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I’d just like to remind everyone that the only line in canon that ever implies that May Parker doesn’t like Tony Stark is the “Not a fan of that Tony Stark” line and that’s only because she thought Tony was distracted all the time and that the internship was negatively affecting Peter’s workload. So no, she doesn’t hate Tony, and at the very least didn’t dislike him until after the “internship” begins.

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Welcome! This post records the status and progress of my work expanding my Post-Endgame (MCU) series to “Like You’d Know How It Works”.

I left the cinema post-Endgame incredibly mad and disappointed. After I aired my immediate frustration with the movie in two One-Shots, I decided for my own peace of mind, I had to try and salvage the mess that was Endgame somehow, because I simply like the character’s too much, not to. A week after I started writing, I published the first chapter on AO3. About a year later, I felt the need to expand on the original fix-it. I have and will continue to add to this timeline, writing different adventures that will mostly focus on Tony Stark and Peter Parker.

Genre: MCU fanfiction

The Fix-It

Like You’d Know How It Works (completed)

Setting: sets in right after the battle at the Compound is over, supersedes the concluding events of Endgame.

Premise: Straight after the battle is won - or lost, depending on your perspective - Peter tries to convince the Avengers to save Mr. Stark by going back into the Quantum Realm.

Tropes: time-travel, quantum realm, protective Peter

Mood: grief & loss, hope, family

Someone had organized this room at Metro General hospital for them to sit and talk. Sitting was not an option for Peter though. He couldn’t bear to sit. He couldn’t bear to have anyone look at his injuries either, not when there were more pressing matters to attend to.

“You said that whatever we do in the past will not change our present!” Peter’s fist hit the table with a crash. They simply weren’t listening. His face felt grimy and tight in places where the dirt from the battlefield stuck to the tears he had cried over Mr. Stark’s body. Maybe he should have thought of washing the traces off his face before confronting a few of the Avengers and Doctor Strange. It might have made him seem a little more collected. A little more rational. “That’s what you just said!”

Chapters 9/9 | 42 K | Teen and Up


Follow-up Shorts and Multi-chapters

Just Outside The Door (completed)


Setting: Days after Tony was brought back to life

Keep reading

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mh, i just woke up at 1:30pm. i had a dream that peter parker loved this one gun a lot and wanted to keep using it forever, but after moving in with tony stark, tony was like “no, pete. no guns.” peter was crushed by this because he really loved that gun, then tony’s terrifying sister(???) showed up and was like “how dare you! give your child some freedom. peter deserves that gun.” thoroughly intimidated, tony sighed then later called peter into his room and said “I’ll let you keep your gun, but on one condition. you have to become a ballerina”

peter’s face turned hopeful, but he also felt dread. hesitantly, he agreed

tony drove peter out to seattle to become a ballerina and when they finally arrived, peter somehow ended up 30 or more years in the past and he thought up ways to reinvent the homes of baby bunnies and five nights at freddy’s

i love our ballerina, creator of five nights at freddy’s, bunny-caring peter parker

anyway, good afternoon. this turned out longer than i meant it to be

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I Think There’s a Flaw in My Code (These Voices Won’t Leave Me Alone)

Ever since Peter’s come back, he’s felt something… off.

Everyone would whisper and murmur to him that it’ll just take time. To come back completely, to adjust.

Hell, he was even convinced for a while.

That it was the grief, overwhelming and churning like a black hole slowly sucking him towards its center, ramping up to crush him any chance it gets. That it was his molecules, getting put back together wrong just slightly, to make his brain chemistry wonky and make this big cloud of something hang over his head. That it was just… the trauma, of being murdered, slaughtered by an alien mad titan dead set on ruling the universe, and coming back to fight in the biggest battle in Earth’s history, only for his third father figure to die, right in front of his eyes, practically in his arms. The agony of hearing his heart slow to a stop, and wishing, for a second, that it was him again.

But he can’t…

He can’t get the lingering feeling to go away.

It kind of feels like his spidey sense, but on steroids, this itch of a bug crawling under his skin that he can’t seem to get rid of no matter how hard he tries, can’t seem to kill no matter how much he picks and smacks and claws. Its something, burning in the back of his mind, a box full of goodies that is just out of his reach, just enough for only his fingertips to brush, and it leaves him feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, confused.

Because what could it be?

What was he forgetting?

Read the entire fic on ao3!

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Tony: what do you guys want for Christmas

Clint: Arrows

Nat: knives

Bucky: a flying car

Peter: anything sciencey :)

Steve: a sketchbook

Tony: Ok-

Coulson raising from the dead: A captain America scented candle


Coulson: Smells like f r e e d o m

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Peter: How would you die in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory?
Tony: This is a great question because it harrowed by soul! I would choke on regular chewing gum on the steps outside before even entering the factory. Willy would make no attempt to perform the Heimlich maneuver and would leave my corpse on the concrete.
Stephen: I would choke on Gene Wilder's dick.
Harley: I don't know how I'd die, but I'm taking as many of fucking oompa-loompas with me as I can.
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I am now taking prompt-fills and writing commissions on my Ko-fi! It’s $1 per 100 words, with a minimum of 500 words ($5) and a maximum of 10,000 words ($100). Below I have provided a list of acceptable fandoms and pairings that I will take commissions for.

List of acceptable fandoms:
Marvel Cinematic Universe
My Hero Academia (Anime)
Sherlock (TV)
Star Wars (Movies 1-6)
Star Wars: The Clone Wars
The Mandalorian
The Dream Team (RPF)
Doctor Who (Restrictions Apply)
Harry Potter
Black Butler (Anime)

List of *preferred pairings:
Tony Stark & Peter Parker
John Watson/Sherlock Holmes
Tenth Doctor/Rose Tyler and Ninth Doctor/Rose Tyler
James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes/Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
Merlin/Arthur Pendragon
Gwen/Morgana Pendragon
Dean Winchester/Castiel
Dean & Sam Winchester
Parential Aizawa Shouta
Kirishima Eijirou/Bakugou Katsuki
Ciel Phantomhive & Sebastian Michaelis
Din Djarin (The Madalorian) & Grogu (Baby Yoda)
Anakin Skywalker & Ahsoka Tano
Obi-Wan Kenobi & Qui-Gon Jinn
Obi-Wan Kenobi & Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker/Padme Amidala
Sirius Black/Remus Lupin
James Potter/Lily Evans

Guide: “&” means platonic and “/” means romantic.

*I will do other parings other than what is listed above. Send me a message if you want to know if your pairing is acceptable.

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Comfortember Day 30. Recovery

i’m not what i’ve done (i’m what i’ve overcome)


Read On AO3


Tony knew that the drinking had first started as a way to get back at his father, a way to spite him and embarrass him, but after a while his nights spent in drunken stupors grew to be his escape. A few hours of mindless joy and ability to let loose, to not feel anything but the burn of the alcohol and crap after taste of cheap beer.

A few hours that he could escape the stress and pressure of being Howard Stark’s son. Of being the legacy, the creation that the man was least proud of. The one he hated.

Tony’s addiction started because of his father. It started and grew because the man who sired him didn’t deserve the title of father.

Keep reading

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Happy FFWF!! (And hah no worries at all! 😄)

So I’ve only ever really read and written fics for 2 fandoms before (Star Wars Rebels and Irondad), but I’d say Irondad is the one I keep going back to! There’s just so many incredibly creative and heartfelt fics out there, and Tony and Peter’s dynamic in general is just something that comforts me on a level I can’t explain. I love this fandom, and I hope it stays around for a long time!

Thanks so much for the ask and I hope you have a great day!


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“Break” — Tony and Peter

How do you know when to break an embrace? Tony wonders. Because Peter’s here, the son Tony loved and grieved like his own, and five more seconds, please merciless universe, you stole five years. Give us five more seconds.

But even a father’s arms can break, Tony knows. Around them, the battle rages too loud to ignore—fire, and death, and a world to fight for.

He lets Peter go. A parting grip on the shoulder. A “take care, kid,” that means so much more.

He breaks the embrace. Not for long; their next will be in celebration—Tony hopes.


(Day 29 of my Platovember IronFam Drabbles, also on AO3!)

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I’m in a destructive mood, so there’s not one bit of fluff in this.

Part 1

Pepper always thought that if Tony would betray her, it would be in the form of a naked stranger in his bed.

In reality, it’s so much worse, and Pepper kind of wishes it would’ve been an affair.


Pepper stares at her phone, eyes glued to the picture of Tony (it’s her favorite picture of him – him in the workshop, wearing a greasy Black Sabbath shirt, a big smile on his face, eyes shining, crow’s feet around his eyes more prominent due to his happiness, talking with Peter about something Pepper didn’t understand, completely oblivious that she took his picture), her finger still hovering above the call button.

It’s been almost three weeks since she talked to him. Almost three weeks since their big fight that led to their break. She swore to herself that she wouldn’t give it. She wouldn’t be the first one to pick up the phone and call. Tony put those damn suits above her, above them, and she had enough of trying to compete for them.

But now, something else trumps her stubbornness.

She presses the call button, lifting the phone to her ear.

It barely rings two times before Tony answers breathlessly: “Pepper?”

“Tony,” she greets him, her mouth suddenly dry and heart beating in her throat. Yes, she’s angry at him, but that doesn’t mean Pepper doesn’t miss him. Because she does. So much. “I hope I’m not interrupting something im-”

“You’re not,” he says. “Never. What, uh… What can I do for you?”

Pepper takes a deep breath. “It’s Peter. He’s… He’s acting weird ever since he got so sick.”

“Weird how?”

“He’s gone a lot, and moody. Not teenager-moody, it’s… different. I think something might be something going on that he isn’t telling me.”

“I’ll try talking to him,” Tony offers before Pepper can even ask. Ever since their first encounter at the playground all those years ago, the two genius had been basically inseparable. Pepper had been wary at first, but Tony’s affection for Peter seemed to be real and not part of a plot to get on her good side. And Peter absolutely loved hanging out with his idol.

But over the years, Tony turned from idol to father-figure in Peter’s eyes, and he’d been quite vocal about his support for their relationship, always dropping hints to his mother that she should accept Tony’s not-so-subtle invitations.

(“You’re just saying that because you had a poster from him in your room since you were four,” Pepper teased her son, long before that one fateful night of the Stark Expo.

“No,” Peter said. Pepper raised an eyebrow. “Okay, yeah, a little bit. But he’s not only Tony Stark. He’s also Tony. And he cares for both of us. That’s more than Dad ever did.”)

“Thank you.”

There’s a beat of silence.

“So… is there anything else you wanna talk about, Pepper?”

Pepper closes her eyes, holding her breath for a second. There’s so much she wants to say. Instead, she says: “MIT made an inquiry if you want to give a speech there. I think that might be a good chance to introduce the September Foundation.”


Pepper impatiently drums her nails against the elevator wall that takes her all the way up to Tony’s penthouse. She got a call from Peter’s school that he’s skipping class again, and she decided that enough is enough. After Tony talked to Peter, her son started behaving normally again; talking more about his day, not sneaking out at night anymore, letting her be part of his life again. Neither Tony nor Peter told her what they had been talking about, and Pepper decided to not prey.

Besides, she trusts Tony to tell her if something serious was going on.

But these last few weeks, Peter started acting weird again. Skipping class, running out of detention, staying out late. Tony, who had been in India, said she shouldn’t worry, but she’s Pepper Potts – she can’t not worry.

So, when Peter didn’t pick up her call, she asked FRIDAY to find him – and found out that he is at Tony’s place. Finally, the doors open for her, and she wastes no time strutting out, heading straight for the lab.

She expected seeing her son hunched over a desk, working on a project that wouldn’t give him any peace.

Instead, she sees her son wearing the now iconic Spider-Man suit, Tony giving him what looks like a stern talk, but they both stop and turn to her the second the enters the lab.

Suddenly, everything falls into place.




God, how could she have been so stupid?! It’s been right in front of her nose the entire time! Has she been too preoccupied with her work to connect the dots? Or did she subconsciously try not to see it, to keep the fact that two of the most important people in her life decided to constantly put themselves in danger as far away from her as possible?

“It’s-It’s not what it looks like,” Peter begins, jumping off his chair to run over to her.

Oh god, the ferry! Washington! And she doesn’t dare to think about all of those times she doesn’t even know about.

“He’s fine, Pepper,” Tony says, rushing to her other side, lying a hand on her shoulder. “He’s fine. Not hurt.”


Suddenly, Pepper realizes that she hadn’t reacted yet. And least not a reaction they can see.

Her eyes travel to her son, and Peter pulls up his shoulders to his ears, knowing he’s in trouble. Then, her eyes travel to Tony – and she’s suddenly hit by the betrayal. All the worry she felt about finding out that her son is an up-and-coming superhero turns into unbelievable pain and fury.

Tony promised her to tell her if something was going on. After the palladium poisoning, she made him swear to never keep something big from her again.

But this? Tony took Spider-Man – her son! – to Germany to fight Rogers. He made him a suit. He let him swing through the city and fight crime. And every time, he turned to her and lied to her face, telling her that everything is fine.

Pepper could never have imagined how much this betrayal hurt. It’s so much worse than she ever feared it would be, because this is about Peter! No matter how much she and Tony fought, she always trusted that he would do anything to keep him save.

Clearly, she misjudged him.

She narrows her eyes at Tony, and the billionaire must see everything that runs through her mind, if the way his face pales is any indication. He quickly pulls his hand from her shoulder, almost like he burned himself. “Pepper, I can-”

“I don’t want to hear any explanations or excuses,” she says in an icy voice. Tears are prickling behind her eyes, but she refuses to let a single one of them escape. “I trusted you.”


“I trusted you!”

“Mom, he didn’t-” Peter begins, but she silences him with a pointed look.

“Don’t think you pulled your head out of the noose yet. Get out of the suit,” she says in her best business voice, the one that doesn’t tolerate any backtalk.

Peter starts fidgeting. “I don’t have any clothes here.”

“Pepper, please-” Tony reaches out for her again, but she’s quick to step away. Suddenly, it becomes absolutely unbearable to look at him, because whenever she does, her heart breaks all over again.

She makes a snap decision. “We’re going to move.”

“What?” Both geniuses breath, sounding as surprised as Pepper feels about her own statement.

“To California.” She doesn’t elaborate why; but she doesn’t need to. They all know it’s to put as much distance between Peter and Tony as possible, a probably fruitless attempt to stop Peter from continuing his Spider-Man adventures.

“But, Mom, what about school? What about Ned?”

“You both got a phone. And California has great school.”

“Mom, please-”

“I’ll move,” Tony throws in, and Pepper can’t help but glance at him. His eyes are so full of emotions, almost hypnotizing her with them, that she has to look away again. “I’ll go. California or Europe or Asia or whatever. Wherever you want. As soon as everything from the tower is safe and sound at the compound. And then you never have to see me again.”

Peter is protesting, but Pepper isn’t listening. She knows this is Tony’s way of extending a metaphorical olive branch, giving her total control over the situation.

Pepper wants to scream and cry and ask them how they could’ve done this to her.

Instead, she turns around and walks out of the lab, head held high. She doesn’t need to turn around to know that Peter is following behind her. The silence in the elevator is suffocating and with every nanosecond that passes, Pepper fells more and more like she’s going to have a breakdown any second now.

They’re halfway down when Peter speaks up. “He tried to get me to stop.”

Pepper isn’t reacting, staring straight ahead as the pain flows from her chest to every little corner of her body.

“But I didn’t listen.”

“He should’ve told me,” she says before she can stop herself. Her voice breaks. Pepper is very aware that Peter notices it, too. “He promised me not to keep any secrets from me. And you’re my son. He should’ve told me.”

“I made him swear not to. I know how much you worry.”

“Oh, and you think this was better?” she snaps, a part of her immediately regretting it.

Peter looks at her for a moment. It feels like he’s staring into her soul, seeing everything Pepper is trying to lock away. He’s not saying anything until they’re in her car, halfway to their apartment. “Please don’t punish Tony for something I did. He loves you. And you love him. Please forgive him. Then we can go back to being a family.”

Pepper is silent, not knowing how to explain to Peter that there are things she simply can’t forgive, no matter how much she wishes she could.

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