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#Irondad and Spiderson

Mr. Stark Always Wanted a Dog!


First picture takes place before Endgame and second picture takes place after. Please do not ask me why Peter is on a farm, as I do not know. Don’t repost without permission. Click for quality, as always.

For my beautiful girl and bestest friend, Maggie! You’re the sweetest and most badass person on earth and I love you! Have a great day, babe!! Happy birthday!!! <3 @jaybaybay-01

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  • Peter and Rhodey know each other, of course
  • seriously, it would be impossible for them not to know each other, especially since Tony made a spot in his private life for Peter as well
  • and because Spider-Man started to join Iron Man and War Machine on a few of their mission (if they’re not during the school day and if the risk of getting hurt isn’t too high)
  • they get along great, and it only gets better after Peter isn’t so tongue-tied around the superhero anymore
  • Tony accuses them of teaming up against them, which they are, but not to make his life like hell - which the billionaire claims - but to get him to adopt healthier sleeping, eating, and working habits
  • but let’s get to the adventure
  • well
  • more like misadventure
  • Tony’s birthday isn’t that far away and Peter is determined to find the perfect gift
  • luckily, he actually finds it
  • Tony has been working on one of his favourite vintage cars these past few weeks mostly because one part of the engine is damaged
  • Tony is convinced he can fix it, but Peter takes one look at it and knows that even Tony Stark can’t fix it
  • so, he’s gonna get that part for him
  • and he actually finds someone who is selling parts of vintage cars and has the exact thing Peter is looking for
  • the only problem is: he needs to get there
  • driving himself is not an option
  • ‘cause he wants to, y’know, live
  • May has to work and because she’s still a little bit salty about Tony not telling her that he took her nephew to Germany, she tells him no and that he should just get him a card
  • Happy is with Pepper in Malibu for a business trip
  • Ned doesn’t have a license
  • and he obviously can’t ask Tony
  • so, he asks Rhodey
  • via text
  • Do you want to go on a road trip with your favorite intern?
  • That makes it sound like you’re my intern
  • Maybe I should get an intern
  • How about this: I’ll convince Ned to be your intern and you go on a road trip with me?
  • Are you only asking because you need someone to drive?
  • What?! No, of course not! I just want to spend some time with you ❤
  • I’m not Tony, I don’t fall for your tactics
  • So is that a no? :(
  • Stop sending me picutres of you looking sad
  • Stop
  • Stop!!!
  • Ugh, fine. But you owe me a cheeseburger
  • :)
  • if Rhodey would’ve known how difficult this entire thing would be, he would have requested two cheeseburger
  • it starts with the traffic being absolute awful!! They spend an hour just sitting in the car, moving about 5 feet and playing I spy with my little eye
  • when they arrive at the place, nobody is home and Peter can’t reach the seller
  • they wait an hour for him
  • Rhodey is too stubborn to not see this through, and Peter starts to feel genuinely guilty for convincing him to come along
  • when the seller finally arrives, he notices how badly Peter wants the part (the part itself is in good shape, luckily) and drives the price up
  • Peter can’t haggle
  • and Rhodey’s day has been so bad, he’s not in the mood to haggle and is this close to call his suit - which would have been very counterproductive, since they don’t want Tony to know what they’re doing
  • in the end, Peter pays a little bit more than they originally agreed on, but he’s just happy that he has a gift for Tony
  • speaking of Tony
  • he notices the absence of his best friend and his intern and calls both of them
  • while Rhodey can easily come up with a white lie to pacify the billionaire, Peter doesn’t have as much practice
  • he almost ruins the entire thing, but somehow it works out
  • for an entire week, Rhodey and Peter don’t talk about their little adventure
  • not until Tony finally unwraps Peter’s gift and thanks him
  • and then everything breaks loose
  • they don’t stop talking about, retelling the story again and again and again
  • Tony demands that they don’t go on adventures without him anymore
  • especially if they involve cheeseburgers and haggling
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Ideas From My Instagram Followers: Part Who Gives A Fuck.

Accepting requests.

PeterMJ but as a practical magic au


I can’t wait to fall in love.

  • Michelle and her brother, Ned, grew up with their grandparents.
  • Their mother was a witch, and died of heartbreak - for everyone knows whoever dared love a witch was doomed to die. Once the witch hears the ticking of the deathlock beetle, the one they loved was doomed to die.
  • Ned wasn’t a witch, the gift was only passed down to women, but he was still bullied just like Michelle was, although his sister got it worse.
  • He tried to protect her as much as possible.
  • When a woman showed up at their house begging for their grandmother to revive her husband - Michelle and Ned were watching from the stairs.
  • It ended with Michelle’s head tucked into Ned’s shoulder, chanting, “I hope I never fall in love. I hope I never fall in love. I hope I never fall in love.”
  • Later that night, Ned found her in the conservatory. “What are you doing?”
  • “I’m doing a spell to create the perfect husband. One I know can’t possibly exist, so I never fall in love.”
  • She went about picking petals from the flowers.
  • “Brown eyes, deeper than anyone had ever seen.”
  • “Straight, neat hair, but curly only for me.”
  • “Kind, selfless, and smart. I want him to have actually intelligent conversations, and not have the brain of a cheeto.”
  • “He’d like his toast cold… and his favourite shape would be a circle.”
  • The flowers lifted into the air, and Michelle forgot about it.
  • When Michelle was a freshman, she met Peter Parker.
  • He was funny, dorky in an adorable way, and the Valedictorian.
  • Ned instantly became friends with him, and whenever michelle would talk about him, ned would get this dumb grin on his face, like he knew something she didn’t.
  • She realized why he was smiling when they had a sleepover.
  • Ned and Michelle came to Peter’s house - which is apparently Stark Tower whatthefuck - and Tony immediately greeted them.
  • “Make yourselves comfortable, put on a movie, i dont care, Peter will be out of the shower in a second.”
  • When Peter plopped himself next to Ned, she smiled. His normally neatly styled hair was, for one, wet. For another thing, they were forming into cute ringlets.
  • The night went off without a hitch, and they all sat in the kitchen.
  • Peter’s toast popped, and Ned threw him questioning glance when he didn’t go get it.
  • “I prefer it to cool down, so that it doesn’t get soggy when I add the butter.”
  • Ned grinned, and Michelle rolled her eyes. Partially at her brother, partially at the fluttering feeling in her stomach.
  • They decided to spend the day together, and everything came back to Michelle. The spell, how it matches, everything.
  • Tony came into the kitchen, opened the arc reactor, put something in, and put it back in his chest.
  • There’s no fucking way.
  • Michelle asked Peter about it.
  • “He’s really insecure about it, he thinks its really ugly, but I’m trying to show him that it’s not. I think it’s really cool.”
  • Peter walked off to make popcorn, and Michelle realized that he was her perfect husband.
  • “Holy shit.”
  • Ned whacked her up the head.

Thanks for reading!

New ones to come soon, hopefully!

Stay safe, cheerio x

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May: so how was your stay at the Avengers Compound?

Peter: well, imagine a group of completely civilized, responsible, and mature people.

May: …okay

Peter: now throw that idea out the window.

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Tony doesn’t usually hang around playgrounds. Well, no, that’s not true: he never hangs around playgrounds. Parents decided that Tony shouldn’t really be around children, and it’s not like he can’t see why that is (Tony himself knows the list with his flaws is very, very long), but he would be lying if he claimed he’s not at least a little bit disappointed by it. Talking to kids is fun. They ask him fun questions. No adult asks him what his third favorite dinosaur is or if he can build a flying car that’ll take them to the moon and Mars.

But back to the original problem: Tony is at a playground.

Here’s the short version of what happened: He had a one-night stand. He sneaked out. He has no idea where he is and his phone is dead. His head is killing him. The bench by the playground was empty and nobody would expect Tony Stark at a playground.

The noises from the kids aren’t too distracting, and the parents sitting by ignore the man sitting in the shade in favor of exchanging the latest gossip. Tony tries to ignore his pounding headache long enough to figure out what to do. His first step should be figuring out where he is, and then trying to get into contact with Happy. Or Obie. Maybe Rhodey. Or even Pepper. Any human who is more capable of looking after Tony than Tony.

“Excuse me?” a small voice says. “Are you sick?”

Tony blinks his eyes open and looks at a boy standing in front of him, brown curls messy, a few freckles peppered across his cheeks, and watching him with big, brown eyes. He seems to be around four or five years old, Tony isn’t sure (again, he’s not around kids that much) – the boy at least isn’t crawling across the floor or wearing a diaper and he can talk.

For a second, Tony looks around for the parent of the boy in question, but nobody seems to notice. The kid is still looking at him. Tony does his best to give him a smile. “It’s fine. Just a bit of a headache. I only wanted to rest here for a minute.”

The boy continues to stare at him unblinkingly. “You look like Tony Stark.”

“Yeah, I get that a lot.”

“Are you Tony Stark?”

There’s something about the way the boy asks him questions that grabs Tony’s attention, making him sit upright. “Do you know Tony Stark?”

The kid shakes his head. “No. But my Mommy works for him.”

Immediately, Tony tries to guess who this child could belong to. His mind jumps to Pepper at first, but he disregards that thought as soon as it appears. He would know if she has a son. Besides, with the hours he has her working? There’s no way she would be able to look after a small child.

“And what is your Mommy’s name?”

The kid opens his mouth, and Tony is fully prepared to get Mommy as an answer – but something else happens.

“Peter!” Both Tony and the boy – Peter – look up, both recognizing the voice at once. Tony’s eyes grow to the size of tennis balls as he sees his personal assistance, the one and only Pepper Potts, hurry towards them, phone in one hand. Her eyes fly from Peter to Tony and back, a scowl Tony is very familiar with appearing on her face. “You can’t talk to strangers.”

“Sorry, Mommy,” the boy apologizes, immediately latching on to her leg as soon as Pepper is close enough.

Tony can do nothing but blink and stare. Stare at his assistance who he only ever saw in professional business suits and pinned back hair and who manages his entire life – and who now wears jeans and a sweater, running a loving hand through her son’s – her son’s – curls.

Pepper has a kid.

Pepper has a kid?

“You have a kid?” The words are out of Tony’s mouth before he can stop them.

Pepper grimaces before she schools her face into the professional mask he always tries to break. “I do. This is my son Peter. Peter, this is my boss, Tony Stark.”

Peter’s eyes grow even bigger and he stares at Tony in awe. “That’s why you look like him!”

Tony chuckles. “Yeah. You’re a pretty smart guy, Pete. But let’s keep it a secret, okay?”

Peter nods vigorously before looking up to his mother. “Can I ask him about the robots, Mommy?” For a second, Pepper looks like she wants to say no, but in the end, she nods, probably deciding that allowing him the questions would create less drama. “Mommy says you have robots at your house.”

“I do,” Tony answers with a smile. “Their names are DUM-E and U, and I think you might be smarter than them.” Peter giggles. “Peter, does your Mommy talk about me often? What does she say? Does she mention how handsome I am?”

“Sweetie, go play for a bit, okay?” Pepper interjects before the kid can answer. “I need to talk to Mr. Stark for a moment.” Peter mumbles okay and zooms off towards the swings.

As soon as Peter is out of earshot, the adults turn towards each other. “What are you doing here?” Pepper asks at the exact same time as Tony asks: “You have a son?”

“Happy is searching all of Malibu for you!”

“Why didn’t you tell me you have a son?”

“Do you know what could have happened? Someone could have kidnapped you. Something could have happened!”

“Can we please focus on the important thing right now?”

“I’m trying, but you make it very difficult.”

“Pepper, I’m fine,” Tony says, putting a hand on her arm in the hopes of calming her down. “I’m absolutely fine. Well, except for the headache. And that I found out that I basically know nothing about you. Is your name even Pepper?”

“You know it’s not.”

“See? That’s exactly what I’m talking about!” Pepper does that face that she always does when she’s mad at him and tries not to laugh at his jokes. He counts it as a win. And when he pats the bench besides him and she actually sits down, he counts it as a double-win. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“A lot of reasons.”

“Wow, that… hurts.”

Pepper huffs out a laugh, but doesn’t elaborate. Tony’s eyes wander to her fingers – her bare fingers. Pepper noticed. “His father isn’t in the picture.”

“So, you’re doing this on your own?”

“I don’t have another choice.”

“Jesus, Pepper,” Tony sighs, rubbing a hand over his face. “You should have told me. All those times I called you in the middle of the night for some bullshit? Or when I made you stay longer just because?”

Pepper gives him a guarded look, the professional one Tony is used to. “I was very aware of all these things when I took over the position of your assistance. And it worked out. Peter is in a pre-school with very flexible hours, I have a very reliable day nanny, and-”

“And he needs to be around his mother,” Tony says, his voice harder than he anticipated. “As happy as he might be in his school or with his nanny, that’s not a good alternative to spending time with you.” Believe me, I know what I’m talking about.

For a moment, Pepper just looks at him, trying to figure out how serious he is. “I would have to quit my job. And you wouldn’t survive a week without me.”

“You don’t have to quit,” Tony is quick to say, because, yes, he wouldn’t survive without her and he really doesn’t want her to quit – for completely professional reasons, of course. “We could set ground rules.”

“There already are ground rules that you always ignore.”

“Well, I wouldn’t ignore them then. I promise.” Pepper still doesn’t look convinced. “Or Peter could come to the mansion. There’s enough room for sure. We could turn one of the way too many guest bed rooms into a room for him. JARVIS is always watching, you know that. I could even program a new AI for him. You could do all the office work in there. And Peter could come down in the workshop, play with the bots. I wouldn’t do anything dangerous when he’s there, I promise.”

Pepper blinks at him. “You’re serious.”

Tony snorts. “I’m eccentric, not heartless.” Pepper is still watching him with some concern, like she fully expects him to change his mind once she agrees to this. “I mean it. You’ve done so much for me. Let me help you with this.”

“If, and it is a big if, we do this, we do this with my rules,” Pepper says, her face hardening again.

“Yeah, absolutely.”

“No drinking and partying when Peter is over, no foul language and no dangerous stuff.”

“Of course.”

Pepper gives him another once over, but Tony can see the exact second she gives up the resistance. “Alright. Let’s try it.” For some reason, Tony is absolutely delighted about the idea. While Pepper calls Happy to let them know she found Tony and that they’re all – including Peter – will go to the mansion, Tony and Peter discuss their third favorite dinosaurs.

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  • when Tony first tells Pepper about the entire mentor-gig he got himself into during the Accords debacle, Pepper just smiles and nods and tells him to have fun
  • however, she secretly thinks it’ll be like one of his moods
  • like the time he declared he’s on a paleo diet and quit after a week
  • and after the fiasco with the ferry, Pepper thinks her prediction came true
  • but Peter surprises her - and everyone else - by proving that he’s more than worthy of Tony’s attention
  • and then he actually rejects Tony’s offer which really got the man’s attention
  • only a couple weeks after they start their real internship, Pepper knows that Peter won’t disappear out of their lives any time soon (even if Tony didn’t even realize it himself)
  • Pepper watches from afar how the relationship between the two geniuses grows stronger with each passing day they spent together. She listens to Tony ramble about what they did or what kind of shenanigans Peter has been up to or to his complains about not understanding the kid’s texts
  • they’re good for each other; Peter coaxes Tony’s parental and domestic side out into the open (Pepper has been aware of that side for years, after all, she saw him interact with his bots) and Tony guides him through the difficult superhero life and is another person to lean on
  • Pepper has met Peter a couple of times
  • the first time was when she came home from the office early because she had a headache that simply didn’t allow her to get a single task done and Tony and Peter had been watching some movie from the 80s
  • back then, Pepper hadn’t paid that much attention to the kid who turned into a blushing, stuttering boy, too distracted by the pain behind her eyes, so she only gave him a polite smile and introduced herself before heading to bed
  • the second time was when she came home from a work trip and was greeted with the delicious smell of Italian food and she joined Tony and Peter for dinner
  • since then, they talked a couple of times, especially when Peter stayed over at the penthouse
  • but he hasn’t changed since the first time: he still stutters, barely manages to look into her eyes, and he pulls on the sleeves of his hoodie so much, Pepper really worries he’ll rip it
  • it’s more than obvious that he’s very intimidated by her
  • if it were anyone else and not the kid her fiancé has unknowingly emotionally adopted, she would be flattered
  • but seeing as it is the kid Tony got attached to, it’s a problem she is determined to solve
  • she doesn’t tell Tony about her plan, knowing he would do something that would most likely backfire
  • so she makes her own plans
  • Pepper knows that Peter likes movies, so that’s her first plan: trying to steer up a conversation about some movies during dinner
  • it doesn’t go well - Tony is the one who talks the most, diving into a 20 minute lecture about Jurassic Park
  • her second strategy is trying to talk about Spider-Man, but that doesn’t work either, because any time Peter starts talking about what he did during his patrols, Tony begins a story about some reckless the teen has done
  • Pepper realizes she has to talk to Peter without Tony around, but that is easier said than done
  • eventually, she gets her chance when Tony has to answer an urgent call during their dinner
  • having helped Tony decide which Lego set to order for Peter for Christmas, Pepper knows that that is also something Peter enjoys, but when she mentiones it, he clams up, clearly thinking she’s teasing him about his hobby
  • this entire mission turns out to be a lot more difficult than she anticipated, but Pepper isn’t one to give up
  • however, she never could have predicted how Peter starts being more comfortable in her presence
  • there’s a problem with one of SI’s products that meant to launch in less than a month, and Tony actually demanded to not be disturbed until he figured out what’s going on, and he asked Pepper to answer any calls or messages he might get, trusting her to judge what “emergency” is a real emergency that needs his attention and what isn’t
  • so when Tony get’s a text from Peter that reads: Hi! So, this is really awkward, but could you maybe send Happy to pick me up and drive me home? I’m not feeling that great, and I don’t wanna pass out in the subway or anything, and May won’t be home until tomorrow morning. It’s totally fine if Happy is busy, though! I’ll find another way home!
  • deciding that the documents Pepper has to sign can wait a few hours, she grabs the keys to one of Tony’s cars and drives off to Midtown
  • the second her eyes land on Peter, she knows that “not feeling that great” was a huge understatement
  • that kid looks like he’s about to vomit and then pass out any second, his face pale and covered in a thin sheet of sweat, his entire body shivering, eyes glassy and hooded
  • he’s getting up from the stairs that lead to his school when he sees the car, but stops when he sees Pepper. “M-Miss Potts? What-”
  • “I’m here to pick you up,” she explains with a smile, putting a hand against his forehead, growing concerned when she feels his temperature. “C’mon, let’s get you home.”
  • he doesn’t complain, which must be a true testimant how awful he really feels
  • during the entire ride, Peter is silent, not because he’s nervous, but because he’s actively trying to not throw up
  • Pepper parks in front of the apartment building and helps him upstairs
  • “Thank you for driving me,” he mumbles as soon as they’re inside the apartment. “I know you have a busy schedule and I really appreciate it.”
  • Pepper smiles. “No need to thank me. Now, go take a shower and put on some dry clothes, I’ll make you something light to eat.”
  • Peter blinks in confusion. “But- … You have work-”
  • Pepper shakes her head. “Work can wait. And I don’t want you to be on your own when you’re in this condition.”
  • Peter tries to protest a few more times, but Pepper is a veteran at telling stubborn people what to do - after all, she is CEO
  • Pepper makes some soup for Peter to eat and prepares some tea, doing a quick research about his symptomps and what could be the cause of it, thinking about what meds could help, but deciding that none of them would work, thanks to his special metabolism
  • Peter is too drowsy to really care that Pepper is one of the most influental people alive right now
  • after she sent him to bed to sleep, she pulls out her tablet to get some work done
  • about an hour later, Peter shuffles out of his room again, his blanket pulled around his shoulders
  • Pepper grow concerned immediately. “Peter? Are you feeling worse?”
  • Peter seems to blush a little bit, but it could also be his fever. “I don’t like being alone when I’m sick. Is it okay if I just… sit here while you work? I promise I’ll stay far enough away so you don’t get sick.”
  • how can Pepper say no to that? And deciding that she definitely deserves to have half of the day off, she puts back her tablet and starts a movie
  • they both give a running commentary about what’s going on, not entire unlike what Tony and Peter are doing, and it cheers Pepper up a little bit that Peter seems to be comfortable around her - even if it’s because he’s this sick
  • they get through three movies before Tony notices that his fiancé isn’t home anymore and calls her
  • Pepper can talk him out of suiting up and flying over to them, but she can’t stop him from breaking the speed limit to get there
  • Tony starts worrying about Peter and acting like an overprotective mother hen as soon as he steps into the apartment, and it’s pretty adorable
  • Tony decides basically on his own that Peter will be staying with them tonight, and both Peter and Pepper know it’s pointless to argue about it
  • luckily, Peter feels better the next morning
  • and with his fever, his shyness around Pepper also disappeared
  • he’s still somewhat in awe around her, but they also had an in depth conversation about High School Musical, so she’s not on that pedestal anymore that he put her own
  • Pepper has never been more happy to not be on a pedestal
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52 hours after the Bartons arrived at the compound, Clint strolls into Tony’s lab.

Tony looks up from his blueprint for the new production facility they’re planning for SI and takes a sip from his coffee. “What’s up, Legolas? Did you break your bow?”

“Nah, the bow is fine,” Clint says, a smirk Tony can’t quite guess the meaning off spreading across his face. “Just got a quick question.”

“Then out with it, I have stuff to do.”

“Are excited that we’re gonna be related?”

Over the years, Tony got used to the fact that Clint sometimes asks some questions that seem a little… odd (Tony is very aware that his own questions can be odd, too), but he can usually manage to find the sense his nonsense.

He finds no sense in this question, so Tony simply stares at Clint.

Clint stares back.

That goes on for way too long.

Eventually, Tony sighs. “Okay, I bite. What are you talking about?”

“About our kids getting married.”

“I don’t have any kids.”

“Uh… Peter?”

“He isn’t my kid.”

Clint’s eyebrows disappear under his hairline. “Oh, so you’re trying to tell that you and May don’t basically share custody over that boy? Or that you wrote him into your will? Or that you were literally wiping away some sauce from his face yesterday?”

“Okay, I see what you’re getting at. But I still don’t understand what you’re talking about.”

“Lila has a crush on Peter.”

Tony blinks, trying to process those words. Seeing that it’s the summer break, Peter is spending two weeks at the compound while May is on a Europe trip with some of her friends, getting a well-deserved break from her busy work schedule. When the Bartons arrived, Peter got along with them perfectly right from the start, Cooper only about a year younger than him, Lila three years younger, and even though the age gap to Nathaniel is a bit bigger, Peter has no problem including the kid in their games. Since the first hour, it’s practically impossible to separate them from each other.

To be honest, Tony can’t say he’s mad about this development. As happy as he is to be spending nights watching movies with Peter or tinkering around in the lab or joining him on his patrols, Peter deserves to be a normal kid, and that includes hanging out with kid around his age.

But this whole Lila-has-a-crush-on-Peter-thing? Tony didn’t see that coming. Okay, he hasn’t spent that much time around teenage girls himself, seeing that he was already at MIT when he was a teenager himself, so he doesn’t really know what a teenage girl with a crush looks or acts like.

“Are you sure about that?” Tony asks.

“Absolutely. I know my daughter.”

“Are you sure you’re not reading that wrong?”

Clint gives him an unimpressed look. “I’m one of the best SHIELD agents, I’m a trained spy, and unlike you, I have people skills.”


“Plus, like I said, I know my daughter. She has a crush on Peter.”

Tony doesn’t know how to react. How do you react when you find out that your friend’s teenage daughter has a crush on your pseudo-son? But speaking of reactions… “You seem pretty relaxed about this entire thing. Shouldn’t you be chasing Peter around the compound with your bow or something?”

“If I chase him around the compound with your bow, you’ll be on my heels with your suit.” Well… that’s not wrong. Clint shrugs. “Besides, Peter is a good kid. I mean, yeah, his… hobby is a bit unusual and pretty dangerous, but he does it for the right reasons. I know he would never hurt Lila. Not intentionally, at least.”

That, at least, is true.

Clint’s smile widens. “I’m just telling you to let you know that you’ll have some competition in the being-Peter’s-father-figure-thing.”

Without realizing it, Tony sits up straight, his mood darkening. “What are you talking about, Barton?”

“I mean, I’m gonna be his father-in-law, right?”

“We’re talking about your daughter having a crush, not them getting married.”

Tony gets ignored. “I better start on the bonding right away. Just imagine all the dinners we’re gonna have at the farm and we can work on the tractor and I can show him to live outside of the city. You have the most meaningful conversations out there.”

“Are you trying to intimidate me or something? Because it’s absolutely not working.”

Clint raises an amused eyebrow. “Oh, it isn’t?”

“Absolutely not.”

“Then you won’t mind if I start with the bonding right away, yeah?” And with those words, Clint turns on his heels and actually races out of the lab.

And Tony, like the idiot he is, actually jumps up and follows him.

Clint’s laughter and Tony’s curses echo down the hallway until they skip to a stop at the living room area where the kids are playing Mario Party on the big TV. Now that Clint pointed it out, Tony can see the dreamy look in Lila’s eyes whenever she sneaks a peek at Peter, her blushing cheeks when he smiles at her, and how she nervously tucks her hair behind her ears before she starts to speak.

The kids whip their heads around to them, startled by both men racing to them like idiots and trying to look casual doing it. Tony clears his throat. “Peter. Smaller Agents.” Nathaniel is the only one who is still excited about being called Smaller Agent, it lights up his entire face, and Tony tries to work in as many agent jokes and references as he can when he talks to the young boy.

“Is, uh, something going on?” Peter asks, clearly confused. “Like, do I need to get my suit or-”

“Nah, everything is great!” Clint says, slapping a smile on his face and sauntering over to them. Tony is right next to him. “I just thought we – and when I say we I mean you four kids and me and no one else – could do something fun.”

“Or you could do something fun with me,” Tony immediately interjects.  “We all know how much fun I am. Right, Peter? I’m fun, right?”

“Uh, what’s going on?” Cooper asks. He doesn’t get an answer.

“You really want to do this, Stark?” Clint asks, the smirk back on his face.

“Absolutely. The game is on, Barton. Now, who wants to go into my lab and blow something up?”

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Peter: May just made seven layer bean dip, you want some?

Tony: Sorry kid, I don’t like beans.

Peter, eyes boring into Tony’s soul: …Who the fuck doesn’t like beans.

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Everyone be like “omg, there are no new stories to read on Ao3, where’d all the writers go, hellooo????” but then never comment or reblog so writers know they’re appreciated.

This can’t go both ways, and y’all can’t expect writers to wanna keep writing if they don’t know people like their stuff. Make a writer (or artist, even!) feel loved today, okay?

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Thank you! ❤

  • Peter is born with magic
  • His parents notice that quite soon
  • to be honest, it’s difficult not to notice
  • he would make these flexible, sticky strings appear out of thin air, pulling everything and anything he wants to him
  • then there’s the climbing on the walls and ceilings and lifting the couch to reach his favourite toy
  • The fact that their son can use magic doesn’t make Mary and Richard love him less, of course, but they are afraid
  • They are afraid because they know magical people don’t have it easy - and that’s the best scenario
  • They are aware of what’s going on. They are aware of all the prejudices and hate. They are aware of all the laws discriminating them. They see people disappearing from the street. They heard of the special prisons built just for them. They know about all the “precautionary measures” that suppress their powers.
  • So, as soon and as often as they can, Mary and Richard teach Peter to never ever tell anyone about his magic
  • And after they die, May and Ben continue that lesson
  • “Even Ned?” Peter asks with big, sad eyes.
  • Ben nods, his heart breaking a little. “Even Ned. No one. Okay?”
  • Peter nods, disappointed that he can’t tell his new friend about how he can climb up walls or carry his uncle with one arm or make stuff appear with the power of his mind, but he’s smart enough to know that the rest of the world doesn’t like people like him
  • In the safety of his home (with the blinds drawn shut, so no one can see him), Peter is allowed to use as much magic as he likes
  • he absolutely loves just being on the ceiling, seeing the world upside down
  • he lifts up the couch and the big closets when May is vacuuming
  • he practices to make stuff appear, because even though those strings are by far the easiest, they’re not the only thing. There seems to be no logic to what he can conjure, switching between stuff he touched and things he literally only has to thing about, making it a bit of a wild card (except for those strings, of course)
  • Over the years, he also finds out that he can sharpen his senses if he wants to, going as far as getting a new sense that warns him about danger
  • Oh, and his ability to heal. He hasn’t figured out if he’s only able to heal himself or other people, too, but healing magic is very exhausting
  • while he can be utterly himself in the apartment, Peter hides his true self whenever he takes a single step out of his home
  • he listens to everyone talking trash about and insulting magic users and keeps his mouth shut
  • he reads the articles that call for magical people to be moved into a seperated neighbourhood to “keep the rest of us safe” and he tries to swallow down the fear that he has to leave May and Ben
  • he watches the Avengers appear, a group of especially powerful magic users who decided to prove the world they aren’t evil by keeping protecting it
  • a group of especially powerful magic users and one normal person
  • well, somewhat normal
  • because Tony Stark is not normal
  • Tony Stark is the smartest person Peter ever heard about and he builds machines and makes programs that have everyone thinking that he simply has to use magic to make them work
  • but it’s well known that Tony isn’t magical and by joining the Avengers, he wants to show that magical people and ordinary people can live and work together just fine
  • Peter is very inspired by them
  • and that’s why he applies for an internship position at SI shortly after Ben dies (he wanted to go out and make the world a better place just like Avengers, but May somehow seemed to read his mind - sometimes, he seriously wonders if she can use magic, too - and begged him to not put himself into danger like that, so he decided if he can’t actively make the world a better place, he can at least work for the team who does it)
  • he didn’t actually expected to get accepted, but here he is - and not only as Random Intern #15, but as Tony Stark’s personal intern, impressing the man with all of his inventions
  • before his first day, May reminds him again that he can tell absolutely no one about his powers and he promises her eight times that he will act as ordinary as he can
  • working for (and with) Tony is like a dream
  • Peter is so nervous he thinks he might throw up any moment, and when he accidently blurrs that thought out, Tony just loves and pulls over a trash can
  • he seriously loves his internship - not only is he learning so much but he can also make all the stuff that popped up in his head and that he didn’t have the equipment to build
  • over the weeks, they bond and their relationship develops into a mentor-mentee thing, maybe even friends
  • until Peter uses his powers
  • until The Incident, he has been extraordinary good at pretending to be ordinary, getting up and grabbing stuff instead of making it appear in his hand and pretending to struggle when lifting heavy stuff
  • but then they do this experiment
  • something goes wrong
  • Tony notices it at the same time as Peter’s danger sense goes off
  • the man pushes Peter out of the way and steps in front of him, shielding him from the small but relatively powerful explosion with his own body
  • both of them get thrown across the room
  • Peter is not that hurt
  • Tony, however… that’s a different story
  • Peter doesn’t know how his mentor doesn’t scream out in pain with the wound that stretches across his chest
  • Peter doesn’t think, he only knows that he can’t let anyone else die, not when he could help
  • he’s aware that Tony didn’t passed out, that he watches Peter hurry over to him, lay his hands on his wound and heals the wound
  • Peter has never healed anyone else before, he didn’t even know that he can do that - he just knows that he can’t let Tony die, under no circumstances at all, and he wills his magic to bend to his bidding
  • and it actually works
  • the wound slowly closes itself, growing smaller and smaller under Peter’s bloody hands
  • when the rest of the team storms into the room, the wound is almost gone, and Peter quickly takes his hands away
  • he’s too exhausted to notice Tony’s look
  • the other Avengers take Tony to a doctor and send Peter home
  • for 24 hours, Peter believes that this was it, the end of his internship. After all, he lied to Tony Freaking Stark. He lied on his application! He didn’t disclosure that he’s magical and there’s a serious penalty for that
  • when Happy suddenly appears on their doorstep to take Peter with him (”The boss wants to see you.” “Why?” “Do you think he actually tells me stuff like that? Get in the car.”), the kid thinks it’s to collect all his personal belongings from the lab
  • but instead of leading him to the lab, Happy leads him to a room in the med bay, revealing a Tony who’s clearly bored out of his mind to be stuck in a bed instead of doing “fun stuff” in the lab
  • Peter can’t look him in the eyes
  • “So,” Tony says “you literally fixed a hole in my chest with your hands.”
  • Peter’s eyes stay on the ground.
  • “Hey, can you please look at me? I’m trying to thank you for saving my life.” Peter is so surprised about the words, he actually does look up, and he gets even more surprised when he sees Tony’s sincere expression of gratitude. “Thank you, Peter. I would have died without you.”
  • “You’re not mad at me?”
  • “No. Contrary to popular believe, I don’t have a death wish.”
  • “But… you’re going to fire me.”
  • Tony snorts. “I would be very stupid to fire the kid who kept me alive. Why would I fire you?”
  • “Because I lied.”
  • Tony’s face turns gentle. “Peter. I don’t care that you can use magic. Well, no, that’s not entire true. I do care. And I wish that I would’ve known sooner.” A knot forms in Peter’s stomach. “Because then, I could’ve told you that my labs and every place that I own is a safe space for magic users. You’re free to be who you are, no need to suppress any of your abilities.”
  • Peter is so surprised, he’s speechless for ten whole minutes
  • the internship continues, of course
  • Tony demands that Peter shows him all he can do and reacts to all of Peter’s abilities with an almost child-like excitement
  • just like Peter, he tries to come up with theories how his “making stuff appear”-magic works and he’s determined to not give up until he figured it out
  • that’s how Tony’s home (and the compound) becomes another little safe haven for him, a place where he can be his true self
  • Tony starts to lobby a lot more for accepting magic users in society and loosening some of the laws
  • Peter doesn’t make the connection between Tony’s new motivation for that topic and them growing closer every day
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This one shot literally took so long to write but I’m glad it’s finally finished. I didn’t think I’d ever get it done i stg. Basically Peter starts to remember his parents. 

TW: Panic Attack, Blood, speaking about experimentation/torture.

“Tony, I need your help!!”

It’s 11:00pm on a non-patrol night. Peter is supposed to be in his apartment, it’s not the weekend so he definitely isn’t supposed to be here at night. Tony felt the anxiety build inside of him. hearing Peter ask for help was nearly unheard of, and for him to make an appearance at the lab this late at night was only something he did when injured too badly. This was unusual.

Looking up at Peter, Tony see’s he looks relatively not injured. Though Peter’s look is a cause for concern. He’s wearing pajamas and his face is red. Peter’s still wearing slippers and it’s obvious that he doesn’t have a wallet on him, only his phone. Which means Peter walked to the tower from Queens -as his webshooters are not on his wrists- but he most likely ran, judging by his red face and the beads of sweat on his forehead.

“What’s wrong?”

Tony was quick to move, getting Peter to sit down and drink water. The boys eyes were wide and frightened.

“Okay you’re going to think I’m insane because I think I’m insane but I promise this is real and I need help. Something is suspicious about May. And me. And my parents. Something is wrong Tony. I don’t think I’m unsafe but there’s something wrong here.”

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I have no idea what this setting is, so please just roll with it. And this is my first time writing Thor when he has more then three lines, so I hope I did okay.

Peter has been present when Tony got the inter-galactic message from Thor that he’s stopping by, and the kid hasn’t stopped vibrating since. Like, literally vibrating. In the first moment, Tony thought the kid might had a seizure, but no, he was just so excited to meet Thor.

“Why?” Tony asked.

“Why?! He’s Thor! The god of thunder!”

“He’s the god of eating all the pop-tarts I buy.”

“Oh, which flavor is his favorite, Mr. Stark? I want to add an empty box to my Thor shrine.”

“Yeah, right. Thor shrine. Wait. You don’t have a Thor shrine. Right? Oh, please tell me you’re kidding!”


“Why do you have a shrine for him?”

“Because he’s awesome and he’s my favorite Avenger.”

“I thought I’m your favorite Avenger.”

“I mean… I don’t have an Iron Man shrine.”

“Tell me I’m your favorite Avenger right now or you’re not allowed to be here when Thor arrives.” That statement was followed by 15 minutes of Peter singing praise to Tony which he graciously accepted.

Now, Peter is still bouncing up and down as he stands next to Tony on the lawn of the compound. Just when Tony is about to tell him that he should calm down a bit, a small dot appears on the sky, growing larger and larger with each second. Well, there’s no way Peter could stand still now.

They watch the spaceship land, surprisingly gently and without causing too much damage. Tony raises an eyebrow, shouting “Since when did you start caring about my lawn?” as soon as the hatch opens and Thor’s frame becomes visible.

“Never,” he says with his signature smile, strutting down to him with big steps. “My friend did the flying.” Tony has just enough time to catch a glimpse of said friend – a woman with long dark hair, tattoos, and a look that can literally kill – before he’s engulfed in one Thor’s bone crushing hugs. “It’s good to see you!”

“I missed you, too, Point Break,” Tony laughs, actually meaning it. Thor has this energy that reminds him of a kid that tries to bullshit their way through not doing their homework and an overexcited puppy (and an exploding bomb if you press his wrong buttons and make him angry). “Got a haircut?”

“Oh, yeah, that,” he says, touching his hair once. “Long story, there was this crazy old man – actually, there were several crazy old men and women and aliens and gods and-”

“Long story, I know, Brucie shared some of the details after you threw him through that portal.” Before Thor can elaborate, there’s a noise that sounds like an animal is dying; Peter. “Thor, may I introduce you to my intern, Peter Parker.”

“An intern!” Thor booms with a smile – acting as if he knows what an intern is – taking a step towards Peter who looks like he’s about to faint. “It’s an honor to meet you!”

Peter is stuttering something that could be interpreted as Likewise or Please kill me as he shakes Thor’s hand almost in trance.

Tony just hopes FRIDAY is getting all of this.

Who is he kidding, of course she’s getting all of this, she’s FRIDAY.

“Your Majesty,” the woman from the spaceship calls, but the title sounds more like a teasing nickname than anything else, “you need to move your box.” She points to an ornamented box sitting almost in the middle of the ship, very much in the way of whoever tries to move around.

Before Thor can even open his mouth, Peter gets pulled out of his trance by the good manners May has drilled into him. “I can help!” Nobody gets the chance to protest, because Peter is already zooming past them right into the ship, picks up the box as if weighs absolutely nothing, and runs back down to them. “Where do you want me to put it down?”

Thor blinks at Peter. Thor’s friend blinks at Peter. Tony gets the slight feeling that something is going on.

“You, uh…” Thor stutters, clearing his throat once. “Isn’t that a bit heavy?”

Peter’s face turns the shade of an overly ripe tomato as he tries to come up with a good explanation. “I, uh, I’m just really strong. I just don’t look like it.”

The woman snorts as Thor continues to stare at Peter like he just did the most wonderous thing.

“What’s in that box?” Tony eventually asks.

Thor shakes his head a little. “Peter, can you please put that box down right here? Yes, anywhere will be fine.” Peter sets down the box. “Tony, try to lift it.”

“What? Is this some-”

Thor gives him a look. “Lift it.” The feeling of… well, not exactly dread or anticipation, but close to it, gets stronger. Nevertheless, he tries to lift up said box.

The box doesn’t move one bit.

Tony’s brain immediately jumps to two conclusions. Number 1: There’s something so heavy in the box that only a god or a mutated teenager can lift it. Number 2: There’s a different reason why Thor had to be the one carrying that box.

Reason number 2 explains Thor’s expression a lot better.

Tony can literally feel his eyes grow to the size of tennis balls. “No.”

Thor nods, still somewhat speechless, but Tony can see the smile that’s about to edge onto his face. Over the years, Thor got a lot better in celebrating other people’s strengths instead of seeing them as a challenge.

Peter has still no idea what’s going on. “L-Like I said, I’m a lot stronger than I look. Like, I just started doing cross-fit and it’s just-”

“Why do you carry it around in a box?” Tony asks Thor and interrupts Peter’s poor stammering.

Thor shrugs it off. “I thought it might draw less attention.”

“And you think you, the god of thunder, an Avenger, intergalactic traveler, and according to half of earth’s population looking like the love child of a pirate and angel-”

“Is that a good thing?”

“Yes. Anyway, you don’t need it to draw less attention, you need to draw less attention yourself. Wear a disguise or something.”

“Oh, I’m great with disguises.”

“No, you’re not,” the woman throws in.

“Can someone please tell me what this is about?” Peter chimes up, now looking more confused than embarrassed. “Not that I don’t like to hear how great Thor is.”

Tony saves himself the comment about Peter and his Thor shrine, and instead looks to the god in question, who is currently radiating a lot of energetic puppy energy. Thor picks up the box with ease, takes of the top, and holds it so that Peter can still reach inside but can’t see what’s exactly in there. “Please lift it out of here.”

Peter shoots Tony a look, almost as if to ask for permission, but Tony just nods. Slowly, Peter reaches inside the box and only two seconds later, he lifts his arm again – holding Mjölnir, Thor’s hammer.

Peter is worthy.

Who would have thought?

Well, now that Tony thinks about it, it’s not that surprising. The kid has his heart at the right spot. (In fact, he can’t think of anyone more worthy to lift that damned hammer.)

Peter’s eyes grow and grow, looking absolutely comically. “M-Mr. Stark? Did I, like, pass out and this is a dream? Or am I hallucinating or something?”

“It is real, Intern Peter,” Thor proudly proclaims, clapping him on the back twice. “You are worthy.”

“Oh my god. Someone take a picture before I faint or wake up or the hammer decides I’m not worthy anymore! Ned needs to see this!”

“Wait,” Tony says, holding up a hand, “does that mean Peter has to rule Asgard now? Do I need to get a new intern?”

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