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#Is this revenge?

[my mom is forcing me to watch youtube videos of avengers interviews (most of which I’ve already seen) with her because she’s waiting for the family feud one to pop up and I’m just like ‘for the love of god, just look it up in the search instead of letting it autoplay’ …. She won’t listen to me, we’ve been sitting here for two hours and every time I try to go to my computer to do drafts she complains]

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Skyrim, I thought we had this talk. The one where we decided that you don’t misbehave and do random crap that has literally no explanation. You don’t get to have my horse suddenly scream in pain (For…no reason. No enemies, no bear traps, nothing), have me be flung from said horse and faceplant while you play the death music like we fell from a cliff, and then suddenly cut music mid-note as I get up and stand there. What was that??? Why??? We were on flat ground!

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who? | only know their name | loathe | ugh | overrated | indifferent | dead | alive | just okay | cute | badass | my baby | hot | want to marry | favorite 

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wanderwonderly replied to your post:wanderwonderly replied to your post:you should…

True Story: I think there were drums echoing tonight but I heard only whispers of some quiet conversation. But it was really nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do.

Right, it’s like we’re hoping to find some ancient words and melodies and I’m like “HURRY BOY IT’S WAITING HERE FOR YOU”

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Whatever are you talking about anon? 


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1. …I honestly have no idea? I know I started reading fanfics on Mediaminer and I only read Sailor Moon/Gundam Wing crossovers for a few years XP

2. My first “official” fandom was Yu-Gi-Oh!, I think… My first unofficial fandom was Nancy Drew and Harry Potter (started reading them at the same time)

3. I know it’s bad, but I rarely review… There are very few fics that are the exception (once during my/my dads/“grandma"s birthday dinner i almost started crying because of a fic so i had to review, and there’s one author from my twilight days who I still love and review her stories).. My best review would have been on my GW/Fruits Basket crossover, I made someone have Duo/Tohru be their OTP X3 And my worst was just a huge flame that i haven’t looked at since i got it since it pissed me off

4. I like non-powered AU’s for the Avengers world, and I love GW AU’s where they aren’t pilots but space is still involved

5. …I like drama. And smut. I’m only decent at writing super-bad drama too XP

6. USE PARAGRAPHS DDDDDDD: PLEAAAAASE. If you have a good plot, i can overlook spelling and grammar issues, but if you don’t use paragraphs/separate speech (if that makes sense?) my ADHD takes over and I can’t concentrate

7. Too many.

8. I’ve become fine with a lot of ships I used to despise for stupid reasons (Kira/Lacus, Hiiro/Ririna) as I lost my overly-obsessive anime fan-ness, but otherwise, I just add new ships

9. ..I don’t really care.

10. Again, I don’t care XD I really just go by what the pairing is

11. I’ll read anything, but if smut is involved, it’s an extra incentive….

12. If I can’t sleep, I’ll stay up for HOURS. And my best writing is usually at night (last story I actually finished was completed at 12:30am while I was camping…) or in the car

13. I used to only go to Mediaminer, then only, and now I prefer AO3 but I’ll read fanfics anywhere :3 And I’ve posted stories on one indpendent fanfic site (that was forever ago omg), Mediaminer (also forever ago…), and

14. … I have no idea. It’s been a LONG time though… So maybe since I was 12 or 13? Before then I didn’t go on sites that required your age

15. I know there are, but my head still hurts from bashing into the bathroom door so… :/

16. … Not really. There’s one song I associate with a book, but that doesn’t count for this….

17. Yep and I used to, might start again soon if Mikayla does start the zombieland!Avengers thing she was telling me about :3

18. ….I’d have to find my subscription list on ao3 for that.. xD;;

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