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#Incorrect quotes

Dr Doofenshmirtz: If you guys should show aliens one of your social media posts, what would it be?
Rodney: I’d make a new one about how I’m the leader and I declare war on them. Then I’ll see if those bozo’s fall for it.
Dr Doofenshmirtz: You’re going to get us all killed.
Rodney: Yeah but imagine to look on their faces when they find out I’m just some low level mad scientist and not an immortal being or some guy with a third eye

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Alec: I once had a crush on someone and didn’t know how to handle it so I just filled their car with glitter and confetti.

Clary: Aw, that’s actually adorable.

Magnus: Hahaha, what a crazy coincidence, I once went to my car and it was filled with heart shaped confetti and red glitter…

Alec: Yeah, mad isn’t it. I gotta go…

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Linda: the best way to conquer a man is through supporting him unconditionally and showing him how to love and take care of himself

yoko: too complicated, settle for heroin

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alice: hmmm i wonder what nao and reko are doing

alice: *opens door*

alice: *gasp*

reko and nao: it’s not what it looks like!!

alice: reko how could you?!

alice: i told you it was my turn to play mario kart with nao!

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