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aoiehfoqehtoqiht i was so salty @ tumblr bc an edit i made didn’t turn up in the tag and i’ve just re-looked now and i just did not spell any words correctly i am how they say a dumbass

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o1. I’m Just A Kid | Simple Plan o2. A Different Corner | George Michael o3. Last Night | The Vamps o4. Black Magic | Little Mix o5. Live While We’re Young | One Direction o6. Like I Would | Zayn o7. Things I’ll Never Say | Avril Lavigne  o8. Outside Looking In | Jordan Pruitt o9. The Little Things | Good Charlotte o10. Jealous | Labrinth o11. One Thing | One Direction o12. Head In The Clouds | Union J o13. In Too Deep | Sum 41 o14. Dancing On My Own | Calum Scott o15. I Can’t Make You Love Me | Bonnie Raitt ( listen here )

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1. *GASP*
2. This!
3. But there is no prom in France
4. They really are tho
5. The Waltz of Flowers for Lucas and Manon staring at each other across the room EYYYYYY
6. Imagine Lucas accidentally calling Adrien big brother to his face when he’s younger and Adrien’s enTIRE FACE LIGHTS UP AND HIS EYES SPARKLE AND—
7. Lucas, during an Adrinette meeting: Guys, the Afghanistananis.

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Hey I just added a neat lil’ button to my tumblr below the links that will allow you to “buy me a coffee,” aka send me a smol chunk o’change in case you are ever feeling generous or want a way to support me but don’t want/cant afford a commission. Just so ya know ;)

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I actually feel… Less terrible about myself and less riddled with an anxious sense of worthlessness. Good to know this journal is actually serving the purpose I created it for.

Does that count as productive? Does this belong under the tag as something I learnt today? Ah well

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