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#Its about the little things in life
linzer-art · a year ago
throwback to the time i thought sleeping through a Liam Talks was a good idea, woke up, learned widojest became canon, popped a bottle at 10 am & cried
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groundzero-and-deku · 2 days ago
Me when a single bad thing happens to my little make believe characters in my little make believe shows: OH GOD!!!! MY LIFE IS RUINED!!!! WHAT IS THE POINT OF ANYTHING ANYMORE!!!!
Me when awful things happen in my real actual life: ah well, couldn't be helped, what next-
No no no it's a good thing, I get my need to be a drama queen/damsel in distress out in these fictional worlds that have 0 real life consequences, and I can work through with real life issues quickly and calmly so I can get BACK to my natural state of being a drama queen but about things that are unreal and will not be adversely affected by my reactions!!! It's great!!!
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bazpitchs-violin · 3 days ago
i cannot believe i’ve yet to make a post about this
well actually i think i might’ve in like fifth grade and then deleted my tumblr because i wasn’t technically supposed to have one at the time but oh well
i was reading john green books all at once for a while and i noticed (at least twice, it’s been a while and i will reread them all carefully to make sure there aren’t more) that he quotes/paraphrases that one thoreau poem from dead poets society and i got excited ofc because if you’ve seen any of my posts you know that most of them are somehow related to dps because i’m obsessed- but that’s not the point
the point is i used to wonder if he liked thoreau or dps or both and i was so intrigued by the possibility of liking one of the same things as one of my favourite authors.
anyway idk what the point of this was other than to scream about john green and dead poets society simultaneously
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dayurno · 3 days ago
are you about to wreck my life with another long fic? because im ready.
yes :] tnotg's rebellious teen sister
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kyurilin · 3 days ago
As soon as I finish the stupidly long present mic doc and get that published on ao3 my next project is the chaptered story version of my Cloud Control AU doc since I have notes for how I want to structure that and it's an idea I honestly came up with to share
I could work on them simultaneously but considering my dumb ass picked up animal crossing again I haven't written anything for a bit and I really only have two major bits left to do on the present mic doc (plus fixes and editing and such since I'm not posting the raw unedited file lmao)
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medicinemane · 4 days ago
I'm actually friends with someone who was tumblr famous
Really brought them nothing but misery sadly. Like everyone forgot there was a real human behind the url
I mean, this is someone I talk with daily and I'd see people spouting trash that it's like if you actually knew this person you'd know that's not even a little true. They weren't dealing with a person, they were dealing with this made up 2D concept they'd concocted in their own head
Everyone famous, politicans, actors, musicians, athletes; they're all just people. There's good ones, there's bad ones, there's an awful lot of mediocre ones. There's certainly a very warped sense of reality a lot seem to have picked up (cause they're so rich they're out of touch), but at the end of the day they're all just people
Anyway, point here is two things. One, there's no reason to get so obsessed over people you'll never know. Enjoying and being interested in hearing ideas from is one thing, but this constant celebrity culture consumption isn't healthy (kind of doubt anyone reading this needs to learn that, feel like we're probably on the same page, so more just ranting)
Two, I'm still mad about how my friend was treated and just wanted to complain about it. If I thought yelling at people on the internet did anything I would have been yelling an awful lot back then. The misery they were put though basically because someone hit sick of seeing them, it makes me livid
So yeah, in many ways no real moral to this, I just felt like saying I'm mad about various things
#i really am still livid about how my friend was treated#if i hadn't thought it would just attach more trouble and drama their way i would have had a number of choice words for some people#like how the person spearheading the harassment was a childish petty immature brat who probably could have benefited from a hobby#because their harassment campaign seemed to mostly because their own life was so miserable and boring#at least that's how it looked from where i was sitting anytime i read any trash they spewed on the screen#i hope for their sake they grew up or will grow up someday because it seems like it would be miserable being them#as for my friend i won't go into detail for confidentiality's sake but suffice to say it was bad for their mental health and did real harm#the people who dog piled on while pretending there was any purpose behind things harmed another person for no particular reason#and sadly i doubt it would weigh on them even a little because they seemed lacking in empathy sympathy and general human decency#so yes I'm mad about this#I'm still mad at this#it's probably not obvious about me but i hold grudges and i hold them hard#it's rare that i get them and a lot of the people i have negative feelings towards i really don't care that much about#but the ones that actually get me to hold a grudge have pissed me off permanently#so i will probably always be mad about this even if it never comes up#to do such damage so pointlessly is unforgivable#especially that bored petulant who really kicked it all off
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aaravos-answers · 5 days ago
*Hugs back, just as tight*
I was an anon who once told you about how I cut a toxic person out of my life. Well, said person decided to say something to someone close to me that stressed them out. I confronted her about it, but she, as always, played this victim card and said she hoped to be able to have a relationship with me in the future but, this time I was able to straightforwardly tell her I didn't ever want to see her again.
Talking to her is so stressful because she's the main source of a lot of trauma I have. And I'm just realizing more things and so much is happening now; I'll be graduating high school, I'm supposed to be getting a job soon and moving forward in life, yet it's like I just... moved backwards in progress at the same time. It's all so weird.
Sorry for venting..
-that sad anon that just asked for a hug
Oh, starling, that was hard, I know. *hugs tightly* I am proud of you for it, little one.
Sometimes, progress forward can feel like progress backward. When Viren was imprisoned, it did feel like a large step backwards, but it was not so terrible as it seemed. You've done well, my starling. Perhaps you have truly moved backwards... or perhaps you have simply turned around?
Tumblr media
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duckula · 6 days ago
theres like weirdly specific aspects of maxs character that hit way too close to the i relate to this in a similar fashion scale and i hate it
#but also i like it /#i love this character man /#anger issues cusses profusely pretends to be religious but cant be and he hates that#it makes sense in context#context being in the simplest terms his parents were hella religious and found peace in their religion#and he only became a vicar because he wasnt at peace with anything and wanted to try to find peace in the same way his parents did#and he dedicated his life to that shit and it made him feel no better amplifying anger and frustration as he continued#to pretend to be this idealized version of himself#his whole personal quest ends in coming to terms with the fact he is who he is and hes been downplaying it#and so instead of getting mad and blaming it on others being stupid hes like nah wait im just kind of a dick#and so hes more aware of it he can change it and he renounces his religion sort of still confused on that bit which just#makes him a little extra relatable#idk how others read his zen attitude but i like to think now that hes extra aware that no he has a tendency to be a dick#hes better about stopping his anger and thinking on things before he just blurts something rude out#which is why hes a lot nicer in comparison. i think after a while he can really find a balance and probably be playfully snarky in specific#situations ie with specific people like the rest of the crew#i know a lot of people hate his zen like attitude but i love it and i love that the best ending for him culminates in him finally being#at peace its just idk i love it a lot
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