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Epithets of Iris


Originally posted by caterpie

Aellopos • storm-footed, storm-swift

Khrysopteros • golden winged

Podas ōkea • swift footed

Podēnemos ōkea • wind-swift footed

ThaumantiasDaughter of Thaumas / wondrous one


Roscida • dewy (Latin)

messenger of the gods

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“while it is true that night time devours the day, it is doubly true that every morning the sun returns to frighten away the cowardly darkness.”

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This is how I imagined Iris, the Goddess of the Rainbow and a messenger of the Gods

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They heard there was a little kid running around that needed making fun of

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Handmaid to Hera

Goddess of rainbows is she

Iris, daughter of the sea

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Home home

The one on the left is my oc Iris, the one on the right belongs to my discord mother✨

Both hot casino owners—


K baiskii

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Iris is a Garden-Talent Never Fairy. She had a garden herself, like all the other Garden-Talents, but that was so long ago that no one remembers it. She now keeps journals on everything there is to know about plants. Because of this, there are some rumors that she is incomplete.

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Sexy 34 35 and Sexy Taco Salad we’re here all night 😂😂😂😂🌮🥬🍲😍😻😻❤❤❤

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Ayy mis niños;; - ;;


Hace un monton no dibujaba a los que son “principales” en este perfil, supongo que les debo un rediseño a todos ellos-

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Thanks for watching, this is my cover of Iris by Goo goo dolls, if you enjoyed it please support me by sharing this video and subscribing to my Youtube Channel <3

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Little thoughts

I wonder what makes her think like this 👀

Iris belongs to @wildstarfan and @milasartblog (both me)

Okaria et Feria belongs to @wildstarfan and @captainthane

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