they're doing after you burst inside however.
John is the first to dare let out a chuckle at the sight of your furious face. “I sure hope you’re not talking about us”.
Normally you might have let out a little chuckle but you’re far too furious to enjoy Tommy’s younger brother’s sense of humour. Your expression stays hard as your hands clenched into fists. The nice thing about yours and Tommy’s relationship was that you rarely needed to use words. Just looking into your eyes he knows that this is serious. So he shoos his family out of the room.
Being the loyal brothers that they are, John and Arthur don’t protest. They do as they’re told and give you and Tommy the required space. Polly on the other hand seems a little irritated about being kicked out.
“We still have a lot that we need to discuss,” she reminds Tommy with narrowed eyes. “Can’t this wait?”.
At that you need to bite your tongue. You love Polly to death but you’re so furious right now that you come close to snapping at her. Luckily Tommy takes control of the situation and sternly tells his aunt that she needs to give you two a minute to speak. Polly rolls her eyes but obeys after being asked a second time.
Once the office is empty, you frustratedly slam your hands down on Tommy’s desk. “Those fucking Italians raided by warehouse”.
This news makes Tommy raise an eyebrow in surprise. Gang wars weren’t new to either of you. Not only was your lover the leader of his own gang but you had a gang of your own that you ran. Although Tommy allowed you to run your business as you liked, he was well aware that you’ve had a rivalry going on with an Italian group as of late.
So far Tommy’s saw no reason to intervene. You could handle yourself just fine and the spats between you and the Italians were minor and somewhat petty. But now it seemed that the Italians were taking things to the next level.
“It was one of my biggest warehouses. Do you know how much money I’ve lost? This time they’ve crossed the line. I want those motherfuckers to pay. I want them dead!” You growled, a fire ignited in your eyes.
Tommy has to hold back a chuckle. This is no laughing matter and he is quite pissed about the situation you’re in. He doesn’t take anyone messing with his loved ones lightly. On the other hand he did like seeing this feisty side of you. It reminded him why you were most definitely his soulmate.
Eventually Tommy stands and makes his way over to you. Everyone knows you as a dangerous person but as soon as Tommy’s hands land on your shoulders, you relax under his touch. He was the only one you could dare let see your sensitive side and vice versa.
“They will pay. I’ll take care of it. I can offer you a few of my boys” Tommy offers.
There’s a part of you that hesitates to accept. You’ve generally taken care of things yourself but you were also short on men at the moment. It would be stupid to take this feud further without having a sufficient amount of soldiers. So after a moment of thought you nodded.
“Okay, I know where those fuckers meet. We can ambush them there”.
And so this is what you did. All your boys along with a few of the Peaky Blinders invaded your rivals headquarters right as they were laughing about how they fucked you over. Imagine their surprise when you came charging in with plenty of guns backing you up.
“What the fuck is this?! Shelby, what are you doing here?!” One of the Italians questioned, looking at Tommy in horror. Clearly he was in disbelief that Tommy, the most powerful man in Birmingham and arguing in England was here to show you support.
At the question, Tommy raises an eyebrow. Meanwhile Arthur, John, and the others are destroying everything in sight. You don’t give Tommy the opportunity to answer the question. Taking a step closer to Tommy, you smirk. “Didn’t you know?” You sneer, leaning over to kiss Tommy. “I have a close relationship with the Peaky Blinders”.
The blood rushes from the Italians' face at that. It was only then that it hit them that they had made a mistake. You were the worst target they could have picked to mess with because no matter what, Tommy would kill for you and you’d do the same for him. There was no other couple that could compare.
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tags: @your-pixels-are-showing / @myriadimagines / @imaginesbymk / @fangirlsarah16 / @lithiumarchangel / @jammesbarnnes / @woahitslucyylu / @gruffle1 / @gracie-pie / @kaetastic / @obsessedunicorn24 / @curlyhairedblueeyedangel / @thingsforimagination / @lucillethings / @thedarkqueenofavalon / @zeldafreak688 / @multifandomfix / @natasha-danvers / @champagneholland / @shelundeadxxxx / @ann-writes-things / @lozzypoz321 / @xspideyboyx / @beth-winchester21 / @simonsbluee / @ravenmoore14 / @rabeccablake / @inglourious-imagines / @bonniesgoldengirl / @ta-ka-shi-ma / @mollybegger-blog / @disneylaanddicaprio / @alwaysfangirlingish / @czarinera / @locke-writes / @smallheathgangsters / @crapimahuman / @tvwhoresblog / @mangoessassafras / @lilymurphy03 / @inu1gf
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nakazutto · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
warnings: m/f smut; corruption kink, teasing, dacryphilia.
wc: 0.7k+
Tumblr media
jaemin always thought your innocence was cute. the smallest of things would leave you incredibly flustered, face feeling extremely hot as a foreign warmness would start to spread through the rest of your body at the smallest of touches — a few, tiny, timid whines spilling from you as a reaction to all those overwhelming and foreign sensations. jaemin thought it was all simply adorable, and for some reason he couldn’t, and probably would never be able to, explain, he just wanted to absolutely corrupt you because of it all.
it wasn’t his fault, jaemin assumed, probably just some sort of instinct he always had but never discovered until he met you, your sweet words and sweeter reactions being exactly what triggered it. you were just way too angelic-looking, squirming under his large frame and observant stare whenever he would lay you down on his soft bed, knowing his eyes wouldn’t miss even the slightest of flinches of your body under his flaming touch, your palms hesitantly going to rest on his chest as you looked pleadingly into his eyes, whining for something not even you knew what it was, simply whimpering small “please”s repeatedly, leaving it up to jaemin to figure out what exactly you so deeply craved. the sight of it was just too beautiful, and jaemin couldn’t help but smile down at you before lowering his head so he could whisper a teasing “you’re gonna have to be more specific, angel. gotta tell me exactly what you want” by your ear, more desperate whimpers falling from your lips, the shy sounds only making his growing bulge become more apparent through the material of his sweatpants, your ashamed expression mixed with the way you would almost too quietly ask for him to touch you being able to conjure butterflies into his stomach, instant adrenaline stirring inside his chest knowing that you were way too pure to even know exactly what you wanted and needed — not that that realization ever stopped jaemin from teasing you a little bit more, stretching the grueling moment as much as he could until your whines became way too desperate and tears pooled the corners of your eyes, only then his pity for you taking the best of him and making him finally start to undress you.
when he did get you two naked, his exposed torso pressing into yours as he pushed his hips against yours as slowly as possible, hard cock slowly filling you up, jaemin would only be able to focus on the way your expression would contort into a pleasurable one, your brows knitting together tightly as the salty tears finally started to stain your cheeks, the new feeling too good for you to not feel completely overwhelmed by it, not even ashamed of the pretty droplets cascading down your face as your murmured to jaemin how good it felt, how the warmth building up in your lower stomach felt too good for you to be able to handle it, lips pursing together in pure pleasure. it was an ethereal view, if jaemin had to describe it, the way you looked so innocent yet so filthy at the same time, so full with his thick cock yet still looking like some sort of angel. it was mesmerizing, and as far as he was concerned, jaemin would probably never get tired of seeing you like that — wet trails painting from up to your eyes until the end of your chin, lids pressed together as you dug small, red marks onto his shoulders, looking so pretty when moaning for him like that that jaemin could only grunt and slam his hips harder, feeling his cock twitch inside you, velvety walls hugging him too perfectly.
and by the time he was done with you, your hair all messy on top of his pillow as your chest heaved up and down fast, your breathing as heavy as ever — jaemin would only be able to smile down at you before pressing a sweet kiss to your lips, thumbs cleaning the messy tears smeared on your face as he passionately looked into your eyes, too obsessed with his baby and the idea of corrupting her, his mind instantly starting to be flooded with ideas of all the things he wanted to do to you already.
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imagine-loki · a day ago
Imagine having taken classes on Norse mythology and telling Loki you already know so much about him, only for him to be appalled by many of the things you say and vow to set the record straight on all of it.
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hotch-stufff · 2 days ago
hi! i hope u don’t mind but for blurb weekend i kinda just learned that my friends aren’t actually my friends..haha long story but can i request a hotch blurb where he comforts you and is just really sweet? thank you 💜
Oh Sweetheart
Pairing: Aaron Hotchner x reader
A/n: oh no, I'm so sorry! You are so much better off without them!! I hope you enjoy the Hotch comfort. Its always my favorite <3
Blurb Weekend!!
Tumblr media
You walk in slamming the door shut behind you. A tear slides down your cheek as you waltz into the kitchen pulling the wine from the fridge and pouring a glass.
They were horrible, horrible people. People who you thought were your friends. People you thought you could trust.
You took a gulp of wine as you heard your husband walking out to the kitchen.
"Sweetheart?" His voice rang out as he rounded the corner. As soon as he spotted you and saw the tears he was at your side.
"Honey, what's wrong? What happened?" He sounded so worried, and you instantly felt guilty. He had more important things to worry about than your friend drama.
"Nothing. I'm fine." He obviously didn't believe you. "Did I wake you?" You asked, your voice small. He pulled you into a hug and buried his face in your hair.
"No. You know I can't sleep without you." He murmured against your skin as he placed a kiss to your forehead.
"Well. Let's uh, let's get to bed then." You gently pushed him back and rinsed out your glass before heading back to your bedroom.
You didn't notice Aaron hadn't followed until you reached your bedroom door.
You went in anyhow and got changed, curling under the covers as more tears slid down your cheeks.
Meanwhile Aaron was in the kitchen. He grabbed your favorite snack from the cabinet and a glass of water before walking back and joining you in bed.
As soon as he realized you were crying again he wrapped his arm around your waist and pulled you towards him.
You rested your hands on his chest as he spoke soothing words until you calmed down.
"Do you want to tell me what happened?" He asked softly. You were silent for a few moments.
"Kathy's engaged" You whispered. He hid his reaction to your best friend's news, knowing there was more. "S-she told me that, that I couldn't be in the wedding because…" you trailed off as more tears slipped down your cheeks. 
"Its okay honey. Take your time. I'm right here." He pulled you closer as you took some deep breaths. 
"Because I was too ugly and she didn't want me in the pictures." You felt your husband stiffen, but he stayed silent. "And then when I told her how messed up that was, she brought up the fact that we hadn't had a kid yet, and she said it was because you would never want a kid that looked like me." Your voice was so quiet you were sure he couldn't hear you. But he did, and he could feel his heart breaking at the words you were saying.
The worst part was that Kathy knew that you were having troubles getting pregnant. She knew, yet she said those a aweful things.
You hid your face in Aaron's chest and sobbed.
"Oh sweetheart.", you could hear the emotion in his voice. "Look at me Y/n."
You looked up at him, and he cupped your face bringing you close.
"You are beautiful. There is no one that can convince me otherwise. She is simply jealous of your beauty and doesn't want you to overshadow her. Because I know that you, in a gown, you would steal all the attention with your beauty." He paused, taking a deep breath before continuing.
"And that bitch had no right saying any of that to you." You giggle at his uncharacteristic language before letting him continue. "We are going to have the most beautiful baby in the world when the time comes. And he or she is going to be beautiful because they are going to look just like you." His voice was full of emotion as he finished, pressing a kiss to your lips.
You could taste the saltiness of both of your tears, but you couldn't imagine a more perfect kiss.
"Thank you Aaron." You whispered as he brushed your tears away. "I love you." 
"I love you too." He pulled you closer, if that was at all possible and rested his forehead against your own. 
You were so lucky that your husband, the love of your life, your real best friend, was Aaron Hotchner.
Thanks for reading!! <3
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Never Know
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Summary: Hope peaks through the concrete of doubt and regret at a reunion.
Author’s Note: Haven’t been able to write much lately, though there’s plenty of ideas that have been sprouting. This one wasn’t planned but demanded to be written. This is also technically my first Natasha story, not counting Odds, and pretty short. I’m not sure how I feel about it exactly but it’s a (re)start. Happy reading!
Also been feeling distant from this site, and have so many amazing stories to catch up on, hopefully I get back into this again soon. Might be taking a break until then.
Warnings: Fears from past relationships; not specified. If there are any that I missed, please let me know.
Read on AO3 | Masterlist 
Tumblr media
It’d been seven months since I’d last seen her. Now here she was, standing only 10 feet away from me. The joy she carried in her laughter had been on repeat in my ears since the day she left. The way she once held me was burned into my skin with remembrance. If I were in my room, it’d be possible that I’d burst into hysterical tears.
But I wasn’t.
I was here, not even being able to face the woman who once brought me happiness every day like it was her job. She used to joke around saying that it was. I’d be lying to myself if I said, even now, being in her mere presence didn’t bring a smile to my face. A smile that I didn’t really feel I deserved.
And I could only blame myself for this.
If only I didn’t let my head best my heart, it being notorious for overthinking. If only I had met her first, before any of them got their hands on me. If only I had tried then, maybe I wouldn’t be feeling like I couldn’t breathe right now. If only I could go back in time.
It’d been some time since Natasha and I had gotten together when she jogged a memory.
“Wait, why were you unsure if I liked you? I was so sure I was being obvious,” I chuckled softly, waiting for an answer from the former assassin. Being met with a light shove to the shoulder, I feigned an exaggerated, painful groan. “Ow.”
Her eyes sent daggers towards me. “You had feelings for Carol at the time.”
That’s when it dawned on me. “Is it terrible of me that I’d forgotten about my feelings for her completely?” An awkward smile attached itself to my face. Something she told me she once loved because she didn’t see it as awkward at all. Seeing as Natasha and I had our fair share of trust issues, she looked at me cautiously. “It’s true,” I threw a soft glance in her direction. “You came in and practically swept me off my feet.”
The woman scoffed jokingly. She bit her lip, a bad attempt at keeping a grin from making an appearance. A sight that took my breath away every time she allowed me to see it. “It sure took long enough.”
Swallowing down my pride, I eyed her carefully. “You’ve had me far longer than you know,” I admitted. “Far longer than I’ve known.”
Because, even if I was scared to say it, Natasha could’ve easily stolen my heart. Hell, if I had been brave enough, I would’ve handed it to her. It was times like now that I wondered if she didn’t already have it.
That’s when I dared glance at the redhead. Noticing happiness carrying her smile, at something Scott shared with the group, and my chest growing lighter, I knew she had something of mine.
My attention was swept away by a whisper. “You do realize that you can’t zone out while looking at an ex, right? At the least, stare at a table,” Bucky chuckled, his stare making secret trips between Natasha and I. “You miss her, don’t you?”
“Always. We didn’t have enough time together.” A memory tugged at one of the corners of my lips. “But, we did make the moments count.”
It had only been a few nights since I had been truthful to myself about my feelings towards the former assassin. “Isn’t it past your bedtime?” Natasha taunted me, seeing as I’d be asleep hours ago if she had asked me this a week ago.
Little did she know my need for sleep had slowly begun to decrease the moment I met her. Though a small part of me believed she’d always known. Or at least, I hoped she did. “I’m not tired tonight, I guess.”
“How is it almost impossible to get anything out of you?” she huffed, crossing her arms over her chest. “I thought Bucky was joking when he said he hardly knows you, he’s your best friend!” That was the night that Natasha realized she had met her match in keeping an aura of mystery as she called it. Despite initially holding back, that was one of the first times we began to really open up to each other.
“If I remember correctly,” Bucky pulled me back to the present, “the next morning I caught you two cuddling.” Smacking him in the arm was little to no avail in stopping his laughter. “I just never pictured Natasha as the cuddling type.”
My gaze, once again, trailed over to the one person I couldn’t bear to look at. Her smile looked almost permanent now, shining through like sunbeams on a cloudless day. “I’m a coward, aren’t I? I mean, I really couldn’t escape my head for one moment, for her?”
“I told her I could only handle a friendship, just because I was scared. I let my fears get the best of me and lost her.”
That day may have made some people very happy, seeing how they publicly doubted Natasha and I from even before we began. We constantly had to hear how we’d never make it. Or when some of them felt the need to flirt with us, as if putting us through a test to see if the feelings were fake. But they were the realest feelings I’ve ever felt. She always reassured me that I was the only one she wanted. And that’s what made me all the more petrified.
After all, now that some time has passed, my fears are almost invisible compared to the shadow of regret that follows, even more so when I don’t see it, also using this time to work on them. I turned to the man who knows me best, following suit as he stood up. Bucky raised his hand to my shoulder, trying to sooth my somewhat unnoticeable frantic state of mind. We began walking towards the exit.
Some of the faces here look vaguely familiar from the first few months after the break up, forcing my gaze to be only on Bucky. The pain had been like no other. It wasn’t like my heart dropping to my stomach or an uncontrollable amount of tears, at first. No. This time it was different. It came slower, eating me from the inside out. It became noticeable through bagged eyes and low level grins. It was filled with pity stares and repeatedly being asked if I was okay, much like right now. But I had to keep moving along.
“Did you fall in love with her?” Bucky asked once we were out of ear shot. There was no hesitance in the glare I sent him. “Well, could you have fallen in love with her?”
“I guess I’ll never know.”
Throwing one last glance at the woman, before leaving the night behind, her eyes were seemingly already on me. She shot me a small smile. I might’ve almost thought I imagined it if it wasn’t for when I got the courage to return it. Natasha recreated her smile, this time it was wider and stood for a slightly longer amount of time than the first one. A tug at her waist caused her to turn away. I blinked away the moment that was briefly shared, wondering if it was a moment at all.
Walking away from the building, away from more than one reunion, certainty hit me. Natasha Romanoff was in there, unknowingly walking around with a piece of my heart. Heaven only knows how long she’s had it, how long she’ll continue to have it. And even though it shouldn’t have, wishful thinking poked around, hoping that maybe someday it’ll work out.
taglist: @trikruismybitch @reminiscingtonight
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nonstoplover · 21 hours ago
what your father says ~ harry styles (song drabble)
my masterlist │my song drabbles
pairing: harry styles x female reader
song used as inspiration: what your father says ~ the vamps
short summary: harry's been in love with the girl next door for like forever - but her father doesn't allow them even to meet. she's uncertain but he knows he can't give up.
words: 2.9K
warnings: a tiny bit of language, not proof read
a/n: after two months of not writing, i'm back !! god, it feels good. anyway i've been wanting to do this song drabble for so long, and i'm kinda happy with how it turned out considering i haven't been able to write anything for months. but most of all i'm just glad i was able to write again. hope you enjoy xxx
Tumblr media
"You're so fuckin' beautiful," Harry whispers as he gently pushes a stubborn strand of hair that has fallen in front of (y/n)'s eyes back behind her ear as they're sitting at the back of the (y/l/n) house's garden, hidden by all the trees and bushes.
She feels her heartbeat fasten and the blood rush to her cheeks. Why does he always have to behave like this? Why does he always have to ruin her mood and the whole afternoon?
"Stop, H," she shakes her head, turning her eyes away from his piercing green ones whilst taking hold of his wrist and pushing it away from her face.
"Why, 'm just stating the truth," he argues.
"Is this what you say to every girl?"
Harry frowns, leaning back on his hands to get a proper look on the girl sitting next to him. "What do you mean?" He asks, voice suddenly cautious.
"You know what I mean."
"I told you not to believe everything you read."
"You think I do it for fun? Those photos are too convincing," she admits, rolling a blade of grass in-between her fingers as she thinks of all the times her heart almost broke looking at the pictures of the man looking at other women so lovingly over a fancy dinner in some restaurant. "And it's not like it's not fitting for this whole worldwide-famous-musician lifestyle."
"Was it your dad again who said all this?"
"What? No!" (y/n)'s wide eyes snap back up to his in a moment, but Harry knows her too much to know when she's not telling the truth, so he just raises an eyebrow and waits until she caves in and reluctantly nods. "Okay, yeah, he talked about you last night again. He wanted to show me some new article of you and some model."
"I swear he hates me with every fibre in his body," Harry rolls his eyes in disbelief. "Forget what he says, he just wants me out of your life."
"It's not just him though, it's every article."
"You're the only girl for me."
(y/n)'s heart skips a beat. He's never been this straightforward. He's only been flirting endlessly, but it could've been nothing but friendly teasing. But this? This is a whole different level. And as they sit there next to each other, enjoying the early spring breeze, a part of her wants to believe him and finally give in, but she just can't fight that small voice that keeps on repeating that what if her dad is right? What if he truly wants nothing but the best for his daughter and sees something in the boy that she's not experienced enough in life to notice? So even though her heart wants to say 'okay, let's do this', she instead says what her mind orders her to say.
"Yeah, you say that now, but what happens when a few weeks from now you meet someone else?"
"I won't meet anyone that could take your place."
Now it's (y/n)'s time to raise an eyebrow, letting him know how childish it sounds. Life doesn't work that way. It's not on him to decide. He can't know what the future holds for him.
"Okay, what about this? I promise you here and now that you'll never see an article about me again where I'm with another woman in any ambiguous situation."
Her eyes widen and she examines his eyes to find any clue that he's only joking, but his sea foam coloured orbs hold nothing but sincerity. "Isn't that impossible? That's what you always say. That specific pictures can make it look like there's something when there isn't," she quotes his own words from a couple months ago back to him.
"I just promised you," he shrugs. "Just give me a chance to prove that you're truly the only one."
"Harry, I-"
"Shh, no buts," he interrupts her, placing his pointer fingers against her lips in one swift motion, staring in her eyes intensely. "Just one chance, please."
"Okay," she breathes out after a couple seconds, completely lost in his eyes. A small smile makes it's way to his face and he already starts leaning in when her mind catches up with what's happening and she suddenly places her hands on his shoulders and keeps him a bent arm's length from her body.
"Let's just continue this conversation in a couple months, okay?" She says with all the rational thoughts having reappeared in her head.
A small glimpse of disappointment flashes in his eyes as he slumps back on his bottom, a sigh escaping his lungs, but then he composes himself and with the familiar joyful kindness spreading on his face he nods in agreement.
The next couple seconds go by with the two of them just staring into each other's eyes, both thinking about the possible outcome of this settlement, then the silence is broken by her phone buzzing in the grass between them, signalling a new text from her mom.
'Your dad's on the way home.'
"I gotta go," she mumbles, scrambling to her feet. There's no point in him finding out about her still spending time with Harry after he practically banned them from meeting. It's a miracle her mom doesn't say anything about her spending so much time in the garden, even though it's the unspoken truth that she's meeting with him. She even helps them not get caught.
"Already?" Harry pushes himself up to a standing position as well.
"I'm sorry," she flashes a small smile his way before gathering her stuff from the ground.
"Don't be, I still had fun, even if it was shorter than usual," he grins down at her before leaning in and pressing a lingering kiss against her cheek.
Her breath hitches in her throat and she tries hard to fight the closing of her eyes, but it's useless. She feels ridiculous - it's not like he's not always saying goodbye with a kiss on the cheek. She's already gotten used to it by now, it never had any real effect on her before. Is it the previous confession and promise that makes everything different?
Harry watches as she practically jogs back towards the house before disappearing inside behind the kitchen door, with a dreamy look playing in his eyes. He's in love with that girl.
- - - - - - -
Five long months have passed since that very afternoon, (y/n) still can't get out of her head. Whenever his name pops up in social media, whenever he sends a text or calls, whenever they FaceTime or meet in person, it's in the back of her mind, on endless repeat. The words he said that day are burnt inside her brain, the way his voice spoke them still reverberates in her ears.
The doorbell ringing wakes her from her thoughts and brings her back to reality, and she moves up to her feet, making her way towards the front door - maneuvering around all the boxes that are all over the floor.
"Welcome to the big city," Harry grins as he steps inside as soon as the door is opened.
"Hi, yes, please, come on in," (y/n) rolls her eyes as she closes it behind him and turns to follow him further inside the apartment.
"Wow, so many boxes - did you even leave anything at home?"
"It's really not that much."
He just glances at her with a single raised eyebrow, a small grin playing on his lips.
"Okay, maybe a bit," she shrugs, admitting his truth.
"I'm not blaming you, though. I'd have the same amount if I was the one moving."
A minute of silence sets in, and - to avoid thinking about that sentence of his - she strolls back to the box she's been previously kneeling next to, before the boy interrupted.
"So, how can I help you?" Harry comes and gets down on the ground next to her.
"I still can't get my head around the fact that you want to spend your small amount of free time unpacking boxes with me."
"Well, I'm here now, so you can start accepting it," he chuckles. "Besides, it could be literally anything I did in my free time that I would enjoy doing as long as it includes you."
Blood rushes to her cheeks and she leans above the opened box, feeling grateful for her hair immediately falling in front of her face - even though it disturbs her clear vision, at least it hides her just as much.
At least until she feels his fingers gently move against her skin, pushing her hair back to help her see better. Her eyes flicker up to his for the shortest of moments and flashes a small smile his way before focusing back on the task in front of her.
"Okay," she speaks up after clearing her throat. "I have to finish this first, but you can maybe start with that box."
His glance follows her finger as she points at one of the cardboard boxes.
"They're my books. I planned them to be on that bookcase," (y/n) continues, finger still held out to direct him, but her eyes are back on the contents of the now half-packed one sitting in front of her.
Harry lets out a joyous laughter, drawing her attention again and she's glancing up at him confused. "What?"
"I just find it so typical of you to start unpacking with your books," he shakes his head at her, eyes sparkling with happiness. "You don't have any kitchen stuff out yet, but books? Yes."
"Hey, you know how important my books are to me," she holds her hands up in played defense, one of them still clutching a book she's just grabbed from her box. His eyes flicker to the object and he starts laughing again, making her look that way as well. When she takes in the sight and connects it with his previous words still in her ears, a giggle erupts from her lungs.
"Yeah, I can see," Harry agrees playfully, then turns to the mentioned box and after opening it starts placing them on the piece of furniture.
"Can you believe there's only like three boxes left now?" (y/n) lets out a tired but satisfied sigh as she slumps down on the sofa about two and a half hours later, moving her glance around the room, enjoying how orderly, tidy and oh so perfectly empty it looks without the dozens of boxes.
"I can't believe there are more boxes still," he whines painfully. "I feel more exhausted than after a full set played right after a long flight, and that is tiring."
"What, you finally regret coming to help me?" The girl giggles and pokes his side gently.
He flinches a little further from her to avoid the ticklish feeling. "No, not at all," he smiles down at her - still being taller even though they're both sitting. "I had fun."
"I'm glad," she smiles back up at the boy. "I did too."
Harry's eyes flicker shut as he takes a deep breath, clearly enjoying the rest they previously agreed on having. She takes the chance and examines his face better - it's the first time she could the whole afternoon even though she's tried to so many times in the past hours. Curiosity took the best of her, trying to find any changes in his features that might have happened since the last time she's seen him.
"You'd still be on like box five or sum'thing if I hadn't come by," his chuckling voice breaks the silence again.
"Yeah, probably," (y/n) admits, leaning back against the cushions and letting her eyes close as well. "Thanks for coming, honestly. You saved me."
"Of course, love, anytime."
Subconsciously her lips curve up into a smile, the nickname mixed with his voice never fails to make her heart flutter. Harry's eyes open again just in time to see the motion happen, and it wakes a feeling in his whole existence - one that makes him hardly being able to control his body from leaning in and kissing her right then and there.
Gulping, he looks away, thinking about his following words. "Actually, I've wanted to talk."
From the corner of his eyes he can see her open hers and turn her head to look at him. "Yeah?"
"I've been thinking, and since you're now living and working here, I hope it'll be easier for us to meet more - and without less sneaking around," he adds with a chuckle and a roll of his eyes before shrugging as he continues. "Just because... you know, there hasn't been a single newspaper article about me and any possible romantic interest ever since then."
"I know," she breathes out, both not daring to talk louder as she not wants to break the special and intimate moment he's created and also not being able to speak up any louder.
Harry turns his whole body towards her sitting form, pulling one of his feet under his other thigh just so he can look at her properly, from a better position. Their eyes connect, and he's trying hard to read anything out from her (y/e/c) orbs and the way they sparkle.
"I don't wanna sound impatient or anything, but back then you said we'd continue that conversation in a couple months, and about five months have passed..." his voice trails off.
"I know," she repeats - her mind has kinda stopped properly working and now she can't think of any other words than these two.
Taking a deep breath, still keeping the eye contact she swiftly thinks through what she wants to say. A few minutes pass in silence and she can't help but feel taken aback by his motionless state and tolerant waiting.
"Actually, H, I've been thinking so much about this ever since then," she starts, immediately noticing how his eyes sparkle up when she uses the nickname. "And to be honest, I'm amazed by how patiently you've been waiting ever since."
He just shrugs as if it's no big deal, but she knows how hard it must've been for him.
"No, don't play it down." (y/n) reaches out and places her fingers on his arms to stop the movement. "I'm sorry for taking so long, and I'm not tryna find an excuse for pushing it for literally five months, but my father's been getting in my head and it's been so hard to try and keep him out..."
His hand rises and before she can comprehend where it's going, his fingers move to hers, slowly and gently pushing his own digits in-between hers, interlocking their hands on top of his arm.
"I know," he repeats her words from before, a reassuring look in his eyes.
"And you did keep yourself to your promise," the girl lets her lips curve into a smile, watching as his glance flickers down to it then back up again, all under a millisecond. She pulls her hand away from his arm but keeps their fingers intertwined, placing their hands down in her lap, with her free one softly caging his in from the other side.
"What're you saying?" Harry mumbles.
"That it actually starts to look like I'm the only girl for you," she answers, subconsciously quietening down similar to him as she quotes his words from five months back. "I gave you the chance you asked for and you proved that you can keep your promise."
By now a grin so wide it splits her face in two has spread across her skin, reaching her eyes and practically every muscle in her body.
He still can't make himself speak louder, afraid that it's only a bubble of a dream that's gonna burst if he does. Every day ever since that one afternoon he's been wanting to hear these words more than anything - now it seems too good to be true to actually hear them.
(y/n) doesn't reply, just pulls her feet up on the sofa to right under her bottom, so she can move around better before slowly leaning in and planting a soft kiss on his lips.
She can feel him take a sharp breath, his fingers twitching in her hold as his body goes tense - he clearly wasn't prepared for this outcome, but eventually a few seconds later the tension disappears again and he responds to her, just as she's started to lean back.
His lips capture hers mid-way, the force behind them so strong that it pushes her back straight into the cushions in a swift movement. The girl doesn't mind though as she revels in the feeling of his skin moving on hers with such passion whilst his free hand moves up to gently hold the back of her neck, tenderly keeping her in place.
When not much later the lack of oxygen makes them part again, his fingers move until he's able to caress her cheek with his thumb. "Does this mean what I think it does?"
"I guess so," she shrugs giddily. "Depends on what you're thinking."
"That you're officially my girlfriend from now on."
(y/n) has expected the words to come but it still makes her head spin to hear it after such a long time of waiting - if it hadn't been for his father's damn disapproval, this would've happened so much sooner. Still, she doesn't mind. All this waiting has only made it that much sweeter. The longer the wait, the merrier the outcome.
So she just grins still, nodding once or twice before leaning in once more to peck the impossibly soft skin somewhere below his left eye.
"God, I've waited so long," Harry groans before shifting in his sitting position to a more comfortable one for the actions he's planning on doing, then with a newfound wave of energy and passion he moves in with one swift motion and practically devours the girl.
.::the end::.
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storiesforallfandoms · 2 days ago
the only one for me ~ machine gun kelly
word count: 1493
request?: yes!
“MGK Fluff ??”
description: the endless dating rumors regarding her boyfriend start to get to her
pairing: machine gun kelly x female!reader
warnings: swearing, insecurities
masterlist (one, two)
Tumblr media
Logging onto Twitter and seeing yet another dating rumor regarding my boyfriend and some famous, beautiful female was basically a daily routine at this point. It seemed to be nothing new, but that didn’t make it hurt any less every time I saw a new post about it.
The latest rumored lady to have “stolen Colson’s heart” was Megan Fox, who had starred in Colson’s latest music video. The article I was reading stated how much chemistry Colson and Megan had on set and how it was “so obvious” that they had a secret romance happening behind the scenes.
I wasn’t hurt because I believed the rumors. I trusted Colson. I knew he’d never cheat on me, but seeing all these beautiful women and seeing his fans and media outlets commenting on how cute he would look with someone else so much prettier than me really did nothing for my confidence.
I wasn’t famous, I was just your average girl who worked an average hob and went to school on the side. Due to this, Colson and I decided to keep our relationship a secret so I wouldn’t be harassed by paparazzi and fans. I appreciated the privacy I had been getting, but it did make it hard to see all these dating rumors.
This rumor got to me in a way the others hadn’t before and I had an overwhelming urge to call Colson. He was probably asleep or preparing for the show that night, but I needed to hear his voice.
I was shocked when he answered on the third ring. “Hey babe!”
I could hear a crowd on his end of the call. “Hey! What’s all the noise?”
“We’re celebrating before I go on stage.”
“Before?” I asked, teasingly. “What are you guys celebrating?”
“The Bloody Valentine video hit a million views in less than 24 hours! None of my videos have ever done that before, so we’re celebrating.”
“Oh my God, Colson that’s amazing! Congratulations!”
Someone called out to Colson on his end. I could hear him responding, but his response was muffled as I realized the voice was a female voice.
“Is that Megan?” I asked.
“Yeah! We invited her since she’s the leading lady of the video.” Another comment was made by Megan, to which Colson said to me, “She says hi!”
I couldn’t respond. I could feel tears starting to well up in my eyes and I was afraid Colson would hear my voice breaking if I spoke. Instead, I managed to squeak out a “gotta go” before hanging up.
As I expected, there were articles published about the video celebration, specifically about Colson and Megan. A handful of pictures were taken outside wherever the celebration was taking place of Colson and Megan laughing as he puffed on a joint. The captions posted under this picture from numerous sites and fan pages were all the same: “look how cute Megan and Colson are!”
I had to go offline for a while because I was getting more upset than I had before.
It seemed like Colson didn’t notice as much as I did, so I never really brought the issue up. I didn’t want him to think he couldn’t be friends with women, or think of me as a jealous girlfriend or anything.
But I knew he could tell something was off. He kept trying to coax it out of me, but I wouldn’t budge. I figured he would grow tired of my refusal and would let it go. The last thing I expected was to come home from work one day and find Colson waiting for me in my apartment.
“Hey!” I said when I found him sat in my living room. “What are you doing here?”
“We have a few days before the next show, so I asked to come home before then,” he said. “I wanted to talk to you.”
The six worst words to ever hear. I felt my worry rise as I approached him and sat next to him on the couch.
“What’s on your mind lately?” he asked. “I know you keep saying it’s nothing, but I can tell it’s not nothing. I’m worried about you, babe. You know you can talk to me about anything, right?”
I looked down at my lap as I shrugged. “It’s nothing. Just work and school, I guess.”
“Is this about Megan?”
For some reason, hearing him say her name felt like I was being stabbed through the heart. I had to bite my lip to try and hold back my tears.
“When you hung up so suddenly during the video celebration, I realized something was up,” he said. “And then you started deleting your social media accounts, or making them private, and you were acting different. It all started that night. If it’s because we invited Megan to the party, I’m sorry if that upset you. There was no underlying meanings behind inviting her, it was just because she was in the video and we decided she should be at the celebration.”
“It’s not because she was there!” I finally snapped, unable to hold myself back. “I don’t care if you’re friends with Megan, or with any woman, but I do care that everyone thinks you’re dating every female who so much as breathes in your direction. And it really doesn’t help my self-esteem to see people saying how happy you look or how cute you’d look with someone who is, like, a million times prettier than me.”
“Babe, that’s not true,” he said. “I mean, I’ve seen the rumors about me and Megan, but it’s not all the women I’m friends with - ”
I laughed, humorlessly. “No, not all of them. Just Chantal and Noah and Ash and Sommer and now Megan. So no, not all of them, just most of them.”
I could see the gears turning in Colson’s head as he thought about it. Maybe he didn’t see the same stuff I did, maybe I just saw more because of how insecure it made me. But those rumors were there, and they had been nearly our entire relationship.
“I’m sorry,” he said again. “I never realized...I don’t attention to shit like that. I never thought much about the way I acted around my female friends.”
“You treat them the way you treat the boys,” I said. “I’ve seen how you are with Ash, the two of you are just friends. But people don’t believe that men and women can just be friends so when they see men and women acting as friends, they assume that means they’re dating. There’s nothing you can really do about it.”
Colson put a hand on mine and gave it a squeeze. “You don’t believe any of that shit though, right? You know it’s all media bullshit.”
I nodded. “Yeah, of course I do. I know you’d never cheat on me. I trust you so much.”
“And you can’t possibly believe that they’re any more beautiful than you are.”
I chuckled. “Okay, that one I can’t agree to considering the person you’re currently in a dating rumor with is Megan fucking Fox. I mean, have you seen her? She’s the most beautiful woman in the world!”
“Not to me she’s not.”
I looked away from him again, feeling my cheeks heat up and a small smile tugging at the corners of my lips. “You don’t mean that.”
“Of course I do.” I felt his finger gently touch my chin, lifting my head so I would look at him. “(Y/N), I hope you know you mean the world to me. You’re the most beautiful woman I have ever known, and you own my heart. You’re the only one for me and I love you more than words could ever say. I’m sorry you’ve had to witness all these stupid rumors, and I’m sorry I never noticed them so I could assure you of all of this sooner. But I mean it, you’re everything to me. I love you so much.”
The tears I had been holding back for so long finally started to fall down my cheeks. I awkwardly laughed as I tried to wipe them away, but they just kept coming. “That was so cliche.”
“You loved it, though.”
“I love you, that’s a whole different thing.”
Colson smiled and pulled me in for a kiss. Warmth filled me as my lips touched his, and it was just another reminder that he was mine. I ran my hand through his hair and leaned into him until we were both laying back on the couch.
When we finally managed to pull away from one another, Colson rested his forehead on mine. “Did you have any other plans today?”
I shook my head.
“Good, because I don’t intend on letting you leave this apartment any time soon.”
He wrapped me into a tight cuddle, and I gladly accepted these plans he had made for us.
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zafirosreverie · a day ago
Their reaction to your child calling them “mom” for the first time (KH’s characters)
H's tags: @midnight-lestrange @mochiadria @emilyprentissslut @nerdyanon @academiagaymess @annie-mit-ie
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
Agatha Harkness:
Tumblr media
It took her by surprise. It was not uncommon for the witch to have her baby next to her while she practiced in the basement. Of course, she never did dangerous spells in the presence of her little witch but she loved to feel her presence next to her, it helped her to concentrate better. This time, however, a little babble interrupted her. Agatha knew that her daughter was starting to try to speak, even though she still couldn't, so she smiled but she kept working on her spell, until...
You immediately ran to the basement when you heard the explosion.
"Agatha Harknes, I swear to Tonatiuh, if something happened to my daughter, I'm going to-"
You stopped when you saw your daughter laughing and repeating her first word while your wife smiled and cried with pride.
Olivia Octavius:
Tumblr media
It was something totally unexpected and honestly hilarious. You had always known that your daughter was intelligent and ahead of her age, but neither you nor your wife expected this.
It was one of those nights, you know? The fact that the spiders knew about Liv's alter ego was annoying, but you and your little octopus were safe, knowing that no one knew of your existence or connections to Doc Ock. And yet that hadn't stopped the spiders from attacking when Liv was in her civilian form.
It had happened very quickly, honestly, one moment you were having dinner with your family and the other there were 6 spider people fighting against Doctor Octopus. You trusted your wife, but you had to get your daughter out of there. It was when you turned around with the baby in your arms that everyone heard it.
Time seemed to stop while the little girl extended her little arms towards the supervillain. Neither you nor Liv had expected her to recognize her, you had always kept Doc Ock away from your daughter.
It was a surprise to everyone, but at least the spiders had the decency to walk away not to drag you or your baby into the fight, and the happiness and pride on Liv's face was the best.
Ursula Gernsback:
Tumblr media
You frowned when you walked into the store and found your son in Hugo's arms. The man was a great friend and he cared a lot about the baby, but it was strange that your wife let someone else carry him. She liked to spend as much time as possible with her baby.
"Hugo?" you asked carefully "Is everything okay?"
"Yeah we're fine" he smirked "Ursula, on the other hand...she's temporarily off duty"
You worried, but your brother-in-law (as you had decided to call him) just laughed and told you how your son had said his first word, calling Ursula "mama", which had caused a short circuit, making Hugo take her to the back and take care of the baby. You laughed at that, your wife was really adorable.
You woke up the woman and laughed at her reaction to seeing you. She was happy, proud and in awe.
"He called me mama, human!"
You smiled and hugged her tightly as she projected what her systems had recorded. Advantages of her being a robot.
Carla Dunkler:
Tumblr media
The first time Jackson called her "mom" was a reality check for Carla. It was an awakening, it was really understanding what she had done, what her life would be from that moment on. It was understanding that that little life in her arms depended on her. It was terrifying.
Several years later, when the two of you had already moved in together, she had another similar reality check. You were a single mother like her, which had been a great support point for both of you, as you understood each other perfectly. Your daughter was adorable, educated and she was always cheerful, she also loved spending time with Jackson and she never hid her affection for Carla. It was strange, but the woman quickly began to see her as her own daughter.
One morning, while you were having breakfast, the girl asked for the salt and your girlfriend passed it to her without thinking. Your daughter's next words made Carla freeze, Jackson blinked, and you smiled.
"Thank you mommy"
Carla looked at you and your smile widened. The brunette really understood the enormous change in her life. That you and that girl loved her. That she had a new and loving family.
Eve Fletcher:
Tumblr media
For Eve, having you and your baby was a blessing. You had a little less than a year dating her, but your baby already felt safer with the brunette than she ever felt with your previous partner. She was always following Eve around the house when you visited and getting her out of there was quite an odyssey, because she never wanted to part with your girlfriend. And you could see that the older woman was so happy about it.
Now, you knew that your daughter, although she was already walking, was a little behind in speech. She was a year and a half and she still hadn't said her first word. It worried you a little bit, but the doctor had said that she would talk until she was ready and not to worry. Eve had tried to help and she had made you feel better about it.
It was a surprise for both of you when your daughter decided that her first word should be "Eve." You supposed that made sense, she adored the woman and the name was short and easy to pronounce, but still, you were so happy. Your girlfriend had blushed, but her smile gave her away.
The second word, however, was an even bigger surprise. Your daughter was in the arms of the brunette while you were walking through the park. The baby was playing with the gold chain around Eve's neck when she dropped the bomb.
It took all your willpower not to laugh at Eve's incredulous and adorable face.
Jennifer Barkley:
Tumblr media
That she accepted you with a child was a miracle, one that you didn't want to take advantage of, because you knew that she could change her mind at any moment. It said a lot about her feelings for you, but even so, you never took anything for granted.
Your son was a polite, quiet and kind child, always respecting everyone and staying out of the way when Jen was in the room. She had never been rude to him, but your son was not stupid, he could feel that there was something weird there.
However, we all make mistakes. And your son was just a boy. Damn the moment your girlfriend asked about his day. It was a nice conversation, but when Jen complimented him on his grades, he came off.
"Thanks Mom"
The three of you fell silent. Your son knew he had screwed up, Jen was frozen in her place and color left her face. You just looked between them, not knowing what to do. The older woman simply apologized and got up, quickly leaving the room. Your son felt terrible and he apologized to you many times, but you assured him that he had done nothing wrong.
Later that night, after putting him to bed, you could hear Jen crying. You approached her, not knowing if you would have to apologize to her or defend your son. She told you, much to her regret, that she was confused.
She had never wanted children, and if she was honest, when your son called her that, she was terrified. However, it was also a blow, because it was to recognize that your son did see her as a mother, even though she had not done anything to deserve it. And she felt bad.
You hugged her and reminded her of all the times she bought things for him, how she was always including him in her plans, how she was aware of his education and all the things she might haven’t thought much about, but that to you and your son meant a lot. You assured her that you would wait for her to make a decision and, if she wanted, you could always help her become worthy of the title your child gave her.
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mossybank · a day ago
For headcanon request nsfw version because I’m a slut for Jimmy Darling.
Jimmy Darling x male reader where Jimmy spank a bratty reader.
Being Punished by Jimmy Darling
Tumblr media
The gif isn't relevant to the headcanons I just thought Jimmy looked hot crying 🧍 hope these are alright, I haven't finished writing something in agesss
Jimmy Darling x Male Reader
Warnings: smut, spanking, minor conflict over jealousy, daddy kink, anal fingering, Dom!Jimmy
Tumblr media
You'd been teasing Jimmy all week, and truthfully you knew your punishment had been a long time coming. Jimmy wasn't one to punish you often, much preferring to praise you and treat you to whatever you want, but your bratty demeanor had been wearing him thin lately, your behaviour worsening since the twins arrival to the freakshow
Numerous times you'd teased him in public, something he couldn't say he was against— really he had no qualms with a quickie in an alleyway or behind the ticket booth— but he found no follow up to the teasing, you riling him up one minute and the next acting as if nothing had happened, granting the man no release
Really, it had been effecting his temper in everyday life, feeling pent up without you to let him release his frustrations into
The breaking point was when before one show you came up behind him, pressing your body against his as you gave him a kiss on the cheek, your boner pressing prominently against his leg as you whispered in his ear, "Break a leg, daddy..~" to wish him luck
After the show, he found you in your shared trailer, draped out on the bed with a newspaper and he huffed as he slammed the door, sitting with you on the bed and asking you sternly, "What's all this been about?"
"All what?" "All what.. you know damn well what, peaches.. all this teasin'.. did I do something?" "I dont know, maybe you should ask the twins, that Bette seems real interested in you.. I'm sure she'd know of anything you'd done.."
You'd scoff as you reply, throwing the paper down and a smirk would come onto Jimmy's face as he realised what you meant, shifting to lean over you, your body being pushed down into the bed, "What? You jealous that the twins are taking my attention away, baby boy?"
Rolling your eyes at Jimmy's question, you shuffle out from underneath him, crossing your arms as you perch on the edge of the bed, "I just don't see why you have to show them around, giving them all your attention.. can't eve do it?" You complained, eyes glancing towards Jimmy as he came to sit beside you, resting a hand on your lower back
"Well you've got my attention now, peaches... But.." His voice lowered as he looked at you, pausing to lick his lips as his eyes scanned your body slowly, "You've been a bad boy and I don't know how much you deserve my attention.."
With that, you found yourself soon bent over the man's lap, trousers and boxers pulled down past your ass and around your thighs, skin exposed to the cool air of the trailer, the warmth of Jimmy's hand causing you to gasp as he cupped them over the curve of your ass
His other hand came to grasp your chin, manoeuvering you to look up at him, "Be a good boy and keep count for me.." He instructed, withdrawing his hand from your ass, touch so soft only moment ago becoming harsh as it reconnects with a slap that echos within the room
With each spank, every one harder than the last, your body rocks against his, crotch rubbing against his leg you were bent over, the rough denim stimulating your cock, precum staining the material.
"How ya doing down there peaches?" Jimmy asks, pausing his spanks as he looked down at you, his eyes softening at your state; face a heated mess, hairs sticking to it with sweat and your breath running from you. Of course, the sweet image below him was soon twisted as you turned your lip up in an attempt to keep your bratty ways up, refusing to fold.
"Fine. You really call that a spa—aahhh~" your train of words is cut off as Jimmy's hand touches you again, though this time it isn't a spank, he presses his fingers against the bud of your ass, holding them over it with a smirk, slowly pushing them in at your reaction, "mm.. Jimmy..~"
Your back arches at his thick fingers pumping in and out of you, letting out a string of whines as your cock twitches against his leg
"Jimmy?" He questions, chuckling slightly as he watched your brow furrow, trying to think of what he possibly meant before his words dawned on you, you moaning out a loud 'daddy'
It never took long for Jimmy to bring you close to the edge, cock straining against his leg and hips bucking up weakly as his fingers delved in and out of your hole, Jimmy was turned on at this point too, his own erection pressing against your stomach as you whimpered
"Daddy please.. I'll be a g-good boy.." You forced out pathetically, moans packed between your words
"I don't know peaches, you've been leaving me high and dry all week, maybe I should just leave you like this... Unless, you want to prove how good you'll be?"
He withdrew his fingers from you, a high-pitched whine slipping past your lips at the loss of pleasure but you soon figured out what he wanted you to do, scampering to the floor to sit between Jimmy's knees with your fingers making fast work to undo his belt
Sure you could act like a brat when you wanted to, but there was nothing like a little punishment to get you back to Jimmy's good little slut
Tumblr media
Tags — @kitwalker64 @kitwalker02 @sallyscigarettes @divineruler @tatesimper @undeadcortez @billyhxrgrove @americxn @milly-louise @forevercountess @spidergirlmcu @kaisclownmask @whiiiiplaaaaash @xmaximoffic @evanmybeloved @peterskindacool @divinerulerluvr @auricgold @copy-of-a-cheeto @lazyemokid @michaellangdonscockslut @skrsgrd-my-boi @darlingsalem @depressedvamp @fictional-men-that-i-stan @latertate-r @kitsommers @tfw-tajaaa @corn3liiia @quickiesgirl @crssjjh @emoevansupremacy @oh-beacon @im-verysad
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allthemenofmydreams · 10 hours ago
Ring- Lando Norris
Lando was in an interview after getting his first pole position. It was a dream come true, ever since you met him he always talked about how much he wanted to be in the front grid. In an era and season where everyone talked about Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen having Lando in the front grid shocked everyone. Although people talked about how great his first half of the season went, he became the center of the Russian GP.
All the media wanted to talk with him because he not only got his first pole position he also become one of the youngest pole-sitters.
"First of all, congratulations Lando. You're the pole position man, how does it feel?" asked the interviewer.
"Umm, I don't know. It feels incredible, to dream of this since I was a little kid and it actually happened. I guess it has been a few times this season that I've been close to the pole position but didn't happen for obvious reasons, sometimes my mistakes and sometimes of the team. But it was one of my best laps I've done in terms of how much you have to risk, how much you have to feel like you wanna crash in every single corner and then you get to the exit and you're like, "oh, I survived". It's so tricky, but that makes it such a cooler feeling when you cross the line and see your name at the top. But yeah its an amazing feeling." Lando answered with a huge smile on his face. His eyes shining with joy and happiness, it was a complete dream come true.
Tumblr media
The interview went by with another few questions until Lando placed his hands again in front of his face showing his black ring with a white line in it. But what Lando did catch the eye of the interviewer and the people on the other side of the screen was that he moved his ring to another finger.
Tumblr media
"...We have another question..." said the interviewer putting some suspense to make de question more interesting, because he knew everyone would want to know "we've noticed that you're wearing your ring on the ring finger, can we know why?" he raised his eyebrows.
Lando flushed a little bit and giggle with nervousness.
Tumblr media
"Umm, yeah! I...I got married" he finally said with a smile from ear to ear.
"Really? Did you?" Asked the interviewer surprised.
Lando smiled shyly.
"Yes, I did. y/n and I got married a few weeks ago and I thought the best way to tell the world was to play with them. so I started wearing the ring where it will always belong." he showed his left hand to the camera, as girls do when they got engaged.
"Wow, congratulations then. What better way to start the weekend, married, and with pole position. How about getting the podium too?"
"We'll see, but it sure won't be easy to beat me."
"Well girls, he said it, Lando Norris is already taken and living his happily ever after. Thanks for your time Lando, once again congratulations on your first podium and on the wedding. Good luck."
"Is it good luck for the race? Or for the marriage?" he asked mockingly.
"For the race, but maybe for both" they both laughed.
"Thank you, I really appreciate it."
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lotsoffandomimagines · 17 hours ago
Could I make a request for hcs abt Kaeya and Childe (separately) reacting to touchstarved gn reader?
kaeya + childe with a touch starved s/o would include…
warnings: mostly just fluff and some teasing
Tumblr media
Kaeya kind of used to being the touch starved one in a relationship. He loves physical contact in affection. So he’s a surprised to find that you need it even more than he does
You always seem to be clinging on to him whenever you’re walking around Mondstadt together which doesn’t bother Kaeya in the slightest
He may playfully tease you for your clinginess but in truth he wouldn’t have it any other way
Sometimes when he’s at the tavern or sitting at his desk you’ll just crawl into his lap, which never fails to earn a chuckle from Kaeya
But believe me when I say he’ll hold you so close. He’ll use one hand to keep you in place and the other to keep sipping on his wine or writing on the documents in front of him
Kaeya can also tell when you need his hugs or kisses. You’ll start pouring or get this sad look in your eyes
“Aw, does someone need my attention. No need to beg. I’ll give you whatever you need”
There are times where Kaeya can’t give you all the affection you want because he’s busy with knightly duties (yes sometimes he does take it seriously)
As soon as he isn’t busy anymore you better believe he’ll make it up to you by giving you plenty of cuddles and kisses
Kaeya is honestly probably the best partner a touch starved person could ask for
Tumblr media
He doesn’t mind that you crave physical affection. If anything it boosts his ego
There’s always a little smirk on his face whenever you desperately grab his as you walk around Liyue’s harbour
When you go out to eat Childe likes to pull you on to his lap instead of letting you sit in your own chair. He knows you prefer being close to him anyway
From time to time Childe will tease you by purposely ignoring you until you’re whining about wanting hugs
“Are you really do desperate for my attention? Alright then, all you had to do was ask”
He’s a little shit, what can I say but he will definitely give you all the cuddles you want once he’s humoured himself
When he’s attending to boring paperwork at the bank Childe will let you hold his hand under his desk and will give it the occasional squeeze as if trying to remind you he knows you’re still there
Sometimes Childe can’t give you the affection you want. Whenever he has to do his Harbinger duties he has to completely ignore you to ensure the task gets done and everything’s going according to plan
When his work is done Childe does enjoy how especially needy you are when he finally returns to you. Once again, it’s an ego boost
“You missed me huh? Will a couple kisses make it better?”
masterlist | buy the author a coffee
tags: @curlyhairedblueeyedangel / @thingsforimagination / @zeldafreak688 / @natasha-danvers / @xxxtwilightaxelxxx / @simonsbluee / @ravenmoore14 / @rabeccablake / @czarinera / @crapimahuman / @tvwhoresblog / @mangoessassafras / @styxiasstuff / @nnmesis / @lise-mariebutfriendscallmelisa / @thalia-prior-of-ravenclaw / @leighbechilling / @simp-lauren / @aprilfire18 / @inu1gf / @jahnvi-d
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myriadimagines · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[gif] // requester: anonymous // request here
“What’s up buddy?” Poe asks, crouching down to BB-8′s level as the droid chirps excitedly at him. Poe tilts his head, spluttering, “What, you need to go visit y/n again? You just saw them last week!” 
Poe looks up, his face getting hot as he sees you a short distance away, working away at another droid. As one of the Resistance’s best mechanics, you’re often busy working on something, and Poe can’t help but feel his heart skip a beat in his chest as you happen to look up and flash him a smile. Not only are you responsible for BB-8′s repairs, and the only person Poe really trusts with BB-8, he’s also developed feelings for you.
Before Poe can protest, feeling as though he’s not ready to interact with you, BB-8 has already whizzed off, barrelling towards you. Letting out a groan as Poe begins to suspect this is one of BB-8′s matchmaking schemes, Poe chases after the droid as he yells, “BB-8! Wait up!”
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imagine-loki · 2 days ago
Imagine Loki as a con artist who exclusively targets wealthy assholes in the City of London, taking them for huge amounts of cash in carefully crafted long cons where he uses his silver tongue and skill with illusions to play all the parts -- roper, inside man, fixer etc -- by himself.
Imagine further that you're a member of a Metropolitan Police Economic Crimes Division team that's been created specifically to catch Loki
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hotch-stufff · a day ago
Hi! I hope this is an okay request. I’m really struggling with PCOS and infertility, even the possibility of having to get a hysterectomy for health reasons and I’ve been looking for some fluffy/comfort fics with Hotch or Morgan. I haven’t had any kids and I really want them and it’s just all been pretty stressful. It’s like my choice is being taken away. If this isn’t something you can do, that’s totally fine. Just thought I’d ask.
One Little Line
Pairing: Aaron Hotchner x Reader
A/n: I'm so sorry that you are going through all of that. No woman deserves to go through this. I hope everything works out for you <3
Just a warning, some major angst in this one.
Blurb Weekend!!
Tumblr media
One little line.
Another week, another test, another negative
Another day you had to tell Aaron he wouldn't be a father.
Another day you went without being a mother. 
Another, heartbreaking moment as you looked at the stick. Why couldn't you just have a baby? Why was the universe doing this to you?
Your thoughts are interrupted by the front door opening and shutting.
"Sweetheart, are you home?" Aaron's voice rang out across the house as you quickly hid the test in the trash and wiped your tears, splashing water in your face. You cleared your throat and walked out of the bathroom.
"In here honey!" You yelled out and listened as your husband and step son walked back to the room.
"Mama!" Jack scrambled across the floor and flew into your arms.
"Hey buddy, how was school?" You asked, a smile finding its way onto your face for the first time that day. Jack may have believed it to be real, but Aaron could tell it was strained.
He knew you would have taken another test today. And he could already tell the outcome. His heart broke just a little more as he watched you play with his- your son. He was as much yours as he was his.
He knew how badly you wanted a baby though. He knew how hard it was knowing the little chance of getting pregnant that you had.
Aaron was so lost in thought that he didn't notice that Jack had left the room or that you had sat beside him in the bed.
"It was negative again wasn't it?" He asked, his voice soft, not wanting to rattle you.
You whimpered, tears beginning to run down your face. You couldn't hold back anymore. Weeks and weeks of treatments and always the same outcome.
Just one little line.
You cried and cried as your husband held you, tears falling down his face. 
"I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry." You sobbed. Aaron leant back and looked down at you. He let out a sob as he began to speak. You had never seen him cry, not like this.
"Sweetheart, no, this is not your fault. This will never be your fault." He brought his hands to your face and brought you closer as more tears slipped down your cheeks.
"Yes it is! I cant give you a baby. Its all my fault." You were becoming hysterical and Aaron was quick to bring you into his arms, holding you tight to ground you. 
"I don't need a baby to be happy with you honey. You and Jack are all I need. All I will ever need." He whispered into your hair as he ran his fingers through it soothingly. 
"I love you Aaron." You speak, your voice hoarse from crying. 
"I love you too. No matter what happens in our future. I love you." He presses a kiss to your forehead and brings you back into his arms.
"Mama? Daddy?"a little voice breaks through the silence and you pull away from Aaron gently.
"Yes baby?" You asked.
"Can… Can I snuggle too?" He asked shyly. You smiled despite the heartache you felt.
"Of course baby, come here." And he ran to join you on the bed, snuggling up between you and Aaron.
It would be okay, you told yourself. As long as you had Aaron and Jack, it would be okay.
Thanks for reading <3
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tateblacksweater · a day ago
Pairings: Colin x fem!reader (tried to keep it gen, but the word pretty is used)
Summary: you go see Colin at the hospital after he almost died during a case
Warnings: death mention, a bit of agnst
a/n: the title it's stupid, i couldn't stand him dying so here. (Also i was listening to happier so get the reference lol) also, i finished writing this in this moment and it's currently 23:36 and I'm tired. So forgive the lame ending.
Tumblr media
Tears. All you could metabolized now were tears, sadness, and pain. You hadn't move from the chair you were sitting when you got the call, you couldn't find the strength.
Still, you had to right? For him. He was fighting for you, he was keeping himself alive for you. You couldn't just sit there doing nothing. You wiped your tears away and took your bag in one hand and the keys in the other.
You rushed over the car still sobbing, but you tried to focus on the road the better you could. Another accident wasn't really what you needed now. You drove as fast as you could towards the hospital, as much as your tears, making everything blurry, would allow it.
You parked in front of the entrance, and ran inside. A few doctors told you to slow down, to be careful, to watch what you were going. But you didn't listen to them.
The love of your life was dying, and your heart was already in a million of pieces. Bumping into someone was really the last thing you could care about.
You arrived in the hall panting, tears getting your cheeks wet, red puffy eyes, and probably incredibly messy hair, according to the look that the lady was giving you.
She also had a pity look in her eyes. God only knows how many desperate people she could have seen running into the hospital, how many desperate people getting out. Hopefully you wouldn't be one of the second.
She smiled kindly at you. "Who you're looking for sweetheart?" She asked sweetly, putting on a reassuring manner. "C-colin..." You breathed out. Tears threatening of coming out once again just at the mention of his name. "C-colin Zabel." You told her finally.
She nodded and looked down at her register, her finger moving down the list of names. "Zabel, Zabel.... Ah yes. The cop-" "Detective." You corrected her. She nodded once again. "The Detective. He's in surgery right now, you can wait out of the room we prepared for him. Number 13."
You thanked her and and headed to the room, when you remembered that Mare was there too. You two weren't exactly besties, but Colin had introduced you to her, and she seemed actually nice, despite what everyone said.
You then turned once again, asking the lady for her room too. "The other detective right? Uh, room 14, right next to his." You thanked her once again and made your way to Colin's room.
As already told you, he wasn't there, but still on surgery. Some of his belongings were there, brought by his mother. You looked around the room. It felt so lonely there. Everything screamed sadness and depression, from the white walls to the perfectly made bed.
You sat on it and you started crying again. Head your hands, sobbing loudly, you didn't realized someone entered the room. "Oh it's just you, i thought someone was dying in there." You chuckled sadly hearing Mare voice. She made her way to the bed limping, sitting next to you.
She put an arm around you, rubbing your arm softly. "Sorry, poor choice of words. He's still on the table?" She asked you. You nodded looking down. "Yes, they didn't told me anything else. I'm so worried."
You cried into her arms, while she rubbed your back, crying silently with you. "It's all my fault. I'm the one who made him do it, he wasn't supposed to be there, i just-" "Mare." You interrupted her. "It's not your fault ok? I don't blame you, and I'm sure Colin doesn't either. Plus, risk is part of the job right?"
She didn't answer, just kept crying in the room with you. The two of you hugging in an empty room was weird. Again, you weren't the best of friends, but the love for Colin, platonic or romantic that it was, and the fear of losing him created a particular bondage between you two.
Mare would never admit it out loud, but she did cared about him, and even if she had founded him annoying at first, she would give the world just for him to bring her coffee again. They were partners after all.
After half an hour of the two of you just talking to distract yourself, Mare was called for some controls she had to do, and that left you alone again. You looked at the pillow that was positioned on the bed.
That's not how Colin liked it. Colin always slept with two pillows, covers up no matter how hot it was, and you cuddle up by the side. So you took another pillow, stealing it from the bed next to your boyfriend's one.
You fixed it on top of the other one, smiling proudly. "I know you're not supposed to steal, but it's for a good cause ok?" You mumbled to yourself, pretending that you were talking to him.
If he was there, he was 100% gonna tell you that it didn't matter. "It's ok baby I don't care." And you would answer the way you just did. You smiled again at the thought of him. You didn't knew if he survived the surgery yet or if he... God you hoped not.
But you were trying to be positive. No more tears, if not for happiness. He was gonna get out of this alive, you were sure of that. And so you waited.
You fell asleep on the chair you had sit in after preparing his bed, and you didn't noticed that almost an hour later Colin was out of surgery. When the doctors saw you sleeping, they wanted to wake you up, but Colin's mom was with them, and she told them to let you there.
So when you woke up, the first thing you saw was your boyfriend beautiful sleepy face. It took you a moment to realize it, but it was real. It was really him. You promised not to cry again, but those were joy tears. You didn't wanted to wake him up, but it seemed too late for that.
"Why you crying love?" He asked tiredly. "No one died don't worry." You looked up at him, smiling in between your tears. "You are such an asshole!" You told him hugging him thight. "Don't you ever do that again!" You said, taking his hand in yours.
He whined slightly in pain as you hugged him, but gladly hugged you back. "Don't worry, next time I'll tell him to not shoot me cause you told me so." He replied sarcastically, to which you gave him a disappointed look. "I'm serious Colin."
You told him seriously. He nodded. "I know baby, next time i'll be more careful, promise." He leaned in carefully and kissed your head. You closed your eyes, melting under his touch. "I know it's no one's fault but that asshole's. But i was so scared of losing you..."
He lifted up your chin. "You don't need to worry about that now anymore. We got him, and me and Mare we are... Wait. She's safe right?" He asked you worried. "She is. She's resting now i think, in the room next to yours." You reassured him, in which his answer was just holding you closer to himself.
He brushed your hair softly as you kept talking. "I was so scared i was gonna lose you... That i was never going to see your smile again." He nodded. "I'm here now. And I'm not leaving you ever again, understood?" He lifted up your chin, looking at you in the eyes.
He was gone for what, one day? But god how much you missed those eyes. Colin's eyes were the most beautiful you ever seen in your life. When they looked at you, they made you feel loved, more then a hundred of words could.
You smiled at him, not saying a word. He slowly leaned in to kiss you, and you immediately kissed back. "Well, talking about it." He pulled away, blushing for no reason, or so you though.
He ran his hand through his hair, trying to get the words out. "I wanted to tell you something. I wanted to do it after, but this whole story made me realize that we may not have forever, don't we? So fuck it, carpe Diem." He told you. You were very confused, not understanding where he wanted to get. "Do you mind taking the jacket for me?"
You handled him his jacket. He took it and started searching in the pocket, looking for something. When he found what he was searching for, he had a triomphal smile on his face. He pulled it out and hide it behind his back.
"Dearest, you are the most beautiful person I've ever met in my life. You are smart, pretty, beautiful, kind, you always give me butterflies. I can't live without you, you're my everything, my world. You were worried about losing me tonight, but i was worried about losing you too, for that less of consciousness that i have left on surgery. I love you. More then i ever loved someone."
Was he doing it? Was it really what you though it was? No one does a speech this long unless he's about to die or... "y/n y/l/n. Will you make me the happiest detective on hearth and marry me?" The little box he was hiding was now open in front of you, revealing a beautiful ring with a little diamond on it.
It couldn't be really happening. You couldn't believe it. The love of your life was proposing to you. Just one word, and in almost a year you'd be known as Mrs. Zabel. Well, who were you to say no to fate?
"Of course i want to Colin!" For the thousand time that die, you cried, throwing yourself in his arms once again. He whined in pain. "S-shit baby I love you but you're hurting me."
You immediately got up, wiping your tears away. "Oh yeah sorry. I'm so fucking happy, you make me so fucking happy." You smiled at him widely, like you never did before. He smiled back, glad that he got the answer he prayed for. He quickly made you wear the ring, you looking at it proudly.
In not even a second, Mare and Colin's mother got into the room. "So? Did she said yes??" Mare asked impatiently, while the other woman just stared at the two of you curiously. You nodded biting your lip. "Yup, we're gonna get married." You showed them the ring at your finger, as they ran next to you.
"Oh it's so beautiful!" Mare stated. Mrs. Zabel looked at you with tears in her eyes. "This was my wedding ring, and i couldn't me more happier that Colin decided to give it to you." She told you crying.
You and Colin looked at each other. You didn't shared a word, but the looked you gave each other spoke more then all the words in this goddamn word.
"You are my entire life." "And you are mine."
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theartofimagining13 · 2 days ago
You and your boyfriend Ben had a terrible argument, broke up, and he left the house. A few days went by and he showed up to pick up his things which led to another fight but, this time, it ended with the two of you desperately kissing and taking off each other’s clothes.
Tumblr media
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gojoluvrrx · 2 days ago
A romantic night out with Nanami Kento
Tumblr media
Word count: 1049
Character: Nanami Kento, Jujutsu Kaisen
Warnings: None.
Summary: Ever since you had been bugging Nanami about wanting to go on a date, he eventually decides to accept your offer. You didn't expect much, but to your surprise, all of your hopes for this date went above and beyond your expectations..
A/N: There's a link to the song 'So this is love (in French), since I felt like it would add to the vibe :) enjoy!!
Nanami Kento, someone you had always been looking up to ever since the two of you met. After knowing each other for a while, you noticed how you had this warm feeling in your stomach every time you saw him or thought of him. And that's also why you had decided to try and ask him out on a date.
After many attempts and a lot of begging later, he accepted the offer. You were so shocked, you stood there completely frozen. It was like a fever dream. Nanami was known to most people as a cold hearted person. But, to you, he seemed like the exact opposite. Kento never really looked like he was genuinely happy to be around people, but you knew that deep inside, he cared very deeply for many.
With every step you took, you could feel the snow crunching under your boots, distracting you from the fact that it felt like your heart would explode any time.
Finally, you reached the spot the two of you had agreed to meet up at. He wasn't there yet, so you opened your phone to see that it was 7:58. And if the timing couldn't be any better, Nanami stood right in front of you. His nose had turned a little red from the cold, a scarf tightly wrapped around his neck.
''Nice to see you're early, Y/N. Shall we go inside?'' Kento politely asked, holding the door of the café open for you. You gave him a quick nod before quickly entering the building. The moment you stepped in your nose was filled with the aroma of coffee and freshly baked cakes and other foods.
Nanami made his way over to a table for two, pulling a chair back as he gestured you to sit there. ''It's more comfortable to sit, don't you think?'' You chuckled at his comment, sitting down on the chair as he pushed it closer to the table. He took a seat right in front of you, a sighed softly.
''Anything on your mind, Nanami?'' You asked, a worried look on your face when you noticed the bags under his eyes. He probably had been working overtime a lot, which you know, he hated. ''Nothing for you to worry about.'' Kento replied, giving you a reassuring look.
You talked a bit about anything and everything after you had ordered some coffee. Not much later it already arrived, the café was very sparsely-populated at this time of the day.
You held the warm cup in between your hands. You could feel your fingers warming up, them not feeling as numb as they were when you were outside.
When both of you had finished your drinks, you suggested to Nanami that the two of you should take a walk through the park. The lakes were most likely frozen by now, so you wanted to check out the view. Kento seemed to like your proposal, a faint smile could be seen on his face. Your eyes lit up at the sight, this was something you had never seen before. The butterflies in your stomach grew even bigger, feeling satisfied with the fact that Nanami seemed to enjoy the date as much as you.
A soft bell could be heard when you both had left the building, stepping back outside into the freezing cold. You quickly stuffed your hands in your pockets to try and keep them warm. You were so nervous that you had forgotten your gloves at home. Nanami couldn't find out because you knew it would be embarassing.
After a few minutes you had arrived at the park. Neither of you had said anything. The silence wasn't awkward, it was actually quite nice to just enjoy each other's presence.
Once you noticed the frozen lakes and the sun slowly setting down, you swiftly made your way over to the railing, leaning your arms on them as you took in the beautiful sight. This really made the date even better. Just being together and watching the sun go down.
A shiver went down your spine, trembling a bit as the cold air seemed to veil over you, making it appear like the temperature had dropped down extremely low, unbearable even.
You felt something big cover one of your hands, startling you slightly. Your eyes averted from the view for a moment to look at the tall man standing next to you. Your eyes grew big as you realised it was Nanami's hand covering yours. His soft eyes met your gaze, pulling on your hand to make your body face him as well.
''I know I might seem like the least affectionate person, but having you right beside me, has given me this weird feeling for a while now. But, seeing your smile and the obvious sparkle in your eyes when you look at me was enough to tell me that our feelings are mutual.'' Nanami confessed, his gentle hands reaching for your cheeks, rubbing his thumb in circles as he kept his eyes locked on you.
''I'm quite suprised, to say the least.''
''Why so?'' Kento questioned, a frown forming on his face.
''I would've never expected to have someone like you confess to me..''
You took a deep breath and continued, ''But, I do feel the same. I didn't know it was that obvious, but I just can't seem to get rid of all those thoughts of you when you're not near me.''
Without another word he leaned closer to your face, you gulped when you knew what he was about to do. You collected yourself and did the same, your lips gently pressing against each other. Your arms wrapped around him automatically, your body moving on its own.
It felt like the kiss lasted for hours, soon he pulled away, both of you needing to take a breath. All you could do was stare at him lovingly as he then pressed another kiss on your forehead. You instantly pulled him into a hug, resting your face on his broad chest. Nanami rested his head on top of your head, using one of his hands to run his fingers through your hair.
You two stood there for a moment in each other's warm embrace.
''So this is love..?'' Nanami whispered into your ear
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