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#Incorrect quotes
incorrectsterekquotes · 4 hours ago
stiles: i’d die for you
derek: normally i’d be flattered, but you also said you’d die for a plate of chicken nuggets
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incorrectbatfam · 56 minutes ago
Jason: Enjoy your ride, Dami.
Damian: No, you can’t call me that.
Jason: Why not? That’s what Dick called you.
Damian: Grayson knew me longer, and Grayson had a plan.
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(jester): i made a marshmallow beauregard. see? they’re crossing their arms because they’re mad at all the other marshmallows for annoying them. do you like it?
(beauregard): *on the verge of tears* it’s ok.
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incorrect-dnd-classes · 53 minutes ago
Sorcerer: I actually have a black belt.
Monk: In what, karate?
Sorcerer: No, from Gucci.
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hadesisqueer · 20 hours ago
Blake: It's pretty cold outside.. wanna hold hands? We should stay close.
Yang, blushing and nodding: Yes, please.
Weiss: We're in a fucking tropical island.
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anakin: listen up you little shits
anakin: not you, ahsoka, you’re an angel and we’re thrilled to have you here
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incorrectsterekquotes · 9 hours ago
Coach Finstock: Okay I have been informed that I need to change up my vocabulary, a little. So what's a good, neutral way to address everyone?
erica: Cowards.
coach: I'm taking advice from everyone but Reyes.
stiles: Epic Gamers.
coach: I'm now taking advice from everyone but Stilinski and Reyes.
isaac: Mothers and fuckers of the court.
coach: i am no longer taking advice
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rwbybutincorrect · 7 hours ago
Ruby: Ever since Penny learned about Stan language she’s been going around the academy talking as if she’s on twitter.
Penny: Oof the callout. The tea is scorching.
Ruby: Please stop.
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f1incorrects · 9 hours ago
Lance, Max, and Charles: *doing something stupid*
Seb: *looks distantly out of the window*
Lewis: What’s wrong?
Seb: My kids are doing something reckless, I can feel it
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incorrect-dnd-classes · 3 hours ago
Wizard: How would you describe yourself?
Bard: Verbally, but I’ve also prepared an interpretive dance number.
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incorrectbuddie · 2 hours ago
Ana: Admit it! You have a crush on my boyfriend!
Buck: Oh please. I mean, am I attracted to Eddie? Sure. Do my days feel better when I'm around him? Yeah. Does he get me in ways no one ever has? Of course. Do I fantasize about him? Yes, but only in six positions.
Ana: ...
Buck: Look, am I the kind of guy who would try to steal someone else's boyfriend? Sure, probably. But do I have a crush on Eddie? The answer is no. You have nothing to worry about.
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obi-wan: do you remember that plant i thought might be tea?
anakin, horrified: didn’t.
obi-wan: i did. and it wasn’t.
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incorrectmarvelquote · 22 hours ago
Harley: I made that whipped coffee thing today
Harley: I put like 6 packets of instant coffee in it
Tony: Please tell me you didn’t consume six shots of instant coffee?
Harley: [twitches]
Peter: I want that
Tony: No
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rwbybutincorrect · 23 hours ago
Jaune: You got a horse?
Ruby: Yeah, its name is Mayo..
Ruby: Mayo neighs...
Weiss, in the background: What have I told you about using my credit card to buy animals?!
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incorrectclonequotes · 6 hours ago
Fives: A vodka for me and a glass of milk for him.
Tup: Uh, I'm an adult.
Tup: I can order a glass of milk by myself.
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incorrectdisasterlineage · 22 hours ago
anakin: what doesn't kill me makes me real cocky about the next thing that tries that shit.
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wrongmha · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Fuyumi: You're going to break dad's heart if you pull a stunt like this. Natsuo: He has a heart?
Source: The Fake Redhead
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