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Peter stepped into Stark Tower, covering his mouth as he yawned. Tony hadn’t been able to pick him up today because of a board meeting and was going to send Happy up, but Peter told him he wouldn’t mind walking to the tower.

Tony, always the overprotective dad, had insisted he walk instead of swing in broad daylight, where he would be an obvious red and blue target.

He’d grumbled about in their group chat with May, but he really didn’t mind. He liked to stroll through the crowds, his earbuds in, blasting his favorite playlist and blocking out any other noises.

Peter yawned once again, the air conditioner making him shiver. He strolled cheerfully towards the elevator, excited for his lab time and movie night with Mr. Stark.

He began to say, “FRI, penthouse, please,” when a loud voice interrupted him.

“Hey, you! Kid! Stop right there!”

Peter froze and turned around. Two security guards marched up to him. He had never seen them before, but Mr. Stark had mentioned something the other day about “new staff” and “better security,” so he assumed they were new.

“You’re not allowed to be here,” she said, her tall figure towering above him. 

“B-but- I am, really! I’m an intern here, ask anyone!” He knew he sounded hysterically and completely unbelievable, but the sight of the two of the guards made his spidey sense bounce in his brain like an extra fast screensaver in an old tv. Probably because they had their hands on their tasers. Had the security guards always had tasers?

“Okay, kid, either you leave or we’ll make you,” said the shorter man. 

“But-” he began. 

Then a jolt of electricity ran through him. The guard shoved her taser back in its holster, and Peter fell to the ground, twitching violently. She bent and slung him over her shoulder. What he could glimpse of her face for a brief second, she was wearing a malicious grin.

His vision was blurry, his eyes burning, and he realized too late that there was no one else in the building with them. (Oh geez, where was everyone?)

These were not security guards. 

Peter struggled weakly as he was carried to the doors, earning a slap to the cheek. His kidnappers peeked out to see if the coast was clear, then ran to a van parked in front of the doorway.

The teen was thrown unceremoniously in the back, now handcuffed, blinded and gagged, attached to a metal pole. He heard the van door lock, then the pair jumped in. Peter yanked against his cuffs and squirmed around, trying to escape before the van started.

It was no use. The engine rumbled and they pulled away from Stark Tower. He tried the cuffs again, using all his strength, but all it did was send a shooting pain up his wrists.

Where did they get vibranium? As far as Peter knew, that was the only thing that could hold him if he wasn’t weak or sedated. Usually his kidnappers used flimsy metal he could break in a split second. In fact, the only time he’d been locked in vibranium handcuffs was when he’d once been captured by-


Oh shit.

Peter stopped trying to break the cuffs and moved  to work on the metal he was tied to, which was a bit of a struggle with the blindfold. He was about to give it a hard push, when the van stopped suddenly and he was thrown against the back seat.

Peter struggled to blink away the stars in his eyes, wishing he could pull the blindfold off to see what was happening. He could hear tires screeching and cars smashing into another, along with the familiar humming and whirring of the Iron Man suit.

Something blasted through the window and the two Hydra agents cried out. The doors opened and he heard them getting out and yelling. Peter winced when their shouts were cut silent.

There was another repulsor blast, and a few seconds later the door was yanked open with such force it broke off.



Peter smiled through the filthy cloth in his mouth. His blindfold and gag were pulled off gently, and he opened his eyes to find Tony’s terrified face hovering in front of him. 

“Pete- oh baby, are you okay?” he asked frantically. He cupped Peter’s face and kissed his forehead, feeling his head for bumps or blood. He felt along his ribs for breaks and then, satisfied he wasn’t hurt, pulled him into a bone crushing hug. 

“Can’ breathe,” Peter wheezed. “M’sser Stark, can’ breathe!”

Tony’s arms loosened slightly, kissing the top of his head. “Sorry, bud, sorry. I’m sorry, honey. Are you okay? What did they do to you?” He pulled back to see Peter’s face. “Shit, did they hit you?!” He gently rubbed the red mark on his cheek. “Dammit.”

“I’m okay. Really, I promise. I’m fine,” Peter assured him. “But these handcuffs- um, they’re vibranium, I think, um…”

Tony blinked in surprise. “Do they know about Spider-Man?”

Peter shook his head. “N-no, I don’t think so.”

Tony sighed in relief and kissed his forehead. “Okay. Okay, honey, let’s get you out of these.” He engaged his gauntlet and hugged Peter, pulling him away from the pole. A thin, red laser cut through his chains, controlled by Tony’s steadily careful hand. 

When he was free, the boy leaned forward and slumped against his strong chest, massaging his wrists. Tony gave a small gasp when he saw the red, bloody marks. “Oh, baby.” He rubbed the irritated skin of his wrist gently, then brought his hand up to his face and kissed the marks tenderly.

The boy leaned against him heavily, Tony’s worn, gentle hands combing through his hair. “Buddy, you can’t fall asleep just yet. We’ve gotta let Dr. Cho make sure you’re okay.”

Peter grumbled into his chest, rolling his eyes as Tony picked him up and carried him back into Stark Tower, telling FRIDAY to bring them up to the medbay where Dr. Cho would meet them. He protested vehemently to being carried into the medbay, but Tony didn’t let him down no matter how much he squirmed.

“You’ll need a straightjacket for him,” Tony advised as he lay Peter on the bed and sat next to him. 

Cho snorted quietly, hurrying forward. She wrapped a blood pressure cuff around his arm and placed her fingers on his wrist. “What happened?”

“Hydra happened,” Tony answered grimly. He shivered at the thought. His kid. His baby. Hydra. He pulled his kid close, squeezing him tight and pressing long kisses to the top of his head.

Peter blinked rapidly when Helen shined a light in his eye. Tony tenderly wiped away the tears brimming in his eyes from the bright light. 

His kid.


He could have been kidnapped, tortured, or worse-

No, don’t think of that. Don’t.

It wouldn’t happen, never, he wouldn’t allow it. It wasn’t possible.

Peter looked up at him, his big bambi eyes wide and innocent. “What’s wrong, Mr. Stark?”

“Nothing, bambino, it’s okay,” he murmured, caressing his cheek fondly. “I’m just glad you’re okay, sweetheart.”

“You’re right Tony, he’s doing great. A little bump on the head, and I’m going to put some ointment on his wrists just to make sure they heal up, but other than that he’s perfectly fine.”

Tony sighed in relief, and great weight lifting off his chest. In celebration he kissed Peter’s soft cheek and grinned, watching with an overprotective eye as Helen bandaged his wrists. 

“Mr. Stark. I’m okay,” the teen insisted. “You don’t have to worry.”

“I’ll always be worried about you, baby.”

“That’s a fact…. Uh, can we watch Hocus Pocus?” 

“Yeah, kiddie, of course we can.”




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Tony had taught his little toddler that if somebody he didn’t know tried to grab him, touch him, or hurt him he should scream. Scream as loud and hard as he could.

Peter had nodded and said, “Otay, Daddy!” 

But Tony prayed his baby would never, ever end up in a situation like that. 


“Okay, Petey,” Tony smiled, kissing the little boy’s delicate curls. “What are we gonna watch?”

Peter was tangled in a fuzzy Iron Man blanket, snuggled into Tony’s side. “Winnie da Pooh?” 

 “Of course, baby.” The inventor gently poked the boy’s tiny nose. 

The got about fifteen minutes before Peter blinked up at him. “Daddy, can we have hot cho’colate?”

“Sure sweetheart. Extra marshmallows?” Tony stood up, grinning at his kid.

Peter giggled and smiled. “Yes! Pwease!” 

The boy entertained himself with the movie while his Daddy bustled around in the kitchen, but then he heard a noise. He frowned and wormed his way out of the blanket, toddling to the elevator.

Hmm, there was shouting. That wasn’t good.

Peter stepped into the elevator, the doors closing behind him. “Jarbis?” he asked. “Can we go downstairs?”

“Peter, your father wouldn’t want you to go downstairs unaccompanied,” said the AI.

“Pwease, Jarbis! Jus’ for a minute!” 

There was a pause, and then Peter felt a swooping sensation in his stomach as the elevator went down. “T’anks, Jarbis!”

“Of course, young sir.”

The toddler nervously walked to the yelling. He pressed his ear against the door and heard voices. 

“Where the hell is Stark anyway? He was supposed to be here five minutes ago.”

Stark was his last name, Peter thought. Maybe they were talking about his daddy.

Taking a deep breath, he reminded himself that he was a big boy. He stood on his tip toes and twisted the door handle.

He blinked as all the faces in the room turned to him. “Umm… hi!”

“What’s a kid doing in here?” said a woman with red hair. Peter smiled anxiously and gnawed on his fingers. 

A tall man (though everybody was tall to Peter) frowned and spoke next. “I don’t know.” He stood up. “Hey, son. What are you up to?”

The tall blond man reached towards him, setting a hand on his shoulder. 

But Peter remembered what his daddy told him. “If somebody you don’t know touches you, scream, as loud as you can.”

So Peter screamed. “Daddy! Daddy!” 

And he kept screaming, even when he heard a crash from downstairs and his daddy’s footsteps running towards him, even when the blond man tried to calm him down. Because his daddy said to scream.

Tony sprinted into the room, his suit half on and his repulsor up. “Peter?!” he shouted. 

“Daddy!” Peter cried, tears pooling in his eyes. “Daddy!”

“Oh, baby,” Tony whispered, scooping up his kid and cradling him close. “Oh, Petey, it’s okay, sweetheart, I got you. Shh, shh.” He rubbed the toddler’s back soothingly, pressing kiss after kiss to his curls. “Don’t worry, I got you.” 

“You said t’ scream, Daddy,” Peter sniffed, wrapping his arms around the genius’s neck.

“I know, sweetheart, you did so good. So good, I’m so proud of you,” he murmured, his eyes shut. The moments of purse, unbridled panic and terror when he heard his baby scream hadn’t worn off, and his heart still raced erratically. He clutched the toddler tighter.

“Tony, who is this?” Steve snapped, interrupting his thoughts. Peter’s tiny fists clenched his shirt tightly.

“It’s okay, bambino,” Tony said to his kid, before turning to Captain America. “This is my son, Peter.”

Steve looked aghast. Iron Man ignored him and gently stroked Peter’s cheek. “Petey, look! These are the Avengers, sweetheart. Wanna say hi?”

Peter looked up, his big brown eyes wide. “‘Vengers?” 

“That’s right, little one,” Tony cooed. “They’re all here.”

“Wow…” Peter whispered in awe. “Hi, ‘Vengers! I’m Peter!” 

Natasha, collected and cool as ever, stepped forward. “Hey, Peter. It’s nice to meet you. My name’s Natasha.”

The toddler beamed. “Hi, Na- Nata- Natashhhha!” He struggled with the name  only for a moment. 

Black Widow gave a rare, genuine smile. “You can call me Nat, or Tasha, if you want, Peter.”

“Otay, Nat!” he giggled, kicking his little legs. Tony smiled fondly. 

“I didn’t know you had a kid,” Steve interrupted.

“Know you do,” he replied, kissing Peter’s forehead and adding a loud “m’wah!” 

Peter laughed. Tony didn’t miss how Steve’s eyes softened.

The boy laid his head against his chest, his eye lashes fluttering, his warm breath puffing against his neck. 

“Aww, sweetheart, is it nap-time?” Tony cooed. “Are you all worn out now?”

Peter huffed softly and nodded. “’M sleepy.”

“Okay, Petey, let’s go back upstairs, huh?” He smiled at the Avengers. “Sorry. It’s nap-time.”

Natasha smiled. “Have a nice nap, Peter.”

He blinked slowly at her and smiled. “T’anks. G’night, ‘Vengers.”

“Good night, Peter,” the chorused as one. 


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Peter: I woke up at 6 am, drank apple juice, then forgot to have breakfast. Now it's lunch and I'm starving but I don't wanna get up. No food for me!!
Tony *sobbing and frantically making him a grilled cheese*: PETER, TESORO, YOU NEED TO EAT!!!!!
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I love this thought, especially if you follow the Italian!Tony trope. Let me paint you a picture here. 

Imagine Peter visiting Tony at the Tower when he’s on break from university. He’s lethargic and grouchy, after all, he’s been living like a college student: ramen, microwavable meals, take-out and to-go and drive-thru food. Tony knows just what he needs, so he digs through the recipe box his mamma passed down to him. 

Peter comes from their room past noon, rubbing his eyes, drawn by the smell of cooking pancetta. He sits at the counter, circles under his eyes, watching while Tony cooks (”I didn’t even know you could cook!”). He gets to see the love that’s put into this meal: pealing and dicing the onions, mincing the garlic, slicing and dicing the leaks, carrots, turnips, parsnips, on an on. Peter has no patience, and it all smells so good, he’d constantly be asking questions like, “Is it done yet? Why does it need to simmer for so long? Will you check to see if the vegetables are tender?”

And when he finally has a steaming bowl of minestrone soup in front of him, he’s absolutely quiet, mouth too full to speak. He drinks the broth from the bowl, and Tony just watches him the whole time, smiling. 

He gets seconds. And thirds. 

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@blackberrywidow i decided to continue the au!

hope you like it

(all credits for this insane au idea belong to @blackberrywidow i’m just lucky she’s letting me play around with it tbh)

premise is here

In the end, Peter sends letter to all three men in his Pop’s journal.

It took weeks (and bribing Harley with the rights to his bachelor party), but Peter finally got the names and details of all the men his father had loved before.

He wrote them all cursory letters, simply pushing the wedding invitation into the envelope and writing a short it’d mean a lot to me if you could come note and purposely leaving it unsigned.

Technically, he wasn’t lying to any of them, just simply allowing them to believe it was Pops who was inviting them, instead of, you know, their possible future stepson. 

it was all really cloak and dagger and Peter was quite frankly proud of himself for coming up with it in the first place.

until he found out from Ned that all three of them had RSVP’d. 

Peter would like to state for the record, that he wasn’t freaking out

he was fine

his lungs felt like they weren’t working properly and his vision was blurry, but honestly, he was fine

it was totally no big deal that all three of them were coming to the wedding

it could be like a whole Bachelor thing, and his Pops could choose who to give his rose to by the end of wedding

(see? peter was fine. everything was fine. he had it all under control)

The first to arrive was Dr. Stephen Strange, the first guy from his Pop’s journal

Wiping his clammy hands against his sweats, Peter goes down the pier to help the man with his bags (well, bag but the sentiment is the same) and introduce himself

“Hi, I’m Peter”

“Right, Tony’s boy? I didn’t know he had a kid”

“I’m not really his son, um, Pops took me when I was 5. My parents died in a car crash, and I never really knew them”

Strange nods, a small smile on his lips, “Tony always did have too much heart and no idea what to do with it”

“So,” Peter says, tactfully changing the subject, “How do you know my Pops?”

Strange stops then, turning towards Peter with a slight frown, “Your father never mentioned me?”

There’s hints of a british accent that Peter missed before, and it lines up with the story Peter read that they’d met at college.

He wisely decides against mentioning that and instead chooses a vague, “He said that you guys met at Cambridge, but he doesn’t usually talk about life before me,” he shrugs, “Pops likes to pretend that his life started the day he adopted me”

Strange hums before continuing to walk up the pier, and it’s only when they reach the hotel that he says “Your father was the love of my life. I’d never met anyone like him until we met, and I can’t say I’ve met quite as interesting since we parted ways. It’ll be good to see him again; for old time’s sake”

For the first time since Peter sent out those letters, he finally thinks this might turn out to be a good thing


part 2 can be found here

part 3 can be found here

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Maybe fluff #19 for ironhusbands? 馃挄馃挄馃挄馃挄馃挄


#19- ew that is so sappy i might vomit

(i’m not gonna lie to you i suck at fluff but i gave it my best shot!)

As the errant 15 year old son of a weapons mogul, Tony was used to a lot.

He was used to beds much bigger than him, clothes more expensive that they needed to be, and a lifestyle that usually had him wanting for nothing.

What he wasn’t used to, was friends.

Actually, that was wrong.

He was used to the kind of friends who were more enamoured with his last name than they were with him, who loved his bottomless wallet, and who envied his sharp mind.

He wasn’t sure to friends like Rhodey.

Rhodey, who picked him off the side of the road at 2am and tucked him in

Rhodey, who yelled he’s a 15 year old boy get your fucking hands off him before i call the police

Rhodey, who gave Tony his MIT sweater and valiantly never mentioned that Tony wore it to bed every night.

In hindsight, it shouldn’t have taken Tony 2 years to realise that he was in love with Rhodey.

And it definitely shouldn’t have taken Rhodey interrupting his lab binge session to talk about Carol Danvers oh you got to meet her Tones she’s just- she’s amazing for Tony to realise that the pit in his stomach was jealousy

It didn’t help that Carol genuinely was amazing, and Tony could definitely see himself liking her

In an alternate parallel universe where he wasn’t in love with Rhodey

but it wasn’t that universe and in this universe Tony was petty and bratty and honest-to-god hissed when Carol called Rhodey ‘James’ once and muttered he doesn’t like being called James before stalking off to sulk in private.

but since it was this universe, Rhodey followed him and stood patiently over Tony while Tony buried himself in a dark corner in the library and pretended like he wasn’t there

Tony lasted a full 4 hours which was extremely impressive if he said so himself before closing his book and sighing when Rhodey finally looked up from his book and waited for his explanation

non mi piace, Tony muttered, still silently fuming from when Rhodey had beamed at Carol

“i gathered that Tones, but I’m kind of unclear as to why”

“she’s-” Tony gesticulated wildly for lack of words, hoping that Rhodey understood

Because it was Rhodey he understood immediately

tony really ought to have more faith in him

Chuckling softly, he shifted closer to Tony until Tony was cocooned against his chest before whispering,

“you make a fair point, but she isn’t the one I love,” before pausing dramatically (because he was Rhodey), “you are”

Tony’s head whipped up so quickly he swore he’d gotten whiplash

he searched Rhodey’s face for any hint of- of, well anything that suggested he was lying

when he found nothing, he pushed himself up to catch Rhodey’s lip in a fierce kiss, moving back only to mutter that was so sappy i might vomit and then proceeding to make Rhodey forget everything but his name

After they’d stumbled back to their flat and Rhodey revealed that he’d been spending so much time with Carol because he couldn’t figure out how to tell Tony how he felt, Tony decided that maybe he could like Carol in this universe after all


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A holiday romance AU where Steve is an artist who decides to leave New York and head to Italy for the stresses of life and work. He also brings along his sketchbook in order to draw whenever the inspiration hits and hopes to find a sparkling idea for his next project. That’s when he meets Tony who he bumps into on the streets of Rome who is a repair technician with hopes of opening his own tech shop one day. 

Steve, unironically, never thought he’d find love in Rome. 

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I love headcanons where Tony is musically gifted, where he plays the piano which he learned from Maria and as the actual voice of an angel. 

Just imagine Tony singing in the locker room showers after a mission and he forgets that most of the team is in there with him. He’s singing an old song that Maria used to sing to him when he was younger (let’s add in Italian!Tony because a) yeeeees and b) Maria would have sung to him in Italian) and the moment he steps out, everyone is looking at him with their jaws hanging open in complete shock. 

Tony’s confused as to why but then he remembers he had been singing and this also becomes the first time he’s ever blushed in front of his team. 

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cinnamonrollbucky replied to your post “Remember.  I will always live for Italian!Tony Stark. ”

Tony muttering in Italian when he gets engrossed in his work because it’s easier to think in his first language, ok? Tony being fantastic at making real, traditional Italian food. Tony making a yearly visit to his family that still lives in Italy, spending two weeks in Tuscan wine country, living in a villa and actually relaxing. His cousins Silvio and Federico tease him just like they did when they were children.

I just…need…all of this and I need about 700 copies because I’m so here for this!!!!!!

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