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Pepper: I want a baby.

Tony: No.

Pepper: Oh ok.

Tony: Wait no don’t ask another guy I’ll do it.

Thor: I want a baby.

Bruce: You already have a snake.

Sam: I want a baby.

Bucky: Give me a week.

Bucky: What color?

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Yep, I draw. I typically stick to a cartoon style but once and a while I try something a little more realistic. I was a little nervous to post art but here it is. I haven’t done semi-realistic in a long time so sorry if it’s not perfect. I hope you like my attempt at Spiderson and Irondad!

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Well, hate is a strong word but I do believe they like Chris Evans’ character better. They were always fans of Captain America. You can see they don’t know certain information about some other characters, as one of the previous anons said, they didn’t even know May wasn’t really a Parker. They thought she was Mary’s sister.

They might not understand Tony’s character to the same degree as RDJ. This is why RDJ had to improvise and add some parts to his character, probably because the directors asked him as well. They probably didn’t even see the first Iron Man movies if they still believe Tony is the same character as in the first movie. If they don’t see the character development, I’m sorry for them but the rest of us do. 

I recommend avoiding their interviews about Tony lmao

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Summary: Aiden’s family is a disappointment (are we surprised),, bday time! + tony’s basically a dad now

Warnings: major fluff, fatherfigure!tony, angst if you squint

Part Eight

For the next week, Tony made the executive decision to keep Peter and Aiden home from school, much to Aiden’s disappointment. (“I can’t believe how much homework I’m going to have to make up!”).

Training became a big part of Aiden’s day, usually Bucky or Nat for 2+ hours a day. Aiden also started pitching in to make dinner for everybody, much to the group’s excitement. They constantly complained about Steve’s inability to make anything more than pasta, and the rest didn’t even know how to cook. So, Aiden filled in the gap as chef and made dinner for them every night if she wasn’t too tired.

Pepper quickly became a mother figure to Aiden, and Wanda and Nat were like (extremely) overprotective sisters, who could also kill someone. Tony and Steve became Aiden’s father figures, while Bucky was more like a cool uncle who she would go to when anything happened. Sam was the annoying brother who she still loved (barely). Vision acted as a grandpa almost, stopping random squabbles and acting wise all the time. Scott and Hope were always acting like another set of parent figures; Scott was silly but could always cheer Aiden up and Hope would always give her logical advice. Rocket tried to teach Aiden how to pickpocket, much to Steve’s dismay, and Gamora, Mantis, and Drax all loved Aiden. Quill would always mess with her in a loving way, and they were always laughing together. Thor was yet another close friend, and they were constantly talking about one thing or the other when they were together.

Then, there was Peter (Parker). After that one fateful night, Aiden and Peter were practically attached at the hip. It became a common occurrence for Aiden to go to sleep alone and then wake up with Peter next to her. Aiden had F.R.I.D.A.Y. notify her if Peter ever had a nightmare in his room at night, so she could go over and comfort him.

Slowly but surely, the Avengers became her family. Aiden could almost begin to forget Tom and her parents and brother back home. However, Aiden and Peter couldn’t hide out at the tower forever; they had to go back to school.

Monday morning rolled around, and Aiden woke up in her own bed. She had gone back home the night before so that she would be prepared to go back to school. It felt strange being back in her bed; she was so used to the one in her room at the tower.

Checking the time, Aiden realized she only had an hour before she had to leave for school. Rushing around her room, she threw on a forest green sweater with boyfriend jeans and black Doc Martens. She left her hair down and grabbed a granola bar on the way out the door, hurrying to get to the subway station on time.

Aiden breathed a sigh of relief as she reached school on time and walked in, heading to her locker. On the way there, she heard somebody call her name, and she turned around, confused. It didn’t sound like Peter or Ned, Peter’s best friend. Her jaw practically dropped open when she saw Flash Thompson running towards her.

Subconsciously, she started to back up, but stopped when he called out, “WAIT!” and reached a hand out towards her. Aiden opened her mouth to talk, but was cut off by Flash.

“Hey, Aiden! I was just wondering if you were okay?” He asked, panting.

At this, she grows even more confused. “What are you talking about?” She questioned.

“You weren’t at school for most of last week, and it was your first week at school, so I was wondering if you were good?” He rambled nervously.

Aiden grinned and pulled him into a hug, startling Flash. “I’m great! Sorry, I just got really sick. I guess my body’s not used to all this New York pollution.” She waved her hand dismissively. Flash smiled, then pulled her into another hug. Then, he pulled away, and ran to catch up with the rest of his group who were waiting for him.

Aiden smiled a little, then turned around and continued to her locker. 

At lunch, she sat with Peter, Ned, and a girl named MJ. MJ kept to herself, sticking to reading her books and throwing in a few sarcastic comments every now and then.

Aiden decided to make it her mission to become friends with MJ and have a conversation with her. She would talk to MJ a lot, and ask her for help when Peter and Ned were being stupid.

Every day after school, Happy Hogan would come to pick up Peter and Ned, and they would go to the Avengers Tower. Aiden would train for an hour or two with Bucky, then would sit with Bruce and Tony in the workshop or lab and do her homework with Peter. The two adults would help them out, and she always made it a priority to talk to everyone everyday before she left to go home for the night.

Rather quickly, Aiden and MJ became quite close, and considered themselves best friends. Aiden and Flash talked, and Flash opened up about how his family life at home wasn’t great, to which Aiden shared her story with her family. They hugged it out, and now Flash was like a brother to her. She even convinced him to stop calling Peter Penis Parker. The bullying was still a work in progress.

Speaking of Peter, their relationship was continually progressing. The best part of Aiden’s day was when she could see Peter; it was safe to say that he thought the same way. Everyone could see the sparks between them; even Flash had asked Aiden about it (multiple times).

Sam had sworn to Aiden if Peter ever breaks her heart, he’ll break Peter. Everyone else had said something along those lines to her as well, Flash and MJ included. The only people who were oblivious to Aiden’s change in attitude were her parents; they never really paid attention to her and neither did her brother. She felt like a stranger in her own home and she hated every second of it.

The weeks leading up to Aiden’s birthday, she didn’t mention anything to anybody. When Tom was still on good terms with their family, they would wake the birthday person up with a celebratory breakfast of their choosing with a little candle on the top. That stopped after he left, however.

That morning, Aiden woke up on her own, before her alarm. She decided to make her own birthday breakfast, complete with a candle. She prepared some waffles, then topped them with fresh fruit and whipped cream.

Adding a little candle at the top, Aiden lit it and made a wish. She blew it out, alone in the kitchen, and whispered to herself, “Happy birthday”. It was then that she noticed a little note on the countertop, taped down.

Padding over to read it, she recognized her mother’s handwriting.

It read, Aiden, your father, brother, and I have gone on a little vacation. We left early this morning for a red-eye flight. We didn’t bother to bring you because you have to get your grades up anyway, you don’t deserve to go on this trip. We should be back in a week. There’s enough frozen meals in the freezer to last you that long. We’ve also left you a few hundred dollars. We’re going to our old city to meet up with some people.

At this, Aiden gasped, and tears started to blur her vision. She had practically been begging to go back to their home and visit all of her friends, yet they went without her. She continued to read the note.

P.S. happy birthday

She sucked in a deep breath and tried to calm herself. She headed to her room and got ready for the day, deciding to be a little extra because it was her birthday. She pulled on a plaid yellow mini dress, and some Tommy Hilfiger sneakers.

I’m not going to let my family ruin my birthday, Aiden thought. Just as she was about to do her makeup and hair, she heard a knock at the door.

Walking over, she swung it open to find all the Avengers (minus Tony) standing at her door. She gasped and brought her hands up to her mouth. They started to sing happy birthday to her, and as they finished, Peter stepped forward.

Aiden rushed over to him and pulled him into a tight squeeze, brought to tears for the second time today. Then, she frowned, pulling away.

“How did you guys know it was my birthday? I didn’t tell anyone,” She commented.

Nat and Steve shrugged, then chorused, “Tony,” at the same time. Aiden smiled. Her attention was brought over to Peter when he handed her a small gift bag; she took it and smiled.

“Really, guys, you didn’t have to. I didn’t tell anyone for a reason,” Aiden stated, crossing her arms.

Sam chuckled and shook his head. “Of course we had to! You’re part of the family, Aiden! Speaking of family, where is your family?” He leaned to the side to see an empty apartment.

Aiden sighed and shook her head. “They left for a trip to my hometown early this morning… I didn’t even get to see them. They left a note on the kitchen counter. I’ve wanted to go back and visit for the longest time, and they decided to go without me on my birthday. So, yeah, that’s where they are.” She finished. Everyone was silent for a moment, before Peter rushed towards her and wrapped her in a hug. She buried her head into his shoulder, before lifting her head and wiping her eyes with one free hand.

Then, before she could second guess herself, she leaned in and closed her eyes, kissing him.

Peter was stunned for a second, then came to his senses and kissed back. Aiden smiled into it, and it felt like everything melted away. Her arms came up and her fingers tangled themselves in his hair, pulling him closer. She forgot all of her pain in that second, and only her and Peter existed in their little world. Then, someone coughed, and they broke apart, breathing heavily.

“Took you guys long enough!” Sam said, and everyone laughed and clapped. Peter grinned and pulled her in for another kiss. Aiden happily obliged, and by the time they stopped, she was out of breath, grinning like crazy.

The Avengers waited in her living room while she finished getting ready. They had surprised her by saying they were all taking her to school instead of having to take the train, and Aiden couldn’t have been more excited.

Walking into the kitchen to grab water, she found Bucky and Sam raiding her fridge. She laughed as Bucky popped his head out, a plum in his mouth. a/n - I’m sorry I HAD TO GIVE HIM A DAMN PLUM.

“Hey, you’re finally ready!” He exclaimed, poking Sam in the side. Sam turned and gave her a lopsided smile, and before long, they were all leaving the building.

Getting into the car, Scott, who was driving, passed the aux to Aiden to play her choice of music. Aiden being Aiden, she blasted some old hits of the 2000s, and soon everyone was jamming out in the car, singing their hearts out. Everyone except for Bucky and Steve, who had absolutely no clue as to what was going on and looked mortified.

They pulled up to Midtown fairly quickly, and already, people were staring. Since Tony couldn’t be there, he had insisted on giving them all a limo and made everyone wear their superhero suits, as if it wasn’t embarrassing enough to have them scream happy birthday as she exited the car.

The entire group got out of the car, and everyone stood and stared in shock as the Avengers sang a horrible rendition of happy birthday while Aiden simply stood there, stunned.

Then, Hope pulled something out of the trunk; it was a huge poster of her face with all of their signatures and a giant “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” text written across it.

They all pulled her into a massive group hug, and as Aiden was trying to pull away, she heard her name being called.

Turning, she saw MJ, Flash, and Ned sprinting towards her, all of them holding a bag or a gift box in their hands. 

Aiden ran to meet them halfway and pulled Flash into a hug first. Then she punched him. Hard.

“And how did you guys know?!” She exclaimed. MJ pointed at someone behind Aiden.

“Him,” she said simply. Turning, Aiden saw Peter standing there shyly. She ran at him and jumped into his arms, wrapping her legs around his waist.

“This is the best birthday ever!” She murmured in his ear, then, in front of everyone, gave him a passionate kiss on the lips.

Everyone cheered, and Flash gave him a If you hurt her I will murder you look. Aiden was too distracted to notice that Steve had walked up next to her; he pulled her into a tight side hug and handed her his present. One by one, the rest of the group came up and handed her presents. By the time they were done, her arms were full and, honestly, Aiden couldn’t be happier that her family wasn’t here on her birthday.

With that, the bell rang for school, and the Avengers all waved goodbye as Aiden walked up the stairs and into the building, surrounded by the people she loved. 

The rest of the day was amazing; Peter was constantly at her side, proudly showing her off, while Flash glared at any boy who even dared to look at her (including Peter). MJ was buzzing with excitement, which was quite unusual for her, and Ned talked everyone’s ear off. 

At lunch, Flash pulled Peter off to the side to “have a little chit chat,” in his words. When they came back, Flash was grinning from ear to ear and Peter looked like he had just seen a ghost. When Aiden saw this, she kicked Flash in the shin.

“What did you do to him?” She whispered furiously.

He just smiled at her and shook his head. Aiden opened her mouth to say something, but stopped when her phone started ringing. Pulling it out, she saw that the caller ID said “Tony Stark”.

Smiling, she picked up and put it on speaker phone, saying, “Hi Tony! By the way, you’re on speaker phone so please don’t embarrass me.” Her table fell silent as everyone’s eyes widened.

“Uh, I think it’s a little late for that,” he said, the voice a little muffled.

Aiden frowned, and started to say, “What do you mea-,” when she was cut off by the sound of the cafeteria door opening and everyone falling silent. Turning around, she saw the one and only Tony Stark flying towards her in his Iron Man suit. Stopping right in front of her table, the front half of his suit dissolved and he stepped out, leaving the suit to hover behind him.

Tony smiled and held out his arms as Aiden rushed towards him. He bent down a little to squeeze her, causing her to laugh and look up at him. He grinned down at her, then climbed up onto her table, looking around at everyone.

“As I’m sure all of you know, I’m Tony Stark. And this here,” he points at Aiden, “is quite literally someone who I consider to be my daughter. So, you all be nice to her and wish her a happy birthday, or else. Have a good day!” With that, he stepped down from the table. When the cafeteria stayed quiet, he frowned. “Continue on with your conversations, come on!” Slowly, the volume rose to its normal rate and people started talking to each other again. Tony leaned down to whisper in Aiden’s ear, “Your present will be at the tower after school.” He leaned down and hugged her, kissing the top of her head. Walking away, he stopped and turned as if remembering something.

Pointing to their small group, Tony said, “All of you are invited to the Avengers Tower today after school with Aiden and Peter. Don’t be late!” With that, he climbed back into his suit and flew out the doors.

Turning back to her friends, Aiden looked at how all of them were processing. Flash looked like a fish out of water, mouth opening and closing with no sound coming out and eyes wide. MJ just grinned stupidly, and Aiden could already see the gears turning in her head of what inventions she was going to look at. Ned just sat there with his mouth hanging open, lunch long forgotten. As for Peter, he wrapped Aiden in an embrace and nuzzled into her neck, kissing it softly.

Aiden laughed and squirmed as he started to tickle her sides, trying to push him away. MJ snickered at them, and even Flash managed a grin.

For the rest of the day, Aiden kept getting birthday wishes from the most random people in her classes, even teachers. By the end of her last class, all she wanted was to go and be with her family. They might not be related, but the Avengers and her friends meant everything to her.

She practically ran out of her last period to find MJ, Peter, Ned, and Flash standing there, waiting. She smiled sheepishly. “Sorry for being late guys!” She said, and they all just shook their heads, laughing.

Aiden looked up to see Happy pulling up in front of the school, and she pointed to the car. “Come on guys, let’s go!” She exclaimed, and they all walked over to where Happy was waiting.

30 minutes later, they pulled up to the Avengers compound. Happy pulled out his pass; for security measures, you needed a pass to let yourself and/or a group of people into the building. Peter had one but Aiden didn’t. Flash practically fell out of the car when he opened the door, he was so shocked. MJ looked like she was preparing for a debate with the way she was concentrating, and Ned was too busy freaking out to pay attention to anything else.

Walking into the building, Peter and Aiden immediately noticed Nat and Pepper standing in the lobby, waiting for them. They made a beeline to where they were standing, the other three trailing behind. Nat and Pepper immediately wrapped Aiden in a hug, then said hi to the others.

“Hey guys, I’m Natasha!” She waved at them and Aiden gave her a look.

“Nat, I think they know who you are,” she said, rolling her eyes. Nat laughed and shook her head. “Anyways, this is Flash, MJ, and Ned!” Aiden pointed to each of them, and Pepper and Nat nodded at them.

Pepper started to walk them to the elevator, giving them a tour of the tower. Aiden grinned at how fascinated everyone was; MJ was asking questions at the speed of light, and poor Pepper couldn’t seem to keep up. Then, they reached the common floor, where everyone was waiting to see the group.

Once they stepped out of the elevator, everyone rose to greet them. Peter and Aiden introduced their friends, and everyone got acquainted.

Tony clapped his hands together, getting everyone’s attention. “This is cute and all, but I really need to show Aiden her birthday present. Follow me!” He set off towards the elevator, and everyone climbed in. Tony pressed the button to a level that Aiden had never been to before; it was right above Wanda’s floor.

The doors opened, and there was a huge happy birthday banner spread across the fireplace mantle of the living room. Looking around, Aiden realized it was a residential floor, which meant it belonged to someone.

The puzzle pieces started fitting together in her mind and she whirled around to stare at Tony.

“You didn’t!” She gasped.

He grinned. “Oh, but I did!” She rushed into his arms and gripped him tightly. He smiled and hugged her back. Peter just stared at them, confused.

“What happened?” He asked. Aiden broke away from the hug and grinned at him

“Petey… this is mine. This is my floor!” She exclaimed. He broke into a huge smile, then picked her up and spun her around. Bringing her to the ground, he peppered her face with kisses, making her laugh.

Tony broke them apart, and he led them to the master bedroom.  Opening the door, he showed everyone Aiden’s room; it was amazing. There was a punching bag and treadmill on one side of a massive king sized bed. She had a large desk to do homework, and an advanced looking computer sitting on top of it. The room was painted a light baby blue, which she loved. But best of all, there was a small key card sitting on top of the bed.

Walking over to it, Aiden picked it up and realized it was her very own pass to the compound. For the third time that day, she was moved to tears.

“Thank you so much!” She choked out, and they all moved in for a group hug. 

Later that night, she had finally gotten around to opening all her presents. Peter had gotten her a small silver promise ring, along with a thin chain necklace that Aiden loved. Sam and Bucky had teamed up together and had gotten her new boxing gloves. Steve had gotten her a little Captain America shield plush toy, along with a small bracelet. Hope, Natasha, and Wanda had pitched in and got her a few weapons to learn to train with. Nat also gave her a ring that, when pressed, would turn into a metal glove that covered her hand, similar to Tony’s suit. It would have a repulsor as well. Bruce had gotten her a science book, while Rocket and Gamora had given her a small pocket knife. Peter (Quill) had gotten Aiden an old fashioned Walkman, along with some tracks to play on it. Drax and Mantis gave her a t-shirt that read “Kick names, take ass” (much to Aiden’s confusion), and Thor had given her a charm bracelet that had a little hammer on it. When pressed, it would send out a distress call to the Avengers, letting them know that she needed help. 

Clint got Aiden her first bow and a few arrows to go with it, and of course Rhodey, Tony, and Pepper had teamed up for her own floor and pass. 

It was safe to say that this was Aiden’s favorite birthday, and she couldn’t care less that her biological family wasn’t there. 

a/n - first of all i would like to give a huge thank you to Sara, ILY!! Your advice and encouragement is incredible and always motivates me,, love you girlie!! Second, all of you are free to give me constructive criticism and advice! I won’t know how to improve without it <33. Third ,, i had to do a lil fluffy scene and i felt like this was perfect, and shows how Tony would be a dad yK okay bye hope you’re liking the story fellas

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Is time to finally shade this collab with @td269 because I completely forget it like for a year! I’m a fucking mess, sorry TD 😭 Love you 😘

Also a remind: I have comissions open. Ko-Fi and Patron page

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