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Day 30 of the 30 Day Challenge: Finally complete! Congrats to me~!

For those who are wondering, the banner actually read “Omedetou” which is “Congratulations” in Japanese

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I’ve spent a long, loong time trying to make my tablet to work today.

I spend almost an afternoon trying to connect it well and looking up if there were new drivers for it, because it was being unstable and making random brush strokes, again!  And at the end I rebooted my computer and I think that’s what helped.

I wanted to draw some Sonic characters and talk about them…Although now it’s late at night and my eyes hurt to draw, so i think I’ll go to bed and do those drawings tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be a better day for drawing I hope :) And meanwhile, have these little sketches I did back on 2016 for inktober 2016. I was at the college at the moment, and one of my classmates throw to the trash one of my intkober pages, so I only have these left because I took a photo of them. I think I have the rest of their photos somewhere on my computer, I’ll research for them.

Hope you like them, also…guess the characters! :D

What?…Sorry but I can’t help XD

I think it’s fun when people guess the characters, and I like to think I’m making this blog more interactive with this…I hope so at least….

But if you don’t like it, please let me know and I’ll cut it out, hehe

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inktober2019 day 31

“I did it!”

Happy Halloween everyone! It looks like we’ve reached the end of the little journey that was #inktober2019. We come to a close again as we have before with a sweat on my brow, and only future projects and deadlines to look forward to.

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