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@whumptober2020​​​​ Prompt #30: “Now Where Did That Come From” - Wound Reveal | Ignoring an Injury | Internal Organ Injury

Word Count: 1019

Warnings: Blood (Minor) | Hospital Scenes

Synopsis: Tony thinks they just might have finished their mission unharmed, Peter has another idea

Read Under the Cut | Read on AO3

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Imma do Top 5, just ‘cause it’s late and I’m tired!

1) When Ant-Man Yeeted Peter


2) When Peter Got Rescued From Being Yeeted Into a Lake


3) When Tony Lost All Hope in the World


4) When Peter Took a Vacation to Space (and Decided to Almost Die)


5) When Peter Actually Died

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Oh awesome! Well welcome to the Irondad fandom! Oh gosh, that’s a hard one tbh… 

Well obviously I have to rec my own stuff, I do love it a lot and I’m proud of it so feel free to check those out first. My favorite of those stories is Here to Help if you’re looking for something specific haha. 

As for other stuff you should read, I have a tag called fanfic recs that I put all my favorite fics and fic rec lists in! So feel free to scroll through that! I will say some aren’t Irondad, they may be Ironhusbands or the occasional Parkner or Interwebs or Spideychelle, but most of them are Irondad. 

I ALSO made a HUGE Irondad Masterlist of Masterlists, where I’ve gathered every Irondad author on tumblr I could find that had an Irondad Fic Masterlist on their blog, and linked them all in one post as well as tagged the authors. Whenever I update the list I reblog it and put in the tags the new masterlist I’ve added to it. 

Honestly, if you just follow every author on that list you’ll never run out of great fics to read. Hope this helps! Remember to reblog and comment on whatever works you happen to read! :D

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Please HELP! I’m looking for irondad fic. Please tell me the title or the author’s name if you know, or maybe any tags that you remember.

It’s a oneshot but I don’t know whether it’s a single fic or a part of a series. The fic is told from Tony’s POV, so it consists mostly Tony’s thoughts. There are only three characters: Tony, Pepper, and Peter. It took place in the Tower (it’s not a long fic, so there’s not much background changes).

The main idea is: they were all dead, but Tony hadn’t realize it yet. I can’t explain more without giving spoiler, so..


Pepper was always standing outside in the tower’s balcony, because that’s where she died. Peter couldn’t speak, because he was chocked to death. While Tony continued to “live” the day as usual, they both were waiting for Tony to break out of his hallucination. Once Tony saw what the Tower had become (Osborn, the one behind their death, used the tower to house his illegal experiment), Tony realized they were all dead. Then they went to the afterlife together.


Please help me! And thank you in advance.

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I love how I’m writing a fic about Morgan Stark’s first breakup being in her junior year of high school but we all know that Tony would be WAY TOO protective over her that she wouldn’t even dare think about wanting to date a guy or gal in high school—

Actually no he’d be like “Fifteen? You want to let her start dating during her freshman year? Pep, I really don’t think we should let her start dating that soon. I don’t know much about girls but I definitely know that teenage boys, especially that early on are absolute monsters!”

And Pepper’s like, “I was fifteen when I started dating and I turned out fine. Yeah, I had my first breakup when I was eighteen, but otherwise… I was fine.”

Then Tony’s trying to be belittle himself and be self depreciating, “YOU MARRIED ME!”

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Just Like Forensic Files

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: poisoning

Characters: Peter Parker, Tony Stark, Ned Leeds, FRIDAY

Mentioned: Ben Parker, Karen, May Parker, Pepper Potts, Happy Hogan, Adrian Toomes


Day Twenty-Two: Poisoned

Peter could remember Ben always teasing him when he was younger for watching Forensic Files. Because “why don’t you want to watch cartoons, Peter?” Sure, he liked cartoons too, but Forensic Files was more interesting. He had always loved science, and he wanted to learn more about it, even at a young age. So, he would watch Forensic Files any chance he had.

Flash forward nine years and he’s a crime-fighting mutant spider-kid who might actually need these facts that were stored in the back of his mind. He had, in the past, had to have Karen contact poison control for people he found in different situations. Usually it was drugs that they had taken willingly, but there were the occasional attempted homocides. It was New York City, after all, and there was always going to be crime. Some of those crimes would, unfortunately, be murders.

What he didn’t expect was to need those facts as Peter Parker. Especially not at a high school party. A high school party that the host had promised wouldn’t even have alcohol. Had there been that possibility, he wouldn’t have went. Because he didn’t want to be slipped anything at a party and have some sort of weird reaction because of his spider powers. He would make sure that he was at home or at Tony’s when he did eventually try any, but he still knew that would be years from now. It would be hypocritical of him to do something illegal when he stopped crime on a daily basis.

What he never expected was for someone at that party to slip something else in his drink. Something stronger, an obvious attempt at murder. It didn’t make sense. There were six people who knew his identity; May, Ned, Tony, Pepper, Happy, and Toomes. The only one of those who would have any reason to want him dead was in prison, so he thought he had nothing to worry about.

“Are you alright, Peter?” Ned asked as they stepped away from the drink table. The moment they stepped that way, his Spider-Sense had warned him of danger. He had been glancing around suspiciously ever since, trying to determine who there was in danger and, more importantly, who was planning on harming them.

“It’s a um… An intern thing,” he said quietly, giving Ned a knowing look. It wasn’t until he took a sip of his drink that he realized what it was. “Does your drink taste funny?”

“No, why? Does yours?” Ned asked, looking in his drink and then at Peter’s as if he could see a difference between the two.

“Yeah,” he murmured. “I’m going to go pour it out. If I’m not back in a few minutes, come find me.”

Ned nodded uncertainly, watching as Peter started towards the bathroom. Just in the time it took him to get there and pour the drink out, he felt sick. A wave of nausea hit him so bad he thought he was going to puke, but when he tried nothing came except a pounding headache. He took a shaky breath and sat down against the locked door, pulling out his cell phone. He texted Ned first, telling him to be waiting outside the bathroom for when he unlocked the door. Only when he saw that his friend had read the message and replied with a thumbs up did he got to his contacts, deciding to call Tony first because he could probably get there quicker than May.

“Hey, Kiddo,” he answered within two rings. “Having fun?”

“Um, hey, Mr. Stark,” he started. He closed his eyes and focused on keeping his breathing steady. He had a feeling he knew what was happening to him, and if he was right his heart could give out if he let himself panic. He had to stay calm no matter how terrified he was. “So, I have a question.”

“I’m not going to like where this is going, am I?”

Peter chuckled nervously but didn’t answer, instead continuing. “So there was this episode once…” He trailed off to take another deep breath, something that seemed to be getting more difficult as time went on. “They poisoned the water and the woman got sick in minutes. She… She was dead before they got there.”

“Okay,” Peter could tell that Tony was trying to stay calm, but could hear him saying something to FRIDAY off the phone, probably telling her to track his phone. “Please tell me that I’m wrong in why you’re telling me this.”

“So… I, um, I think that’s happening to me… Like right now…” He told him. “Cyanide, is that what it’s called?”

“Yeah. Yeah, that’s what it’s called,” he replied. Sure enough, Peter heard a familiar whirring noise and then a few clanks. “Keep going.”

Peter was sure that he already knew everything he needed to know and was just trying to keep him talking now, but he went with it. So far, talking had helped keep him focused. He could not panic. “So it’s supposed… Supposed to be colorless…” He told him, recalling how the whole tank had been contaminated with more than enough to kill someone and no one noticed until they took a drink. “It was… The taste gave it away… And my drink tasted funny…”

Peter tried to take another deep breath, but felt like he couldn’t get as much air in as before. “I’mma let Ned in… Take me outside… Need air…”

“Alright, Buddy. Just keep me on the line, okay? I’m on my way.”

“Mmkay,” Peter replied. Shaky as he did so, Peter forced himself to stand up and unlock the door before he had to lean against it and catch his breath. “Ned?”

Ned pushed the door open, nearly causing Peter to fall over. “Dude, you don’t look too good,” he started. “Are you alright?”

Peter shook his head, too winded to reply at the moment. “Pete? Can you put Ned on speaker for me?”

“Y-yeah,” Peter managed, tapping the button on his phone and handing it to Ned so he could use that hand to grab ahold of his friend. “Need air…”

“Ned?” Tony prompted over the phone. At first Ned was a bit stunned, but forced himself to reply, knowing the severity of the situation.

“Yes, Mr. Stark, Sir?” he replied quickly, not missing the weak, teasing smile Peter gave him.

“I want you to take Pete out the back door for me. I’ll be there in three minutes, and I don’t want to cause a huge scene. Can you do that for me?”

Ned turned to peek out the door, finding the back door. “It’s not far, Peter. Do you think you can make it?”

“Can try,” Peter told him, following his gaze.

“Alright. We’re going to try,” Ned replied towards the phone before taking Peter’s arm and putting around his back. He glanced around before he started helping his friend walk in that direction. Once they were outside, he helped him sit down against the wall. “Better?”

Peter just nodded in reply, closing his eyes.

“Ned, give me a rundown. How’s he doing?” Tony asked. “I’m about a minute out.”

“He doesn’t look good,” Ned replied, frowning as Peter looked up at him. “But he’s awake. That’s good, right?”

“Yeah, yeah, that’s great. Just keep him awake for me if you can, okay?”

Peter blinked at Ned and shook his head. He had started to feel faint the moment he stood up, and it was only getting worse. “Can’t,” he managed to choke out.

“Just a little longer,” Ned pressed. “Please, Peter. He’s almost here.”

“‘M sorry,” he murmured, giving him a sad look. At this point, he could only hope that he would wake up again.

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Tbh, I was a bit confused when I first read this prompt because I was like who’s nick??? I used to read the books and I completely forgot that the second movie existed, so this is more of a mash-up of what I remember from the books and the movies

“I can’t believe this! This is absolutely unheard of! I feel cheated!

You feel cheated?” Peter asks, still sitting on the very old, very plushy, very expensive chair and watching his father pace up and down the hallway, only raising an eyebrow. “I’m the one who gets cheated.”

“Well.” Tony stops turning to his son and crossing his arms over his chest. “We both are. And it’s stupid! Of all the old laws they could’ve dug up, they chose this one?”

Peter grimaces, not really knowing what to answer that.

For most of his life, Peter lived with his aunt May in Queens after his mother Mary, her boyfriend Richard and his uncle Ben died, thinking he’s absolutely ordinary – and then his estranged father Tony Stark suddenly appeared on their doorstep. Peter heard stories about him, of course. They told him he’s an influential politician in some small, European country.


It wasn’t technically wrong.

After all, a king can be described as an influential politician.

And he stopped by to tell Peter that he definitely has to take over that position one day and lead because he’s the only child he has and can’t get any more children. Peter, who was suddenly told he had to move to that little country named Genovia and leave his entire life behind, hadn’t been happy about it. There was some drama, some very annoying etiquette lessons, some screaming and door slamming and over the lawn running (which wasn’t allowed), a bit of bonding over Tony helping Peter fix Ben’s old car, and an eventual agreement that Peter would actually considering becoming a king.

Which he did consider.

And he said yes.

To this day, Peter can’t explain exactly what was going on with him when he agreed. Maybe it was because he didn’t want to lose any more family. Maybe it was the absurdity of becoming a king. Or maybe it was the fact that he can actually help people with this. (It also helped that he absolutely fell in love with the country, even with the weird signature pear taste – and now, he absolutely loves pear-popcorn)

Since then, Peter’s days have been filled with classes about what it means to be a king, about Genovia’s history, about its people, about his family, about which fork to use when you eat your salad, he even learned how to ride a horse because tradition or whatever. In college, he studied economics and politics (he would’ve loved to study biochemistry, but seeing what his future profession will be, it wasn’t that smart – besides, Tony started teaching him everything about science. Turns out his father is not only a king, but a science genius), all to prepare himself for this job.

And then the parliament happened.

Or more specifically: one certain member of the parliament. Lord Jones is a very charismatic and cunning man, trying to make Tony’s life as difficult as possible. This time, it’s by bringing up a law that forbids Peter from becoming the next king because he’s part American.

Who would be the next in line to the throne?

Considering that the Stark blood line would end when Peter can’t take up that position, it would be Lord Jones’ family; his daughter Michelle, to be exact.

“He must’ve spent days looking through all those old laws,” Tony is mumbling, obviously still furious. It didn’t help that he couldn’t scream at Lord Jones in the parliament room, knowing that there are enough members who are just waiting for Tony to do one wrong step.

“Maybe we should feel honored,” Peter says, slumped over the back of the chair. Instead of being as furious as his father, Peter feels so discouraged. All the self-doubt he’s been fighting for years over this comes back. There’s a reason that old law exists – what if they’re right? What if someone who’s 100% Genovian is a better fit to rule the country? Sure, Peter tried his best to catch up on everything that has the slightest bit to do with Genovia, but is it enough?

Is he really the best for this job?

Tony snaps his fingers in front of Peter’s face, pulling him out of his thought. “Hey, I know that face. No self-doubts. I’m not gonna allow it.”

“My self-doubts or the Jones’ taking the throne.”

“Both, of course.” Peter can’t even find it in himself to chuckle. Tony sniffs once, pulling closer another chair and sits down next to him. “All we need is to show the parliament that Lady Jones isn’t a better fit than you. So, as soon as we meet her, we have to look for every little flaw there is. Just anything that would make her unfit. Okay?”



Turns out, finding a flaw is almost impossible. Because in Peter’s eyes, Lady Michelle is so much better fit than him.

She’s wicked smart, and when she’s stares at you, you feel like she’s staring into your soul. She’s not afraid to ask uncomfortable questions, calling people out when they’re talking bullshit, she speaks all the languages that are commonly spoken in Genovia, she can have the most perfect manners (if she wants to), and she has a kind of confidence that is not unlike Tony’s – and one Peter doesn’t have at all.

It’s also not helping that she’s absolutely gorgeous and Peter forgets every single word he’s ever learned when she speaks to him.

And she speaks to him quite often. Probably because she figured out that Peter’s brain stops to work whenever she’s around.

Like now.

Tony decided to throw a little party (he likes throwing parties), taking advantage of the warm, early summer days and their stunning garden. Peter is supposed to show the parliament members that he’s the only real candidate to be the next king, but after he spoke to only three of them, Lady Michelle finds him.

“Prince Peter,” she greets him, “we meet again.”

“Y-Yeah,” he stutters. “It’s, uh, nice to see you. Thank you for coming.”

She smiles that smile that lifts up only one half of her mouth, like she’s actually trying to fight it but can’t win. That smile does weird things to Peter’s stomach. “I’m sure your father isn’t too happy about it.”

“I’m sure your father isn’t happy about it either.”

The words are out of his mouth before Peter can think about them, and to his relief Lady Michelle only chuckles. “How about you show me around the garden your ancestors build to show off?”

Like so often with Lady Michelle, Peter doesn’t get the chance to decide – she already turned around and started strolling down the path.

They’re past the first couple of rose bushes when she speaks up.

“So, how’s your plan going on digging up dirt on me?”

“What?!” Peter asks, his voice jumping an octave higher. “I’m not- We’re not-” Lady Michelle only looks at him, raising one eyebrow. Peter’s shoulders slump down. “Well… Dad is determined to find something.”

“And if King Stark sets his mind to something, he gets it done.”

“Well, according to everyone around him, that’s true. I mean, he did manage to convince me to be his heir. And he’s still trying to teach one of his robots that motor oil shouldn’t be put into smoothies.”

“I feel honored that he – and you – invest so much time in me.” Peter doesn’t know what to say (at least what to say that doesn’t make him look like an idiot), so he doesn’t say anything. They walk in silence for a couple of paces before she speaks up again. “My father is doing the same, by the way. Trying to find as much dirt on you as you can.”

“He already did,” Peter answers, not able to stop the sting in his chest that everything he’s been working for the last couple of years might have been for nothing. “He found that law.”

“The parliament members might be old, but they aren’t stupid. They know that there are a lot, a lot worse candidates to take over the throne than you. I mean, you basically breathe helping people, and you have a smart enough head on your shoulders that you wouldn’t ruin the country. They can’t really ask for someone better than you.”

Peter feels his cheeks heat up and if anyone asks, it’s because of the midday sun over them. It has absolutely nothing to do with the practically most amazing young woman in the world complimenting him. “Well, uh, thank you.”

For a second, he wonders if he should compliment her in return (but which compliment to pick? There are so many), but before his brain can catch up, Lady Michelle is already continuing. “So, both our fathers think there are only two options.”

Peter doesn’t miss the tone of her voice. “And you don’t agree, Lady Michelle?”

“Call me MJ.” She stops turning to him. “No, I don’t agree. There’s another one. A much, much simpler one.”

“Which would be?”

MJ’s cheeks are turning pink and in that moment, Peter just knows what she’s about to say and his heart skips a beat. “We could rule together.”

Peter’s cheeks are burning as his brain absolutely refuses to function.

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Yes, I want Peter Parker to fill in the new iron man position in the mcu. No, I do not want him to be ‘Ironman Jr.’

I simply want to watch Peter Parker struggle to manage a bunch of ‘you can’t tell me what to do’ teenagers as he is actively trying to save the world.

I also want one scene where Peter is talking to Pepper about Miles, and how he was worried about him getting in danger or hurt while fighting.

And Pepper is just like ‘yeah, Tony used to say the same thing about you.’

Peter: ‘oh come on, there’s no way I was that bad.’

Pepper: ‘oh no peter, you weren’t that bad, you were worse.’

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Bruce & Tony: *watches two people doing something stupid*

Tony: God, what fools

Bruce & Tony: *realizes its Kamala & Peter*

Bruce: WAIT those are our fools!

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Healing Takes Time

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: language

Chatacters: Tony Stark, Peter Parker

Mentioned: May Parker


Day Twenty-One: Infection

Sequel to Lost!

Tony woke up to the sound of whimpering and was confused at first, unsure of the noise. Then, as he became more alert, he remembered what had happened. Seven days ago, Peter has gone missing on his school trip. He had found him two days ago, and the boy had been taken into surgery immediately for compartment syndrome and severe osteomyelitis. While the former was fixed and his body was healing, the infection would take time to run its course and he was still at high risk for sepsis until the antibiotics they were giving him started to work.

Peter whimpered again in his sleep and Tony stood up, walking over to his bedside. May had left to return to New York the night before, her work not allowing her anymore days off, so he had promised to stay behind in Tennessee and watch over him until he was well enough to transfer. He knew that the boy would be better off at home with doctors who knew him, but they didn’t have much of a choice right now. With May’s permission, he had to make the decision to reveal his identity to the hospital so he would get proper treatment. He had made them sign off on it, of course, but they could never be sure that the law would be upheld.

“It’s okay, Kiddo,” he whispered, taking the boy’s hand and squeezing it. “You’re okay.”

He could feel the heat coming from Peter and knew he must be running a fever again. That was likely the cause of his discomfort, Tony guessed. The medicine he was on had helped keep it down for the most part, but it was early in the morning, and his last dose would be wearing off now.

Peter blinked up at him, his eyes only half-opened. “Hey, Buddy,” he said softly. “You’re running a fever again.”

“Ma’es sense,” Peter mumbled, struggling to try to push himself into a sitting position. He got halfway up before closing his eyes and flopping back down again with a huff that sounded like a mix of exhaustion and annoyance. “Don’ feel good, T’ny.”

“I know, Pete,” he said softly, squeezing his hand again. He looked up as he heard footsteps, relieved to see the nurse coming in. “He’s running a fever again.”

“This should help bring it down,” the nurse replied, walking over to the IV pole and changing the bag out and turning the drip up a bit. Once she was finished, she moved closer to Peter’s bed. “Peter?”

“Mhm?” Peter hummed, tilting his head to look up at her. “Yeah?”

“Do you want me to bring you a water and see if you can drink any?” she asked carefully. “You have plenty of fluids coming in right now, but it’s good to drink a little if you can.”

“Too ti’ed. Wanna sleep,” Peter mumbled.

“Okay,” she replied softly, glancing at Tony. “I’ll come check on him in an hour or so and see if his fever has gone down any. If he’s awake I’ll ask him again. If you need me, just press the call button.”

“I will, thank you.”

When Peter woke up again, his body was soaked with sweat. As gross as he felt, he knew that meant his fever had broke. He was a bit surprised that his head didn’t feel quite as fuzzy as before, but he noticed he could feel a slight pain in his leg. He guessed they had started to lower his pain medicine.

For a moment, Peter thought that he was alone. He was on his side, turned towards the side of his bed where May had been staying when she was there. He felt a hint of panic at the thought, trying to listen for a second heartbeat in the room but unable to get his senses to focus enough to do so. “Tony?” he called weakly, his voice shaking.

“I’m right here, Buddy.” Peter relaxed a bit at the voice. He heard footsteps and tilted his head as Tony came around to the other side of his bed. “Are you alright? Do I need to get the nurse?”

“Jus’ thought I was alone,” he admitted, giving him a weak smile. “I’m a’ight.”

Tony gave him a small smile and nodded, sitting down in the chair that was still pulled up to the side of his bed. “You look more awake,” he commented.

“Head’s not as fuzzy,” Peter told him. “‘S been fuzzy lately. You druggin’ me?” He gave a look that he hoped conveyed his joke, and he replaced it with a lopsided smile when Tony chuckled at him.

“Maybe I have,” he replied lightly. “Maybe you’re just going insane. Either sounds like a fair assumption in my opinion.”

“‘M not insane,” Peter mumbled, lowering his head to his pillow. “That’s you.”

“Hey now,” the man started, crossing his arms over his chest in mock offense. “I’m going to leave you here if you keep that up.”

“No you’re not,” Peter countered, closing his eyes for a moment. “May said… She said somethin’. I don’t remember what she said but you wouldn’ leave.”

“I’m just messing with you, Kiddo,” Tony assured him. Peter felt a hand in his hair and leaned into the touch. “May wanted me to tell you she only left because her boss is an *sshole, by the way. She told you herself before she left, but wasn’t sure if you would remember.”

“‘S okay,” Peter told him, looking up at him. “You can go too if you needa.”

“Wouldn’t even think about it, Pete. I’m going to stay as long as you’re here.”

Peter just smiled in reply. “I’mma sleep now.”

“Alright, Buddy,” Tony replied, taking his hand and squeezing it once. “I’ll be right here when you wake up.”

“You’re okay, you’re okay. I’ve got ya.”

Peter tilted his head back, taking shaky breaths. He was gripping onto Tony tightly, leaning most of his weight on him. “I think I’m gonna pass out,” he breathed.

“Alright. You want to sit in the chair?”

Peter nodded and let Tony lead him to the seat, carefully lowering him into it. He closed his eyes in an attempt to calm himself, breathing heavy. His leg was hurting terribly even after just standing for a minute, and he had felt sick the moment he tried to move.

“Your blood pressure tanked, Buddy,” Tony told him, sitting on the edge of the bed. “We’ll get you back in the bed once it levels out and try again tomorrow.”

Peter sighed and nodded, feeling tears in his eyes as he opened them again. He had been in the hospital for over a week now and he was ready to go home, but the doctors said that he couldn’t be transferred until he was able to make it to the bathroom and back with help. Then, even when he got back to New York, he would be stuck in the medbay at Avengers Tower until he was completely healed. This was not how he planned on spending his summer.

“Hey,” Tony started softly, standing up and coming to crouch next to Peter. He took his hand and held it in his own. “You’re doing great, Pete. You’ve come so far.”

“I’m just so tired,” Peter whispered, trying to keep his voice from breaking. “I’m tired and I miss May and I just want to go home.”

“I know, Kiddo,” Tony sighed. “I wish I could take you home, I really do, but we need to make sure you’re strong enough for the trip.”

“I know,” Peter breathed. “I know, I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright, Bud,” he replied. “You’re doing so good. You’ve been so brave through this, and I’m so proud of you for that, okay? Just stay strong for me a little longer.”

Peter nodded, unable to reply because of the knot in his throat. He felt a hand on either side of his face and then a kiss on the top of his head. “I’m not sure I told you this, but I’m so glad you’re okay,” Tony murmured.

“Yeah?” Peter asked.

“Yeah,” he replied. “It’s going to take time to heal, but what matters is that you’re here and you are healing. I know it sucks, and I’m so sorry that you’re hurting, but in the end it’s all going to be okay.”

Peter sighed and nodded, pushing himself to the edge of the chair and leaning forward. He was glad when he felt arms pulling him close, then heard the familiar beating sound in front of him. “Thanks, Tony.”

“Of course, Pete,” Tony replied, ruffling his hair a bit. “Anytime.”

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Peter: Do you think lava would taste spicy?
Tony: Please do not eat lava. 
Harley: Actually, since lava is really just molten earth, it probably tastes bland and dusty. 
Peter: You are the only one here who understands me. 
Tony: *facepalms*

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No. 29   Alt. 1

Fandom: Avengers

Whumpee: Tony Stark

Caregiver: Steve Rogers

Title: If Steve Was On Titan

Part 1 of 2

By: PenPatronus // PenPatronusAooO 

Steve woke up from the hardest punch yet, but remained flat on his bearded face, inhaling the rotten Titan soil. A tremendous ache weighed down his body and he had to order it to move three times before it actually did. He raised his eyes. The spider kid was on his left, not moving. The Guardians were on his right – they were unconscious, too. Strange was ahead, also on the left and Tony – Tony was fighting Thanos all by himself. And that was when Thanos ripped off part of Tony’s own suit, and skewered him with it.

“NO!” Steve cried. His voice came out in a whimper.

Thanos walked Tony backward until he collapsed, then put his massive gauntlet on his head. “You have my respect, Stark,” said the Titan. “When I’m done, half of humanity will still be alive.” He shoved Tony away, and Stark gasped. “I hope they remember you,” Thanos continued, standing tall. Blood rained from Tony’s mouth.

“No,” Steve cried again. He tried to stand, but only managed to do a push up. That power stone sure packed a punch.

Thanos raised the gauntlet. In seconds there would be no more Tony Stark.

“Stop!” said a new voice. Steve looked to his left and saw that Strange was sitting up. “Spare his life, and I will give you the stone.”

Steve’s stomach flipped, then sunk.

“No tricks.”

Strange shook his head.

“Don’t,” said Steve, at the exact same time as Tony. As much as Steve cared for his friend, not even Tony Stark’s life was worth half the universe.

Strange raised his right hand and the time stone appeared between his fingers. Steve fought his way up to his knees, then up to his feet. He stepped forward, desperate to tackle Thanos – to do anything – but his left knee gave out and he collapsed.

Keep reading

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the portal closed—a concept scene

Peter can’t stand still.

How could he? There’s an alien space ship that just landed in the middle of Central Park, and no one else is here to do anything about it. Hell, Peter shouldn’t even be here—he was only nearby because May’s birthday is in a few months and there’s this shop that sells the really nice jewelry and he wanted to see how much more money he needed to save up for that necklace he wants to get her. Still, he can see Avengers Tower glimmering in the distance, and yet there are no Avengers in sight to investigate the foreign craft.

Lucky that Peter always has his suit with him, shoved into the bottom of his backpack for any necessary emergency use. Like aliens. In the park. On a Wednesday.

Or, he assumes that they’re aliens, because this definitely doesn’t look like any sort of, like, normal human plane, or whatever. It’s a weird, giant hunk of metal, a bit rectangular with odd angles and various different colors, like it was made with scrap metal and there wasn’t any time to paint it before taking off. He only made it over here as the thing was settling into the grass, but it had sounded clunky and loud, so maybe not a highly intelligent alien species, then, or one with few resources and no access to anything better.

He reaches up, adjusts his goggles nervously. Maybe they’ll be nice aliens. Not like the ones that attacked New York back in 2012. Peter had only been eleven at the time, but—still. A terrifying ordeal he’d rather not repeat. especially since there’s still no sign of the Avengers or any other of the various small time New York heroes to save the day.

Peter is strong. And sticky. And has that weird sixth sense thing that has saved his ass from bullets more times than he can even count, but—stopping an alien invasion all by himself? He’s fourteen. It doesn’t matter that his birthday is only a couple weeks away, because fifteen isn’t much better, really. He could try his absolute best to fight them off, but he probably wouldn’t get very far, that’s for sure.

Before he can ponder the likelihood of him defending the city from a fleet of some kind of spike-covered slime ball (his imagination may or may not be running wild with the idea of aliens), the ship in front of him makes a sudden clicking noise that almost echoes around him. Even more nervous, Peter shifts his weight from foot to foot, looking over his shoulder at the vacancy of the park—people had been quick to run away once the space ship had been spotted in the air, and by the time Peter made it here, there was no one in sight. Even focusing his hearing, the nearest heartbeats are no where nearby. Smart of the people to do, and makes it easier to avoid innocent people getting hurt if this turns into a fight. Looking back, Peter watches warily as the ship makes another clicking noise, and then—a door, creaking loudly as it suddenly opens.

The sound of metal grinding against metal fills the air as the door slowly starts to lower towards the ground, making Peter flinch as it grates against his ear drums. He almost reaches up to cover his ears, enhanced hearing despising the way it almost screams at him, but it stops before he needs to, the noise replaced with what sounds like something breaking and the door suddenly drops the rest of the way like a heavy weight, making Peter flinch again at the echoing impact. In the aftermath, silence.


Until Peter sees a being that looks human stumble out of the ship, tripping down the ramp that the fallen door has created and landing on the grass with a pained grunt. He can’t make himself move, still wary, hands twitching at his sides, unsure, waiting—waiting—waiting—

The being—the person—slowly looks up, squinting through the sunlight. Peter feels every muscle in his body tense, his eyes going wide, jaw dropping as he recognizes that face. Of course he recognizes that face. Anyone in New York would in an instant. Anyone on Earth.

Tony Stark blinks, slow and lethargic. His skin is pale, looks like it hangs off of him, lips chapped as he parts them and breathes in deeply. Smacks them together, exhales through his nose. Peter takes a timid step forward, feeling as though he’s looking at a dead man, because, as of the Battle of New York, everyone said that he was. The step draws the man’s attention to him suddenly, sharply.

Peter swallows. “Uh… M-Mister Stark?”

The man blinks again, just as slow. He’s looking at Peter, but doesn’t seem to really see him. When he speaks, it’s a quiet croak—Peter only hears it because of his enhancements—and all he says is, “I… I made it?”

And then his eyes roll back into his head and he falls onto his back, landing in the grass, unconscious.


or: after flying a nuke into a wormhole to save the city of new york, tony doesn’t make it back. the portal closes on him. instead, he’s captured by thanos and his army. for three years, he’s in space, just trying to make it back home.

when he does, it’s peter parker that finds him.

(not sure when i’ll get to this, but i got the idea for this fic last night and haven’t stopped thinking about it since, so i wrote a concept scene that will probably be the introduction when i eventually write the rest of the fic.)

[any st*rkers that interract will be blocked and also sent to burn in hell ya fuckin nasty pieces of shit thx xoxo]

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Chapter Twelve: The President, Shrek, and Sweater Vests

Peter didn’t know what to do so he did the only thing he could. He panicked and ran out the door. He wheezed against the quick motions of his feet. The cold tile was like a bucket of cold water to his body and his mind snapped to attention.

Tony – not Tony – yelled after him but he didn’t stop. Peter made it down the hall before he heard footsteps and an IV pole trailing after him. His smile curled higher despite the butterflies in his stomach. He stepped into an alcove whose walls were filled with self-help pamphlets. The blanket fell off of his shoulders as he pressed himself against the wall. His gown fell down along with it leaving his shoulder bare. He didn’t move to cover himself up and suffered through the shivers wracking his body.

None of this made sense. The blood loss and damage to his head must have been worse than he thought. It was the only logical explanation. All the evidence stuffed his brain until all stream of thought abandoned him. He stayed there leaning against the wall as the wheels of the IV came closer.

Shadows passed by on the floor, walking past him, and then the owner of the shadow stepped into view. The short shadows of hair on his face had the beginnings of a small goatee. He stepped closer to Peter and picked up the blanket drooping on the floor to secure it up around his shoulder.

“I’m sorry. It’s been an off day, well year to be honest. Rhodey is always telling me to control my temper and once again he’s proven right. You were hiding from something right? Come back to my room and we can talk. I have some contraband hot chocolate in there and to be honest, kid, you look like you could use some.”

Peter blinked but was helpless against the arm around his shoulder. They walked in quick, quiet steps. Both sets of eyes on watch for any rogue nurse or doctor on the night shift until they were safe behind Tony’s closed door. Tony settled back on his bed.

“Sit here.” He said with a wave of his hand in a casual manner at the end of the bed. Peter stopped for a moment, looking between the chair and bed. But again, he felt his lack of intelligent thought keenly. He sat on the bed, crossed legged at the end, staring Tony.

Was it him? Everything he’d seen so far led him to believe it had to be him.  

But then again, it wasn’t him at the same time.

“So, let’s start with the first thing. I’m Tony and you are?”

“Peter. Peter Parker.”

“Circumstances could have been better but nice to meet you.” Peter nodded and avoided his eyes.  The brown flecks were so familiar but lacked the warm expression in them. This Tony, or whoever, was a stranger. Peter had a feeling the other one had never been one to begin with. “So, what are you in for?”


“Why are you in the hospital?” A smirk played on his lips and Peter’s neck grew hot.

“Oh. I, that is, I fell.”

“You fell?”

“Into a lake.”

“You fell into a lake?”

“That’s what I said wasn’t it?” He snapped.  Tony had the decency to look apologetic though Peter noticed that he didn’t apologize for the pestering.

“How’d that happen?”

This line of questioning was going to be the tricky part. He didn’t know how to respond and his brain was thoroughly checked out so he decided to go with the simplest answer and the one he would be most likely to remember in time. The truth at least in part.

“I was attacked – chased- and I got hurt. I was cornered on the dock and it was an accident. I fell into the water. It was cold but calm down there.” He shivered as something stirred in his memory. “It was calm until… until it wasn’t. Something must have stirred up the sand! It was everywhere and there was so much blood until everything went black. Then I was here and it’s so strange here and you look so different.”

Another shiver wracked his body and he hunched in on himself. Tony leaned forward and put his hand on Peter’s knee. His eyebrows were furrowed as he thought about what Peter said. He could only imagine what he looked like. Some strange kid running around the hospital, breaking into rooms, and then running away again. But Tony wasn’t treating him like he was delicate. There was concern in his eyes but a curious glint to get to know the truth as well.  

“Easy there. I’m sorry. That totally sucks. It must have been scary, too. Do you…” Tony swallowed. “Where are your parents?”

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