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lonicera-caprifolium 2 days ago
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I saw that one lizard pic again, so
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pinkpiggy93 2 days ago
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Good omens and the lost angel, a counselor in need
A demon looking for advice from an angel and an angel asking for advice from a demon, this can only go so well 馃槀
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maria7potter a day ago
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TV APPRECIATION WEEK 2022 | Day 3: best tv couple(s) (1/2) 鈫 Aziraphale & Crowley 鈾 GOOD OMENS (2019 - )
How does it feel, to be in love?
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veykun 2 days ago
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Bite More Than You Can
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mischievous-thunder 2 days ago
Person A: *Is a masked thief*
Person B: Can I see you face, please?
Person A: *Sighs, pockets the small knife and takes off their mask* This is a bit unprofessional of me to-
Person B, screaming at the top of their lungs: Exactly what I was apprehending! YOU'RE FUCKING HOT!
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cassieoh 2 days ago
Aziraphale attends an event at a Roman Senator's villa.
Crowley's night turns out better than he expected.
These facts are probably not related at all.
(read the fic here)
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anotherwellkeptsecret a day ago
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Who Wants to Live Forever: 126
Previous - Next - Beginning
Read more comics on my website! Support my work on Patreon, where you can read ahead!
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sidetrek a day ago
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story-kat a day ago
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Art by Elizabetharte1
Posted with Permission (reprint/edit and/or commercial use prohibited)
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melloeyu 10 hours ago
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I鈥檝e been thinking about them a lot lately, I鈥檓 really excited for season 2 :鈥欌欌橠
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hanz-xd 20 hours ago
do you think when crowley gets pissed at people, he gets this intense urge to aggressively hug them since snakes constrict their prey before killing them
鈥渁ziraphale holy shit you鈥檙e being annoying, let me hug the fuck out of you鈥
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always-lavellan a day ago
*sighs* why can鈥檛 gay people just run away with their lovers for once.
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mielpetite 2 days ago
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WIP Wednesday
This week on my Patreon, the world is Aziraphale鈥檚 oyster 馃ぃ
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mischievous-thunder 16 hours ago
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kingsaccharine a day ago
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i just absolutely adore drawing crowley with long hair
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aziraphales-library a day ago
Hello! I wonder if you got anything about the body-swap scene, post scene would be ok too? I would appreciate anything but smut. Thank you for your work here!
Hi. We have some bodyswap fics here and here, or our #bodyswap tag. I鈥檝e got more now to add to the collection...
Learning to Walk by GoblinRenaissance (G)
Operating someone else's body can be difficult.
Choose聽Your Faces Wisely by Cheeseanonioncrisps (G)
After the trials, Crowley and Aziraphale get drunk in the back of the bookshop and discuss how they went about portraying each other.
like聽watching tea steep by makaronik (T)
Aziraphale moved to sit next to him and it felt like they were on their bench in the park again, but also for a moment almost like they were just two ordinary humans settling into bed after a hard day, completely natural, like they鈥檇 done it every day for ages. And they had, just not recently. And never so carelessly. There were always doubts and fears in the background, of being discovered, of being punished, of losing each other. Now all of this was more or less certain, heaven and hell both knew they鈥檇 done something much worse than sharing a bed, so the only thing to do was ignore the imminent danger, and enjoy their night.
or, how they figured out the body swap and had a bunch of feelings about it. Also they smoke weed but it's not like a whole thing.
Divide and Conquer by Augenblickgotter & doomed_spectacles (G)
Knowing they may have only hours left on earth, Aziraphale and Crowley devise a plan. They hope to Heaven and Hell it works.
鈥淲hen all is said and all is done,鈥 Aziraphale said quietly. He opened his eyes to find Crowley looking at him, full of trust. 鈥淚 think I might know whose face I鈥檇 like to choose.鈥
they聽can't take that away from me by hapax (T)
He was simply 鈥 wearing Aziraphale. Or, more properly, Aziraphale鈥檚 physical corporation. He was wearing his body, just like that same body was wearing those fussy, old-fashioned clothes. Had been wearing them for almost two hundred years. The problem was that Aziraphale had been wearing this body for over six thousand years.
Because the one thing this fandom doesn't have enough of, it's bodyswap fics.
Never聽Alone Again by Aethelflaed (G)
London - Saturday and Sunday, after the Apocalypse
They're on their own side now. But they aren't free yet.
After the Apocalypse, Aziraphale and Crowley risk everything in one final, desperate gamble to break free of their old sides and truly start their life together.
A story tracing through the Bus Scene, the Body Swap, and the Trials. -- 鈥淲e鈥檙e on our own side.鈥 The five most wonderful, and most terrifying, words Aziraphale had ever heard.
It was a new world and it was crushing him, smothering him 鈥 he鈥檇 lost his shop, he鈥檇 rebelled against Heaven, everything was falling apart around him, sliding away into an endless dark abyss.
Everything except Crowley. And he could not, could not, let them take him away.
He couldn鈥檛 stand to be alone again.
- Mod D
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ish7ar 10 hours ago
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I missed you, my dear! 馃挆
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infinitevariety 2 days ago
鈥淎nyway. The Fall鈥 certain parts of our angelic natures didn鈥檛 survive it. I won鈥檛 go into detail. But at the beginning we were all sort of scrambling for alternative arrangements to replace what we鈥檇 lost. Halos鈥 wheels鈥︹
鈥淓yes,鈥 Tracy guessed.
鈥淓yes. Yeah. Angels have loads鈥 it鈥檚 not important. The main thing is, mine were gone, and when all was said and done I ended up with these.鈥 He lifted his sunglasses for emphasis, then let them drop. 鈥淎nd they鈥檙e not the same.鈥
I Only Have Eyes For You by @twilightcitysky
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demon-on-the-road 18 hours ago
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I miss them
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