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#Iron Man

Spoopy Fun

Bucky BarnesxF!Reader

Warnings: language; paranoia; references to sex

Context: people often asked you if it was weird that you were dating an Avenger… that’s a lie, no-one asked you that because no-one knew. That’s right, you had been secretly dating an Avenger for the past four months and not even his team knew about it. Could one date change the secrecy of your relationship or will he cover it up like he always does?

A/N: so for this season I wanted to do some short stories with some of the people who have been here spurring me on (not to say others haven’t) in different ways and one of those people (in no specific order except when the ideas reach me) is @kavabarnes. A recent addition to the group of people who support me but a valuable one all the same. You’ve been so kind about my work and I just hope this little story doesn’t let you down: hope you enjoy it…


Originally posted by haikyuutiehowyadoin

Tonight was Wednesday night and you know what that means… date night. Wednesday’s were the most awkward days to pick but it was the only day that Bucky could always do. Bucky had said that you should think of it as a mid-week treat, something to look forward to when Monday came around. At first, you had been less than enthusiastic, but, now, it really got you through half you’re working week.

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IronWidow Couple Headcanon

(that nobody asked for, but I wrote anyway because I miss them and I feel like I need to let it out somewhere ❤️)

Their favorite day is Thursday. No special reason nor deep meaning behind it. They just think most people love the weekends (Friday to Sunday) and since they’re far from being conformist, they choose Thursday as their “day off” from missions, meetings or events.

During free days or breaks, they would rather stay home than go out. If they opt to travel, it should be no shorter than five uninterrupted days. Although once, they flew from New York to Las Vegas for a two-night staycation. They were only a week-old in their relationship then and were both tied up with work, so they could not be out-of-reach for long. But he wanted her all to himself for a couple of days, so they sneaked out.

They both love coffee, but they do not spend time in coffeeshops. Very rarely do they buy coffee from those, too. At home, they have a favorite brew; whoever wakes up first and without urgent stuff to attend to will make it and prepare for the other. And they have couple mugs: hand-crafted stoneware they bought when they travelled to France, truffle in color, bigger than the average mugs, with “The Boss” and “The Real Boss” printed on them.

Peter is their honorary son. They never talked about it, but ever since Tony introduced Spider-man to the Black Widow, they already had this instant family connection. All the more when he became the “bridge” that led them to officially start dating.

Through the years, Peter has been a constant thought of the two. When they shop or travel, they make it a point to also get something for the young man. Natasha is very protective of their Spiderson. One of their couple fights was when Peter got into trouble in school which Tony knew about, but she learned about it after-the-fact. She was mad, so she literally did not talk to them for 2 days. Since then, Tony and Peter never dare keep things from Natasha again.

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¡Bienvenidos a Marvel Legacy! Tu sitio sobre Marvel. Publicaremos noticias, cosplay, tutoriales, juegos, talleres… ¡Hasta sorteos! Por lo que no nos pierdas de vista. También queremos compartir y dar visibilidad a aquellos artistas y cosplayers relacionados con este fantástico mundo! Estamos a un MD de distancia. Agradecemos vuestros comentarios y que compartais nuestras publicaciones para que este proyecto crezca. ¡Os queremos 3000!

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Everytime we watch a movie or a show, we develop different relationships with different characters based on our own perspectives. Our perspectives again are based on our individualism.

We are all different and beautiful in our own different ways. Based on our own individuality we also ship characters. Some like good, some bad. Some people want good to go with good while some want bad to go with good.

We take inspiration from character, sometimes hope that we need to survive. We ship characters based on our ownselves - with that fact being said. When hate on a ship that’s not basically anything criminally wrong, we also hate the self respect and image of people who follow that ship.

When hate on character (that’s not racist or rapist or terrorist of some sort or threatening someone’s rights),we hate on every person that follows that character.

Keep this is mind every time you want to write hate for a character or a ship. Shouldn’t we understand this fact and understand that our differences are just that beautiful, beautiful enough to celebrate.

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@whumptober2020 - Day 28 - Accidents

(Short one today- Happy Wednesday!)

Masterlist is now pinned (I didn’t know you could do this??)

The knife is still embedded in Natasha’s midsection, and Tony side eyes Clint, resists the urge to say something sarcastic.


Fuck, fuck, fuck.

Clint doesn’t know what to do first; secure their prisoner or help Natasha. He needs to take the threat out and considers just shooting him in the head. He looks at the unconscious man with malice. He knows these men. The white masks, it’s obvious, they’re here for Natasha.

He’s trying to analyse everything that’s happened in the last 10 minutes, how did they get in? Know where they are? What the fuck has just happened. He looks to the man again and decides against killing, Natasha used the bites for a reason rather than the gun, trusts her judgement. He can’t help but shoot the man in the leg though. Feels like spitting on him.

At Natasha’s groan he moves over to her.

“It was an accident, I didn’t see the knife.” She says. “I want him alive.” She clarifies, her breathing labored, reading his mind as always.

He doesn’t question her on this. It’s her right, to take revenge, take back anything she feels she may have lost. He looks to where the knife is lodged. It looks deep. It looks painful, but he supposes, she’s had worse. He puts pressure on it, holding her hands in his over the wound trying to stem the blood coming out.

“Lungs?” He questions, feeling that he knows the answer, but asks her anyway.

“Filling.” She responds, shallow breathing.

There’s a clamoring in the hall, Natasha makes her way to her feet, pushing Clint away as he stands in front of her, both of their guns raised in defense.

Tony skids in front of them.

Oh thank god. The relief is evident across his face. Clint’s attention turns as Natasha drops again.

“Natasha??” He questions.

“Tony,” Clint orders, “get Bruce and get her to the med bay. Her lungs filling, she’s been stabbed.” The knife is still embedded in Natasha’s midsection, and Tony side eyes Clint, resists the urge to say something sarcastic. Is proud of himself when he doesn’t mutter ‘duh’. Instead he turns to Natasha and picks her up in a bridal hold. He places pressure across her wound, to stem the bleeding and feels her body tense, a shudder run through her body.

She schools her face.

“What are you going to do?” There’s blood across Clint’s face and Tony wonders if it’s Natasha’s.

“Secure the area.” Clint says, looking to the prostate man and then to Natasha.

“As what was done to me.” She says in Russian with a feral grin. “I’ll be there when I can.”


I swear this is building to an ending. I can’t believe it’s almost the end of the month.

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WinterIron medieval au (part 3):

Introducing Bucky’s new wife to his king should be the easiest thing in the world. It is not. In fact, it goes south almost immediately.

“Princess Antonia,” Steve says with all the warmth of an ice storm.

“King Steven,” Tony replies warily. “It has been a long time.” There’s a shared history there that neither of them thought to mention, but now isn’t the time. Out of the corner of his eye, Bucky sees Natasha. He gestures in her direction and she nods.

“Stevie,” Bucky growls warningly as he tucks Tony closer against his side. She reaches up and laces her slender fingers through his metal ones.

“Right,” Steve visibly shakes off whatever unpleasant remark he was about to say. “Welcome home. Both of you.” Then he goes and makes everything worse, because he can’t resist a fight. “We’ll toast to your husbands’ good health tonight.”

The color drains from Tony’s face. She squeezes Bucky’s hand so tightly that he’s worried she might actually dent the metal.

“Yes,” she replies, quickly composing herself. “My father always admired you.” That at least seems to prompt Steve to look a little bit ashamed.

“He was a good man,” Steve says stiffly. He’s always been stubborn, especially when it comes to first impressions. Before things can go any further wrong, Natasha appears at Steve’s side. She’s accompanied by Sarah, the Queen Mother. If anyone can set Steve straight, it’s his mother.

“James, Antonia,” Sarah greets them cheerfully. “I hope your voyage home went well.”

“No trouble at all,” Bucky replies. Tony nods.

“I’m going to borrow my son for a bit,” Sarah informs them. “I’ll see you at the feast.”

Bucky grins as Steve is led away. His smile fades as he turns his attention to Tony.

“What was that about?” He asks.

“I have … a reputation,” Tony admits. “Back home, they make up stories about me, especially after my first husband died.”

Tony was married off at fourteen to a man named Tiberius Stone. He died three years later, supposedly in an accident. Then, when her parents died shortly after, Stane did everything in his power to paint Tony as being unfit to rule. At twenty-one, she should be sitting on the throne now, not shipped off at Stane’s earliest convenience.

“Stevie knows better than to believe that horse shit,” Bucky scowls. Tony shrugs.

“We’ll get to the bottom of this,” Natasha promises.

“He does not have to like me,” Tony says, “But he will respect me.”

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This is a post inspired by the wonderful fic “I love to suck […]” by @rabentochter and Raven_Ehtar on ao3. A short summary would probably be “Tony drives by an Anti-gay protest so he leans out of his car and yells “I love to suck dick!!!” and of course someone takes a pictrure and posts it online. Naturally he becomes a world wide meme - not that he minds.” 
Pls ignore the background because I kinda suck at backgrounds and this is already my second attempt but I’ll practice, I promise xD 
I have also never drawn a car in my entire lifetime so if there’s someone looking at it who actually knows stuff about cars pls be gentle with me xD 

@rabentochter Since there was even less to do than I originally thought you won’t have to wait until 11pm xD I hope you and your co-writer like it!!!

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Winner Takes All

Tony: Honey?

Stephen and Steve: Yes dear?




Natasha, pointing at Stephen and Steve: And we are underway for a winner takes all match

Natasha: Doctor Strange v/s Captain America

Natasha and Rhodey: (high fives)

Rhodey: Lets grab some popcorn

Peter, with Morgan at his side: So Morgan, do you want another father?

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Whumtober Challenge

Day 25
I Think I’ll Just Collapse Right Here, Thanks
Disorientation | Blurred Vision | Ringing Ears

“Incoming!” Steve shouted, raw panic cracking his tone at the sight of the missile that was arcing toward the Avengers who had converged on one spot in the forest in an attempt to regroup. 

They weren’t given that chance. 

Thor grabbed Natasha and took off, followed a second later by Tony. Steve turned to run… but where was Clint? Had Clint gotten away? Did Tony have him? There was no time, he needed to get out of here, before…


The world around Steve was violently torn apart. He was thrown off his feet as fire bit at his skin, debris exploding out with him. He hit something solid and collapsed to the ground. It took a lot to knock Captain American on his ass. And a missile hitting the ground five feet away was well within that capacity. 

Steve coughed on the ash in the air as he blinked, desperately trying to make sense of his surroundings. Everything was drifting in and out of focus as pain radiated throughout his body. He slowly pushed himself up to his feet, using the tree he had smashed into for support. 

“Can anyone…” Steve had to pause and cough. “…anyone hear me?”

He strained to hear anything from his comm. but all he could hear was a strange, high pitched tone. Was that coming over the comm. line? He looked around and stumbled as the world tilted under his feet. Wait, that wasn’t right…

The sound of yelling drew Steve’s wavering focus. He squinted, trying to make out what was going on. The blast had cleared out most of the trees in front of him, leaving a wide open space in the middle of the forest. So, Steve had a perfect view of the army of thugs as they emerged from the treeline on the other side of the blast zone, barreling right toward him. 

Steve blinked hard, trying desperately to focus, but the world seemed to keep shifting around him, throwing him off balance. He put up his fists, standing his ground even as bullets began to fly, ready to face down the impending surge even though the odds were stacked woefully against him. Because Captain America didn’t run from a fight. 

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