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#Iron Man
incorrectmarvelquote · 2 days ago
Tony: Did May give you the talk about the birds and the bees?
Peter: Uh-huh
Tony: And how did that go?
Peter: She told me to always go pee after sex so I don’t get a hdmi
Tony: Are you
Tony: Are you sure that’s exactly what she said
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cyberdelph · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
by いせたろ
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omg-just-peachy · a day ago
If I had to summarize my personality in one picture it’s definitely this one
Tumblr media
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bitchy-marvel-dude · 2 days ago
Tony, at a restaurant: You guys should get the orange soda, it's amazing.
Peter: Okay
Waiter: Can I get you guys anything to drink?
Tony: Orange soda, please!
Peter: I'll have the strawberry soda.
Stephen: Me too, strawberry soda.
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Weeeeee’re back!
Nominations for the 2022 IRONDAD CREATOR AWARDS will open January 1st! 
We learned a lot running the awards last year, and the feedback on the voting form was amazingly helpful. I’ve just spent an hour making note of all the suggestions to utilize with the next awards. We’ve got a bunch more categories to include, and there will be 3 voting sprees - All Nominations, Top 15, Top 5 - so you’re not overwhelmed with options. There’s more that I’ll be talking about over the next couple months in the run-up to nominations. 
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tifftac · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
a spooky collab with @artfromkiwi for the halloween season! 
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Tony: What do you want for your birthday?
Peter: Fur underwear
Tony: Absolutely not
Peter: Fine, money
Tony: Money for what?
Peter: Fur underwear
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cyberdelph · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
by いせたろ
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tvseries-writings · a day ago
We deserve a happy ending
TW: panic attack
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
WandaNat x reader
Prompt: reader isn’t in a good mood but she has two beautiful and cuddly girlfriends
Marvel Masterlist
Just a minute of your time (thank you so much):
You stayed in bed all day, you didn't even get up to go to the bathroom. You have been crying for more than an hour now and you don't even know why. You stand there, curled up in bed, while the sobs shake your body. You hate feeling this way.
The only noise that catches your attention is that of the bedroom door opening, given the lack of light in the room it is probably night.
Someone sits up on the bed and starts drawing soothing circles on your back. The scent of lavender makes you immediately recognize who she is.
"Hey, what's wrong?"
Wanda's sweet voice lifts some of that oppressive weight you've felt on your chest all day.
Your girlfriend lies down next to you and hugs you from behind, she leaves kisses along her neck while continuing to hold you in your arms.
"I'm here love, if you want to talk I'll listen to you otherwise we can stay like this" Wanda turns you towards her and wipes your tears. She is worried and is particularly tempted to call Natasha, interrupting her reunion.
'Do you want me to call Nat? We can all be together on the- "
You shake your head, hiding it in the hollow of her neck and letting out a trembling breath as your tears soak the sweatshirt of the Sokoviana.
She doesn't seem to care though and she just squeezes you in her arms, trying to take away some of the pain you're feeling.
It seems like hours have passed when, finally, your sobs stop and the tears stop.
Wanda continues to hold you tight and every now and then she kisses you on the neck or temple.
"You feel better?" Wanda whispers and you mutter something that should sound like a yes.
Wanda caresses your face gently, wiping the last residue of tears and giving you a smile.
"Would you like to tell me what happened?"
Wanda continues to gently caress your hips and you come a little closer to her, enjoying her touch.
"I ... um, I don't know- it's- it's all become too much and-"
Wanda rests her forehead against yours and takes your face in her hands.
«Hey, it's okay… it's normal to feel sad for no reason; everything is okay "
A shaky sigh comes from your lips and you close your eyes as Wanda covers you both with the blanket.
As soon as you settle in, the bedroom door opens and a blonde head, whom you know very well, enters your room.
"Excuse me, the meeting was longer than expected and-are you okay?"
Natasha stops taking off her jacket as she sees you both in bed.
"You look fine?"
Nat's gaze rests on Wanda and the two stare at each other for a few minutes, most likely Wanda is informing Natasha of your current status and why you are both in bed.
The former Russian spy remains silent while she finishes undressing, remaining only with the silk shirt, before slipping under the covers and hugging you in her arms.
Your gaze is fixed on the ceiling, you are between the two of them yet you can't understand what's wrong.
Natasha moves a lock of hair behind your ear and gives you a small smile.
"Why didn't you call us if it was so bad?"
You look away and start staring at the ceiling again. Wanda intertwines your legs as Natasha takes your hand.
"We have so much to do today, you have had a lot to do and between the missions, the meetings, Steve who does not leave a second free with the training and exams that I will have to give shortly and-"
Your breathing gets faster and your girls notice it immediately.
Nat puts your hand on her chest as she breathes loudly.
Wanda sits up instantly and bends over you, taking your face in her hands.
Your chest rises and falls faster and faster, and, likewise, your girls become more and more worried.
"You have to breathe love, it's okay" Natasha inhales and exhales loudly, trying to make you copy her breath. Your hand claws her shirt while you struggle to breathe while with the other you squeeze your throat, as if it could help you in some way.
"Detka, you have to breathe ..., concentrate, breathe"
Wanda forces your gaze to fix on her and that green just calms you. Just enough to get Wanda into your mind and end your panic attack.
Your chest hurts, as does your throat. If you used to have a headache… it's nothing compared to what you have now.
Natasha rubs your chest gently and Wanda lies down by your side again, hugging you to the side.
"You feel better?"
Natasha whispers to you after about ten minutes. You nod and rest your head on her shoulder as you enjoy the movement of her fingers through your hair.
"You haven't had one that bad in a long time"
Wanda murmurs, playing with your fingers as those particularly heavy words echo around the room.
You sigh and give her a little squeeze on her hands as you interlace your fingers with hers, stopping her movement.
"I've been a bit stressed lately, all of us have been."
Natasha shakes her head and pulls herself on top of her, resting her head on the palm of her open hand, with her elbow pointing to the soft mattress.
“You went too far this time, it was too much stress moya lyubov. It's not good for you "
"Neither to you, nor to the child"
Wanda nods in agreement as her hand moves on your belly, gently stroking it and Natasha does the same. They both look so in love and happy that if you weren't nearly married already, you'd ask both of you to marry you again.
«We love you so much y / n… we love you so much and nothing is more than your health, nothing. It doesn't matter what we should or shouldn't do "
Wanda kisses your temple, continuing to hold her hand over your baby bump.
Natasha reaches down and leaves a kiss right above your navel, you and Wanda smile as the Russian begins to caress your baby bump with an idiotic smile on her face.
"He will be the most spoiled child in the world"
Natasha and Wanda exchange a knowing look and you can't help but smile.
Even if the stress is wearing you down and you hate the high hormones of pregnancy, you would do it another 100 times to see the carefree and happy faces of your future wives.
You have suffered so much, they have suffered so much and man, you deserve a happy ending.
Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed it and I kindly ask you to re-blog or donate (if you can), it is very important to me so I would be grateful. Have a great day <3
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Tony: We're out of coffee.
Natasha: I hid it. It's been two days since you last slept and you need some rest.
Tony: Bold of you to assume it's only been two days.
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writtenfangirl · 22 hours ago
Poison and Bullet Wounds
This was a requested fic!
Request: Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond! This semester has been a killer. 😅😂 I’ve had idea in my head of the reader and Bucky getting attacked far from any help and afterwards Bucky takes care of the reader’s injuries. Later on she notices him in pain... he’s been poisoned.
Requested by: @barnesand1
This took me forever to finish because school has been trying to kill me!
I wasn’t overly happy with this since it took me nearly a month to finish but I figured, I needed to publish this soon or else I might never publish it. It took me about 6 different story ideas before I happily landed on this one.
TW: Shootings, blood, poison, characters almost dying.
Tumblr media
She never knew how to describe the pain of being shot at.
Y/N’s experienced it many times before, of course. As one of SHIELD’s most decorated agents (before its downfall, that is), pain was but a simple routine to her. It wasn’t something she simply experienced, it was just something she had to go through. With the number of times it’d happened, she could hardly count the number of time she was shot at, stabbed, burned, slashed with a knife and a plethora of other injuries that comes from pushing your body to the absolute limit.
But of all the injuries she’s sustained in the past, being shot at has to be the only one she could barely describe.
At the height of her adrenaline, it felt like a punch. Like a tiny punch that exploded outwards as it hit her. One bullet was easy enough to ignore, especially since it was just at her shoulder. But three? Four? Two on her chest and another on her leg?
It was agony trying to move her body.
She could barely open her eyes, let alone lift her head but she could feel Bucky’s steady hands as he lifted her off the ground.
She wasn’t sure where they were headed, just that the sound of fighting began to fade.
She could hear her Tony’s voice in her ear. “Get Y/N out of here, Buck!” And Bucky’s chest rumbling as he answered with an “On it!”
She could feel Bucky’s labored breathing as he continued to whisper in her ear. “Stay with me, doll. Don’t you dare die on me.”
Doll? That was new.
He’d called her by many names before. Jerk. Asshole. A notable favorite of Y/N had to be bitch.
But doll?
That was definitely new.
Y/N’s eyes fluttered open as she allowed a loopy grin to grace her face. “Doll? You’ve never called me that before.” Her hands felt weak and numb and Y/N was dimly aware that they were covered in her blood but she lifted it up to his cheek, smearing his skin in crimson.
“You like it?” Bucky asked as he continued running.
“Maybe.” Y/N attempted a wink but both her eyelids felt heavy, causing them both to shut rather than just one.
“Oh no, doll,” Bucky said as he glanced down at her. “Don’t sleep on me now. You’ve lost a lot of blood. You might not wake up.”
“Good,” Y/N said breathily. “I could use a really long nap.”
“Y/N!” Tony yelled into their comms. “Do not go towards the light if you see it!”
“Ton-Ton, it’s very bold of you to assume that I’ll go to heaven.” Y/N managed to croak.
“No. I’m assuming the light is from the fires of hell.”
Y/N let out a laugh that turned into a pained wheeze. “Ton, everything hurts. I think I’m going to take a nap.”
“Bucky, do not let my little sister die!” Tony bellowed through the comms before the blackness swallowed her whole.
The first thing she noticed was the steady beeping and the sound of someone’s labored breathing.
Her eyes fluttered awake, shifting around the room until they found the source of the breathing. Bucky sat against the wall of the Quinjet from across her, his eyes closed. Y/N would have expected he was asleep if it wasn’t for his crumpled forehead and the thin sheen of sweat that masked his face.
Bucky’s eyes flew open as Y/N tried to sit up. She groaned against the pain and felt a tightness wrapped around her torso. Her hands flew to her chest where she felt the textured lines of bandages wrapped around her body.
“Don’t move,” Bucky said, pushing her down back to her previous position. “You’ll tear out your stitches and you still lost a lot of blood.”
“I’ll do whatever I damn well want to, Barnes,” Y/N scowled as she stubbornly pushed herself up despite the pain. She took a sharp breath as the room began to spin, her hands flying towards Bucky’s shoulder in an effort to steady herself.
“Told you so,” Bucky said, almost smugly.
“Shut up,” She hissed as she finally found the strength to sit up properly. She took a deep breath as Bucky settled himself back in his old position from across her. “Where’s the rest of the team?”
“Your brother let me take the Quinjet back to New York while they completed the mission so I could take you to a hospital.” Bucky answered.
“I’m awake and breathing so let’s turn this bird around,” Y/N said, as concern for her brother and her teammates spiked in her. “Friday, take us back.”
“No,” Bucky interrupted before Friday could answer her. “We’re still going to a hospital.”
“I don’t need it, Barnes,” Y/N’s eyes narrowed at Bucky and irritation stabbed at her like a prick of a needle. “My brother and our friends could be in danger.”
“I am not turning this jet around on a could be.” Bucky scowled back. “Not when I know you aren’t okay.”
“I knew you were a prick but I didn’t know you were a selfish asshole.”
“Call me whatever you want, Stark but I am not turning this jet around until you get help.”
The urge to argue intensified within her but Y/N’s head was beginning to swim and she’d be damned if she showed another sign of weakness in front of Barnes.
Y/N rolled her eyes as she crossed her arms. “Whatever.”
Y/N glanced at Bucky and found him watching her steadily. A realization dawned on her, making her cry out in indignation. Her hands flew to the bandages, her eyes wide as she yelled, “HAVE YOU SEEN ME NAKED?”
Bucky rolled his eyes at her but there was no mistaking the blush that flared in his cheeks, which was answer enough to Y/N.
“OH MY GOD!” Y/N cried out, ignoring her pounding head. “THAT IS JUST A GROSS VIOLATION OF MY PRIVACY!”
“You were dying! I did what I had to do,” Bucky replied, ignoring his flaming red cheeks.
Y/N felt a shiver run down her spine. “The person who killed my adoptive parents has seen me naked. That is just—“ Y/N made a gagging sound.
“Oh please,” Bucky said with a roll of his eyes. “I didn’t see anything special!”
“Now that is how I know you are lying,” Y/N pointed an accusatory finger at Bucky, who scowled at her. “Because I happen to know that I own a rocking hot bod.”
“Sure,” Bucky said as he leaned his head against the wall of the jet, closing his eyes. “Keep telling yourself that.”
Y/N looked down at her bandages once again, studying Bucky’s handiwork. The bandages were wound tight and secure around her body, and she could feel the pull of the stitches in her wounds. She could have done it better for sure, especially since she was an actual doctor and she would likely scar from Bucky’s handiwork but she’d live, at the very least.
She cleared her throat and Bucky’s eyes looked over at her. “Thank you,” She said, awkwardly. “For not letting me die.”
Bucky sent her a tight smile. “Anytime.”
“When you say it like that, I almost believe you.”
Bucky cocked his head to the side as he studied her. “I would never have let you die.”
“Why not?” Y/N said with an almost bitter laugh. “You already killed my parents, what’s one more Stark?”
A look of pain flashed in his eyes. “Y/N—“
“I know,” She sighed. “I know. You weren’t yourself. You were brainwashed and mind controlled. I can understand that. Still, it doesn’t exactly get rid of the pain. I was only a kid when they died, y’know? Even if I was adopted, I was close with them. They were like my real parents—are my real parents. Tony had to raise me himself when they died.”
“No. I know you’re just going to apologize.” She met his eyes and saw pain and sorrow there. “And I know that your apology is sincere. I’ve heard it a thousand times this past year alone.”
Bucky stayed silent as Y/N continued. “I— we use to be friends until Tony and I found out.”
“Fighting you in that HYDRA base was the hardest thing I ever had to do.” Bucky’s words echoed around the metal interior of the Quinjet.
Y/N lifted her gaze, meeting Bucky’s piercing gaze. She remembered a time when she thought of Bucky less antagonistically and more in a friendly way. She had been there when SHIELD fell and had helped Steve and Nat fight the remnants of HYDRA. She’d fought the Winter Soldier herself and had helped Steve break Bucky out of prison when both Steve and Y/N disagreed with the accords. When she’d found out about her parents after Tony followed them to Siberia, she was the first person to throw a punch. Even now, she remembered Bucky’s pained words as he yelled that he didn’t want to fight Y/N.
She hadn’t cared. She fought both of her friends that day and even though she’d forgiven Steve, she couldn’t bring herself to forgive Bucky. At least, not quite.
Looking at him now, after he’d saved her life, it was hard to stay mad at him. Especially not when he looked at her with those big blue eyes.
She sighed, scrubbing her face. “I think I’m ready to forgive you now, Bucky.”
Bucky perked up at her words. “Oh?”
“Only if you forgive me. I treated you like dirt when I found out about my parents and here you are saving my life. I’m sorry for being such a vindictive bitch.”
Bucky sent her another tight smile. “It’s okay.”
She quirked an eyebrow, a small smile slowly curling at the edges of her lips as she remembered their previous conversation. “You sure about the truce? Cause it’s okay if you want to call me names. Like, what was it you called me while you carried me to the jet? Doll?”
Another round of blushing from Bucky had Y/N erupting in laughter. Well as much laughter as she could release without letting herself feel pain.
“You remember that, huh?” Bucky said, sending her a small smile.
“I do.”
“Sorry. It just slipped.” He rubbed at his neck awkwardly.
“It’s fine. I kinda like it. Better than what you usually call me.”
“What do I usually call you?”
This time, it was Bucky’s turn to laugh. His laugh echoed around the metal chute of the Quinjet and Y/N giggled along with him until his laugh was interrupted by a round of coughing.
“Easy there, Skywalker,” Y/N grinned as Bucky continued to cough. “You might hack out a lung. Can’t have you dying on me while we’ve just started our friendship.”
But Bucky’s coughing didn’t stop, causing Y/N’s smile to slip from her face. “Bucky?”
Blood sprayed from Bucky’s lips, coating it in a film of red as his body suddenly slumped down on the floor.
A sudden burst of panic zinged through Y/N’s veins.
“Bucky!” Y/N rushed to him, ignoring the searing pain on her leg and torso as she laid Bucky on the floor and straightened his legs. Her hands ran over his body, looking for an entrance or exit wound. Her hand threaded over his side, feeling it come away sticky with blood.
She tore open his suit, finding the large and ugly gash that marred the side of his torso. The wound was long and thick, red blood and white and green pus pouring from it. Blackened veins were raised around the wound on his otherwise pale skin and there was no mistaking what Y/N thought. The wound was poisoned.
“You moron,” Y/N hissed as she shifted his body to the side. “You complete and absolute moron!”
“I thought we were done calling me names?” Bucky said weakly as another round of coughing racked his body.
“Why didn’t you say anything?” Y/N cried out. Her panic was beginning to intensify and it was becoming harder and harder to catch her breath. Pain lanced at her body at the effort she exerted and her head began to swam. She pushed the dizziness away. Now was not the time for her. It was time for Bucky.
“I’m a super soldier. I heal fast. Well… I thought…” His eyes trailed to his side and he frowned. “That looks bad.”
“Because it is!” Y/N ran a hand through her hair in frustration.
“It’s a good thing I have a doctor with me,” Bucky smiled. Y/N suspected he was getting loopy from the blood loss. His face was beginning to pale and a thin sheen of sweat dotted his forehead.
“Friday,” Y/N ordered, her voice urgent. “Do we still have another first aid kit in here?”
“Negative, boss. All of the supplies were used on you.”
Y/N swore. “How far away are we from the nearest hospital?”
“One hour while moving at top speed, boss.”
She swore again. She glanced at Bucky and noted his sick pallor, his shallow breathing and his weakening pulse. He definitely won’t last an hour.
“Okay, okay, okay,” Y/N repeated as she tried not to let panic seize her. She was a doctor for crying out loud. One of the best in the world before she decided to leave to become an agent of SHIELD, the very organization her father helped to found. The steps on how to help Bucky ran through her mind quickly and efficiently, as though helping wounded super soldiers was something she did often.
No more stitches or bandages in the Quinjet. What else do they have?
“Friday, do we have parachutes?”
“Yes we do, boss.”
She rose from kneeling position quickly, ignoring the swimming in her own head. She rifled through one of the cabinets in the Quinjet where all of the first aid supplies were held. The bandages and the stitches were indeed gone but there were other things in here too. Povidone-iodine was in here. Half used but it should be enough to disinfect Bucky’s wound. Vials and syringes were in here too, which could help Y/N identify the type of poison that’s currently coursing through his veins. She grabbed one of the parachutes in the jet and one of her knives.
She returned to Bucky and quickly set the items down.
“Did I ever tell you that I always found you really pretty?” Bucky said, a loopy smile on his face as watched her.
“I’m going to assume that the blood loss and the poison talking,” Y/N said hurriedly as she withdrew some blood from him. “Friday, test the contents of this and see what kind of poison was used.” She deposited the vial in one of the open slots in the jet.
“On it, boss,” Friday answered.
“So pretty,” Bucky said as his hand touched her cheek, smearing some of his blood on her face.
Y/N ignored him and got to work as she disinfected her hands and Bucky’s wound. As the iodine touched his wound, he let out a hiss of pain. “Ouch. That one hurt.”
“Sorry,” Y/N panted as her head began to swim at her franticness. Cold sweat began to drip down her back and a shiver began to run down her spine. Her stomach began to roil and bile began to climb up her throat.
She pushed away the nausea. Now was not the time. “Friday, anytime now.”
“Scanning is 30% complete.”
She tied the tourniquet around Bucky’s stomach. She glanced at him as she did so, and saw his pale and sweaty face. Panic began to seize her. If she didn’t have an antidote for the poison or didn’t replace Bucky’s blood as soon as she could, he could die. Or he could not die at all.
Truth is, Y/N didn’t know anything about the physiology of a super soldier. Bucky’s body could be metabolizing the poison right now, clearing it form his body. His body could be creating more blood as they spoke.
Not knowing how to help him brought a fresh wave of nausea to her and it took nearly everything she had to push the feeling aside.
“Bucky, stay with me. Don’t die on me.” She said as Bucky’s eyes began to flutter close.
“Hmm,” Bucky hummed, his eyes closed. “I’m just resting my eyes.”
“I swear to God, Barnes if you die on me right now, I will kill you. I will bring you to life and I will kill you myself,” Y/N said viciously, her hands gripping his shoulders tightly.
Bucky’s eyes fluttered open. They looks so blue under the lights of the Quinjet and something in Y/N’s heart broke at the sight of it. Would this be the last time she saw his eyes?
“I’m glad you forgive me, Y/N,” Bucky smiled as his hands found Y/N’s bloodied ones. “I would have been really sad if I die without you forgiving me.”
“No one is dying, Bucky,” Y/N said, clearly frustrated. “Do you know what your blood type is?”
“No,” Bucky said, shaking his head. “You know what might help?”
“My metal arm.” He gave Y/N a toothy grin. “I could reach out and pull the poison out.”
“Uhh, Friday? How much longer on that scan?” Y/N said, as she gave Bucky an uneasy look. “Bucky’s losing it.”
“Scan is 60% complete, Boss.”
“And how much longer before we arrive?”
“30 minutes, boss.”
“30,” Bucky hummed. “I was 30 once. Now I’m about to become 100 something.”
“Yeah,” Y/N sighed as she leaned back, wiping of the cold sweat in her brow. “You’re getting old, old man.”
Bucky frowned. “Who you calling old, bitch?”
Y/N couldn’t stop the tired smile on her face. “You are, Barnes.”
“I oughta—“ Bucky tried to rise, putting pressure on his bionic arm as he did so.
Y/N lunged forward, pushing him down back down to a resting position. “You oughta settle down before you kill yourself.” She found her nose barely touching his, his breath hot on her lips.
“I can’t die,” Bucky said, giving Y/N another grin. “You can’t die either.”
Y/N pushed away from him, an embarrassed blush settling on her cheek. She sat beside him, her fingers pressed against his necks as she counted his pulse. “None of us can die, Barnes. Pretty sure Steve and my brother will kill us both if we die willy nilly.”
Bucky chuckled. “Willy nilly. What a funny word. Or is it words?”
“Boss, scan complete,” Friday said.
“Oh thank god,” Y/N muttered as she stood up. Her pounding head was beginning to get to her and her chest was beginning to hurt again. She pressed at her torso and when her hand came away bloody, she knew she was in deep trouble.
“Boss, you need to sit down,” Friday said, clearly worried.
Y/N allowed a pained smile on her face. “I’ll be fine. We have more pressing matters to worry about.”
She pushed against the wall of the jet, her vision doubling as she tried to reach the cockpit.
“Is he poisoned?” Y/N ground out as she forced her feet to move despite the dizzy spell.
“Yes,” Friday answered. “But it seems his body is fighting it. His super soldier blood is metabolizing the poison as we speak. He could survive this.”
Could. Would. Y/N wasn’t about ready to let Bucky die because os speculation.
“What poison was used?”
“Unknown origin, boss. It seems alien.”
Alien poison. Great. That might be useful. How did those HYDRA Agents get alien poison anyway.
She could barely think of an answer. Y/N’s vision continued to double and the nausea rose within her.
“Y/N?” Y/N heard Bucky say. His voice sounded faraway in her ears, almost like she was underwater.
That was definitely not a good sign.
“Friday, you’re going to contact Vision and Wanda in the compound right now and you are going to tell them to meet us at the hospital. When we get to the hospital, you’re going to land us in the emergency bay and inform the doctors on mine and Bucky’s conditions. And then you are going to contact my brother and tell them where we are. Keep the analysis of the poison’s compound within your system and send my brother a copy and tell him to synthesize an antidote.”
“Boss, you’re not looking so good.” Friday said, clearly worried about her.
“Friday, I need to know that you understand my instructions.” Y/N panted, her breath coming out in fast and uneven huffs.
“Understood, boss.”
“Good because I suspect Bucky will pass out from the blood loss soon and I will—“
Y/N’s vision turned black as her body went slack. She hit the floor with a loud thud, her body landing near Bucky’s before she completely lost consciousness.
The last thing she remembered was Friday’s resounding, “BOSS!” and Bucky’s finger curling against her own before everything went black.
Her head was going to kill her, she was sure of it.
The pain that pounded against her head was unlike anything she’d ever felt before and Y/N was sure that if this is how she would spend the rest of her life waking up, she’d really rather not wake up at all.
She groaned as she slowly began to open her eyes. The light was blinding, intensifying the pain that pounded in her head.
She heard the rustling of clothes and her brother’s too-loud voice. “Y/N?”
“No need to yell, Anthorny,” She moaned as she blinked against the harsh light. “We’re indoors.”
When her vision began to adjust, she saw her brother sitting beside her bed, a look of relief in his face. “Anthorny. Hadn’t heard you call me that in years.”
“Well you haven’t exactly been a thorn in my side in years,” Y/N replied as she tried to sit her body up with Tony’s help. A jolt of realization shot through her as memories of what had happened on the jet quickly seized her. “Bucky!” She made a move to stand up before Tony pushed her back down.
“Is okay,” Tony soothed as he gently reacquainted Y/N to her warm bed. “He’s in the next room recovering and he’s okay.”
“He was poisoned. Did Friday send you the compounds? She—“
“We were able to synthesize an antidote just in time,” Tony said as he sat back down. “He’s fine. He actually woke up yesterday.”
Y/N breathed a sigh of relief at the news. “Thank God.”
“Didn’t know God was my new name,” Tony grinned as he handed Y/N a glassful of water.
“Ha ha, very funny,” Y/N said, rolling her eyes and taking a gulp of water. “I kept his ass alive so if he anyone should be thanked, it should be me. Anyway, how long was I out?”
“Well the doctors put you in a medically induced coma to give your body time to rest.”
“I’m guessing I was out for a bit?”
“Bout 2, 3 days.”
“Wow. No wonder I feel well rested.” Y/N said with a smirk. “Maybe I should go into comas more often.”
“Don’t even joke about that,” Tony said with a roll of his eyes, making Y/N laugh. Her laugh stopped, however, the moment she saw Tony’s lips pull into a mischievous smirk. “So, you and Barnes are back together again?”
Y/N frowned at Tony. “What’s the suppose to mean?”
“Nothing.” He shrugged, leaning back against his chair. “Pep just keeps telling me that she thinks you and Robocop would be cute together. Whatever that means.” Tony’s smirk brought a shot of irritation in Y/N.
“Okay, well, tell your wife to keep her nose out of my love life,” Y/N huffed as Tony grinned at her. “We just became friends again.”
“Hmm. Friends.”
“I swear to god, Anthorny—“
“You’re a doctor! You can’t do harm.”
“I’m also a highly decorated SHIELD Agent. Take a pick on which one you think I’m better at.”
“You’re on bed rest. You can’t do any physical activities. Doctors said you lost a lot of blood so you can’t do anything to me.” He hesitated before he spoke again. “They said you had a lot of internal bleeding and that you would have probably died if Bucky hadn’t sewn you up.”
At that, Y/N rolled her eyes. “I was shot like four times, Ton-Ton. If I wasn’t close to death, I think it would have been time to start experimenting on me because that would mean I wasn’t human.”
“In any case, you can’t harm me.” He smirked.
Y/N scowled at him. “Okay. Sure. Whatever you say, Pawpaw.”
He frowned at her. “Pawpaw?”
“Yeah.” She gave her brother a teasing smile. “Vision’s got kids now. That makes them your grandchildren.”
“No it—“ he paused as he considered Y/N’s words. A look of horror morphed on his face as he gasped. “Oh my god, you’re right. That would make Bruce a grandfather too!”
“Yeah,” Y/N smirked. “You’re both old.”
“Hey! I don’t look a day over 40!”
“Suuuuure. You might want to start investing on moisturizer, Ton-Ton.”
“Why I—“
The sound of Y/N’s door opening interrupted Tony. The Stark siblings glanced up and found Steve, who was pushing a wheelchair bound Bucky into the room.
“Barnes,” Tony greeted as he stood up and buttoned his suit. “Captain.”
“Stark,” Steve greeted back as he wheeled Bucky into the chair that Tony just vacated.
“Y/N just woke up,” Tony said. “I’m sure she needs some time—“
Y/N waved Tony off. “I’m fine. I feel better already. Go find me some food, Ton-Ton.”
“Fine. Steve and I can head down to the cafeteria and—“
“No hospital food,” Y/N whined. “I want a good old fashioned cheeseburger.”
“Fine. I can send Happy—“
“No.” Y/N interrupted again. “I want you to buy it. Steve too.”
Steve raised and eyebrow as Tony said, “Excuse me?”
“Yeah. You heard me. After buying me a cheeseburger, find me some fries and some pizza too. Buy Bucky the same thing too.”
“And why can’t Happy do any of this?”
“Because Happy isn’t nosy and you both are.” Y/N sent her brother a sickly sweet smile. Tony simply rolled his eyes before he exited the room, followed by Steve.
The silence between Y/N and Bucky was so palpable, Y/N felt as though she could almost touch it.
Bucky’s gaze was intense on her. His skin had lost its once pale color and was now flushed with vitality. His eyes, once droopy, was now wide and alert. In short, he looked better than the last time Y/N saw him. Probably one of the upsides to being a super soldier.
“You look great,” Y/N said with a small smile. “Better than the last time I saw you.”
Bucky returned her smile. “You’re still looking a little worse for wear.”
“Well, I did just wake up from a medically induced come and we don’t all have super soldier serum running in our veins so excuse me for looking like crap,” Y/N retorted.
Bucky’s grin widened. “Don’t worry. I’ve looked worse. Being the Winter Soldier meant that I didn’t get a lot of showers.”
“Yeah. I noticed your smell while we were fighting before SHIELD went defunct. It was disgusting,” Y/N wrinkled her nose at the memory as she chuckled. Y/N’s smile softened as she gazed at Bucky. “Thank you by the way. My brother told me that if you hadn’t sewn me up, I’d probably already be dead.”
“Funny. Steve told me that if you hadn’t stepped in, I would probably be writhing in agony or dead. Maybe I should be thanking you.”
Y/N shrugged. “Guess we’re even.”
“You and I both know we’re far from even.” Bucky gripped her hand in his as he leaned forward.
Y/N frowned at him as she let her fingers curl around his hand. His hand dwarfed her own and the warmth that radiated from him sent a shiver of delight down Y/N’s spine. “I meant what I said on the jet, Bucky. I forgive you.”
He looked at her intently, searching her eyes for any sign of a lie but Y/N knew he wouldn’t find any. Somehow, in the years since Y/N found out about Bucky and her parents, her heart had forgiven him. It wasn’t his fault after all. He was being mind-controlled and although Y/N had resented the Winter Soldier, she didn’t hate Bucky Barnes. In fact, in the time they spent together on the run with Steve after Bucky was accused of bombing the UN, Y/N had grown to consider Bucky a friend.
After finally finding only sincerity in her eyes, Bucky dipped his head. “Okay.”
He leaned back, finally satisfied. He kept their hands interlocked as his eyes fluttered closed and he leaned against the wheelchair, a look of utmost peace gracing his face. “You know,” he said as his thumbs began to rub circles on the back of Y/N’s hand. “Steve said something to me that made me… well a little curious.”
“Hmm?” Y/N hummed as she also leaned against her own pillows and closed her eyes in peace.
“He said that since we both saved each other’s lives, we should go on a date.”
“Oh?” Y/N opened an eye and found Bucky peering at her.
“Yeah. He did.”
“Funny you mention that since my brother said something along those lines too.”
Y/N smirked at Bucky as her eyes flew opened. “You don’t think your best friend and my brother are working behind our backs to try and get us together, do you?”
Bucky returned her smirk. “I wouldn’t put it past them.”
“Well, hypothetically speaking, if we did go on a date with each other, what would we do?“
“Well, I’m a little old fashioned but I’d take you out on dinner after I asked you out. Assuming this is all hypothetical.”
“Of course it is,” Y/N nodded with a grin. “And if I were to be asked to a nice dinner, I would, hypothetically, say yes.”
Bucky’s grin widened. “Well then I guess I’ll have to ask you out soon. None hypothetically.”
Y/N tried to stop her heart from fluttering out of her chest at Bucky’s words but there was just no use. She was almost sure Bucky could tell how excited she was by the way she beamed at him. “I’d advise you ask me soon. I get a little impatient.”
“Well then, would you, Y/N Stark, like to go on a date with me?”
“I would love to.”
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Peter, sleepily: Mr. Stark?
Tony: yes Pete?
Peter: we shouldn't flush grapes down the toilet
Tony: good advice buddy
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