dduane · 2 days ago
Hello there :)
Your post about the Irish constantly saying fuck killed me. So I thought you might appreciate a short story about another lapse of language between the Irish and Americans.
My university sponsored a literary tour of Ireland and the UK. In Dublin, my group of girls got in the hotel elevator with these two cute Dubliner boys. Being myself, I was flirting my face off.
One boy was talking about this club the two were going to that night. I asked if it was a fun club. He said yeah, best craic in Dublin.
My girls go completely silent. The boys get off the elevator. The girl next to me starts freaking out about being offered drugs.
I burst out laughing. Then I explained. We ended up going to the club that night. Very fun.
There's no joke as Gaeilge that's more popular for use on the innocent North American visitor. :)
(...If it actually is an Irish joke; or initially one. There is a serious amount of discussion among scholars about the etymology, derivation and history of the term craic. [One simple version is here.])
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desertpups · 18 hours ago
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image 1 text: tweet from Dr Nicola Ní Mhistéil @serentrippety. If you're wondering what #RoeVWade has to do with Ireland, the same groups that funded anti-choice campaigning & lobbying are pumping money & comms into anti-choice groups here. This is a global campaign make no mistake about it.
image 2 text:
On a night like this I remember the child
who came with fifteen summers to her name,
and she lay down alone at my feet
without midwife or doctor or friend to hold
her hand
and she pushed her secret out into the night,
far from the town tucked up in little
bargains struck, words broken, prayers,
and though she cried out to me in extremis
I did not move,
I didn't lift a finger to help her,
I didn't intercede with heaven,
nor whisper the charmed word in God's ear.
On a night like this I number the days to the
and the turn back to the light.
O sun,
centre of our foolish dance,
burning heart of stone,
molten mother of us all,
hear me and have pity.
Paula Meehan's "The
Statue of the Virgin at Granard Speaks"
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virtualsoup · 2 days ago
Hello? This is Mabel Martin... @mabelpodcast
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mysharona1987 · 2 days ago
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tiarnanabhfainni · 18 hours ago
timeline of significant events in the republic of ireland because sometimes it shocks me how recent some of these things were
1970 - catholic church lifts the ban on attending trinity college
1973 - abolishment of the bar on married women working in the civil service
1977 - abolishment of the marriage bar in the private sector
1979 - first female cabinet minister (in the dáil after the 1937 constitution)
1985 - legalisation of contraception
1990 - criminalisation of spousal rape
1990 - first female president
1993 - decriminalisation of homosexuality
1996 - legalisation of divorce
1996 - last magdalene laundry closes
2009 - passage of the civil partnership act for same-sex couple
2015 - legalisation of same-sex marriage
2015 - passage of the gender recognition act
2018 - legalisation of abortion
2019 - removal of legally required four-year waiting period for divorce
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pulpa-de-gorila · 6 hours ago
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Oirish funeral
Also, small rant about @ask-the-ryans below in case that you've noticed I went a lil quiet:
For the latest posts, I've felt like I pressured myself to make something of quality, obscuring the love I had for making finished illustrations (which was kinda my rule in first place, to not go rushing anything around), and since I don't like forcing art for entertainment value, I'll be giving that side project enough space until it comes to me naturally again. But as for now, I really enjoy making silly doodles and comics for punchy men, so let's see where that leads. Still, thank u all for introducing me to a fandom :^)
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qlqniel · a day ago
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Threatening weather over fields of stones and heather
Slieve Oughtmama, August 2015
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relightthestars · a day ago
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Slieve Donard, Mourne Mountains (Northern Ireland)
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thismustbetheblog · a day ago
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fiagai-cnuasaitheoir · a day ago
Plants with a connection to irish fairies
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Foxgloves / lus an bean sidh
Tumblr media
Cow parsnip / odhran
Tumblr media
The dock leaf / copagach
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Were all credited as being able to break fairy spells
Water lily / Buillite
Tumblr media
Was known to be very powerful
Tumblr media
As were rushes found in a place of fairy mythology
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sasukehoe · 10 months ago
Respectfully, Ireland is the best country on the planet
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burnitalldownism · 5 months ago
Because of Brexit, all companies which only operate ATMs inside the EU have now replaced the UK’s Union Jack with the Irish tricolour for the English language option.
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Ye killed our language lads, so now we’ve kidnapped yours.
€10million and an Irish Language Act in the North within 48hrs, or Béarla gets it 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🔫
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ravenslynch · a month ago
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The poetry of my people.
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mirkwoodest · a month ago
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You can file this one under "fun facts that make me feel insane"
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monument-of-anxiety · 4 months ago
Since their efforts to aid others in times of crisis often goes unnoticed, let's all take a moment to thank Ireland for taking in the Ukrainian refugees that Britain is turning away. They are demanding no visas, no pre-existing family or title in their country, nothing more than a fucking ID. Those who have faced the most tragedy are truly the most heroic. 🇮🇪🍀💚🤍🧡
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knotted-oak · 2 months ago
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wood anemone, Ireland
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michaelheneghan · 5 months ago
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Two abandoned houses in Headford, Co.Galway.
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prokopetz · a month ago
I love shipping parcels to Ireland because every individual premises has a unique postal code, so the entire rest of the address can be whatever the fuck they want. I once sent a parcel someplace whose listed street address was literally just “The Yellow Door”. I looked it up on Street View and it was in fact the yellowest door I had ever seen.
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tiarnanabhfainni · 10 months ago
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someone has already posted this but buffy was definitely the funniest example of american tv using irish as a magical language for spells and the occult. mostly because this passage was very obviously copied and pasted from an article about a new bus lane
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mysharona1987 · a year ago
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