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Italian Lemon Pound Cake
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I would fxcking die tbh
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Edgardo Sambo (1882 - 1966) - Morning. Oil on panel.
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“...WALKING ON SPIRAL JETTY” [DTL.] GIANFRANCO GORGONI // 1970 [gelatin silver print | altered dimensions]
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F40, EB110, 959
by tfjj via instagram
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Giacomo Merculiano (1859 to 1935), Italian
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¿Hay hambre?
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sayitaliano · 7 hours ago
There's a thing you need to know: we, as Italians, are very very happy to see a foreign trying to speak and/or write our complicated language. No matter if you make mistakes we don't care (I'm only checking those in your texts to help you, cause if you're here Ig you want to get better in your writing and language comprehension, right?) we REALLY DON'T CARE we're just over the moon with the fact that you're trying.
So really, don't be scared to put yourself out there and use Italian if you want to (not to mention that the more you speak/write, especially with natives, the easier it'll become) we won't really judge you (especially because we may not be good in your language, and so we actually respect you and your ability with ours). Just enjoy and have fun... we may even start to overthink if your speaking is a little bit messed up, but we'll understand you anyway. You don't have to try too hard: we'll do all the job.
Detto questo, grazie per i testi che avete scritto e continuerete a scrivere! Mi state dando dei suggerimenti molto utili per aiutarvi meglio e soprattutto, mi state consigliando tante cose nuove!
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adrita30 · 2 days ago
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I’m alone. M.M 💔
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iknowsevenlangauges · 2 days ago
Do any other multilingual peeps do the thing where you try to say something in one language, but you use grammar from another language? Like, I'll be out here using German grammar for Russian.
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tikkety-tok · 6 months ago
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Ferrari SF90
by deuiteinden via instagram
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Illustration for the Tales by Edgar Allan Poe, 1907 by Alberto Martini (Italian, 1876--1954)
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sayitaliano · 2 days ago
Concurrences exercise #...idk
Short exercise about adjective-noun-article concurrence (this is not a gender-free exercise cause Italian grammar is still very related to genders and there are occasions in which is hard to find a gender-free way of writing). Make your choice and check it under the keep reading link (+ some rules). I divided it into singular and plural versions.
(Don't scroll too much further if you have the "expand" thing on. The questions are 7)
1. the younger sister/s A. la sorella minora B. la sorella minore C. la sorella minori
D. le sorella minore E. le sorelle minori F. le sorelle minore
2. the big dog/s A. il cane grande B. lo cane grando C. lo cane grande D. i cani grandi E. li cani grandi F. i cani grande
3. the big rock/s A. il sasso grossi B. lo sasso grosso C. il sasso grosso
D. i sassi grossi E. li sassi grosso F. i sasso grossi
4. the small egg/s A. la uova piccola B. l'uovo piccolo C. lo uova piccolo D. lo uovo piccolo
E. le uova piccole F. le uove piccole G. li uovi piccoli H. i uovi piccoli
5. the broken arm/s (human body) A. il braccio rotto B. la braccia rotta C. lo braccio rotto
D. le braccie rotte E. i bracci rotti F. le braccia rotte
6. the green field/s A. lo campo verde B. il campo verde C. il campo verdo
D. li campi verdi E. i campi verdi F. il campo verdi
7. the black piano/s A. le pianoforte nere B. il pianoforte nere C. il pianoforte nero
D. i pianiforte nero E. li pianoforte neri F. i pianoforti neri
Thanks tumblr for adding the "expand" thing: so very useless if it removes the keep reading link as well. So I basically have to make this longer? Okay.
Pianoforte is one of the few composed nouns that acts as a normal noun (changes the final vowel when it turns plural)
Egg: the weirdo noun. It's masculine when singular (L'uovo) but it turns feminine when it's plural (LE uova). One more problem: the article. Remember that the plural is so even if you have the noun ending in -a. I wrote a post already about it if you want to get more into details.
Similar things happens with il braccio and le braccia. I added "human body" cause, "braccio" can also be a mechanic one (of a crane, e.g.). In this case, the plural stays at the masculine: i bracci. Again, I go more in detail in an older post.
Some articles, as "grande", "maggiore and "minore", have only singular and plural. They have no change in genre, no matter the subject: e.g. mia sorella minore, mio fratello minore; le mie sorelle minori, i miei fratelli minori.
1 B,E - 2 A,D - 3 C,D - 4 B,E - 5 A,F - 6 B,E - 7 C,F
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Beautiful Old Italian Greenhouse Overgrown With Vegetation
📷 from @ksenia_hound
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Italian firefighter saves small kitten and then cries his heart out ❤️
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Paccheri alla Vittorio
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