#In my entire fucking life
kude-kude · 10 days ago
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He never recovered from that
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alostchild276 · 2 years ago
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shenanigumi · 3 years ago
Nagakura [in Okita Memories of Love 1]: Yo, Chizuru! Working hard?
Me, aloud, immediately: Working hard to keep my hands off you, sweet cheeks.
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kyoonglight · 3 years ago
You walked up to Xuxi with determination. 
“Annyeonghasaeyo my oppar! I am your fan desu, can i get your signature juseyo?” 
Xuxi stared in confusion, “Wait what? What is going on.” 
“I am koreaboo and otaku desu!! But I sarang you very much, you make my kokoro doki doki!~” 
Xuxi turned in his resignation letter to SM right after the fansign ended. 
send me a “✏️” and i’ll give you a god awful, super shitty 3 sentence fanfic based on your url  no more please!!
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loopnoid · a month ago
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old (alien) diplomats and their (human) husbands
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justcastiel · 2 months ago
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Te amo
Y yo a ti, Cas
Supernatural 15x18 (latam dub) Air date: November 25, 2020
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amaranthdahlia · 14 days ago
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afo : if i had a nickel for everytime a handsome, serious-looking, spiky haired leader take my family away from me, i'd have 2 nickels, which isnt much but its weird it happened twice
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batarangsoundsdumb · 9 months ago
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remember my social media au? 
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sprucewoodmpreg · 2 months ago
still thinking about “he loves me”. i’ve never had such a visceral reaction to something before. my heart STOPPED
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castillon02 · 7 months ago
She bites things, worries them between her teeth and doesn’t let go, chews until the tree branch---shreds; the fence post---mangles; the rope around her neck---snaps. 
After the rope incident, they don’t take her out at all except for plowing. Dusty-man taught her plowing, firm and gentle, apple slices or turnips when she pulled well, sometimes even a gallop to a new field. The man and woman who one day came to the farm instead of Dusty-man only shouted and shoved. She started biting. 
She walks circles in her little paddock. Looks for things to gnaw. Walks more circles. Bites. 
The rotten-things, when they come, make her scream. Death-scent fills her mouth. In the sunny turnip field nearby, the people run, fall. She smells blood. A rotten-thing snaps its teeth at her. Her hooves flail, keeping it at bay. She strikes and strikes again, forces the rotten-thing to the ground, tramples it until it stops moving. Her legs are strong from walking. Her hooves are shod in iron. 
A strange onion-scent makes her bare her teeth. A man with a sword faces the rotten-things, makes them scream the way she screamed, fills the field with more death. He jumps the paddock fence and walks toward her. 
She rears and stomps on the trampled rotten-thing, fear-sweat itching her coat. She’ll use her hooves again if she needs to. When Onion-man is in range, she snakes her neck out, clamps his sword arm in her teeth. A warning.  
He doesn’t shout. He only waits and talks to her, low and calm, until her sides stop heaving. His free hand finds her neck and he rubs her there.
She relaxes her jaw and lets his arm go. 
“Good,” he says, “good,” and other soft words she doesn’t know. When he throws a rope around her neck, she lets him walk away with her, and they go to new fields. She tastes new grasses. 
When she starts chewing on a branch, Onion-man clicks his tongue at her and takes her for a trot, or teaches her to come when he whistles, or shows her to run away when he uses his air-shoving trick. He makes her mind go to a warm, slow place, and then she lashes out with her hooves when he says a certain phrase; the more they practice, the more the fear of the rotten-things fades, replaced by triumph. She is strong. 
Every night, she gets a good brushing and often nice scratches on her withers. Onion-man finds her a comfortable saddle and gives her half of every apple.
Through it all, he keeps saying a new word, one she hasn’t heard before: “Leave it, Roach,” “Walk on, Roach,” “Kick up, Roach.” 
Roach is her. Roach is a horse who walks new paths instead of circles in a paddock, a horse whose gallop is getting faster, a horse who can keep herself safe while Onion-man fights monsters. 
No more branches. She saves her teeth for people who try to harm Onion-man, now. She’s Roach, and she’s going to keep him safe, too.  
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renchanters · 2 months ago
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hot girl shit (newly divorced)
reblogs appreciated !! they help a lot :D
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paperlignes · 2 months ago
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Amuse-Bouche Hannibal (2013-2015)
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thewhizzyhead · a month ago
super super proud of my girl renee rapp for going from someone who plays a repressed mean high school lesbian on stage to playing a repressed mean college student lesbian on an HBO series woo Regina George is truly living her best life now
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starryemeralds · 4 months ago
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basiliskomelette · 7 days ago
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still-we-rise · a month ago
One positive thing from today - this season fucking ended
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cerulean-bull · 6 months ago
and whatever you do, if you make an adopt and really want to keep it, do NOT name it ANYWAY EVERYONE SAY HI TO PEREGRINE
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boasamishipper · 8 months ago
if you or a loved one sat through the gen z hospital sketch you may be entitled to financial compensation
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wornout-pinkscarf · 5 months ago
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It’s been years since I first read @zarla-s’s Handplates and this scene still fucks me up every single day.
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batarangsoundsdumb · 7 months ago
How we feeling about tims apparent gay awakening ☄
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