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animepopheart · a day ago
Tumblr media
★ 【GINONG】 「 犬夜叉 」 ☆ ✔ republished w/permission ⊳ ⊳ follow me on twitter
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caterpie · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
InuYasha (1996)
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shinidamachu · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
God, the worry in his eyes and the tenderness of his touch... Like she is simultaneously the single most important thing in the world and he could break her if he wasn't gentle.
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tmetta · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
Currently thinking about demon slayer Rin that doesn’t actually slay demons only befriends them
Tumblr media
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mermaider00 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Mama Rin gonna take you out to protect her baby girl Towa 😤🔪
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officialinuyasha · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
InuYasha Yashahime Fan Art Winners picked by Rumiko Sensei
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heynikkiyousofine · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A Deal With A Demon
Summary:  Kagome’s struggling to keep her family’s bar afloat after her mother’s death. One night, a demon makes a deal, intriguing her to change her life.
Trigger Warning on this fic! I'm so sorry I forgot to mention it before, there is an attempted assault in the first part.
Part 1 l Part 2 l Part 3 l Part 4
Smut Warning! A little Thirsty Thursday for my friends, inspired by the smut queen @keichanz Hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed writing it!
Dedicated to my dear friend @enchantedink-ag Much Love! 💕
Kagome sighed dreamily, laying flat on the plush bed, admiring the curtains that draped around the bed posts. Her new room was beautiful, bigger than her and Sango’s apartment, the bed itself massive and comfortable. Deciding she would need to send pictures to Sango, once everything was unpacked, she giggled, wiggling her body happily as she sank deeper into her bed.
“You seem to be laughing a lot at the strangest things.” Inuyasha playfully voiced from the doorway. She peeked up at him from her spot, sticking her tongue out at him. He chuckled and walked towards her, settling himself on the corner of the bed, giving her more space than she really wanted.
“Inu,” she bit her lip, sitting up to face him, “Why did you ask me to live with you?”
“I like your company. Plus, you seemed like you could use the help. Are you unhappy to be here?”
“Oh, not at all! I love your home, well my home now too, I guess.” She giggled, still riding on that high. “I just wondered, plus I like spending time with you as well. I did want to know something else.” She felt her cheek warm and twiddled her fingers in her lap. 
“You’re going to live much longer than me, I don’t want you to be alone, since I’m only human. You asked me to spend the rest of my life here, but what if,” she glanced down, “what if were to live as long as you did? How could I do that, to fulfill my end of the bargain?” She felt his finger under her chin, raising it so she stared into his eyes. 
“Are you making another deal with me, Kagome?”
“I’ll do anything to be with you.” She breathed, shuddering at his tone.
“I’d have to make you mine, once that happens, you’ll live as long as me.” She nodded, her breathing stopped and she didn’t dare move as he moved closer, looking from her eyes to her lips. She licked them softly, biting the bottom one. When he rumbled softly, she felt herself move closer, her eyes closing softly. Inuyasha.
When their lips met, she sighed dreamily. She moved her hands up his chest, feeling it rise and fall with every shuddering breath, vibrating against her palms. She moved her lips in sync with his, feeling one of his hands wrap around her waist, hoisting her into his lap. She gasped as he reached with his other at the nape of her neck, holding her in place. Her insides were feeling funny, clenching at his gentle roughness. She moaned when he gripped her hair and she could feel her inner thighs growing wet.
“Inuyasha.” She murmured between kisses, swallowing his gasps when she pulled him closer, gripping his shirt. 
“Say it again.” He began to trail kisses down her neck, softly nipping behind her ear, her collarbone and throat. She continued to moan softly, her hand going to his hair to keep him there.
“Inuyasha, Inuyasha, Inuyasha.” She repeated as he continued to suckle her neck. She continued to sit there in absolute heaven, when she got an idea. She raised one of her hands to find his ear, rubbing the appendage softly, stroking it in time with his lips.
She heard his soft growl and giggled, when suddenly she was thrown to the pillows, her hands up above her head.
“You’re playing with dangerous ground there, Ka-Go-Me.” He smirked at her.
“What if I want to play?” She whispered hotly, biting her lip, looking at his lips. He growled once more, leaning down to capture her lips in his, swallowing her loud gasp. She brought her leg up, to rub against his jean clad thigh, the rough fabric on her bare legs heightening her senses. She groaned softly, her body feeling like it was on fire everywhere he touched, his lips soothing every nip. She bared her neck in submission, thrilled when he growled loudly against her skin.
She moved her hands to his abdomen, rubbing his solid muscle underneath, slowly pushing his shirt up. He paused his kissing for a moment, to pull his shirt over his head and she took the opportunity to sit up and begin kissing his chest, tracing his demonic swirls. He paused, gripping her upper arms gently as she ran her lips over his pecs, softly nipping his tanned skin. He snarled, pushing her back to the bed. 
“Tonight, will be all about you, love.” He leaned forward, touching his nose against hers and she shivered. “Are you sure? There’s no going back, once you’ve made a deal with me.”
She nodded, smiling for him, her heart leaping in her chest.
“I’m sure. I’m ready to spend the rest of my life with you, if you’ll have me.”
“You drive a hard bargain woman.” He snickered, kissing her deeply. She pushed back, gripping his shoulders to bring him as close as she could. His hand ran up her stomach and she arched forward, desperate for his touch on her skin. She heard a rip and pulled away to look down, her tee shirt ripped apart, exposing her bra clad chest. She arched her brow at him and he grinned sheepishly. She pursed her lips at him, before shaking her head at his impulses, despite it being attractive.
She yanked him forward once more, crashing her lips to his. His claws grazed her bare stomach and she shivered under his touch. She arched her back, desperate for more of him. She reached behind, unclasping her bra so she wouldn’t shred that too. When she yanked it off, he latched on to her left nipple and sucked hard, causing her to cry out. Oh fuck me, yes!
He plucked the other with his fingers, suckling on her chest like a new born babe. She arched her back again, gasping out, calling his name as the wetness between her thighs soaked her shorts.
“Oh my kami, Inuyasha.” She breathlessly gasped and heard his chuckle. Her hand latched onto his hair, gripping it tightly, while the other held onto the silk pillow above her head. She was in heaven and didn’t think it could get any better, but oh, was she wrong.
He continued to give the other nipple the same treatment, bringing more gasps and moans from her, his name in every other breath. He worked his way, softly nipping at her belly, and she clenched as he hit a ticklish spot. She giggled and he smiled against her skin, kissing it softly before continuing downward. As he neared her most sensitive area, she held her breath when she felt his hot breath through the fabric of her shorts. His patience ran thin as her shorts were ripped from her body and he snickered at her loud gasp.
“Inuyasha! Stop ripping my clothes off!” She snapped at him, his actions making her even more hot and bothered, keeping that thought to herself. He shrugged at her, his eyebrow arching when she groaned and laid her head back against the pillow. He began kissing her inner thigh, switching to other, ignoring the spot she wanted him the most. Whimpering a bit, she stifled a groan when she felt his lips getting close to hers, only to pull away. When he licked her from bottom of her lips, all the way to the top of her clit, she moaned in ecstasy, feeling her body begin to tremble in excitement. 
If she thought she was in heaven before, she must have died and come back again. He continued his exploring, his tongue bringing her to new heights, when she felt a deep coil in her body, ready to snap when he latched on to her clit, sucking hard, her vision going white. 
“Oh my kami, INUYASHA!!” She screamed, her thigh clenching around his head, back arched and her mind going blank. She was vaguely aware of her body vibrating, every inch of her skin on fire as he continued lapping at her. She sighed happily, her body coming down from her high, when she heard his chuckle.
“Not a kami babe, only a demon.”
She rolled her eyes, grabbing his forelocks and bringing him up for a kiss. She gasped, tasting herself on his lips and he growled, pushing her deeper into the mattress. She began to unbuckle his pants, her body even more desperate for his. He helped her unbutton his pants, yanking both his jeans and boxers down, and lining himself up at her entrance. He looked into her eyes one more time, his chest heaving, making sure she was ready for this decision. She smiled, giving him her best genuine smile, bringing him close once more.
As his lips softly brushed hers, he thrust his hips forward, the both of them groaning at the wave of pleasure. She wrapped herself around him, eyes rolling in the back of her head as he thrust forward once more.
“Fuck, Kagome.” He growled, snarling a bit as his thrusting fastened sloppily.
“Inuyasha! Please!” She cried out, clawing at his back, her nails digging in as he made her go higher, not sure what she was begging for. He snarled louder, ripping her arms from his back and flipped her over, yanking her ass in the air. He leaned forward, gripping the hair at the base of her neck, and whispered in her ear, his fangs grazing the skin.
“Your pleasure is mine. You are mine, forever.”
Her body hummed, trembling as he thrust back into her, his words igniting the flame inside of her.
“Yours. I’m yours, as you are mine.” She sighed back happily, pushing back into him, urging him with her body to go harder. He grunted, using his other hand to move her her lower back lower, her face pressed into the pillow. She held her hands out, pushing against the headboard for leverage as he began to go harder, pounding against her. Moaning in bliss, she felt her body go tight once more, his growls vibrating against her back, the fire a raging inferno in her lower belly.
“Inu, I’m gonna, I’m gonna,” She tried to say, her own words lost in her pleasure, groaning.
“Come for me, baby.” He groaned, gripping her hips, pushing him deeper into her core. She whimpered, the feeling of it all too much as he reached his hand around to rub her clit and she exploded instantly. Her orgasm ripped through her, stars flashing before her eyes as she screamed, his name a mantra on her lips. She felt his teeth sinking in her shoulder blade, his cum filling her and she shuddered, orgasming once more. 
She sighed happily, groaning a bit as he pulled out before turning her over, so she lay her head on his chest. She drew lazy circles, tracing his markings, her body humming as he traced a mark over and over again on her shoulder. They lay like that for some time, her eyes closed in bliss and she fell into a deep sleep, safe in his arms.
She blinked her eyes, sunlight coming through the large windows, warm underneath Inuyasha’s arm.
“Morning sleepy head, you slept all night.” He smiled, kissing her bare shoulder softly. She hummed, snuggling into his arms deeper.
“A certain demon wore me out.” She giggled.
“Are you planning on going to the bar today?” He asked, nuzzling her shoulder, her skin tingling where he bit her the night before.
“Only if you come with me.” She bargained.
“Oi, who says you can make another deal?” He softly nipped at her, causing shivers down her spine.
“I think since I’m spending eternity with a demon, I’m entitled to make a few deals myself.” She laughed and he joined in, the both of them ready to begin their new life together.
taglist: @enchantedink-ag​ @yukinon-writes​ @jeremymarsh​ @thejustmaiden​ @sailorbabydoll92​ @loveinu40​ @knittingknots​ @dawnrider​ @moonandwind​ @lavendertwilight89​ @malditamigs​ @coyfoxmama​ @hazelhalfpint​​ @sailorlolo​​ @liz8080​​ @eriimoonsstuff​​ @gottalottasocks​​ @swaggingtomboy​ @kalcia​ @splendentgoddess​ @wheremydreamsliethereyoullfindme​ @elcubanpapi13 @kawaiichan67 @mandirox89​  @banksdelivers​ @keichanz​ @sorayastrife @abominablesnowpickle @joaniemae @sheremylunadandelion90 @babeewiththepowerr  @betrosed @misteria247  @bluejay785 @misteria247 @that-one-nerdy-gal @adorabubblesblog @snowleopard302 @melissaurie @banksdelivers @mybloodstream-caffeine @cazzy96 @hylianghoulart @briartss @hny-moroha @xcaeli @imextraordinarilyordinary @prettybaby89 @grapefruitwannabe
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sweet61 · a day ago
There literally isn't one single part of the manga where Inuyasha is annoyed or displeased at Kagome leaning on him.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Yet people keep drawing them like that.
Inuyasha loves Kagome leaning on him and even leans on Kagome himself.
Not just Kagome leaning on him. He also loves touching Kagome.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Why do people do this?
It's my pet peeve.
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quennie93 · 2 days ago
Alrighty so Pg 1 finally done!
Hope yall like it
Tumblr media
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shinidamachu · a day ago
Tumblr media
Did he ever use the word "please" before this? I mean, he probably has, but it's definitely a rarety. Especially when it comes off almost as if he was begging.
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kstewdeux · 23 hours ago
Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven
Tumblr media
“I’m fine.”
Ah, yes. Inuyasha was completely and totally fine. It wasn’t like he’d been dragging his feet for the past two hours and coming up with every excuse under the sun about why he wasn’t ready to head over quite yet. He’d taken a shower. Decided he wanted to do something different with his hair which had then been braided but was now up in a high point tail. He’d eaten at such a snail’s pace that Kagome felt her eye twitching and a bizarre urge to push his face into the bowl of ramen to make him hurry up.
This whole endeavor was going to take thirty minutes tops and delaying it wasn’t helping anything.
“I just need to talk to your mom and then I’ll be ready,” Inuyasha muttered absently as he checked the mirror for the hundredth time and anxiously licked one fang, “It won’t take long.”
“Why do you need to talk to my mom?” Kagome groaned as she sank down onto the guest bed and tried to reign in her frustration, “Inuyasha, I can go by myself. No one is forcing you to go.”
“I’m not letting you go over there by yourself. Anything could happen,” Inuyasha huffed with a faint blush before clearing his throat and giving himself a pat down,”I just need to talk to your mom first.”
“I just do,” Inuyasha snapped with a marked pout, “Get off my back woman.”
“Inuyasha, if you keep trying to delay going, it’s going to be night before we head over and I know you don’t want that,” Kagome sighed heavily as she got to her feet and crossed the short distance between them. Reaching up to cup his cheek, she smiled when he closed his eyes and leaned into her touch.
“I just wanna ask her something,” Inuyasha mumbled before letting out a contented sigh and turning his face to nuzzle her palm, “And then I’ll be ready. Promise.”
“Okay. Ten minutes then we need to head out.”
“You say that like I know what that means,” Inuyasha snickered playfully as he cracked open one eye, “I never went to those fancy schools of yours.”
“I’ve seen you read a sundial,” Kagome sighed as she withdrew her hand earning a marked pout, “Don’t play stupid.”
For whatever reason, this statement earned a mildly adoring look before Inuyasha suddenly shook himself and glanced back at the mirror like he was checking to make sure that sweet gesture didn’t mess up his hair. Or something. Since when was Inuyasha vain?
“It won’t be that long,” he finally acquiesced as he rolled his neck and shoulders like he was preparing for a fight, “Just need to ask her something.”
Whatever he wanted to ask Mama took less time than it took Kagome to use the bathroom and when she came out, Inuyasha was standing there waiting for her.
“You ready?” he asked with a nervous energy radiating off him - something she would have attributed to his general feeling of unease at returning to the place that had killed him for absolutely no reason. Except it wasn’t fear and apprehension he was exuding. And he also seemed mildly excited which was a marked change from how he’d been that morning.
“I promise I won’t drag it out,” Kagome hummed as she pushed her hair behind her ears and gave him a reassuring smile, “We’ll go. Talk with Kaede. And then come back. Quick. Simple. To the…”
“I mean, we might need to talk to more than just Kaede,” Inuyasha interjected as they made their way to the front door before he added with an awkward desperation, “The others might be there too. We’ll need to talk to them. And maybe the villagers…I’m sure they need answers.”
“Okay, yeah but…”
Inuyasha let out a shuddering breath as they made it about half way across the court yard before he took her hand and gave it a light squeeze.
“The shrine is nice huh?” Inuyasha continued with that same awkward desperate energy, “I dunno if you’ve ever been inside. It’s pretty. Maybe…maybe we can look at that. While we’re there.”
Clearing her throat, Kagome nodded slowly as she tried to act like this random statement didn’t indicate the onset of Inuyasha’s mental break. Since when did Inuyasha notice much less care whether a building was pretty or not?
“J-just saying that…that maybe it’s the same. Wouldn’t you want to see that?” he added shakily, “Except I think the only…only thing left standing from it is the staircase. Weird how…how close everything seems here. Seems so far back home.”
Yeah, Inuyasha was losing his marbles. The last thing he needed was that final push into madness. An insanity that he was already flirting with. Ever since he’d been magically resurrected, he hadn’t handle much of anything well. From thinking he was like Kikyo in a false body to believing she was some demon sent to torture him in the afterlife to being heavily depressed…
“Inuyasha, I can go by myself. I won’t judge you if you aren’t ready for this,” Kagome offered hesitantly as she set their pace to a much slower one, “I love you. Nothing will ever change that.”
“I know you do woman. I’m not an idiot,” Inuyasha sighed heavily before reaching up like he was checking to make sure his hair was still neatly pulled back. But that couldn’t be right. Inuyasha never acted like he cared about superficial things but maybe he did and just never felt like dressing up was an option. Like it was prohibited for some reason. That explanation would make sense and he definitely putting in extra effort these past twenty four hours.
It was as adorable as it was disturbing.
“Same. I feel the same,” he finally added an awkwardly long pause later before closing his eyes and swallowing, “What, um, do you plan to do? After school I mean.”
At this random topic change, Kagome wrinkled her nose and frowned.
“I guess I hadn’t really thought about it,” she admitted slowly - genuinely concerned at this point, “Are you…”
Before she could finish her question, Inuyasha was already interrupting.
“Well…” he let out a controlled exhale and cleared his throat, “I mean, I’ve thought about it.”
Another shuddering breath and his hand suddenly squeezed hers like he found confidence by doing so.
“I said I’ve been thinking about what you’ll do,” he clarified awkwardly as a faint blush began growing on his cheeks. Slowing her steps down to a halt, Kagome simply blinked at him as her mind spiraled into confusion.
“I mean I died. Makes you think about things,” he tried lamely as he released his hand and shifted his weight, “About what you want.”
“About what I want?”
While his blush became more pronounced ,Inuyasha subtly shook his head and cleared his throat.
“I meant…like…like what I’ll be doing with my life. And what I want you to do with yours,” he tried - relatively proud of himself for making a coherent and somewhat smooth sentence, “Because…because I don’t know what your plans are but…but I’d like some say.”
Even more confused but also touched, Kagome smiled and waited for him to get his thoughts out there. It was sweet that he wanted to talk about her plans for the future. Random given everything that had gone on and was currently going through his head but still sweet.
“Well, um, I guess I’d probably think about being a nurse or a doctor if I stay…”
Inuyasha visibly wilted and he very subtly rolled his eyes.
“Okay. That’s nice and all but I wasn’t talking about your occupation,” Inuyasha interrupted with a very mild bite - his blush now so deep it began contrasting his robe, “I…I wanted to know whether, um, while we’re over there today whether you…you would want to go ahead and…and register.”
“…register?” Kagome asked after an awkwardly long period of time, “Like…for what?”
Clearing his throat, Inuyasha folded his arms tightly across his chest and kicked up some dirt with his heel.
“You know. Register that…that we’re together,” he tried to explain - utterly mortified that the custom wasn’t the same in this time period despite Kagome’s mother’s reassurances, “You know, like…like husband and wife and shit.”
Inuyasha did not enjoy the deafening silence that followed his explanation. Nor did he like the way Kagome’s face went pale then blank.
So he stopped looking and focused on keeping his breathing steady.
“A-are you asking m-me to marry you?” her voice suddenly squeaked out and unsure of what else to do, he nodded. Once. Dejectedly.
It had seemed like the thing to do. Life had been short. And random. And painful. This second chance…okay, it had also been short and random and painful but it’d also been…amazing.
There’d been so many wonderful things he’d never even known existed. Well, okay, he knew cuddling existed but no one ever told him how absolutely amazing and soothing it was to snuggle up against someone you loved. The feel of it. The warmth. The ability to breathe easier. To feel safe. One night and he’d had sleep ruined for life. If everything had gone the way he’d wanted, there would never be another night where that didn’t happen.
But a fear began creeping in that maybe she didn’t actually love him as much as she said she did. Maybe she’d just been sad he died and it broke her brain. Made her believe things…
But then that was all the more reason to lock her down before she realized how she really felt. He didn’t want to waste a single second. 
He’d even thought it all through, okay? Well, as much as one could in a brief morning alone. More than anything he wanted to spend every single second of every single day in Kagome’s presence. Fall asleep and wake up with her in his arms. Drown in her kisses and her love. Be able to touch her as much as he damn well pleased and allow her the same privilege. To let his guard down and let her in fully like a warm blanket around his very soul. Sure, they’d need to be…careful but if a mistake was made and things happened, Kagome could just stay over here where she’d be safe. Better yet, they could just get married and wait to do that more risky part. He’d be fine with that. More than fine because she’d be his and he’d be hers in the eyes of everyone which is what mattered. It wouldn’t matter to him where they wound up - although a part of him would prefer to stay here in this time where he didn’t have to worry about random attacks and the possibility of another unexpected trip into that hellish lonely void. They could take over the shrine or, if she wanted to stay in the feudal era, that’d be fine too. After all, they were strong and they were stronger together so…
Basically, he wanted to be happy and she made him happy. By force when necessary.
But maybe he never made her happy. Actually he knew he hadn’t thus why a part of him was afraid any love she felt for him might be temporary. Who the hell would love someone like him? After all, there was the whole Kikyo disaster which had always gotten in the way and then she’d spent the past month grieving. And he’d been an ass. Looking back, he primarily made her sad. Why would she want to marry someone who only ever brought her down? Who…who hurt her and…and was broken and…
“Is that what you asked my mom?” Kagome suddenly giggled before launching at him and wrapping her arms around his neck.
“Y-yeah?” Inuyasha mumbled thickly - his mind trying to catch up to this merciful distraction before moving his arms to hold her back just as tightly, “She gave me permission. You can a-ask her yourself if you don’t…”
“And you got all dressed up!? Oh my gosh. You’re so cute,” Kagome cooed before letting out a watery laugh and pressing a kiss against his stiff neck. None of that was an answer though and there were so many ways to interpret the word ‘cute.’ Not that he honestly believed she was mocking him but the possibility was there.
“So…?” he finally muttered as he tried to pull back to see her face.
“So what?” Kagome sniffled happily as she loosened her grip and slid slightly down to accommodate their interaction.
“Well what’s your answer?” he asked - his amber eyes desperately trying to read her expression for a moment before he added with a hint of unbridled panic, “I mean, I didn’t mean t-to rush ya if…if you aren’t…just saying I…I mean, we can wait and…and see how, um, it goes…”
‘Don’t leave me…’ he added silently in despair as he willed away the urge to cry and beg for her to forget he said anything at all. He just thought…
“Sorry. Yes,” Kagome giggled as a few tears streamed down her flushed cheeks, “Yes. My answer…”
Was drowned out by an incredibly relieved Inuyasha’s mouth covering her own.
Tumblr media
“Please? For me?” Sango pleased gently as she held out a small bowl of rice and a flask of water, “I know you’re not feeling well but you still need to eat. It might even settle your stomach.”
Groaning wearily, Miroku eyed the offerings once again before pushing his flushed sweat dampened bangs away from his face and sighing. Going days without sleep and adequate sustenance had apparently triggered the onset of illness and the very thought of food made him want to gag. But…she was right. At a minimum, he needed to drink something or else something other than his wind tunnel would kill him. A lifelong quest to survive foiled by something perfectly ordinary.
So it was that Miroku shakily propped himself up and accepted the drink.
“Small sips,” Sango instructed as she reached for the damp rag and lovingly placed it on the back of his neck, “Don’t go too fast.”
Raising the flask to his lips, Miroku’s violet eyes flicked upwards to give her a patient yet adoring glance.
“I am perfectly aware of how to drink water. You do not need to treat me like a child,” he mumbled before secretly smiling when she scritched his jaw in silent reprimand.
“I’m just worried about you,” she sighed as she sat back to balance on her ankles, “That’s all.”
“I know.”
A few moments of comfortable silence fell wherein Miroku drank and Sango nervously played with her hair.
“Can I ask you a question?” she finally asked when Miroku lowered the flask into his lap and took a shuddering illness related breath to will away the nausea.
Miroku nodded absently.
“Do you think I’m feminine?”
One violet eye cracked open as his flushed face crumpled in confusion.
“I beg your pardon?”
“It’s nothing,” Sango backtracked - chewing her bottom lip for a moment before sighing and clarifying, “I know the answer. I just want to hear you say it.”
If anything, Miroku looked even more confused but the lines marring his face did lessen somewhat.
“Yes. My dearest Sango you are perfectly feminine in every way,” he offered tiredly before suddenly handing the flask back and clumsily maneuvering to lay back down again on his side with a strange level of urgency.
Scooting closer, Sango retrieved the fallen damp rag and applied it just over his jugular earning a miserable sounding coo of appreciation.
“Do you feel like you might throw up?” the slayer asked worriedly as she tried to move some of the damp hair away from his face. A weak nod was her answer and in response, Sango quickly reached over to grab the nearby empty bucket just in case. For a brief second, unfocused violet eyes fluttered open and his chapped lips twitched upwards. As miserable as he clearly was, she could see his heart melting on his face. Then he turned a sallow color and began breathing quite heavily through his mouth.
"If it needs to come up, it needs to come up,” Sango hummed sympathetically as she angled the bucket and began lightly rubbing Miroku’s back, “Holding it in doesn’t help anything.”
“I...I d-disagree,” Miroku managed as he struggled against the ground spinning out from under him. Heaven knows when the never ending torrent that would inevitably spew from his mouth would end but if it could be delayed or avoided entirely, the monk would very much prefer...
The shock that both monk and slayer felt at hearing that terrified, heartbroken, desperate panicked scream in a voice neither honestly never expected to hear again…
Well it was enough to make the monk lose the battle to keep his stomach contents at bay and, in an instant, Sango was clumsily scrambling over herself in a blind panic - barely remembering the importance of weapons as she made a beeline for the door.​
Kilala transformed and with one hand, Sango mounted her companion who took off less than a second later. Sparing a glance back towards the village, the slayer was surprised to see the village men grabbing their weapons and rushing behind Kaede who was leading the charge. 
Sango prayed and ordered Kilala to fly faster.
Tumblr media
Entire being trembling and breath coming out in short shaky pants, Inuyasha crouched in front of his intended wife as the bloodied flesh of the soul collectors cascaded down. Honestly, he’d rather spend the rest of eternity in that literal hellhole than let this frigid soul eating bitch… “I SAID STOP,” he hissed through clenched teeth, “Leave or else I’ll kill you. Right here. Right now.”
For the lonest moment, the wind played with tendrils of their hair before Kikyo let out an indifferent yet somehow smug hum.
“That soul is…” “Hers. It’s hers. Hell even that bit you’ve got is hers,” Inuyasha snarled - feeling a little proud of himself for not letting Kikyo see his blinding terror. Maybe this was why he’d gotten stuck wherever and brought back. To die again protecting the woman he finally put first. So be it. Kikyo’s infuriatingly calm face turned slightly towards the sounds of an angry mob charging up the hill before she let out a soft breathy laugh. “Tell me Inuyasha. Are you betraying me for this child…” “You bet your ass I am,” Inuyasha interrupted with obvious bite - his voice cracking slightly as his panic continued growing, “Now leave.” Kikyo narrowed her eyes before slowly reaching for an arrow and nocking her bow. That…would have been the time to attack Inuyasha realized in retrospect. When she didn’t have the damn thing ready to go quite yet. What was he even doing? He should’ve just killed her the second she shot that first arrow. He should’ve but, oh no, he… “You take that shot and it’ll be the last fucking thing you ever do.” Kikyo pulled the bow taut and with a miserable longing glance at the frightened woman behind him, Inuyasha launched forward with a shuddering breath. So. Be. It. “INUYASHA DON’T!” Ignoring his love’s anguished cry, Inuyasha readied his claws while trying to keep his own panic and tears at bay. The arrow flew straight for him. Dancing in the air like time was slowing down just to allow him a few more moments on earth. Jaw trembling, he quickly glanced at the treelike to make sure the villagers were actually coming before deciding his last moments would be better spent looking at what mattered most rather than... “HIRAIKOTSU!” As the air got knocked out of him and his body awkwardly soared across the field, Inuyasha wasn’t entirely sure if he should be grateful or pissed that the slayer managed to very forcibly and painfully knock him away seconds before the arrow would’ve pierced his chest. So he went for the more familiar emotion. “WHAT THE HELL SANGO?!” Inuyasha rasped as he slid down the tree he’d been unceremoniously slammed into and rubbed at his sore chest. The slayer paid him no mind. With murder in her dark chocolate eyes, the only person Sango had any interest in facing was the one who nearly took out two people who meant more to her than life itself. “You take one step closer and it’s over,” Sango hissed as the boomerang returned to her outstretched hand, “Clay is easier to snap than flesh and bone.” Usually this would be when Kikyo would leave or fly away using her soul collectors but a quick glance over the scene had told Sango there were no soul collectors left. Inuyasha had done a bang up job preventing or, at least, stopping whatever Kikyo had been intending to do. Which was odd. Actually. 
When did Kikyo even arrive and why would she attack Kagome here? Of all places? No hesitation about killing Inuyasha on top of that? Even when she did the craziest things, Inuyasha was always under her umbrella of protection in some backwards way. Something wasn’t right… “Why are you here Kikyo?” Sango hissed once she realized the undead miko wasn’t leaving. Might as well get some answers. “I would think it quite obvious,” Kikyo laughed softly as her eyes flicked towards the half-demon who had quickly moved to stand between his friends and herself. Inuyasha let out another shuddering breath before taking out his sword and swallowing hard. It was his job to protect them. It was his job. His job. His job… That thought bounced around his static filled mind as he watched his target closely. And then she smirked. Her hand arching back for another arrow… Only to find herself being hit squarely in the chest by an arrow from a heartbreakingly familiar source. “That is quite enough,” Kaede huffed tearfully as she aimed another arrow and hit the mark seconds later. For the briefest of seconds, Kikyo smiled. Her eyes filled with pride and affection that looked almost foreign anymore before her body began to crumble back into the earth from whence it came. It was only after they watched her soul fragment soar into the sky above that Inuyasha felt safe enough to beeline towards Kagome and make sure she hadn’t been mortally wounded. Every fiber of his being trembled uncontrollably as he scooped her into his arms and into his lap. His breath shaking and shuddering out of his control. Gone apparently were the days when he could mask how terrified he was during and after a battle. Honestly, it’d be a miracle he didn’t start… “You’re crying,” came a hoarse worried hum as Kagome’s soft fingertips reached up to caress his cheek, “Don’t cry. I’m okay. They just grazed me.” Whining softly, Inuyasha leaned down to press his nose against her temple and tried to get ahold of himself. This could’ve been…it could’ve been… “Don’t leave me,” he whimpered softly - just loud enough for her to hear, “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” Sighing, Kagome continued stroking his dampened cheeks. Honestly, if she felt anything towards him about the extremely random attack, it was pride. Sure, at first, he’d frozen in panic when that arrow came flying through the meadow but he’d muscled through it and ultimately saved her just like he always had. Not as quickly as he normally would have. The arrow had managed to graze her left bicep and the second hit her calf making her nearly pass out but he’d gotten to her before the soul collectors did and took care of them. So, yes, she was incredibly proud. “I’m s-sorry. D-don’t l-leave m-me,” he continued begging in between shuddering sobs, “I’m sorry.” “It’s okay,” Kagome tried to soothe earning a whine loud enough for the villagers to hear, “Inuyasha, it’s okay. It is.” “S’not. I…I let you get h-hurt,” he argued in between great heaving breaths, “You g-got hurt. I…I can’t…I can’t.. I…” Yelping softly when someone grabbed his ear and yanked hard, Inuyasha batted away the hand and hazily tried to figure out which asshole he needed to punch for interrupting his rapid descent into despair. “You ever do something that suicidal again and I will kill you myself,” Sango hissed angrily as she released his ear and glared, “Do you have any idea how much you mean to us? Do you?! You can’t just go around…” “W-what?” Inuyasha sniffled before running his hand beneath his nose and glaring when his mind caught up, “Like you’re one to talk. You do way crazier shit for less.” “Kikyo was going to…” “Can we t-talk about t-this later? Kagome…” Inuyasha  cleared his throat and let out a shuddering breath, “Kagome got hurt. We need to t-take care of her first.” Sango’s eyes softened slightly before she looked at the miko who simply raised her hand in greeting with the world’s most awkward smile. “My fault,” Inuyasha offered miserably as he read the question behind the slayer’s eyes, “I…I wasn’t fast enough.” Nodding slowly, Sango could visibly see how terrified and miserably Inuyasha was compared to how exasperatedly proud the miko seemed. Maybe Inuyasha was having as tough a time coping with his own death as Miroku had been. “Do you want to carry her or should I?” Sango offered softly and with a shuddering breath, Inuyasha nodded towards Kilala. “Probably b-better if you do it,” he replied weakly, “I…I just…” “Why don’t we all walk together?” Kaede suddenly chimed in - looking much older than she had in the ten minutes prior to this incident, “Ye can tell us what happened on the way.” It was several hours later before everyone was patched up and decompressed enough to actually say anything other than depressing truths. Miroku, despite his illness, had been very vocal about how grateful he was that Inuyasha had been returned to them and how grateful he was that Inuyasha had elected to be his friend. Sango confessed the same but also expressed her belief that Inuyasha needed more time to recover in a land that wouldn’t push him into too much too soon. But when the subject once again turned back towards the unpleasant events of that evening, Inuyasha shut certain topics down. After Kaede expressed the strained confession that she was grateful to have been the one who ended her sister’s suffering, theories began being proffered as to why the hell Kikyo felt so inclined to attack in the first place. Because, by all accounts, it didn’t make sense. “Doesn’t matter why she did it. I don’t care and neither should you,” he mumbled almost hatefully as Sango hesitantly voiced her opinion that Kikyo had done all of that to make sure Inuyasha moved on. “I just find it strange that she’d…” “She tried to kill Kagome. End of story,” Inuyasha snapped as he tightened his arms around Kagome’s waist and pulled her farther into his lap, “Even if that was true, that’s some manipulative bull crap. Didn’t do anyone any favors much less me.” “I’m just trying to figure out…” “What is there to figure out?” Inuyasha hissed, “The bitch is gone. We don’t need to worry about her anymore.” “Inuyasha,” Kagome chided gently as she reached back to stroke his tense jaw, “Sango was just trying to find a logical explanat…” “Nothing she did was logical so why try to force logic onto it?” Inuyasha huffed before burying his nose into Kagome’s hair and inhaling deeply, “I…I just don’t want to talk about this anymore.” Giving her friends a look that was both parts chiding and apologetic, Kagome nodded once and covered his arms with her own. From her position, she could feel his muscles jumping as he tried to get ahold of his lingering anxiety and despair over the situation. His confusion. His shock. This was the very last thing he needed. The very last... “Well, it certainly appears that this whole misadventure brought you both closer,” Miroku groaned playfully - still laying on the ground in the full throws of nausea, “Pray tell, how far have you gone?” “Pervert,” Sango hissed as her hand raised and twitched mid-air, “If I didn’t think you’d vomit everywhere I’d slap you.” “My injuries have never stopped you before,” Miroku hummed hoarsely before cracking one eye open to study the two very alive and present beings he’d missed wholeheartedly, “Forgive me for being curious.” “We were gunna register while we’re here,” Inuyasha offered with a faint blush as he turned his face and rested his cheek against Kagome’s hair in a subtle attempt to hide, “B-but with everything t-that’s happened, I dunno if...” “Today is a good time. We’ll do it in the morning,” Kagome finished for him, “It’s getting late.” Shivering slightly at the relieved yet depressed sigh that cascaded over her shoulder, Kagome gave Inuyasha’s arm a light squeeze. It didn’t take a genius to figure out where his mind had gone. What he’d assumed. But two minor cuts did not a proposal break and all in all Kagome believed Inuyasha had done well not letting his trauma get the best of him. In fact, it boded extremely well for the future of the quest. Inuyasha would need more time, of course, before they went out again but for a very traumatic first test, he got an A+ in her book. Okay, maybe a B+ but that was still a far cry from a failing grade. As everyone else set about for bed, Inuyasha waited for Kagome to give him some direction. For him, the events of earlier might as well have been a funeral pyre for everything he’d managed to build with Kagome over the past few days. All his hopes, dreams and wants going up in flames the instant that first arrow hit. The second one just added fuel to the fire. He couldn’t move, couldn’t think, couldn’t do anything other than scream despite Kagome clearly being in danger. It was… “You ready to go to bed?” Kagome asked quietly and when Inuyasha didn’t reply, she let out a knowing hum. “Come on,” she cooed as she extracted herself easily and laid down on the ground. Patting her chest, she looked up at him expectantly with another soft ‘come on.’ So it was that Inuyasha ran his hand under his nose before laying down next to her - one arm curling beneath her neck while the other pulled her against him. All while multiple sets of eyes exchanged somewhat perturbed but also excited glances. A moment passed then two before Miroku opened his mouth to speak… “Keep your comments to yourself monk,” Inuyasha mumbled tiredly as he buried his nose in Kagome’s neck and let out a shuddering sigh, “This is just how it is.” And so it was how it was and would always be. It took Inuyasha another straight year before he regained his old confidence. While there were hiccups along the way, the final battle with Naraku was optimally timed a few days after Inuyasha emerged from his lingering apprehensions which had slowed him down. Once Naraku was gone, everything afterwards was easy. True, years later now, Inuyasha would still wake up in a cold sweat and a silent scream on his lips - having been returned to that hellish cold void in his dreams - but that really was the worst of it. At the ripe old age of four hundred twenty two, Inuyasha passed on moments after Kagome left the world… Both surrounded by their children, their grandchildren… Yet Inuyasha never went back to that cold lonely void. Two souls connected by fate, as it turned out, could not move on without the other. It hadn’t been his time and therefore, Inuyasha’s soul had simply been lost in limbo waiting for it’s other half to arrive so they could move on together into their next adventure.
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Opuestos que se atraen y complementan☯️💫
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Decided to read the manga for Inuyasha cuz everyone said he treats Kagome better , and when I tell you that when Inuyahsa not only kissed kikyo when she finally died !!! And then cried blood and wanted to die with her ??? I almost convulsed!!!
Im hurt I know Kagome was hurt hearing that .
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