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#Incorrect Frozen Quotes

Honeymaren: I can’t believe I’m doing this.

Kristoff pushing Honeymaren towards Elsa: C'mon you can do it! You’re just gonna give her some chocolates.

Honeymaren trying to stay in place: How will I know if she even likes these??

Kristoff pushing harder: Trust me!She’ll be so happy she would die!

Honeymaren (dying): Holy– okay. You can stop pushing now! I’m literally right in front of her!!

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Anna: Hey, Kristoff. No frozen yogurt for you this morning?
Kristoff: Oh, uh, no. Just doing some reading.
Elsa: Ugh, been there, brother. Workin’ hard or hardly workin’, am I right? Hump day.
Anna: Sorry. I’m having Elsa go around the kingdom to be around people again, but she’s a little stiff, so I’ve been trying to get her to be a little more casual and conversational.
Elsa: I’ll have what she’s having.
Anna: It’s a work in progress.
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Elsa: If you’re gonna die today what would be your last words?

Anna: I wish I ate more chocolate.

Kristoff: I should’ve hoarded more carrots.

Honeymaren: I love you Elsa.

Everyone: *openly staring at Honeymaren

Ryder smirking and nudging Maren: Did you just, confess??

Honeymaren blushing and realizing what she just said: N-No!

Elsa frowning adorably:

Honeymaren: Uh, yes?.. No, uhm..

Elsa about to cry: 😢


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Anna’s daughter: *Runs up to Hans while crying and holding a stuffed doll in her arms*

Hans: *Kneels down* Oh, sweetie… What’s wrong?

Anna’s daughter: *continues crying while showing him the stuffed doll and the large tear at the shoulder going down the waist*

Hans: Elsa, you still have your sewing kit on you?

Elsa: *reaches into her pocket and pulls out a tiny box* Here you go.

Hans: *smiles at Elsa. Threads the needle and sews the tear shut* There you go, good as new!

Anna’s daughter: *Gasps joyfully and takes the doll back*

Hans: Try to be more careful with her, okay sweetie?

Anna’s daughter: *nods* Thank you, Uncle Hans. *turns and walks away slowly*

Hans *stands back up with a look of shock on his face. Turns around to see Elsa with her hands over her mouth and her eyes wide with tears forming* I just got my first Uncle!!

Elsa: *Shoves him back with both hands*

Hans: Ow! What the-

Elsa: You suck!! I want some of that! *Walks after Anna’s daughter* Hey, honey! Is there anything you want to say to your Auntie Elsa?

Anna’s daughter: Nope!

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